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    1. Diamond plot, driving bad, secret garden and gaming

      by , 09-11-2020 at 09:55 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm with some shady people in a dark room. There are some cigarettes I hold in my hand and a lady suddenly grabs one of them but I resist and try to take it back. The one she took has an iron cap at the end. As we struggle who should get the cigarette it breaks and all these glass like balls come out of it. One of the others in the room shout that it's diamonds and I start to quickly take as many as I can from the floor. The lady runs away because she has been exposed. The other people in the room doesn't pick the diamonds up, they are just happy that she got exposed. They don't seem shady any more.

      Notes: I don't even smoke cigarettes, it's weird that I would like to have them. I also have a memory of another creepy lade that liked me from the same dream. I watched a movie about a creepy lady that was in love with a boy yesterday. That is why I dreamt about that.

      I'm driving a car with dad next to me and two girls in the back seats about 11 years old. I'm driving by the road up to Wämö. They tell me that I don't drive that good and after they said that the steering wheel doesn't follow my directions anymore. I turn right but the car goes to the left and luckily there is a grass field before the opposite traffic starts so I have time to brake. There is a car that followed us up to the same spot we were.

      Notes: I'm practicing car driving with dad IRL. I'm not that confident over my driving as this dream proves.

      I'm by Det Röda Huset in Sturkö but it's surrounded by a big hedge except by the entrance. By the entrance there is a path that leads into the hedge. I walk in and come up to a forest inside the hedge, but it's a tight path that you can't walk from. There is a hindrance in front of me made out of sharp looking rose bushes. Half the dream I just dig and dig and dig in order clear the path. When I'm done dad and the two girls from the past dream joins me. We walk up the path and reach the end of the forest. When we come out we notice that we came back to the house. I think it was a weird forest that is hidden inside a hedge that leads nowhere. Suddenly I'm by the west side of the house and there are my church friends from Kristianstad. I remember Andre most. They are playing lol and we join them. There is a fight over the dragon and I manage to take it. After I take it we return to reality and me and my team (dad and the two girls) hurry to go to Det Röda Huset in order to eat the food so we can win(?).

      Notes: When we were gaming it was like my vision was the computer screen, I never saw any computers there. I don't know why we had to eat the food to win. It seems so random.

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    2. 2020-09-11 another overflow night over several wakings :)

      by , 09-11-2020 at 09:10 AM
      Meta: bedtime before midnight, 100mg of sweet dessert wine around 9pm, didn't watch any videos before bedtime (yay).
      Took my zinc, magnesium, and multi (1) about 8pm. Took 1/2 of a 100mg B6 tablet at bedtime. No relaxants (valerian, melatonin) or nootropics (Hyp-A, galantamine, AlphaGPC).

      Final waking: 7am, consolidated recall, tried for some continued relaxation, visualization (V-WILD), got up about 8:45am

      Real Reflection making an appearance! I acknowledged a DC as speaking in English, and I asked my DC son S2 "what's up with your head!?"


      + with son S2 in present day home, earwax buildup on his mobile, he's making a massive pile of noodles in a bowl in the kitchen (I want some), back in my room facing him I notice his swollen, misshapen, balding head, and way "What's up with your head!?"

      + outside food truck (sausages with lots of toppings) on the street, the vendor woman I notice is speaking in English [DS!], she has weird teeth [DS], the sausages are tightly rolls of thinly sliced lunch meat, around front with son S1 to order, there are vats of toppings like guacamole, and various sweets to order

      + lots of activity with a Boy Scout group on a dark (snowy?) hill, there is a luxurious looking clubhouse with lights on inside and a round dome roof

      + (f=fragment), faces, (mother?) saying something about some woman living in "Eckerly" or something like that.

      + at a traffic light, pull up to left lane to turn left beside cool car, some guy from the other direction (right?) pulls in front of me in a giant cool car, I decide not to mess with him, light turns green, but I realize too late while in the intersection that the light is green only for straight not turning left, and I'm going to run into problems with cross-traffic


      + in a canoe on a large body of water, my mobile is out and I'm filming, find a nice spot to land but have trouble and get advice from the guys already landed, I make several attempts, get out, want to get naked and swim (I'm wearing a swimsuit?), the others want to go but I say "give me time to swim!"

      + woman pushing a hotel luggage trolley, another woman is riding, they make out (?), I take over, get to the destination where the woman's husband is, woman and I quickly kiss, and I start discussing their travel plans, they're from the south and only flying to a neighboring state, a map of the south comes up and I'm eyeing it closely trying to make sense of it and name the states

      + (f) in some indoor location with tubes, some man makes some comment (he's a celebrity?), I think about the air flowing through the tubes

      + [vivid, present] in a pharmacy, I see (and narrate?) indian spices, the store clerks pop their heads around the aisle corners a few times and make random comments, I get really fascinated with the stevia, and try to decide what to buy: large size pellets, medium size, tiny size, there are so many different options I'm overwhelmed; I also look at the tooth flossers because I should bring some home for my kids, I pick up a few and carry them with me