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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Log 1231 - Flight, Flood, and a Giant Strawberry

      by , 09-12-2018 at 01:34 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 11 September 2018

      Got DILD (if only seconds-long for the lucid portion) and a fragment to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      At an arcade, playing some made-up games.

      Something involving my nephew and his cousin.

      Dream 1 - Flight, Floods, and a Giant Strawberry

      Scene 1 - Girl's Glare Awareness
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a school's computer lab. My bro was there as well. We speak of an out-of-business sale for an outlet that we supposedly previously visited. When we left the lab, I started floating around, if just to show off. I did, however, have trouble balancing myself, and had to keep my legs tucked in so as not to bump into anything. Two young girls (about 8 - 10 years old) were ahead of us, one with long black hair, the other with brown. The former of the two kept glaring at me with contempt. Questioning who she was triggered lucidity. I continued flying through the hallway, when the dream began collapsing into a blue void. Thorough hand rubbing until a new scene formed.

      Scene 2 - Flooding Indoor Waterside Loading Bay
      The visuals were dim. Awareness lost. I was in a waterside loading bay, a huge indoor facility occupying both land and sea. Instead of warehouses, goods were sent directly to a large outlet nearby, likely the same one mentioned above. Pathways were quite narrow, leaving far too little room for porting work.

      A vast barge was moored, large enough to cover all docks. It also looked highly damaged from use and age, perhaps even incapable of moving. I hopped into an exposed inner hold. Despite the room appearing dirty from years of neglect, there were plenty of perfectly intact crates left over. I thought to peek in, when the ship suddenly began sinking. So, I jumped back to land fast as I could.

      I stared in awe as this disaster unfolded. Yet, I also noticed the ship had been submerged much too quickly. Just then, the water began to rise, steadily engulfing the entirety of the dock. In a panic, I rushed to the warehouse. Too late. Just as I was about to get inside, rows of steel airlock doors slammed down in the entrance. Such pressure forced me back to the rising sea, and before long, I was engulfed completely.

      Hurriedly, I swam up under a canopy, hoping to suck what precious air I could. I thought to kick up some bubbles, which would hopefully stick under that surface long enough for me to breath. Still, I also knew I couldn't survive here for long... "Better rewind time", I thought. Transition.

      Scene 3 - Strawberry Wizard Boon

      The visuals were rather blurred. I was at a forest clearing, mists concealing much of the savage wilderness around me. Directly ahead was a dirt/ rock mound, carved and built with enough rickety constructions to make a crude dwelling. I go inside to find a stereotypical old sage, a haggard, ancient white-beareded man wearing rags and a worn out pointy hat. After handing me a sizeable knife, the old man points to a giant strawberry behind him. I hack at the oversized fruit, cleaving it in two. Then, on a guess, I take left half, and offered it to the sage. But, he only shook his head in disappointment, and pointed to the exit.

      Once again, I rewound time. Now, I chose to offer the right-hand portion. The wizard nods, and, finally, began to speak. He rewarded me with a boon for my "soldiers", granting a specific type of them the power to form visible, triangular-shaped winds. False memories had me recall my fighting with, and later recruiting, some legionnaire type figures. Reckoned these were to whom the old man was referring. Furthermore, this visit somehow prevented my drowning predicament above.

      Things warped. More false memories. Don't recall how this ended.
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    2. Log 1216 - Silly Time Tampering

      by , 08-28-2018 at 01:53 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 27 August 2018

      One dream today.

      Dream 1 - Silly Time Tampering

      Scene 1 - Over-Rewarded For Charity
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in an unknown apartment suite, its furniture and constructions mostly colored/painted white. Supposedly this was Helen's (a friend's mom's) place. Various of her friends were about, all of them lawyers, doctors, and of other renowned professions. They spoke of some charity drive they've started to help needy children overseas. When asked about that, I muttered some half-hearted condolences. This, somehow, was interpreted as my offering to donate $20 bucks. Woulda certainly look bad to back out, so I (reluctantly) parted with such money. Even so, Helen rewarded me with a $40+ gift card to a supermarket. Talk about being over-rewarded... Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - No Time To Be Late
      Similar visuals. I was wandering around in a mall, or more likely a huge megastore complex. While crossing through a narrow hallway, I was accosted by a little girl, light skinned and with long black hair, and no older than 8 years of age. I figured she was the daughter of a (supposed) cousin or acquaintance. She was a real bossy type, outright demanding that I attend some pageant in which she was competing. Sure would be silly for a guy like me to get coerced by a child, only, that's exactly what happened...

      Later, I entered a grocery area. Good reason as any to use that gift card above. While perusing something or other, I stumbled into a condiment shelf, causing a jar of mustard to tip over. Helen suddenly appeared, making a scene herself, as if trying to deflect attention away from the accident. Quite embarrassing for a bunch of reasons. So, I turned back time via holding my breath. The jar didn't break, though an employee did briefly turn up to investigate anyway.

      Cut to my walking through the hallway again, where I remembered that I was late for the pageant. I rushed to a banquet hall, the place where the event was being hosted. But, I got there too late: the contest was over. Boy, was that girl bitter. I turned back time again, but not before floating up on a corner; wanted to avoid getting "time fragged" or somesuch.

      Anyway, cut to the beginning of the pageant. This begins with all the contestants making a swimming display, the pool opening up out of nowhere. After that was a round of song and dance. Of course, as they were just kids, these were all amateurish performances at best. Quite boring.

      Not sure how this ended.
    3. Logs 1212 and 1213

      by , 08-25-2018 at 03:19 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Log 1212 - Raid on Death Squad HQ, The Gang Steal a Car, Crazy Niece, Apartment Suite Uncanny Guide, and Spontaneous Flight DILD Fragments

      Two in one. As such, I spoilered what's below to keep from cluttering up the front page.

      Created Thursday 23 August 2018
      Spoiler for Log 1212:

      Log 1213 - Bandido Blaster and Other Assorted Stories
      Created Friday 24 August 2018
      Spoiler for Log 1213:

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    4. Log 1196 - Uninhibited

      by , 08-08-2018 at 01:57 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 07 August 2018

      Got the WILD loop to note, along with a few scraps. Can't say I'm comfortable about posting up the last segment, but whatever.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing the classic Tales of Phantasia.

      In a bedroom within an unknown apartment suite. There's this teenaged girl there who was overtly timid for her age. Even just the sight of my beard frightened her, causing her to hide under a sheet. Me and someone else later discover she suffered from amnesia.

      Dream 1 - Uninhibited

      Scene 1 - Guess I Need an Actual Reason to Call Next Time...

      WILD transition in bed. Brief hand rubbing. Once again, my covers left me almost entirely blind, and I was, for whatever reason, incapable of removing them. I called my guide, E, via Codec to help out. But, instead of ridding the covers, she instead fastened it further over me. What's more, she kept me held in an uncomfortable embrace. Her grip was too strong to slip away from, let alone to even drag her with me elsewhere. I demanded this stop, though my guide found far too much amusement at my own expense to even consider that. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Banana Oatmeal
      Lucidity lost. The visuals were blurred. I was in the living room at home, daylight peeking in. Dad was in the kitchen making breakfast. On a closer look, I find he was preparing banana oatmeal (not something I've ever seen him cook). He offered me some, but I declined; the fruits weren't ripe enough for my taste. Later, I spontaneously rubbed my hands. This brought awareness again, if briefly. Transition.

      Scene 3 - Unexpected Hands
      Practically blind again. I falsely awaken in bed. By thought, I rubbed my hands. Feeling myself doing such let me regain awareness. Once again, I called E. Soon, I felt four hands... uh, groping me. Although this wasn't the first time she had that many arms (let alone was that forward), I still got a bit startled. Anyway, she soon begins playing tricks on me, pinching and pulling me at a moment's notice. I then rolled off the bed into the void, though I lacked the strength to take her with me. Warp.

      Scene 4 - Nommed!
      The visuals were blurred. I was suspended in midair over a tropical landscape, waterfall below, and a dawn sky above. I glance back, to find that my guide, now gigantic (at least 30ft. tall), was actually holding me close to herself. She drew me closer to eye level, only to begin gnawing on my left arm and shoulder. Again, not anything new, yet I still became highly unnerved. I pleaded with her to at least not make this too painful. Her chewing felt like it'd broken me, but there wasn't any pain. Transition.

      Scene 5 - I'm Not Deadpool! I'm My Original Character, Bledpool!
      The visuals were slightly blurred. Lucidity lost. Spectator mode. This was supposedly an episode of 'Futurama'. It starts with a customer service rep, a fat, obnoxious wise ass of a man, on his phone in his cubicle. The person on the other line lost their patience, and hung up. Just then, a talking moose barged into the office, and confronted the guy. The beast shows visions of a most unfortunate future, all brought about by the man's snark. And so, the man promises to behave, and runs off.

      But then, while going down a stairway, the worker was assaulted by a man in a white superhero costume, a figure that appeared as a Deadpool ripoff. Indeed, this character even shared the real thing's penchant for comedic lunacy. In a flash, the fat man is left gravely wounded. While bleeding out, he notices a fellow co-worker, a blonde woman with whom he's infactuated. The man tells her not to look, to run for safety. But, the woman just gives him a hateful glare. She then reveals having hired that 'hero' to kill the belarded man. Turned out the guy was a stalker, and had (despite his best efforts to hide it) previously ruined her chances with a potential soulmate.

      Cut to an urban neighborhood. Things appeared in live-action. I'm now given the role of the above antihero (or someone like him). My brother, Ivo, who was wearing glasses, was also with me. Soon, a guy on a bike passes by, and hurls insults at us. In turn, I call a downdraft to knock that douche into the ground. For good, cathartic measure, I blasted him again. Ivo called me out for using excessive, and possibly lethal, force. We argue about this throughout the town, then inside a mall. As we went up an elevator, "I" (only acting 'in character') outright told him of "my" lack of any empathy.

      Cut to a highschool courtyard/dining area. "I" (again, 'in character') had a teacher, a woman with greying brown hair, at gun point, and demanded a ransom. Surprisingly, the other students welcomed the chance to see that woman dead. Even "I" thought that was cold. Many of those kids even went out of their way to kidnap the principal, a man that looked and sounded like a live-action Principal Skinner, and brought him before me. "I" repeated my demands, but the principal remained steadfast. He admonished the students and "I" for acting on such madness.

      Don't recall how this ends.

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    5. Log 1195 - Flagrant Traffic Violation and Recent Renovation

      by , 08-07-2018 at 01:17 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 06 August 2018

      Got some things today. A pity I couldn't get much done with that DILD.

      Dream 1 - Flagrant Traffic Violation and Recent Renovations

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at the lot near my home during late afternoon. There was a van right near the backyard's fence door, and and an old dark colored pick-up closer to the road. My friend, Stefan, was driving said pickup, and my bwas there as well. I too go for a ride. The vehicle had a supposed back row for additional passengers, a space that way too cramped.

      We pulled out the lot, to find a police officer questioning a stranger in my home's driveway. I got concerned we ourselves would get in trouble for having our vehicles scattered about. It didn't help that Steve was driving erratically. In fact, he got off the vehicle while it was moving, simply to test a supposed remote control feature. My brother and I both jumped out as well for our own safety. Meanwhile, the pickup almost swerved right into the cop. As flagrant as this seemed, the officer hardly batted an eye. The others and I jumped back in, and drove off.

      Cut to night time. We were driving around town. But soon, the surroundings appeared completely unfamiliar to me. All the buildings looked far too big, not to mention all those electronic billboards and neon signs blinking on these structures. I questioned the others of such, neither of whom gave a remotely adequate answer (think one of them said these were merely some 'recent renovations'). Cue lucidity. I rubbed my hands on instinct. Unfortunately, the dream collapsed seconds later.

      Scrap Group 1
      Random warps to surfaces overlaid with maps of the Earth. Many of these depicted supposed alternate realities. Indeed, many of the continents looked off. There was some involvement with Rick from Rick and Morty.

      In a hotel. I go downstairs to a mall's food court. There was this western-themed place, the attendant there an older black guy dressed for the part. The man even performed a catchy tuned. Hell of an effort, especially considering each meal being both reasonably priced and of decent quality.

      At a classroom, possibly in preschool. Something about a bully? And maybe a girl standing up for me?

      At home during night time. An uncle of mine comes to visit, along with two of his (supposedly) young sons. Despite being no older than 5 and 10, respectively, both kids had beards, and behaved more like teens trying too hard to be tough.

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    6. Log 1190 - Turbulent Ocean Mall

      by , 08-02-2018 at 12:23 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 01 August 2018

      Got a DILD to note. Don't recall anything before that. Wish I coulda put what's below in less words, but ah well...

      Dream 1 - Turbulent Ocean Mall

      Scene 1 - School Bug
      Dreamlet transitioned to a dream. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a highschool classroom. I felt very tired, enough so to fall 'unconscious' within seconds. In fact, I'd unwittingly dropped my head on the shoulder of a guy in front of me. I did tilt back a bit, caring little of my faceplanting on my desk. While 'asleep', I overheard some girl's plot to cut my hair. She did indeed go ahead with such, but that didn't bother me.

      I 'woke up' a minute later. While looking around, I spotted a woman in one of the desks, dark hair, of larger frame, and notably busty. Another out-of-place 'student' besides myself, though it seemed as if I've seen her before... Anyway, for amusement, I shrunk myself down to a few inches. I then flew by the woman to get her attention. Visibly astonished, the woman seized me, holding me still for a better look.

      Transition seconds later.

      Scene 2 - Stroll to the Ocean Mall
      The visuals were blurred, though it clarified over time. I was taking a stroll around my neighborhood. Or, better put, floating towards home, doing so while seated cross-legged.

      Skip ahead. Instead of my intended destination, I somehow arrived at the entrance of a large mall, seemingly just recently opened. I sensed this was located in a supposed bad part of town. Indeed, I soon spotted a 'known' criminal exiting from a movie theatre, who'd wooed a high-school aged girl at least eight years his junior. Feeling obliged to interpose, I changed into the form of (Perfect?) Cell from Dragon Ball Z. I charged energy in my outstretched hands, then threatened harm to the ne'er-do-well if he didn't leave the girl alone. He slinked away without a word. Next, I gave a word of warning to the girl. She wasn't at all happy with my meddling, claiming she could take care of herself, and promptly left in a huff.

      Things warped a bit. I now appeared as some gangly guy in his late 40's. Supposedly, he was a character from a comedy movie, in which he was a meek middle-aged guy enrolling into a university. I step out to the mall's driveway, when a fancy sports car pulls up. Inside were some rowdy frat boys. Noticing me, the group hurled out drunken insults, then drove off.

      I glanced aside. A deep oceanside was visible past the mall's borders, its waters turbulent under a stormy sky. Of greater concern was the sight of various giant figures wading in the sea, one appearing as Ultra-Man, and another some reptilian monster straight out of Super Sentai/Power Rangers. This spectacle instantly triggered awareness.

      Things quickly destabilized, but some timely reactive hand rubbing saved the dream. Without delay, I float in a meditative pose. Next, I shouted 'Yol Toor Shuul'. In place of a flames, I somehow breathed out a stream of light frost. I looked out in the ocean again, only to see a tsunami was forming. So, I ordered the dream to keep the wave in check. The waters kept rising, but did indeed stop approaching. I pondered what to do. False memories of my attempting some grandiose, world-changing event earlier came to mind, but it wasn't very clear.

      Just then, I heard that cat's incessant mewling. Another warp. In a flash, the tidal wave appeared just several meters ahead of me. I'm literally slammed out of the dream.

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    7. Log 1185 - Simple, Affectionate Advice and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-28-2018 at 01:04 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 27 July 2018

      Got a DILD to note, along with several other dreams. There was more to the non-lucid ones, though I neglected to write notes of such so as not to disrupt my sleep. I also assumed I had multiple LDs while experience the one below, but I realized that wasn't the case upon waking up.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching Teen Titans Go. Starfire and Raven get an ominous message from a mirror, a warning about a future enemy. Cut. I get dragged into an episode of Steven Universe. There was an ongoing Homeworld invasion. Thought this was merely a capture raid, until the ships started zapping people into dust. Reluctantly, I cooperated with the lead characters, heeding their orders of keeping myself hidden. I rushed to a nearby home, where I concealed myself in the garage. Rewind. I chose to hide under a table outside. When the coast seemed clear, I ran off, only to get blasted.

      Dream 1 - Simple, Affectionate Advice

      The visuals were very dim. I falsely awaken in bed in the middle of the night. Reactively, I start rubbing my hands together, and also felt out the nearest furniture and walls. Took a while to figure this was indeed a dream.

      I then levitated, to then get orbited around an unknown point. I almost bumped into various hanging lamps, misplaced objects from the kitchen. After a minute of trying to keep steady, I think to summon a Marloss Berry. Almost instantly, I'd acquired a like, apple-sized berry, though the darkness made it appear grey rather than pink. Anyway, I immediately took a bite, only to find it'd vanished before I could even taste it.

      Warp back in bed. Without thought, I brought forth handful of mixed rice, just to see if I could. This actually proved to be a substantial, flavorful snack. Again, I floated around. And again, I tried summoning a Marloss Berry, but failed doing that. I then attempted to call my guide, E, imagining her laying on my extended arms. This too had no effect.

      Reloop. I'm in bed yet again, stubbornly persisting my summons. Eventually, I felt someone very close by. Upon adjusting my vision, I did indeed find this to be E, her form appearing as a glowing grey phantom. Before I let emotion get the best of me, I asked her how I could get better at LDing. "That's easy. Through practice and diligence.", she replied with a wide grin. Even at the moment, such advice seemed quite obvious. At the same time, this reminded me there was still room for improvement, perhaps a lot more. All in all, it was very reassuring.

      I caved in. Another... happy moment ensued. This went for a few minutes before the dream collapsed.

      Dream 2 - Several Kinds of Invasions

      Scene 1 - Another Dusk Drive
      The visuals were a bit dim. I was taking a ride through the highway at dusk, going through a bay. Not too clear on details. Transition.

      Scene 2 - The Wolf Pack Burglars
      The visuals were very dim. I falsely awaken in my room. My brother, Oscar, was passing by. Soon, I overheard intruders creeping throughout the place. I glance out the door to find several wolves pacing about. These were semi-trained beasts, owned by a middle aged guy with black hair and moustache, and a similarly aged woman with auburn hair. Both of the human thieves were dressed in heavy, many-pocketed clothes.

      Silently, I alerted my bro of the threat. I slowly locked the door, only to flounder in place. Alarmed by the noise, the male burglar approaches for a closer look. Once he got near, I jumped at him, doing my best to keep him at a headlock. But them, those savage canines defended their master, tearing at my legs.

      Cue a timely transition.

      Scene 3 - Kid Popped Up Outta Nowhere
      Similar visuals. I was wandering around my unlit home during the middle of the night. I spotted my nephew, Gunther, running about. Later, I bumped into his cousin, Stephan, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. I remarked on his startling me, which seemed to upset him a bit. Unknown transition.

      Scene 4 - Sylvester Stallone Is - Alien Hunter
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was watching a Stallone action movie. The lead character was leading some kids through a dense jungle. In a clearing, the group finds a broken spaceship, worn from years of abandonment. Stallone's character recounts a tale of an alien invasion, of which he had a large part in stopping.

      Don't recall how this ended.

      Scrap Group 2
      Watching my brother, Gerrard, play Sonic Mania along with my sister, Harriette. Several checkpoints transported Sonic into an evil version of the stage, each of which sounded the theme for Mystic Cave Zone as its background music. Several later stages had music from Mega Man games, including Elec Man's stage from the very first game and Misty Rain from Mega Man ZX.

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    8. Log 1174 - Atypical Transport Transits and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-17-2018 at 03:42 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 16 July 2018

      Got some non-LDs to note.

      Dream 1 - Winter Family Gathering and Old Job Again

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at a large picnic area in a forest clearing during a cold winter day. Many extended family members were about. In particular was uncle Valentin, dressed in a wool coat and hat, who appeared much older than when I last saw him. My brother, Conrad, who was nearby, also noticed this, claiming this made him look like a "wise man".

      Cut to the streets of an unknown urban area at dusk. Uncle Valentin, my sister Francine, my pal Harold, an unknown supposed acquaintance and I were walking around. Save for uncle Valentin and I, the rest of the group split to play board games. I noticed my hair was a total mess, having thick dust in between. Woulda taken hours to clean that off.

      Later, I'd arrived in my old job at the gas station. The interior looked quite different. In contrast, the co-workers I spotted looked almost exactly the same, of whom included Salvador and Erving, about the only difference being the latter missing his moustache. Anyway, I gave an awkward greeting to them. I also found that I was already in uniform. As such, I went to sign myself up in the log-in binder. I 'remembered' having powers, prompting me to telekinetically drag said binder to me. But, my clumsy handling of such caused the binder to fall to the floor in pieces. What's more, I see I was scheduled for much later than anticipated. Erving chided me for not calling earlier to verify this.

      Think I was slowly figuring the dream out. Pity the cat decided to wake me up...

      Scrap Group 1
      Passing through a suburban area at daytime. I seat myself on one of several seats randomly placed there, a few of which were those from home, and browse the web on my laptop. Francine showed up, curious as to what I was doing. Later on, I spot my niece Adina passing by unattended. Then, Jim Gaffigan spontaneously appeared, walking a large and small dog. The animals accosted my niece, and the bigger one even seemed to bite her. I woulda attacked the dogs outright, if Jim hadn't convinced me that no harm was done or meant.

      Dream 2 - Atypical Transport Transits

      Scene 1 - Car-Bomb and Brawls
      The visuals were a bit dim and blurred. I was in a crowded subway station. Just then, Batman and Bane (as depicted in the Nolan-verse) appeared out of nowhere, both locked in combat.

      While that was happening, an out-of-control silver luxury sedan swerved right into the tracks. A woman was trapped inside in the driver's seat, and in the passanger's seat was a package. Figured a bomb must've been there. 'Knowing' I had powers, I dragged the woman out of the vehicle through telekinesis, if perhaps less than gently.

      I then started lifting the car out to safety, when a live action version of Superman appeared, followed by Lex Luthor in kryptonite-powered armor. Their ensuing brawl was causing a lot of noise and property damage, lapsing my concentration. I stepped in between the two, insisting they cease until I dealt with the bomb. Luthor glared at me from behind his helmet's yellow visors, then wolloped me square beneath my chin.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - Not Your Usual Trip to the Airport
      Similar visuals. I was a passenger in an airliner. There was a shower out in the open for all to use. I myself didn't even bat an eye to doing such, though it seemed I used up all the hot water, causing a bit of an uproar.

      Cut to the airport. I collect my luggage with other supposed friends that were (apparently) aboard as well. One of them spots ads for pit fighting and a target shooting competition, the prize being a vintage rifle. They urged me to enter, claiming that my powers would give me an advantage, though I wasn't interested.

      Skip ahead to a crowded checkpoint. Harold and Conrad were now with me. The former gets in a conversation with a guard lady, an easygoing stubby woman in her thirties with tanned skin and dark hair. I thought of using my powers to prank her, all on a lark. Before I could go on with that, the dream collapsed suddenly.

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    9. Log 1173 - WILD Jaunt and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-16-2018 at 02:35 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 15 July 2018

      Got a dream and a WILD loop to note, though I've forgotten much of the non-lucid portions of the latter.

      Scrap Group 1
      Flying around at daytime. I thought I was LDing after waking up from this, but I can't prove that.

      Dream 1 - Hidden Designer Base

      The visuals were clear. I was entering a community center, one of numerous structures within a massive building complex. Apparently, I was infiltrating the place as part of a mission, of which wasn't entirely outlined at the moment.

      Numerous people were waiting in the front lounge, several distinctly cartoon figures. Of the latter group, I identified Bugs Bunny, and a heroically built cowboy. An armed guard and receptionist screened a gate further ahead. To get past them, I had to cause a commotion, which I managed by provoking those above-distinguished animated characters into attack each either.

      I sneaked through a cafeteria kitchen, and made my way into a small public computer lab. There, I gather further instructions on my objective. There were details of a high-profile clothing designer (slim woman in her 50's), and, more importantly, a secret bunker she'd hidden underground near the very site I stood in. I was tasked with breaking in there unnoticed, and steal a prototype of her latest dress. Much as one would spoil movies or games, I Googled a guide describing the target site's layout, making note of various alarm and gas traps. I then took a different nearby exit past another security gate, a middle aged black woman guarding the area. For a moment, I wanted to go back to look for random trivia, but was told I needed a library card, to which I admitted not having.

      Skip back to the lobby, then to the gate near the kitchen, all of which had been emptied. I continued onwards out a backdoor. This took me to a wide courtyard, night sky above. In the center was an even larger structure, the site of my mark. Contrasting the surrounding buildings, this one was completely unlit.

      Anyway, I opened a roll-up door on the side of the building, and broke in. Inside was an entire warehouse of fancy clothing, many already arranged in racks. I soon heard the steps of footsteps approaching, so I hid behind some of said clothes. In appears the designer, along with a group of execs and a full guard detail. She promotes her wares, odd, given the near pitch-darkness. There may have been word about contraband, or at least something of questionable legality. To better conceal myself, I turned invisible. This proved highly impractical, for doing so not only required my yelling out at the top of my lungs (I even shouted "FIND ME" at times!), but to also frequently repeat the action. And yet, it seemed the others were none the wiser. There were a few close calls, though it was due more to a clumsy misstep than from any noise I made.

      After prodding around, I found a hidden hatch near a pillar, the entryway to the bunker. Opening it revealed a stairway spanning to inscrutable depths. I continued a few stories below, before turning a hallway. At the end of that was the only door in sight. Inside that was a narrow room. All its walls were built of solid steel, save for the furthest one, which was made of bullet proof glass. A lower level was visible below, the area almost completely darkened, if it weren't for a spotlight featuring a small safe. The mark, no doubt.

      I noticed various unlabeled dials and levers nearby. Now, I knew better than to just activate any of these willy nilly... except I did so anyway. Such overeagerness cost me dearly. Within seconds, alarms were blaring, my exit was sealed shut by a vault door, and the hissing of gas could be heard above. I could just imagine that designer's smug amusement at my predicament. Still, I "figured" this was only a game. And so, through an interface, I merely exited to the 'main menu'. Quite a disappointment, losing the way I did, but it was better than dying.

      Now, I found myself in a cold forest during an especially brilliant night. Gigantic walls of an enormous city could be seen in the distance, its many sparkling lights not diminishing the view of the cosmos above. Such an unbelievable view had me in awe. It also almost lead to awareness. Unfortunately, just as I was bordering lucidity, that cat woke me up.

      Dream 2 - WILD Jaunt

      WILD transition in bed. I rub on the mattress to confirm. There were supposedly several housemates arguing in another room, but I disbelieved that entirely. It took a few tries at rolling out the bed before I fell to the void, where I rubbed my hands thoroughly before waiting out a transition.

      My first warp took me within dark caverns. I flew out the nearest exit, then got instantly teleported again. Next stop was in a misty forest of dead trees, a strange purple light in the distance the only source of visibility. Soon, I stumbled upon a campfire. A savage witch was performing a ritual there, her hair unkempt and cloak in scanty tatters. Various figures were hidden in the tree's branches, possibly others of her kind, if not far more frightful things. I carefully approached the sorceress for a closer look, only to get pulled away by a mysterious force.

      I was then warped in a snowy forest at night. Visible in the distance was a whimsical town, quite small, yet glistening with extravagant lights. Like something out of a Disney movie. I flew by a few houses, but couldn't really get too far before yet another transition.

      This time, I ended up in the outskirts of a town at early dawn. Contrasting the above, this was a bleak and derelict site. I strolled by a few of the more exposed buildings, but saw no one around.

      The dream collapsed soon afterwards. Don't recall other things clearly. Pretty sure I end up flying somewhere at daytime, with the possibility of being lucid. Something of my visiting distant relatives in a small house. Next was a false awakening, where some weird kid was in the lounge. Then, something of getting into an excessively brutal fight with my brother? Don't recall how this ended.

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    10. Log 1171 - Oblivious Interloper and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-14-2018 at 12:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 13 July 2018

      Got some things to note, if incomplete recollection of such.

      Scrap Group 1
      At a school. I floated around for mundane reasons.

      Dream 1 - End of the Ecumenical Temple

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a supermarket with my brother and sister. I wander out of the place through one of several side exits, most of which were blocked by the store's shelves.

      Next, I made my way through city streets, an area near the courts, if all the people in formal wear and in judge's robes were any indication. I myself was wearing the latter, yet still knew better than to think I was suited for such a role. Anyway, I float above a transit bridge and over the other side of a building. Near that was a smaller, antiquated structure, a place that I'd supposedly (co)owned. This was known as an 'Ecumenical Temple', a multi-religious establishment shared by a Protestant denomination, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and, I believe, Modern Orthodox Jews.

      Apparently, I belonged in some fancy schmancy intellectual cabal, to whom I pitched the idea of starting said religious site as part of a social experiment. From its inception, the temple gained city-wide acclaim as a monument to tolerance and multiculturalism, not to mention the influx of membership. Thus, it came to a big surprise when the clergy, just over a year since this began, unanimously agreed to abandoning the place. They never explained why, though if I had to guess, they probably secretly resented each other.

      I later regrouped with the cabal, the meeting taking place in a cozy lounge. One member was a short, balding man. Another looked very similar, or perhaps even was, S. Epatha Merkenson. We discussed what we'd do with the building. There was talk of converting it into a 'Public Center for Philosophical Learning', which, as I understood, was really more of a nuanced library. I opted we add Mathematics into the mix of subjects. The whole pitch fell flat on the basis of several other members looking for "something more practical".

      I woke up soon afterwards. Unwitting dream transition while recalling the above.

      Dream 2 - Oblivious Interloper

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was floating over a suburban neighborhood during dusk. Thought this was just a daydream initially, but I caught on soon enough.

      I barged into a random 1-story house. There dwelled a typical nuclear family, all lounging around, not taking any notice of me at all. Off in the corner, a small boy was playing pretend by himself. He hides in the AC closet, only to find he wasn't alone. Out appeared a slim, fair skinned, black haired young woman in her early twenties, dressed only in a tanktop and boy shorts. She smiles reassuringly to the startled child, whom gazed warily at her. Once he was more or less calmed, the girl hurried off to a nearby room. I fly in after her.

      Inside was an unkempt bedroom, mattress and random junk on the floor. The girl was rummaging around unheeded, seemingly out of curiosity rather than covetousness. Before she could spot me, I shrunk myself, intending to go to an inch high, but only getting down to about 12 inches or so. I stood still and observed, waiting to find out just what this girl's deal was. Just when I thought I'd gone unnoticed, the giant suddenly kneeled down and took hold of me. Given her mischievous smile, she seemed to already know I was there the whole time. I somehow slipped out of her grasp, and ran off. Once again, I'd assumed I was in the clear, only for her to press me down on the floor. The dream collapsed seconds later.

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    11. Log 1167 - Joy and Violence and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-10-2018 at 02:53 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 09 July 2018

      Well, it was quite a morning. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

      Scrap Group 1
      Walking around the neighborhood as part of my exercise routine during daytime. I later fly around instead. Several people claimed this was the sign of bad omens, and pressed me to deal with it.

      Dream 1 - Eldritch Future Samurai Woman

      The visuals were a bit dim. I was driving around an altered version of town during twilight. I stop at a small plaza by 88th St and 97th Ave. Not a few seconds in, I was confronted by an older rural white man, who requested that I leave the area. Although outwardly well mannered, he was seething with contempt. Indeed, he casually produced a less than subtle warning in the form of a shotgun.

      Soon, a black sedan pulled up. Out steps a brown haired, light skinned man in a black suit, an intelligence officer, no doubt. In fact, I supposedly served for him as a CI. The agent spoke of a map he'd procured, of which marked the location of an incoming threat. Meanwhile, the old bigot was getting violently impatient. Having bigger things to worry about, the agent and I regrouped at a nearby condo complex to resume our discussion.

      Eventually, we departed towards the a bridge in the city's bay, the above mentioned destination. Empty vehicles blocked the road, many appearing worn from years of disuse. Such an eerie sight. Just then, another figure stepped out, a slight Asiatic woman encased in white, futuristic body armor stylized as those of the Samurai. "You have nothing to worry about", she asserts. "The threat has been neutralized".

      That's when she revealed eldritch powers of her own. From the depths rose a gigantic, two-headed demon in her likeness, one head black, the other white. The mysterious woman steps inside of it, her body dissolving and melding into the creature. In a similar fashion, the monster ripples out of existence. The alarm then woke me up.

      Dream 2 - Assassin Vines

      WILD transition in bed. Like usual, I roll off the bed with my eyes closed. It took a lot longer than usual to actually get off the mattress, and an atypical additional two-minutes spent spinning in nothingness before I finally landed on the floor.

      Next, I head to the lounge, waiting out some blurriness. I overheard various housemates supposedly up and about, but I ignored that. Anyway, I walk out the front door, only to find an endless hallway where the neighborhood should be. This sight would've collapsed the dream entirely, had I not reacted with thorough hand rubbing.

      Once I came to, I find myself outside proper, just past the driveway and on the road, a dawn sky above. I look around, taking in this vivid view. That's when I noticed an odd tree where the swietenia should've been. I approach it for a better look. Although the same height and having similar foliage as the aforementioned tree, its trunk was more similar to that of a palm, being straighter, narrower, and having fuzzy bark.

      As in a previous dream, I attempted to shape it in the form of my guide, E. The tree soon giggled. Seconds later, a patch of thorned, half-wilted vines slithered their way from the top, pressing onto me in a most uncomfortable embrace. In response, I Shouted 'Yol Toor Shuul' at these vile orchids, intending to shoot fire at them, only to get a bit of smoke. I then Shouted a desperate 'Fus' as a last resort. The resulting gusts loosened the vines momentarily, allowing me to pull away to safety.

      Things destabilized soon afterwards, and the dream ended.
      DEILD transition one minute later.

      Dream 3 - Joy and Violence

      Scene 1 - A Touching Moment
      Back in bed, eyes shut. While awaiting a transition, I imagined E appearing at my side. Soon enough, I did indeed feel someone tugging at me nearby. No doubt my guide, given her distinct voice and the, uh, abundantly feminine shape I could so plainly sense. We rolled ourselves into an embrace, then into the void. A... shall we say, 'touching', moment followed.

      Once settled, the environment began destabilizing. I was sorely disappointed of this. E chuckled. "Don't worry", she said. "Your dream isn't over yet." I was finally able to see her spectral form, only to watch her fade away promptly.

      I found myself in a darkened endless plane, beige tiles forming the floor. A figure then popped up ahead of me, a generic 3d model of hairless man in a tux. On a lark, I provoked him into a fight, a good old fashioned brawl. Well, good for me, anyway; the other guy didn't seem to feel the same way. I eventually got the upper hand. As such, the polygon man scurried off.

      Just then, someone threw random junk at me from behind and above. I looked back to find a small stone tower, probably only 15 ft in height. Reckoned some Shouts would put a stop to this. I yelled "Fus", but nothing happened. So, I tried "Yol Toor Shuul" again. An unseen heat wave struck the center of the tower. In the blink of an eye, a fiery explosion burst from within, instantly collapsing the structure.

      Unknown transition momentarily.

      Scene 2 - Hall of the Evil Successor
      The visuals were a bit blurred. Still lucid. I had the form of an unknown muscled anime guy. Notably, I controlled him from a 3rd person view, while simultaneously hearing and feeling as if from my own perspective. The sight around me was of a hellish place, a dark hall built of skulls and ruin. Kenshiro was seated on a throne in the distance. Or rather, a corrupt and evil version of the character, a demonic aura emanating from his eyes. Guarding him were the ghosts of some of his most powerful friends and enemies.

      Welp, good enough pretext as any for a fight. I rush through the hall, charging through anyone in my path. First up was Shin, who easily fell in one blow. Raoh and Souther then attacked in pair. I darted between their attacks, tripping each of them up before delivering a finishing blow. Next up was Rei, distinctly the only living being there besides Kenshiro himself. He was likewise more durable then the others. It took a rapid barrage of punches to finally bring him down.

      Just as the boss fight was a bout to start, the dream suddenly collapsed.

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    12. Log 1163 - Unusual Sense of Fulfillment

      by , 07-06-2018 at 03:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 05 July 2018

      Got a decent DILD and two fragments to note. I probably could've remembered more of the last fragment, if I wasn't so distracted.

      Scrap Group 1
      At home. I was 'daydreaming' about my guide, E. Suddenly, I was in the shower with her as a tiny figure, almost accidentally getting myself squashed. That cat then woke me up.

      Dream 1 - Unusual Sense of Fulfillment

      Scene 1 - Happiness Without Success (and Some Bumps)
      The visuals were dim. I falsely awaken in bed in the middle of the night. Got up and went to the lounge, where I realized the dream. But, I was too exhausted to continue, and dropped dead on the floor.

      Rewind with rapid awareness. I get up and head to the front door. Tried just walking right through, but couldn't. Things were hazing up. I pretty much banged my head on the door for half a minute before I simply opened it. Upon taking one step outside, I began to thoroughly rub my hands/the environment, going on for a minute for absolute certainty. This gave me extreme clarity and stability within this state.

      I slowly walk out of the complex. While sightseeing, I attempted various personal tasks/stunts. No luck with any of them, save for unexpectedly finding that I was then fully dressed in casual wear. And yet, I felt oddly content, perhaps even fulfilled. After a simple 5-minute stroll through part of the block, I decided to head back home and go straight to bed.

      Home again. Awareness lost. I rummaged around in the kitchen, when I heard someone knocking on the door. My brother, Theseus appeared from upstairs to answer. There, I overheard him loudly arguing with supposed neighbor's of ours. I ignored most of this. Later, I walk out the place again. Seeing myself in underwear granted me awareness. That's when my 'neighbors' directed their gripes at me. They complained that my previous walk frightened their grandson, of whom was playing outside. Why a kid would be doing such in the middle of the night is beyond me. Anyway, I assured them the impossibility of such, what with it being my dream, and all, and headed back inside. They responded with nasty insinuations of my character, greatly upsetting me.

      Things get unclear. Lost lucidity. I complain about the above with my siblings. This looped back, along with part of the stroll. There's thoughts of having revenge against those neighbors, if not acting out on such. Unknown transition. Possible reentry.

      Scene 2 - Come Fly With Me
      Similar visuals as above. I was walking around the neighborhood, this time accompanied with my brother, Adrian. Soon, I noticed the last parts of "Come Fly With Me" sounding in the backward, instantly resparking awareness. Per the song's title, I grabbed my bro, then flew us past the trees and far above into the night sky. Not too clear on other things. I know I head west, and probably mention a trip to the water park. Unknown transition.

      Scene 3 - "Showing Off to Grandma"
      The visuals were brighter but slightly blurrier. I was in a forested area, hurrying through a daytime thunderstorm. Adrian was with me yet again. Soon, we arrived at the side entrance of a mansion, supposedly a place we occupied. We take a moment to take off and rinse our outer garments before entering. Something about this retriggers awareness.

      We look around the place, passing an entire banquet hall, as well as a space filled with mannequins in fancy late 19th century wear. Then, while turning a corner, I met up with my long deceased great grandma, who appeared far more active and in better health than I'd ever seen her. This gets me to float around in a meditative pose, though with some difficulty. Mom then appeared, and feigns outrage at my "showing off to grandma". The dream collapsed soon after.

      Scrap Group 2
      Playing through and reviewing a CPS2 Marvel game. Marvel Super Heroes, maybe?

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    13. Log 1161 - Deeper Sleep and Shouting and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-04-2018 at 03:09 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 03 July 2018

      Got several things to note, a mix of non-LDs, a DILD, and a fragment or two.

      Dream 1 - Mercs, Soup, and Police Evasion

      Scene 1 - Metal Gear Solid AU - Familiar Stranger
      The visuals were dim. Spectator mode. I was watching a revised Metal Gear Solid story walkthrough. Pan in to a parking garage. Solid Snake enters, dressed in a trenchcoat. He was accompanied by Meryl, who was similarly inconspicuously dressed. The two meet up with Master Miller and Liquid Snake, both in formal wear. In this setting, Liquid had not gone rogue, remaining in Foxhound as its leader. With Miller's help, Liquid planned to pull his brother out of retirement and back into the battlefield. Snake was wary of such arrangements, especially when given by (at the time) an unusually familiar stranger. During their talks, Meryl, in her nervous overeagerness, would blurt out questions and random exclamations, earning silent scowls from the others.

      Unknown cut.

      Scene 2 - All Souped Out
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was wandering around a local plaza during daytime. My brother and sister were accompanying me. One of them mentions something about a soup buffet that had recently opened around there. Very intriguing, though at the moment, I felt too full to get much enjoyment out of such.

      Not clear on much where else we browsed. Unknown transition.

      Scene 3 - Urban Cathedral Police Chase
      The visuals were less blurred. I was wandering around a relatively upscale urban area during an overcast day. Eventually, I cut through the back area of an empty cathedral, jumping over its cast-iron fence and circling around within its perimeter. When I passed by a tree, a bird darted out of its leaves and scurried away. There was something unusual about it, but I can't say what.

      I circled all the way to the front gate, which, of course, was locked. So I flew up and over this barrier. Then, from my right, I heard someone shouting at me. Just my luck, I stumbled upon ongoing multiple arrests not 10 meters to my right. One of the officers demanded I kneel with my hands up. Since he was preoccupied, he told me to stay put.

      Got bored after a minute. So, I turned invisible, and snuck away. The cops reacted quickly, but with luck, I barely avoided getting nabbed on the spot. I hurried through the neighborhood, sirens echoing through the streets. Between this, I glanced inside an apartment building. There, a tanned skinned older woman was watching this fantasy themed soap opera, a show set in an underground city. While she viewed this, she ate something called 'Equillix', supposedly a medicinal candy that helps with memory. This reminds me to think about my goals the next time I'm dreaming (d'oh...). Anyway, I then fly up to the rooftop, where I intended to keep hidden until the heat died down.

      Don't recall how this ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      At an arcade. I was watching a King of Fighter's run.

      Dream 2 - Deeper Sleep and Shouting

      Scene 1 - Mind Trick Inner WILD
      Unknown beginning involving the DCAU. Cut. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was flying through the borders of an urban/suburban area during a bright day. Initially, I was wearing a cape, which then spontaneously changed into a blanket.

      A minute later, I floated in the upper floor of a boarding house constructed of dark wood. I entered a darkened bedroom, a place I thought as my own. Random thoughts on Dragon Ball Z sprouted in my mind, including musings of a Super Saiyan Blue Nappa. It was then that I remembered my previous WILD attempt, and so gained lucidity. Things begin collapsing. I thoroughly rubbed my hands, then the mattress, to little result. So, I thought to 'fool' my brain by WILDing on the spot. Didn't take long to 'sleep' consciously. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Yol Toor Shuul!
      Similar visuals. I 'awakened' from the above state in the same spot, fully aware, where I further reaffirmed myself with more hand rubbing. I fly from a balcony and to the suburbs once again, sweeping past narrow buildings. Thinking of the competition, I yelled "Yol Toor Shuul!". As expected, this shout erupted as a blast of flame. Unexpectedly, the fire's smoke rapidly spread throughout the environment. Cue the dream collapsing.

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    14. Log 1156 - Fiery Fangirl

      by , 06-29-2018 at 12:54 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 28 June 2018

      Got some things to note. There would've been more details and other dreams as well, but I had other things to mind before I could write them down.

      Scrap Group 1
      In a highschool classroom. The teacher (an unknown brunette) complained I wasn't taking enough notes. Later, while going upstairs, that same teacher demanded I stop some disruption I'd unwittingly caused. In response, I fly through a slit in the wall, prompting her to chase me.

      Dream 1 - Fiery Fangirl

      The visuals were blurred. I wasn in an unknown apartment suite as a guest. Later on, I end up in a bedroom, collectible figures, books, and plushies scattered all throughout the carpeted floor. This place belonged to an olive skinned college aged girl with kinky dirty blonde hair. She was an odd, bubbly kid obsessed with fantasy characters, prancing all around and spouting awkward references about one such media or another. Indeed, there was a collection of fanfiction novels involving a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat crossover, of all things. One of these books depicted an overly edgy replacement for Quan-Chi in the front cover, while the back mentioned a "Guile Jr."

      I blurted out something critical about the girl's overenthusiasm. Whatever it was, it caused her to literally explode in anger, throwing burning punches and ignited baubles alike towards me. Despite the onslaught, such rage made her easy to avoid, and outlast. One simple push was all it took to get her to stumble to the ground.

      Poor girl didn't take the loss well. To make up for things, I tried getting her to calm down, instructing her to focus on her breaths for a few minutes. She did start, only for her to mutter inane thoughts of attaining instant enlightenment, rendering the whole exercise moot.

      Don't recall how this ended.

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    15. Log 1154 - Ex-Ante Ransom Demand and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 06-27-2018 at 01:36 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 26 June 2018

      Got a few scraps and some non-LDs.

      Dream 1 - Mall, 3D Panoramas, and Parking Confusion

      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was wandering inside a medium-sized mall. One of my stops was at a public art exhibition, occupied in its own series of rooms rather than in an open booth. Each room contained entire 360 degree panoramas depicting absurdist fantasy artwork. One such image was of a group of giants savagely assaulting a much smaller person. Another likewise had giant cyclopes', male and female this time, all of whom had obviously lustful affection towards a tiny woman.

      Later on, I sit down by some indoor foliage to eat a burger and fries. My brother, Roderick, eventually showed up with a sandwich of his own, but nothing else. He asked if I could trade some fries for a piece of his meal, but by the time he asked, I'd already eaten the entire container-full in practically one gulp.

      Cut outside to the streets of a shabby suburban area at night time, an area close to where my brother and I supposedly had left our vehicles parked. As I looked for my ride, I was accosted by this old man, who claimed to know the best way out of the place. It suddenly rained, so I offered the guy a lift. Or would have, if I didn't lose track of my vehicle...

      Not sure how this ended.

      Scrap Group 1

      Wandering around town. I stop at this Indonesian festival. There were sculptures depicting Hindi epics, including Hanuman's journey to Lanka.

      At home. I speak with my nephew, Theodore, on what he learned in school that day. Something about germs, I think. He becomes a bit of smart-alleck when he points out some facts of which I wasn't aware.

      Dream 2 - Ex-Ante Ransom Demand

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at home, as were my brothers, dad, Theodore, and his cousin David. Later on, I get a call from a stranger. He boldly identified himself as a criminal, and made a likewise audacious demand: that I either pay him and his crew, or risk getting kidnapped. Before I could press anything, the man hung up.

      This all seemed ridiculous. Still, just in case, I warned the others of the potential threat coming our way. Roderick went upstairs, where he revealed a secret stash of pistols and shotguns he's been hoarding (implausible as that sounds). Where my dad and my brothers armed themselves, I opted to remain as I was. I reassured them the weapons weren't necessary, for I 'knew' I had powers, of which I revealed by floating around cross-legged.

      Just then, the thugs burst in through the front door, each armed themselves. They, of course, wanted payment for the ex-ante ransom. I hid by the stairs, confident my brothers could talk their way out of this. Even if things got bad, I was sure I could pull them out. Negotiations broke down. Violence was inevitable. Unfortunately, I was too slow to react. By the time I realized it, one of my brothers was on the floor, unconscious, if not...

      I then became aware enough to know this wasn't real. Still, my rage prevented full lucidity. I mentally locked onto the minds of those around me, picking up a good dozen or so. It would've been so easy to telepathically rend each of these consciousnesses apart. But, since I couldn't distinguish one from the other, there was no way I could chance friendly fire. So instead, I lulled these marks to sleep. Unwittingly, I did the same to myself. Once I came to, I rushed out the door, then hid behind some vehicles for cover, taking fire along the way. Again, I tried knocking out the intruders, and succeeded once more. It was then that Roderick stepped out, apparently unharmed. There was no doubt he'd finish the deed.

      The dream collapsed soon after.

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