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    1. Defending my friends.

      by , 10-31-2020 at 08:14 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm by a big road and it is parted into two smaller roads. I walk to the left road and have some friends with me. There comes a wave of evil monsters and I have to protect my friends.

      Notes: There was a really intense bond between me and my friends. I am fascinated of how dreams can make us believe we have known our dc:s our whole life. I watched some scary movies with my friends and cousins yesterday night. I had a dream about guns too.
    2. Through the eyes.

      by , 10-31-2020 at 07:43 PM
      I lay on my back and keep still; only moving to stretch, roll, or swallow saliva if I feel discomfort. I am experimenting with how sleep paralysis happens to me. SP never happens but I got some hypnagogia and eventually a DILD later on when I noticed a gigantic hole in my bedroom wall that led to a part of the house that just didn't exist.
    3. Log 2011 - October 2020 Advance Task I

      by , 10-31-2020 at 06:10 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 31 October 2020

      Got a DILD and a fragment today.

      Scrap Group 1
      At home. There was a blue and white shuttle bus outside.

      Dream 1 - October 2020

      Scene 1 - Another Brief Condo Flight Awareness
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was walking outside through a pathway within a condo complex during a cloudy day. As I enter a hallway, I get aware. I float around for a bit, but the dream begins collapsing. I wake up briefly. Re-entry.

      Scene 2 - Magic Curtain Rod
      The visuals were dimmer than before. I was upstairs at home during night time, vague lights visible from below. I retained awareness.

      Took a moment to really keep presence in the dream. After that, I hurry downstairs. As I do, I think over a list of tasks. Only the magic wand tasks seemed tenable at the moment. And so, I go to the front window, and wrench the curtain rod from its attachment. Oddly, the curtains remain floating in place. Anyway, I observe the metal rod. This one was an older kind we'd replaced years ago, one that had a fake crystal at the end.

      I gesture and mutter nonsense at the rod as part of an enchantment spell. Next, I point the wand at the door, expecting something amazing to shoot out. Instead, I only got a bit of smoke. I whipped it repeatedly, and eventually got a trite rainbow display you'd find in a cheap carnival toy. Unsatisfied, I continued further, until finally, sparks began flying out. They initially only trickled out, but eventually they fired and smoked out in a similar manner to the spark cone fireworks, if more subdued. Works for me. Task complete.

      I kinda drew a blank of what to do next. I only roamed around, observing the place for notable differences. Things get hazy. Don't recall anything else until the dream ended a few minutes later.

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      lucid , dream fragment , task of the month
    4. Dream where I was at a Halloween Party with two sisters

      by , 10-31-2020 at 03:29 PM
      I had a dream where it was my first fall in a new town and was at a Halloween Party out in the country with two sisters who were my neighbors. The older girl was a senior in high school and was dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and had a really nice body and long blonde hair. The younger girl was a freshman in high school and was dressed as a redneck and had light brown hair that she had in pig tails, she was cute but not as hot as her older sister who I was definitely interested in.

      While at the party, I kept trying to stay within site of the older sister and got to meet several of her friends. I think I must have been a junior in high school because when she introduced me to her friends, she kept telling me I was a year behind them. Sometimes, the younger sister would come and find me and pull me away to come and be with her. I think that she may have been interested in me like I was interested in her sister because she kept wanting my attention like I wanted her hot sisters attention. Whenever she would start talking to some of her friends, I would break away and go find her older sister. This cycle repeated several times where I would be with the older sister, the younger sister would find me an pull me away, and then I would break away and find the older sister again.

      When the party was over, I followed the girls to a brown 1970ís Ford pickup that had been restored. When we got to the truck, the older girl pulled out her keys and then unlocked the passenger side door so me and her sister could get in. I stood off to the side so her younger sister could get in, but they said they wanted me to ride in the middle between them because they both wanted to sit next to me. I figured that if the older girl wanted me to ride next to her, then she must be interested in me as well. I got into the cab first and moved over to the middle seat and then the younger sister got into the passenger seat and closed the door.

      I talked with the younger girl for a minute or two and then looked over toward the driver seat and noticed that the older sister I was really interested in had not gotten in yet and was not anywhere near the driver side door outside. I then looked through the windshield and saw her about 50 yards in front of the truck talking to a group of other guys and girls she had introduced me to earlier who were all seniors in high school. I looked closer and saw that she was with 5 guys and 4 other girls. As I was starting at them, I saw the girl hugging one of the guys and then twirling her blonde hair while the talked and started to get concerned that maybe they were a couple.

      As I continued to start at them, I felt someone tapping my ribs and turned to see the younger sister in the passenger seat trying to get my attention. I turned to her and asked where her sister was, and she told me she was hanging out with her boyfriend and it could be a while. She then nudged me again and said that meant that just meant that the longer she was with him, the more time we had to hang out together. She said her sister only wanted me to ride in the middle so I would stay in the cab with her.

      I had a really sinking feeling of defeat when she said this and did not enjoy being stuck in the cab taking with a girl who was two years younger than me whose idea of a relationship was different that I was wanting. While she kept talking and carrying on a conversation, I kept looking through the windshield at the older sister and her friends who were having fun hanging out and was so jealous of them.

      Finally, I saw the friends start to move in different directions and then saw the hot older sister give her boyfriend a long hug before he walk away with some of his friends and she turned to walk back toward to truck where we were waiting. I am sure I was starting at her as she walked back towards us in the cheerleader outfit with her blonde hair blowing in the wind.

      When she got to the truck, she opened the driver side door and then sat down next to me. As she closed her door, she said she hope we had fun hanging out and that we didnít do anything naughty she would have to tell her mom and mine as she laughed. She and her sister talked for a few minutes, but it was like I didnít exist and she didnít her anything I said when I tried to join the conversation. It was pretty clear she had no interest for me and had just invited me to the party because her little sister liked me and she figured I would be someone for her to hang out with so she could spend more time with her boyfriend.

      Eventually, the girls stopped talking and the older sister put the keys in the ignition. As she was doing this she stopped and turned her head in my direction and started sniffing. She then said she though that truck smelled like shit and asked if either of us may have stepped in dog shit. When we both said we didnít think so, she turned on the interior light and said we should all do a shoe check. As I was bending down to check my shoes, I hear the older sister say it wasnít her and then saw her turn to me and tell me I had stepped in shit. She then started telling me it was super disgusting and asked how I didnít notice it while I was in her truck. It was clear she was not happy with me doing that.

      I woke-up from this dream really embarrassed that the hot girl I was interested in and discovered I had stepped in dog shit and paranoid that both girls probably though I was gross and an idiot.
    5. Update #1 (LD)

      by , 10-31-2020 at 12:30 AM
      Three nights, three opportunities to lucid dream, detailed as follows:

      ??? - September 27, 2020

      The dream had a nightmarish tone from the very beginning. I don't remember much, as this landed on a rest day. I strain my eyes in hopes of finding some memory of the event. With effort, an image comes to mind. Oh right, I remember now. I was wandering in the woods at night, and then... I'm in my house... in the backyard. It's still dark outside. I see a group of animals, rodents, or maybe they're toys, making their way to the end of the wall. There's a close-up shot from above showing them, just lying there lifelessly in the grass. Now, I circle around a rock formation. Like a camera, I fix on the summit of a mountain as I round and round the place, as if in a helicopter. What's that on top, is it, a head? But it is nothing like any head I've ever seen. This one is more alien-shaped. Two processes protrude below it, and creep on the ground, like worms. I can't have one good shot at the thing because it keeps disappearing. My view circles around once more. All this seems very repetitive, and maybe it is my brain recognizing a pattern, similarities within the experience. The pattern turns to oddness, and weird turns to clarity:

      I am dreaming.

      The dream collapses. From within the blackness I enter REM atonia. Vibrations on my left side, full-body paralysis and the gut wrenching sight of the alien was the breaking point for me. It didn't matter that it was a dream. I wanted out, and I did.

      The Man on the Lake - October 17, 2020

      Many more dreams today. First, I saw a man standing in a large body of water, the height of which could barely touch his knees. The lake spanned for miles everywhere, and it didn't look to have an end. The moon reflected on the surface and the light mist covering the lake made everything so dream-like. The figure stared at the water, as if searching for something. He wore a dark robe, and for some reason or another, I though this person's name to be Adrian. I watched, and again, everything felt very repetitive, with the constant whirling around and searching. I figured it out shorty.

      This is a dream.

      Unfortunately, recognizing things meant giving permission for vibrations to do their thing. Tonight, they had focused entirely around my neck. The sensations were short but powerful, and in seconds I was overwhelmed by them. I woke up.

      The Garden - October 29, 2020

      I followed a woman downstairs to a basement. The space was accommodated to appear like a normal bedroom. There were beds and all provisions were made available so that one could live here. The woman led me then to a door above short steps that opened into a small entryway. Two doors lied on both sides, where a bathroom stood behind the one to the right. As we continued, the plain concrete walls from before made way for a stone finish. We stopped before two corridors that joined on both ends to form a rectangle. In the center, a beautiful garden spawned in the middle. And while looking around this garden, I knew. It was such a familiar feeling, a convincement that I was dreaming.

      This time, surprisingly, there were no more vibrations, no more unpleasantness to follow the process of getting lucid. A big part of this had to do, perhaps, with my undivided attention to the scene at hand, on the plants, the flowers, the amount of detail contained within this garden. I understood that if I had so much as squinted away for a moment, that vibrations would return, but I persevered, and maintained my eye fixed on the world that lied in front of me. I walked along the corridor. There, in the sky, I noticed a small shimmer of light peering its way from above, bathing the greenery with color. There was a gate up ahead, but by the time I had crossed it lucidity had left me, and I became oblivious of when I had fallen back to a more dream-like version of myself.

      The dream continues non-lucidly.

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    6. Weird stomach transaction, quiz, family and class photos.

      by , 10-30-2020 at 09:15 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm sitting on a chair and Linnea is doing some kind of robotic transaction and putting her stomach against mine so that my food will be properly digested. She's handling me like an object and tossing me around, it hurts some times. I walk away and there is a quiz with three answers. The question is what a tempesto is. There are three pictures with some different faces on. I think that the answer is the knight because tempesto sounds familiar to the swedish word "tempel-riddare" which means Knights Templar. The answer is correct and the picture starts to shine green to confirm that it was right. Linnea is cuddling with a man from school where I was before. I think it is a bit annoying. There are some photo albums to the right. I walk to them and see a class photo. Wencai's face is the only one I truly notice in the big crowd. I see some family albums and look inside them. I see mom's side of the family and I'm filled with such love for all of them. There are some photos on mom and all her siblings. There is a photo on Kajsa and it says that she is the "second woman" as if it was a title. I think to myself that it is weird because she is actually the fifth and last girl born in the family. Monica comes and says that I can have some more class photos if I want to as if I was wronged because I only got one class photo and the family got many photos on it. I am not harmed and says that it is okey.

      Notes: Wencai is the person that represents my class in my dreams. I know I dreamed a very intresting dream but I can't recall it, it is so frustrating. I dreamt about stomachs yesterday too. I thought about Knights Templar yesterday when I talked with someone about the books she read.
    7. Not Cheating!

      by , 10-30-2020 at 04:56 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I ended up in a loud argument with DCs who looked like my friends from 20 years ago. While having sex in a lucid one friend comes up and yells that I am cheating on my wife. I stop what I am doing and tell them to be quiet. Part of me is confused and slides a bit less lucid. Maybe I think I could be awake and what have I done? More DCs are making a fuss about it now and yelling stuff at me. I know they do not fit with my life and are 20 years too young, so back to lucidity. I silence them by yelling that my wife damn well knows their are women in my dreams and that she does not consider anything in a dream or astral realm to be cheating. It shut them up.
    8. Dream where I was in a car driving to the mountains with college aged couples

      by , 10-30-2020 at 03:17 AM
      I had a dream last night where I was riding in an old Jeep Wagoneer like my parents had when I was a child with 3 girls and 2 guys who were all in their early 20ís. I am not sure if we were wrapping-up our time in college or if we had already graduated and were getting away for the weekend.

      When the dream started, I was in the middle of the front seat riding between a tall girl with shoulder length dark brown hair who was driving and a short girl with long red hair who was riding by the window. I remember both girls were wearing jeans, brown knee boots, and leather jackets. In the back seat were two tall guys who were each riding by the window and a shorter girl riding between them right behind me. I had a 24 ounce can of beer between my legs that I was sipping on as was everyone one else in the Jeep except the dark hair girl that was driving us. We are driving down the interstate and mountains are in view in the windshield.

      As we are getting closer to the mountains, the driver turns off of the interstate and then pulls into a gas station. The guy sitting behind the driver seat gets out to pump gas and the girl driving gets out to be with him, while the guy sitting on the passenger side and the girl sitting in the middle go into get some beer and snacks. I start to undo my seatbelt to get out as well, but the redhead sitting on my right puts her arm around me and says I am staying with her. I figure the driver and guy sitting behind her must be a couple because they are hugging on each other and the guy behind her and the girl next to him must be a couple as well since they are walking arm and arm. I have never seen any of them before, but figure the redhead invited me on the trip since she seems to know everyone else and is trying to snuggle with me. While we are in the Wagoneer by ourselves, she is keeping her arm around me and wanting to snuggle. I can tell by the way she is talking that she is starting to get a little tipsy and can smell the beer on her breath when she cuddles with me. As we wait, she starts getting more and more flirty and is grabbing onto me stronger as she keeps cuddling with me.

      The guy and girl that went into the store come back first with a few cases of beer and a few bags of snacks. After the are in, the girl reaches her hand into a bag and pulls out two 24 ounce beers and says we look thirsty as she hands them to me and the redhead. I put mine between my legs and quickly finish off the last few sips of the open one I was working on. About the time I finish, the driver and her boyfriend are opening their doors and getting back in. As she is sitting down in the driver seat, she sees the redhead and I both have empty beer cans and grabs them from us and gets back out to throw them away. She then asks he boyfriend if they have any empties and then takes the empty cans from him and throws them away before getting back in the driver seat and starting up the Wagoneer and pulling away from the gas pump.

      As we are getting close to the mountains, I can see that it is fall as the leaves have turned and are in peak color. The redhead puts her arm around me and pulls me towards her with a really strong grip and tells me how beautiful she the trees look as I can smell the beer on her breath. She lets go of me to take a few sips of beer and I open the fresh can between my legs and take a few sips as the dark haired girl pays attention to the road while the redhead puts her head on my shoulder.

      Soon we are climbing up the mountain and the road is getting windy. The road makes a sharp left turn, the redhead falls on me and shouts Opportunity Corner and then grabs me tight and cuddles with me. Then the road makes a sharp right turn and my body falls on the redhead and she shouts Opportunity Corner again and grabs me tight and snuggles with me again. As we continue to drive up the mountain anytime we make a sharp turn, the redhead shouts Opportunity Corner and the grabs me and cuddles with me.

      As we keep driving up the mountain, the redhead keep grabbing me with an increasingly stronger grip and cuddling longer each time we go around a curve as she is getting more and more tipsy. While her opportunity corner game was cute at first, it is getting more annoying each time we go around a curve and she does it. I look over at the dark haired girl in the driver seat to my left and can tell she is also stating to get annoyed with having to listen to the redhead scream each time we go around a curve. I try to tell the redhead that maybe she should stop playing this game, but she grabs me and pulls me towards her and says she loves cuddling with me. I eventually woke up from this dream while we were still driving up the mountain on a never ending road and the redhead was cuddling with me anytime we went around a curve and getting on everyoneís nerves including mine.
    9. Greek scenery. Heist, being cut up. Breaking up in a responsible way. Babies and annoying gamers.

      by , 10-29-2020 at 01:12 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm at a greek scen and looking at people who are acting. There is a naked man on stage.

      I'm in a fancy house with many people at a party. I go into a big room and into the toilet. There is a person that kills me and cuts me up into very small parts and my view becomes like a movie. They put my body into a sack and cut down more people and put them into the sack. Annika puts the sack under her shirt and applies a fake stomach over it. She looks pregnant and I am somehow feeling her stomach. They walk out and there are two indian people who are with the heist. They walk into a hotel and to the elevator. The woman starts to cough up fake blood and the man starts to scream for medical care to take their attention. They get a room and walk up to it.

      Notes: I watched a video where Gatis Kandis showed how to hide toilet paper and put it under his shirt so it looked like he had a big belly.

      Tuva is my girlfriend but we don't see each other because we don't have anything to do together. I take a moped and drive to her because I want to break up with her and not just let it pass away because that would be bad. The moped I use has a broken pedal and sometimes I have to push really hard with my foot for the engine to start. There are some cars in front of me and back and I drive past Pastabaren. Eni is there and greets me, he thinks it's cool that I drive the moped. I reach Tuvas home and walk in. Her family is there and I meet her parents. When I walk in Tuva says that I absolutely can't express my love for her. I tell her that I need to tell her something in private and that I am not going to express my love for her. She follows me to the porch and I tell her that I don't want what we have to just slip into the water slowly but that it is better that we put an end to it here and just be friends. It comes out very good and I am able to express myself. She says that I am right and we walk in again. There is a 2.5 litre juice package that I have never seen before. I take a glass and pour some into it. It's so big that some of the juice is spilled out. I walk out and meet Eni again. He seems happy.

      Notes: I've had a similar moped situation where I have to manually start it over all the times.

      I dig some gold by scratching the surface with a big stone. Some other people are there and I show them how to do it too.

      I'm in church and Elina has a baby there. I play with it for some time. I walk to my cousins and see that Therese also has a new baby. I play with it but it is really slippery and I can't hold it for long. I almost drop it but Peter saves the baby. I tell him that she is really slippery. The Children are very annoying and Jonathan and Oskar is fighting over a mobile game.

      Notes: I love babies.

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    10. Dream - Home Ice-Cream Karaoke & I'll Always Be With You

      by , 10-28-2020 at 01:04 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 2 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 729 - Separated Sections

      Dream 729 A - Home Ice-Cream Karaoke

      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, there was anticipation that the old ĎHome Ice-Creamí truck was going to be coming past our house. However, like all the other ice-cream trucks, I was afraid it was going to drive by us. The dream showed the truck coming up our court and it indeed did stop for us. The man in the truck told us to pick as many gelati flavours as we liked; so my mum watched on as my brother and I made our choices.

      Later on, my family were holding a massive gathering at our house; we were inviting all our family and friends we knew as well as the next door neighbours. Each immediate family member (being me, mum, dad, and brother) were responsible for organising and hosting one or more activities to do in the house. I forgot what happened with my brotherís activity, but I can recall that it was tech related.

      Next was my dad and he decided to do something music related. Taylor Swiftís version of ĎI Canít Stop Loving Youí started playing and we had to sing to it as a karaoke competition, kind of like Sing Star but different as well. I thought I was singing it well enough, but then the program was still saying I was getting some aspects of it wrong. There was a person next to me who was beating me at it. As I thought the difficulty of this karaoke was ridiculous, I didnít want to do another round despite the offer and went on to the next activity.

      However, it was actually then my turn to conduct the next activity of the party and my showcase was themed around fun and games. I was going to be doing a couple of mini games as well as a small art and craft project.

      Dream 729 B - I'll Always Be With You

      The dream took place as a false awakening in my study room. I was firstly on my computer, but as I began to feel tired, I slumped off my chair and down onto the floor. In-fact my bed was the floor with a set of blue sheets and blue pillow down there. As I was trying to fall asleep, I could hear my grandma talking about her shopping for bread and who wanted some bread. It as if my family knew I wanted to sleep as they came barging into the room to ask me about this bread matter.

      Eventually, they left me alone and I was able to drift off in-dream. The next scene was quick, but see-able. It was a grey day and I was on a bend of the Great Ocean Road, heading out of a cliff range and towards beach-side views. At the start of the bend, there stood Riku in his KH3 appearance and as I walked towards him, the ĎMickeyís Momentí music from KH3 Re:Mind was playing. After that, I woke up.

      I may not have reached Riku, but I did get a message from that last scene through his energy; that no matter how absent Riku would ever feel, he was always going to walk my journey with me.

      Dream 729 A
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 729 B
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Dream - Roxas Is Crying & The Violent Bubble

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:58 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 1 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 728 - Separated Sections

      Dream 728 A - Roxas Is Crying

      I canít remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, I was in my backyard and Roxas appeared holographically in his Organisation XIII coat. As he was speaking to me though, he was crying, as if he was scared of me or what I was going to do with what he said. And then another person appeared and spoke to me, as if it was a clone of Roxas but then it wasnít, it seemed like a Ďparallelí version of him. Though I cannot remember what was said. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 728 B - The Violent Bubble

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it seemed to be the evening and I was in my backyard. My mum was talking to the family about my dad having to go for some sort of x-ray, but that we had to disconnect the system link at our house because doing x-rays here would be dangerous. It seemed a complicated process, but I eventually I climbed high enough to disconnect the two wires by standing on some sort of box.

      We then went inside the house and I went into the bathroom to seemingly take a bath, though the dream didnít actually show me taking a bath. What I did do, however, was seemingly blow all these bubbles because I had water and also a bit of soap in my mouth. The first few bubbles were okay and they popped when I touched one. However, I blew one bubble, but when I touched it, it did not pop and this became odd.

      Firstly, it was odd, but then it became concerning as the bubble began to grow in size as well as change colour to a tone of light purple. Now it just kept growing and growing and I figured I had to pop it before if would fill up the space of the whole bathroom and consume me with it. No matter how hard I vigorously poked at it, the bubble had developed thick, gum-like skin and was not bursting. So I grabbed a large pin out of one of the drawers and ferociously stabbed the bubble. The bubble would temporarily deflate, but the purple skin meant the bubble would heal itself and continue to inflate.

      I was now horrified and was screaming at this overly-resistant, terrifying bubble. Eventually, the bubble inflated to a massive size and was about to consume me. I screamed as I woke up from this nightmare.

      Dream 728 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 728 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , nightmare
    12. Dream - Old Ways To Solve New Problems

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:55 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 31 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 727 - Old Ways To Solve New Problems

      I canít remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, I was in my local area seemingly, but the street I was on seemed unfamiliar. There were some people getting out a car; who I can recall was my mum as well as the nephew of my dadís closest friend. I do know that Edward (Ed) B was mentioned in this dream and was seen for a short segment, but I forgotten what his exact role was.

      Later on in the dream, actually for the ending scene, I was brought to the attention, via myself, that I had encountered a problem in the previous scenes. Therefore, so I had the ability to deal with whatever problem it was, I was to get into my high school winter uniform which would carry special powers. However, because of my school timeline IRL, I had two choices being Ďtraditionalí or Ďmoderní. I chose traditional which was the tight-collared shirt with the tie. After I had gotten into this version of the winter uniform and skipped out of the changing room, the dream had ended.

      Subconscious Visualisation Failures:

      1. Riku seen his ĎShibuyaí graphics standing on one of the ledges of the New Donk City Tower from Super Mario Odyssey.
      2. Riku (in his KH3 appearance) was seen standing in the courtyard of Radiant Garden with two other men; one of them could have been Master Yen Sid.

      Dream No. 727
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    13. Dream - Owing Lots Of Money

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:52 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 29 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 726 - Owing Lots Of Money

      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, my family and I were at our holiday in Apollo Bay, but it was a completely distorted environment. We were buying either lunch or an afternoon desert from a Cafe that was owned by Edward (Ed) Bís dad. A little while after we made our way out of the cafe, a staff member came running after us and stopped us. They explained that as we had each apparently taken snacks that added up to a total amount, that we now owed Ed Snr. (this is his name IRL too) certain amounts of money.

      The staff member then went though the amounts. My parents only owed about 3 or 4 dollars each. My brother owed a slightly bigger amount, being $28.50. But when it came to me, apparently I owed him $300. But I came to the conclusion that it was not because of the most food taken, but itís because I had been the most generous with Ed Snr.; hence why I owed him the most, for offering myself the most. And then being self-explanatory, my brother wasnít as generous but still was a bit, hence the $28.50, and my parents putting in almost no effort, owed him next to nothing.

      Since we had to scrounge up all this money now to give to Ed Snr., our holiday plans were ruined and we had to go home to find and sort the money we needed. As we walked out of the canyon-like walkway, I ended up encountering Sora and Master Eraqus who each flashed between their normal colour palette, and some weird x-ray like palette, but not completely inverted. As I was then at the exit, which looked like the foyer of the Flinders Street Train Station, they both were in their Ďx-rayí forms, as they both smiled at me, and then walked off.

      The dream now went to my house where my family was back to sorting out the money situation for Ed Snr. My family was wondering whether the clain of $28.50 for my brother was correct, so my dad asked me to do a Ďledgerí to see if it was correct or not. I went into the laundry, and leaning on the lid of the washing machine, seemed to be filling out some sort of spreadsheet template on a piece of paper. Thankfully, the end result did match up to $28.50 and so the claim was correct. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 726

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    14. Dream - Man Caused An Injury & Sora Is Aware Of Me & Examination Delivery Methods

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:50 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 27 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 725 - Separated Sections

      Dream 725 A - Man Caused An Injury

      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, it was in the middle of the night and I was walking through the car park of the Jells Road supermarket area. There was a man hiding in the bushes; Iím not sure what exactly he did to me, but itís like he jumped me; it was something bad and this had affected me for the rest of the dream. Back at home, my mum said that I was injured and so I had to go to hospital, but I didnít want to go to hospital for a multitude of reasons. First of all, I was generally scared of the environment but then I also didnít want to go because of all the things happening with coronavirus. I forgot what my mum said in response to this.

      Later on in the dream, I was at some sort of unknown area, amongst train tracks, with someone from my high school. I was talking with her, but once again I forgot what was said. Later on, she and I were on the school bus with the rest of my old bus group. The bus driver was talking to us and was saying that on different days, he was going to take us on fun excursions to different places. He mentioned a specific place name for Monday and Tuesday but for some reason, I got scared again. I asked the girl what this place was and once she explained, I felt relieved and actually became excited. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 725 B - Sora Is Aware Of Me

      I donít remember much about this dream; though I do remember from the start that I wasnít in it; the main player of this dream was Sora. He was in his KH2 clothes and was walking amongst a distorted version of Twilight Town, which had some realistic aspects to it. The dream showed Sora slowly traversing across a wooden bridge over a chasm, which could have been a river, but the dream camera didnít give us an angle to show this.

      Sora ended up at the end of the Ďtrailí on what seemed like a lookout ledge. As he was shown looking out towards the horizon, he said something like, ďif weíre giving them to Riku, then we also have to give them to KairiĒ; I do also remember his tone but I canít describe it. The dream then ended there.

      Dream 725 C - Examination Delivery Methods

      This dream was very short and it actually felt like a false awakening. I was writing in my task journal, but in my bedroom (I never write in my bedroom IRL); the task journal had the same appearance as IRL and I was using the exact same pen as I had used yesterday IRL. Back to in-dream; I ended drawing a box around my already written content to act as a space divider. On the other side of the space divider, I wrote exactly the following:

      Riku: Manual
      Kairi: Remote/Automatic

      I realised that I was planning what delivery methods I had to undergo to get the paper to Riku and Kairi to mark. This dream was short and only lasted for no longer than 10 minutes.

      Dream 725 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 725 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 725 C
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    15. Dream - IKEA In Croatia & Forget Me Flashbang

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:45 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 26 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 724 - Separated Sections

      Dream 724 A - IKEA In Croatia

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum, brother and I were walking along a gravel road outside, supposedly outside our guesthouse that we were staying at in Croatia. There was mention that we would still be in Croatia by the time my birthday came and so questions arose about he we would contact my dad who was staying home in Australia. I canít remember the response of if there was one at all.

      Apparently I then woke up at 3:00 AM for the next morning and the plan was for us to have breakfast from this IKEA menu in the Croatian store. At first, the staff would serve out 50 free plates at particular times and so you had to be quick to get a serving of a jam english muffin, cut in half, as well as an egg, sausage and bacon breakfast burger.

      I missed the 3:00 AM round but didnít feel to bad. The next serving round then came at 8:00 AM and I tried to get into that one. However, people were pushing me from all angles and just as I was ready to speak to one of the staff, they told me it was all gone. I now wasnít feeling happy. I had to wait until 12:00 PM for the next round and I was determined to get a serving this time. Once again though, they had given everything away before I could get there and they werenít having anymore arounds.

      I got upset and went crying to my brother that not only did I have to wait 9 hours to get breakfast but that they basically cheated me, giving me nothing. My brother said we could just order it from the menu and pay for it, which was a reasonable idea, but I was still mighty upset with the staff. Eventually, my brother and I looked at the menu, ordering the english muffins and the breakfast burger, which were separate items on the menu, and so we had to pay more than we anticipated. Although JO from my high school called on my brotherís mobile and so even though we had ordered the food, we could not eat it until JO let us go.

      Later on, I was in the supposed lolly section of the food market of this distorted IKEA store. Within the food market area, I saw my university friend Regina and so ended up picking up some sweets with her. As I left the checkout area however, I realised I had forgotten to get a sweet that I had wanted and so rushed back in to get it. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 724 B - Forget Me Flashbang
      For the first scene of this dream, I was walking down Corrigan Road when I came across Riku in his KH3 appearance, standing in the middle of the road, warmly smiling at me. When I came close enough, Riku and I hugged, me perching my head on his right shoulder as I looked at the side of his hairdo, feeling his arms tightly around me. Surprisingly, he then moved me off as to help take me home, as thatís where he knew I was going. I had to tell him he was in the wrong lane though, and so he moved to the correct lane which would turn right to get onto the highway instead of wrongly left. The dream then changed scenes.

      It was some unknown area and Edward (Ed) B played the role of my pastoral primary school teacher in this dream; I believe I was positioned in upper-primary school (grade 5 or 6) although my age sat normally at 21. He was talking to us about the wrestling show he runs and was pitching an idea to the class about what he wanted to do. I had feedback that I wanted to give and so waited in order to give it. However, Ed seemed oblivious to me and kept on talking as well as listening to everyone elsesí ideas but mine. Eventually I got tired of trying to be noticed and felt like he was purposefully ignoring me, so I got up and walked out, feeling like I had no purpose to be where I was.

      The dream was now set within the local streets of a suburb, seemingly close to sundown. As I walked further and further from the now house, Ventusí (KH) theme was playing in the dream, which I also had the power to project into Edís hearing, as a notice to him of how I felt and where I stood. As Ventusí theme continued to play, I was now casually strolling towards an empty block of land which was supposedly a park. I looked up the hill, I realised everybody there was wearing a face-mask and because I didnít have one, the police would find me and take me away, but much so against my will.

      I compacted my right hand into the shape of a mask and put it over my mouth, with my thumb over my nose, as I then turned back from the park; desperate to go back to the refuge of Ed but remembering I couldnít as he didnít care about me. This changed though, as over Ventusí theme, I could hear his voice pleading with desperation for me to come back. I came to the realisation that he was calling me back this whole time, ever since I set foot outside his property. He was aware of the meaning of Ventusí theme the entire time.

      As to not get jumped by the police, I made a route straight back to Ed, who was now in a house that was under construction; it was literally just the wooden frame sitting on a large concrete base. As I stepped onto the slab of the concrete, with Ed now in sight, Ventusí theme had stopped playing. He came up to me and apologised for making feel like I had no purpose and now he was begging for me to tell him what I had wanted to tell him before my departure. I finally told him that ĎJhakeí should be involved in the ĎMoney In The Bankí match and he was really keen on this idea. And then the dream ended.

      Dream 724 A
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 724 B
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
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