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    1. 10/27/10 The Portal to Everywhere

      by , 10-29-2010 at 10:21 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Asuka seems to be missing again. Last night MoSh had a dream where some creepy guy used telepathic tendrils of some kind to control his and Asuka's mind, at which point he tried to swap out the version of Asuka that has been married to MoSh with a twinner from another dimension. He used the mind control so he could walk out with Asuka and not actually have to fight anyone. Additionally one of those who had taken Asuka had appeared to MoSh to be Kaomae, someone we have been sharing dreams with recently… so my goal for tonight was to track down Asuka and see who had actually taken her. Nomad was suspecting Templars… I was tending to agree with that… so I was focused on finding Asuka as I slipped into a WILD.

      I am in the biodome on the moon, which is where I said I would meet up with Nomad. I remember that I am also going to go get MoSh so he can come with us and help get Asuka back from wherever she is. I look around to see if Nomad might be there already, but there isn't anyone there at the time. I look into the pond where the koi are swimming around, rainbows of fish in the water… maybe I can go get MoSh before Nomad even gets there. I open a portal to go find MoSh and bring him along to go find Asuka.

      I exit the portal into MoSh's inner world, to the place I usually enter. I go up to MoSh's house and knock on the door, I'm not sure if MoSh is still inside or not, but it is where I feel I should go. The door opens and MoSh is there, he says he can feel that Asuka is in danger, she isn't just over there visiting Kaomea, she can't get back home. He turns invisible and says he will watch to make sure nothing goes wrong, just in case my energy reacts badly to Kaomea's energy again. I tell MoSh to become visible again, it really doesn't look like we are going to find Asuka with Kaomea. I tell him that I spoke to Nomad last night, and Zaphor had told him the Templars are responsible for grabbing Asuka this time. It makes sense that they would try to make MoSh think Kaomea had something to do with it, to get us looking in the wrong place. I tell MoSh it doesn't matter who has her, I will track her down and find out who has her. I tell him Nomad is waiting to help us with this, he is waiting back on the moon, so let's go pick him up first. MoSh agrees to that, so I open a portal back to the moon, back to the biodome.

      Sure enough, when we exit the portal back in the biodome Nomad is there waiting for us. Nomad says he wants to go by the Temple of Angels for healing before finding Asuka. MoSh says that will take too long, we might end up waking up before we get Asuka back. Nomad says that's not going to happen since we can dilate time, MoSh says that doesn't always work for him. Nomad says he feels it is very important to go by the Temple of Angels first, I decide to add my input that in the time we might spend arguing about it we could have already been to the Temple of Angels and now be looking for Asuka. I know that's exaggerating, but it seems to bring the argument to an end. Nomad opens a portal, and the three of us go through the portal to the Temple of Angels.

      Once we are in the Temple of Angels the healing part doesn't take much time at all, there is a room in the temple that is filled up with golden energy, a room that is meant for healing and for enhancing healing abilities. Even though I don't remember ever being there before, I remember what it is for. When we leave that room there are several angels that meet us and are talking about something, but I am distracted for some reason and I don't hear all that they have to say. I am currently pondering why it might be that everyone and their aunt and uncle are after Asuka, the only conclusion I can reach is that it gets really annoying that all of these enemies won't just leave Asuka alone. After a bit of thought, Nomad snaps me out of my reveries and says we can go find Asuka now if I am ready. I focus on opening a portal to find Asuka, after a bit of focus, a portal opens up in front of us. Nomad says that once we reach her he will let out allies know where to come if we are going to need their help, and he says he has the feeling we might need all the help we can get. So preparing for battle, the three of us enter into the portal… and are instantly swept into a divergent dream of epic proportions, the following dreams all took place simultaneously on different planes, in different parallel worlds…

      To Be Continued…
    2. Murder & Angels.

      by , 09-17-2010 at 08:31 PM
      I was at my "room" (completely different than my actual room). It had an eerie feeling, my sheets were scarlet red, like I'd like my room to be. But the light of the dream was like greenish-yellowish, quite creepy. My dad came in to tell me that all my family was arriving. My uncle came in and told me he had some cards with our names and their meanings. I picked two and the first one said something like the angels cry, their crystals break and the second one that I was in deep sorrow. I then walked out of my house by my best friend, he told me I had to see this. It was too small kids, one girl, one boy fighting each other. I separated them and took the little girl by the hand. We walked and the little boy followed us, but not trying to fight her anymore. Some women that walked with us told him to stay far, but I told them to let him stay, that he needed help as well. When we were walking back I told them I had to go to work just a few minutes, and the place where I was going said something like Police & Mysteries Department, meaning I was a detective and I investigated murders. I came in with the other detectives, and they told me it was all okay. But one guy started to walk in some tiles, and he removed them, we saw a children's carpet. He was removing tiles and stopped, walked over other tiles. He said he knew what was going on, there was a body there. This other agent had killed another agent. When that agent, the murderer came in, we confronted her and she confessed. The tiles went up and we saw the body, it was still fresh. Then the agent took a knife and killed the others. It was like I wasn't there anymore, just an expectator. I went back to my house, and I woke up. Strange enough, this didn't feel like a nightmare at all.

      Feelings: creepiness, wonder, curiosity, fear (not intense though), the desire to do something, to do justice.
    3. A

      by , 05-30-2010 at 11:17 PM (Naiya's Gallery)

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    4. Ash Skeletons with Smooth Oval Stones

      by , 05-06-1997 at 11:06 AM
      Morning of May 6, 1997. Tuesday.

      I mostly see images of skeletal human figures that are made of ashes. They seem to be gripping white, smooth, flat, oval stones. There are images of angels that seem to be flying into me (which represents coalescence of different patterns and dynamics within the dream state). There are some images based on when Helene (my wife Zsuzsanna’s mother) was thrown off the bus yesterday in real life.

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