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    1. One Dream?

      by , 12-21-2021 at 12:08 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Frost Troll

      Was in some room with a bunch of people. Someone ran into the room screaming about a Troll in the building. I ran out into some basement area. There was a brown haired girl with me, maybe Jamie. i had false memories of dealing with this troll before. We turned a corner and it was right in front of us. It swung at us with a huge hand with claws. It missed. I ran around the corner with the girl and she was following me. I said The Troll is really dumb and any easy hiding place will do. We found a room with a cabinet we could his beside. We hid there and the troll walked past the room and we were safe.
    2. Not much

      by , 12-13-2021 at 10:32 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Not much this week I'm afreaid. No jamie dreams this week although that's expected now.


      I was a student at hogwarts. I remember running up the steps toward the great hall. later I remember a sexual feeling. I felt like I was having sex with a ghost. But this was one you couldn't see. Not Moaning Myrtle. But more like the sex demons from the Dark Tower books. What those demons were doing at Hogwarts is anyone best guess.


      I was in my room and someone else was there. A lady and half my things were missing. I was very mad and telling her to get out.
      Tags: hogwarts, room
    3. dark dreams

      by , 12-07-2021 at 08:17 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      All the dreams this week weren't good.

      Jamie 1

      Jamie seemed mad at me. Telling me she's never going to talk to me again... I think I always knew that deep down. But one can hope.

      Jamie 2

      Some nights later Dreamed I saw her at a bar but she was avoiding me.


      I'm looking at map of where I live. There's a road east and west. South is Lethbridge. Under my town is shaded dark red. above the down is a lighter red. There are words describing each shaded region but I forget what. There is an icon on the east end of town it is a face of a native american with a red bandana. He looks sinister and the dream implies he's cursed this region. (IWL, It has been snowy and icy and I have called in at work too much not wanting to drive these roads. This dream was a day before the snowfall, Felt that the drean predicted this???)

      Don't drive

      One one of the days I was going to go to work (but called in anyway) I had a series of dreams of dogs biting me and people fighting me.

      Dream 1

      I was in my house and a bunch of dogs that looked like my dog were trying to bite me. I had a razor and cut on of the dogs legs. It yelped and started bleeding everywhere on it's hind leg. Asuka and maybe data were there I asked them for a rage and something to tie it with to stop the bleeding.

      Dream 2

      Someone was on the front end of my house with a gun. I was in a garage behind a white van. I got a peek at the intruder and aimed my pistol or something at him. I shot him and it hit.

      Dream 3

      I was fighting someone on stairs. It was Gary, a friend from childhood who ignores me now. I Was hitting him with some pole and he stopped trying to fight me after he fell down the stairs. I asked, "Are you done?" He said, "Yes." I asked him "Why don't you talk to us anymore?" He looked shocked. I said, "I don't even do drugs or drink hardly at all." And he still looked shocked and seemed to be considering what I was saying. Then I woke up.
      After I woke up I found that the rods that were clear before were snowy and icy again...

      Dark Hogwarts

      I was getting off the Hogwarts express with a bunch of children in cloaks. I was young like them. Everything was so dark even with the lights, it was nightime nd I couldn't see much. I saw the Cone shapes of the tops of the Hogwarts towers as I was walking along but coult still barely see them.
    4. Harry Potter fragment | [22.04.2021]

      by , 04-22-2021 at 05:42 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Harry Potter fragment
      The dream started out in my flat. I'm not sure what happened there, but eventually, the whole scene and story of the dream changed. I was apparently at Hogwarts, and a death eater applied the cruciatus curse on me, which, as expected, caused a lot of pain. I don't remember much else.
    5. 10 Jan: Meeting a friend at his election party and Hogwarts style campus

      by , 01-10-2021 at 09:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I join a gathering of Blacksmith's party at election night. Everybody is sitting at long tables and Blacksmith is sitting in front of me, across the table. He is very busy writing down stuff and exchanging remarks with others, so I don't bother him. But then he intertwines his legs with mine and squeezes them gently, without ever saying a word. I enjoy the snuggling. People announce the results of the elections and he is ahead of other candidates, but he still looks sad. I squeeze his legs back and congratulate him. He gets up so I I also grab a notebook and start scribbling in it. But then he comes back from behind me, leans over me and with a gentle embrace he whispers to my ear that he would like to be alone with me.

      I am at what seems Hogwarts, but not quite. I am helping a friend and the groundskeeper to find the Nagini. They found some kind of ancient plumbing system that leads to outside the castle and we are on the outside looking for one opening they think she uses. And indeed we see the snake coming out, but she quickly goes back inside when she sees us. She leaves a couple objects she stole, right in the opening. We want to pick it up but we are afraid she is ambushing us. I finally get my hand very quickly in the hole to retrieve the things and nothing happens.
      As we go back, I notice that the school / castle is not isolated in a forest, but instead it's in the middle of a city or campus with several faculties. I see one of our teachers suspiciously coming out of a building which I believe is an auditorium and also part of the arts faculty. I go check the back door from where she came, but I have to pass through some arcade tunnel covered in spiderwebs which is weird because it looks like nobody used it for a long time. I reach the door and it leads to a ramp directly to the backstage of the auditorium which is full of asian kids rehearsing some dance and acrobatics with giant bell balls. When they leave, I hide not to be seen. Then I keep going through dark corridors and find some kind of secret entrance to an underground. Then I hear someone's coming after me and I open the first door I see and hide inside. It is some kind of smokehouse with bloody sausages hanged everywhere or so it seems. The smell is horrible. And the person also enters this room so I duck behind a counter and sneak out when she is not watching. There are more rooms like this, which is beyond weird.
      Back outside and meet my friends again. They take me to a cliff by the sea shore and I see dozens of boys and girls on the water, doing some sort of synchronized swimming and making symbols or letters that can be seen from above. It's some show to celebrate something. Then they all just enjoy the water. My friends show me some iron stairs down the cliff that we can use to get closer to the water, but then we have to jump from like 100 mt high. One of them seems to hit a rock when hitting the water and then a giant white shark comes out of the water and seems to eat him. The iron stairs then detach partially from the wall and I can't go up but certainly don't wanna go down. My other friend is also on the water a bit more to the right and I scream to warn him but he also disappears in the water and a second shark comes up. I am really scared and try to find a way to escape. I see some kind of ledge to my left that has some structure I can hold on to if I make the right jump. And then there is another iron stair going up to its left. I manage to do the jumps and get to the other stair which I climb. But instead of going to the top of the cliff it leads to a cave tunnel in the rocks. I see doors, so I assume it's man made. I reach some kind of chamber where I see a bunch of alien like creatures of different species talking about preparing to depart. They see my surprise look and smile and ignore me. I keep going and find an exit leading back to the campus. I marvel at the different castle-like buildings around a square, intricate towers and windows and sculptures in the fašades. Then my friends find me and explain me that they were the sharks, because they are animagus or shapeshifters.
    6. night 9 - Hogwarts local rail network

      by , 01-22-2017 at 07:08 PM
      D1 - At school the children are being children (the audacity ^^). They are fed up and not doing as they are told. This dream is very realistic, usually I have random dcs mostly but this is the actual cast from my waking life.

      D2 -I renter the dream and see a small girl with blonde hair and a white dress. She is being collected by her father but is upset. I kneel down to tell her it will be ok. She is worried she will not be able to learn her spells.
      I hold her hand and send spell power into her.

      D3 - I see a woman walking along a dirt road, it is dark. She is my pupil and apparently I am now Hagrid.
      I am unsure how to train her and don't really feel qualified.
      I take her to the end of the pathway which has a white rectangular arch which leads into a train station entrance.
      I wonder if I can get to Hogwarts from any train station. I use my powers to make a platform number appear for platform 2/3. My pupil is then able to take the hogwart's express, yay!

      D4 - I worry about whether my house is locked up etc as I left in a hurry and send a hogwarts owl back to check. Unfortunately i'm still unsure and so make the journey home. At a train station (looks like kings cross) I get a message from my brother, it contains a ten pound note, a purple 50 and a white 10.
      Also there are some printed tickets stubs for something.

      D5 - I'm laying in bed with a woman who has her bare back to me, her long blonde hair tailing. I can see the shadows on her back lite from a small light in the room. We make out.

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    7. [29-07-2016]

      by , 07-29-2016 at 09:26 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in Hogwarts castle, something went wrong and Snape called everyone to descend down a spiral staircase to his dormitory. Whole castle gathered there, everyone looked in awe at golden objects and coins lying spread all around the floor and shelves. Like mad they charged at shelves and ground to take as much as they can. I calmly took coins enough to fill my two pockets, and then Snape appeared. First he started with taking all his gold back from people. He noticed that I had something in my pocket, I dropped a few coins on the ground and Snape went away. I still had rest of his gold in my pockets. He started arguing with Potter, I wasn't really listening to their argue and just wanted to go and mind my own business. Something flied past the window, when everyone tried to spot it looking through window, I did something and Snape just disappeared, thrown away by powerful winds.

      Second dream - DILD

      I was in my school, in the sports hall. I was watching a volleyball match, my friend was playing in it. He looked different, he was much taller and slimmer. I knew that there was some charm or curse placed upon their team, but they were still holding on strong. After the match I left sports hall and went with my class to some lesson in upstairs classroom. After it was finished I got a feeling that I have to do something quickly. I told that I have to do something urgently to two girls and ran through the school like mad, to the exit. I heard them saying that they too have something important to do but don't run like me. It was a grim, rainy day. I looked at the parking to find my car. I realised that it's a dream and kept repeating those words for a short while. I tried the nose plug RC, but it have failed. My right nostril was clogged, I knew that it was the thing in waking body and I couldn't do anything about that. I found my car and entered it, then drove out, phasing through another car that was parked there. I was driving on the road, with complete disregard for law and rules. My perspective was changing from first to third at times. I drove around, but each turn at the road led me to completely different and wrong street. I tried to phase my hand through window, but I couldn't for some reason. Then I crashed with two cars, and completely phased through third. The dream wasn't too stable and with low lucidity, it ended quickly.

      Third dream

      I was playing a strange computer game. It was some kind of simulation game, I had to choose how high loan a man was taking with some mafia and how many drugs he's buying. Then I had to set up a business for him and pay the loan before mafia would kill him. I set up a strip club and it slowly started, but suddenly it all changed to hospital. It was out of the game, the man, his family and strippers working in club were waiting for doctor. It was probably after they couldn't pay the mafia. Strippers were arguing with club owner. Suddenly a strange, enormously long snake appeared under the table. It had funny ears on it's head and looked kinda cute with them. It made a hiss combined with rattle at the strippers, then hidden.
    8. 2/4/16

      by , 02-06-2016 at 03:00 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I only remembered my dreams from later in the night.
      I remember a fragment about Gov. Bobby Jindal dropping out of the run for presidency. I know there was more to the dream but I can't remember it.
      I am in my church basement playing volleyball in my gym class. One of my friends walks up to me and tells me the results of the Iowa caucuses. I take my friend by the shoulders and say to her, "I knew what the results were about two seconds after they came out. Ok, probably more like five minutes."
      I'm at Hogwarts in one of the classes. Harry asks Dumbledore a question and Dumbledore answers, "whatever you say will be your punishment." Then we are outside near Hogwarts and the Forbidden forest. There is a giant crow laying on the ground next to us. (Harry Ron, Hermione.) Then Dumbledore says something about Voldemort never seeing death before, and someone lights a match and throws it on the crow. We are all very horrified at this.
    9. 1-24-16

      by , 01-26-2016 at 11:04 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am partially at my church, and partially at Hogwarts. There are 4 different areas on the alter, and in each of the four different areas, there is one of each house. So, each area has all four houses in it, if that makes sense. I am then sorted into Ravenclaw, and Dumbledore(the first one) tells me something. I remember feeling very special that the headmaster decided to speak to me.
      I am in my Spanish class. I walk up to a chair and sit on it. Somehow I have that memory that I was just "lost at sea" in the Spanish classroom, as though there was water underneath the chairs or something. I am joking around with my friends, saying that I liked to be "lost at sea" better than doing school work, because I didn't have to work. Me and my friend then go on our chromebooks, onto a google classroom assignment. It is a quiz about which house you are in for Hogwarts.
      I am at school, right at the end of the day. The bell rings, and I pick up all my stuff. But, I keep dropping all my books and stuff. When I finally get a hold on them, the buses are already almost leaving, so without stopping at my locker to get my backpack, I race to the bus. The bus driver asks me why I don't have my backpack, so I tell her.
      My brother and I are walking towards someone's house, apparently to return a dog that we dog-sitted for them.
    10. A Brief Visit To Hogwarts Grounds

      by , 05-18-2015 at 08:19 PM (Life's Dream Accounts)
      It has been a while...mostly due to that my dreams have been bland, until recently. I have more time now to work on lucidity too

      Had a dream that I was trying to find the world of Harry potter or the world of witchcraft and wizardry. I was standing on what seemed to be a ledge on a castle top as I waved down at three characters who had to be Ron, Hermione, and Harry of course. I waved at them but something seemed off, the kind of just drifted as the stood there and I could see slight facial movement of smiles but my eyesight seemed off. I then jumped down from the castle ledge to greet them but ended up flying on a broom stick across a quidditch field, before the quidditch field view of each of the house bleachers/stadium seating I remember seeing a couple characters gathering some equipment from a car parking lot near a grocery store and their outfits were not fitting for what I would call wizardry. One of the guys I saw was wearing bright orange and it was really ugly. I took a quick glance shrugged it off and then flew over a horizon of buildings both magical and muggle. Never found out why Harry, Ron, and Hermione were just standing there outside of Hogwarts in a circle just staring at each other.

      I then woke up to a voice that sounded mad at me, I was still slightly dreaming. The dream voice was mad because I had a decent dream that I could remember and this dream antagonist hates it when I have dream worth-while which is hardly ever. He carried on by calling me a fake emo by staring me eye to eye and then I woke up completely. It could have been peeves or some poltergeist, just saying...

      edit: Also before I woke up all the way. I had some dream flashes, one of them there was a green flash, like the one Harry potter would describe...and then after the flash I remember seeing Donald Duck scream and runaway. Could there have been a slight notion of a Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Disney Crossover, because that would be freaking awesome if I could dream about that.

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    11. Lucid with Hermione!

      by , 03-27-2015 at 12:56 AM
      Finally, a lucid! This one made me laugh quite a bit after waking up!

      I run as fast as my legs can carry me down the dazzlingly white corridor. Feeling like my lungs are about to burst, I glance to my right. Satisfied that Hermione is keeping up without too much difficulty, I make no effort to slow down. She says something to me, but I cannot hear her over the sound of the air rushing past my ears. Footsteps. Someone is chasing us. I know that if I trip up, if I get caught, I will die, right here in Hogwarts. Spotting a broom closet, I run towards it, and lock myself in. I smile and take a few moments to catch my breath. I'm in Hogwarts, with Hermione, being chased by none other than her evil twin. Perplexed, I consider this piece of information. Hermione doesn't have a twin. This realisation brings me to lucidity, and my thoughts are teeming with possibilities. After some reflection, I decide to continue on with the dream's plot, not yet having set an LD goal. As if on cue, my pursuer's face appears flattened on the closet door's small glass window. I laugh at the comical sight, before thinking that I need a wand. Excited at the prospect of trying out my dream control skills, I shove my right in my pocket enthusiastically, concentrating entirely on this one thought; 'When I pull out my hand, I will be holding a wand.'. Feeling my fingers grasp a small, thin object, I pull it out, only to see what I am holding. A stick. A fucking stick. Putting it back in, I try again. A pencil. Ugh. As they say, third time's the charm, and finally, I find myself in possession of a beautiful wand. I admire the small intricate carvings on its handle before unlocking the closet door. Confident in my skills, I step outside, ready to face my enemy.


    12. 10-25-14 Wes Anderson cultists

      by , 10-25-2014 at 10:24 PM
      There was a satanic cult that operated in a small rural community close to where I live. Their order of ceremonies insisted that at each service the members of the society must watch Wes Anderson's film "Fantastic Mr. Fox". It was a requirement. Not a single service went by without a screening of it. I remember thinking to myself, "This should make some awesome trivia on the movie's page on IMDb. Those cultists must know that movie inside and out! I wonder why it's so important to them."

      This blond-haired boy gymnast was hanging upside down by his feet in a gym. He was wearing some tight-fitting athletic garb that looked sort of like a speedo. Then this girl came up to him and started kissing him. She also kissed him in some of his more private places. It was embarrassing.

      Then I was sitting in possibly the coolest room I've ever been in in a dream. It had an extremely low ceiling, so that I had to bend over even when I was sitting cross legged on the floor. Everything was made of wood and painted black. The only light came from the ceiling which was covered in these glowing, multicolored geometric designs. They looked sort of like Indian henna art, and it covered the whole ceiling and sort of swirled around.

      Then that same girl that had kissed the blond boy came in through a trap door in the floor. She sort of started flirting with me. She mentioned that sweethearts like to lie on their backs together and watch the ceiling as the designs swirled around. She also mentioned several times that she just wanted to "eat me up".

      I was driving down a busy interstate at about 80 mph very late at night. I was going around a big turn in the road. I was passing people right and left, so I was having to swerve a lot. Nobody's tail lights seemed to be working, so I just had to guess at where they were. It was freaky.

      My family and I were shopping at Walmart. My mom forbade me to ever use DreamViews again. I protested that it helped me in learning how to lucid dream and I had a dream journal there. But she forbade it. So I left a notice on the site that I wouldn't be posting anymore, and deleted my account.

      Hagrid from Harry Potter was standing by what looked like a laundry or garbage shoot. He shouted, "All aboard for Hogwarts!" Then Professor McGonagall appeared carrying about five little kids in her arms. They all yelled in delight, "Yaaay!! YaaaaY!!! We're all going to HOGWARTS!!!" Then she shoved them down the shoot. She started laughing and said, "oh, they're so cute! Bless them! They wanted to go to Hogwarts, and we sent them there!"
    13. Lucid Dream Bucket List Challenge

      by , 07-14-2014 at 10:05 AM
      Hello everybody!

      Like a regular bucket list, I've made one specifically for things I want to do in a lucid dream. I will be keeping an update on what I've achieved (in no particular order). I will keep you updated if I achieve any with my DJ in regards to what I did, how it went etc..

      Only rule is, is that it has to be lucid and controlled WILLINGLY for it to count

      Lucid Dream Bucket List:

      - Fly (with wings)
      - Use magic (conjure fire, electricity etc..)
      - Turn into an animal (wolf, bird, deer)
      - Become some form of animal hybrid (have a tail, animal ears, claws etc...)
      - Fight a dragon
      - Ride a dragon
      - BE a dragon
      - Go to a fantasy/fictional world
      - Create a fantasy world filled with creatures and people I want
      - Meet fictional characters (from shows, movies, books etc..)
      - Go to Hogwarts (befriend favourite characters)
      - Try getting to platform 9 3/4 by running at the wall
      - Travel to Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express
      - Train surf the Hogwarts Express
      - See what Hogwarts house I get sorted into
      - See what my patronus would be
      - Talk to my subconscious
      - Have epic background music as I fight someone
      - Punch a random DC in the face
      - Summon someone I dislike and punch them in the face
      - Gain inspiration (for art, writing etc...)
      - Meet a celebrity/someone I admire
      - Convince a dream character that they're dreaming
      - Get a dream character to convince me I'm dreaming and deny it to see if they become impatient (or me, technically)
      - Go hunting with Sam and Dean from SPN (SPN = Supernatural)
      - See what happens between hunts (SPN)
      - Have a tour of the bunker guided by Sam and Dean (SPN)
      - Visit Crowley in the dungeon and just chat (SPN)
      - Run at abnormal speeds
      - Eat something
      - Summon monsters and fight them along with my DCs
      - Create my own creature/monster/animal
      - Go through a werewolf transformation
      - Gender swap - see what I'd look like as the opposite sex
      - Receive an assassination mission from a DC and carry it out
      - Teach the Macarena to Hogwarts students
      - Streak through Hogwarts' Great Hall whilst Dumbledore is giving an inspirational speech & see the reactions
      - Play a bunch of instruments and/or sing effortlessly
      - See how far I can throw something
      - Make something out of something impractical (eg; make ice cream out of a rock)
      - Pick a starter Pokemon from Professor Oak and train it (Charmander preferably)
      - Enter the world of Attack on Titan and shrink all of the Titans for comedic purposes
      - Enter the Game of Thrones world, find Jon Snow and follow him saying "You know nothin' Jon Snow"
      - Resurrect Joffrey, kill him, resurrect, kill him etc..
      - Go on an adventure into space with The Doctor (Doctor Who)
    14. Battle of Hogwarts (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-13-2014 at 10:25 AM
      This dream was months or perhaps a year ago, not really sure, but it was a while ago and I still remember it, so I've written it down and would like to share it.

      (Spoilers for Deathly Hallows - but you probably already have read/watched/heard it by now and WARNING: mildly violent)

      I was at Hogwarts and it was the Battle of Hogwarts. I became a dragon at first but decided against it because I didn't want to steal the spotlight of the dragon that had already appeared in the book/film previously. I returned to human form but remained with flying and fire magic. I was flying and ended up in a fight with some student (not sure if he was in Slytherin) who was on the side of the death eaters. He was armed with a bow and arrow (despite it being a magic school, where he could've avada kedavra'd me to death, but no.)

      I deflected the arrows with a fire barrier I conjured, but the archer managed a special technique (can't remember what exactly) causing the arrow to fly at a higher speed and pierce through the barrier which got me shot in several places and I should've died, but I didn't. Instead I let my fire barrier weaken with the sudden blood loss, walked over to him with all my strength (didn't feel any pain, just weakened), ripped the arrow out of my chest and stabbed him with it.

      I then flew around, before losing energy to fly and begged people passing by me to take me to the hospital wing, soon it was forgotten and I discovered Fred Weasley's death, went to comfort George who was in his dorm bed crying but some random old man told me that I shouldn't disturb him because he was quite upset. Then I woke up.
    15. Apocalyptica levitation

      by , 05-13-2014 at 11:11 AM
      Ok, so this dream was one of the longest, most realistic, and lucid dreams I have ever had. But I will try to make it short, without skipping any detail. So the part where is remember the dream started, was on a bus. Myself and a few other people were going into a jungle (something like the amazon). We were part of a movie, as far as I remember, and before we know it a two men that looked like mayans jumped down from the ceiling of the bus and landed at the front, In front of me and my crew. As soon as they land they start to throw huge sharp knifes towards us, and all of sudden it turns into a sort of game. Of course this is still all too real and I'm still not lucid. The knives fly past me, missing me but slowly by slowly hitting and either injuring or killing my crew. I at this point am shitting myself but at the same time able to dodge all the fast flying machetes. They realise they had killed all of my men and look towards me with hate and despise, because they were unable to hit me. So they both start throwing knives at me and I jump out of the windows of the bus, and watch the two mayans fall to their fate off of a huge cliff. I'm surprised I'm still alive at this point but I continue my journey into the wild to find a huge school, that resembles hogwarts but is 5 times bigger. There are majestic, magical lions tied up like regular pet dogs, colorful red stands where you can but things like hotdogs and different foods, and also there were trailers parted in the field. I head inside to check the castle out.. The first floor is quite, without a sound. People are just walking around in this library like floor, all just doing there business. I got on some magical elevator and found myself on the fifth floor. But when I got out of the elevator I found myself with a girl. Unable to still understand it's a dream the girl and I walk down a floor, as if we were trying to get to the bottom again. But on the third floor it was dark, and cold.. Drops of water would fall from the ceiling and there was a huge beast that came galloping towards, with a murderous roar while at the same time crying. This shit was fucked up. But anyways with the two of my hands I focused on stopping the beast and what do you know.. It worked! I levitated the best and threw hin against the wall. After that point I knew I was dreaming but here is the weird part. Whenever I Know I'm dreaming and turn it into a lucid dream I always get excited. Almost kicking myself out, but this just felt normal. In the dream I said to myself "ok, so it's a lucid one.., "and I carried on. On my way down the second floor, my powers of telekinesis were getting much strong and the dream became all the more vivid. I emobilised many enemies and found myself in a tent full of girls. And with heavy focus I was able to give them a spectacular show with my powers and of course I got laid. I won't go into detail.. All I will say Is the sex was amazing and very very real. I remember when I was a kid and had a wet dream, I wouldn't be able to" stick it "'into anything because it would hurt or I'd wake myself up, but this was just full on" in out in out".. So after that I found myself in my house, which is my real house in the real world. And I do some magic for my mom and her husband, and they just don't understand what's going on. They are absolutely stuttering now.. Then I wake...
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