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    1. Dark Tower: Saving Jake

      by , 09-20-2019 at 07:23 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 09-20

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Dark Tower: Saving Jake

      I am standing outside a convenience store and gas station. It is a nice day. I hear a gunshot from the store and look that way. Shortly after the sound I see a familiar looking man and boy come out with a middle aged woman I don’t recognize. The man is Roland and the kid is Jake, from the Dark Tower books. The three of them head towards an old pickup truck and pile in the front. I have to follow, so I run after them as the woman tries to drive. It sounds like she is torturing a Tasmanian devil under the hood, then she finally gets it in gear and we pull onto the road. I jump into the bed of the truck as it is pulling away. We barely avoid an accident with an idiot in a blue van.

      The woman drives like a maniac, but still better than the idiot in the blue van had been. She drives like she’s late for an appointment she wants to reach, that van had been driving like they didn’t care about getting anywhere in one piece. We drive down a steep driveway and then Jake and Roland are talking to a gardener about Steven King. They finally notice me. I tell Roland I am just there to help out if needed. I usually find myself where I need to be, but I don’t know what I am here to do yet. After a brief talk the woman tortures the transmission of the truck some more and finally rockets the truck back up the steep driveway.

      I stay in the bed of the truck as we speed down the road. We make a sudden turn and speed down another road. I do not recognize the location, but it is beautiful. It would be a good place to live. There is a knock on the window to the truck cab and the woman motions to me to brace myself. I do, and the truck skids to a stop almost quickly enough to throw me over the cab and onto the road. I see a man walking along the side of the road and the same blue van from earlier driving on the shoulder, straight towards him! I see the driver is paying absolutely no attention to the road, he has turned around in his seat to discipline two dogs in his back seat. What a moron! And it’s about to cost the man walking on the shoulder his life!

      The next few things happen really fast, there’s no time for second guessing. The passenger door of the pickup opens and Roland falls out onto the road, grasping his hip. Then Jake jumps over Roland and runs to the man walking in a flash, positioning himself between the man and the oncoming van. No! Jake will not die here! So then I jump over the cab of the truck, landing between Jake and the van and without even stopping to think about it I open up with a FUS-RO-DAH at the van. The wave of force deflects the van away from the boy and the man and into a tree on the opposite side of the street with a squeal of tires and a crash.

      Now that there is time to look around I realize I have seen the man walking on the side of the road before. Stephen King? The author? Roland gets up and rushes over to Jake. I look over at the crashed van and I see the driver is moving. He probably hit his head, but he clearly doesn’t use that much anyhow. Stephen King recognizes Roland right away and also Jake, but seems confused as to who I am. And what was that thing I just did to stop the van? I say I am just a different kind of walk-in, and what I did comes from a video game that won’t be released until 2011. Then I asked if this was sure 1999. Everyone agreed that it is. I wonder if I am somehow in the past of my own world, if I am then I need to open a bank account with some money to save interest until 2019… but even if it would work I don’t get a chance to try before I wake up.
    2. 06/11/11 The Lost Dream Files

      by , 06-14-2011 at 09:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Hmmm... it seems my most recent dream journal post was lost when Dreamviews was down last night... it's a good thing I keep my own copies!

      Battle at Fort Wagner
      I am in a forested place, I look around and see that there appears to be a military operation going on there. The terrain is a forest similar to the picture shown here, which is of a typical South Carolina forest, so it seems I am already in the proper position to complete a LPTC task and have some fun doing it. Well, I'm not entirely familiar with how the battle between the 54th regiment and Fort Wagner took place, but hopefully I can create an interesting dream version.

      Ok, well first to play some games with confederate soldiers. I find some soldiers in the forest, they seem to be preparing for an attack, most of them are black people… the 54th regiment. I leave them to their preparations and I head towards Fort Wagner, following a map that I have in my mind. I find Fort Wagner standing tall, confederate soldiers manning the defenses… cannons, gun turrets… but it is dark out right now. I change into a small bird and fly right up to and over the outer walls of the fort. I spot a confederate soldier on guard duty in a spot that is fairly isolated, and he looks bored… maybe he would like to play a game.

      I have been reading the book It by Stephen King, so the idea of reading his mind to find out what he is most scared of came to mind. His mind is occupied by sex, killing Union soldiers, sex, his belief that black people, like filthy sewer rats, carry disease and he would be infected if he touched one, sex, and he is considering going off to a private spot to jack off because he is horny. Excellent. My inspiration for this game comes straight from It. I land behind one of the tents closest to the outer wall and transform back to my normal form, dressed in sexy lingerie. I peek out from behind the tent and catch his eye. He can hardly believe what he sees. I beckon him over with sexy gestures. I can see that he instantly has a hard-on… which he follows without question.

      The man comes around the corner and now he sees me naked, I look at him, he has a clear hard-on, I tell him he had better let that out before it just explodes. He starts fumbling with his pants. The tent beside us is empty, so I crawl through an opening in the side, beckoning the man to follow, how about I start him off with a blowjob? When he gets into the tent, however, the naked woman is gone. All he finds is an old black guy, or really more of a zombie.

      I have transformed into a black zombie, with pieces of flesh rotting off of me and a foul odor of decay coming off of me in waves. He tries to scramble backwards from me, repeating "What the fuck?!" Who am I? Name's Bob… didn't he want his blowjob? Old Bob will give you a blowjob. Bob will do it any time for just a dime, 15 cents for overtime! He says to stay away from him, calling me a foul disgusting rotten nigger, he's trying to leave the tent. I grab hold of his leg, the rot on my hand is spreading onto his leg, just as his fear said it would. There is a wet spot on his pants. I laugh at that, asking if he's going to shit himself next. He is trying to call out for help, he can't seem to find his voice. Rot and decay are consuming his body, he tries to kick me with his free foot. His foot is too rotted and it falls off. Now he finally manages to scream, I'm not sure if it is fear or pain, but it is loud. The foul odor of shit is coming off of him… he shit his pants! I tell him he is full of shit, then crawl over him to leave the tent through the hole I entered through. This makes his body completely decay. Outside, other soldiers have gathered. They are staring at the zombie in front of them. Some of them shoot… others stand dumb… Keeping with my theme, I grow giant bat wings and fly up into the sky before turning around and opening up with Vegeta's Final Flash, a blast of energy that leaves the fort as a smoking crater. The soldiers of the 54th regiment have responded to that explosion, and are emerging from the trees to see the smoking crater. I leave a flag in the center of the crater proclaiming the Union victory before disappearing and waking up.

      Hogwarts Martial Arts Tournament
      MoSh and I are at Hogwarts for the final round of the martial arts portion of the Tri-School Wizard Tournament. The first thing I find out is that I have been disqualified from the final round due to inappropriate conduct in an earlier round, apparently having something to do with a fight I don't remember between Nomad and me where things got a bit out of hand… something about ripping Nomad apart… MoSh, however, still has his final round going up against another guy from one of the other schools, I don't recognize the other guy from the books. I am figuring MoSh might be interested in seeing some details of this, so I watch the match and try to remember as many details as I can. The other guy is named Matthew. One point worth noting is that both of them strictly used martial arts moves rather than magic or powers, perhaps it was meant to keep the match more even?

      MoSh starts with an outside leg kick. He then blocks Matthew's kick and answers with a straight right punch. Matthew tries to get off a high kick to MoSh's head, but MoSh easily blocks that. This leaves Matthew off balance and wide open for MoSh's next attack, which knocks Matthew flat on his ass. Matthew tries to sweep MoSh's legs and misses, MoSh throws a kick at Matthew, who rolls out of the way and to his feet. MoSh meets Matthew as he is getting back to his feet with a combo involving an uppercut followed immediately with a kick. Matthew catches MoSh's leg but can't do anything with it. MoSh does an interesting looking jump and somehow manages to kick the guy in the head with his other foot, knocking Matthew to the ground. Matthew stands up quickly, but eats a knee, a big flying knee to the face from MoSh, and he drops down again. Matthew rolls clear of MoSh and stands, trying to unleash a combo from the side. Epic fail. Only one of his punches lands before MoSh unloads with rapid punches and one final hard punch that sends Matthew out of the ring. MoSh wins.