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    1. 8/13/16 - Computers, Toast & Boyfriends

      by , 08-14-2016 at 11:38 PM
      I'm at Grandpa's house using a computer. I get up from the chair for a second to get something. As soon as I get up, Jasmine immediately takes my seat. I get annoyed and run over to make sure I'm signed out of all my accounts, etc. She starts to mock me, asking if I have anything to hide, but I ignore her. She then gets up and walks away. Before she gets too far, just to be a smartass, I loudly ask mom if she wants on the computer.She says no, but another girls walks up and asks to get on, so I let her. I go outside and nibble on a piece of toast. A boy walks up Grandma's driveway and up to me. I ask him if he's eaten since he has to go to work soon. He says no so I shove the rest of my toast into his hand and tell him to eat. He smiles and starts eating it. Farquaad comes outside and I pull the boy close to me and kiss him. Farquaad looks shocked so I look at him and explain that the boy is my boyfriend. Farquaad tries to threaten him, but I cut him off and tell him to go away.
    2. Boxing Gym in my House

      by , 08-01-2011 at 09:01 AM
      I was in my kitchen with one of my mates from boxing. There was a pan on the oven and baked beans. I don’t even like baked beans. Some kid from boxing wanted to have toast and I said “Just have some”. Then I had some and gave some to one of my coaches.

      Some people wanted to hit the showers.

      There was a calendar that had memes instead of pictures it said “YEAH-ORM” in the background.

      I was around the stairs when my coach started to hit my shoulders and my knees like we do in training. The other guys were laughing.

      I should've realized I was dreaming it was so freaking obvious.
    3. Lucid Pigs

      by , 02-21-2011 at 08:28 PM
      1. I'm in an apartment that I don't recognize. I know that for some reason I have to get all the way across town very soon. I have a large beer that I am trying to finish as quickly as possible. There are large bowls of ramen noodles. Someone makes a toast and they say that it is for "the most boring man in the world".

      2. I'm going to class. I don't recognize the setting of the classroom. I sit down at a desk away from most of the people in the room, because I do not know anyone. We have to watch a video, but from where I am sitting, I can not see at all. Some of the dream characters notice this and beckon me over. I grab my bag and I sit at a table full of DCs. The instructor hands out some papers. I look up and notice that the instructor is my old boss. This confuses me for a minute. "But I was fired... Wasn't I?" I ask. He doesn't seem to know what I am talking about.
      I look down at the papers that he has handed out. The heading of the text starts moving in a psychedelic way. This should have been a dream sign, but instead I think that I am having an acid flashback or something. I hear someone laugh, and I look up to see a girl about my own age with dark skin, dark hair, and grey eyes. She is smiling and laughing at me. "I know that look." She says and winks.
      We talk for a while, and when I look back on it now, it seems like she was trying to hint to me that I was dreaming. She tells me that her name is Zenia or something similar. I also talked with a few other DCs but none of them are quite as memorable.
      I go outside for a cigarette, even though I have quit in real life. I run into a friend of mine, and we wander for a bit and end up in some strange mall. I realize that we will probably get in trouble for smoking in the mall so I suggest that we head back the way we came. We pass by the class again and Zenia and her group of friends are still hanging out outside. I go over and say goodbye to them, then I run back to my friend and continue on our walk.
      We turn down one street and come across a family of wild pigs, inexplicably living in the town. The babies are very cute. When they see us, they run out into the street, and my friend and I desperately try to save them from being hit by passing cars. I grab one and it struggles to get away from me, and even tries to bite me. I run and put it down on the other side of a nearby fence. As I am running around to try and save the others, I realize how absurd the whole situation is. I think that I must be dreaming. As soon as I have this revelation, the dream starts to fade. I get down on my knees and feel the ground. At first it feels like concrete, and I breathe a sigh of relief. Then it starts to feel soft like the sheets on my bed. I start to worry that I am waking up. Suddenly it feels like I am standing on my bed in the dark, holding the headboard for support. I can't figure out if this is really happening or not, or if this is part of the dream.

      It was part of the dream, as I got rid of my headboard several weeks ago. Another lucid though! Even though I'm still having trouble making them last, the fact that they seem to be becoming more frequent is encouraging.