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    1. Wednesday, June 29

      by , 07-06-2022 at 10:45 PM
      I am in, what is in my mind at least, Scotland. I’m looking up at gentle green hills as I float down a narrow, stone ravine. The water seems shallow and slow moving. The sun peeks out from behind a hill and causes a glare which I shade with my hand. The scene seems tranquil and special. There is something about me thinking about what if it was a dream. Now I’m somewhere different but related with a middle aged foreign seeming lady that I’ve just met. I end up asking her where she’s from. She replies with ‘Vina’, which I think is in Scotland. I ask if it’s southern and she says no, that it’s more North than the North Pole. The conversation then easily moves to me staying there with her. I want to, and think I start making travel plans.
      Tags: scotland, water
    2. Friday, June 24

      by , 07-06-2022 at 10:44 PM
      I’m at work and walking from the direction of the second office to the front counter. I notice the regular Lance talking to the new Ethan at the computer closest to me. Lance must have asked if something is in; without even looking, Ethan tells him something like we haven’t gotten our shipment or he would’ve heard about it. This irritates me because I know it is here. I interject “meet me in the parking lot, Lance.” What I have for him is a simple looking black handgun. I slip it into my waistband (of my athletic shorts?) which is not sturdy, as it ends up in a few different places. I go between the two offices looking for the box of ammo that I know I have, but can’t find it anywhere. I end up walking out without it. Lance has been waiting right outside the door; I walk off to the side a bit with him, not sure how discreet this should be. He looks happy when I pull it out and hand it to him, handle first. We’re right outside of a truck full of unfamiliar people that he must know. I get into the truck, everyone in camo and similar outdoor gear, and it feels like we’re setting out for a trip. We are sitting on what feels like a water bed in the bed of the truck. We’re on a dirt road up in the hills and climbing some steep inclines. The one we’re on right now becomes almost vertical, but we drive right up and over it. I wonder what it’ll be like to come back down this. We’re parked now and I get out. This area looks like a small crater or bowl. The view is of the entire surrounding area and is impressive. I think we’re going to be spending the night here, which I am fine with.
      Tags: driving, gun, truck, work
    3. Thursday, June 23

      by , 07-06-2022 at 10:42 PM
      I’m at Smith’s, buying two bottles of water and a six pack of beer (I think a Sierra Nevada IPA). I push the cart into the self checkout area and go to one at the end. There’s a flashing light to the right of the screen but I still figure that it’s open. I scan the beer first and the system calls for an attendant. A female employee looks over at me a couple of times but never comes over. I look at the screen and see the whole transaction has been canceled. Irritated, I quickly walk over to the regular checkout. It feels weird to be walking through it this way, but I see another guy doing it ahead of me. An older lady opens a display door into my cart and it makes a loud sound because I’m walking so fast. She says “holy shit”, but I keep moving. In the line now, there is what looks like a mom and older son. They’re a little scruffy, I think in pajamas. They are dividing the cart into three separate purchases. I set my stuff down when space is available and the clerk moves it all the way to her while she finishes talking to the customers. She now greets me and I hand her my ID right away. She tilts it a bit and says ‘we’ll have to take this’, walking away with it. I say ‘okay’, turning up both my palms, a little confused. My best guess is that it’s expired. She returns and hands it back, except I see that it’s a small stack of JCP cards with my mom’s name on them. Oddly enough, Mom is now here, to my right. I dig through my wallet and find Melissa’s ID, showing it to the clerk, humorously saying that my girlfriend is [21 or 25]. I then find mine and notice that I have a mustache in the picture.
      Tags: beer, store
    4. 6 July: Mistery solving, love triangle, waiting room

      by , 07-06-2022 at 10:08 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Some girl and two guys are doing some investigation. The girl sometimes is me and sometimes is someone else and I just watch her as in a movie. The guys, one is a ginger pale tall dude and the other is a brown hair guy, both cute in very different styles. They gather at a park and then head to the house of an asian-american guy whom they want to join them solving some mistery. He lives in a mansion with high security and they know his family has lots of guns in a safe. He is forbidden (by his parents, maybe?) to go out, but he sneaks out through a back door and somehow tricks the security system. But doesn't bring any guns. Anyway, the girl is the leader of the group. She leads them to some cliffs and while they are doing recons in their separate ways, she slips and falls. In reality there was no real danger to her life, but the pale guy somehow appears right away as if he has a 6th sense and helps her very heroically. Then the other guy comes by and clearly is upset that the other one scored some points with her. I am watching this from the outside and get the feeling that this is a cheap imitation of Twilight love triangle and I think to myself: "Really"? Then I am her again, and walk in her body as they all enter a car and leave.
      Then I meet my mom and first we're talking in her kitchen but suddenly we are at some doctor's office. Along with us, many people await in the waiting room to be called for an appointment. While we wait, I am checking my social media and Zilla invites me to collaborate on her new blog. I feel like it's a waste of time as she wont continue it for long and I have long stopped deluding myself with such projects. I then recall a blog I left hanging, but maybe will return to it some day. Then I hear someone announcing something in an intercomm somewhere outside the waiting room. I go to the corridor to check if they are calling someone for the doctor appointment, but all I find is many other waiting rooms each one with intercomms and many names being called. I am confused and go one by one trying to understand if my name is being called in any of them.

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    5. Some Dreams!

      by , 07-06-2022 at 09:17 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Took Place in Canmore, (Where I am now) I was in a cross between the Canmore mcdonald's and staff accommodations. Jamie was coming to live and work here or something. Bir was saying what the plans were for me and jamie to work together, we were outside at night time. Fast forward I was talking To Jamill and he said, "Jamie was here to see you". I thought it was real life. She was sitting at some table She gave me a hug. She was blond and overweight. I mistakenly made some comment about that and she seemed a tad upset. We starts walking somewhere I begin to ask her if she remembers or reads and of the dreams... Then I wake up.

      I had other dreams throughout the week that were vivid but I can't recall them now.
      Tags: canmore, jamie
    6. Oneiric Storyboard

      by , 07-06-2022 at 03:52 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I am dreaming a story out. In the story, a village was destroyed, and a small group of children were the only survivors. A woman who was actually a goddess with a special relationship with the village was going to take care of all of them. She was apparently Skuld. All the gods had been gradually losing their powers, her included, so she was (I thought) really more of a demigod.

      A man who had left the village some time back has independently decided to return to take care of the children as well. (I was playing with the idea of his actually having been exiled from it at some point.) He had not been a particularly responsible person up until then and had led a rather rough life but genuinely cared about doing this. He was a bit suspicious of the goddess-woman since the village wasn’t large, and he didn’t recognize her, and so he didn’t see why she was involved at all. Both of them were portrayed as characters from a story I thought of sometime when I was a teenager but never did anything with. They played notably different roles in the dream.


      Other interesting dreams recently:

      -Cleaning under my bed in childhood home #4, I find an open box of graham crackers. It turns out to be full of cicadas, which makes me happy because I like cicadas and because I was thinking at first it was going to be wasps.

      -While visiting a friend, I go out looking for a coffee shop in a location that’s dream-familiar but accidentally end up in a public area overlooking congress. I discreetly leave at the earliest possible moment and find the coffee shop nearby.

      -In another dream-familiar city, I go to higher ground to avoid rising floodwater and end up near a tent city. Notable in that I could smell it as well as hear the people talking there.

      -Descending a staircase into an underground area, accompanied by full orchestration. Unfortunately, all I can remember about the music was that it was in 4/4 time, and timpani were playing on beats 1 and 3.
      Tags: children, story