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    1. Nice character died and disastrous tree portal | [17.06.2021]

      by , 06-18-2021 at 12:56 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Nice character died
      There was an adventure beforehand. While I and a group of other people were fleeing from monsters that shoot some form of projectile, he was hit and immediately killed. I sort of got sad as if he was a character from a movie that died, thinking that it's sad that they didn't continue on with his story. The character might not have been human.

      Disastrous tree portal
      There was something about entering a portal through a tree. It's sort of like a certain tree, where you do a certain thing with the bark and it opens, letting you go in and freefall into a different world of some sort.

      It appears it is like a trap, as I end up in a weird abandoned building, with strange lighting. It's like it's always dusk outside, the yellow light leading up the ghostly and dark hallways. It feels like the home of somebody who has died. All lights are off, and it seems like somebody just abruptly left. Everything seems like a still-life painting, with things laying around as if they were just about to be used. It's totally silent. I walk through the corridor, which is located on the second floor and on the east side of the building and is pretty narrow. On the right side are the aforementioned windows, and to the left are several doors. Suddenly, some sort of woman appears.

      Cut to some sort of video clip, showing several catastrophes, such as a rollercoaster accident. In the end, it always zooms into the face of the first person who dies, just a second before it happens, showing their scared, screaming faces.

      At some point, I am in a sort of white void, with a single patch of forest as a representation of the tree portal and the area around it. There is some sort of large person about it, about 4 meters in height. He is male, and I seem to trust and know him. He gives me advice on how to get back into the normal world.

      Cut back to the corridor. There is a woman there, I know she is a demon, presumably from the advice I got. I hide in a cupboard of sorts, or maybe behind a door that was set down in the corridor, but she finds me. Quickly, I think about the weak points of the human body, but I don't remember. Then, shortly after, I see a knife right of me on a window sill. I quickly grab it and ram it into the heart of the woman, but she just laughs, so I ram it into her stomach and then, finally, I slit her throat and then I ram it in her throat. Then, she is dead.
    2. Death dream and dream about former neighbor, and dreamviews thing | [27.05.2021]

      by , 05-27-2021 at 02:57 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Death dream
      I am dead, it seems, or comatose and about to die. I talk to an angel, it appears, and discuss something about death which I don't remember. Overall, it had a sad atmosphere.

      Dream about former neighbor
      I appear to be in the house of my former neighbor, Monika, possibly with my parents. I am talking to her, but I don't remember about what.

      DreamViews thing
      I see in my notifications that apparently somebody voted one of my posts as awful.

      Updated 05-27-2021 at 03:01 PM by 96397 (added another dream)

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Sad, sick. Restaurant.

      by , 04-28-2021 at 07:20 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm laying on an air mattress on the floor and waiting for the other people to walk out of the room. I just want to be left alone. A leader, about 25 years old, comes to me and ask me how I'm doing. I tell him I'm okay but I hear that my voice is trembling and I feel that my face is getting red because of tears. I look down on the ground. He says that he don't think that I am okay. When he says that I feel how my head is getting warmer. It is getting very warm. He takes me outside and I only feel worse. I puke on the porch and he seems upset. It comes in two waves, first a small one, and then a big one. The puke is slimey and won't leave my mouth easily. I have to spit the last out.

      Notes: I had a bad presentation yesterday.

      I'm with dad and my brother on a restaurant/store. We buy some things and sit down by a table. Dad and my brother eat some kinds of pastries with chocolate. I want to be nice to the cashier and want to buy him something he can eat. I ask dad if it is okay and he says it's okay. I buy him a chocolate pastry but regret my decision, the strawberry pastry with whipped cream looked better.

      Notes: It was the same strawberry pastry dad and I ate by risk 2:an.
    4. Reviewing life moments after death | [06.09.2020]

      by , 09-07-2020 at 01:06 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Reviewing life moments after death
      I am in complete darkness, and the only thing that I can still sense are my memories. There is a sort of sad music, but it has a happy and ethereal to it, like I was done now and no longer had to worry about anything, but now it is all over in exchange. It was some sort of synth instrument maybe, but there was definitely piano. I relive the memory of when I was 4 and apparently a cousin and his mother were coming up to visit us. I came to see them. Then, probably a few years later, apparently the house of them were now right next to ours, only about 8 meters needed to walk to the other's house entrance. It was night, and the cousin was visiting. At some point later we apparently flooded their house, which was extremely big, with phosgene for some reason and left to my house. At some point I looked to the window and it was pitch black outside. My mother smelled something weird at some point, and I suggested it might be the phosgene, so I closed our windows. Had problems closing the left one, though, and it had a weird design. Back in the black, I kept thinking how I really wished that you could just turn back time. At some point I also thought about my borther.

      That was deep.. also, that phosgene part was weird.
    5. Weird game fragment, Distance fragment, Warehouse 13 and old man... and more | [31.08.2020]

      by , 08-31-2020 at 02:47 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Weird game fragment
      It was about some sort of Mario party-esque game, but in real life and as such pretty dangerous. It might have involved later mentioned Skype and in real life friends. There might have been other things that happened.

      Distance fragment
      I was making a Distance level, using some quite advanced level editor tricks to achieve a specific, pretty trippy effect. I showed this to the aforementioned Skype and in real life friends. There might have been other things that happened as well.

      Warehouse 13 and old man sacrifice fragment
      There might have been something about a friend dying, maybe something other than human that became a friend to the team. Then it was sort of like a spaceship like in The Orville, but like in a previous dream, where a whale creature was saved. Something was about to destroy the ship, and the only thing that could save it and everyone on it was the sacrifice of a very nice old man who wasn't supposed to die yet. He understandably got a bit depressed and didn't want to talk to anyone, so he just went to the elevator and went all the way to the top, where he'd die and thus save the ship.
      Suddenly, the dream starts again, but I have the memory of before. I tell the first officer that I had the memory of the future, and thus they apparently sent someone different. But then I watched the old man also going to the elevator and I shouted "Wait! They sent someone different!", but he didn't hear it. I ran to the elevator and at first wanted to send an elevator up to the old man to signal that they sent someone different, but noticed that it wouldn't work. Even though I had already selected a floor, I hammered the button on my floor, but then I pressed the door button and it opened, even though I had already sent the command to send it away. I selected the floor right under the deadly top floor, and my elevator quickly caught up with his. Both elevators had glass walls at at least one direction. I hammered on the walls and shouted "They sent someone different! Wait!" and he noticed me. He was sitting on the floor of his elevator, said. We met on the floor right under the top floor. I ran to his elevator door and as it opened I told him "They sent someone different already! You don't have to go anymore!" but he just told me "No.. they sent someone different already, but it did not work, I have to go anyway...". I was
      quite sad and shocked now. "Oh.. o-okay.. goodbye..." I had no idea what to even say. His doors closed, and his elevator went away, sending him to his death.

      Fleeing from Rumpelstiltskin
      I was at home, and there was a Skype friend and an old primary school friend. It was not in the past though, and thus, the primary school friend had aged. I was doing some chemical experiment involving chlorine for some reason on the floor without any protection. Then the skype friend brought me something and I poured it into the experiment. But suddenly I had forgotten what I was even pouring into what and panicked slightly. But then I noticed that it didn't smell like chlorine, so it was fine, so I just let it be and stood up and went into a corridor, where you can go into the kitchen and the living room, as well as at the far left end out of the house. My friends asked me what I was doing, and I showed them a bag of magic items. They were amazed. I said that we'd revive the magic again. I asked my skype friend to bring me something again, and he took a school bag of items and unpacked it, for some reason in the living room. My mother asked what it is, and I said some excuse that worked out well. So we left the house with all the items. Then at some point we were at a house. In between something relating to Rumpelstiltskin happened and we were fleeing, along with like 7 other people. We came to a building and went in. At some point we wanted to leave, but the entrance collapsed for some reason, but I told them we could get through, but everyone except for me ran back into the house. Luckily, only the entrance collapsed a bit. I went out, though, in fear of the building collapsing. I then ran around outside and spotted Rumpelstiltskin, disguised as a worker, since there was sort of like a large runway, maybe for an airport, directly adjacent to the house. After 20 minutes I accidentally came really close to Rumpelstiltskin, and he mumbled "When's he going to go in again...", but I actually thought it might be good to come in. I went in and went up to a high floor and told everyone where Rumpelstiltskin was. A few girls were browsing eBay, and listed some things we needed, including glass. But I said that we need it in borosilicate, since we need lab items to ease our survival, since we were planning to go to the enchanted forest like from Once Upon a Time. They said it is a stupid idea. One of us had like a dog-like face, which was apparently normal, but one made a joke if I could build a gun with a name something related to dogs which he could should the dog person with, which was just a very morbid joke. I answered by just saying I can't build guns, just fuel. Then we decided to leave and all went out. A lot of people jumped from like 10 meters high up down without hurting themselves, but I took the stairs, as any sane person would. Only one other guy came with me to the stairs, but it was full of spider webs and I asked him to remove them a bit with his feet, and he did it and I came down as well.

      Monk dream
      There was something about the crime series Monk.

      Thunderstorm dream
      There was some quite cool storm. It was really dark and a cool atmosphere.

      That was a VERY long dream and lots of recall. That was really cool. No lucids, though. Maybe tomorrow.
    6. Very sad dream, freaky dream and blurry fragment | [25.08.2020]

      by , 08-25-2020 at 02:17 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Very sad dream
      At first, I am a woman, I'm at my home. I might be going to a marriage or am already married. I want to go to my husband, but I hear that he doesn't have long to live, maybe because of cancer. I go to him and he's at a sort of private rollercoaster park, which seems to be very rusted and old, to have fun. Then suddenly I am the man and apparently I have a son that has only a bit of time to live. He's now at the rollercoaster park and I go to him. He also goes to play on the rollercoaster. He has only hours to live, it seems. I go to play with him. I sort of push his cart around and tell him that if anything happens while I play with him and he dies, he should know that I will always love him. I cry as I say it. He says that I of course will always love him, and so I am happy that he knows and always knew.

      Freaky dream
      It's night and I am at home. Suddenly, some sort of creepy dog creature approaches and I recognize it as some horror character. I wake up my mother and maybe my father and sort of run a few circles around my home, but then I tell them to go and grab knives. I go first and run to the cupboard, where there's a pile of knifes. At first I only see short knives, but then I see a long knife. I take it and stab the creature until it stops moving. Then, my father goes to sleep again or maybe was sleeping the whole time, but then a sort of puppet creature comes and I wake him up. I then stab it until it, too, stops moving and then he wakes up entirely and comes out of his room and asks what attacked me. I say it was Chucky. Then there's a sort of segment where I am in a sort of train-esque vehicle which could remind one of the train in Tomorrowland, unhappy about something, talking to someone. There's also a strange feeling.

      Blurry fragment
      A sort of blurry fragment, maybe about chemistry.

      That first one was sad.. wow.

      That second one was cool.

      I also tried a mantra when I woke up one time, but then I had to get up, sadly. Maybe I can recall that I have to do one when I first go to sleep next time.
    7. Talking to an old discord friend | [24.08.2020]

      by , 08-24-2020 at 11:01 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Talking to an old discord friend
      I am on Discord, sad about the fact that a friend left a discord server of friends for reasons I don't know. I then got the idea that I might still have them in my direct message bar. I look and find them. I then talk to them and ask them if they want to come back. And they do. Everyone on the server is happy, but I don't remember what exactly they were saying.

      Scene change to all server members standing in my room, apparently. The friend doesn't really feel comfortable with meeting everyone again yet, but they would give it a try. We are then apparently in some freaky ghost house thing, but really, it's more of a ghost world. Various like very demonic things attack us and we often flee. I don't remember any details except that the beginning was many sort of white blankets hung up and it being very tight so that you have to immediately go up a staircase when you get in, which is the only way. There was also like some weird hallway. To the right was some really bright room, maybe an operating room, and in front was darkness. I might have been alone. Then it got brighter behind me and some demon came, it might have been related to Super Mario for some reason. When I started waking up I started realizing that it was a dream and got very sad and frustrated since I miss my friend.

      Dream about a dream
      I thought that the last dream had ended, and that this was now definitely reality. I was on Discord again, and now found the friend again and wanted to talk to them. But then I started waking up again and was sad to see that this was also a dream.

      Hm. I had really hoped I'd wake up to see it wasn't a dream. In reality it probably wouldn't really be as easy as talking to them and asking them nicely. I think they had a fight with someone. But maybe I can do it, but I doubt it. It must have been bad if they just left by saying "Bye." Eh, let me stop venting.

      I'll class that second dream as a false awakening,

      oh, and that ghost mansion was fun.
    8. Trigger warning, comments disabled.

      by , 01-30-2019 at 02:58 AM
      last night I had a really depressing dream, Even a little hesitant to write this but I'll do it anyways.
      if you suffer from depression or have depressing thoughts or are sensitive to suicide and stuff dont read.
      if u wanna read the non depressing part do Ctrl + F and write 5600 then goto that part

      So, todays dream starting in the living room, i was laying on the floor on my computer, then my mum came in and called me stupid and insulting me and telling me she wanted me to die, I began to think about this alot and then just came to the conclusion I should die

      i went on the internet and told all my friends how I was gonna kill myself, thinking about what my mother had told me and then bringing it to myself and building it up with reasons as to why I should.


      Then I teleported to school, still feeling the way I was, still on my phone telling others venting, except this time my Toxic friend was sitting with me, being annoying and such and rude and pushy like usual. i finished my work quickly, then went to my dorm so i could get away from her.

      I was getting dressed for some reason, then I realized I accidentally took someone elses skirt, and had three white shoes instead of two, I brushed it off and was like 'wow im so silly hehe'. I looked to my left where a closet was, and i saw an eye peeping out staring at me, I opened the closet and it was my old school friend, I was wondering what the hell? and he said he was hiding from something cause he was scared.

      I closed the closet, then I woke up in my bed [in dream]. and saw my mother looking in my room angrily then walking back to the living room, i stood out of bed and checked the time on my computer, it was 9:12 pm. So, you know what I did?

      I got my sleeping bag, went outside, sat on my front porch stairs, and put it on and slept, and this bus went past and looked at me [the people in it, not the bus lol], then i got out, ran across the corner and I saw my backyard, it was sooo huge!! there were no fences either btw but it was humoungous! it was a huge mountain and stuff it was so epic..

      Then, I heard giant foot steps and scary growling.. so I started running away, but really slowly cause its a dream and in draems you run really slowly. then I a helicopter picked me up, and we flew to the monster and I said 'Say sorry!' then the monster looked down really sad and said 'okay...' while sad.
      then i woke up.
    9. Why did I die?

      by , 08-12-2018 at 08:53 PM
      Two dreams

      My dad, brother and my foster-brother said that men are better than women on everything. My sister and I got very upset but didn’t had a chance to tell them off. So I poked my brother with a stick in his stomach and yelled: ”Too bad it wasn’t a harpoon!” Everybody laughed and my sister told me I had a sassy comeback as always. Then we tried to do everything to prove the guys wrong.

      I was in Italy, just paying a visit to my old school there from when I studied abroad. I had a looong conversation with the principle who asked me questions... strangly in english but I liked it. We had a really good time. She asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I was thinking really hard to come up with a good answer.
      The principle wanted me to come back, but not sure how tho. She was talking and talking and talking. I realized that I no longer really knew where I was. Wasn’t it a part of my own hometown just right outside the window? I wanted to end the conversation but principle seemed so determinded to keep talking about things I could do if I wanted to stay there, Which I didn’t want.
      She wanted me to dye my hair blonde but I didn’t want that. She took me outside to a balcoony and asked me if there were any guys I would like to date but as soon as I looked. I only saw guys that I already knew. Some even from kindergarden. I refused and told her that I already knew these guys and didn’t want anything to do with them. She became very angry and headed inside again. It was time for her to have a lesson. So I decided to run with my old friend’s younger brother, who I never really spoke to.
      We quickly ran away from the school and tried to get to a bus stop. Suddenly I could hear the principle’s vocie behind me. She was furious!
      I wasn’t far from the bus stop when I stopped running and looked back. The young brother was gone but the principal stood there instead, looking at me with sadness in her eyes. First I thought she was going to beg me not to go but what she told me made me go insane. The younger brother was hit by a bus... the very same bus we were supposed to take to get away from this place. I ran away from the bus stop and kept going until I was hit myself by a car.

      Suddenly spirits appeared on the streets, singing and laughing. But not I, because I cried. I covered my face with the hands and cried as loudly as I could. Until I heard my mother’s voice. She wanted someone to hold the dogs’ leashes and take them to a field. I gladly took the dogs over there and found three presents for each pet. The cat wasn’t there tho. I opened the first gift. It was a perfume bottle... MY perfume. I glanced at my dog that was sitting down and paying attention to the bottle. I realized that I had chose the wrong path and cried because I wasn’t there for my dog anymore. I could not pet him, feed him or talk to him. He couldn’t even see me! I couldn’t help but to cry even harder. I just wanted it to be a dream.
    10. Sad Cell and Entertaining Exchanges

      by , 06-10-2017 at 04:40 PM (The Secret Life of Demons)
      Cell Fragment of Sad Place (nl)

      I'm viewing an odd-shaped hairless humanoid figure sitting in a cell. It is sad. A man is with it and he's concerned about her wellbeing. Few thoughts in my head: is that me? why is it sad? what happened to cause this? was she locked up? am I being emotionally distant or is this really someone who is not me?

      Some moments later after intense and focused staring I conclude that the person is not me, that it was locked up and now it's not, and that likely the person only feels trapped and the cell is a creation of its mind to demonstrate internal emotions. There is some sadness from me for it; imagine being free but not feeling free, that must suck. That is worth feeling sad about.

      Neither seems to notice me and I don't want to interrupt their exchange so I slip out, seemingly unnoticed.

      Bed Play (ld)

      I'm in some room that I don't recognize. Rectangular, nothing noteworthy. I'm trying to make it a comfortable environment to sleep, but there's no curtains, too large an entry point, it's just ... not conducive to my sleeping preferences. A bed appears I lay on it to sleep. A man appears from nowhere and belly flops on me. He laughs. He's definitely not a threat, but his goofiness is almost contagious and I need to stop this emotion before it gets out of hand. After shoving him off, he flops on me; more laughter....and the comforter is blocking my annoyed facial expression and I don't say anything because I don't talk a lot. I send him thought-daggers instead because somehow that makes more sense to me. He's still trying to wrestle so I manifest a secondary bed and head in that direction, but the dream shifts instead.

      Woman (DawnEye?) (ld)

      I'm with a woman I've never seen before, but she's adorable. We're at the mall, I think, and she wants to shop for shoes. I'm not doing anything in dreaming and I guess the bed wrestling wasn't worth managing, so--shoe shopping it is. I try on some shoes while she and I chat about stupid stuff. It's not really stupid stuff, it's important to her to communicate and talk and this sort of talk is easy. She reminds me of a younger sister; a simple and enjoyable relationship where the only pressure is to hang out and laugh.

      I put a pair of platform shoes on--they're surprisingly comfortable. She approves but isn't excited. I don't even think she's shopping for shoes as she's just sitting beside me watching me put on pairs, haha. This is HER dream, she wants to dream of being in a shoe store but has no interest in trying shoes on. How weird is that? I'm not shopping for shoes either, but if we're going to be in a shoe store, I can't escape putting shoes on my feet. I take off the platform pair then reach for a pair she's sitting in front of. A colorful butterfly sequin pair. They're quite beautiful, but not as shoes. I point to them as I raise my eyebrows at her, clearly asking for her opinion on the pair. She giggles and I can tell she's trying to be polite by not saying they're hideous. Her concealment is hilarious and eventually, she leaves.

      There's a small fragment with her where I think we're also looking at keyrings but I can't remember what we were saying about them. Basically, I think she was moving the conversation into an interesting direction as she was holding a couple of keyrings. I don't remember if the dilemma was about the keyrings themselves or if they reminded her of something. We chatted a bit about it though. She was pleasant; an easy person to talk with.
    11. Death of all my (Physio) Friends

      by , 09-11-2016 at 04:54 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was travelling with my Physio class to a conference. The first part of the trip was on train, the second one on plane. During the liftoff we were told to decompress due to the change of atmospheric pressure. I plugged my nose, thought of doing a RC, but instead blew air through my nose and felt my ears pop.

      We arrived at the city and I went to the hotel I would be staying at. Mt dad and brother were there. We went for lunch and then back to the hotel. The next day I went to the conference; we were all really excited about it. We listened to a few talks and then played games. I went back to the hotel, and I was flying back the next morning. My brother and dad were going to be driving back. They dropped me off at the airport and left. My class was there; we were going to be using a more advanced plane which we had to board mid-flight. We were each in a capsule that would launch towards the plane. I got in mine and waited. I heard the capsules being sent one at a time, then followed by silence, then commotion.

      Someone opened my capsule. They told me they had terrible news. Something had gone wrong; everyone in my class was dead. My dad heard the news and came to pick me up. He was happy nothing had happened to me, but I felt guilty. We went back to the hotel, I couldn't stop crying. My dad explained that they had made a stupid mistake in one of the calculations and that he could have done it better himself. I went to bed and my brother told me that he had heard that it was done on purpose; someone wanted us dead. He then said there was also a theory that we were being haunted by a ghost or something; I said that if that was the case I would probably be dead by tomorrow.

      The next morning I was alone in the hotel room. I started hearing loud bangs at the door and decided to hide. I went through different rooms and reached a huge washroom with different showers. I hid in one and tried to remain calm. This can't be happening, I thought.
      I plugged my nose and took a deep breath. I did it again just to make sure I was dreaming. I was extremely relieved to know it was a dream. I thought about continuing the dream plot, but then thought it was such a shitty dream that I decided to do my own thing. I went through the wall and found myself in the town. I looked up and got ready to take off when the dream crashed.
      Tags: death, sad, scared
      lucid , nightmare
    12. 11/01/16 | Poor little wasps and jelly-kittens

      by , 01-12-2016 at 12:23 AM
      Oh, what the heck, I'll also post here some of my dreams. Not every one tho.

      #1 Poor little wasps
      I saw behind the curtain of the window some dark little shadow-dots. I thought there was flies. When I looked at them it turned out that there are little wasps in a row. Without any thoughts I opened the window and tried to expel (?) them. It was winter and big snowflakes was falling down, also to my room. Then I started to feel bad for them but I didn't stop. Snowflakes started to stick to the wasps, then they was slowed down. I knew that they will die because of the snow, I realised that they was just waiting there for the better weather. I felt so guilty and sad, I woke up after that :c However dream was really beautiful visually. Vivid colors (yellow, white and blue) etc.

      #2 Jelly-kittens
      I was on my bed and on the little piece of paper I had 4-6 tiny little cats (1cm) which was alive but made of some transparent gel. They was standing in the circle. They was kinda sticky. I was responsible for them. They ate wood chips which gave to them. THEN equally small dinosaur came over! And he tried to eat or hurt my kittens. So I automatically hit him with tiny stick. Unfortunatelly one of the cats was glued to him. Also rest of them dropped of my duvet and I couldn't find them. When I did there was less of them (3-4?). And on the end of the dream (which is a little blurry) I lost them all. So guilty and sadness as well again. I wouldn't be a good mother ._.'

      Ok, rest of these are boring/private. I'll add here only some interesting stuff (when I'll be bored probably) and LDs.
    13. Kimmerle

      by , 09-23-2015 at 09:38 PM
      23 September 2015

      Her name? She had no name as far as I knew or if she did I never had a chance to know it. I suppose “Kimmerle” would be a fitting name for her. A name that means “grief and trouble.”

      Kim’s profession is still fuzzy to me, I’m not even sure if she had one per se but as I observed the events of her life unfold from her point of view throughout the duration of this dream it was clear that, at least for a time, she was embarking on some investigative journalism. It began during the day, there was a party being held in what appeared to be the basement of Victory Bible (a church I attended when I was younger). This woman’s intentions were unclear but as far as I could surmise she was attempting to get some intel on an older gentlemen who was attending the party. He was sitting in the back while everyone else was enjoying the party. He was an elderly man, with little hair left on his scalp. He wore glasses and white polo shirt with cackies. She sat with him and spoke about…something. I can not well remember what that something was but I know that it pertained to the personal lives of a number of the people at this party and that if word of their conversation got around there would be repercussions. It is for this reason that Kim and this man kept this conversation to themselves. At some point the man got anxious and demanded Kim to leave him and stop asking questions. I suppose they were getting close to getting caught. I vaguely remember a woman becoming frustrated with Kim and the man for some reason. She may have been on to what they were talking about.

      Although I was viewing everyting from Kimmerle’s point of view I was aware of her appearance. She had light brown hair and was slightly tan. She had it down in curls. At least that was the case when she was at the party but things changed when she got back to her home. For one thing I saw that she lived in an anacronistic Victorian style home and while I have no memory of her looking in any mirrors I know that her hair had changed from brown to brunette and was up in a bun. She was no dressed in a dress reminescent of the ones that were worn back in the Victorian era. The house appeared to have electricity.

      In this point in the dream it was nightfall and it appeared that Kim’s life had gotted drastically worse. Her mother was sick and bedridden and her sister along with other members of her family ostricized and criticized her. It seemed that she did not have a friend in the world at this point and I could tell that she was very unhappy with where her life was. It was imlied that her mother’s condition was somehow her fault. I am not sure if this was in any way related to the interview she conducted with that man. All I could tell was that something had gone horribly wrong, her mother was sick and dying as a result, her family was scornful towards her, and whatever it was that had gone wrong may have been all her fault and I think that she did blame herself for whatever events had transpired.

      This may have been a single dream but the events hereafter appeared to take place over the course of several days. I was even able to witness Kim crawl into bed, go to sleep at night, and wake up the next morning. I don’t remember the details of the events but I do have vague memories of family members coming in to give Kimmerle a hard time. Even her own mother whome Kim was keeping in her house had nothing but harsh words for her. Three days seemed to pass.
      On the third night Kim was playing a game on her laptop. She was sitting outside the house. I got the sense that this was a means of escape for her since her life was basically a mess. At some point I gained control of Kimmerle’s body and looked up at the sky. The Earth was rotating much faster than normal as I could actually see the stars racing across the sky. I was not aware that this was a dream but somehow I knew that time was passing by faster than normal and now I knew why. It was mezmerising, I had always wondered what it would be like to see a real live timelaps of the stars making their rounds. But at the same time there was something terrifying about it. For some reason I could only look up at the sky for short period of time because seeing the sky like this filled me with fear. I saw the sun was beginning to rise so (still in Kim’s body) I rushed back inside as I know her mother would not be happy find her daughter spending her nights out playing games (I am not sure how I knew that or why I even cared).

      Another day came and went and the events were lost in memory. At this point Kim had regained control of her body. It was now the fourth night. Kim was lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep but then she heard a noise. Somehow we both knew that it was a man in her mother’s room although neither of us was sure what is intentions were. At this point it felt as though Kim and I shared control of her body. Her will was mine and my will was her’s. We both wanted to make sure that mother was alright but neither of us actually wanted to go out there out of fear. I am not sure if Kim was really aware of my presence within her soul (I guess I was within her soul, I’m not sure how else to describe it). When we peeked out the door of Kim’s room we saw the silhouette of a man scurrying out the front door. At this point we shut the door and proceeded to panic. We were not really sure what it was that were afraid of but something about that man’s aspect really spooked us. The last thing I saw was the window of Kim’s room. The curtains were shut and there was an orange light coming through.

      I awoke in a cold sweat, my heart was racing. I don’t know what it was that frightened me just then but I was happy to be awake.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    14. The Slaughtering Factory, Dance Like No Ones Watching (5.7.15)

      by , 07-05-2015 at 12:42 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Slaughtering Factory
      I'm at a slaughtering factory and I'm watching the process of how it works. They're using chickens and cats, it's fucken sickening. I love animals so much, I can't understand how someone could do this job for a living. There's 2 guys on a production line, where the Animals come from. There's holes where they throw the Animals down to there death I'm guessing.

      There's a live cat and they pore petrol over it and then let it roam. This starts to effects the cat and makes it weak and looking as if it's eventually going to die. Someone tells me that it's had a tablet and it'll die.

      Dance Like No Ones Watching
      I'm outside a house and I'm with 2 others. I see some of my close family on other side of road. I stand with a lite kid about 30 meters away from my family, and we communicate that way. The kid talks for a while and I compliment him saying that he speaks better then I do. I remember seeing the ground look like burned rubber. I'm inside the house now and someone said they laughed at what we said around the side of house.

      I'm at a petrol station with Marleigh and a few others that I recognize. We all start dancing and looking like idiots, but we continue dancing. I begin thinking about how we look silly but don't want that to stop me, and that I shouldn't feel silly, I'm joking around having fun. I begin pretending to rap silently but move my mouth and hands as if I was really doing so.
    15. Mountain Lions and Crocodiles in a river

      by , 08-26-2014 at 01:06 PM


      I remember being with my dad on some obstacle course over a river. There were many dangers. Rapids, crocodiles, and mountain lions. They were always taunting us along the river. I think I've actually been to this section of river before in another dream.

      Eventually we got to some wooden platforms we had to climb. I climbed up first, but then a crocodile attacked my dad. Many more crocodiles started attacking him, too. There were also mountain lions attacking. I tried to do everything I could do to save him, but it was too late. I then tried to revert to a previous point like in ksp, but I couldn't. I was more saddened than frightened.
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