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    1. Taken by an “angel” to an area of “eternity”

      by , 08-02-2013 at 02:02 PM
      Morning of August 2, 2013. Friday.

      Dream #: 17,028-03. Reading time: 2 min 32 sec.

      It is unclear why the world is being “stopped” by God. It may relate to the endless clashes of culture and religions or the fabrications by governments and businesses to serve their interests.

      I am in a business building with others, though unsure of where my family is. The world gets increasingly warmer but stops at the threshold where life would end. The drama begins when darkness suddenly falls. Most people are afraid, but I am partly aware of what is coming.

      Time passes, and I feel movement around me. I rise to float into the air, and so do all the others. It is not like flying but floating without gravity and with no control with the danger of randomly bumping into someone or something and while going at different speeds. It does not terrify me as it does the others. I tell them that God has taken gravity away from the human race. (This may be an influence from recently seeing others on the Internet writing about how “good” or “bad” gravity is.) The planets and stars are beginning to vanish.

      More time passes, and the end is coming. I feel a sense of awe and a slight regret. What will happen to me? The world will cease to exist. Suddenly, as all the gravity is gone and most people in the world are very close to death, the doorway is brighter and a strange being of light and shadow, an angel, appears in a cloak. It looks like a “plant of light”, but also seems human at times. Its head, hands, and feet are each like a glowing, swaying cedar sprout. (I do not recall the Biblical reference “swaying like a cedar” in describing Behemoth’s tail. According to some, Behemoth is a hippo or elephant.) At times, the angel’s head and limbs look like a glowing elephant’s tail. The being formally calls for me, using my full name, saying it once. I fearlessly maneuver myself toward the angel. I hear no other name. I feel slightly strange at being the only one called at the “last minute”.

      I feel very emotional, crying in thankfulness. The angel becomes a “throne” after carrying me through the doorway, hovering in this other dimension. It is Eternity or Heaven, or something similar, yet I am the only human here. I notice other angels, too brightly glowing to make out much detail, all to my left. I am joyful because I still exist. I am vaguely aware, after a seemingly long time that this is not final, as I am slowly waking. I have a false awakening that I am telling my wife about my previous dream, saying how it had aspects similar to Christianity, though no thoughts of names or specific identities.

      My dream had a sense of bilocation. When I was in Heaven, I was also aware of floating within the Cubitis house’s southwest bedroom, its door facing me from a short distance off to my right.

      I think there was influence from the “Outer Limits” episode “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” (with William Shatner) that I have not seen in over twenty years, regarding the appearance of the angelic being.

      The angel head and limbs with the appearance of an elephant’s tail may relate to quashing my childhood fear of elephants.

      In another dream, I become a big blanket while flying and phasing through walls, as well as soaring high and fast in the night sky. I was also a human and undressed, using it to cover myself, more so to shield my body from tree branches rather than for moral reasons. It transforms into suitable clothing when I land.

      I also had a dream about an unusual snowmobile, which turned out to be precognitive, part of an unexpected scenario for an educational session the same day.

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    2. The Further Chronicles of Narnia and the Old Hag

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:12 AM
      07-21-2013 -- I am walking by an apartment complex on either Hickory or Dale, where there is no apartment complex. I am more or less minding my own business, when I run into this guy who starts yelling at me. He tells me I am worthless and horrible, and he knew my mother, and my actions caused her to die in sorrow, and I ought to just go off and die, myself ... he goes on and on and on with really horrible accusations. I think back to the life my mother lived, and how old she was when she died, and how our relationship was (fine), and I can't see any reason for his accusations, and I tell him so, but he just keeps screaming at me, while I sit at this picnic table and begin to doubt myself and feel worse and worse. He finally stalks off, leaving me depressed, until a nice fellow I recognize from around the place comes up to me, asks me what is wrong, and tries to console me for a bit.

      Soon I am feeling a little better, and I start to look around. I spot something that seems a little interesting: there is an empty tape box sitting next to an unlabeled tape, and the tape box says it is the first of three parts in a continuation of the Chronicles of Narnia, the first of which is about the silver throne at Cair Paravel. I instantly slide the unlabeled tape into a machine that instantly makes me a copy of it.

      Soon I find myself in a family-type setting with a father and his little girl, and there is a VCR there, so I stick the tape in, wanting to watch it. There is a flash of light, and I suddenly realize. I have no idea what is on this tape. Sure, it could have been the the tape of the new Chronicles. It could also be a porno tape, just about to blare out a sex scene in front of this little girl! I violently stab at the eject button, and we see just a couple of seconds of a pair of silver boots sitting right in front of a ruby throne, before the tape ejects. I guess it was the right tape.

      The father glances at me, as if to ask what's up, and I explain about the whole thing, and not being sure about what was on the tape, and even about feeling guilty for copying it. I apologize, and he looks at me like I am crazy, and decides to ignore me. He may be ignoring me, but a Narnian dwarf suddenly appears in front of me and tells me it is no real problem. If I can't finish the tape before leaving the library, they'll gladly make a transcript for me. He takes the tape and disappears with a pop, and I suddenly know the next time I make it back to the room where I copied the tape, I'll have a printed copy of it that I can take legally. I start to walk away feeling much better about myself.

      I soon find myself in a small village of small houses with thatched roofs, and a young woman asks me what I am so happy about. I start to explain about more stories in Narnia, and the dwarf and the video tape, but she is walking away from me to the right. I turn to the left and see the same woman, and her daughter, and she asks me "What are you talking about?" "The Narnia story I was just telling you about." She says I wasn't telling her about any story, and I turn to look to the right and see a bent and shuffling old woman just about to turn the corner. She seems very sinister, somehow. I call out to her to wait a second, but she just continues around the corner.

      I chase after her, and I see her just entering a crowd, so I continue forward, but when I get there, she is nowhere in sight. It is like she just disappeared into thin air. I find myself in the middle of maybe a dozen or so clowns, in rather duller makeup than normal, and ask if it is a convention or something. I am waiting for an answer, until I hear a noise that causes me to turn around back the way I came. There are three little girls standing there, being approached by a bent old hag looking more and more like the hag the queen turned into in Snow White to give her the apple. I realize whatever this thing is, it can change shapes to look like anybody it wants to. I run forward to grapple with 'her' and protect the little girls, and I suddenly find I am wrestling with a grim reaper figure in black robes (which I facetiously refer to as Skeletor) and losing the battle.

      Finally I start speaking to it in the name of Jesus, and it starts to steam a little bit, and flinch back from me in pain, and as I continue, it breaks away and tries to run off. I give chase again, but it runs forward into another crowd of people. I run forward, and find myself being grabbed. I tense, ready to fight, but it is three Golden Horseshoe can-can girls who have pulled me into a tickle war. Three ladies working together, not one, not the thing, whatever it is. Soon I am walking along, studying everyone I see very carefully, looking for the old hag, or any single person.

      Suddenly I find it is very dark, almost pitch black, and I am walking near the door to my apartment complex with no idea how I got there. It is kind of foggy, and there is a forboding figure looming in the fog just by my door. Just as I realize I have fallen asleep at some point, and am now dreaming, the figure jumps out and attacks me. Now I am able to see it's true form, a red devil in a black death robe, and I am very, very scared that this thing can invade me dreams. But there is no hesitation this time. "I come against you in the name of Jesus! I come against you in the name of Jesus!" It is flinching at the name. "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" Suddenly there is a powerful figure, an angel, standing next to me, battling the creature. Unexpectedly, it is female. I thought angels were male ....

      She speaks in one of it's ears "I come against you in the name of Jesus." I follow and do the same. She does the same to the other ear, and again I follow, and do the same. It writhes at our words. Just as I realize we ought to do one ear each at the same time, I wake up, panting from the battle.
    3. Will never forget this one!

      by , 05-21-2013 at 07:43 PM
      Its been at least a month since I last logged in. I've been busy taking care of my husband Adam. Its been 3 months since his stroke, and he is healing in every way! Starting from the spirit and working down to his toes!!

      9 days ago Adam was baptized right here in the campground where we live, just outside our door. it was 2 days after that, that I had the dream I will remember til my last breath.

      I was driving my car, me and Adam were going to the bank. I parked outside our bank and we both got out. Outside the entrance to the bank were 4 street musicians, each playing an instrument (I think 2 were stringed, 2 were flutes). They looked well dressed and normal, like you would see performing on a street corner,except these men all had red skin. Adam ignored them and walked straight into the bank (he would never in real life ignore a musician, because he is one). But it was like he didn't even register that they were there. I walked up to them, stood close to them. Up close I could see that their red skin was covered in rolls of wrinkles, boils, and blisters. I knew what they were, but I wasn't afraid. The one closest to me leaned forward, still playing the stringed instrument he was holding, and began to speak to me. Deafness washed over me. I didn't hear the music or what it said to me. This was a band of demons, expelled out of Adam when he was baptised. I calmly but firmly said "Get back - Jesus has him."

      Instantly it was pushed back from me, and I was 30+ feet from the entrance of the bank with an angel on each side of me. I was surrounded by their light and I could hear the lights warmth (I know that sounds weird, hearing warmth, but I cant describe it any other way). I wanted to be with Adam,so I was instantly in the bank. No walking required. The inside was simply a white room. People were walking around, some with their head down, some talking to their self, others interacting. Very few were talking to other people. Some people were in line, some were at the front of the line. I found Adam in line and joined him,and from there, he wrapped his arm around me and we talked about what we needed to do while we were in town.

      The white room I think, represented people who love God. Some of them were quiet and not talking to others, instead keeping counsel with their own self, refusing to let go of the self....walking head down,ashamed to be known for their love for God. Others in line were waiting for direction, listening and following in obedience, living in tune with God, they knew their old self was dead. It was sad to see how many Christians were wandering with their head down, hiding, hoping not to be seen.

      This was the most powerful dream I've ever had. It was lucid, and at the same time simple and clear. I'll never forget coming face to face with the demon that once inhabited my husband. it wanted him back....it spoke to me because Adam wouldn't acknowledge it - which is because Adam COULDN'T see it after he was baptized. I know when the deafness washed over me,it was pleading with me -- so it could get Adam to make him fall, make him doubt....

      WE'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU, SATAN.... YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM OR ME ANYMORE!!!! God's building Adam up from scratch since his stroke, and building me up as well - and what ever comes of it will be for Gods glory,so BACK UP!!!!!

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    4. From several nights ago

      by , 11-18-2012 at 09:28 PM
      I was outside the church I went to as a kid. I was inside my car, when someone came in. Apparently it wasn't my car, and I realized this when I looked at the dashboard and it was different than mine. So, I got out. I started walking around and saw a group of very attractive girls in the back seat of a car. Over the last several months I have come across attractive women in my dreams, tried to kiss them, only to wake up. In one dream I tried to talk to one, and she said, "I actually really don't want to talk to you right now." So I said, "Okay, you don't have to."

      So I walk up to the group of girls in the back seat of the car, and ask if I can kiss the one I was talking to. She said sweetly, "No, but you can have a hug" I had become confused by the rejections I had been having recently, and just blurted out, "Are you angels?" They all exclaimed with excitement "YES!!" and threw their hands up and looking at each other. It was as if they were not allowed to tell me unless I asked them. I asked, "Does God love me?" They all became a bit somber and looked sad. One replied, "God always wants to provide you opportunities. He just needs you to be stable." They took off and I sat on the curb in the parking lot looking at the trees. It instantly went from night to day and I noticed the beautiful coloring of the fall-time tree leaves. A large tour bus with the number "12" on the side drove past me. A man then walked up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a box of some kind of bread. It appeared to be fried, but wasn't. It was very pleasurable to eat it. It felt good to chew it, the texture of it, the whole experience was very pleasurable. I woke myself up when I swallowed in real life and my throat was dry.
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    5. Sep 15, 2012 - Black Angels

      by , 10-10-2012 at 06:02 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      R18 WARNING

      Travel to a province. Rent a room. We are going to have a shoot. Foursome. It starts with me and a girl then two guys enter the scene. I can't get hard on the girl. I told them not to upload to YouTube, and no penetration without condom. I'd really rather touch the boys. One looks Asian.

      [I am immortal]

      The other is unclear. Parade. I'm trying to use a condom. It was too soft. It ripped. Asked them now to put it on. A small town. Trying to get to Rob's old place, but the area is flooded. Can't get there. He no longer lives there. FF meeting. Missed it. The take for the porn film.

      I am flying, trying to avoid a lot of black things. They seem to be chasing me. Everywhere I go, they circle and trap me. I can't seem to control my flight properly. A game? Friendly. I can't avoid them afurther. They are close. They look like the kid angels with swords. I swing my sword at them but missed. They me through with their sword. Two angels. I seem to have hit one with my wild swing, or so they told me.

      I told the porn videographer that I don't believe in love. They said they should add(?) me on in a group that talks about those stuff.
    6. Olympic Watersliding

      by , 07-30-2012 at 05:00 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in an Olympic water sliding event that people take very seriously. People are pissed because this is my first time ever participating in the event and I am dominating the sport. A couple of kids are being very nice to me though. The water slides have obstacles in the middle of them.

      Dream 2:

      I am at an Angels game with great seats but I don't watch the game. I am trying desperately to find someone and Rose (from Lost) is helping me. We are taking elevators everywhere (it is kind of like a hotel). The first place I try to look is the 11th floor but the elevator keeps skipping it and gaining more and more speed. It feels like I am going to die - like the elevator is broken and is going to fly through the top of the building.

      I find myself momentarily watching the game and a foul ball comes my way. I calmly say "got it" and I catch it. My wife wasn't there to see it because she took a slide down to lower levels of the stadium. She never came back. The Angels are in the field and the bases are loaded with no outs. The batter hits a pop up in the infield. The fielder drops it but umpires call the infield fly rule so the batter is out. This confuses the hell out of the fan next to me. The next batter hits into a double play which Pujols drops but picks up just in time.

      Now I am back on my search for someone - some rich person. I go to the penthouse but they don't let me in. I am going down some flights of stairs impossibly fast. I am basically diving head first and rolling to get to wherever I am going.
    7. Sympathy for the Devil

      by , 07-15-2012 at 10:07 PM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)
      I have been watching a lot of Supernatural lately, which is an obvious contributer to this dream. I am writing this late in the day, so the dream is fuzzy at best.

      The first thing I remember is being in a flat, grassy area near the ocean, with a shipyard made of those vertical logs sharpened on the end. I am a female version of myself named "Maddie." Some type of battle happened between Lucifer and some angels, where my contribution was . More stuff I don't remember happened, then Lucifer had a human body, and I was on a rather small wooden ship with him, just chatting away at night. Then some angels attacked, and I tried to convince them it was all a misunderstanding of some type, but then Lucifer grabbed me and took me to safety. We were now in some weird vertical tunnel (a hole for you unimaginative types), with a bunch of platforms, plants, and random video game-esque creatures. We talked some more, and I also talked to some "demons" (the quotes are there because in this dream, they are basically misunderstood scapegoats).
    8. Angel

      by , 06-22-2012 at 08:08 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Im with J and this girl who's not just a girl, but she's and angel. I remember her flying and fighting something in the sky and when we prayed it made her stronger. It was pretty intense and a little difficult to explain everything that was going on. I remember praying and it sort of turned into three glowing crosses and she attached them like a trinket or something.
      Tags: angels, wtf
    9. Where's Your Shampoo?

      by , 04-22-2012 at 08:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Where's Your Shampoo? (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap around 10AM and woke up maybe around 1PM. Had some weird dream, not sure if it's one, or many...

      I remember walking down a street somewhere, and seeing a girl mention something about images of a creature with a mix of angels and demons combined.

      Then I have a dream shift where I'm with a group of DCs, things are kind of in a 3D Cartoon environment...not cell shaded though.

      We're running away from some other group trying to catch us, and we all hide in a room (I think I'm of the group, but I'm seeing this in third person or spectating them).

      We get out when the other guys go in the bathroom to shower, and we all come out.

      Then one of the guys asked something along the lines of,

      "Hey! How can you shower if you don't have your shampoo??"

      He thought we were a part of them, goes back into the bathroom showers, and we run before he realizes we're the ones that he and the group he's with need to catch.

      Typical for a nap to be random like that...
    10. Silver Entities in the Void: Thoughts?

      by , 04-15-2012 at 05:10 PM
      I've been searching the internet for information on Silver Entities in the void. The most meaningful that I came across had to do with two things:

      1. The void is nothingness and within the emptiness there is creation. Because when we have nothing, we can begin to fill the void with something. (paraphrased and not very eloquently, but I hope you get the gist.)

      2. Light is made up of many colors. And when God created light he created all that is. From that light, the angels were also created. Twin angels Scaphariel and Seraphiel. Both are male. Scaphariel is Golden. Seraphiel is Silver. One represents the male archetype and the other the female. Twin forms of light. Gold holds the space for creations while silver enlivens and activates what is created. Together they are known as the Source Rays.

      My silver man, was just that, male. I am female. He was silver and I was gold. We did ... erm...'unite' so to speak at one point. If I take the void to mean a place of creation and the silver man was aiding me, perhaps he was helping me to create? Just as yin and yang is needed in all of life - so is male and female to keep a balance. Am I just grasping at straws here or does that seem somewhat logical? I am an artist and author. I also was working/experimenting with healing energies.

    11. Old dream - End Times Dream? 10/03/06

      by , 04-05-2012 at 04:43 PM
      Last night I had a dream that was unique, unlike other dreams I have. It was a little after 1am when I woke up, immediately after having the dream. I usually don't have trouble falling back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night, but I couldn't stop thinking about the dream and what it meant. It seemed to have a specific message for me, although I'm not exactly sure what.

      As it was going on to 2am and I didn't feel tired, I felt led to read the Bible. I did, and I was able to fall back asleep once I finished reading. Although the passages I read didn't really relate to my dream or explain it.

      Ok, now for the dream itself; My family and I were together indoors and its starts raining, only I feel the rain on my face and arms and I can hear it falling. The place is my parents' house. The rain is coming through the roof of the house and ceiling as if they weren't there! Suddenly, just as sudden as the rain started, the radiant emminence of God was shining through the ceiling as well. It was a glorious light I was afraid to look at, and fell to the floor, trying to hide my face, as did my cousin. My other family members just seemed to freeze in time, not moving.

      As I looked there were signs in the sky. The sun was eclipsed by the moon rapidly and the planets aligned themselves as well. They weren’t points of light, it was as if seeing them up close but with the naked eye.

      After this, I felt lifted up, and I start flying to the angels in the sky. The angels appeared as normal looking people though. There is a small group of them around a strange looking machine which I start circling slowly while I'm still flying. It has many tubes & vials filled with colors that are flowing through it. Supposedly it determines what spiritual rewards I'm going to be getting in heaven. As it is finishing, one of the angels tells me something is not right with it, like nothing can be determined. 'She' says this might be because I skipped going to church, is why I don't have a reward. Then the angel asks me to tell her the vow I made to the Lord. I tell her that is not something I am supposed to repeat to anyone, to which she says 'God can kill you for this.' And that's when I wake up.

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    12. August 12 - Good Versus Evil

      by , 08-12-2011 at 06:06 PM
      There's already a lot of tension in my dream. A lot of stuff goes on during the beginning, but it's very fuzzy and hard for me to remember. Everything comes in clearly when an older man is talking to a guy with a hateful redneck personality who seems to be in his 30's or so. The redneck is extremely angry about something and every now and then he pauses and looks like he's listening to someone talk. Until the end of him ranting and fuming I finally hear a dark voice say something to him. He then proceeds to smash his own face in with his fists, but instead of any pain or gore his body falls away to reveal something much more built and 'demonic' in appearance. I'm shocked by the sudden transition, but the older man seems to have expected it.

      The scene changes and there now seem to be sides in what appears to be an impending war. Based on the appearances of each side, it's mostly angels opposing demons. Ages are still apparent for the beings on each side, as they still look the same other than looking more angelic or demonic in appearance. And for whatever reason, there are also vampires fighting on each side after having been turned by the respective leaders. These vampires can walk into the sun, but it weakens them much more than if they were in the night. I end up being one of the vampires, and am forced to fight for the side of 'good'. The fighting commences and there's lots of gore and death. I can't remember much of the specifics during the fight other than spontaneous scenes where I'll see one side or the other killing a member of their counterparts. I also can see each time I'm fighting another vampire.

      After killing a vampire, I wake up from my dream.
    13. The Cool Factor

      by , 07-06-2011 at 06:59 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Brainwave: Delta, Deep Dream State

      I roll out of bed, and stand up. There are a circle of angels standing around me. They seem annoyed. “Dreamer, you violated-”
      I see they are all actually demons. I laugh. They are now more annoyed I saw through their guise. “Hello, henchmen!” I grin.
      “We are not your henchmen!” they pout.
      “Well, I am about to go on some awesome dream adventures. You can come if you want. Or you can wander around in your gay angel costumes.”
      “You’re gay.”
      “You’re gay-ER! Bye!” I open a portal to the Moon. One of the demons grabs my ankle, and I have trail of them going to the Moon. In the wormhole, the Wyrm looks at me curiously, and I just laugh. We land on the landing pad on the Temple of Nowhere. I become a demonic cat god.
      “Tonight, my brothers, we roll up on some dreamers, and make those mofos have nightmares. They want it, to become lucid.”
      “Oh, they will be lucid all right,” one demon says, and cracks his knuckles.
      “They will not forget any nightmare I give!” says another.
      “And, they will have no dream control. I love deceiving people!” says another.
      “Wait... you are the three main dream demons that tormented me as a child!”
      “Yes!” They grin.
      I roar, and instantly teleport all of us to The Battle Pyramid.
      I become my Demon Self, Deathgawn.

      I am nine feet tall, with skin like charcoal, and a black hole on my chest. I summon a flaming morning star, and crack it like a whip. I energize my energy shield that Selene gave me, but I form it into an armor instead of a sphere. I energize my boots. The Battle Pyramid increases in size by 1000 to accommodate my power. I energize my energy gauntlets. I pound one into the ground like a jackhammer, creating a mild earthquake. Dust fall on us, and the demons lose their footing.
      “You can’t power up before battle! This isn’t Dragon Ball Z!”
      They rush at me, but I just project my energy shield out from me, in a sphere, and they bounce off. My witchblade forms over my body. I float up off the ground, and magnetic mecharmor attaches to me. I summon a small iron shield, and the other armor forms over it.
      One of the demons teleports into my energy shield behind me. I grab him, and throw him forward as I shrink the shield, and it burns him like acid. He screams, and teleports to the other side.
      The other demons just look at me.
      I grow in size as I grow six arms more arms. I summon the Moonblade, the Budgie Sword, the Witchblade. Four more empty hands. Shotgun. Machine gun. Two more arms. These arms have dragon tattoos on them my baby dragon pets, Skyfire and Hydro. The dragons come to life, and rest on my shoulders. Jo, my astral pet, my war beast growls off my forearm and rests on my hand. In the other hand, I summon the Flaming Sword of the archangel, Michael. The winged angel helm appears on my head, and burns into my scalp.
      “You cannot wield the power of angels, brother!” the demons shout.
      The helm burns into my flesh, but I ignore the pain. Suddenly, I can see... I see with the eyes of angels. I have finally discovered the purpose of this helmet! to summon the sword of Michael, to see with Angel Sight. I see the demons now, glowing orange. I see demons crawling all over the inside of the pyramid. Thousands of them. Thousands pretending to be three. Me against an invisible demon army. I like these odds. I crack the morning star like a whip, and cold blue electric fire shoots out of the iron ball. I throw the giant Budgie Sword, and the parakeets which make up the sword become a flock of thousands, which of course the demons laugh at, until each parakeet becomes a tiny blue blade, spinning faster and faster, bouncing off the inside walls of the pyramids, slicing through their bodies. I throw the Moonblade, and it goes out and comes back to me like a boomerang. Moonlight slices through them like butter. I lay down fire with my machine gun. The bullets split into ten pieces right before they hit. Fuck yeah. Then, I realize the bullets are covered with infectious nanomachines. Even fuckier yeah! The demons rush at me, but I blow them away with my shotty, which is somehow cybernetic steampunk cyborg beast. My dragons fly off my shoulders, and float through the air, in lazy figure 8's, burning and shooting ice bullets through the demons. They leap up on the the dragons, but slip off like water off a duck’s back.
      Jo leaps into the fray, and bites demons on their throats, and whips them into the air like a terrier killing rats. Now there are four swarms of demons around each of us. I call my allies to me. I hit the Atom button on my belt, and the four of us shrink to microscopic size. I ride on Jo’s back, and one dragon lands on each arm. I merge with all three, so now I am an eight legged lion man dogdemon centaur beast with two dragon arms, one blue, one gold. My bat wings grow out of my back. I can hear the demons say, “Where did he go?” My energy, then witchblade, then mecha armor forms over me.
      I go back to regular size.
      “Shit! You are cheating!” they complain.
      I shoot my dragons at them. The dragons fly out and spin, shooting ice bullets and fire everywhere. I ride into the fray, and rip the demons bodies’ apart. Selene appears, and opens a myriad of portals. I multiply myself. One Nomad for each demon. I rip them all apart, and summon the Mjolnir. I smash them to bits with the Hammer of Thor, and pull the portals closer to the bits. There is a woman flying around with a vaccuum cleaner, sucking the rest up. Then I realize it is Stephanie, the Biodome AI, looking out for me. All the demons are gone.
      I sit down on the floor of the Battle Pyramid in exhaustion, then teleport back to the Temple. Sarnox comes out with pomegranate juice wine. I take a deep draught, then toss the goblet away. “Mahalo, brother.”
      Skyfire and Rainstorm/Hydro appear in front of me. They smile, and I make it rain on them. They fly to the horizon of the jungle canopy. Jo appears next to me, and I pet him as he purrs like tiny rumbling earthquake.
      “Uh, Sarnox?”
      “Yes, m’lord?”
      “Dude, don’t call me that.”
      “Isn’t it annoying?”
      “My apologies, Your Grace.”
      “What am I supposed to do next?”
      “Well, you were going to give nightmares-”
      “Oh right... boring...” I open a couple portals and toss some scary silvery bugs down the wormholes. “Ok, next?”
      “The beacon.”
      “The beacon is lit.”
      “No it’s not. You turned it off.”
      “Why did I do that?”
      “You said it wasn’t fair.”
      “I don’t care what I said! Turn it back on.”
      “You turn it on! You’re the god here.”
      “I am the god of Nothing!”
      “And we are in the Temple of Nothing, asshole!”
      I teleport to the top of the pyramid, and it opens up. I slam a golden staff into a contraption, and a beautiful gold and green light beams down to Urth.
      Sarnox teleports next to me.
      “Is this fair?” he says.
      “Well, dog, these kids are supposed to meet at this other pyramid on Earth, but they are probably going to end up here.”
      “The Cool Factor.”
      “Well, the Temple of Nothing is pretty badass. When that Atras dude said for them to meet at a ziggurat, he may have had no idea that we fucking live here, dude! HAHAHAHA!”
      “So, he accidentally suggested for these people to-”
      I see dreamers flying up the beam of light. They land on the landing pad near us. There are eight of them. Five of which instantly disappear. They were vague anyway. I could tell they were losing the dream. Oh well.
      “See what you did!” Sarnox accuses. “They got confused because of your stupid beacon, and they came here instead, and woke up because they don’t know how to bilocate yet. DUDE.”
      “No, they are just learning. Just stop! There are three right here. Let’s talk to them. Hey guys, look at your hands. Stabilize the dream.”
      They all begin talking at once. By their language I can tell one is an American, one is French Canadian, and one is Eastern European. I turn on my Babelfish.
      The European guy disappears as he wakes up. The French Canadian dude says, “Ah, you are Nomad? You are the cat!” he laughs. “Cat and dog!” he says, pointing at Sarnox. The American guy says, “Hey, hey, it’s me, Atras. I made it! Is this the pyramid thing! Yes! Where are we? Who are you? Nomad? Is this aliens? Are we aliens? Holy shit! Are we on the Moon? Holy shit!”
      “Calm down, breathe. I turn them around, and show them the Land of Nod.
      The Canadian guy screams, “OH MARY OH JESUS!” in French and wakes up.
      I notice Atras dream body quavers for a second at this.
      “He’s okay, just be calm, and breathe.”
      “Okay, sir.”
      “Please don’t call me that.”
      Atras laughs. “This dream, is amazing.”
      “This is your dream," I tell Atras.
      “Wait, isn’t this your dream?”
      “This is just... dream.”
      “We are pure energy.”
      “Yes,” I say.
      “We don’t need air to breathe.”
      “We are invincible, aren’t we?” Atras says.
      He flies into the air, transforming into an angel consumed in orange flame.
      “I AM INVINCIBLE!” he shouts exultantly, and light beams of a thousand colors shoot out from his center. He laughs exuberantly, and disappears.
      “DUDE THAT WAS FUCKING COOL!” I shout, and turn to Sarnox as we HI-5.
    14. Purgatory

      by , 04-29-2011 at 04:46 AM (Twilight Tales)
      I got on a plane with my cousins Amanda, Nathan, my Uncle, Aunt, and a family friend named Dawn, along with my own immediate family. The plan hit turbulence so we strapped in. Then it started going down, flipped over and sank into the sea. The plane slowly sank to the ocean floor and water began to slowly flood in. We went to the lower level of the plane which was now on top. The lower level of the plan happened to look like my basement. Everyone huddled together, scared of dying.

      I started crying because I didn't want to drown and I wished the plan had just exploded so it would be over quickly. Dawn said I should look out the window and watch the fish swim by to distract myself. It didn't work! I started praying for God's help. Then me, my mother, my aunt, and my cousin all held hands and said the 'Our Father'. I then found my Dad in the crowd and told him I loved him. Then I sat by the window again to wait for death to come.

      I thought about how at least now I didn't have to worry about going to school, paying off loans, or getting a career. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a glowing white light that continued to grow. I reached out to it, assuming I'd died and the angels had come for me. But soon all I could see was light and when it faded we were at my house. The plane wreckage was in my front yard along with the survivors. My mother insisted we were alive and had been miraculously saved. My father and I figured we had all died and this was some sort of Purgatory.
    15. Ruins, super battles, stealing cars, flying... and all to help others finish their homework

      by , 02-02-2011 at 10:24 PM (Fernanvic´s dream journal)

      As the dream begins I´m amidst a ruined city composed of red sandy stone. There is a lot of green grass on the sand and the weather is sunny. The most notable aspects of the ruins are some very high constructs in a cross shape made from the same sandy stone. (From the air they'd be seen like this +, not the Jesus type of cross.)

      After some time I meet A and F, two of my classmates who were finishing a report and I decided to help them. However, some people attacked the city. There was an old woman in a supercar who I fought with but I couldn't defeat her car even though I had some measure of super agility and strength. The car was something from her late husband.

      The woman decided to come again after a while but this time I thought "screw this" and I stole her car instead of fighting her. However, it was very difficult to control the car because instead of a steering wheel it had a lever with five settings (numbered one to five) and wouldn't stop rotating upon itself. By setting it to three I managed to keep it going straight , though I had some trouble again when I had to take a turn and had to change the setting. Sometime during this trip through some sort of highway the car had morphed into a shiny metal sphere with helicopter rotors on top.

      I finally reached the ruins while in the ball and by going up a hill I managed to glide above them, seeing the cross shaped constructs and understanding that the reasons that the place was in ruins and that the cross shaped things seemed to be abruptly cut on top was that they had angered God and angels had destroyed them. I came upon a memorial plate in the city, it was a rectangular thing made of the same sandy stone with six rectangular holes in it where plates made from the stone could be fitted. There were only two plates and the other holes were empty, it seemed like the plates had been broken away. I understood that the survivors of the God-induced catastrophe had been luckier because even though everybody dies they had at least they had had the privilege of having their corpses buried, or as I thought of them in the dream "centers of mass"

      Then I was in class and told F and A about how angels had been responsible for destroying the city, thus enabling them to finish their report. The dream ended with F drawing the cover of his report with a pencil.

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