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    1. cxxix.

      by , 08-02-2020 at 12:00 PM
      Interruption to the DJ catch up to put one from the past night. Some particularly detailed dreams, but I ended up having so much initial recall of so many dreams that in the end I let go of many and only made notes of a couple. Of note is the fact that last night I took for the first time a multi-vitamin B complex. It somehow did increase dream vividness far beyond what I expected.

      2nd August 2020


      In space. In a game like Freelancer, flying a ship with a similar camera view as the game would have. I am on a server and I interact with some other people, but it's a small and private server.

      I remember at some point discussing something with someone and then bringing up a list looking at all the potential guns and turrets there were. There were Nomad weapons that went by names such as "Redeemer" and came in three different marks. I remember thinking that it was silly to call it redeemer because there should be a Class Ten weapon using that as an acronym. The turrets list was like a "give mode" menu too, but I didn't have access to that function.

      Everything was so detailed, I remember asteroids and distant nebulas and overall the sense of scale was just about right. I'm not sure I flew with a specific aim in mind but I found a Klingon wreckage of a Warbird or something. I shot its turrets so that I could loot them, and I wanted to do so quickly so that someone else couldn't interrupt me or steal them from me.

      Then very close by was a station where I landed my ship. I got out but don't remember doing so physically, and then was inside the station. It was like a hospital mixed a bit with an office, and now the server people were here with me as a group? But something has a Farscape feel to it. Seems poorly lit or dark, but visibility is OK.

      I forget some details but eventually H is with me at some point and we are waiting at the end of some hall. There are other people here, just sitting on some kind of benches, all waiting same as us. It was like a lobby? The light here mostly comes from the floor, a bit blue-ish, not even just a cold light, actually blue-ish. There are some commercial type fridges with the metal framed glass doors and they have cans of drink in them and I open one of them behind someone and fiddle with or organise some cans.

      Then eventually we go through a doorway. We're outside, it's day time, slightly cloudy but bright though I didn't notice shadows properly and we are visiting a church here to do some work. The transition into this area was perfectly seamless.

      The church was unusual, it was very open and seemed to be in the ruins of a massive old cathedral, some parts more ruined than others. But overall there was no "ceiling" to speak of and it was an open church. I could hear the wind and the leaves of tall trees surrounding the area, I could hear this very clearly in the dream.

      The floor was all just grassy turf and there was no flooring really, but there were brand new things and some old things here in the main congregation area of this new church. There was a wooden house of some kind, which was full-size and looked just like the typical thing seen in a nativity, just bigger effectively.

      But two kids were following us, they seemed curious. Though I got the feeling from H it'd be better if they weren't following us, so as we approached a wall panel between some old pillars, we went behind a wooden carved statue of Jesus. The statue featured prominently the colours red and blue on the clothing, and His hair was curly and dark, as was His beard. He did have a crown of thorns, too. The colours seemed a bit worn but probably better than could be expected for something out here in the elements.

      Anyway, H pushed some panel behind the statue and we went through and it shut. Though the structure was very open, this didn't really limit the kids following us, but it made it more difficult; H then went around more sneakily trying to just get past them or spook them or something. Either way, the whole time H seemed to know what he was doing and I just followed his lead as with any normal job.

      One of the kids was gone at this point, but the other one remained and followed more closely now; his father or grandfather appeared and was trying to convince him to go back with him, but the child seemed insistent in following us and seeing what we were doing. The man apologised for the behaviour, clearly nervous and feeling a bit foolish in some sense. I did not mind him or the kid so much at this point.

      Eventually we are on a rooftop part of the old cathedral building. It's high, but not as high as it would have been on top of the actual cathedral; I got the sense that this was a secondary, inner, chapel, built to be inside the cathedral itself. We got on the rooftop simply, because the grassy terrain ramped up to it, I recall. It's all leafy and there's lots of Autumn-coloured leaves on top, a contrast to the green grasses from earlier. I remember stepping on the leaves and feeling them under my boots, which made me more aware of what I was wearing. I remember walking over and maybe stepping on a dead sapling that was growing here. Its wood was dark and bendy.

      Somehow it's a truly beautiful area and scene but I don't think or realise this in the dream.

      As we get near the opposite end I become concerned and tell everyone to stop. The roof slopes down more quickly ahead and there are no leaves. I start to realise the danger of being on a roof more than before. I tell H, "there are no tiles here, we'll slip right off". So in agreement we start to walk back. I had thoughts of the kid falling and didn't want to feel responsible should something happen, but I also think about how the parent/grandparent would feel should such a thing happen.

      At this point my fear of heights seems to kick in a little and I stick more toward the inner edge, where there's a vertical structure jutting out the middle of the roof; I step up on a stone ledge of sorts and as I keep walking back with a tight grip on some stone stuff, I start to realise there had been a music playing for quite some time, in a quick crescendo now. I could hear a jackdaw or crow cawing for the same amount of time too. These sounds were immensely beautiful and as they became more and more vivid I eventually woke up.

      Dream Fragment:

      Only made brief notes of this one. Dream about visiting a therapist to treat some narcolepsy (that I do not suffer from in real life). I basically kept falling asleep throughout this dream and having different dreams within the dream. In the last part, there was some joint therapy dream thing about recognising that I was asleep, and we had a timed round to shoot enemies and shoot their limbs off with guns.

      Then an old skeleton is under some bushes or canopy on some grass. It was Kerrigan's skeleton? The front of the skull was missing or smashed, but some of the lower jaw mandible was intact. Someone took off what was the bones of a tail part of the skeleton and then I or someone else tossed the full skeleton towards someone, Sol, I think? She suddenly had to go though, and we all criticised her for doing this every time.


      - A small Spartan-like nation? They had a strong military that seemed American in some sense and they were testing some nuclear weapons and special bullets. It was sunny. Lots of concrete structures.

      - There sure is a lot to make note of here, and I didn't even record all the detail of the first dream fully, it would have taken me too long and most of it is ultimately filler in some sense. But I greatly enjoyed that dream's experience.
      - I probably remembered scraps of at least five long dreams in total, but all dreams were fairly vivid. They also all felt like they changed very quickly.

      - In a between-period of sleeping and not sleeping after my initial waking up, I tried to focus my mind on drawing but did not have any dreams relating to that or art in general.

      - The children following us were both boys, probably between the ages of 6-10. I don't remember having a great look at them, mostly because they followed us from behind most of the time.
      - This first dream is the longest dream sequence I have dreamt of for quite a long time now.

      - In the second dream, the skeleton was whole, all joined together, something that I know in waking life is impossible except if it had been put together as a museum piece of some kind. The bones were particularly yellowed and somewhat pitted.
      - The guns/shooting thing probably came about from playing KF quite a bit with H lately.
      - The weapons-testing in the scraps dream likely came about from a general enjoyment of controlled loud noises and explosions (despite their dangers and harmful nature).

      - The therapist figure seems to be recurring a little recently. I think it's part is an inner representation of a guide because I have often sought help from therapists for guidance with the psychological side of life and because I've had some good ones, I suppose I feel on some level that they can be very useful guides, even when they say things I'm not happy with or don't agree with.
      - This type of figure is also ironically likely to be the antithesis of my frustrations with healthcare systems; these dream therapists actually care about me and there is no payment or any such thing involved, there is a genuine feel of interest in helping me as if they were devoted to that.
      - The narcolepsy and the falling asleep thing may have been subconscious cues about dreaming reality.
    2. 26 Nov: Vision at a spanish cathedral

      by , 11-26-2019 at 09:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting a cathedral in Spain. A catholic nun takes me on a tour and shows me a secret chapel behind a rock wall. She opens this rock and shows me the little chapel. She says a miracle makes appear Jesus Christ's image on this rock sometimes. I look at it and I see it, but it doesn't stay still, it changes into a woman, then a baby, then at very high speed, I see like the whole evolution of life on Earth, all animals and all plants species morphing from one into another. I tell it to the nun and she says I must be hallucinating.
    3. lxvi.

      by , 11-06-2018 at 12:35 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up about 3 times through the morning, between 8:20, the time for my alarm, then at 9 something then at 10:20. Some long-ish dreams but think they've fragmented.

      Fragment 1:
      At a square or cathedral. There with partner (H), something to do with pipe organs.

      Then outside, at the square. Nice cobbles and layout. Remember meeting up with my parents and having them ask why I didn't have a stand here selling old coins; I remember explaining that I'd worked out that the cost to make them look new, plus the cost to rent the space, plus other things I don't remember now, meant that it was far too expensive and not worth it at all. I also remember explaining that I didn't have nearly enough coins to make it worthwhile.

      Then at some version of my childhood home with my parents. At the rear balcony of the flat. Things look blocky like a voxel game. I remember blue leaves and yellow logs. We were on the 6th or 7th floor, judging by the height.

      Fragment 2:
      A friend of ours, M, was buying crap again.

      Fragment 3:
      At some sort of flat. Don't remember what lead up to this scene anymore.

      There was a tongue and lips art sculpture thing on a wall. Then it became a bit more real and I then remember a giant furry outside the flat, peeking in. I remember the fur was white and the eyes were blue. I think it was a girl and she said something.

      Some notes:
      • The appearance of my parents and the questions about the "coin stand", has to do with how they often want me to try and do something else, since they are concerned I won't be able to support myself. This type of appearance in a dream is perhaps validating their concerns in part. When I was awake in bed I remember thinking about carpentry again.
      • Being at the cathedral with H seems to be merely a reflection of recent events, as I help H with pipe organ work.
      • Both the first and the third dreams were a lot longer, and I woke up sweating with the third dream; this has been happening a few times recently where I wake up sweating at about 10:20 with vivid-ish dreams. Generally being too hot is what makes the dreams vivid, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately it also means my mind is a bit more active when I'm actually awake, making it easier to forget details.
    4. [30-07-2016] #1st competition entry

      by , 07-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Fallen asleep at 0:25, woke up at 4:00. Tried some WBTB but no lucid results.

      First dream

      It was a grim, overcast day. It was in some huge haunted mansion, deep inside woods, an alley with elms growing on both sides was leading to it. I was a witcher and with some other witchers we were fighting a huge monster that was moving so quick, that it was hard to tell how it exactly looked like. The monster had something to do with the mansion and forest and I knew that there was a reason why it was there. We were fighting bravely, using only swords.

      Some time later I was back in my mansion in some city. I was wearing a black suit, preparing for a funeral of a man that died helping us. Suddenly I heard someone knock to my door. I went out of my changing room, went downstairs and opened the door. I saw another man in black suit, but I didn't knew him. He asked "Are you Geralt of Rivia?" I confirmed and the man entered my mansion. I realized that it's an ambush and tried using some sign to eliminate him, but he was quicker. He touched my chest and I felt like something really heavy lied on it. I couldn't breathe and my heart was pounding heavily. Then a shot - he had a sawed-off shotgun and shot me in my chest.

      Then I turned into someone else - a little girl. I checked a book for forest spirits and other wraiths living in forests, then left my house and went to the elm alley, heading towards the haunted mansion.

      Second dream

      I was in some kind of huge city, in my house in a flat. Suddenly something happened, I left my room and saw all the people running in panick. There was no time to ask, demons attacked and we had to defend ourselves. There were huge armies of enormous bald men with yellow glow in their eyes. They were spitting out fire and lava, entering rooms and killing everyone in sight. Somehow I was able to tear my way to a shopping mall, where I had to stop on moving stairs. Stairs going down were taken by demons who attacked everyone on the stairs going upwards, igniting them with pyrokinesis and throwing fireballs. A few times I saw a little boy, whole in blood, going up the stairs. He was grinning ominously to me, demons did him no harm. I decided to fight back instead of escaping this time, fighting fire with fire. I thrown fireballs and used pyrokinesis at demons, but my aim wasn't very accurate. Once I hit that strange boy with fireball, but again he wasn't even harmed, still grinning to me. I managed to send demons back for some time, so that people could arrange hospital in nearby shops. I went there to help them, I saw that weird boy again.

      Suddenly I found myself at the backside of a car, with someone who was giving driver a syringe. The man had black hair and was wearing a pale blue shirt and black trousers. I had two pillows with me, but as the man left the car he took one of them. We drove forward, but I told them to drive back so I could get my pillow. Driver did as I said and we took both the man and the pillow inside.

      We drove to a huge cathedral, thousands of people gathered to see a pope making a mass for successfully banishing demons back to hell. The pope came closer to edge of some platform and said "To destroy devil, we have to take it's power!" A hellish pit opened up and people started to take power, but it came with enslavement as heavy chains or barbed wires grown all around them. I shouted out "No!", people have disappeared and I was left with a demon that possessed pope. He spawned a minion - it was a humanoidal demon made of salt that was hard as rock. It had spider like mandibles, eyes covered by round glasses made of salt and it had also soldier clothing made of salt. We were fighting, it was really hard to harm the demon. I used an attack and run away tacting, running all around the chamber. The demon jumped in front of me and with high pitched voice of little girl said "We will destroy humans!"

      I started fighting with more ferocity, managing to destroy one of demon's hands and distorting it's face badly. Then the possessed pope appeared and fixed his demon with one gesture, then said "Come on! That line was great! You know how hard it is to train a demon like this?" I ran to give it another punches and then the pope said to demon "Look, he's coming back! You could say your line again!" He treated the demon like a child, probably it had a mind of a child. We continued our battle, punching, dodging, running away and chasing. Suddenly the salt demon disappeared and pope appeared. I saw a door to the side of chamber open up and release devil's source of power. I thought "Someone succeeded in getting to the switch deep in hell." I quickly ran towards it and not minding force field that pained badly, I jumped and put my hand into power source, scrathing it all over with nails. It burnt slightly. Pope appeared and said "And what you wanted to achieve with this? You stand no chance..." Suddenly the hellish realm (as getting through cathedral's doorway was walking through portal to it) started to fall apart. But I managed to escape in a capsule that I found.
    5. New adventure

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      There was a beautiful sunset. I was a freelance adventurer. I stopped for a while in a ruined cathedral. It was a place long forgotten, and everybody avoided it due to rumors that it was haunted. I knew that these rumors were false, and I could freely rest there. I wasn't able to see anything from frescoes on the walls. It was after a long journey, but I already thought about new adventures. I decided to take my stuff and go on.

      The cathedral was placed atop a high cliff. Looking down I could see valleys, forests and villages. Elevation was slowly moving down when I moved on. There was a river flowing nearby. I followed the shore until I reached a monumental and beautiful waterfall.

      Adoring beauty of the sight, I let bandits to surprise and ambush me. I quickly drawn my sword and charged into battle. After a few small cuts I received, I've fallen into rage and slain all of them with a few quick swings. Looting these bandits I found map of their hideout - it was in the swamps down the waterfall. I jumped down, and fallen into water.

      I had troubles with swimming, but I managed to get to the surface. I quickly moved to the shore and searched for bandit camp. There I slain every bandit I could see.
    6. Death Knight, car racing

      by , 08-15-2015 at 08:30 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was a warrior. Someone paid me to escort him to a ruined cathedral, placed in cursed lands. He was a tall male, wearing full plate armor. We moved on through the cursed lands. The nature was decaying there - the soil was barren and had gray color, trees and any other vegetation were dead, and there were no animals, only bones scattered everywhere. I said "Are you sure that this is the right place?" and he said "Yes. We must enter the cathedral, avoiding death knight and his servants.".

      We finally reached the building. It was towering high above the whole land. Dark and desecrated it stood there for ages, being a home for the undead. We went closer, and we saw legions of skeletons roaming around it. We started to run around the cathedral, leaving skeletons behind. For some reason, they haven't bothered to attack us. We moved through a backyard full of zombies, and entered the cathedral. There was a lich with group of wraiths inside, reading some ancient tomes. The lich just gave us surprised look and went back to reading, while we jumped down a trapdoor, and entered dunegons.

      We landed down in some kind of alchemist laboratory. It was old, and covered with cobwebs. The whole dungeon was carved in rock. We moved forward, into a corridor, and then we got attacked by group of adventurers. The man in full plate armor showed his true self - he was a death knight. I took my throwing axes and took him down while adventurers were distracting him.

      Second dream - fragment

      I was starting in car races. I was quickly leaving behind all other drivers, but suddenly I got chased by police, and I had to escape from them.
    7. 5/10/2014

      by , 05-12-2014 at 01:41 AM
      I was in a place with some train tracks and trains. There were a few people I knew like Warner and Derek. Derek had a daughter and he couldn't take care of her so he asked me if I wanted her. While she was in a train, I walked up to her and got introduced. She gave me a big hug and she said she loved me. I felt a feeling of joy and happiness. The girl was about 2 and had long blonde hair.

      I was on a main street that looked a lot like Las Vegas, with hotels and lights and stuff. I was doing parkour and I jumped off something trying to do a front flip but failed and landed on my side. I got up and kept doing parkour. Some blonde guy with medium curly hair was also doing parkour and he tried doing some sort of flip and ended up hitting his neck on a bench or half-wall. I ran towards him and told him to stay still. As I called, 911, which was really hard to do, people started gathering. I was describing the area to the dispatch and there was a huge, beautiful, cathedral in front of us. Eventually, ambulances came in the distance but took the wrong turn so the guy took off behind them. I ran after him telling him not to run. When we didn't catch up to the ambulances, he stopped and started walking back to where we were.

      I was at drill and MSgt Lamb started yelling at me saying that I betrayed her or something and some other stuff. I told her that I didn't do anything and she told me I was a liar and that I'd be getting kicked out. A lot of the student flight was happy and I knew that on chick had made up stories again. We went out to shoot bows and arrows and suddenly I was in a construction building. I knew they were building a parkour playground but it wasn't finished. I tried to escape but unlike the other people I was with, I had my green box filled with stuff and I wasn't gonna leave it behind. I remember asking a few construction workers what they were building.
    8. City tour

      by , 12-11-2013 at 02:34 AM
      Date: 08 Dec

      Entry 1/2

      Wbtb: did a shorter than usual wbtb from a natural wake where I had 1/3 latte. Did a quick goal revision and couple of mantras, felt asleep within a reasonable amount of time.

      Had about 3 vivid dreams/fragments, then the ld.

      The beginning of the ld's hard to recall. I'm on a street that looks familiar and we comment on this with a female dream friend, some remarks about journalling too.

      One thing that is very peculiar about the place is that all the buildings' colors are extremely soft, chalky color. Each one is in different color but very pale. They look extremely beautiful. I am aware that this is a dream, but have somewhat lower level of lucidity. Vaguely remember how we went to this other part of town.

      My lucidity and rational thinking sharpens as we go on our way. We are a group of people and someone is leading us (I can't see who at the moment). This is a pretty good arrangement since it keeps me busy and my secondary ld goal is exactly to walk around, see as much as possible for as long as possible.

      This is the city center now and I catch a glimpse of a gothic cathedral behind one of the street corners. It is also colorful with the same pale chalky colors and material. There's the overall impression that the whole city center colors are like this. At the same time the quality is extremely high, everything is very 3D, stable and vivid. I spot a female classmate in the crowd on the square, which I assume is part of our group. I am happy about that and say something to her, but she starts laughing and replies with some weird sounds, her eyes look as if she's wearing lenses too. Not a smart DC I conclude and lose a bit of interest.

      [Warning animal violence]

      It's almost like a scene change as we keep walking down another street. I cross the street and examine the ground below my feet and it feels so detailed and real, there's a piece of mini-trash I try to identify, a scaffold area in front of me. I get distracted by a small white dog that I pay too much attention to and it sticks to my leg, trying to bite me. I try as much as possible to be indifferent and get rid of it, but it sticks, so I have no choice, now I want to break its front teeth to deactivate it. I take it with my hands and imagine I am super strong, trying to break the front teeth that look kind of weird too. Not much success so I swirl around and throw the dog away.

      I feel disgusted and start rummaging in a dream bag of mine, hoping to find wet wipes to clean my hands, which I do. I feel like I have messed up, being distracted by the dog instead of following the group. This has caused the surroundings to change and we are in another part of town, lots of green trees can be seen. The group leader is now walking with my classmate further down the street, while I am trying to catch up with them together with a blond girl, also at this point part of the group.

      They slow down and I face the group leader/our guide, a woman in her 40es. She seems very sympathetic and lively and I feel it's time to ask her some questions. As I speak, I notice and think about how easy it has been for me to speak and act in this dream, how stable everything has been and for such a long time. I ask her a number of questions, to give me some tips in general and also regarding my meditation practices. Unfortunately, she gives me an answer that doesn't make much sense, about some guy bringing her here. I feel somewhat disappointed as I thought she might be a useful dream guide, she has been guiding us on this city tour all along. The dream fades.

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      lucid , memorable
    9. 17 Nov: subterranean dark cathedral

      by , 11-18-2013 at 12:56 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm going to catch the subway, but the tunnel to get there keeps going deeper and deeper. It turns left and right several times, it gets tighter and increasingly more rough on the floor and walls. I end up at a subterranean cave where I find a secret cathedral. It is not a holly place, it emanates some dark vibes, but I get close to check it out. It's all decorated in black and red. I don't see a soul, so I go inside. There are two aisles of seats on the left and right, big black curtains everywhere, red candles and a creepy altar at the end of the aisles.
      I hear footsteps, I feel I am in danger, but there's no time to reach the doors. I go up a tower to the right. I hide for a while, but they eventually find me. They are like black knights in black armours. They capture me and force me to undress and wear a white gown. I'm taken to the altar and told not to be afraid and just wait.

      I wait for some time, I'm not afraid. A guy comes in speaking italian. He notices me, but seems more worried about secondary stuff on the room. Although he looks like a normal guy, I am certain that he is the devil. I know he is looking for a bride. He hardly talks to me, but when he does, I realize he has read me already and likes what he sees. Then I realize he is my shrink.

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    10. The sofa scam and the Victorian ghost.

      by , 03-17-2013 at 11:26 PM
      I'm in my school's common room, only for sixth form students. In the dream however, it's much larger than in real life. The ceiling stands about two stories above me like a large gymnasium, and as far as I can tell the room is connected directly to the main 'street' of our school. Out of the nearby windows I can see it is night. There are several octagonal tables stationed around where people are sitting, talking, laughing and eating. I'm near the edge of the large group of tables, where a solitary old fashioned sofa is stationed. I get a really bad feeling about the sofa, as if it's an evil, tangible presence. I advise my friends D and A not to sit on it, but they laugh it off. D is very relaxed, and assures me that it's fine. They both sit down, and nothing happens, though I know something is wrong. It is then that someone I know, though I can't recall who, gives me a hacksaw and tells me to do it. D and A get up and resign themselves to the fact that they won't get to use the Sofa. I begin to cut it up into very thin slices. It's surprisingly easy to cut, as though it is made of sponge. Once i'm done, the room trembles and a voice booms "How dare you kill the being I sent down to earth!". At this point everyone in the room begins to get scared. We start hearing regular thumps, massive ones, as though a giant creature is approaching. The whole room shakes with each 'step'. I get up and go outside in an attempt to help calm my fellow students.

      Outside it is raining quite heavily, and the moon peaks out from behind the overcast sky. I move round the front of the school and round to the back. Here there are more changes. My school is now built near the side of a large river, and a cathedral is now stood nearby. The school is missing several sections as a result. As I move along the tarmac beside the river I sense something, and look around to see a legless ghost in a long Victorian skirt float across into the cathedral. I then see a huge white ball appear in the sky, and in terror assume it's the monster. It actually turns out it's a light atop the cathedral spire, and the whole thing is actually just faked. I move towards the school to tell everyone, who I can see beyond the large windows. A friend comes out to greet me, and realises as well that it is a scam. I then look towards the school to see the ghost flying straight at me, before waking up.

      Overall, quite an interesting dream. First one I had in some time. Will keep you updated on If I have any tonight.
    11. LD #17 Bored...

      by , 10-11-2012 at 11:25 AM (Lucid Time!)
      One of the most stable and least fun lucid dreams that I've had so far.

      So me and...someone. Idk really who, but she was about my age and she was leading me inside this castle. It had a cathedral look and was entirely white. I was already lucid.
      We walked though this throne room and to the left, there was a dining hall. The entire room was white, and there was a very large throne positioned at a long dining table, for like a king or something. It was flanked by four smaller thrones. The girl who had followed me told me to just sit and be patient while the court was in session.
      "But what about having fun in a lucid dream? Flying?"
      "There will be time for that soon enough."
      I sat down at a table in the corner. By now the large dining table had several people sitting at it, and more people were coming into the room.
      Everyone sat down at the table, and I sat down at another table, alone. I decided to work on stabilizing the dream so I felt some of the food and dishes on the table. I couldn't get over the fact that the dream was sort of blurry with the visuals. My sense of touch seemed active. I could discern the feel of a greasy plate from a clean one.
      I was very restless that my precious dream time was draining away, so I moved to another table and felt a basket of flowers. Again, very active touch, very realistic. But the visuals were bland.
      I decided to throw an apple at the wall. I wanted this counsel to break up and pay attention to the fact that I was lucid dreaming. Knowing there was no consequence, I picked a small green apple out of a bowl and was about to throw it, but instead it just fell out of my hand and rolled away on the floor. But it hit against my leg with another very active sensation of touch.
      I started to look back down the hallway. It was getting darker, and the scene had changed from the large cathedral castle to my grandparent's house. I could tell that the dream was ending by fading to back, so I shouted out.
      "Let there be light!"
      Apparently quotes form the god don't work all too well, because I saw the dream get briefly brighter until I woke up.

      A little added description:

      The "king" man wore white armor and this spiky crown with large diamonds in it. I couldn't discern his approximate age, but I knew that he had either blonde or white hair.

      The girl seems to match the descriptions of my dream guide, from my old dream journal. Even down to the apparel she most commonly wears.

      I wonder what that counsel was about.

      And here are some of the non lucid dreams. I typed these in later due to school...

      I started out getting some explanation from this guy who was mining some rare metal somewhere in northern Russia. I can remember the whole dream scene being an ocean/lake, with some glacial mountains around it. He started explaining to me that the metal that he was mining was very chemically reactive with water.
      He took a small piece and put it into the water, and it started to bubble and the chunk of metal was shrinking. He said that it got more interesting when there was only one atom of metal left.
      The chunk of metal had started out at about the size of a golf ball, and was now about the size of a sand grain. Then it exploded into this huge, shiny perfect sphere, shrunk again. It repeated several times, and each time the sphere was smaller. It was over.

      I was going though a very typical anxiety dream about school. It involved me walking out to the bus. K was there, and she reminded me that I needed to get some homework from my class.
      I went back to the classroom, saw the homework on the desk, then went back to the bus. When I came back again, K told me that I still hadn't got the homework. I went back again, and saw all of the school buses drive out of the bus loop.
      When I got back to the classroom the second time, It had become this large room that looked like an airplane hanger. There was one man sitting on top of a school bus parked in the hanger.
      For some reason, my shoes were on top of the school bus and this man had put them up there. I asked him how to get my shoes down, and he told me:
      "Believe that you can't and you can."
      I told myself that getting my shoes was impossible, and sure enough, I teleported to the top of the bus. Once I had put my shoes on, the man disappeared and the dream scene changed. I was now in my neighborhood, up on the northern end, where my old bust stop used to be.
      A sense of urgency, almost panic came over me, Like I was having a nightmare. I remembered what the man had told me. So I decided to not believe that I could make a sword out of a stick I had found on the ground.
      (Ahh, swords. My dream sign.)
      This police car crashed into a house, and a lot of dream characters started running and screaming.
      I decided to do a nose plug reality check. It failed for some odd reason, and I remained non lucid. I proceeded to try and make swords out of several more objects, but failed.

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    12. Replays

      by , 05-07-2012 at 09:27 AM

      I'm waiting for the subway train with a couple of friends. I notice that we are moving. We have wondered into a train by accident! I think we can still make it in time, if we change at the second stop for a yellow line.


      I'm at some cathedral, as a tourist in a small group. I'm not that interested in the cathedral, so I go down to a beach. There is a cottage there, with who are apparently university students playing some games. I try a little indoor tennis. It's a bit scary, the ball is going fast and the field really small. I don't hit the ball once.
    13. 68th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Cay's Dreams

      , 02-12-2012 at 08:42 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Cay's Dreams
      Dream 1
      I was in a health club or spa or something. There were naked people everywhere...

      Dream 2
      A man broke into my house and knocked my dad out. He proceeded to force me to bring all of the analog clocks in the house to him. At some point my ceiling and walls started to look like the barnacled hull of an old ship.

      Dream 3
      A family seemed to have taken up residence inside Eldin Volcano ( from the Legend of Zelda series) and I was trying to convince them that wasn't the best idea. They'd uncovered a number of "Goddess bombs" made from the same purple material found throughout Skyward Sword. For some reason I resolved to steal them and use them to demolish their house.

      Dream 4
      I was in a huge cathedral of dark stone. There had been a war of some sort and mine and several other families had taken up residence there. Problem was that the original residents of the building didn't care for company. A clan of colossal vultures lived in the rafters and belltower. My sister had angered them by somehow killing one of their human-sized chicks when food was scarce. "You've killed us all!" the priest had cried. We took up arms and built a shield out of pews...Meh, when the dust cleared I was one of three left.
    14. 27 Sep: Finding Manjushri sword

      by , 09-29-2011 at 09:52 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening


      Prank on a train
      On a train with some friends: Zilla, Evangelion, Raita... We're about to go on a long trip and I am feeling very tired, so I lay down on a 4-seat row and cover myself with a coat, decided to sleep. Raita is sitting right in front of me, occupying another 4 seats and he says he'll keep an eye on me and on my stuff. I say that I'll be off for at least 2 hours and he cuddles my hair a little bit to make me feel comfortable as I fall asleep.
      When I wake up I freak out when I see a huge lock of hair, seemingly mine, in front of me on the floor. Someone pranked me during my sleep? My friends are not around me anymore. I touch my head trying to find where it was cut from, but I can't find any bald spot. Weird. So I just grab it, entangle it with a ribbon and put it in my bag, until I find someone who can explain me what that was about.


      With a group of friends again, Zilla is still among them, but now there are other faces: Analaurus and Badwolf, for example. We are visiting some sort of museum or monument and we exit to an enclosed atrium where we see the back of a renovated cathedral and a closed door to some sort of wooden tunnel bridge. We don't see any other way to get out of there. They wonder what this bridge is about and why it's closed if it's the exit and I say I remember seeing something like this on a temple in Tokyo, which granted direct access to the cemetery in the back, diverting people from the more touristic area when they just wanted to go to the cemetery and preventing the tourists to accidentally stepping into the cemetery. I don't think that's the exit we should be taking. So I go around the cathedral's walls and I find, hidden on a corner, a sliding glass door, guarded by two securities, so I call my friends. It was indeed the exit. Once outside, we go different ways and I stay with Analaurus and some other girl. As we walk down some suburban-like residential street, for no reason whatsoever I realize I'm dreaming! I turn to them and inform them we're dreaming and that I'm lucid. Analaurus smiles and says "Good for you! Don't waste this chance!"

      Confronting the villain who has Manjushri sword
      I smile back at Analaurus and say I just have to recall what is my latest assignment. I almost wake up then (and I almost woke up 3 or 4 times along the rest of the dream), but managed to come back from the limbo before really waking up. Once stable on the dream, I remember I was supposed to go back to the land of Aud, to the unknown village in the countryside where that guy kept the sword of Manjushri hidden in his property, which should be a castle with a guarded tower. Because my anchorage to the dream isn't the most solid, I decide to use the whirling teleportation technique instead of opening a portal. I whirl and when I stop I am at the entrance of the said village. It looks similar to Denn, in which the houses are mostly bright white, but here the buildings are less humble and some are actually pretty awesome. Many of them have towers. It reminds me of Bologna in RL, because of the number of regular houses with big towers on it. I think "It's going to be hard to find the one I'm looking for.", but it should be the bigger or the most impressive one, as this guy is sort of the richer and more powerful around here. I see a very tall pyramidal like wooden structure in the center of a square, composed of three legs supporting a small platform on the top - like some kind of watching tower - and I climb up one of the legs. From the top platform I look around for something unequivocal. That's when I see a hill behind me with a small castle on top. I immediately know it is there. I fly most of the way, but right at the end I simply climb the last bit of the hill, feeling the soil on my feet and hand.
      I had planned to fly directly into the tower, to avoid the guards on the door, but I find the front door open and can't resist to sneak in. I don't see anybody. It may be a trap, but the inside of the fortress leaves me speechless and I just forget about any precautions. I go inside and explore it, going up the floors. There's an eerie atmosphere, dark yet luminous. Although there are walls and floors, they are made of a white metallic labyrinthine grid which emanates an invisible shield that fills the in-betweens, so we can see through it. The entire place looks like one big hollow building, despite the floors and divisions. Even the external walls are of this material, so we can see to the outside, although from the outside we see only a regular stone wall. I've reached what seems to be the top floor, which is totally empty and I'm looking through the wall to the outside, absolutely mesmerized, when I notice a dark figure passing by. I look around and see a guy dressed in black, long black hair, evaluating me from head to toes. He is immediately followed by the guy that I recognize as being my true rival. He is dressed in a black suit and looks a lot like the actor Daniel Craig. He is very calm, almost zen-calm and causes quite an impression on me.
      He noticed I was impressed with the place, so he tells me the former owner was a guy with a phobia for closed places, who had a constant burning sensation in his body, so he needed to feel like he was always on open air with the breeze passing through. That's when I notice that I can indeed feel the wind blowing as if there were absolutely no walls. Marvelous technology.
      Then he tells his assistant to spread the blue powder. I don't know what he is talking about, but when the guy throws a blue powder to the center of this room we're at, I notice the air shimmering and slowly the shape of a sword appears floating in the air, at the level of my eyes, roughly two meters away from me. The sword was hidden behind a camouflage shield and I would have never guessed if he hadn't shown me. He knows what I am coming for and he is interested in playing the game with me. We keep our 2 or 3 meters distance, still evaluating each other, not wanting to rush things up. Then his assistant hands him a sort of neck collar that also emanates a type of force shield and he tells me that if I accept putting in on my neck, he won't hurt me - he really doesn't seem to want to. I know that neck will totally immobilize me, so there's no way I accept the offer. He seems pretty convinced that I can't beat him, but I am pretty convinced that I can. He then asks me exactly who I am and why I want this sword so bad that I am willing to die for it. I tell him my story and then I reply that I do not intend to die. He says that if I'm so sure I won't die, at least someone will be killed in the end - he kinda insinuates without words if I want to carry that load around. But I don't feel any anger for him, I even kind of admire the guy. So I tell him I also don't intend to kill anybody. I will simply recover the sword to hand it back to its rightful owner.

      Then I wake up.


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    15. Vivid dream

      by , 05-17-2011 at 11:21 PM
      Tuesday May 17th 2011.

      This was a very vivid dream that I remembered having today. It ended abruptly but was very interesting. At no point was I lucid.

      The dream began in my college campus, which in retrospect looked nothing like my campus does but I knew it was. There was a football game going on and I don't remember seeing it but knowing it was going on not to far from where I was. It was a special football game, not a national title but it had more significance than just a regular game. I remember that I was with my group of friends, and we were looking for a party to attend to after the game (we knew that there would be lots of large parties around since our college won). I remember traveling through the buildings and campus and seeing other people celebrating, I was with one of my friends and lost track of the others.

      One of my most vivid memories of this dream was when I texted one of my friends who was on the campus if he knew of any parties yet. But the text read exactly "Party > Limeade > Go" (in retrospect this would have been a great way to realize I was in a dream based on the jumbled jargon in the text). The reason I said limeade in the text was because at the time I was thinking of a Cherry Limeade from Sonic while we were traveling the campus. My friend simply replied "What?", and that was the end of the conversation.

      After traveling the campus and seeing a large group of people (I remember seeing a girl who was consistently playing this single drum beat [I don't know if she was using drums or not to do it], I had heard her playing drums all over the campus) me and my friend decided to walk over to the other end. We walked upon a HUGE cathedral (this is a community college mind you, with absolutely nothing resembling something like this in real life) and I wanted to go inside to see how big it was from the inside. There were two doors before you entered the cathedral, one was a normal wooden door, but once you past that you came across and very small glass door. Very small as in, I wasn't even able to fit through it small. I remember getting about half of my body inside of it and looking, it was massive inside and very pretty.

      Knowing we couldn't fit to get in I told my friend we needed to leave, so we did. However trying to fit through the small glass frame caused it to break slightly. I feared that this would be massively expensive to fix, and told my friend to run and get out. I remember we were running to a parking lot and I looked back and saw the first door of the cathedral wide open, I yelled at my friend to close it so that no one would know we were there. He ran back and closed it (I remember watching him run, and hoped no one would see us). We continued to run towards that parking lot and I thought we were going to get my car, but instead we got into his which looked like a bright green Kia Soul (In real life he drives a Grey Kia, but nothing like a soul).

      We drove out onto the road from the parking lot, and were getting out of the campus when a police cruiser in the other lane turned on his lights and whipped around behind us. My friend pulled off a badass driving maneuver and did a sliding park on the other side of the lane, he then backed up until we were into the driveway of what looked like a big campus building. Almost 8 other police cars circled nearby, all with their lights on making me very nervous about what was to come. A police officer got out and told us he would let us talk to their best interrogator (an interesting note, after typing this I realized that at this point it went from twilight to full blown darkness). It was a women and she came up to our car. She began questioning my friend about marijuana use, and even though I continually told him he didn't have to answer anything he dug himself deeper and deeper into a guilty confession (we had taken no drugs prior to this stop, but she was baiting an answer that would sound like it) and my friend eventually confessed to using coke (he has never taken coke in real life ever) and drove off.

      We got into a wild chase with the police and I kept telling him that he had to stop, there was no way he was going to get away. He kept speeding and eventually we got into a down town district. I remember his crazy driving caused traffic to lose control, and I remember a grey hound bus crashing and rolling (I remember his exact words were "Oh why did it have to be a bus"). Two more cars got flipped and crashed and I knew someone had died in this whole mess. Right when one of the cars flipped and rolled I woke up.

      It was extremely vivid. At no point was I lucid, though I wish I had been.
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