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    1. Dream - Christmas Clothing Wars & Angry Little Riku

      by , 09-29-2021 at 04:08 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 10 DEC - 2020

      Dream No. 792 - Separated Sections

      Dream 792 A - Christmas Clothing Wars

      I don’t remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, my dad’s friend Edmund was hosting a Christmas party at his house, which looked familiar, but was in an unknown suburb in the dream. At the start, I was following my brother and my parents as my parents interacted with different people at the party. Eventually, I noticed there were some people in a variety of fancy Christmas outfits and I was wondering why no one in my family was in one; in-fact, I was jealous of the others.

      I said to my parents that it would only take 90 seconds I went away to a private wardrobe to pick out some fancier clothes for me to put on. However, my dad followed me there and he was bugging me about what to wear; telling me to wear ‘this’ or ‘that’, but he would not let me pick out anything fancy. I had to keep telling him to back off but he was so insistent and bossy, and would only let me choose the ‘rags’. I ended up stating to him that I wouldn’t take such a long time if he just left me alone.

      Eventually, I managed to fight my way to a fancy dark teal coloured dress and put it on while also trying to restrain my dad with my hands as he clawed to get it off me. And then for the next stage, I had to fight to get an adequate cardigan. However, along with my dad, another girl appeared in the walk-in wardrobe and was also trying to push me to something more boring. But this time, I said to the girl that I was going to be speaking to Dreamy WB and indeed, I called for her to get both the girl and my dad off my back. A hologram of Dreamy WB, in a sub-scene, occurred, in her symmetrical afro appearance; and after that had happened, I was able to finish getting changed without any other distractions.

      I headed back into the main part of the house, but by the time I did so, the Christmas party had already finished. I blamed my dad for making such a fuss and keeping me in the wardrobe for hours, where my originally intended time was 90 seconds. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 792 B - Angry Little Riku

      I don’t remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was standing in my driveway, when I realised I had to go up to the local primary school for some event or competition. Instead of going up the steep hill, I went up the more gradual one, towards the milk bar and then would go through the park. I decided to go into the milk bar and there I caught one of my university classmates FT at the fridges.

      In the fridges were also these various, unusual flavours of ice-cream, but they seemed appealing and captivating to the eye. I suggested for FT to try a certain flavour and she agreed and bought it. I myself then decided to get the ice-cream which was beige coloured and had some black seeds in it, but also had some electrifying streams of vivid blue colour going through it. However, the dream did not show the ice-cream when I was walking back to myself.

      As I was about to turn into my court, I saw all these cars parked on the road and people were everywhere, and so I realised that the event had spread across other parts of the suburb and not just the school. Although a feeling of disgust, shock and slight anger washed over me when I noticed that my house was the only one that was barred off by the event officers, with safety fences and gates everywhere, the other houses weren’t touched. It took me a while to figure out what to do but I decided to call out for Riku and ask him to help get me into my house. The court suddenly seemed emptier when I started calling out for Riku, however, for the time being he was not coming. I tried numerous times and still no answer. After what felt like a ridiculous amount of times; I stopped to think. I wondered why he wasn’t coming even after I called him so many times; however, I didn’t feel like giving up and so kept trying.

      Eventually, he came, but he was very small, and somewhat distorted. On top of that, he seemed angry for some reason, in which I wondered why, and what I could have done to him. Thankfully though, his dream guide complex managed to remain, as for such a tiny man (almost ant sized), he picked me up and carried me across the driveway, slowly working at all the gates. With just one gate, Riku wasn’t getting any better, and so I said to him, something like, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know what I did to you to make you angry, but most of the gates are down, so if you want to leave, you can’. The small Riku sighed and hinted that despite his little angry feelings, he would continue to stay with me. Choosing to soldier on, he carried me up the stairs and he took me deeper into the house, to supposedly spend time with me, the dream ended.

      Dream 792 A

      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 792 B
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
    2. Dream - Let The Choir Entertain You

      by , 09-29-2021 at 03:29 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 9 DEC - 2020

      Dream No. 791 - Let The Choir Entertain You

      I don’t remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was once again on my way to a gathering with the Kingdom Hearts group, but this time, I wasn’t alone. I had a whole choir with me, in which I was the conductor, I was going to treat the Kingdom Hearts group to a choral concert. We ended up setting ourselves up at some grey stone brick backdrop, we even had a pianist with us.

      As the Kingdom Hearts group gathered around, we started to perform “The Rhythm of Life” first, with my reason being to have something fun to start with to get them in the mood. With one section being done solo by me as I thought it would be too difficult for the choir members to do. Then after that, the choir ended up doing “Here I Am Lord” to which some of the Kingdom Hearts members were crying. Being my dream guide, I was able to perceive Riku’s reactions; however, it was Terra who caught my attention more this time. I actually saw a tear fall from Terra’s eye as he wiped it away and tried to smile. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 791

      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Dream - Riku's Dreamer, A Parallel

      by , 09-29-2021 at 03:27 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 8 DEC - 2020

      Dream No. 790 - Riku's Dreamer, A Parallel

      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in some sort of house. It may have been my house but then it didn’t look anything like my house in real life. Even though I was in the house; it was the sub-scenes that took precedence in the dream; so it’s as if from the house, I was observing this dream.

      The first sub-scene showed Riku and Mickey in the Realm of Darkness as depicted in Kingdom Hearts 3, and with that, the music playing in the background, that of ‘Night of the Dark Dream’. I remember Riku and Mickey talking to each other; but not exactly what they said. However, I do recall that the sub-scene was trying to portray a certain emotion; and it’s almost as if ‘Riku’s approach’ was solemn, dry and serious, supposedly fitting the vibe of darkness and despair.

      It was still considered a part of the same sub-scene, but the dream seemed to transition with the ‘water droplet’ effect; and now it was me in the Realm of Darkness, but just me by myself. With that, the song that ended up playing for me was the ending credits from Coraline. The emotion that my ‘observer self’ felt from this was that even though the place was scary, I had a more enthusiastic and even mystical approach in the things I did. Eventually though, I met up with Riku and Mickey, and with the song still playing, and me looking surprisingly ‘happy’ for the Realm of Darkness, running and skipping across the darkened beach, Riku seemed to elbow Mickey as he looked at me amazed, like he was dropping his jaw.

      I was then back in the house and I started bopping and singing the line ‘Sing till the power of the Lord come down’. At first it was just an individual voice but then the second, third and fourth time I sung the line, harmonies of my own voice were added on. I ended up doing this musical loop twice. Then back to the sub-scene roll; As Mickey and a gobsmacked Riku looked on, I sung the line as I skipped on out of the Realm of Darkness and seemed to do a ‘flash mob’ across all the Kingdom Hearts worlds, the camera showing a bit of me running and singing through the Keyblade Graveyard. As that scene closed off, the dream ended.

      Dream No. 790

      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Dream - I'll Be With You

      by , 09-29-2021 at 03:23 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 6 DEC - 2020

      Dream No. 789 - I'll Be With You

      I can’t remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, I was flying down one of the local main roads, until I reached the turn off of where I was going to be attending a job interview IRL the next day. At the turn off, there was Riku (KH3 appearance), sitting as a hologram. As I flew around the corner and into that street, Riku ended up coming and flying behind me, suggesting that he would be there with me when I had the job interview in waking life. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 789

      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
    5. Dream - A Projection Of Quadratum

      by , 09-29-2021 at 03:21 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 4 DEC - 2020

      Dream No. 788 - A Projection Of Quadratum

      Nothing much happened in this dream. From what I can remember, Riku had appeared in his KH3 appearance; intermittent between in-game and somewhat realistic. I cannot remember the words of what Riku said, but he had projected to me, an image of Quadratum, focusing especially on the corner of a large building. This is all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream No. 788

      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
    6. Dream - A Villain As A Dream Guide & Please Don't Die

      by , 09-29-2021 at 03:18 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 3 DEC - 2020

      Dream No. 787 - Separated Sections

      Dream 787 A - A Villain As A Dream Guide

      I don’t remember much about this dream at all. The only thing I can remember is that I was at some unknown shopping centre with my mum, just looking around at some of the different stores. In the main mall, in the latter part of the dream, Dr. Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot series had appeared and seemed to have the temperament of a dream guide. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 787 B - Please Don't Die

      This dream seemed to take place in a bedroom in my house, yet it looked like a completely different bedroom. All of the Kingdom Hearts Destiny Trio. Sora and Kairi were both their normal ages, but apparently, Riku was 99 in this dream… He dream also made him look this old. All based on their KH3 appearances. Apparently Riku being 99yo was supposed to represent vast wisdom, but that also that he was simply my dream guide. As I noticed Riku was very old, I asked him not to die, in which he responded that he wouldn’t. He also said that I was his daughter as he hugged me. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 787 A

      Dream Guide: Dr. Cortex
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 787 B
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
    7. Dream - No Break For The Students

      by , 09-29-2021 at 03:15 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 1 DEC - 2020

      Dream No. 786 - No Break For The Students

      The dream started off with my doing a university degree, but with the campus being my high school. We had finished the semester early, but it seems like the Chisholm staff weren’t going to give us a break any time soon. They made it so we had to do an extra subject, which we had to attend on-campus. I didn’t like the way the teacher taught this subject, and she seemed to be very ‘robotic’ in her voice and mannerisms.

      I came home and complained, but no one seemed to be having any of it… They didn’t want to listen to me. Disapproval came especially from my dad as he demanded for me to continue the class no matter what my reasoning was. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 786

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    8. 2021-09-29 short, low awareness dreams

      by , 09-29-2021 at 08:45 AM
      Very late bed-time, eating late, and watching a video up to bed-time: less dream time, less aware, less vivid dreams

      + outside, daylight, in a neighborhood "downtown", discussing with neighbors something, I say that I've moved back in to the area

      + outside, I put on a button so that my best friend MR can recognize me, MR and NaIs (wal fsh pal) approach me, I haven't seen NaIs in years, he looks different, his face is not right; I reach to hug NaIs, he pulls back and asks "Are we *really* going to do this?" (he means 'are we going to hug when we should be maintaining social distancing?')

      + On an odd train, with a long gas tube running through the whole train, that is the train's fuel.
    9. Another car dream set at the beach where I tried to order a drink

      by , 09-29-2021 at 01:19 AM
      I had another dream with my mother, sister, and the Reliant set at the beach last night. The main thing I remember about this dream was that at the beginning I went to the Cabana Bar by the pools and tried to order a frozen margarita. The girl working the bar asked to see my ID and when I showed it to her, she laughed and told me "better try again next summer". I think based on this, I was 21 in the dream.

      When I turned away from the bar, my sister was waiting and told me she and mom where ready to go and I needed to ride with them since my friends had already gone home. I then followed her out to the Reliant and reluctantly scooted over to the middle seat and buckled the tan lap belt around my waist when she threatened to tell mom I had tried to order a drink from the Cabana Bar. We then had to wait in the Reliant for several minutes while my mom checked out of the resort, and I had to keep listening to my sisters threaten to tell mom I had tried to order a drink.

      When my mom finally got to the Reliant and got into the driver seat to my left, she spent several minutes trying to get it started but could never get the engine to fire-up. I remember she eventually though it may need some gas and me and my sister waited in the car for several minutes while my mom walked to a gas station down the road and then came back with a big red gas can.

      I remember my mom then seemed to take forever putting gas in the car and I was humiliated that everyone who walked past knew I was stuck riding between two females. When my mother got done putting the gas in the car, me and my sister had to wait again for her to take the gas can back to the gas station and then get back to the car.

      When my mom finally got back in the car she started trying to get it started again, but putting the gas in the car did not do any good. I woke up from the dream while she was trying to get the car started and getting increasingly frustrated that it wasn't starting up.