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    1. 2020-07-21

      by , 07-21-2022 at 04:06 PM
      Early, fairly weak recall, just a few short scenes. Very tired from day practice, need to dial it back a bit. No sleep after 5 hr waking, missed the best recall periods, darn.
      Woke with nothing at first, but a bit of delving resulted in the following -- so sort of a success!

      bedtime ~ 23:45
      waking about 05:00
      room kind of hot and stuffy, turned on fan
      Starting to think of waking life issues despite trying to put them off for later in the dah
      still not sleeping or making progress towards sleep at about 05:20-:30, so got out of bed to sit in other room for about 30-45 mins, came back to bed a bit tired and the room is cooler so the bed is comfortable, but can't fall asleep

      got up around 07:20

      + inside corridors, trying to sneak past robots?

      + entering (passing through) some large (outdoors?) competition grounds with lots of ushers/guards, I boldly strut right past entrance posts like I belong here, if they stop me I plan to say "I just to measure something"

      + outdoors looking at distant vistas, there's a castle/tower in the distance where I think they can (already have?) shot at this place where I am

      + outdoors, on a road (chute/slide?), need to get past the guard stations

      + image of some guy who has managed to tape a large pile of thick scotch packing tape in a sloping line across his lower back and up to his right shoulder, I think this was a very difficult taping job

      + ideal (no visuals?) of going for tacos with Mond. Sal. from T5