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    1. 12/05/2021

      by , 12-06-2021 at 01:18 AM
      Bought a paper notebook yesterday to keep by my bed. This way I can take notes during the night, which I think is helpful for the earlier dreams. The following is what I wrote during the night: "Couch, tent, airport, East Japan, apples, to be Sol, old dusty Santa Claus". Below is an elaboration.
      __________________________________________________ ________________________


      I'm trying to find a place to sleep for the night. There is a couch, with three cushions on it, that I should be able to fit comfortably on...

      (maybe part of the same dream) Now I'm in a tent getting ready to sleep. I need to change , at least my shirt. I want to be sure that I can change without people seeing me, and look around to make sure that I'm concealed well enough.

      East Japan

      We are at an airport. This might have started out being my University campus, but somewhere along the way it becomes an airport. We travel across this place, and arrive at a section called "East Japan". I didn't know that there was an East Japan, but here we are. We go into the building, and my brother and I make some joke about whether people in Japan prefer being called "Japs" or "Nips" [sorry if this offends anyone]. Then we set up a display of some kind. My brother has a display, and I have some construction displayed that I put together. Kind of hard to describe what this thing was - it was small, and had two longish things sticking out.

      [Interesting side note - this evening I was trying to see if there were any swimming pools in my area open at night, so I started typing "all night swimming pools". As I started typing "all n-" the Bing search suggestions popped up with "All Nippon Airways" - which is the largest airline in Japan.]


      We are eating apples from trees. There is a section of the trees that has some tasty apples, but are a little bug-eaten as wild apples often are. I find this spot, but also walk elsewhere. Some other people find this spot too, and refer to it as the - something ["neural center"maybe?] They are referring to decay in the apples and surrounding branches/wood.

      To Be Sol

      There is a female robot-alien thing. Someone has her held captive. She eventually finds a way to defeat the person holding her captive, but now she is alone against a whole lot of robot-aliens outside the door where she is. It looks like this might be the end. However, she finds that she is able to fight against her enemies. Maybe not defeat them entirely, but they haven't succeeded in defeating her either. They shoot back and forth through the door and around obstacles. They start changing their positions to better shoot and hide. As they do so it becomes apparent that the character of their race is becoming one of war. This isn't necessarily bad, because I think before this they were mostly machines with no identity of their own. Now they are a warlike people. The phrase "this is what it means to be Sol" is present, either in my thoughts or vocalized by someone. Sol is the name of the robot-alien race.

      Old Dusty Santa Claus

      We take a dog to see Santa. The dog looks a lot like Scooby Doo. When we get to the place where Santa is, we find a mostly empty room with an old, shriveled, dusty Santa Claus sitting in the corner. He is bent over, with his head mostly in the bag of toys, as though he is rummaging around trying to find a present. This is a lot less glamorous than we were expecting, and I don't even know if this is Santa or just an animatronic decoration. There are people in the next room that seem to be having a nice time, with nice looking presents. We go over to visit the old Santa, and I think the dog is sniffing at the bag/Santa expectantly for a present. Santa doesn't say anything, and might not even notice our presence. It's like he's gotten too old and senile to be particularly aware of his surroundings. Or else he's still rummaging in his bag trying to find a present. It seems a little pathetic.

      Something is brought into the room, temporarily obscuring our view of Santa. It's like a rack of luggage or something. When it passes, Santa is gone! We don't know where he went, but we wonder if maybe he got inside the luggage and left. This situation strikes me as being really funny, and I wake up laughing [it still amuses me to think about].

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