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    1. Dream Guides (DEILD)

      by , 03-14-2016 at 01:11 AM
      Ritual: I thought it might be nice to get lucid again, so I read DV before bed, though my motivation was considerably reduced when I realized that the time change had caught me unawares, and I was going to bed an hour later than I had intended! Also drank some sage and mugwort tea before bed. Those are the only relevant factors I can think of. WTB at 3am, woke 9:15am with dream.

      DEILD: I came out of an NLD and started going over it in my mind, when it dawned on me that I had not fully woken up. I was in a hallway carrying a large package; to confirm, I tossed it in the air and sure enough, it hovered for a moment before drifting back down. It occurred to me that maybe I should take up the habit of tossing things into the air in waking life as a kind of RC. But it would have to be something smaller than a large box, something more like a coin or small ball. I produced a small black ball and tried again. To my amusement, this one behaved as if gravity were operating normally. Maybe not such a good RC unless I actively intervene: I tossed it again and concentrated on holding the ball in the air. That worked well enough. I resolved to spend more time in WL trying to move small objects with my mind.

      I exited the building and thought I might try a TOTM. Even though I had just reread the list before going to bed, I now realized that I couldn't remember any of them. Thinking hard, I finally recalled the one about the dream guide.

      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I shouted. I've never had a dream guide before, so I had no expectations. I shouted a few more times until a woman showed up. She was of hefty build, with straight shoulder-length dark hair, and looked to be in her late forties. On the right lapel of her uniform-like black jacket, resembling that of a hotel clerk (or more to the point, a tour guide) was a name tag reading "RUSH." There was something very blank and bureaucratic about her demeanor that immediately put me off.

      "Take me on a tour," I instructed.

      "A Grand Tour?" she asked. Lately I've been reading about the Grand Tours eighteenth-century travelers would take in Italy, so I assumed this was merely waking life residue.

      "Take me on a tour of Hogwart's," I proposed instead.

      The woman must not have understood, because she started saying things about temperature and time that sounded like the details of a technical process—brewing coffee, I guessed. I was getting impatient.

      "This isn't working out," I told her. Perhaps I should have been more patient, but she reminded me of one of those blank, automaton-like DCs that never have anything interesting to say. I turned my back and walked away, determined to try again.

      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I resumed shouting, trying to muster a sense of optimism. Nothing changed at first, but I persisted, shouting about five times before another figure drew my attention. He was a short brown-haired man standing next to a bar, gazing at me with a slightly amused expression. As I walked over, I was startled to see that he was the spitting image of Michael J. Fox. This perplexed me, because I have no particular attachment to that actor, nor did I recall having encountered his image recently in waking life. I remembered that in WL he had developed a terrible disease and I couldn't remember if he was still alive. This DC looked like the younger version of him from the 1980s or '90s, and his cheerful confidence created much more favorable impression than the last DC.

      "Are you my dream guide?" I asked uncertainly. He replied with something casual, along the lines of, "If you want me to be."

      "Let's give it a try," I said. "First, take me somewhere beautiful. Then, take me somewhere that I will find interesting." Since I'd never had a dream guide before or thought much about their proper role, now I was acting on the assumption that their job was to give me tours. In retrospect that's kind of funny.

      As we walk out of the building together, he expresses a sexual interest. I'm surprised at his bluntness, but tell him okay, it's natural that there might be sexual tension between us, I can accept that. He seems relieved, telling me that many of the applicants ruled it out from the start. In fact, a lot of the essays he received closed on that note. I commiserate, noting how even from a purely rhetorical standpoint, that does seem like a terrible way to end an application essay.

      We continue through a park-like setting, and as we descend along a wooded path I see a tree with several conjoined trunks. Emblazoned across it like a light projection is the name of a website, "www.tabu.com." I look again to make sure and the text shifts. "www.tabut.com." I wonder what it means. Is this in reference to the Polynesian word "tabu," the basis of our English "taboo"? [I looked them up as I was writing this and...seriously, it's a big world out there, how could these websites not exist?]

      We walk right to the edge of a wide shallow lake. I realize we'll probably need to travel somewhere by a means other than walking, and let him know I'm familiar with some basic methods: "How are we going to get there? I can spin and teleport, if you like. And I know how to fly."

      He offers another possibility: "See that brown line?" He points to somewhere behind us. I look back, and without thinking about it we automatically start rising into the air and drifting toward a brown line that runs across the grass of the lawn. "That's where we'll transition," he explains. We start gliding toward it, and sure enough, a moment later we are flying across a completely different scene.

      The previous landscape was park-like, but we emerge higher in the air over a vast landscape. Distant hills, distinctive coloring, shades of red in the earth and sky. Everything becomes a bit clearer. "Okay, this is beautiful," I acknowledge aloud. He's definitely succeeded in the first task I set him.

      We drift closer to the ground and I notice an odd detail: an enormous fence of thick horizontal wires strung between vertical poles that must be at least 50 feet high, stretched across a valley between two steep hills. There are only a few of the wires, maybe eight, strung in pairs of two. It would be no barrier for a person at all, or any earthly creature—it's so big it doesn't even obstruct the view—but then I see what it is keeping in. They look like giant green mantis-like creatures, clearly insectoid, but enormous. Despite the monstrosity of the creatures, the enclosure reminds me of a nature reserve. Are the fences for our protection, or theirs? Perhaps both.

      I think about how my second instruction to my guide had been to take me somewhere interesting, and it would certainly be interesting if one of those things got out! However, I decide not to vocalize my thoughts or deliberately influence the course of events, instead waiting to see how things will play out.

      One of the creatures catches sight of us and scuttles over, moving with astonishing rapidity for its size. It crosses several hundred yards in a matter of seconds. It pushes against the fence, snapping at us with its mandibles. It has surprisingly long reach and the wires of the fence are being bowed out by the weight of its body—they hold, but we have to dart away very quickly to avoid the initial attack. I realize the safest course is to fly directly upward, well out of its reach, in case the fence breaks. I can feel my adrenaline pumping and have to admit, that was definitely an interesting experience.

      Abruptly the environment changes and we are back in a room that I think I recognize from earlier in the dream—but way earlier, the NLD sequence before I even got lucid. I realize the dream is ending, but I'm very pleased with how well this dream guide was able to fulfill my requests. "Can I meet you again?" I ask. His acquiescence is as casual and noncommital as when I first asked him to be my guide.

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    2. Hello, Random Helpful Guide Character...

      by , 09-29-2014 at 11:56 AM (Lucid Time!)
      There was some nightmare about the military who had shot a kid riding a dirtbike. I didn't want to look at the scene. My friend's parents were involved somehow.
      I am in a classroom, but it feels like I am also in K's house. Everyone is turning in essays but one student just turns in a paper with sharpie written on it that says something like 'I will turn in my essay tomorrow.' Everyone in the class thinks it is funny, even the professor. But he says he is still going to give that student a bad grade.
      The professor then rolls down a screen, and says that we are not doing class and simply having a movie day. The movie: some alien invasion movie where giant human body parts fall to earth. The movie is supposed to be really scary and I 'remember' not liking it. But I have to watch it for a grade, it has something to do with what we are learning in class. I might as well at least try to enjoy it. The professor says we can move anywhere in the room, so I decide to sit on the floor in the back of the room.
      I sit down, and the opening credits roll. They show the alien invasion that happens through a bunch of severed human body parts. Legs, Arms, Hands, Heads, etc. They are all orbiting in a big vortex above earth. The professor asks some question about how this relates to some kind of art or something.
      Then, who I could only assume was Manei entered the dream. After seeing her (my dream guide) for three years, I can sort of sense her energy, so to speak. But her energy felt off. I couldn't pinpoint what. This didn't feel like Manei.
      Regardless, the dream went partially lucid.
      This character said that she too thought the movie was scary and wanted to be with someone. She put her arm around me. Then hugged me.
      While this was happening, I started to feel her energy. A lot of warmth and love. I was actually trying to figure it out. Was I dreaming? Who was this? If this wasn't my regular guide it was somebody who felt very similar. Whoever it was, it was a very good feeling. I wished that she would hold onto me for the entire movie. She fell asleep. Then I started to feel sleepy.
      We then both fell over onto the floor, and the dream went wonky.
      Everything went blue, and I was in a void filled with a blue cloudy energy. I was OOB, of course.
      "Hello. I am p4qRo8y5 (something or other, not Manei). I am here to ask you permission to have spiritual intercourse (sex) with you."
      A blue and white hologram of certain sexy things appears in front of me during this question. It fades afterwards. I feel no need to describe them, I don't feel like using a spoiler tag today. Just let your imagination run wild.
      "What... NO! I don't know who you are!"
      She doesn't seem to care that I said 'no'. I don't even know why I said 'no'. I guess I just thought of the last time I had sex with a dream guide and things got very, very weird.
      Anyways, this character, probably a guide, starts talking very fast. She is partially speaking in a language of thoughts and ideas, rather than spoken words. I've talked to Manei and some other DCs before. It's supposed to be faster than talking.
      This object appears as a hologram in front of me. It was supposed to be some kind of visual aid for what this guide was saying, but it makes no sense to me.
      How did you find your way to this forum?-strange-visual-aid.jpg
      "...Recently there was a spiritual rise in consciousness that caused many people around you to become more aware and awake. You, to some extent, but not the full extent did this as well ..."
      The waveforms coming from the side of the shape increase. The circles begin to glow in small clusters.
      She carried on about a bunch of other stuff I really couldn't care about. I don't remember anything else of what she said, but she talked for a solid minute at light speed while I looked at the diamond thing.
      "... I am aware you are involved in dreaming, perhaps having some troubles with it. The problem is that you try to resolve everything with logic and reasoning, when in reality the secret to dreaming is creativity and happiness, the exact opposite. Don't feel bad for it, it is the way the human mind and society is structured. Now, tell me winch one of these jokes you find funniest."

      Two jokes are presented to me as what I can only describe as very poorly animated flash movies. In the first movie, a couple of teenagers are sitting around the table. Then, a large anthropomorphic rooster shows up. But it's like not a typical rooster. It has this large cerraded beak and big buggy eyes. He then says "I've got alottt of math homework!", emphasizing the word 'Alot' in a strange way. The scene cuts back to everyone sitting at the table and they all have rooster heads.

      In the second joke a boy is standing by a window. There is a city moving by outside so I can only assume he was in a mobile home. There is an Ipod on a speaker rack, and a girl walks by and turns it on. Rock-Metal instrumentals start playing. The window flies open and a flowerpot flies into the boy's face, then out the window. Some dirt is left on the boys face. "Lisa! What did I tell you about playing metal music in the house?!" The boy has a rooster head when he says this.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-amazing-rooster-head.png

      I then remember seeing a view, something like a you tube page with a whole bunch of these 'jokes' playing at once. Many of them have the rooster head involved in some way. One of them has this woman with these very ugly, scary looking lips. Oh god, please don't play that one.
      "Um... Neither of them. Those were not even jokes. Just random visions. ._. "
      I get a dream glitch and go backwards very quickly through the scenes in the dream. I am back at the hologram of sexy things. I am then back in the classroom and the movie is still playing. I am then back outside and the military is stopped and looking at a turned over dirtbike.

      I wake up.

      Upon waking, I would say that the first animation was funnier.

      'The problem is that you try to resolve everything with logic and reasoning, when in reality the secret to dreaming is creativity and happiness, the exact opposite.'

      This is very quote-able. I should make this my signature.

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    3. Ill-Fated Return to School; Family's Mars Voyage

      by , 05-28-2014 at 04:02 AM
      I was with an old music teacher, a phenomenal character and wonderful director, and one of my better high school friends. Someone else was with us as well, and he was describing to me things I could work on, flaws of mine. One was, when you start to talk, you have interesting things to say, but you start out by being BORING. After a while, I went to leave, and my old director gave me a very understanding and penetrating look. I smiled back at him, but I felt fake and a little hurt.

      I was back at my old school, a private Christian school. I was a new student, though it was more of a return than my first exposure. As I walked up, a friend's brother gave me a love note from a girl. I said, that's art. He agreed. I was assigned a locker, was given an American flag outfit, and puffed a cigarette an assistant manager of mine was finishing, as a couple people were smoking in the hall. I entered a social studies class, and as I went to choose a seat, I couldn't decide where I fit in. I usually sit in the back so I can see everything, but I wanted to be more focused and thought the middle would be better. I sat in the back anyway. The manager at work was my teacher. I realized I hadn't done the given assignment that everyone else had (man, really took me back to school days), so I slipped out of class. I didn't have my books, either, and decided to retrieve them.

      I ended up getting on a bus and traveling down the block a ways with a whole group of other people. The only notable DC was a young, tiny red-headed, blue boy who became scared at one point. I comforted him with a hug. We proceeded to wreck several times, sometimes flipping in the air. Our bus became a semi truck at one point, caught fire, exploded, returned to a bus. I ended up running ahead of the group once we got out. I had lost one of my USA flag shoes, but I had a Vibram on instead. Everyone was fine, because my dreams like safe car wrecks like that. I re-entered my school, and a boy greeted me and said there was naught but a minute left in class, so no point in returning. I showed off my bicycle to him, and a couple friends of mine came in and got food and dishes from a stocked kitchen the school had. We talked about how nice the school had become, a scholastic paradise compared to what it had been.

      Wake, sleep, dream. I was on vacation with my family, in town at the beach. We're sitting outside a building, my brother, sister and mother all go inside. I have a large piece of black paper, and I'm writing on it with my finger. It's a message to a woman on Mars. My whole family is going to a colony there, my sister longer than anyone, because it was stated she had been to the Dominican Republic (she does often travel). We return to the house, and I quickly go to the computer to email a woman, perhaps the same one. I wonder at why all I want to think or talk about is dreams (!!) and that it's good that she's my dream guide (!!). Great thing I became, lucid, or not. Missed freebie. Anyway, there's a strange segment of a hologram coming from the email that shows a couple people from school again.

      Afterward, or maybe in the email, I'm in a series of music videos. In the one I remember, it was quite hilarious; I was in a flamboyant, red, pimp-like outfit with feather, a hat, the works. I have a gang, a gaggle, a skulk, a pride of people behind me, and we're all carrying drinks. We're facing off with another group. As the leader, I dramatically pour my drink, maybe a beer, on the ground. The rest of my group follows suit, but the drinks from the taller ones fill up the shorter people's cups again so they have to pour them out again. There's another segment I can't remember.

      Next, I'm at home. There's a guy about my age with short, blond hair, who calls himself Patrick.. o'Leary, if I remember. He's mowing our lawn, though I end up finishing it. We make conversation, and at one point he says I might not even remember, it's not a big deal, but I had pranked him, or something of that nature. I can't remember and am confused. I ask, did I get you too drunk? He laughs and says never mind, and no. However, there's a strange vibe lingering in the air, like he's being outwardly fake but inwardly analytic. Next door, a cook at work is lying on a driveway looking in a mirror foppishly, sporting a mane of blonde hair that he doesn't have in real life. I say, hey, dude, to him. Patrick says, hey, Tony. We go inside and meet my mother on the way in. She gets a set of keys from Patrick, and is laughing and friendly but says she'll keep him accountable. I have covert plans to maybe offer Patrick some ganja now that my mother's leaving, even though (or due to how) I've quit smoking in recent days (hence the REM rebound). The strange vibe stays around, but we're quite friendly together. Before any more events transpire, I wake, disappointed to miss such a clear and present dream sign as the email.
    4. Instant Lucidity and Guides? (/O w 0)

      by , 05-27-2014 at 05:04 PM
      I couldn't sleep last night and ended up falling asleep at 6am. But I got lucid as soon as i entered the dream. I was on my bed and decided to go outside because the house was empty and the quiet surrounding was kind of creeping me out. I got outside the house and saw the world was filled with trees and the ground was covered in bright grass and orange colored leaves. It was really pretty so i went out to explore it. But suddenly a anime guy with a gun appeared and tried to shoot me. I ran calling for help and he cornered me in a house. Eye came out and stopped the guy from killing me but he disappeared quickly. I decided to leave that place and found my dad in the street. We were walking to a party but he pointed to a sign that showed the people changed it from 12 to 1 to 3pm. But out of no where I lost my clothes and covered myself with a curtain i found. There were other girls too. They were naked and one was kissing this guy in a bathroom stall. I thought she was kissing someone i knew so i told them to stop. But when I opened the stall they disappeared. My nephew than appeared and i told him this was a dream. He was just playing around but i told him to follow me cause we were going to go on a lucid dream adventure. We ran,appeared on the stairs of my house and kept running to the door entrance but when i opened it my nephew disappeared and there was a fat girl with a white mask, small blue lights around her and in the corner of both my eyes i could see creepy black creatures smiling. The girl looked like a spirit. She started to speak to me but i couldn't hear anything she was saying. It was so low so I told her to speak up but she just kept talking and talking about something. I than got a little scared so i told her I believe in Jehovah. I think she said "oh you believe in" than kept on talking. It was annoying but i woke up after a little bit.

      In my second dream I appeared in a random place in front of a entrance to a huge basement. There was a dark skinned lady who i met in my other dream about the ointment in the basement. She seemed really nice and welcoming as she was preparing for a party in the basement. I had a feeling she was going to tell me something about someone I knew though. I asked her is this about [insert name here]. She said yes. I than asked her if he was evil and she said yes. She told me to come down because she wanted to show me something. I was scared I was going to get bad news. I walked into a room with her that took us into a hospital. I told her I was scared but she reassured me it was going to be okay. We walked into a room and there were fat people being checked by a female doctor. The lady guide told me to sit down so i did. She said If I kept talking to this guy my skin will get paler, I'll gain more weight and stress in my life.Like the people who were old and fat in the room. She even showed me a patients arm there who was really light. I told her ok and saw she had a chicken in a black plastic case. I was like Ooo~ chicken~ Than took it and bit it. But it was really nasty cause the meat was like a squishy ball of fat, so i spit it out. Than we left the room together. I saw the cookie monster a few other people there. I was going to get some chips but i decided to wash my hands first. I started to wash my hands but i woke up.
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    5. Best dream that I EVER had: Wolves

      by , 05-13-2014 at 01:56 PM
      THIS was by FAR the BEST dream that I have EVER had.. <3 I love wolves, too.. I always have since I was a kid. Here it goes:

      My husband, Jeff, and I were in the woods and we were talking to a bunch of Navajo Native Americans.

      *The woods were beautiful.

      *I looked around and noticed that there were wolves surrounding us.

      *I walked deeper into the woods and three wolves got really close to me.*

      I felt fear at first but that quickly went away when they came right up by my side and I started to pet them.

      *As I was petting them I felt calm, peaceful, and spiritual. The wolves were so gorgeous.*

      I felt so happy. I woke up feeling great, amazing.*

      A part of me wonders if the wolf was my spirit guide visiting me in my dreams.

      *I love wolves. I have a spiritual connection with them. I always have..

      *They are absolutely amazing. I wish I would have this dream again and again. It was the best dream that I have had in my entire life! This dream can also be found in my personal blogger, dream blog..

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    6. Hollywood

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:04 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      I am in Hollywood California as a tourist just wondering around seeing the sights taking it all in. I find myself at some kind of red carpet and there are many celebrities gathered for some reason. There aren't many people around so I figure this is a prime opportunity to hang out with some famous people. I see Ben Affleck with a few other people and I signal him to come over, he walks over a few seconds later with a couple girls apologizing that he was chatting with Milla Jovovich. I ask them if they want to hang out in the arcade next door and they happily take me up. We walk in and the two girls are fixated on an sort of skee-ball game that involves throwing lemons down an ally at specific targets for points. I walk around with Ben and we just chat about life as norm and how people react to them in general. When we come back to the skee-ball game he joins them and I decide to walk around some more there are bright colors and lights and all sorts of arcade sounds I am somewhat pleased by the environment. I return to the three of them and Milla is now in the group playing the lemon game. Ben is requisitioned by some fans and follows them out the door of the arcade. I step in on the game and ask the girls if I can join them, they are more than happy to play with me. I am overjoyed I am playing the lemon game with Milla and Bens date. As I throw the lemons down the alley it is slightly more difficult than it looks and I am embarrassed about wasting their lemons. Other fans have stepped into the game and were allowing themselves to be the targets for the girls to throw at, they are being cheeky and the girls giggle. So I allow them to play some more and then walk away out the door Ben went. He was posing for pictures on the sidewalk and sitting on some kind on wagon facing the street. I wave goodbye and continue down the road.
      It is mostly tourists flocking the streets now. Like a sea of tourists, we are all headed to a good look out point to take photos of the Hollywood sign. I can barely see it from where I am, a local tells me the best place to shoot is from a hillside in the distance they point to and I see people filing that way. I am on the edge of the city and there is a small patch of woods between me and the hillside. I have to travel down a ravine of some sort and it is quite muddy. I notice there are very large pinkish orangy mushroom type trees littering the Forrest. They have large spines on them that bend easily to the touch. I am aware I have never seen anything like this and they seem either alien or prehistoric. I am following a man who has fairly certain footing though he begins to travel away from where we are going and I recommend we take the path of a fallen tree which is more direct he follows my advice and we advance together.
      When I am finally approaching the open hillside I notice a man dressed in biblical attire singing a gospel, those around him chime in and suddenly the entire mass of a thousand people easy are all singing praises at the top of their lungs. It is breathtaking. As I am walking by the people who have stopped to sing I begin clapping the rhythm of the song, I begin jogging and I am suddenly in biblical clothes myself. The wind is blowing rather hard against my tunics and I hold the edges of my gown convinced I can glide on the wind. The singing picks up as I lift off the ground moving with speed in the air powered by the wind and my gown of flowing fabric. I glide forward and backward zig zagging the entire group moving down the hillside. I am overwhelmed by the experience the singing is magnificently heard from this height. The people see me and exclaim I must be the real one! I come closer to the ground towards the edge of the hillside which is more of a cliff. I turn and land though the wind is pulling me towards the cliffs edge. I am gripping the soil trying to maintain and three women who are African american offer me their hands to pull me up. I am eternally grateful, as I am walking back up there is another boy on the cliffs edge, I reach back and help him up as well the singing is dying down and all of the people seem focused on me.
      The Hollywood sign is no where to be seen.
    7. City tour

      by , 12-11-2013 at 02:34 AM
      Date: 08 Dec

      Entry 1/2

      Wbtb: did a shorter than usual wbtb from a natural wake where I had 1/3 latte. Did a quick goal revision and couple of mantras, felt asleep within a reasonable amount of time.

      Had about 3 vivid dreams/fragments, then the ld.

      The beginning of the ld's hard to recall. I'm on a street that looks familiar and we comment on this with a female dream friend, some remarks about journalling too.

      One thing that is very peculiar about the place is that all the buildings' colors are extremely soft, chalky color. Each one is in different color but very pale. They look extremely beautiful. I am aware that this is a dream, but have somewhat lower level of lucidity. Vaguely remember how we went to this other part of town.

      My lucidity and rational thinking sharpens as we go on our way. We are a group of people and someone is leading us (I can't see who at the moment). This is a pretty good arrangement since it keeps me busy and my secondary ld goal is exactly to walk around, see as much as possible for as long as possible.

      This is the city center now and I catch a glimpse of a gothic cathedral behind one of the street corners. It is also colorful with the same pale chalky colors and material. There's the overall impression that the whole city center colors are like this. At the same time the quality is extremely high, everything is very 3D, stable and vivid. I spot a female classmate in the crowd on the square, which I assume is part of our group. I am happy about that and say something to her, but she starts laughing and replies with some weird sounds, her eyes look as if she's wearing lenses too. Not a smart DC I conclude and lose a bit of interest.

      [Warning animal violence]

      It's almost like a scene change as we keep walking down another street. I cross the street and examine the ground below my feet and it feels so detailed and real, there's a piece of mini-trash I try to identify, a scaffold area in front of me. I get distracted by a small white dog that I pay too much attention to and it sticks to my leg, trying to bite me. I try as much as possible to be indifferent and get rid of it, but it sticks, so I have no choice, now I want to break its front teeth to deactivate it. I take it with my hands and imagine I am super strong, trying to break the front teeth that look kind of weird too. Not much success so I swirl around and throw the dog away.

      I feel disgusted and start rummaging in a dream bag of mine, hoping to find wet wipes to clean my hands, which I do. I feel like I have messed up, being distracted by the dog instead of following the group. This has caused the surroundings to change and we are in another part of town, lots of green trees can be seen. The group leader is now walking with my classmate further down the street, while I am trying to catch up with them together with a blond girl, also at this point part of the group.

      They slow down and I face the group leader/our guide, a woman in her 40es. She seems very sympathetic and lively and I feel it's time to ask her some questions. As I speak, I notice and think about how easy it has been for me to speak and act in this dream, how stable everything has been and for such a long time. I ask her a number of questions, to give me some tips in general and also regarding my meditation practices. Unfortunately, she gives me an answer that doesn't make much sense, about some guy bringing her here. I feel somewhat disappointed as I thought she might be a useful dream guide, she has been guiding us on this city tour all along. The dream fades.

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    8. 19 Aug: meeting Obama

      by , 08-19-2013 at 04:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I'm going through a pile of paper with my writings. I carry it to a meeting with a guy who's working on it with me. As he reviews it, Obama appears on a visit to the place we are - an institute or something. He shakes hands with a few persons and then wants to talk to my colleague. I would like to tell him a few things but my colleague really begs me to keep silent. But as we're introduced, we look into each other's eyes and we duel with our minds. He knows and I know, and I know that he knows and he knows that I know.... In the end I feel incredibly unconfortable. Now he knows who I am, shit!
      When he goes away, I fly out to the top of the mountain where I meet my mentor and guide. She tells I am right to be scared, because they will come for me, but that is necessary. They need what I have, but I also carry the key to their destruction and it is time to put that in motion.
    9. A Guide?

      by , 10-12-2012 at 11:09 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      I'm sitting across from a woman who likes me very much. She give me four of her last cookies. All the while she tells me about how good they are. Made with real jam. I give her the last one and she is happy. I get the feeling that she is a teacher to me, a guide.

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    10. Dream Guide... ?!?!

      by , 07-03-2012 at 08:21 PM (My Dream Journal; Mentis est Infinata)
      Sorry for the lack of entries lately. However, I have something to make it up; my most WILD experience ever (It's funny because this actually involves WILDs ).

      I would like to start off by saying this was a non-lucid dream. The main issue here is that all of the dream's details are scrambled pretty badly. Each detail is split into two, and both halves are basically the opposite. I can't tell if the advice was written or being spoken aloud. If it was spoken aloud, then it was one of the following: a powerful, god-like voice that seemed to echo in all directions; and a weak, nerd-like voice. In the spoken aloud case, one detail is clear: my dream guide is male. I was actually expecting it to be female, because it's very common for people to have dream guides of the opposite gender.

      I don't know what to make of this, but I know what he told me. I remember exactly what he said, but not in words, not in sounds, and not in pictures. I remember it in code; and I'm not talking about something like binary, numbers, letters, symbols or anything else. I can only remember and describe it in pure thought and nothing else.

      I am unable to translate my DG's advice into words; all I can tell you is this: Recently I've been struggling greatly with WILD. My DG has giving me some advice with it. He insists that it is almost guaranteed to help me and that I should expect to finally do a WILD successfully tonight as long as I put forth enough effort. Unfortunately, I cannot share his advice because it involves personal information. Plus, both me and my dream guide agree that this method would be ineffective to the vast majority of lucid dreamers out there.

      I understand that this is all very difficult to understand and believe, but it is true and I promise no lies were spoken in this entry; if I have deceived, mislead or confused you in any possible way, please know that I did not have any intent of doing so. I assure you that I'm quite confused myself. I've heard of shared dreaming and all, but I've never heard of anything like this.

      If you have anything to say on the matter, PLEASE let me know!
    11. Excerpts from the past week

      by , 06-14-2012 at 08:43 AM
      I've had a lot on my hands lately, and haven't given much thought to dreaming. I only remember a couple of dreams from the past week.


      There is blue, and I decide to make it the sky. I fly over the earth and look down on it. It looks plastic, painted on. I decide on a spot and fly down. I wish to meet a guide there.

      There is a man and a woman. The woman is around my age and the man is a bit older. He is explaining things and we are listening. I don't really get anything new out of it.

      This relates to a sense that I'm having at the moment, of moving forward quickly and effortlessly, and not getting anywhere.


      Back as a University student, waiting for the time to go to a lecture, playing a game with some friends.
    12. Video guide

      by , 06-06-2012 at 08:37 AM
      I was travelling for a week and didn't do any active effort. I was mostly very tired and slept irregularly, anyway. This one, however, was memorable enough to stay with me.

      I'm drifting in and out of sleep, in an unfamiliar place, tired but cannot sleep well. When I enter sleep I'm usually aware that I'm dreaming and awareness of the sleeping body disappears. I practice flying. I start from the ground, a park with green grass. I figure I'm starting from my home town, and want to visit the Alps. I get close to the level of the lowest clouds when I hit a roof and come out of what seems like a set for a play. I wake up a little and notice I'm in a bed.

      I drift of again and decide to try flying horizontally this time. I'm not moving fast enough to get to the Alps in one night. I try to boost the speed with my willpower, then start saying "faster" out loud. This helps. I come to a scout camp site somewhere in Germany. Not quite there, I need to go southwest. I look at a wooden sign in the forest trying to figure out where I am.

      There is a disconnect. Now I'm in a room with a young man, a couple of sofas and a tv. He tells me I know why I'm there. I nod. He starts running a video about some spiritual stuff. I tell him I know the basics of most of these belief systems and we should get on to the real, experiential and technical stuff. I have a remote and I try to fast forward but instead, it seems, I turn the thing of. The man tells me this will take a long time if my technical skills are like that.

      I get distracted and I'm drifting to a non-lucid dream, when I hear the man say something about me being impossible. I snap out of it and return to the movie. Some new age stuff. I decide to sit trough it just to please him. I wake up after a couple of seconds, however.
      lucid , memorable
    13. Unsanitary Airport Bathroom Search

      by , 01-22-2012 at 11:58 PM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Finally some more recall - At some point this DJ will be all current dreams, but for now well still keep at times returning to my most classic dreams. Today though I'll go through the last night's dream. This is pretty unsanitary and has a lot of shit in it, so if that offends you don't read along. I wonder what it tells about my subconscious that I have such dreams.

      Unsanitary Airport Bathroom Search
      Date: January 22th, 2012
      Lucid: No.

      I was in an airplane, and I needed to get into a bathroom. Some butler-type guy with a neat uniform directed me to corridor to the left. That's obviously not possible in a plane so I just smoothly transitioned into what seemed like an airport terminal. There were some stalls all around the terminal were people were selling some stuff to the tourists.

      A guide who looked like Mansa Musa from Civilization IV tried to lead me to a bathroom. He was really friendly and I immediately developed trust towards him. His name, as I found out later, was Navi. He said that there was a bathroom behind a stall that had turkish flag in it.

      Well we went there and it turned out there wasn't any bathrooms. Darn. We ended up working with some other black dude in some kind of... Well, it seemed like our barn with it's concrete floor and wooden walls, but also it seemed like some sort of sewer. So there I was indeed just working. We were along some pipe that was spurting water full of... erm.. excrement. I had my hands full of shit due doing such dirty work. I accidentally stained the unknown worker's shirt with my shitty hands. He didn't seem to mind at first, but as I apologized he noticed the stains and seemed to get a bit upset. He splashed some shit on my face from his fingers. What was really weird that I wasn't really all that disgusted.

      Dream transitioned again and this time I was wandering the city streets. I still remembered being in the airport and all that kinds of things and thought I was in some African country. Oddly enough the streets were full of white people who seemed really well off anyway. The city looked like a standard Finnish city anyway. I thought I was behind my group, or something and I ran. I ran until I saw the back of one guy I sort of knew ten years ago. I presumed it was him and at first thought that I was chasing him.

      Then I got confused. He couldn't have been a part of the group I belong to. I ended up just walking behind him with no destination and with him not noticing me.

      Dream transitioned again and the landscape started to look more like Finland. Land was wintery and full of snow and now I was walking along the road alone. There were woods alongside both sides of the road. I felt tired all the sudden, and some voice inside my head said that falling behind was one of the main reasons that people die in the army. Not much logic in that ending, but whatever.
    14. Possession

      by , 09-17-2011 at 06:58 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am in a meeting, in a spiritual work center. The center is made of a white tent, and the ground is made of dirt.

      After speaking to the audience, i returned to my seat. A person next to me said that M, an old University colleague, had died, but
      her spirit comunicated with a medium from the centre. She told through the medium that she would come back as Red King.

      I thought: "But i´m Red King". And i got confused.

      The girlfriend of the Spiritual Work Center coordinator explained to me that M would come back in a diferent body, but with ways (of speaking, of moving) like mine, because M always loved the way i was.

      I put both of my hands in my head and and furiously, started to curse and shout out loud...none of those things pleased me at all.

      The Spiritual Work Center Coordinator noticed my behaviour and didn´t liked it a bit.

      I ran from the tent, and i got inside a white volkswagen and i left.

      Suddenly i was in my father´s house...but i cant remember what it went down there.
      The dream scene moved to a bar, full of shelfs, and those shelfs where full of books.
      The shelfs where white, with golden reflections.
      One of the books was inside a plastic cover, it was a collector´s edition.

      The dreamscene changed once more, and i´m in my grandmother´s house.

      As i was going upstairs (my old grandmother house had 3 floors) i was looking to every single room and division, and i started to think that me and my wife could put shelfs with lots and lots of books, where it used to be the office room.
      I started making plans in order to buy wood and build the shelfs myself.

      The dreamscene changed one last time, and i saw myself in a wheelchair...but i can´t remember why i was in it.


      Comments: This dream is part of dateless dreams series.
    15. tank of water dream

      by , 08-16-2011 at 03:26 AM
      Im in a giant tank of water but im not scared. it was quiet and lifeless. then I saw a light gleaming off of a beautiful girls body. After seeing her something in me just clicked. I was captivated and felt a very lucid surge of emotion and purpose(to swim to her). the closer I get the brighter everything gets. I wake up when I get close to her.

      notes: very stoned when I went to sleep.
      Tags: dream, guide
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
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