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    1. Magic guitar man Martin and bad dad

      by , 09-26-2020 at 03:32 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in a big hall with my family. I see an audience and Martin (Kajsa's Martin) holds a guitar and is playing. He suddenly takes the guitar in one of his hands and stretches it out. While he stands there holding in his guitar, he is simultaneously playing with the fingers of that hand. It looks amazing and I am astounded. He is playing some kind of Cmaj7 chord by the look of his hand (Barre at the third fret) but it sounds like a regular C chord. I take another guitar and tries to do the same thing. It looks like a six-string guitar but it feels like a twelve-string guitar when I hit the strings.

      Notes: I heard Martin would see us yesterday.

      I've been drinking alcohol and am intoxicated. Dad is drinking alcohol and is laying in a bed. Me and mom is complaining at him but he is just dodging us. Mom asks him why he would have kids if he would turn up like this.

      Notes: Me and dad is not drinking alcohol at all. I saw my friends drinking yesterday. Maybe that was why.

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    2. Creepy red creature | [26.09.2020]

      by , 09-26-2020 at 01:14 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Creepy red creature
      I am a spectator of a woman living on a sort of high tower. She did something that will make some sort of demon monster come and run up the tower to kill her. She waits and it's suddenly there and throws her against a wall with rather whacky physics, like in a video game, and blood splatters everywhere. The creature looks somewhat like an enemy from SUPERHOT. Then suddenly it's like real and I am now on the tower and did something. I watch it in terror, it's running up the stairs to the tower and is there soon. Then suddenly it's in front of me and also throws me against the wall and kills me. Then I am at home, and my mother did something that made me think it will make it come up. I complain to her and she tells me she doesn't believe it. I think about how it even gets into houses, and I tell my mother to properly lock the door, but she takes her time and keeps telling me things, and when she finally goes to lock the door, it seems to be too late. But then nothing happened and for some reason my mother is gone. Then the dream fades a bit and apparently I'm lying in bed. I get a bit aware that I am dreaming and try to open my real eyes to wake up, but it doesn't really work and I can only open my dream eyes, so I build up confidence since I think that the creature might be right in front of me. But it isn't there, so I stand up to see the brightly lit, but way too silent room. Outside, it is very dark. Then I hear very loud breathing, coming from everywhere at once. It had to do something with my mother, and I really wanted to wake up. And, as I wished, it worked this time. At some point, there was also some game title screen with the title "Worry - The game".

      That was creepy. Quite a cool dream. Also good that I got a bit aware at the end there, but not aware enough to remember that I could change the scene instead of waking up. Sad that I lost the opportunity. Also, that "Worry - The game" part might be a pretty funnily obvious reference to how I feel every day.

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    3. The Road to myself - NLD 14/05/20

      by , 09-26-2020 at 11:16 AM
      The Road to myself
      - Vague

      I am stood on the main road in my village at night. Itís eerily quiet and completely deserted. I stand in the middle of the road and feel excited I have the whole space all to myself and want to do or act something out and canít wait to have fun. Just then a van pulls up with headlights on. I get nervous and think he may be here to cause me harm. Feeling vulnerable I hurry home, dashing a little as I do to get away faster. As I walk up my street I see a hospital worker heading to his car and know it must be early morning.

      Analysis: The very first moment I felt a hint of lucidity. I couldnít recall what I wanted to do on that road but Iím sure this was me wanting to experiment with a lucid dream though I hadnít fully become lucid at that moment. It soon turned into a scary scenario though with the threatening and mysterious van showing up.

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    4. Tennis Ball man - NLD 15/05/20

      by , 09-26-2020 at 11:09 AM
      Tennis ball man

      Me and My wife are driving through a small Country village when we see a man juggling tennis balls and throwing them across the road. We realise he isnít going to stop when we pass and the car windows are hit with loud thumps as the balls hit us, the man seems innocent and not meaning any harm but my wife is rightfully annoyed and sounds her horn. I then look over my shoulder and see him hitting another car behind us. This car stops though and puts the window down. A rather aggressive looking bald thug starts yelling and swearing at the guy who now looks frightened. We stop to watch, the thug who starts throwing tennis balls back at the guys head and they bounce of his head but he is too scared to move. He gets a good telling off by the thug who says ďof all the things you could be doing with your life this is what youíve chosen? Youíll never get a girlfriendĒ his telling off becomes a bit more light hearted after that and the thug laughs more finding it hilarious but the tennis ball guy looks embarrassed. After the thug looks at us and we laugh and he shakes his head smiling as if he canít believe what the guy was doing either.

      Analysis: One of my first vivid dreams that I recalled in great detail. It was a rather odd exchange and I have no idea who this man was or why he was throwing tennis balls?
    5. 2020-09-26 mini-vampire girl, bathtub, infiltrating the mob

      by , 09-26-2020 at 10:06 AM
      Light recall, probably too much wine, too late bed-time, too much sugar before bed....oof!
      Moderately upsetting tiff with g/f really threw off my whole attitude before bed time, colored the whole night negatively.


      + I'm hanging out (lying on something?) with a little mini-vampire girl. She is doll-sized (cat-sized?), I feel a lot of affection towards her. I let her bit my finger. The pain is sharp, her teeth are REALLY sharp. She has a cat's teeth: two prominent fangs, and a row of tiny sharp little short teeth between them. I look at my finger, and there is a prominent spot of blood welling up from the bite. I let her drink. We're not supposed to do this, feeding our vampires is not allowed I recall. I think this means I will become a vampire. The scene changes and 3-4 guys who are all wearing black and white mime-style makeup on their faces are walking about outside.

      + (continuation?) we're entering/infiltrating a school. It's a multi-story building, fairly tall, lockers are on the walls, and we're climbing up scaffolding (which is falling as we climb?) to get to the classrooms on the top floors.

      + In an apartment, multi-level layout, I get into a fairly large tile bathtub full of hot water and sink down in until just my head is left above the water. I feel myself floating in the water and it is a luxurious feeling. A guy who's there (Larry from high school) also gets in the tub?


      + (dozing dream) we're infiltrating a mob spot, the entrance is in a building down a flight of stairs below street level. There is a watch guy inside? A mob guy on the stairs (muscle-y) sees us and goes up the stairs to notify the rest of the gangsters that we're there.
    6. Concerts, Demon Pigs, Samurai Jack (Dream Drop)

      by , 09-26-2020 at 01:29 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Some of these dreams are very old May 2017 it says. But I don't know why they've never been published. I'm lopping them in with some more recent stuff.

      I was at a rave. Infected Mushroom is on stage but we're also supposed to be seeing Shpongle and some other group that I know was a group that was original to the dream and not one that actually exists in waking life. They are playing part of the track Dancing with Kadafi but with a more modernized sound to it for a bit but then go into this portion that sounds more breakbeat and then onto what I think was a led Zepplin song.

      Manei and S were there. The song stopped and Amit said that it would be a ten minute intermission. I turned to Manei and S and said "That means there will be another hour and a half set, so let's stay here even if that means we'll be up until one in the morning." S said he was bored and that he would take the car home by himself and I didn't care in my semi lucid state. Amit then started taking questions from the audience and some girl in goth makeup and a black tank top raised her hand and asked something about the drums. This ended in her going onto stage attempting to demonstrate something and playing a really poor drum solo.

      Erez said that it was good but just needed a few refinements, but the girl was really embarrassed and started crying causing her makeup to bleed. I got bored and we walked back into the front room of the music theatre we were in. They were selling merchandise and food out of a store that was like a small convenience store. Manei wanted to buy something but I told her not to because it would cost too much.


      I had a false awakening. My mom explained to me about how she read one of those creepypastas about how to preform a ritual. She said that his one allowed you to summon the grim reaper and you had a small chance to learn about the cause or the date of your death, and an even more slim chance to alter the date and cause of death by greeting the grim reaper as a friend.

      The ritual was easy. You wake up at midnight and light a candle and stare into it repeating a mantra about death. You have to feel for how many times you think is right to repeat your mantra and not lose track. Then you blow out the candle and get into bed and the grim reaper should walk into your room. I told my mom she was full of bologna and told her I would prove it to her by trying the ritual.

      I did. I got into bed and heard something outside the door and saw this big black boar walk into my room. It was so large that it broke the doorframe as it squeezed its belly through. It had a car engine or some type of machinery very similar to one imbedded into its body and there were mechanical cylinders moving in and out of metal-framed holes along its spine and belching clouds of black toxic smoke. It emanated fear as some people describe monsters and nightmares but I could tell that it was not the grim reaper. The ritual advised that if something other than the grim reaper is summoned, you should keep a religious artifact handy to banish it. I was semi lucid to the point where I recognized it was not a demon, but a nightmare. I reached under my covers and felt around until I found a dreamcatcher and held it up to the boar like a crucifix. It made a squealing sound and turned and ran out of my room.

      I pondered how I would explain the damaged door frame to my parents and lost the dream.


      Manei was trapped in an underground compound and working to escape. The situation was something like that of a video game and it required that she spend days navigating labyrinthine underground passages making her way towards the surface and outrunning her captors. In the dream she is wearing an indiana jones costume, and using my variation of my bow.

      At one point she enters a portion of the passages that looks like my house. I am able to alert her that an enemy is approaching and she shoots him in the knee with an arrow to keep him from moving.


      I am in my Art History professor's office to talk about my grades. I see that I have gotten an 83% on my exam and realize I don't have to.


      I am involved in an absolutely massive space battle taking place above a cratered planet. The scene seems somewhat reminiscent of the first scene from Revenge of the Sith. I am flying alongside two other dream characters in small fighters. We weave our way through the battle, but our squad gets shot at by a dagger-shaped enemy warship and of the person on my left gets shot down.

      The scene ends with us landing in the hangar of the enemy flagship and the dream scene changes to a farm field. Some enemy troops still exist even though the hangar scene is phasing out. The other person who was in my squad who was still alive gets out; he is the Scotsman from Samurai Jack. He used his machinegun leg to kill the guards and the scene completed its transition to a farm.

      I asked him how he came to exist in the real world and he said that he was actually just the voice actor of the character; but that wasn't what I was expecting to hear. I was more curious as to how a 2D animated character became superimposed on a realistic 3D world. He turned sideways and was paper thin and I thought it was funny.

      He then said something about "that damn rabbit" and I turned to see a trap he had set up on the farm with an old rifle pointing at a rabbit eating some crops in the field. He said that he thought the trap had not worked because the gun was too old but I suggested that it might be because he left the trap out in the rain and the gunpowder got wet.

      More Recent Stuff

      I'm driving in an OTD town. There is a gas station next to an old fashioned abandoned brick building and I am trying to put gas into my car. The gas nozzle is like a hexagon shape rather than a round pipe and so is the port/gas cap on my car and its annoying because I have to fit the hexagonal nozzle into the hexagonal pipe on my car. In the dream I am very tired and don't want to fuss around with unnecessary inconveniences like this. I then notice that the gas I am about to put in my car is diesel, e85 or something that my car won't take and get really frustrated. Without pumping anything I go to another gas station across the road. I get lucid and then get even more frustrated when I feel tired and lethargic in my dream, since the dream was happening during a nap and I was frustrated with the fact that I was napping to feel better and then just having a dream where I felt tired.