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    1. 2022-08-12 avoid zombies, hurry away from CH, basketball, crackers, blackjack, wine glass guy

      by , 08-12-2022 at 07:02 AM
      An actually fairly high recall night, most dreams short, but it seems every waking had recall. A big step up from the last couple weeks...

      BT ~23:15
      final waking 06:55 (a bit earlier probably)
      OOB 07:15 after more recall and voice recording

      Adopted a mindset of acceptance about whatever experience the night brings. Strategy from the book "End the Insomnia Struggle", I applied not only to sleep but to dreaming and recall. Seemed to work out!

      Also, bedtime supplements: full set of vitamins in the evening, including glycine and l-tryptophan right before bed. 1 of our banana cups before bed.
      Didn't walk in the evening. Was outdoors in the sun a lot in the daytime.

      + outdoors daytime in a field (with bottle of pills?) with a girl we're hurrying to finish our business to get out of here before the (monsters/zombies/etc) come out

      + outside CH, on old bus stop, hiding from someone who's coming for us, need to get to destination without being seen, car arrives woman and girl inside, I urgently say we need to go quickly

      + playing blackjack in a casino run by ScoSel (founder company 3). I'm thinking about the 3-2 payout they pay for blackjack. I see/imagine the dealer paying out these blackjack payoffs, first duplicating the player's bet stack, then adding a 50% additional half-stack right next to it. I imagine seeing a player with an Ace, and then the dealer deals a 10 for a blackjack. I wonder if a table is "hot" for the players, if they will change the dealer frequently. The management comes up, it's SS from company 3, he demands for all the players to hand over our watches to him for inspection, I get outraged about this and say "I'd think because of our common employment history you'd be treating us a lot better," and he answers "Because of that, we're taking it easy on you."

      + playing basketball [DS], I'm on the court, make a short, it balances on the rim but doesn't go in, then I'm guarding a girl who has the ball and put my hand up (I see it, missed DILD trigger), and say "it's hard to get a clear shot when there's a hand in your face", there's another guy now with the ball beyond her and I imagine that I could step up and slap the ball away if he tries to take a shot. I'm standing around freakishly tall players (like 3 meters), there are several of them, I think how could anyone my size possibly guard guys this tall in a game, it's impossible. I look at their tall and slightly distorted bodies, their stomachs are poking out a bit. I'm with a coach or trainer of mine, he's setting up a step ladder and climbing up it, he comments about something "that it doesn't usually help."

      + vacuuming up crumbs in a living room around a couch, the carpet is white, I hear the clicking sound of the crumbs getting sucked up the vacuum's hose, I keep finding more, then I find a huge pile of fallen crackers/cookies I get embarrassed that I dropped these, my wife (?) comments about my having dropped them (tsk-tsking me?) and I say "I know I know" and I'm picking them up.

      + observing a fancy dinner party, waiters are bringing the last of the bottles of wine out to the guests, (there's a white wine, chilled and dripping condensation? and a red wine?), one guest gives me an odd salute with his wine glass by putting his whole face in the glass, the glass on top of his head, and slowly dragging the glass down his face before removing it, I think he's perhaps making fun of wine snobs?

      + In a (bathroom?) with a large/unwieldy set of scales the size and form of a printer, trying to stand on it (ceiling too low?), some guy makes wise-ass comments about it