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    1. Free stuff and bad guys

      by , 10-31-2018 at 03:58 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      It begins with me commenting that a bunch of people had left their stuff behind in this big bus-type vehicle. Me and others start going through everything, realizing that there was quite a lot of stuff, plus a whole bunch of drawers. Little things keep falling out of overheard compartments, once a big coin, another time a folder. Somewhere along the way I start thinking of the people as students, as there are a lot of notebooks and textbooks. There’s also this partition full of clothes I’m excited to explore.

      Suddenly the tone changes. The bus had been in an accident.

      I remember carefully making my way to a bathroom and washing my hair, like something had gotten in it. There were multiple used towels and I had to decide one which to dry my hair off with.

      I’m following my sister as she walks toward an Asian women standing beside some tables with lids made of wood. As we approach, my sister says, ‘Don’t worry, this is my little sister.” The woman still seems worried but she allows me to help. We need to empty all these cases of valuables fast because bad guys could be coming.

      I’ve got a handful of these golf ball size rocks when she tells me to “get the stones”, and I look over and see different colored shining small stones.
      There is an Asian boy standing in front of me, about nine years old. The woman watches in horror as he takes an earring and pierces my thumb with it. I’m trying to keep calm (even though I felt no pain). The woman says, “He’s trying to scar you.” I hand him the next earring, a blue stone in it, and he repeats the process (old earring gone).

      It’s fuzzy here but there was a bad guy, and as we were trying to get away, we came across the severed head a black guy who had been on our side. Another guy (who reminds me of Chris Farley) was missing, and the bad guy pointed and said ‘he’s there’. It was the place of the accident. It looked like a steel railing had been rammed into.

      I run into the clothes partition, clothes strewn everywhere. I get down and start crawling into the corner through them, confident that there’s a way out there.

      I’m outside and see three orange cats in different places, and I know that they belong to the students from the bus. I say something like ‘this is why I didn’t bring my cats, they’re indoor only’. I feel like just before I said that, I questioned where mine were. I also remember there was another scene of looking in a wooden pen at three fluffy cats of mixed colors.

      My sister is driving me in some small vehicle while I pretend to be injured. I’m at the front of the vehicle lying on my back on a slab of wood. She kept getting mad at people in the way, and there was this one man in particular who jumped from a bike or something into the back of a van where the doors were open. He’s crouched inside looking out at us when my sister suddenly spits at him. The man says something about ‘fire’ and I felt that something was wrong about that. Should not be fire but something else. Then I spit too and hit the back of the passenger seat. I was waiting for the reaction, because my spit was acid.

      I don’t know where this fits in, but I was talking to my friend Cole and I said something like ‘oh no, we left our cards at the bleachers’. We had already picked up most of them but left behind some less desirable ones. I got excited thinking about this one there of Pizza from Food Fantasy, but assured Cole that it would be wrong to steal it even when the owner left it behind. The cards themselves were actually floating, shimmering over the seats and you just touched them to obtain them.

      Clothes: When am I not thinking of clothes lately.
      Sister: Been thinking about her lately, we’re doing a movie night soon.
      Earrings: I think it was yesterday that my mom told me about this trick to clean tarnished earrings.
      Orange cats: My own new cat and an outside cat I saw/talked about recently.
      Cats in pen: Saw a gif of a dog squeezing in with another dog into a cage thing yesterday.
      Cards, Pizza: From the current event in an app game I play called Food Fantasy. Maybe also from Magical Days: The Brats’ Parade since I’m playing an event there too.
    2. Fragments

      by , 04-14-2016 at 04:09 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fell asleep: 11:45 P.M.
      Woke: 8 A.M.


      -A/B/O sex thing, mpreg.

      -Guy 2 is under some kind of spell from Guy 1. (I feel like it had something to do with A/B/O again.) I'm kind of like an omniscient presence here, because I can see that Guy 2 is breaking out of the spell and I'm wondering how Guy 1 is not noticing, because he's right up against Guy 2, caressing his face and biting his neck, treating him like a prized pet.

      -I come across a message on Tumblr that says I won their giveaway and they wanted to make sure I was legit. Apparently I'd already replied and chosen the $500 for shoes over the $1,000 for makeup option. I wondered if it was through a gift card or actual money because wtf would I do with shoes or makeup. Although I do need new sandals.

      -I'm in the back of a car with someone else driving. There's a small yellow/orange worm on the left floorboard. A kitten goes up to it and eats it right up. The driver speaks up warning against it, because the worm is poisonous. I'm thinking 'too late' and say that I'll keep an eye on the kitten to see if there's any effect (though I don't know what I'll do if something does happen).

      I'm sitting in a middle seat in the back of a car, I don't know if it's the same one as before though. I'm somehow secured so that I can't move much, and there's things in the seats on either side that make it hard to move as well. The man with me had gone inside (we were in a garage) to get/do something.

      Suddenly, a bad man reaches in through the driver side window and starts grabbing at me, it's like he's trying to take something from me. I'm struggling when the man with me comes out and helps me.

      ~I think there were a few other fragments/details but they were lost.

      Activity stats:

      These are from Polar Flow for my Polar A300 activity/fitness tracker.

      Do Animals have souls?-414sleep.png

      Activity overview:

      Do Animals have souls?-activityoverviewstatsfix.png

      Wakeup times:
      3 A.M. for 20 minutes
      5:05 A.M. for a couple minutes
      5:40 A.M. for a couple minutes
      7:05 A.M. for 30 minutes

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    3. Angel search

      by , 11-08-2014 at 02:43 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m driving with someone in a van. I’m excited to use the cruise control feature (more like auto-drive) since I suck so much at driving. There was something about wanting to try out a ‘drive to destination’ feature.

      We’re looking for an angel. I see three different people in tan trench coats, although one had a black shirt and the coat was around their waist or something – but none of them are the right one.

      We do end up picking up this older woman (maybe the black-shirt?). She needs help getting somewhere. I think I felt unease around her.

      We had to stop at a bathroom. There was more than one room so I found my own one with a lot of stalls.

      Problem was, I couldn’t seem to find one with a toilet in it. I ended up going into one with a weird, metal, tall and wide sink, but end up making a mess trying to use it.

      When I get out, of the stall, the older woman had apparently been waiting for me the whole time. There was the feeling that she finally got to show her true colors and do something to me.

      Inspirations: Driving from last dream. Yay auto-drive. Angel from me having looked at a post I reblogged on Tumblr with Castiel in it, who wears a tan trench coat in Supernatural.
    4. Wacky driving

      by , 11-06-2014 at 03:19 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Cullen was a Red Templar, glowing red like the one in the Gameplay Features – Choice & Consequences video that I recently watched.

      I’m driving, heading somewhere, but I’m lost. I look at a ‘map’, and the street I’m looking for, my old house on Renee Lane, is marked with a blue line.


      I pull out from where and am nervous because I have to drive in a procession with other vehicles. The car is so big (or I am so small) that I can’t reach the pedals. I get down and press the gas with my hands and somehow rev the engine at the same time.

      I do my usual insane dream driving and there’s a wreck. But not caused by me for once! It seems that the people in the car at the front jumped out.


      A group of people are set up on the side of the road recovering and stuff. Apparently I had to replace my shirt. I saw one that might be mine and put it on. Then I looked down and realized it wasn’t. It was black and had some kind of writing on it. I had somehow managed to grab my ‘boyfriend’s’ shirt.


      Mom’s showing me a book that’s supposed to be familiar. It says “Yellow _?_” on the front and it’s the second book in a series.

      Inspirations: On the last episode of Z-Nation, a guy jumped out of a morgue vault and pretty much killed himself. For the book, I’ve been looking at a lot of books in the last week.

      Side-notes: I still find it amazing how many little things throughout the day make it into my dreams. I wonder if I put some special notice into them or what? Just been thinking of the implications and ideas to do with it.
    5. Gift from Midousuji?!

      by , 07-03-2014 at 03:48 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I went over to the stove and saw that mom was making some kind of pasta dish. I decided to make some with egg noodles instead. Mom later tells me she liked them better but I liked hers.

      I’m in a parking lot sitting on a car or something? My black fan is running on high on me. Mom comes over to apologize, saying she’s been tired lately. She lets the fan run on her. Rane goes by slowly on a bike and asks us a question, maybe what we’re doing. The fan is on low now and I figure mom turned it down.

      Mom is in a garage looking at stuff. She points out a package on top of a vehicle and says I need to get to looking at it. It has a bit of water on top of it.

      -Déjà vu looking around at stuff. [I’ve had a few dreams where I look around at stuff in places.]

      Was this lucid?-profile_picture_by_midousuji_kun-d7b3ptb.jpg

      As I open it, Midousuji comes over and jeers at me. Apparently it’s a gift from him.

      The first thing on top is some fabric material with aliens on it or some creature in a cartoonish style. I say sarcastically sweet, “Aww, how cute!’.

      Underneath is a smallish book, some kind of sacrilegious school porno book called ‘The School’ or something.

      Inspirations: The pasta I made the other night, me and mom being moody lately, me receiving books in the mail in packages, me watching Yowamushi Pedal and trying to figure Midousuji out, looking at fabric to make me a new quilt and pillow covers…

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    6. House project and bike race

      by , 03-16-2014 at 08:47 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Notes: I tried to do a MILD, but when I woke up after 5 hours and did my mantra, I could not get back to sleep! Even after I gave up and hoped fo a DILD instead. Maybe it was partly due to excitement, but it was also unusually hot for being so early in the morning (3am). Of course this affected the rest of the night because I was more tired than usual. :/

      Fragment. Sooomething about eating salt…like, right out of a measuring spoon.

      Inspiration: Either from me thinking about the sea salt I got recently or me wondering where the salt went in the chapter of One Piece I read yesterday.

      Dream 1. In a house, a girl tells me that ‘she [the house owner] didn’t know they were going to be like this’. I look into another room where a big group of people are partying it up. Apparently there was supposed to be some house project going on.

      I’m talking to the girl and she shows me how these two guys (can’t remember their names, they were generic like Mark and Carl) were credited. I say something like ‘even though they didn’t do a good job?’ and she replies that it was done by the company, these people didn’t have a say.

      Then there was something about another girl coming in, and this girl I’m talking to says the one guy was bad, but ‘you [other girl] need to tell the other one you loooove him’. Other girl leaves the room.


      N’Doch from the Dragon Quartet series is driving a bike down the road (possibly having left the house in my place). He’s going pretty fast, buildings and scenery passing by. At one point he looks to the left and sees some tombstones. This part was pretty vivid!

      He notices some other guys surrounding him; I think they were on other vehicles. They’re challenging him. He’s reluctant, but he starts going faster. He turns the corners so fast and expertly.

      There’s only one guy left, but soon enough N’Doch is flying ahead of him. The guy is surprised when N’Doch turns right instead of left. He thought N’Doch lived that way or something.

      N’Doch loses the guy as he pulls up to a building and drives into it. He drives the bike up a few flights of stairs and through some rooms full of stuff, before he comes to his pad.

      He climbs up onto an area and a grey cat comes up to him. He says something like ‘you can sleep here’ and puts it down nearby.

      Inspiration: Finished Dragon Quartet recently. My cat Smoke is gray. Bike might come from thinking about the bike trigger in my dream palace.
    7. Greece vs Turkey Wall Sport

      by , 03-10-2014 at 03:42 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Today was a really weird day and the time change messed me up, plus I have to go get a bunch of groceries tomorrow morning after I exercise! And the hot weather is getting to me. My mind is all muddled. @[email protected] Must...perservere...

      1. All I remember is a fluffy dark brown colored cat sitting beside a car(?) looking up at me.

      2. I woke up to my voice announcing something in my head then remembered the dream.

      Apparently there was some kind of competition going on. I’m sitting in the audience talking about it to someone.

      A girl had somehow accidentally gotten off the stands into the middle of it. It was Greece vs. Turkey. She was Greek. She was looking panicked but trying to follow along, although it was obvious she just wanted out.

      It came to the final moment. She was standing against a wall and her opponent was a few paces away against the wall as well. Another opponent lands next to her, blocking her move out. The only thing she can do now to win is flip around him to the empty spot between them.

      Later, she’s talking to someone about how she doesn’t care if they think she should be happy to have been put in the position to win for her country, she didn’t ask for it, didn’t train for it, etc. She wanted an acknowledgement of what they put her through by not stopping it.

      Inspiration: I don’t know if it was the inspiration, but Greece vs Turkey reminds me of Axis Powers Hetalia. I can’t think of why else those countries would be in it.
    8. Dystopian storage and FA

      by , 03-08-2014 at 09:16 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      3. I’m inside grandma’s house. She tells me she’s made something to eat, and I’m disappointed because I was planning on going home for that, so I could watch what I eat.

      While eating, grandma tells me about a dinosaur that was spotted. Me and Rane talk about how we used to see them more when we were younger.

      We’re riding in a car down a road, looking out at the woods for signs of the dinosaur. We see a field of black goats, and I say that the dinosaur must not be there because the goats were okay. I say it must have gone off into the woods.

      We drive into a town full of houses that look like they were made of cheap kid’s furniture. I say that it seems a shame to waste a whole town [just because the people in it before were forced out for doing something wrong]. Rane reminds me that it’s being used for ‘this’ now.

      She seems to be looking for a specific house, mumbling under her breath. She stops and opens a part on one light-colored house. Inside are two envelopes. I think they’re old mail left from when the people left and she’s looking for supplies. This is a dystopia, after all.

      She takes one and starts opening it, and I ask if I can open the other, to which she replies that I can.

      In her package, there was a bag full of jewelry and things. They were a few heart shaped pieces.


      I’m in a central building there, talking to a little creature (reminds me of Boota from Gurren Lagann – without the glasses of course!). He’s talking to me about what I need to do to get signed up there to store things. Apparently everyone already has a basic account, but you have to make it official by signing a form.

      I look around and see relics from before the apocalypse. There are some anime things and even a few ‘gifs’. I contemplate about the less conventional things, like yaoi, what about people who like those things, but then shrug and realize they still have the internet.

      We hear someone come in, and I bend down to look under this metal block. I see someone wearing a skirt or dress and assume it’s a woman. The creature seems to know her, and he runs up my body. I instinctively clutch him and he hides against my body. He doesn’t seem afraid though.

      Inspiration: Maybe from watching Helix? And I got a package in the mail recently, and Rane gets things sometimes.

      4. Duplicating socks, one was a homemade pair by mom. I thought that duplicated items weren’t as effective as the originals, but seeing the results, I thought it was a really cool idea.

      5. I woke up and all the thoughts of my dreams I’d had were scrambling around my head. I had my iPod Touch, opened up Notes and pressed the + sign. I started making a word-list of things I could remember. One word was ‘eggs’.

      …I woke up for real, confused, and realized I’d had a false awakening. And had no idea what the eggs part was about.

      Notes: The FA is a great sign! I’m so focused on recall when I first wake up, I only do an RC after I’ve got it all straight in my head. I guess I can only wait and see how it develops from here.

      Also, turning to lie on my back instead of sitting up worked well for making sure I got the dreams in my palace, because I can’t get to sleep on my back. After that I just had to keep my thoughts from wandering off so I could focus on putting the dreams in.
    9. Erase and rewind

      by , 09-20-2013 at 04:10 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Standing behind the van talking to a girl about World of Warcraft. I keep rewinding the scene to fix things. I’m inside the van and realizing the back isn’t latched shut, Mom tells me what to do. I reach back carefully and press the small black latch in (like the ones to hang things on). Mom wasn’t concerned, she was going to leave it open.

      Inside someone (Sarah’s?) house, something about a bag of half-cooked popcorn (the popcorn was inlaid into the bag) and another bag, I take it with me but worry about burning it since I don’t know how long it had already cooked for. It looks burnt already.

      I ask for a pill and go to the bathroom. I take it, but there’s another pill left on my tongue, it’s half of a pink pill.

      I think I’m being kept contained. I think something about Loki (The Avengers).

      Notes: Really cool bit when I kept rewinding the scene, I think I remember thinking of it as ‘going back in time’, but in the dream or IWL?
    10. Who is that girl I see?

      by , 09-17-2013 at 11:26 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. I walk up to a big light-brown bag and scare the shit out of the people in it. Similar to this in size (but still bigger).

      Apparently it’s a vehicle. I had gathered a sack of BL manga to read while in the ‘vehicle’. They were bigger and heavier than normal. I sit them on the floor inside the door. Melly is there and shows me some candy she brought. Twizzlers was one. I brought some too and lay them out. One was really long multicolored Twizzlers (red and green), one was small twist Twizzlers. The multicolored ones were half and half and the red and green blended into each other in the middle where they met, and they were almost translucent.

      We’re waiting for a horror movie villain (think Michael Myers). I see in my head like a movie scene the figure standing on the road. He’s walking funny as if injured, and I see a car pass by him as if they’d run into him.

      Inspiration: I got a bag of Twizzers a couple of days ago. Horror movie thing probably inspired by Friday 13th.

      2. I hold my breath as a vehicle with a bad guy in it passes me by. The lady inside with blond-hair just past her ears smirks at me. I remember her, she’s a woman ‘I’ helped in a hospital when I was a doctor and some crisis was happening. She fell down the stairs and I rushed down to help her while everyone else was just trying to get away. “Look at me.” I urged her, checking to see if she had a head injury. Her hair was longer and in a pony then.

      She turned out to be a stalker.

      3. In a school (TTU)? Brought Sarah clothes, she was feeling down about something so we didn’t think she’d join in on what was going on (others were wearing them too). But she appears wearing jeans and a purple sweater with writing on it. We’re happy and walk out of the building, me quietly singing a song.

      Mom is already getting in the car when we step out, and I burst into song, ‘Reflection’ from Mulan. Sarah stares. As we get in the car, she compliments me and says she gives the performance a four. I say something about how I love to sing when the weather is like that (‘windy’).

      “Who is that girl I see
      staring straight back at me
      when will my reflection
      show who I am inside?”

      (I sing the last world as I get into the car.)

      4. As I was getting up for the day, I saw my mini flashlight by the laptop and remembered something that happened. At some point during the night, I crawled across the bed and over to my desk, scrabbling around on it until I found the flashlight. By then, I realized that I had dreamed that there was a big spider in my bed. By then I already had the flashlight so I checked for ease of mind. x_x

      It’s really weird when I react to something in a dream in WL. I think last time this happened, I walked over and got a sweater from somewhere, put it up on my bed with me and went back to sleep, lol. No wait, I think the last time was me coming to to find myself standing up on my bed…

      Notes: Woke up half an hour early again. Two songs with dreams, seems like listening to music before bed might be the cause. :3 Also, one of my dream goals I’m trying to remember for if I go lucid is to sing a song (not ‘Reflection’ though!). I can’t do that IWL because we live in an apartment and I have a high voice.

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    11. TV in the library

      by , 09-17-2013 at 11:08 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. I’m at a library flipping through a thick, floppy book. I stop when I see an entry on No.6 (with a chest-up picture of anime!Shion). Apparently it’s some sort of reference book.

      Name:  no640_byhistoriacrux.jpg
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Size:  3.5 KB

      There were notes by people written on the back(?) of the book. Two said, in the same handwriting and not far from each other, ‘No.6 season 2’. I show it to the person with me, who is apparently grumpy. I don’t think I ever actually see this person.

      ‘I miss you nanna.’ Was another of the messages. There were a few similar dedications with a word starting with ‘n’ in it.

      We try to find the publish date at the beginning because we’re wondering why No.6 is in the book so soon. It says 2008.

      I’m watching an anime I’ve never seen before and am unfamiliar with IWL. I feel and hear a guy behind me telling a girl that I’m watching an anime and he’s going on about it, it’s distracting. (I don’t think it was actually anime though, the style was off.)

      I went to turn the TV off but couldn’t find the button. Actually, there was one labeled OFF but the person with me, told me that that wasn’t it. It turned out to be a square black button on the bottom right on an inlaid panel.

      ~I look up at the TV and think how, since I’m not watching it, I may as well turn it off. But I look back and see a bunch of people, and think that since the TV is so loud, turning it off will make the silence really thick.

      2. A woman hanging out with her family, then goes to pick up a boy waiting grumpily in a van. She looks mid-age with shoulder length auburn hair.

      Inspiration: I meant to look up up my old lucids from 2008 and thought about it before bed. No.6 actually came out in 2011. Besides seeing No.6 posts on my Tumblr dash often, I listened to the anime opening/ending last night before bed.

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    12. Fragments!

      by , 09-14-2013 at 02:36 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. I’m trying to park the van at Walmart and mom is getting on to me so much because I’m doing a bad job of it (running over the curb/grass). She mentions someone who does the same thing.

      I go to my room and hide in the corner beside my dresser and against my closet door. I’m picking at a white rope that’s tacked into a hole in the corner of the dresser. Mom comes into my room and tries to cheer me up but I won’t have it.

      2. Seeing Melly up on a balcony (apartment-style) with a golden retriever.

      Inspiration: I believeee this could come from a Shingeki no Kyojin post on Tumblr where someone posted what everyone’s breed would be as dogs, and one of them was a golden retriever but I can’t remember who!

      3. Kingdom Hearts II. Roxas reminded Axel of someone (there was like a faint image in his mind), and hesitated to bring their relationship to another level because of the past. Axel tells Roxas about it and cups his cheek (I clearly saw Axel’s face around this time, otherwise it was mostly faint). I think they were on a boat?

      Inspiration: Read a volume of KH2 recently and had looked up some AkuRoku things on Tumblr.

      4. Talking to Pillywiggin about the most popular dream tags. I’m looking through a list on a program with a black background, but it has subcategories so it’s hard to find/sort them. ‘bindsbinding’ or something was a tag. I remember various numbers in parenthesis beside each tag group name, one was 274?

      Inspiration: Before bed, I meant to look at the tag cloud on DV to see what the most used tags were.
    13. Card lesson

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:45 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      -Something about dad putting a bunch of kittens in a car, but pausing to ask if that’s where they needed to go?

      -Something about mom and a pile of clothes…

      -In class, an old elementary school teacher, Ms. Owin, is standing up front teaching us something about these cards.
      ~A student is drawing lines on a business card sized paper. Apparently only slow classmates would be doing that.
      ~Something about calling people to test a theory? ‘I’ am talking on the phone. Ms. Owin says something about an ‘Ayeesha’ and a ‘John’.

      -Woke up once with something about a boy, but Spice was puking all over my floor so I couldn’t focus on recall…

      Notes: Used too much keywords again, but I am working on getting better sleep so I’ll be up to waking up enough during the night to type up more. How do you even spell ‘Ayeesha’?
    14. Jam-packed move

      by , 09-07-2013 at 02:44 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      -A man lost his water creature. The setting was some kind of enclosed space with foliage and streaming water. Best way I can explain the creature is if it were a tadpole version of the dragon from the book I’m reading:

      Whene can i Quit smoke week?-363835.jpg

      Except the dragon in that book is still young at that size, that’s why I say a tadpole version. =P The creature is really just a bit bigger than a lobster.

      I remember being there in some capacity and looking the other way when I hear he lost it, as if I didn’t want to get involved.

      -We’re (me, mom and dad) packing our stuff in a car to move, but it looks too crowded in to me. Mom asks me to get in, but when I do, I feel very claustrophobic and have to get out. There’s a big desk in the back.

      -Before moving, I go to a pool to say my goodbyes. I think I wasn’t polite as I could have been.
      ~Carrying like three bundled up white blankets to put into the trunk, mom is helping me. I notice that you can see semi-provocative BL images on the sides of a couple of them, but I decide to pretend it ain’t no thang and continue packing them in.

      -We’re in a hotel type place and there are a few people coming and going - seems like one of them is going to stay there after we go. I am sitting on the floor or leaning over and tickling the toes of a little girl sitting on a coach as I wait. She gives me a grumpy face and kicks her feet away. Mom is disassembling the desk. I worry that she’s mad about it for a moment, but she actually almost seems gleeful as she breaks it up. Someone says “we still have two minutes” - just in case the people staying there next seem antsy.

      Inspiration: Water creature - probably from the book I’m reading. Pool - possibly inspired by Free!. Same with the BL.

      Notes: Why am I having so many moving dreams lately? o_O

      Emotion: Panic/claustrophobia, feeling like I was rude
    15. New stud earrings

      by , 09-02-2013 at 02:44 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m in a store. I grab a couple pairs of shorts off a shelf. I ask someone where to put them, and a woman points. I see small, round yellow stickers that have ‘ww’ written on them. I think to myself ‘Weight Watchers?’.

      I’m wandering the store. In one section, there are batches of chocolate cookies (30 in each batch). There’s a stack of books, one with ‘The Rede’ in the title. I’m disappointed to see that they’re Christmas books. A woman walking be mentions that she likes my dad, because he ‘stays out of the way’.

      I’m in an isle away from others in the back, and am looking at stud earrings. I find some small ones, some with white crystals in them. There are only four, and I have eight holes, but I decided to take them. I sneak them in my pocket.

      -In Walmart, I see two girls in the middle of the store wearing pajamas with matching patterns on them.

      -Someone on a bus not liking my music and putting their’s on me. I think there were big bags, and a small woman?

      Possible inspirations: I’ve been wanting new stud earring to replace my hoops. Maybe the cookies come from the chocolate cookies I’d been making until recently. ‘The Rede’ comes from the song ‘The Rede (And It Harm None)’ by Gaia Consort, which I listened to recently. And you know, I think I remember seeing someone already eager for Christmas on GetGlue and it surprised me, so maybe it just stuck in my head.
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