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    1. City tour

      by , 12-11-2013 at 02:34 AM
      Date: 08 Dec

      Entry 1/2

      Wbtb: did a shorter than usual wbtb from a natural wake where I had 1/3 latte. Did a quick goal revision and couple of mantras, felt asleep within a reasonable amount of time.

      Had about 3 vivid dreams/fragments, then the ld.

      The beginning of the ld's hard to recall. I'm on a street that looks familiar and we comment on this with a female dream friend, some remarks about journalling too.

      One thing that is very peculiar about the place is that all the buildings' colors are extremely soft, chalky color. Each one is in different color but very pale. They look extremely beautiful. I am aware that this is a dream, but have somewhat lower level of lucidity. Vaguely remember how we went to this other part of town.

      My lucidity and rational thinking sharpens as we go on our way. We are a group of people and someone is leading us (I can't see who at the moment). This is a pretty good arrangement since it keeps me busy and my secondary ld goal is exactly to walk around, see as much as possible for as long as possible.

      This is the city center now and I catch a glimpse of a gothic cathedral behind one of the street corners. It is also colorful with the same pale chalky colors and material. There's the overall impression that the whole city center colors are like this. At the same time the quality is extremely high, everything is very 3D, stable and vivid. I spot a female classmate in the crowd on the square, which I assume is part of our group. I am happy about that and say something to her, but she starts laughing and replies with some weird sounds, her eyes look as if she's wearing lenses too. Not a smart DC I conclude and lose a bit of interest.

      [Warning animal violence]

      It's almost like a scene change as we keep walking down another street. I cross the street and examine the ground below my feet and it feels so detailed and real, there's a piece of mini-trash I try to identify, a scaffold area in front of me. I get distracted by a small white dog that I pay too much attention to and it sticks to my leg, trying to bite me. I try as much as possible to be indifferent and get rid of it, but it sticks, so I have no choice, now I want to break its front teeth to deactivate it. I take it with my hands and imagine I am super strong, trying to break the front teeth that look kind of weird too. Not much success so I swirl around and throw the dog away.

      I feel disgusted and start rummaging in a dream bag of mine, hoping to find wet wipes to clean my hands, which I do. I feel like I have messed up, being distracted by the dog instead of following the group. This has caused the surroundings to change and we are in another part of town, lots of green trees can be seen. The group leader is now walking with my classmate further down the street, while I am trying to catch up with them together with a blond girl, also at this point part of the group.

      They slow down and I face the group leader/our guide, a woman in her 40es. She seems very sympathetic and lively and I feel it's time to ask her some questions. As I speak, I notice and think about how easy it has been for me to speak and act in this dream, how stable everything has been and for such a long time. I ask her a number of questions, to give me some tips in general and also regarding my meditation practices. Unfortunately, she gives me an answer that doesn't make much sense, about some guy bringing her here. I feel somewhat disappointed as I thought she might be a useful dream guide, she has been guiding us on this city tour all along. The dream fades.

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    2. Boa!

      by , 04-18-1970 at 10:18 AM
      Morning of April 18, 1970. Saturday.

      I am at school (West Elementary in Arcadia) and see my (second-best friend after Toby T at this time) friend Danny H. He is high on a scaffold and trying to be friendly with a giant boa constrictor when everyone else has gone into hiding within the school buildings. The snake’s mouth is ready to engulf him - the top of the mouth over him and the bottom part under the part of the scaffold he is standing on. However, nothing happens after this as if it suddenly becomes a “frozen image” from my perspective (as if time had suddenly stopped somehow). (In real life, some classmates made fun of him for being feminine, such as how he carried his books across his chest or how he spoke.) Note that with the term “boa constrictor” - the idea of constricting stomach pain or intestinal constriction are also possible plays (especially as a snake looks like an intestine). Thus the pain of a stomach illness could be a “boy constrictor”. I did not have this at the time - but Danny did in reality.

      This dream seems to have two possible layers of composite cause as the dreaming mind cleverly utilizes over time. Because Danny was believed to be on the path to being “too feminine” (which was really no concern for me at all, but I did not like how he was bullied), the snake, being a boa (a play on “boy” as was often used in real life in my school, especially by David K, whereby if someone called him a “boy”, he would angrily state “I ain’t no boy/boa constrictor”!) seemed to grow to bigger-than-life as a sort of threat to see if this would be enough to increase his male nature.

      Also, he had a stomach ache (as in real life) at the time and needed to go to the nurse’s station by way of a (fictional) questionable outside entrance that was clearly unsafe. This links to the snake also being a visual symbol of the intestine and the pain of a stomach problem. I was clearly, in both cases of interpretation, dreaming directly about him and not an aspect of myself (especially as I was not the one with a stomach ache in reality - he was).

      Update Tuesday, 8 December 2015. There may be another viable “explanation” here. Snakes may also represent umbilical cords. In this case, I may be projecting Danny as being immature as well as not having as much support from other people (who are in the building while he is outside the building on a precarious structure). The “giant umbilical cord” may relate to being “constricted” as such (perhaps by his mother in comparison to my mother, as I view the scene from a distance).

      This dream is type ECA (subtype Cbellsub: emergent consciousness bellicosity sublimated to a secondary character). The giant truculent boa constrictor is my emergent consciousness. Danny is the projection of my dream self, therefore the temporary waking self model, but my true dream self watches safely from a distance. Here my conscious self swallows Danny as representing coalescence.

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