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    1. The Baths

      by , 07-17-2022 at 02:27 PM
      Woke up super early, realized I had plenty of time and decided to try MILD, but ended up WILD'ing instead

      I'm focused on staying in motion as the dream solidifies around me as I can still sort of feel my body lying in bed. I find myself on a bicycle and focus on pedaling as fast as I can, feeling my legs move, focusing on the feel of the handlebars against my palms. Eventually a cityscape forms around me as I ride along streets heading down towards the coastline. As I reach the water, I find stone walls and a tall pillar with a light on top (though I'm afraid to look at the light because it's too bright). This must be the beacon! I enter into a stone tower and start climbing a spiral staircase until I come out onto a pathway along time top of the stone wall. The sun is rising over blue waters, and it reminds me a little bit of Dubrovnik. The stone walls of the "castle" spread out far into the distance as far as I can see. This place must be huge! Somehow, I find myself in a hallway with small openings for windows. I find my coworker Carla, who tells me that this is her boyfriend's room and how she is so proud of him for getting his own place. I focus on finding the bathroom and Carla turns around and starts walking fast. I run to keep up with her. Carla leads me to a large windowless room lined floor to ceiling with dark blue mosaic tiles, with some purple tiles thrown in for contrast. There are tub-like enclosures of various sizes that rise up from the tile floor. I get in one and find that it conforms almost perfectly to my size. A tap appears and starts filling the tub with water and bubbles. I wonder if the tap is going to irritate me if I want to lean back, but then the tap disappears into the wall and the water seems to start flowing from underneath to fill the tub the rest of the way. The whole room does seem rather dark, and I look up to see a dark ceiling with a large chandelier providing the only light. I get out of the tub and try to look around the rest of the room. I find privacy screens, probably for getting dressed, but the screen also hides a door leading to the commode. Another doorway leads to a hall with a large mirror. I'm a bit surprised to find myself wrapped in a large bath towel, but it feels nice and soft. I continue past the mirror and see more doors leading to individual shower stalls with same dark blue tiles. Past the showers, there is a large trench running through the tile floor with ankle-deep water flowing through it. "But why do they need a river in the bathroom?" I wonder. I step into the water and it is cold but refreshing. I suppose it's just to wash your feet? I follow the river until I find myself back outside on the stone walls. There is a large rectangular box lined with glass panels, and inside of it there is a fire burning (just fire, no logs or coals). It gives off quite a bit of heat, so I linger and warm up as I watch the sun rise over the water.

      The scene changes and I find myself on a dusty street in an Old West type of setting. I wonder how I can get back to the Dreamviews base and a man who looks like Yul Brynner appears. He leads me to a store front and into the building, but inside it looks like my bedroom with an extra door where there shouldn't be one. I go through the door to find a room with a large chalk board. I go back into my room, then out into my living room, where there is half a boat(?) in the middle of the room. In the kitchen, there's a fridge that looks a little too small (it's a side-by-side fridge/freezer while the one I have in reality has the freezer on top, fridge on the bottom). I open one side and find a small turkey on a platter. I pull off a drumstick and eat it. It's cold and covered in barbecue sauce. Then I wake up.
      lucid , task of the year
    2. 2022-07-17 lucidd #269

      by , 07-17-2022 at 10:38 AM
      key summaries, detail later

      Tortuous night of not being able to fall asleep after an early (3.5 - 5 hr?) waking.
      Got up moved to other room sat quietly. Slowly got a bit more sleepy. Back to bed. Relaxed and comfortable, but can't make the transition to sleep, remain in a light sleep or very relaxed awake phase. Every time the transition to deeper sleep approaches I can't make it over to the other side. This happens repeatedly for probably 1.5 - 2 hours. At one point get a (REM atonia probably) all-body buzz. Get some weak images that I interact with a bit but don't solidify. Then the following happens...

      + [WILD entry?] tumbling / sliding down a rectangular staircase [DS], thinking "this is an innovative dream entry method," and thought it was quite fun at that!

      + table with food colleagues after party: first cheese, then chips, then, (sushi?) fish, then see container with noodle dish and grab that

      + JH (president company "N") has a skin condition, the doctor is lifting large scales of skin off of JH's hands and forearms, while JH is talking to himself wondering if he can get $860 million for his home. I think it's ridiculous for him to be worrying about that, he's rich enough already.

      + Approach outside-of-city home. I see the green fence has been tampered with and some parts moved aside. I think this means thieves have entered. With this thought I see more evidence of fence tampering. Look into house, see computer devices inside, try to see if anything's missing. Old printer, what's that doing there? Looks like stuff's been stolen, perhaps including my laptop. I'm stumbling through the backyard wallowing in emotions about how horrible this is. Unless.... <RC: nose pinch>... AH! This is a dream!

      (Try to remember TOTS tasks, can't remember anything but elevator and I don't want to try that one again before the others)

      (Many "adult" interactions....goes on for quite a while)

      Toy on the table, ask the "owner" to do some DC magic and summon what I want. He doesn't. I imagine touching a part of a small object farther back on the desk will work. It doesn't. I then turn and walk back into the room searching for what I want.

      Young, elegant, beautiful woman in 18th century dress. She's a bit reluctant, says ("I have a flight to catch" (?) ... "we had that time on the mountainside.." (like, that was it, we're finished). I dare her to get frisky with me right here on the table in front of everyone in the room. This gets her interested, things get going, and ...

      ... fade to awake. Stunning LD. Super vivid, stable, clear, long, immersive. Definitely top 10 of all time, and a candidate for best ever!