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    1. 2022-08-30

      by , 08-31-2022 at 12:37 PM
      + driving on a street, a large wagon blocks our path and drives up along the driver's side of ours, slowly, but forcing us off the road into a parking garage, where there is an entrance blocking arm, (I can't figure out how to operate it?), a (black?) guy comes up and shows a control area with cards, you have to buy like a monthly subscription to the garage in order to park there.

      +[f] something about paying back a loan, thinking about how it'd get done, some currency conversion had to be done between dollars and (foreign currency).

      + I see Suzanne, she is with a guy, I thought she would come up to me and we'd be together, she comes up and give me a brief hug, I tell her that I'm glad that she found a friend,. We're walking with them and a group of others, it's an urban setting, concrete ground, we walk past a carport (to a restaurant?) and Suzanne says that her laundry is in a dryer here, I think it's odd that she has her laundry spread around the city in various washer/dryers and I say "man you guys do laundry in the strangest of places!" We walk past along the side of a restaurant building, it's a McDonalds, I see a sign on the corner that has the word "milkshakes" in it, I think, "I'm in America, so I see all of the American restaurants, it was a salad bar McDonald's, full of the lowest level / sleaziest people. We're inside and I hear the employees of the McD's talk about the mechanics of how the customers will take food on to their plates. I turn a couple 90-degree corners to the left and arrive at the entrance area, people are waiting in front of a hostess (or cashier) in an entry area, I sit down on a bench past the hostess, there are people on my right approaching me, I want (Suzanne?) to come with next to me but there are people in front of her that may take that spot.

      + sitting in a small room with some windows, I'm trying to avoid having anybody look through the windows and see what's on my screen [DS], I look out of one small window (it's up pretty high) and see a pile of debris that reaches up to the window and an opening beyond it, I think that's pretty good, nobody will come and look through that window. A young Indian man comes up to the central/longer window and enters the room, apparently he was actual Mexican so I started fake-speaking Spanish in nonsense words.

      last dream before alarm @ 0700

      + I was standing before a tall cabinet/dresser with a woman / boss to my left and a man to my right, and some prisoners/captives around on the other side of the wall where the cabinet is standing. On top of the cabinet is a box with stuff, there's a smaller container with lots of small bits of jewelry in it, I pour out the contents (I think it belongs to my 1st [deceased] wife?), and I'm looking through it and pick out bullets. Once I gather a handful of bullets, I pick up an unloaded semi-automatic pistol from the dresser top and hand everything to the boss woman who says "what are these?" , I answer "bullets," she says "it's good to give the impression that we're having a conversation, so I hand the things to the woman and we start to have a pretend conversation, just saying words without much meaning

      (partial, more to transcribe)

      + MEO 2022-08-30 #1

      from several days ago:

      + outdoors daytime city, a large / tall bus/truck is making a right turn and a smaller (SUV?) vehicle tries to zip past the truck also turning right, but the bus turns too sharply and knocks into the car, causing it to roll over to the right several times. When it comes to rest I wonder if anyone left alive inside.

      + after McDonald's scene, we pass a member of our group of people who were walking around, he's up on a platform, he's there with his wife and kid, and he's completely dsassembled his car (the engine especially) into many different pieces which are all laying about. He says as we pass, "I love physics!" His wife is frustrated because he's completely disassembled the car.

      + [f] at some point earlier I had a clsoe-up view o car cylinder, and how you had to push and pull the cylinder parts to get it to operate.
    2. 2022-08-31 softball, supermarkets

      by , 08-31-2022 at 12:23 PM
      + catching a line drive (hit by superman?) in a game of (superhero?) softball, I'm standing in a city street, (the ball flies over a fence to me?), I don't have a glove, the ball flies right at me and I put up my right hand to try to catch it but it's coming too fast and it smacks my palm and falls to the ground. Then the other players are tossing a lot of balls my way and I'm not able to catch any of them, I tell them this is because I don't have my glove

      + in a store running along a very large / wide ice cream aisle, I look down and see the various flavors, I arrive to the end of the aisle where people I know (my BIL?) are sitting

      + in a public bathroom, there are open (door-less) stalls to my left, I walk to the end of the room up to the wall (urinal?) and I see to the left a small child (baby/infant?) is floating in the toilet (the floor is covered in sand?), some other smaller kid comes up and lies on top of the one in the toilet (it's pretty large like 2-3x the size of a typical toilet) and lies on top of him and poops, I see the brown cloud in the water beginning to spread, I think "man if anybody knows that first kid he'll come here and kick the 2nd one's ass" and indeed a large guy comes up and picks up the pooping 2nd kid and holds him up in the air

      + I'm stacking apples in a supermarket. There are some very funny shaped / large red ones. There is a very small one and a supermarket clerk comes up to me and takes the smal one, I think nobody wants it, but then starts to take the large/funny shaped ones too and I indicate I want to keep them.

      + arrive to another (same?) supermarket, a greeter handed me a little whiteboard (to write my shopping list on?) and I think "oh this is the place where they give you the white board", the greeter asked if I wanted something like a root beer, I declined, but then reconsidered and figured since they're offering me a free drink why not ask for something better, so I asked "get me a rootbeer float!" Later on there's a deli section, there are lots of young people there, they're looking at me (and snickering?), I think "I guess they've never seen someone (cool) like me with a beard before

      + in a class/brainstorming session, young people, they're rewriting some document, there's a paper with words (list of ice cream flavors?), afterwards they were sleeping/camping out in sleeping bags on little platforms in a river, it was all surrounded by concrete like under an overpass or elevated highway.

      + I was outdoors singing, I thought the people nearby who hear me should be impressed.
    3. 31 Aug: Helping a friend with a brilliant prank to her priest

      by , 08-30-2022 at 04:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I have a friend who habitually is not so bright. She has trouble focusing and is a headache for the local priest when she attends mass because she can't stay quiet and behaves randomly. One day she wants to teach a lesson to her priest and asks for my help. We sneak into the church after his mass, while the attendants are still sitting. We shut the door behind us and, according to some written rules she knows of, everybody sitting there is obliged to listen to her sermon if she comes to the front to present one. The priest knows the rule and is pissed about it, but he has to comply. He thinks it will be a disaster and tells other people to be patient with this poor idiot girl and to give her a chance to say what she came to say. My friend did not prepare any speech, but she looks around at the church saints, inscriptions in thombs and so on and I can see a pattern forming in her mind. Then she starts lecturing about the struggles of power in the world during the fall of the roman empire and brings up philosophers and theologians with an ease that leaves everybody speechless. I have tears in my eyes for how beautiful it is her eloquence. The priest is just mind boggled and incredulous.
    4. 29 Aug: Countryside to city, spell that makes me rich

      by , 08-29-2022 at 10:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      With mom and dad walking through a dirt road in the country, between plots of cultivated land and with animals. It looks beautiful and it smells like mint. Then my mom spots some guy standing at some shed, feeding animals but she mistakens the poor man as a stalker sneaking on us to attack us and starts freaking out. I tell her she is being silly as the man is just minding his own business, but she argues we can never be sure. I joke that next she will accuse the scarecrows of being pervs staring at us. Anyhow, she stops with the yelling. Then we step on asphalt and clearly enter an urban area. It smells like churros and there is noisy music and the road is sided by food stands. There is some fair going on.
      Some kids come running towards me and almost get hit by cars on the road. Their parents come get them, worried and upset and ask if I am famous or something. I say no and that I have no clue why they came for me. The kids seem to be interested in some bracelet that I am wearing. They are wearing similar ones but mine apparently is special and rare and that's what was interesting to them.

      Somewhere in some past epoch. There is a civil war about to erupt. But people were just caught up in the start of it at a square where some political rally is taking place. I am peacufully walking around and get totally surprised when people start yelling and beat and chase each other. The guys who get to win the first battle captured me in that chaos. I try to run away and go through a long sequence of running, hiding and they keep on my tail every time. Turns out I am very wealthy, due to a magic spell someone put on me. Everyday I get a gold coin and they found that out, but while I was their prisoner I never revealed my secret and also, never made it happen in front of them. But I am tired of running away and I know I am about to be caught again, so I plan to offer a deal. I surrender if they do something for me. But their leader takes me personally under his care and demands my gold again breaking his part of the deal. I say it doesn't work like that, only if I don't want it, it comes. If someone wants it, it stops. For days he tries to break me and then he gets the help of some witch who figures it out. I wear a gold necklace that goes around my neck three times. In each loop, it has a lock pendant. When they are aligned in a certain way, they open a door in my chest which is full of gold coins and cubic diamonds. And each time, there will be a new coin or diamond added to it if I take away anything from within it. He wants the gold to finance his war.
    5. A College Catch Up and a Colorful Concert

      by , 08-27-2022 at 05:32 PM
      Will post some older ones, going backwards in time. This one was from the night of July 29th, 2022.

      What felt like one dream though it bounced all over the place. So much there, have to do it in bullets…Know I don’t have enough in me for narrative.
      • Initial theme was a visit, a reunion of sorts, at Tech
      • Stayed in my old dorm room, though it was larger, and loftless. Did have at least one bed.
      • Bed unimportant, as I stayed up all night smoking pot.
      • I was alone throughout most of the pot smoking, but knew Jer, Chuck, and a couple were there (for the Tech reunion) with me.
      • Of the couple – it was a guy who I had known only slightly in the past, and his wife, who I knew not at all. On waking, I thought his name to be Brian Anderson (not the real one), though I don’t think that’s right.
      • During the pot smoking, the room was almost full dark, only light to be had was of an orangish quality coming in through the windows from the street.
      • I sat on the floor, smoking from a glass piece, trying my best to exhale out the open window.
      • People came in and out of the room, and I was mildly concerned that the smell of weed must be wafting out into the halls.
      • Eventually dorm monitors did arrive. Scott H (funny, the names you remember vs the names you don’t), and one other self-important jock type. They wore matching blue t-shirts, and postured almost comically in the doorway.
      • I remember checking their line of sight…Looking behind me to see what drugs or paraphernalia might be visible to them. The glass was on the floor, most everything else was at least partially obscured by a chair.
      • Chuck was there when H and friend arrived, and maybe the couple too. I was prepared to self-identify as the lone source of the weed smoke when H and friend closed the door and left.
      • At some point, not 100% sure if it was before or after the visit from H and friend, I put my bowls in my backpack. There were now two, the glass one and a hammer. Somehow, the apparently still lit bowl (not sure at this point which one) was getting airflow. I would see the cherry glow inside my backpack, glow flaring, then receding, then flaring again. Writing about it, could describe it as the bowl being drawn upon on its own, but never felt that way in the dream. In the dream, it was more like wind was blowing over the cherry (inside my backpack), though I don’t remember any wind in the room. Opening my pack to take the bowl back out increased the airflow, and the cherry’s glow became brighter. I tried to suck in the smoke coming off of it, not wanting to waste any.
      • Think there were actually two backpack cherry sequences. The one above, then one later, after I had done my inventory.
      • After H and friend had left, I decided it might be a good idea to gather everything up. Wasn’t necessarily planning on leaving, just wanted to make sure that things weren’t so obvious if anymore so called authority stopped by.
      • The glass was on the floor again, and there was so much weed. I had a cardboard flat, like the ones I bring my beer home in, and placed it behind the chair. The glass went in first, then I began loading the weed into it. It was all loose, there was so much of it, and of so many different shapes and varieties. Nugs of all sizes, from goose eggs down to pebbles, shreds, and varieties that looked more like houseplants. Remember one in particular that was more like yucca leaves.
      • The larger pieces, I could simply pick up and put in the cardboard flat. A lot of it though, I had to scrape up off the floor with cupped hands. When I was done, the flat was filled, the pile (topped by the ones that looked more like houseplants) rose six to eight inches above the walls of the flat.
      • I remember wondering how I ever fit all that weed in my duffel (yes, had a duffel in addition to my backpack), and how I got it past airport security.
      • Back to my backpack, although maybe this scene occurred at the same time as the earlier one. Maybe think they’re different, because in the first go around, both the glass and the hammer where in the backpack. This time, it was just the hammer. Same phenomenon though. Cherry flaring, then receding, through some unknown source of air circulation. This time I was worried about the cherry falling out of the bowl, and igniting the contents of my backpack.
      • Of course, that’s exactly what happened. Although I probably caused it to happen by jostling the pack in my efforts to open it and extract the bowl. I couldn’t find it, or rather, I couldn’t grasp it in time, as I saw the cherry spill. Took some time then to locate it, but I finally did, sitting near the collar of one of my t-shirts. Miraculously, it had not even singed, let alone burned, the shirt.
      • During the dorm room scene, I had interactions with Chuck, Jer, and the couple. Only interaction remembered was a conversation with “Brian Anderson” and his wife, where they were surprised to find that I had been up all night. I found their surprise humorous, somehow.
      • There’s a gap in my memory here. Next remembered piece is of being alone in an urban setting, pretty sure a K-Mart parking lot to be exact. I call it a “gap” rather than a “jump…” I think I dreamed of leaving the dorm and walking through city streets (definitely not Houghton, memories of neon skyscrapers much like my dream of Hennepin from a few nights ago), I just can’t recall specifics from that portion of the dream.
      • Frankly don’t know if I had left the dorm with the intention of finding a shopping cart, or if the idea struck me when I found the shopping cart in the K-Mart parking lot, but either way, I was going to use the cart to transport my cardboard flat overflowing with weed.
      • Nothing special about the cart, just a silver open-topped cage on wheels, like you’d find at a grocery store (or a K-Mart.)
      • I started wheeling it back to the dorm. I knew it was an awful long trek back, and even in my dream realized there must be an easier way to transport my weed. Didn’t’ matter though…This was the course I had decided upon.
      • The K-Mart was in an industrial part of town, my walk back to the dorm began through streets crowded with low, commercial buildings. Remember specifically an auto shop, but nothing else stands out.
      • Remember little of my walk pushing the shopping cart, with the exception of one scene in which I was in a covered parking garage. Mostly on the flats, but I do recall pushing the cart up a ramp to a higher level at one point. How this was supposed to get me closer to the dorm is a mystery.
      • Full jump, don’t think this one is a gap…No feeling that I ever made it back to the dorm.
      • This sequence may have come after the upcoming singing sequence, or maybe it replayed. Or maybe they ran simultaneously. Or maybe I was dreaming in Tarrantino…Had this sequence, then the singing, then came back to what immediately followed this one. Anyway, was in an apartment with Brian Anderson and his wife.
      • The apartment was more or less devoid of any furnishings, white walls, and sunlit.
      • A word on Brian Anderson. In reality, he’s a dreamstranger. In the dream, he was someone I had known tangentially long ago, and had not seen since. He was taller than me, broad of shoulder, with close cropped dark brown hair. Very similar to the dreamstranger in the wildlife preserve dream who was displeased that I only let on that I needed a ride to the airport after we had started drinking, but larger. Of his wife, she was extremely short, with shoulder length brown hair. Non-descript, and I don’t believe she said a single word throughout the dream, either in the dorm, in the apartment, or in the SUV scene that followed.
      • Also 100% sure his name wasn’t Brian Anderson, and wonder why that’s the name that I gave him upon waking. Will need to take a peek at my yearbooks. Funny, I can remember Scott H’s name, but I can’t with certainty place Brian Anderson. Think I know, think he was the one who claimed to be fucking by second or third grade (as related to a bunch of us over breakfast in the elementary school cafeteria), but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the one who had me ostracized in fifth grade. (Remembered an hour or so after writing this line…That was a Brian…Brian F.) Post Script: There is no Brian Anderson in my yearbook. The grade school stud was Brian D. I did remember correctly on Brian F.
      • Though there are no specific scenes to point to that explained it, during the course of the reunion, Brian Anderson and I had become fast friends. There in the apartment, we talked about how glad we both were that we had this opportunity to get to know one another, wondering why it hadn’t happened during our earlier acquaintance.
      • Because of our fast friendship, there were rumors that Brian Anderson and I had become lovers. We laid in a window box, forehead to forehead, and laughed about these rumors. We were both so thankful for our new friendship, we couldn’t care less about what people thought, and said so to one another.
      • Another full jump, and I don’t think the scene here was connected at all to the reunion. I was walking through city streets in the daytime, on my way to some sort of event. Not sure what to call it…Guess festival or concert comes closest, but neither is quite right. Ahead and to my left I could see the roof that hung over the open air venue…a hard, plastic dome of glossy cartoonish red adorned with multi-colored (lots of yellow and blue) flags and small spires. It didn’t tower over the city buildings, but had just enough elevation to not be obscured.
      • I was still at quite a distance from the site of the event (maybe half a dozen city blocks), but I could already hear the music. Nothing I’d be interested in…Faceless contemporary light pop probably describes it best.
      • The venue itself had a footprint the size of a soccer stadium. The stage was dominant, taking up the entire area of what would have been the pitch. The dome I had seen from a distance covered all of the stage, held aloft by pillars of the same cartoonish red. The stage was of this color too.
      • Seating didn’t match what the size of the stage would seem to warrant. Along one of the long edges of the field were bleachers, the size and capacity of Sahlen’s Stadium in Cary. This is where I found myself. The other long edge of the field had no seating at all. At both ends, behind where goals would be on a soccer pitch, were benches on rising steps. These were painted all different colors. Muted though, unlike the garish colors of the stage and dome.
      • Upon arriving at the venue, I saw a YouTube like video of one of the upcoming performers. Unclear on how I saw it, don’t remember specifically watching on my phone, not sure if it was projected somewhere at the venue…Might have been a full field of vision thing, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see it until I was already there. The video was of a young girl, about Shady’s age, and it detailed some hardship she had overcome. It was emotional, and left you feeling joy for this girl and her triumph.
      • The little girl took the stage and sang her song. Couldn’t tell you a thing about it, other than that it was every bit as emotional, and beautiful, as the video had been. I knew I wanted Shady to see it, and walked the bleachers looking for the perfect vantage point. Found it near the right hand end of the stage, high in the low bleachers, pretty much exactly where I started my day at Sahlen’s for the USWNT vs. Panama.
      • Jump to a repeat of my walk to the venue, dome in the distance ahead and to the left. This time though, was with Michael, Shady, and K.
      • Other than that view of the venue from afar, remember nothing of the walk there. We were “inside,” in the bleachers though not yet at the spot I had chosen. I talked up the young performer to Michael and Shady…Don’t think they had yet seen the YouTube-like video.
      • K rejoined us. Not sure where she had been…She was with us during the walk to the venue, but once there had left us briefly. She had bubble gum in her eye. On her eyeball. A small piece, stuck to the eyeball, and stretching down over the lower eyelid. It was nearly the same color as the dome, though more pinkish. She had no idea it was there until I called her attention to it.
      • I tried to get us to move to the location I had chosen…The performer would be starting soon. K thought she had spotted a better seat though, on the benches behind where the goal would have been, on the opposite end of stage from where I wanted us. She pointed to a specific bench, calling it out by color. The bench was a plum color, though that’s not the word she used. The dream jumped again before we settled on a location or saw the performer.
      • The jump was back to the apartment with Brian Anderson and his wife. Or rather, parked outside the apartment in an SUV with them. Maybe them…Maybe it was just him.
      • The SUV was excessively roomy, roomier than any SUV outside of the dreaming. I was in the back with Brian Anderson and his toddler.
      • This was the first I had seen of Brian Anderson’s son, although his existence came as no surprise to me. He was strange looking…Stocky, with nearly adult facial features, balding, and wearing dockers and a button up shirt. He talked like a toddler though, only one in a dozen “words” intelligible. He crawled and flipped all over me and Brian Anderson like a toddler too.
      • Not sure where we were planning on going in the SUV, but knew we shouldn’t leave quite yet. Even though the toddler couldn’t form proper words, he was communicating just fine. At least to me. Not sure why his dad couldn’t figure it out, but it was clear to me that the young man needed to take a shit. Not sure why I didn’t just say that to Brian Anderson, but I didn’t.
      • Eventually, the toddler flopped off of us, and rolled under the seat in front of us. As he did, he managed to enunciate the word “toot.” At that, Brian Anderson understood the need, and I awoke.
    6. Surrogate #3

      by , 08-27-2022 at 02:41 AM
      I went to high school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so as those long gone yooper friends of mine (now dreamsigns, one and all) would say..."Why not, eh?"

      Here's (one of) my dream(s) from last night.

      Random, chaotic dream activity last night, no hint of lucidity yet. Maybe worth noting that I had a successful (if short) period of meditation prior to sleep last night. Wonder how long it’s been since that happened.

      The most memorable sequence (or at least the most remembered), started with me dreaming I was someone else. I was the apartment dweller whom I’d later identify as a surrogate Courtney, walking through halls in a rush to get home. I had a Sony Discman, through whose headphones I was hearing reports that police were searching people’s apartments for guns, owing to the riots going on outside. The Discman sat on my hip, against the below the knee beige skirt I wore.

      Think “riot” is probably even a bit strong. Would become Armageddon later, but in the beginning, think it was just a minor disturbance. Anyway, I was in a rush to get home, as there was a gun in my apartment, my boyfriend’s gun. I entered the elevator that would take me to my floor, and was quickly joined by two dreamstrangers. Seems one was an older woman, I can’t recall anything about the other.

      At some point during the elevator ride, the dream switched to me being me again. This must have happened during the elevator ride, as I realized I had no idea which apartment I was looking for. When the elevator came to a stop, all three of us disembarked, on a floor with (thankfully) only three apartments. One near the elevator, the other two at the end of a short dead end hall. Everything (walls, floors, apartment doors) was very white, made even whiter by fluorescent lighting. I walked slowly, stalling to see which apartments my elevator companions went to. One keyed themselves into the apartment near the elevator, the other entered the apartment on the left hand end of the hall. Reaching in my pocket, I found I had a door key, but I think as soon as I touched the door to the third apartment it began to swing open.

      The apartment looked to have only one room, dominated by a huge bed. Facing it from the door, the headboard was on my left hand, the foot on my right. A large window was directly opposite the door, letting in the night sky. I immediately noticed the messiness, the disorganization. Not like garbage or anything, but piles of clothes heaped on the floor, and a chest of drawers behind the bed, running the full length of the headboard, with drawers open and spilling their contents. The bed itself was in similar disarray…There was a bunched-up quilt-like comforter, and more piles of clothes.

      As I stood in the threshold, I saw out of the corner of my eye a large black dog trotting down the hallway toward me. It was the size of a full grown lab, though not a lab, probably a mongrel. While I stood there, trying to decide whether or not I should enter the apartment quickly so as to shut the dog out, it angled beside me, not showing any interest toward me, and crossed into the room. Its easy entrance convinced me the dog lived here. I followed, and closed the door behind me.

      Once inside, I saw there were two more dogs. These were also solid black, but much smaller. The first dogs pups, I assumed. Not puppies, they were larger than that…Maybe half way to maturity. I realized they had been shut up in the apartment all day, and thought I’d need to take them out to do their business. I saw a tangle of collars and leashes on the floor, but wondered how I could manage with three dogs. I also realized I had nothing with which to pick up their waste.

      Finding the gun took precedence over walking the dogs though. I climbed onto the bed, and began feeling around in the drawers. A light wave of anxiety hit me. I wanted to finish and be gone before the boyfriend got home. I didn’t have a plan for what to do with the gun, I just felt it was important to get it out of the apartment before the police arrived to search.

      The only drawers in the chest which were accessible were the top two. All the others were blocked by the headboard. These two drawers were filled with a profusion of small items of clothing, and random objects. Though I dug around in the top drawer, I felt as though I would find no gun there. I turned and saw the two smaller dogs looking at me, the mother had laid down. I was suddenly on the floor. Having my attention, one of the two smaller dogs began approaching me…It’s eyes were so worried and sorrowful, I decided to abandon the search for the gun and take them all outside after all.

      Outside, the disturbance had become Armageddon. I saw myself in third person, in a grassy, sloping area with tall apartment buildings all around. There were people milling about everywhere, most armed, and fires. Enough fires that everything was cast in an orange glow, enough fires to cause the sky to flicker orange, red, and yellow. Despite the violence of the scene, the dream had no nightmare quality to it.

      I’m as sure as I can be that it was a straight jump from deciding to walk the dogs to the third person view of myself amidst Armageddon. No memory of what happened in between…No memory, because I don’t believe I actually dreamed of anything in between. I was just there. In the undreamed in between, I had been with the surrogate Courtney who lived in the apartment. This was simply understood. She had given me the gun. I saw myself in profile, maybe twenty yards distant from my point of view, holding the gun at my side on the Armageddon plain.

      In the apartment, I had been searching for a handgun. Turns out the gun was actually a pistol grip shotgun. Though I was idle during the majority of the Armageddon plain scene, at one point my point of view changed. Still third person, I was behind myself now, watching as I fired the gun at beasts descending from the fiery sky. They were like very small dragons, or pterodactyls, about a dozen in number.

      Another jump, and I was back in the apartment with the surrogate Courtney. We had become lovers, and were lying together in bed. I know the status of her boyfriend figured into the dream, but I have no recollection of it now. We realized we had left the dogs outside. The pile of collars and leashes was still in the same place on the floor as it was before.

      Another jump, and the surrogate Courtney and I sat facing one another on the bed. She was folding clothes and crying gently. She talked about how she had never expected to find this, with me, and how monstrous it was that the finding only occurred on the eve of the end of the world.
    7. 25 Aug: Helping a victim of revenge porn and attending a school reunion

      by , 08-25-2022 at 08:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      A family friend comes ask for help. Their kid is being victim of revenge porn: some guys took got of her topless and there is a video and her data posted on a porn website. I take the case to a friend who is both a detective and a hacker and he assures me he can take it down. I am relieved because I wasn't sure if it was possible. I tell the good news to the family and they are overjoyed. They offer us a place to stay while my friend sorts this out. In the process, we find other women in the same situation and we help them.

      There is gonna be a school reunion party and I am at the venue to help out with the preparations a few days in advance. I find a vending machine that is broken and giving 10x more money than what we put in. I start mining it and others who find out feel it's disonest and judge me, but I don't care. At the day of the party I get all dressed up, very sexy with a very tight tube dress, one shoulder off, my long hair flowing. I prepared some treats at home with the help of my mom and as I walk to the place, carrying the treats, I start stumbling upon school colleagues who bullied or despised me. I see some jaws dropping when they recognize me, the guys are elbow bumping each other. I put the treats I brought on a table and I go meet some ladies I know. They are preparing to take a group photo. I wonder how long it will take. Someone says today is the day my crush will ask me to dance, but guys don't seem to be interested in dancing at all and I honestly just want to use the vending machine as I came prepared with a purse full of coins!
    8. 22 August 2022

      by , 08-23-2022 at 10:35 PM
      I woke up on a bed in a room, never saw the room before. Do a reality check by pinching my skin, and now I'm aware it's a dream. I have problem moving my head, it feels so heavy, then tell my mind "c'mon man, stop make it harder", and then the weight is disappear.
      Something block my eye, like an error tv screen. I removed it by moving my hand like a car's wiper, it's gone surprisingly.
      I get out from the room, and it turns out I'm on the second floor in a decent big house. There's my brother and my sister running around, while I'm walking like a distinguished gentleman (excited getting a LD). First thing i do is spawning a cigarette on my right hand and a beer with ice in the glass on my left hand.
      Second after that, i got false awakening,

      Updated 08-23-2022 at 10:47 PM by 97885

    9. 2022-08-23 no recall, began working Stimulus Control Therapy for sleep maintenance insomnia

      by , 08-23-2022 at 07:04 AM
      After another bad night two nights ago where I was up after about 6 hours of sleep and couldn't get back to sleep, I decided to begin the SCT (Stimulus Control Therapy) option in my "End the Insomnia Struggle" book. It's all about retraining the mind to strongly associate being in bed only with sleeping. It's pretty simple in theory:

      1) go to bed only when sleepy (not only fatigued, but actually sleepy, like you can't keep your eyes open or your head is nodding forwards) (an established bedtime is preferred)
      2) if at any time your are awake for more than 20 minutes, get out of bed and go to another room and do something boring/relaxing
      3) return to bed when you feel sleepy
      repeat 2-3 as many times as needed
      4) get up at a fixed time every day
      5) no naps

      Also, do not use the bed and bedroom except for sleep and sex.

      This one is tougher since our big screen TV is set up across from the bed. I'm taking a break from in-bed video watching to see if this can fix my middle of the night wakings.

      I REALLY REALLY want to train myself to fall asleep much much faster. Like, 5-10 minutes tops. This will help dream practice in the long run. So I'm taking the pain now of this therapy to end the insomnia struggle forever, hopefully!

      I had the impression of some dreaming at the beginning of the long awake period at about 4.5 hours of sleep last night. Last night (with the insomnia) there was no recall at all.
    10. 22 Aug: Escaping bad husbands, changing gender, crazy train like Snowpiercer

      by , 08-22-2022 at 07:00 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      With my parents, but in a totally diferent reality and time. it looks like the middle ages and our life is not so good. I have told them that I want to live independently and depart from their home. Apparently I had planned to sail away in a raft and it took time for them to accept the idea. Then one day, it's them who tell me I must leave for good, I guess they're upset with my choices. But it's almost night and I realize I will spend my first hours of sailing across the sea in the total darkness of the night and then I realize I did not think this through. I realize I will probably die alone and agonizing and don't know why I didn't consider all that beforehand. So I do leave, but I don't take the raft, instead I go to the docks and enlist with the crew of a big ship that is hiring staff. I go as a maid, to serve food and drinks to men. It is a dangerous position, but the owner and captain of the boat, a rich spoiled kid, fancies me and so he offers me protection. Later on he decides he wants to marry me, which I accept, expecting my life to turn around, because he is much more wealthy. And it does go according to expected, but he is also an abusive jerk who makes my life a living hell. If I run away, I'll have nothing again, so I keep delaying the decision. Thanks to my position as a wife of a rich man, I got to know a princess that is also miserable in her life. Her husband is also a piece of shit. One day, everybody is gossiping about the domestic violence that goes on in the palace, because everyone can hear her screams and desperate cries coming from a tower of the palace. I get closer to try to check up on her and I get to see her yelling at her husband because of some infidelity, I suppose. She seems to be over it for good. I make plans to meet her secretly and convince her to leave with me. At least she has easy access to jewels and money, which can make it easier for both of us and allows to start a new life somewhere else.

      Then we are on the run and find a place where we try to blend in and be accepted. I get a job but it is not going well. At the same time I want to embrace my real self and I decide to change gender. I start taking male hormones and with time my features change a little, my voice gets thicker and I am pleased with the changes. My friend/partner asks me something about my lady parts and I mention they are a bit different too and my boobs smaller, but for now pretty much I am still female underneath and plan to stay so for the moment.
      Then for some reason I am meeting back with my parents, who already know of my transition and accept it well. But my paternal uncles and aunts are also there (actually the real ones I have IRL, even the deceased ones) and I am afraid of their reaction. Strangely, they all react very naturally, congratulate me for being so brave and ask me if I always wanted it. They sound all very respefcful except for a moment I hear one of them ask my parents about the size of my new dick (which I don't have) and because of a misunderstanding of a gesture my dad makes, they all end up laughing because it is interpreted as if I had a penis the length of my leg. I am really surprised that besides that, they are being very understanding and suportive. Bu then my mom calls me to the side and tells me not to trust my aunt Maria da Luz because she is pretending to be so accepting, but secretly calling it a demonic thing and praying for it to go away.

      With Riverstone and NightHawk and I am feeling some pain so NightHawk offers to massage my legs and arms as I sit on something. I am surprised but glad with the offer. He is very gentle and I am melting away with his touch. Riverstone is getting a bit jealous, but I don't care. I caress back when our hands touch and then something weird happens, like one of his arms stretch like a tentacle and goes between my legs, under my butt and reaches my back and somehow he massages my back while I am feeling aroused by his tentacle-arm between my legs.

      I am on a train, like the movie Snowpiercer. I am trying to reach some wagon in the front of the train without being noticed by the dwellers on other wagons. Not an easy task and I am trying to do it by swinging on the outside using a rope. But at some point I really need to go through some wagons, so I infiltrate and try to blend in. There is one guy though, who knows me from school when we were young, he recognizes me when I come inside and knows that I am up to no good. I don't know what he is going to do, so I sit in a seat and wait for him to approach me. He does and he puts his hand on my leg, harassing me and making threats that he'll denounce me if I don't obey him. But I don't. Someone enters or exits the wagon and I use the opportunity to push myself into the next one. There everyone is partying and it's noisy and strobe lights flashing, so I feel it is easier to disappear in the crowd, but everyone is acting like zombies and just moving the least possible, while walking in a circle around the wagon. I join in to blend in but then I see an open passage to the next wagon, where the party continues but people look a bit more normal. The music is hypnotic and takes the best of me. I start dancing like crazy, doing really weird creepy moves, like I am possessed or a true zombie from the Thriller videoclip. Instead of going unnoticed, everybody is staring at me as they've never seen anything like it. But they all look mesmerized. Then I take it up a notch and add some extremely sexy moves and the result is like I just showed a piece of meat to a pack of angry wolves. Both men and women look at me as if they want to eat me with sheer lust for me. When the music stops they are literally like "she's mine! she's mine!" and they all chase me. I escape to the next wagon and it is their sleeping areas, with many rooms along a corridor. I hide in one of them that seems to be full of children in bunkbeds. One of the girls wakes up and is scared and wants to call for help, but I tell her it's ok, that I am hiding from actual bad people out there. She believes me and she calms down. Then from the darkness comes a big black wolf with red eyes. Not a stranger demon though. I know him and he knows me. His intentions could be to help me or harm me. At first I am scared because he looks at me like "well, well, look who we have here?" as he starts walking slowly towards me and corners me against the wall. I have nothing with me that I can use as a weapon and I know I'll be dead if he attacks me. But he doesn't harm me. Instead he is determined to help, so he takes my side by side and we tell the kids not to be afraid as we prepare to face the mob of attackers chasing me.
    11. cccxcix. On canyons/adventure with T, Cutting down a streetlight

      by , 08-22-2022 at 02:28 AM
      2022 July 4th

      Long dream. Left recall a bit late and wasn't sure how to describe some bits. Didn't sleep well.


      In the first part I am with H and another couple. We are in some kind of airport place? There's not that many people. I offer to pay for a trip to Germany to the other couple, which might be where they're from. I have some ulterior motive (can't recall what).

      (recall gap)

      Me and H arrive at some building in a car and then we have to go through some kind of trials and it's a bit like a game? The first notable room I recall is like a theatre hall and a bit of a church. It's kind of low for the type of hall it is. The wood in the hall seems to have a yellow tone like it's all gold leafed. Red curtains.

      (recall gap)

      Then I'm somewhere else with sibling T. Somewhere more like an industrial complex but on canyons. We try to connect some power things but I'm not sure what they do.

      (recall gap)

      In a similar kind of canyon area with floating sections and things like that. We are struggling to find the way from one floating section to the underside of an arching canyon. I use a kind of grapple thing and make it. On this small underside ledge, there is a mouth-like opening and clawed tentacles await and look aggressive. I keep myself teetering on the edge and holding on to the rock above with my left hand, using some weapon on my right hand to slowly pick off all the tentacles. My brother doesn't try to jump to the same ledge. After I've killed all the tentacles, I step toward the mouth opening and feel a bit annoyed this is the only way down. I don't particularly feel like getting wet. It looks fleshy at first but as I make my way down its oesophagus the experience seems to become more neon/digital and less accurate.

      (recall gap)

      In a more abstract place in which we have to run through over these procedural platforms and kill enemies. It feels like a CoD game.

      (rest of recall lost)

      2022 July 9th


      I'm outside on a street. I'm cutting down a streetlight post using one of my palette knives. Somehow, I'm managing alright to cut through the thick steel. But as I apply force, eventually the handle gives and breaks off from the blade.

      Then I'm indoors at home. I'm asking H to fix the palette knife and saying I need to go back quickly to finish it. I mention that the wires inside could be live and half jokingly H says we could do with the insurance money.

      Before that, outside on those same streets. They're not from any waking location. Looks more like from a game. Some house appears and disappears when I look in a certain direction. Before that I'm talking to mom but still in this place. I'm asking her about some hallucinations. She tells me that it could be because of the person I work for(?), inheriting their psychic stresses or something.


      Earlier. Something at some kind of hotel place. (from earlier awakening)

      V messaged me saying hello on Discord. I reply "Oh, hey" but can't recall anything else.

      - The oesophageal segment is probably the most memorable part of that dream, as at the time of writing this over a month later it's one of the few bits I can recall clearly, visually. It's also one of few occasions I've had of such nature, I think all of which have only happened in the last few years, despite the fact that themes of "consumption" have always been with me.
      -- On spending a bit more time re-reading the dream, some of the rest of visual elements have come back to me. Some of the floating/canyon areas have similarities with some BL biomes.

      - I think when I replied to V's message, that dream had ended and I woke up at that time.
    12. cccxcviii. Breaking into a shop, Helping Trump, Police central AI computer

      by , 08-22-2022 at 02:16 AM
      2022 July 2nd

      Left recall until late in the day. This one might be in DFLN but I'd have to go find it for linking.


      I'm outside, night time. I'm with H and we're by some shop or similar place? H works here apparently and he wants to get inside for some reason but it's all closed, so he smashes a window and we get inside. I forget what we do or look for, but I worry about him losing his job for it. (not actually his job)

      (recall gap)

      At some kind of hotel/casino place. I'm at a sub-level lobby, there are some sofas and other comfort things. There's also a slot machine in a corner by a sofa. I'm sitting on the sofa and try out the slot machine one time. It spins and I win, not the best amount it could pay out, but something like 1837? Then I get distracted by someone like Donald Trump who's in the room with me now, I just know that he apparently owns the casino place. He's not feeling too well and we talk about it, possibly something he's eaten. I either tell him I'll get him some help or get him to come to the nearby lift with me.

      (recall gap)

      Something in a similar area, likely still part of the same segment. Elizabeth II is here and is taking part in some kind of tour? There's also some sort of activism going on.

      2022 July 3rd


      I'm at a dream version of a mix of my old home and the house we live in now. It's early morning, something like 4AM. I am down in the kitchen area which has large sliding pane windows that are also doors, rather than latching windows. Outside, I see police officers in the backyard patio area. The patio has stone flags and a garden table and chairs, as well as some planters. At first I dismiss this and presume they are just being thorough and that they are here because of a neighbour.

      Then a bit later I'm somewhere else in the house, possibly upstairs, and a police officer lady talks to me and tells me that they have to search our house. I don't understand why and feel a bit reluctant and emotional, possibly getting in their way a bit. She tells me that they didn't want to but that it's procedure as set out by the "central AI computer" which tells them what to investigate or something. I still feel distressed by their searching but feel more accepting of it now that they've told me that's it's just something they have to do because the AI told them to.

      Later they're gone and I'm in a version of our bedroom with H; he was asleep through all of this and I'm still a bit distressed as I tell him all about everything that happened.

      (recall gap)

      At one point I'm somewhere in the USA and I get away from California just in time to miss some massive quakes there. I'm in Arizona now maybe? Here there are very large fires or something but I feel safer. Something about a transit hub and talking to people.
    13. Various

      by , 08-20-2022 at 07:43 PM
      G/C + LT

      Rotational Bliss (INRALD)

      I am trying to sleep on the couch and hear music toward the kitchen. I open my eyes and realize it's dark. I get up and make my way toward the front door. Upon passing the skylight over the spiral stairs I hear beautiful classic music. I don't recognize the piece but it's surprisingly loud considering nothing in the area could create it. I exit the front door, make my way to the driveway and leap in the air. My flying is very belabored. No matter how much I try I can't rise up more than 15 feet of so. I settle on lying back on a bed of air, horizontal to the ground. I begin to slowly spin. While a light and very ethereal music plays from all directions. It is wonderfully blissful and I feel an absolute sense of oneness. After a minute or so I wake.

      Dark Shadowy Creatures (INRALD)

      Again I am trying to sleep. I hear music far away. But even more odd I hear male voices near the large Great Room window. Additionally all lights are off so I am obviously dreaming. I exit the house and leap from the front stoop. My flying is better than before but not great. I fly over to the roof of the house next door. And grab the gutter to pull myself higher. For some reason I am curious how clogged they are. They are pretty bad, full of large amounts of pine needles. I see a few shadow figures below. I free fall downwards so as to try to land on them, but they have quickly moved. I have a bit of a fight or flight reaction. And ready myself for a possible confrontation. But there solidness disappears and they are gone. I wake.

      Market Sex (DILD)

      I am and the foot of a downward stairwell. It's similar to the one we have in our house but much wider. Additionally it has a plastic cross bar hanging from the rook. Instinctively I reach up and dangle from it. I realize that there are additional cross bars (sort of like plastic monkey bars) that carry on. When I drop from the bar some more plastic framing that is their in lieu of a banister breaks off. I realize this does not make sense and I must be dreaming. So I walk down the stairs and onto the first floor.

      The first floor is reminiscent of our house, but different as well. My mom is there but I don't feel like interacting with her will be "productive" in any sense. So I head the opposite direction. Toward the front door. I open the door very quietly so as to not get her attention. I exit the house. There is a scene change as I walk forward. I am now in an open market of sorts. It's night time and most of the vendors and customers have left for the day. There is an attractive hispanic woman with her kids. I find myself attracted to her and walk over. I suggest to her kids they leave and find something else to do. Now alone, she senses my intentions. I pull down my pants and she starts sucking me. This goes on for a bit until there is a modest scene change. She's now naked and face down. So I suggest she get on her hands and knees. I work a wet finger into her ass. Lube myself up with some spit and slowly work myself into her back door. Once we get going it's pleasurable for both of us. Before long there is another scene change. Now she's riding me reverse cowgirl. I reach around and work her clit with my left hand. She seems to enjoy this. As she get's worked up she tells me to come inside her. But as usual having a climax in a lucid dream is elusive. I enjoy this for a while longer but
      eventually wake.
    14. 20 Aug: My cousin is sick and my house is taken over by body snatchers

      by , 08-20-2022 at 07:19 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At my house, but it is much bigger. My dad comes by, unnanounced, with my uncle Zé, aunt and cousins and I have a meltdown because my house is a total mess and I am not feeling well enough to receive guests. Nobody cares. They take my cousin Duarte to a bedroom where he is looked after by two nurses. He is on IV, taking shots, crying in pain. I hold his hand lovingly in support him and ask what's going on but he doesn't say.

      I return home after some time away and I am appalled to find it occupied and in very bad condition. The bathroom has water dripping, the sink is clogged, there is trash all over. Then some guys enter the bathroom completely naked and someone else is recording and taking pictures of them while they mock me. The place seems to have been taken over by a bunch of people who are basically shameless pigs. They invite me to join them for a meal but I refuse. They get pissed and take me and other strangers outside where they reveal they will take control of our minds and bodies, like parasitic zombies. They do something and I lose control of my body, they move it like a puppet, but my mind resists. Eventually I break out of their control and I escape and run to a mountain where I encounter a resistance group.
    15. 2022-08-20 better recall, and a late morning BTS success

      by , 08-20-2022 at 04:54 PM
      + special street lights that illuminate the bike, I've moved the bulb from Mitch's place?

      + changing the bulb, strange rechargable batteries with bad ones that blink, close up

      + in the house of the consulate, it's Putin, but doesn't look like him, he talks about the bike

      + sit to the cafeteria table at Nvidia, John W is saying that we've been here so long that the things we've worked on in the beginning have (already passed on into history)


      BTS (long, Heruka visualization, some throat lotus visualization)


      + eating octopus (which is "squid?"), tearing off a piece, guys some, bring more food, taste some, move to other side table

      + ordering chocolates / confectionary, someone slipped in a poop? I need to pick the pieces I want myself because of this, I pick several, put back one which has a missing bottom, and pick another one. The filling is like peanuts in a dark molasses sauce

      + flexing leg muscles in a fitness group, I have very pronounced muscles in my right leg and want to show it off to the younger people there, especially the girls, black guy too?
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