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    1. Incredible Wealth, Gold Toolbox, and Partial Stone Maps

      by , 12-27-2019 at 07:42 AM
      Morning of December 27, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,366-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      As a consequence of the typical synaptic gating of sleep that results in loss of wakefulness and memory, my dream self loses current waking-life identity, my most active but fictitiously altered recall (preconscious mediation) stemming from around 1985. I seem to be about twenty-five years old instead of fifty-nine. I remember the King Street mansion, but nothing yet outside of that factor, not even parents, relatives, or current family, and nothing pertinent about my life over the past thirty years.

      I am in an unfamiliar mansion owned by a wealthy family. I sense their house is about two blocks west of the King Street mansion. There are the man and his wife, their dark-haired young daughter, and a male servant living here. I marvel at the setting with its beautiful curtains and antique furniture.

      I will be living with this family as a result of my adoption even though my dream renders me as a young adult.

      Several well-known sleep-wake mediation factors occur. I am sitting on the rich man’s canopy bed in the late morning (with no one else around until moments later), and notice a small shiny gold toolbox on a table to the left of the bed. It is unlocked. As well as other valuable possessions, including a diary, there are several smooth white stones with parts of pictorial maps (in color) printed on their surfaces.

      The man (this dream’s main preconscious personification) walks in but does not seem angry about my invasion of his privacy. He sits on the bed and mentions how rare the stones are.

      His daughter (this dream’s vestibular system avatar) comes in and sits on the bed. The woman comes into the room but remains standing. The girl’s black cat jumps on the bed, and the woman refers to him as “Skywalker.”

      Sleep-wake mediation factors:

      Bed: Instinctual (though a frequent liminality forerunner as here) awareness of being asleep.

      Toolbox: Opening the toolbox (similar to using a door to either wake or vivify and sustain a dream) signifies synaptic gating and achieving consciousness. My dreaming experience significantly vivifies at this point. The mapping stones represent finding the way back to wakefulness as the part of the mind that organizes information initiates.

      Gold: This color only dominates a dream as a precursor to achieving wakefulness.

      Cat: Liminality forerunner (a summoning factor by habit since childhood). Cats always “land on their feet” (successfully mediate the anticipated “drop” into wakefulness).

      The girl: Somatosensory and proprioception personifications (and the resolving of physical ambiguity as my dream self’s body is fictitious in form and orientation) are typically female (as an instinctually summoned avatar). An important factor is the girl’s cat named “Skywalker.” It stems from liminal drop anticipation and the imaginary proprioception of the dream state and is flight-related.

      The woman, who is the only one standing in the last scene, is an incentive for me to wake and get up, as I begin to see her as Zsuzsanna as my (upper preconscious) reticular activating system’s waking alert factor initiates.

    2. Historical Gems

      by , 12-10-2017 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2017. Sunday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 8

      I find myself in an unknown setting, apparently participating in some sort of treasure hunt, though relating to the backstory, we are already in the area where the treasure is. Curiously, my mother-in-law is present without any association with conflict. Zsuzsanna and our children are also present as well as at least one unknown male.

      There is some sort of movie, though more like a slideshow, shown near one of the areas where treasure is stored. It is apparently of Vasco da Gama, though there are several other explorers and natives in very unusual outfits, each unique. One native has some sort of fancy oval and horizontally-striped shield over the front of his body, yet the imagery is rather sketchy and surreal.

      Over time, I marvel at the beauty of the various stones we find. They are divided into particular kinds, piled into kitchen cabinets, both at floor level and three-tiers from the ceiling. I do not yet see this as odd even though it is implied to be some sort of cave that has not been known of or explored since the 1500s.

      The cabinets are along two walls that meet. I find a group of blue and white stones that are presumably called “ice”. I find a bag on a shelf above these stones that reads “ice”. I am somewhat puzzled by the name, though only with a vague recall of ice being frozen water.

      At this point, I finally start to realize the error of my dream’s implications. I tell the others that this place could not have existed in the 1500s as the cabinets all look new and the design is modern. I find an unknown plastic object in the cabinet where the transparent bag that says “ice” on it is found. I say, “This could not be from the 1500s”. It is circular, possibly a piece of a sieve. I then say, “These are like kitchen cabinets. They could not have been made that long ago.”

      It seems more like the large kitchen of an unfamiliar house.

      I do not really see the point, but this dream turned out to be precisely precognitive as many dreams are relating to a specific thread with too much visual detail to be coincidence. Zsuzsanna’s sister had brought a bag of ice around today, identical to that of my dream (of a kind I had never seen before otherwise), and with no way of either of us expecting this. In fact, the very idea of this would have been otherwise absurd, especially as our freezer is nearly too full to even hold it. Some precognition is more so because of telepathy (for lack of a better word), but I have wondered since childhood about the specific nature and patterns that are more likely to be “sent”. Still, it is the most unusual and unlikely events that have more of a precognitive presence in my dreams.

    3. Walls within Walls and Beyond Walls

      by , 05-09-2017 at 02:51 PM
      Morning of May 9, 2017. Tuesday.

      I am in a setting which seems to be modeled somewhat after the Loomis Street backyard, though there is the typical ambiguous feeling of being indoors and outdoors at the same time. The north fence is present but higher than in real life. There are a few unknown people present.

      I am aware of a set of parallel walls. There are at least five or six in a row and only about four feet apart. The first wall, farther south from the real fence, is made of old stones. A couple walls are more like the inside of a house.

      There is some sort of sense of wanting to explore. The main scene involves an unknown male opening a door between two walls, and this event is somehow duplicated simultaneously between two different walls, and yet it is also the same man. I believe this is the first time this has occurred in a dream.

      Tags: door, fence, stones, walls
    4. Dream 11/01/2016

      by , 01-11-2016 at 08:01 PM
      Some activities i did before going to sleep. When it was already dark at night i went out with my bicycle for a ride so see some scenarios. I seem to enjoy more of the awareness at night, and that helped me in my dreams tonight.
      Then, before going to sleep, i meditated one hour aproximately in Zazen. That helped me a lot in vividness of my dreams and restfulness of mind in my dreams, at the last moment of a dream that actually helped me got lucid.

      I fell asleep at about 3:00 AM. In my first dream I was at a supermarket. In front of the cashiers, in the same building, there were many shops. In one of those shops there was a woman who kept a tablet that was mine, she said for safety. I wanted to go in and talk to her but the shop was closed. Then i talked to a cashier, and she said that there was no problem that she would give me one (apparently she trusted my word). So he passed the tablet through the laser and she asked me for 15 pesos. I told her that was why i wanted to speak to that woman. There was nothing wrong with my tablet and now i have to pay 15 pesos for nothing. But ok i payed it. Then she bagged it and while she did that we talked about a football match of this morning (which nothing happened in waking life, actually before going to bed i was thinking about football and Argentinean team, something i haven't done for like 2 years). She asked me if i saw the football match of Argentina this morning and i said no, i don't watch football anymore. She was surprised, a man who doesn't watch football, but i wasn't surprised of her, i know that some people are ignorant enough that think everyone will have the same habits. She was with another woman, and for not being rude i said that i haven't watched a single match since Argentina lost the world cup on 2014, she said that she couldn't believe i (actually she did but she said that probably for my tenacy. I actually wasn't interested anymore, it's just a business, that doesn't attract me).

      I went out the supermarket and took a walk in the city. I crossed a street and i saw my grandmother in a car, like working as a taxi driver. I go to the square (scenario i had seen in my bicycle ride before going to sleep). I was heading from a supermarket called Vea to another one, more close to center of the city, called Top. I don't recall so much what happened there. But after that i headed with my mother to a street where there is a school. I saw a small square and next to it the entrance to a garden (street mitre). My mother passed it but wanted to show it to me, and i pointed out that it was behind. She kept going anyways and we went to the end of the street. The building were each time more ... antique, they were like gothic style (the houses were like 2 meters tall, and made of stone, fine stone), and the place looked like a town more than a city. In a street there were some old men playing or washing and i asked my mother if she could stop so i could see them. She did 100 meters more and stopped at the end of the street. I asked her if she could go back. She didn't answer me. I asked her if i could drive. She was staring at me. I told her "It will be ok, it's a lucid dream, im aware" but with compassion (not with conceit like happens other times i get lucid. This is probably a nice effect of the meditation). My dream starts to fade and i find myself awake, but i stay still, thinking that i could return to the dream again. Anyways i was in a bad postion (not awful like other times, but wasn't good either). I thought about the DEILD technique so i stood for a while like that. Then i thought about writing the dream and do a WBTB but i didn't since i would remember the dream. I fell asleep again, i continued in the same dream, but i wasn't lucid. It was like the dream would prolonge for like 10 minutes. So i continued dreaming. We headed with the car to our left. We go to the end of the street where there was a river going down. I got out of the car and my mother was already with his boyfriend so i left them and went on my own. I got myself inside some ruins and jungle. I saw there was no escape from that point onwards so i had to go back and surround that place, go through a river "gate" and there i could continue. I saw there was a big stone, and water flowed below that. It wasn't very dangerous since nobody could fall there, but one could put a hand there. Anyways one wouldn't want to since there were a lot of insects there and a lot of moss. Suddenly i see the boyfriend of my mother coming and he puts a hand in the water and he drinks it. Then he shouts, "i drank some of the water you drink" (like saying to my mother) i told him that is not the water she drinks, this one has insects. He didn't listened to me, probably he heard me. I go back and im ready to go to the river. I was at the spot where the car was (i was to the left of that place). I jump out of some big squared stones and i see to my right (i was in front of the car, so same direction as i was before) and i see a beautiful landscape. The skies were blue, but that blue was covered with purple, orange and yellow. There were some trees, very tall, like 20 or 30 meters of altitude. It was like the earth if it would have evolved spiritually, with no pollution or anything like it. The tree looked like weirwood of game of thrones, but it was taller, and when i saw it and the sky behind it it was a lovely mix of colours. The place was the andino, at the end of Bv Roca, i was standing to the left of what would be that place. By the way, when i was coming down the big squared stones i thought about the benefits of giving up adictions, that it is neccesary, then i saw that beautiful landscape.
    5. My Husband Poops on the Floor Before a Wedding, and Navigating a Dog Poop-Covered Lawn

      by , 09-22-2014 at 03:05 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was thinking about Dallas and I's wedding. It had been on a stage. Except for I hadn't married Dallas, I had married my dad? Ew, I know. I was thinking about having to share a bed with him and was so weirded out and uncomfortable. I was then thinking about Dallas and how I was married to him and it made me feel better. I don't know, it didn't make a lot of sense.

      Then, I was in what looked like a bedroom. There were things on the carpeted floor. We were getting ready for my brother's wedding, which I kept thinking was not that weekend, but another weekend, but I guess they had pushed it forward. There was a full-length mirror to my left. Dallas came up to me. He was naked. He gave me a hug. It was a really sweet hug! Then, I heard a plop noise. Uh oh.
      "Did you just poop???" I asked Dallas.
      "Yup," he said.
      Oh my god. My husband just shit on the floor. Could he not hold it or something?
      I then looked over in the closet to my right, which resembled our IWL closet, and saw my friend Caitlin in there, wearing an all white, all covering suit.

      About the announcement.-silver-white-morph-body-suit-full-body-tights-lycra-spandex-zentai-suit-2b8d78.image.351x550.jpg

      Over the suit, she was wearing clothing. This is what they were doing for my brother's wedding...many people were going to wear these white full body suits with clothing over them. She was trying to be sneaky. She was doing all these smooth, interpretive dance-like movements. I then thought about how she had probably just seen Dallas poop on the floor. I imagined she had a good laugh about that. She then came out of the closet and sat down at a long table that was in the room apparently. This is where the other guests of the wedding would sit as well. A few other people in white body suits came and sat down. I looked over to where Dallas had pooped. He had cleaned it up, but I saw a slight stain on the floor. So embarrassing.


      I was at some guy's house, which was actually the house that my best friend lived in when we were growing up. Many guys lived there, apparently. It was a house that the college kids came to to party at. The guy had spiky blonde hair, kind of resembling Titus from FFX. I had made friends with a guy that lived over there on League of Legends. I wanted to be friends with this guy too. I was lounging on a couch in the bonus room with my shoes off. In front of me on a different couch, another guy was playing a game on a console. I mentioned something to the Titus guy about how I had been in the house before because my best friend's family lived there. I was noticing how familiar, yet different it looked now. Different furniture in a different arrangement, a bit dirtier, etc. But it was definitely the bonus room I remembered.

      I was kind of having feelings for the guy, but I didn't think he was interested in me back. I had a feeling I needed to leave. I got up and started walking. I asked the guy how many people lived in the house. His response was
      "It's hard keeping up a brothel."
      Ok...awkward. I didn't think he meant an actually brothel though.
      I started going down the stairs with the guy when I realized I had forgotten my shoes. I said so, and he went up to get them for me. As I was waiting for the shoes, some girls came to the door for a party that was going to happen later. I was then given my shoes. I put them on and started to leave, but realized I had also forgotten my purse. The guy wasn't around anymore, but the girls were. I said I had forgotten my purse, and went to get it. Fortunately, it was only a short walk away in a hallway. I picked it up and was finally ready to go.

      I left through the front door and went onto the lawn. There was some dog poop on the lawn. I was trying to avoid stepping in it. I kept coming across more and more of it. I then saw that there were these big piles of it in what appeared to be rings around the lawn. I couldn't avoid it anymore and accidentally stepped in the poop. Yuck. What were they doing with these? Trying to fertilize the lawn? How could anyone get to the house with this crap all over the place? Weird. I finally got through the piles of shit. I was by the ditch that separates that house from my house (this is true IWL; she lived behind me growing up), though the ditch was in a different place, and it spanned vertically instead of horizontally. I was walking through the long, drying grass and rocks embedded in the ground, now trying to avoid these moving blue blobs that were actually tiny individual bugs acting as a single entity. They looked like blue mold or moss sliding across the rocks. I then came across some clear stones with blue flecks in them. Very pretty! I thought about reading down to grab one, but wasn't sure if there were more blue blob bugs hidden anywhere close. I kept walking and seeing more of the pretty stones. I thought that they probably weren't natural, but man made.

      Then, I came across these broken Victoria's Secret earring displays. Is this where the stones came from, broken glass? There were two or three of them, each a different color, though I can't recall the colors. I saw lots of stud earrings in one of the more intact ones. They looked like little kid stud earrings, some being bumble bees, for example. I wondered why they were all in the ditch. Had someone tried to steal them and abandoned them here? I wanted to take the stud earrings, but I also didn't want to mess up any evidence had it actually been a theft. I picked up the display of stud earrings. There was then a woman there with me. She told me that she had seen a dead body impaled on something while she was in the back of the store, and she was so shocked she tried to kill herself by swallowing a bunch of the stud earrings. As she was saying this, I saw her head and neck against a black background with emphasis on her neck. There was a red line on her neck showing how she was affected. Hard to explain that part. She then said she immediately changed her mind and made herself puke them up. Wouldn't that make things worse, though, I wondered, because it would cut her esophagus up as the earrings were coming back up?
    6. misc. 14

      by , 06-29-2014 at 02:54 AM
      i went on a trip with kids from my elementary school when i was young too, and i remember these huge stone walls around me, and i watched this girl that was in my class get crushed by a boulder and i was happy because she happened to pick on me, then i met back up with the class later and my teacher was calling role call and when it came to the girl i had to tell everyone i saw her get crushed by a huge stone
      Tags: stones
    7. NONLUCID Quest to Save the World

      by , 05-06-2014 at 05:38 PM
      Supp: Melatonin, B6, REM rebound (ganja)

      A friend and I procured a large bag of sausage links and scurried off to an industrial plant, skateboarding on our bellies and jumping over obstacles, where a myriad of school buses were parked. No one else was there. We went in, he vanished, replaced by a brooding hero who was to join me on my quest. He offered me my weapon, a very large stone, along with a choice of a few pieces of enchanted jewelry. I donned an amulet and a headpiece, and we entered in. The first sight to greet my eyes was a couple of dwarves, which my manager from work had just warned me about. The room they were in was tilting, and they were flying up against the wall wildly. I walked past them and started clobbering the heads of whoever I would meet. They didn't strike me as violent at all, but they were enemies, I suppose.. at one point near the end, a defeated enemy took my stone from and hit the head of one of his friends so hard I'm surprised he just looked dazed and not dead. I took the stone from him. I exited to a center column of a tower, where I found nature mixed in with the mechanization. A group of important people were there, I walked across a bridge that zipped over the empty space and verbally assaulted the general in charge, as he didn't understand the magnitude and significance of what I had just done (neither do I, hahah). He wore five hats, and took them off, put them on again. A co-worker told me we had saved the world. Not bad for acting like cavemen.
    8. Suicide and Other Conforts (Between August 16 2011 and August 17 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 01:25 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am a Spartan, and I belong to the elite troops of Sparta.
      We are in the middle of a fight. From the woods comes out arrows (which are sharp branches of trees) in my direction. I throw myself down on the ground and turn to where the arrows came. I run down the hill, throwing stones and sticks at the enemies.
      Our battalion is elite, but we are losing because our enemies are many....
      R is our commander.

      Flashback:: I have a vision of a deformed hand closing.

      Return to the dream::

      When the hand closes, I see the R with a Spartan uniform, stabbing himself in the chest.

      He committed suicide.
    9. 3 Lucids in a row yeeehhhaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! 5th July 2011

      by , 07-05-2011 at 12:40 PM
      As you may know my recall got really bad of late, could not remember any dreams atall..lucid dreaming comes naturally to me along with SP but....since taking 5HTP and vitamin B6 it all stopped, no dream recall, no SP ..nothing..I stopped taking them 4 days ago and now to my suprise its all coming back..just a warning to anyone with a natural ability...DONT TRY TO FIX WHAT ISN'T BROKEN

      Ok 3 lucids in a row last night, In each one i kept picking things up like stones etc and feeling them aswell as looking closley at the detail to stabilise my dream. In one of my dreams there was water, like a pool, when i felt my lucidity wearing off I placed my hands into the water and splashed it onto my face and it felt so real it was amazing. There was also like a market place in this dream. I was asking if I could meet my dream guide and said "when i turn round my dream guide will be there" it didn't appear, i then realised that this was because i doubted it a little. I asked a Man "do you know who my dream guide is?" I thought it may have been him but he looked at me blankly i then said "you know , a dream guide, like a spirit guide" he said "yes i am" I doubted this and asked "are you my TRUE dream guide?" he laughed and said "no" I also said out loud "i want to see my nan and grandad" some man then said to me "we can't just turn into them you know" i remember thinking "i didn't expect you to" i looked around for them but they didn't appear.
      Each time i woke slightly i said to myself "i want to meet my dream guide" this then took me back into a lucid dream. After the 3rd lucid i woke again slightly and then heard the "swooshing" noise in my head , i then felt myself spinning and falling then i must have gone into a normal dream.
      These vere very heightened in intensity and very amazing.
      I also remember like a dessert place and a curtain hanging up the door frame to a house or hut kind of place this is where the pool of water was. There was also a pony in my dream, i spoke to it , but with bad dream recall of late i find it hard to remember enough to write it down, but i remember it very clearly in my mind..if that makes any sense!!
      The last lucid dream i had i decided to just go with the flow as my controll wasn't brilliant yet i had excellent ability to stabilise my dreams.
      I did rub my hands together at one point when my dream was diminishing and it brought it all back again and stabilised it nicely.

      I do remember at some point in my lucid i flew, think i just wanted to go for a quick fly about, but i was more interested in testing my controll and see how its getting, still got a long way to go yet but i'll get there as i have so much determination and i KNOW i will manage it eventually

      Each lucid dream lasted about 10-15 minutes so having 3 I had a wail of a time

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    10. Best Buy scam delivery

      by , 05-23-2011 at 06:07 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Best Buy scam delivery (Non-lucid)


      I was with a friend, and this friend owned a huge store. The employees wore a red vest. For some reason I was going to work with him.

      We got a to a big room where he pulled out some crystals and gems. He had some odd board that looked like a model of a huge city. He placed a lot of cash inside (bills of all sizes, even $10,000 ones) We had to do something with the stones in order to win some cash.

      I threw some stones but ended up wining nothing. I was going to get started to work with him. I had to clean a lot of stuff, and wondered why I got such a crappy job if I did not needed.

      Suddenly, some guy knocked in a door. I ran to the door but other employee was there. A guy whose chest hairs could be seen had some sort of certicated envelope. This guy wore a Best Buy shirt. He had some weird document and he needed it signed. It was some sort of scam to make $180.

      We rejected to sign it. There was a hot co-worker who was next to me. This best buy guy asked her, "Wanna be my girlfriend?" She laughed and told him no. We all laughed and we started to talk about old friends.
    11. The Dream of the Doctor, the War, the Flying Policemen and the Pink Pebbles

      by , 03-07-2011 at 11:54 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      In this dream I was a man, who took part in the Cold War, except the Cold War was more like the Blitz, seeing as I was fighting an air battle over London. The Doctor was in my plane with me and I asked him to change history so as to stop the war. He went back in time, did something, came back and voilŕ, the storm clouds had disappeared, the birds were singing and my plane was the only one in London's sky.
      Then three flying bobbies came towards us to check what we were doing up there. Flying as in, standing straight in the air and hover.
      I realized that policemen don't fly, and in turn it made me realize... [the Unreveal] that the Doctor had fudged something up when he went back in time. He himself confessed to making an error, recognizing that these flying policemen were actually aliens who were supposed to invade and subdue Earth a century from now. Something he'd done in the past to stop the war had made them come earlier.
      Time Lapse.
      We're down to earth, in a town that looks a bit like my home town. We walk to the river, sit on a quay. The Doctor explains that those aliens have (/would have) mentally subdued humans. The key to freeing them is finding what the aliens have done to us. We then have to look in the river. We dived and check the wall of the quay. There's a small pipe in which we find two pink granite pebbles. The Doctor rambles about how they mean that the aliens have changed the human anatomy. Yeah, sure.
    12. Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you.

      by , 02-03-2011 at 07:58 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you. (MILD)


      I want to say, I have been recording several longs dreams, but I have never had time to record them properly (still on paper) I have been lately very busy, as usual.
      Most of my recent dreams, are a lot related with Psychic stuff. The demanding for Tarot Reading has spiked and I have been doing a lot of readings to different people. Being channeling so many time (in order to generate a proper and accurate reading) plus my focus on Astral Travel, meditation, teaching the classes for MILD and getting started to offer guided meditation classes (not online and not free) has my focus in the subject.

      I was teaching a class of MILD to my students on a big class. The desks were green and had a small drawer for workbooks and stuff. After teaching the class, I went to another class, but this time, it was some sort of psychic class. I was not the professor now, but a student.
      I somehow realized I was dreaming, but the quality of the dream was not good. However, as time passed, quality increased. Suddenly, I realized that Dreamer was missing. My dream quality spiked. Someone said he could try to find Dreamer and find out the reason she is missing class. I said, "No, I will do it. I am very energy sensitive and I am pretty attached to Dreamer I will take care of it.

      I started to meditate, I wanted to follow the plot of the dream. I recalled I had some non lucid dreams with Dreamer and I wanted to start working on dream sharing. I focused on her and suddenly a metallic chain appeared. This chain would lead me to Dreamer.

      The dream scenery changed. I was traveling at a very high speed. All my surroundings were gray and all I could see, was a huge chain under me. After a few seconds, I got to a different place. This new place it appeared to be like a big home, however, it was not a regular house, it was like a cave, but with proper lighting, very clean and proper furniture.

      The entire place was all blueish. Most of the furniture was blue, the light was blue. I saw a small bookshelf with several energy stones. All the stones were lapis lazulis and blue tiger's eyes. I also found some hematites, but these were blue as well instead of black/metallic. I think I saw a few stuffed animals, blue and blue cyan. Suddenly, my heart pounded and I felt a presence. I heard a very sweet voice (a voice I imagine talking with Dreamer) I turned back and she was smiling at me.

      Dreamer welcomed me and said, "Welcome to my dream plane. I am very very happy of seeing you here!" Come with me! Dreamer started to walk and toured me around the dream plane that was created. She told me that blue was the best color out there. Among all blue, I saw a large Onyx stone (actually, pretty large, about a feet long, but it was not heavy) The stone had some letters on it, but I did not want wake up trying to read them out. Dreamer told me, "I know you are afraid from bees. Keep this stone. You helped me already to fight my doctor's dream, now is time I help you back. The stone is yours."

      I was very happy about that. I also saw some additional stones: quartz, lapis lazulis, opals, tiger's eye, jets, moonstones... a lot. There was a bigger stone that had several random stones attacked to it. For some reason, I decided to smell it. It smelled like freshly cut grass... like a rain forest... it smelled very good.

      Dreamer invited me to enjoy a flight. We flew over the dream plane I felt very happy, but the dream ended as it was time to wake up.

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    13. Birthday Stunts and Indian Artifacts

      by , 01-17-2011 at 03:00 AM

      I tromped on a small dirt path towards a small raised crest. My grandfather led the way and all around me were my sister and two cousins, Emma and Luke. We got to the small crest and looked down. Below us was a steep slope and then a beach of rocks. There was a bayou, or maybe it was a stream, running by it. This was the only accesible part of the beach, there were trees on the other parts.
      Grandpa told us that Mayan indians used to live here, and that we could find many great artifacts here.
      We have a place near his farm where we can pick up old Civil War and Indian objects from the ground.

      We began to look all over the ground. I tried to pick out unusual things from the smooth stones and soon found an odd oval shaped, beige stone. it was about the size of my palm and it had a carving on it that made it resemble a closed fist. One finger pointed forward. I excitedly showed my Grandpa my find and he praised me for my good work. not too long later, Luke picked up an identical rock, but it seemed to be the other hand. That is, he found the left one and I found the right one. My grandpa excitedly picked up a spherical, cream colored stone. There were indentions for the eyes and mouth and a protrusion for the nose that made it resemble a human head. There was a headband on it and some sort of headdress carved in. He showed it to us all.

      We began to search again, but then my grandpa shouted excitedly. We ran over to him. He was standing by a tree. on the tree, hanging, was a clay plate held up by a strip of leather. On it was a large indention, and around that were intricate designs. My grandpa carefully placed the head inside the indention. He decided to leave it there. i thought this was a good idea, as it seemed like it held some special purpose there.
      Grandpa mentioned something about Grandma having dinner waiting, and we returned to her house.
      My dream skipped forward. Somehow I knew i was at my grandmothers house, even though it wasn't.

      I was in a huge arena, with green below and stands all around. The stands were a third of the way filled with my family. i was on a raised platform, high, high in the air. Directly below me were a bunch of red balls. It was my birthday. I was supposed to jump into the balls. They might have been bouncy balls, a puffy trampoline, balloons, or pillows. I was unable to tell from the distance I was at.
      Somebody from my family climbed up to tell me something urgent. Emma was dangerously ill and she wanted to see me. i rushed down.
      Skipped ahead

      I was in a tiny room, about 12 feet by 6 feet. There was no such room in real life. There was a narrow bed and a large window. The bed seemed to double as a sitting swing. I stood by the bed and Emma lay there, talking to me. I laughed with her. She seemed fine, and it was time to go back home, anyway.
      Skip to my lou, my dreamling.
      We were in front of my grandmothers house, getting into our cars by the front gate. I was in third person view watching this, I seemed to be about 40 feet in the air, watching everything. We said our goodbyes.
    14. Mackinaw Air-Stairs

      by , 11-13-2010 at 11:12 PM
      July 4, 2008

      I was at a high school that had the theme of Hogwart's (kind of) and I was trying to find my brother to give him a book. The high school was built out of amber colored stone with big pillars and bridges. I then went to a big majestic building that looked like the Taj Mahal. The sky was bright, sunny, and blue. A man with a long white beard then just said out of nowhere, "Spin the Stones." What then happened, was that the big building started rotating very slowly. Just imagine the Taj Mahal on a sunny day and it is tilting slowly like the leaning tower of Pisa. Here is a picture to best describe the scenery. The weird thing is that I had this dream in 2008 and had no idea what the Taj Mahal was at the time. And this picture looks exactly how it did in my dream. Also, just imagine a humongous glass dome above this palace.AIM-taj-mahal.jpg
      Anyways, after the man said, "Spin the stones," it sounded like a bunch of gigantic rotating gears like in a clock were turning. I looked up and there was a boy chained to the top of the dome by his wrists just hanging there. I could not see his face because his long brown hair was covering it. He started to clench and fidget like he was in pain, for he was, and shed one tear. The tear rolled down his face and dropped on the tip of the big building. The tear quickly rolled down the smooth stone and kept going until it slid frictionless on the white stone floor and into the water. (My dream camera angle changed to underwater still watching the droplet at this point.) The droplet turned into a water fish and swam until it went inside a black hole in the wall. Then the water burst out and turned into little tiny colored creatures. They looked like they were made up of little geometric 3-d shapes and they had little faces on them. They formed a stairway with air supporting them. This phenomenon that just happened stuck in my mind as what is called a Mackinaw. I have no idea what it means but that's what it was called in my dream. So yeah. After that its foggy.
    15. Island Air Raid and the Translucent Stones.

      by , 07-17-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off on some sort of island. There is one small town near the north side of the island, but it is a very poor slum. Most of the houses are small trailers or huts that are dirty and barely standing. The town is surrounded by a temperate forest and the entire island is elevated several meters above the sea level. Because there are only steep cliffs along the sea sides, crudely constructed wooden piers and ladders have been built to allow access to the water. It is never explained why or by who, in the dream, but the little island is subject to frequent air raids.

      I am standing outside of my hut/trailer and I am looking at the clear blue sky. I can hear an air raid siren blaring through the town, and even though I can not see where the sound is coming from, I know what it means. I can see black dots in the distance and they are rapidly approaching the island. Everyone in the town is scrambling to find shelter, most heading for the forest because they know that the slum town is the target of the on coming attack. I run into the forest also, but still feel exposed being so close to the town and head for the closest pier on the seafront. I am hoping to escape the attack by boat.

      When I am at the outside edge of the forest (at a cliff that overlooks the sea) and I can see the on coming attack planes. There are about 12 of them and they are flying in a diamond formation. Most of the planes look like WW2 bombers, while two or three look like sea planes. All of them are painted entirely black except for the wing tips which are painted bright red.

      I am afraid that I will be seen and scramble down the cliff side and underneath the long wooden pier. I remember that the wood of the pier was dark brown and smelled like it was rotting. The planes suddenly decend rapidly, break formation and start bombing everything in sight that is moving. My plans of escape by boat are thwarted when several people attempting a similar escape in their watercraft are obliterated by the attack planes before they can get very far. The very end of the long pier I am hidding under is blown apart by a bomb and I am too afraid to move from my spot.

      I cannot see what is happening to the town but I can hear a constant barage of bombs, planes wizzing close by and screams from people in the forest behind me. To my right I suddenly see one of the sea planes land in the water and come towards the pier that I am hiding under. I panic and try to climb up the cliff but it is suddenly muddy and I slip down and into a large cravat. There is an outcropping of the cliff that I can hide under and I do so.

      While still aware of the sea plane coming towards me, I feel something hard in the mud below me and thinking it is a rock, I dig it out. It turns out to be translucent yellow stone about the size of my fist. It's not shiny and cut but I think it is jewel and I put it in the pocket of my tattered pants. I try to adjust my weight in the mud underneath the outcropping but doing so causes me to slip out from my hiding place. I grab onto something that I think is a stick to steady myself and discover that is a cylindrical, translucent red stone. There are actually three of them sticking out of the mud but I only grab one and stick it in my other pocket.

      The sounds of the air raid have stopped, though I can still hear several bombers flying overhead. The sea plane reaches the wooded pier and because I think I can be seen I make another attempt to climb up the muddy cliff. I am successful this time and dash into the forest. I do not look back and see the face of the enemy. The forest is thick with smoke from things burning and I am quickly lost. I run towards where I think the town is and trip on several bodies or body parts. I do not see anyone alive along the way.

      I do eventually find the town but the damage doesn't seem to be as bad as I thought it would. My home has been destroyed and I scurry between burning ruins and debris until I find a trailer that is elevated off the ground with cinder blocks. I crawl underneath the trailer and dig a small hole. I rip off a peice of my shirt and wrap the yellow and red stones in it, which I then bury, believing that they are valuable or will be useful to me later. I remain hidden under the trailer, even after I can no longer hear any bombers flying overhead.

      People start emerging from the forest and return to the town. I don't know any of them nor do I feel anything for them. Even at the beginning of the dream I felt very detatched from the other people in the town. I watch from my hiding place as people try to find anything valuable to salvage or their loved ones. I am chased from my hiding spot when the owner of the trailer returns and yells at me to get lost, probably thinking that I was going to try and move into his place or something. I make a mental note to retrieve the stones later.

      I don't know if it is the next day or later in the week but the dream skips ahead a bit and I am talking with someone in the middle of the slum, most of which is still smoldering ruins. There are a few people trying to rebuild but many people don't see the point since they know the island will probably be bombed again in the near future. The young man I am talking to says that there is a man who lives in a cave on the other side of the island who grants wishes or something to anyone who brings him rare or precious items. I remember my yellow and red stones (having forgotten them until now, apparently) and wait until night to try and dig them up.

      Thankfully the stones are still there and I make my way along the island's outer edge to try and find the cave. The full moon is large and supplies ample lumination for me to find my way. The muddy cliffs give way to icy formations that are just as difficult to traverse. I slip several times and almost drop my stones in the sea, which seems to have gone calm to violent and frothing the farther I get from the slum town. The sea is also freezing and I assume that is why the cliff face is covered in ice.

      I feel like I have been walking forever, and indeed the sun starts to rise before I see the cave in the distance. The icy cliff gives way to sand, but not before I pluck a peculiar looking stone from the frigid ice. It is similar to my yellow and red stones, being translucent and about fist size, but is a bright blue. I put it in with the others and continue on my way. I am happy to reach the sand because it is warm and soft, though I have to avoid being sweapt away by large waves that are crashing onto the beach. The tide must be coming in or something because even when I walk directly away from the sea, the waves still reach my feet no matter how far inshore I go.

      What looked like a cave from a distance now looks like a large door made of gold and encrusted with shining jems. There are gold and silver gears and chains surrounding it and there does not seem to be a door handle. I think at first that it is some sort of puzzle but before I can get much further in my thoughts, the gears start turning, the chains squeak and the door swings open. It is all dark inside and I cannot see anything at first, but with the sea level rapidly rising behind me, I do not hesitate to go inside.

      I am exhausted and cold and am hoping that this journey has not been in vain. I feel my way through the dark until I find a wooden door. I open it and am stunned by what I see behind it. It looks like a standard, modern day home (kitchen to my right, living room dead ahead, bedroom to my left), but everything is made of precious material and jewels. The walls are solid gold, the light fixtures are made of crystal, the carpet under my feet is soft and luxuriant. I am appauled by the excess of the place, thinking of the utter poverty and slum conditions in which my town on the other side of the island exists.

      As I walk towards the large high ceiling living room. A tall, handsome, muscular man (in his late 20s/early 30s) comes out of no where and greats me. A woman appears by his side and offers to make me some tea. She seems kind of "empty," and does not even look directly at me. She is forcing a smile. I can not see them, but I can hear children playing somewhere. Still overwhelmed by the opulance of the place I forgot what I had come for, even thought I still clutched the stones closely to my chest. Despite their apparently welcoming demenor, I do not feel safe because everything feels "fake."

      The dream ends there.
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