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    1. The Dark Tower: Hijacked Door

      by , 12-06-2019 at 05:10 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 12-05

      The Dark Tower: Hijacked Door

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am playing a game of Ratchet and Clank VR. I am wondering where I managed to find such a cool game. I am thinking it's a prototype and I'm testing it. The strange thing is I am not playing as Ratchet. I am Ratchet's partner. He has Clank on his back as usual, and I am also working with him. I still get to use all of the same cool weapons from a Ratchet and Clank game. We are on planet Pokitaru in some kind of factory. We are making our way through the factory to shut down the production of evil robot clones that are programmed to kill on sight. Right now I am thinking Dr. Nefarious is behind it. There are two levels up ahead. Ratchet makes use of Clank’s helipack and they take the second level. I am on the lower level blasting enemy robots that are coming from both sides. I glance up and see Ratchet cruise across an opening with Clank’s help.

      I come to a door and go through it onto a beach. My blaster is out of ammo! I put it in an interdimensional pocket as I look to see where I am now. I see a man up the beach a short way. I head in that direction and I find the man is Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower books. He is getting quite sick from the poison of the lobstrocities. I healed his hand, but the poison remains. I use more healing energy on him to help him feel better, but it will not heal the poison. He will feel better for a while but will get sick again. In order to make him truly well we need medicine from Eddie Dean’s world. We soon come to a door with the words “The Prisoner” carved on it. This is the door! Roland, feeling quite a bit better if only for a short time, opens the door. Before either of us can react black tendrils reach through the door and grab both of us. We are pulled through the door and it slams closed behind us.

      We are on a vast and desolate plane surrounded by a strange group of assholes. Taheen and Can-Toi from the Dark Tower books, Thalmor from Skyrim, and Templars from Assassin’s Creed. A Taheen with the head of a bear says we should have let go of our quest for the Dark Tower, but now they will have to kill us. I focus on creating an Immortal Fire from the song Dark Power of Abyss by Rhapsody. “Suddenly, the unreal silence is broken by a lament… a lament coming up from the deepest, darkest abyss. And from the seven gates of the dark fortress, the dead come back to life to face them… this is hell!” The bear Taheen tells me to shut up, but it’s too late. “Immortal Fire, now rise, light my heart, light my way through the darkness, a guardian of space and time!” A wall of light fire explodes out from Roland and me, incinerating all of the enemies in its path. There could be more enemies, Roland is thinking the same. He runs for the door and goes through it. I follow him, hoping the beach is waiting for us on the other side. But instead of getting there I wake up.
    2. Dark Tower – Beach Party

      by , 09-28-2017 at 05:31 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-27

      Dark Tower – Beach Party

      I am on a beach at night. I look around to see where I am. It’s a nice beach, except for the strange creatures crawling out of the sea onto the beach. These things look like some kind of cross between a crab and a lobster with extra-large pincers, but I notice they aren’t coming very far away from the water. They’re almost talking, but they talk nonsense like, “Did a chick? Dud a chum?” I start walking along the beach with the ocean at my left. I soon see something up ahead in the light of the moon. I approach it more quickly and soon I see that it is a door standing by itself, standing open. All of these clues put together have convinced me I am in a Dark Tower world and where there is a door on the beach Roland probably won’t be far away.

      As I approach the door I see something lying on the ground in front of it. I soon see that it is a body lying there, and I correctly assume it is Roland. I get closer and check to see if he is ok. He is breathing steady, although I can feel a heat coming off of him as if he has a fever. I wonder how he could have a fever when I healed all his wounds… unless maybe my energy only healed the damage and didn’t get all of the poison… I look around and see that I am no longer alone. There are other people standing around, most of them have smirks on their faces. They are all wearing the symbol of the Templars. One of them comes over to me and puts on a fake friendly face, he says we have something to discuss. He says he wants to know exactly how the doors along this beach work so he and his associates can build one of their own. I tell him I really have no clue how the doors work (I don’t) and these Dark Tower worlds are the only place I’ve ever seen them. He doesn’t seem to believe me. He says he has medicine that can help my friend (Roland) or he can make sure Roland has no body to come back to.

      I am about to respond when I see another person on the beach with us. This guy looks like a holy warrior or knight, he is dressed in bright armor and carrying a cool looking sword. The Templar who had been talking to me turns and asks who the fuck that guy is. The knight holds his sword out in front of him and it glows with a golden light almost too bright to look upon. The knight says the Templars may bare the holy mark of God, but he has seen through their disguise. He says he can see they have abandoned the teachings of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and now they must stand and face their holy judgment and be cast down back into the pits from which they came. Now I hear some of the other Templars muttering amongst themselves, they seem to think the knight is crazy. The knight doesn’t wait to see their reactions, he attacks with his brightly glowing sword which is almost blinding now. I shield my eyes and see a Templar open a portal and a large something comes through, looks like a giant or a golem of some kind, and it attacks the knight.

      I am distracted when I see a Templar over by the door. I’m not sure what he is doing, but I know it can’t be good. I am about to do something, but it seems he is about to go through the door. He doesn’t make it, however… there is the sound of a gunshot and he falls right through the door, dead. I look where the shot came from and I see MoSh has joined the party. The next period of time is a bit unclear because there is some chaos. A couple Templars attack me and I demonstrate my Alex Mercer blade arm for them. A Templar is disoriented, looks like he has been blinded by the knight’s bright sword, and he wanders too close to the lobstrocities coming from the water and gets torn apart. I hear numerous gunshots from MoSh’s guns and soon there are even more because Roland has come back through the door and in spite of the fact he seems sick he is shooting like the guns are a part of his hands. I figure that even though I didn’t stop the venom from making Roland sick I was able to make sure he has both his hands whole.

      Soon there are no more Templars, just MoSh, the knight who I am thinking might be a friend I have been trying to dream with named Austin, Roland, and me. This seems like a good chance for everyone to get to know each other. I’m not completely sure the knight is Austin, but I figure that is my best guess so I go with it and introduce everyone to everyone else since I’m the only one who knows everyone here. I am even more convinced the knight is Austin when he says I’m his sister and hugs me. I hug him back, though I’m not sure if he can even feel it through his armor. I have barely finished introducing everyone when I wake up.
    3. The Dark Mirror

      by , 06-05-2017 at 05:08 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-04

      The Dark Mirror

      I am in a place I don’t recognize. It is a cave of some kind. I hear the sound of the ocean from one direction so I follow that sound. There is light getting into the cave from various places where cracks have penetrated through to the outside. I follow the sound of the ocean and emerge on a ledge that is high up over the ocean below. And I’m not alone there. MoSh is there with me. He says we have to find the mirror. At first that doesn’t make any sense, but then I remember something about a mirror in someone’s inner world that was allowing Templars to attack. I pinch my nose and I find I can still breathe, I’m dreaming. I tell MoSh that he’s dreaming and he says he already knows that. We search around on the ledge and connecting caves until we find a place where there is an outcropping of rock reaching over the sea. On the outcropping is what appears to be a mirror, but the mirror is totally black with no reflection. MoSh says that’s it, and he wants to go kick some Templar ass. I go to the mirror and plant a couple timed explosives on it. We both go through, then the explosives detonate behind us and shatter the mirror, destroying the portal behind us.

      On the other side of the mirror we are in another strange place. There are Templars all around, and it seems to be a wide-open area outside, I really don’t get a very good look at the surroundings because it’s dark and MoSh and I get attacked right away. MoSh tells them to leave Bjork alone, though at that point I couldn’t think who Bjork was. No matter, they shouldn’t be harassing anyone, so now they would all pay. As we are attacked I focus on using Battery by Metallica to call down bolts of lightning on the enemies. In spite of there being so many of them, the Templars seem to die pathetically easily. When they die they disappear from the dream. I focus on the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica and throw fireballs at many of the Templars. I then transform my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start cutting Templars down in large numbers as they attack. The Templars are attacking using an assortment of blasters and also melee weapons such as swords and battle axes, though none of the weapons seem particularly effective. I focus on the song Phantom Lord by Metallica and create an expanding wall of fire that incinerates many Templars. Soon it looks like any Templars left are retreating, and MoSh tells them they’d better not come back!

      After the fight is over MoSh is saying we need to make sure the mirror is gone from Bjork’s inner world so they can’t use her any more. My mind still isn’t remembering who Bjork is, but I say that’s fine, I’ll try to get back to where we saw the mirror. I focus on Through the Never by Metallica and both MoSh and I go through the resultant portal. On the other side we are once again on the rocky outcropping that reaches out from tall cliffs over a deep blue ocean. It is a quite beautiful sight. There is a pile of rubble on the rocky outcropping where I know there used to be a mirror. I point to the rubble and tell MoSh that the mirror is history. Just to make sure I drop a fireball on the rubble and turn it all to ash. MoSh says he hopes that takes care of things. Everything fades to black as I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Minecraft Inner World

      by , 05-04-2017 at 12:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-03

      Minecraft Inner World

      I am in a place I don’t recognize, but it looks like the aftermath of a disaster of some kind. I look around to see if I can figure out where I am. There is a man there looking at me, and he comes over. He says he’s glad I was finally able to make it here. A Japanese woman in a kimono comes over with a plate of cookies. She says she knows I love her cookies, so have one. I take a cookie, it is chocolate chip and it is delicious. Soon, names come to mind for the woman and the man. He is MoSh, and she is Asuka, and I had a goal! The goal was to fix stuff up here after MoSh’s inner world was invaded last night. I look around, and I start seeing things as if they were in the video game Minecraft. I tell the two of them that I will gladly help repair things.

      I go to where it looks like there was once a house but now there is a large hole in the ground and the frame of a house. My mind has gotten stuck on Minecraft somehow (I haven’t played it for a long time) so I go with that and I start moving around blocks of dirt to fill in the hole so the house will be stable on top of it. I am doing that when I see another man, and this time I think of Data from Star Trek. He says he might have to rethink the catacombs to make sure they are also protected, he hadn’t figured the remote viewers would find them so easily. I keep moving blocks of dirt around, but I hang on to some blocks of various minerals and precious metals that I find. I have found copper, silver, gold, and a ton of coal. I come across some sand and I collect that, too, since I remember that is one of the few types of block in Minecraft that is affected by gravity. If I leave sand and MoSh wants to build down there later, it could all collapse. I run out of dirt blocks and I have to get out of the hole to collect more. I deposit my inventory of minerals and metals in a neat pile in an empty lot area. I call over to MoSh that I’m leaving the good stuff I found over here, so he can build or craft with it at his leisure. He looks surprised at that and comes over to look at what I have found. I go to a hill that doesn’t seem to serve much purpose and I collect some more dirt blocks to complete filling the hole.

      After filling enough of the hole I start looking at the debris pieces and picking those up. All of the parts of the house should still be here as long as a Creeper hasn’t exploded any of it. I start rebuilding the house as I find the pieces, but I haven’t found all of the pieces yet. I have some pieces from the second level but no stairs so I put up a ladder to get there. Then I wonder if I’m doing it right, after all, this is MoSh’s house, not mine. I look around for MoSh, Asuka, or Data to tell me if I’m doing this the way they want it done. I don’t see any of them for a few minutes, then I spot MoSh moving some blocks around on the lower level of the house. I ask him how he wants things to be laid out, but he just shrugs at me so I decide to keep working. If he doesn’t like it, things in Minecraft are usually pretty easy to rearrange. So I keep building, and still I haven’t found any stairs. Maybe there was a Creeper? Maybe the Templars stole the stairs? But that doesn’t make any sense… why would Templars steal stairs?!

      After a lot of working and moving stuff and finding some even more rare minerals and metals to add to the growing resource pile I finally step back and look at what we have built. The area has started to look surprisingly familiar, like a Minecraft version of a video game place I have seen many times before but I can’t think of what game it comes from because it is a game I don’t personally play. The only thing out of place is the large pile of rare minerals and ores that I have piled in an open area. I look around to see if I can find MoSh. I don’t see him now, but I see Asuka. I go over to her and ask where MoSh is. She says she thinks he woke up, but he will probably be back. She says to stick around for a bit, MoSh had mentioned trying to heal my sickness. I tell her that might have to wait, because I think I am about to wake up. Even as I say that, everything around me is fading to black and I wake.
    5. Templar Compound

      by , 03-03-2014 at 05:30 PM (Into the Ether)
      K and I are at the beach, in the ocean but near the shore. We're talking when I notice about 20 backpacks floating in the water nearby. I look at K, she looks at me, we're both thinking the same thing.


      She grabs one. They're unchanged by the water. She wants to take one. I'm not big on stealing and decide to ask somebody about the bags. Somebody says it's fine to take. K is trying to pick one out for me, asking what I want. One is pink on pink, another blue and pink. She holds up a pink one. Pink isn't really my thing. I tell her to grab the white one since she's now swimming in the middle of the bags.

      In the middle of this a group of . . . templars? arrive and stand on the beach. They're wearing a sort of greenish uniform with some hard shell padding in the usual places (knees, elbows, etc). They call me over. I get out to see what they want. I'm immediately handcuffed and told that I'm under arrest.


      I look at K for some sort of help with making the mental connect. I thought I was kosher with the templars, we had an arrangement. Judging by the shocked expression on her face, it's clear she has no clue what going on. I tell her not to do anything, let me figure out what's going on first. I'm not sure if she heard me as it was said telepathically.

      We arrive at a templar compound and I'm being overseen by one of their higher profile men. There was somewhat of a trial but not really. Judge, jury, and executioner was one person. I'm about to be escorted to my new long term home when I decide this bullshit.

      As we're walking, the man is smug about my future. His gait as he's walking and the fact that he leaves a lot of room between us shows me he doesn't consider me a threat. Using this I decide to stray a bit further back, begin to clean up the room we're in, organizing things, making it aesthetically pleasing.

      A woman who carries herself with more than enough self confidence walks into the room. She's very pleased with the new look.

      My thought process was, in a cell I'll be limited with options. I need to keep out of a cell and to do that, I need to appeal to somebody with power. This woman offered an out.

      My escort seemed decently impressed too. In the middle of this pause, news arrives of an impending attack. People get busy, woman leaves, man is left to escort me to the cell again, but since their resources are preoccupied I make a move.

      I slip out from the handcuffs and make a run for it. He tries to stop me but I evade his attempts to get a grip on me. The attack has begun and he leaves me to respond.

      At the border of the compound there are two templars, young, they don't even look like real templars due to their humanity showing through. It doesn't take me long to convince them that I'm just visiting a friend in the compound and due to the attack, thought it best to leave.

      They let me pass the border and soon after I've acquired a vehicle. Finally making it to a very massive highway, I feel a sense of relief. I get my bearings, figuring out where I am. I can't tell really, cities are beneath me and up ahead I can make out storm clouds. I take a closer look and it's a very large storm, almost a hurricane?

      Driving straight into it I decide that would offer the best cover. Once I've entered the city I ditch the car and head inside. I head through a parking garage when I hear loud voices talking, they sound like they're looking for somebody. Not taking any chances I decide to leave. I find sort of like an elevator room and pass through one door.

      "I think she's over here!" I hear one of them say.

      Once I'm in the room, I head to the opposite side of the it, create another door. Pass through that door. Then another door, and another, and another. That should slow them down at least a little.

      I still hear them but it's a maze of doors. I take off in another direction and after a brief run I finally approach a wall.

      A door forms.

      I open the door and walk in, closing it as I catch my breath. My eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, there's just a faint glow in the center.

      A man is standing under the glow and I feel a sense of relief with a mild case of terror. It dawns on me that the one person I seem to trust has no army and no allegiance.

    6. 01/15/13 Ratchet and Clank in Skyrim

      by , 01-17-2014 at 04:51 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in a city I don't recognize. I look around to see if I can identify it. It looks like a city out of a fantasy RPG such as Skyrim or Oblivion. There are various people walking around and chatting, various races. I spot a couple orcs, several feline kajiit, and a small cluster of argonians among the more human like races. I decide since I know approximately where I am I need to find out why I'm there. In this kind of game one can often find information in a local pub. So I walk down the street, searching for an inn or a pub. I see some other shops. An apothecary, an armor shop, and a weapons shop, and then a pub. The pub is called the Drunken Troll. I know I've never heard of that particular pub in the parts of the games I've played, but that doesn't matter. Things don't always match perfectly. I go into the pub.

      Inside the pub it is relatively quiet. It is the middle of the day, and there aren't too many people in there drinking yet. Two khajiit are having an animated conversation in the corner, the merchant at the bar is a nord, and a small group of wood elves seem to be celebrating something at one of the tables in the main sitting area. The nord at the bar looks bored, so I go over to him. He asks what I'll have. He says he is fresh out of nordish ale, his shipment is running late. I wonder if that could lead to a quest. Maybe some bandits are causing trouble or something like that.

      I am about to ask something about it when a man enters the room, looking breathless. He is carrying a large crate which he sets on the bar. The nord says never mind... the nordish ale is here. The man who just entered looks like another nord. The delivery man says the merchant isn't going to believe what he just saw outside. The merchant laughs and asks what he saw this time, a khajiit kissing an argonian? The delivery man says nope. He saw the strangest looking miniature khajiit walking down the street talking to this little metal golem. The merchant just gives him a strange look. The delivery man adds that the little golem has wings like a bird of some kind. The merchant starts laughing. The delivery man says he is not into the skooma again, he has given up that stuff. I wonder what he has seen, so I decide to check it out. I get up and head out. The merchant calls after me that he doesn't sell skooma... he runs a reputable establishment! Come back! I tell him I'll probably be back after I check out this miniature khajiit. The merchant says the delivery man is just blowing smoke. The delivery man says he really saw it!

      I go outside onto the street. I look up and down the street to see if anything looks strange. I spot what is out of place right away. Walking down the middle of the road are a couple of individuals that I would never have expected to see in a Tamriel type world. Ratchet the lombax and Clank the robot. Wtf? They are looking around in a perplexed manner. I get closer to them and I can hear them talking. Ratchet is asking Clank if he has any idea where they are. Clank says there is no place in his databases that matches this place. Ratchet says an even better question is how did they get here. Clank looks at me strangely. He says he doesn't know that, either, but the locals are staring. Ratchet looks where Clank is looking, at me, and asks if I have never seen a lombax and a robot before. I say not in this dimension. Oh, and by the way, I'm not a local. And I am pretty certain that the people here have never seen either a lombax or a robot. And I am wondering how exactly this has happened... Is someone messing with dimensions again?

      A couple of people walk by, talking a bit too loud. One of them says look at the funny little khajiit. An actual khajiit looks at Ratchet and says there is no way that pathetic thing is a khajiit. Ratchet hears that and gives the khajiit a dirty look. Clank puts one hand on Ratchet and says not to start any trouble. The khajiit talks like a typical khajiit, says, "Urj'Jirr thinks that little one has an attitude problem." Ratchet looks around and says Urj'Jirr should say that to him directly instead of getting a pal to say it. The khajiit, Urj'Jirr, says, "Urj'Jirr just did. Urj'Jirr says the little one is not too bright." Now Ratchet just has a confused look on his face. He says there is definitely something wrong with the people here. Urj'Jirr looks annoyed and says, "Maybe Urj'Jirr should teach the strange one some manners." Urj'Jirr's companion takes his arm, however. Ratchet is annoyed again and says, "Well maybe Urj'Jirr should just try it... if HE has the balls!" Urj'Jirr starts to make a move, but his friend restrains him. His friend, an imperial I think, says no... he is absolutely not going to bail Urj'Jirr's ass out of jail again. The friend points at a couple of guards who are now watching us. Urj'Jirr says, "Urj'Jirr thinks the little one got lucky... this time." Urj'Jirr's friend forcibly pulls him away. Ratchet is muttering that he'll show that Urj'Jirr who was lucky... Clank tells Ratchet to calm down, they have to figure out where they are and how to get back home.

      I look and make sure Urj'Jirr is really leaving, which he is, though he seems reluctant. He and his friend go into the pub. Great... just what the city needs. A drunk, conceited khajiit looking for a fight. I tell Ratchet and Clank I have no idea how they got here, but I do believe I can help them out with getting home. Clank says that would be very helpful. I focus on opening a portal to get to Ratchet and Clank's home dimension. Nothing happens right away, but I don't have time to focus long before I see a nord dressed in armor coming down the street sounding an alarm. Most everyone is running for shelter. Ratchet and Clank are just watching him, I am there with them wondering what is happening. The guard comes over when he sees we aren't running and says the goblins are attacking, everyone who can't fight needs to seek shelter. Ratchet asks who said he couldn't fight. The guard pauses and then says no one. He says if Ratchet is willing and able to help, any assistance would be appreciated and surely rewarded as well as the guard is quite outnumbered. The guard pauses... then asks if Ratchet is a khajiit... he's never seen a khajiit quite like him. Ratchet says he's a lombax. The guard makes like he knows what that means, moves off a couple steps, then stops and says, "A what?" But Ratchet doesn't notice, he is heading in the direction the guard indicated the goblin attack is in. Clank follows after, jumping up into the air and somehow getting hold on Ratchet's back for a piggy back ride.

      I follow Ratchet and Clank down the street. We are going against the flow of the main crowd, but the crowd dwindles soon as we reach the edge of town. There is a wall there, and guards are closing the gate. Ratchet and Clank get through just before the gate closes. I just jump over the wall. The guards stare at that in surprise. I land next to Ratchet and Clank on the other side of the wall. There are large numbers of goblins running at the city. The guards, being quite outnumbered, are trying to hold them back. Most of the fighters are nords, but there are other races mixed in. I wonder if Urj'Jirr might be there somewhere since he had been looking for a fight. The goblins attack everyone equally. They don't care if their target is nord, khajiit, lombax, or robot... The goblins are many but not too bright. Ratchet throws a grenade bomb into a group of goblins. One of them picks it up and seems very interested in it right up to the point where it explodes in his hand and takes him out along with a few goblins right around him. No one pays the explosion much notice, as there are other explosions around caused by mages throwing fireballs. Ratchet jumps into the air, practically flying by using Clank as a jet pack and is dropping more bombs down among the goblins. I see one goblin actually try to eat one of them before it explodes. I form my arm into an Alex Mercer blade and enter into the fray, cutting a path through the attacking goblins.

      The fight is pretty chaotic, so I don't see a lot of details of what is going on. But I finally spot that there seems to be one person directing the attack… and for some reason it doesn't surprise me that the person is Robert de Sable. Robert is throwing balls of flaming dark energy at those who are fighting his goblins. He throws a dark fireball at a khajiit who has his back turned. The dark fireball is detonated by an energy blast that I track back to Ratchet's gun. The khajiit notices that and turns on Robert. That is my main target… so I head over there. I get closer and recognize that khajiit… it turns out that Urj'Jirr is there, and is now closing in on Robert de Sable. Robert is more focused on Ratchet right now and not paying any attention to Urj'Jirr. I get close enough for him to hear me. Robert says there is no reason Ratchet has to stay in one piece and prepares to throw a dark energy fire ball. Urj'Jirr is right behind him and says, "Urj'Jirr thinks the goblin lover should pick on someone his own size," and whacks him upside the head with a mace. Urj'Jirr then proceeds to pound Robert repeatedly with his mace. The mace isn't getting past a dark energy shield. Robert is laughing at the khajiit's attacks. He throws a dark energy fireball at Urj'Jirr. I use a biomass shield to block it, more of the blast hits Robert than Urj'Jirr. About three grenades land right in Robert's face and explode. Several arrows stick in Robert's back, I'm not sure where those came from. Yet Robert is still laughing. He says he is much too strong to be killed by such things. An aura of dark energy flames surrounds Robert. A blast of dark energy forces everyone in his near vicinity away from him.

      "HEY, ROBERT, YOU CHICKEN-WUSS!" I call out to Robert. He looks over at me and laughs some more. He just cleared the area around him, so I use the opportunity to use a ground spike attack on him from Alex Mercer's arsenal of attacks. Robert teleports over closer to Urj'Jirr, who attacks him immediately. Robert laughs at the khajiit and then says there is chaos here… his work is done. He disappears in a blast of dark energy that throws Urj'Jirr about 20 feet in my direction. " Urj'Jirr says Robert is a coward…" and then calls out, "Come back and fight, coward! Come back and face Urj'Jirr like a warrior instead of hiding like a cave rat!" But Robert doesn't respond. He is gone yet again. I run over to where he disappeared and focus on opening a portal to follow him. A portal opens and I jump through it. He is not getting away this time. Urj'Jirr follows right behind me. Wtf? That's the last thing I needed… some khajiit following me to some random dimension. On the other side I look around a forested landscape. I see no sign of Robert. Urj'Jirr is also looking around in a puzzled manner. Urj'Jirr asks where Robert has gone, then yells out again that Robert should come out and fight. I tell Urj'Jirr that Robert won't be coming out to fight… he really is too much of a coward. I know him well. And now I can't even follow him again, I have to take Urj'Jirr home. In fact, I shouldn't have followed him to begin with… I have to take Ratchet and Clank home.

      I curse to myself and open a portal back to the goblin battle. When I get there and Urj'Jirr follows me I see the battle is pretty much over. Without their leader, most of the goblins have turned around and headed back to their caves. Urj'Jirr looks around and then heads over to help out the imperial I saw him with earlier. I look around to see where Ratchet and Clank are. I finally spot them not too far off. I head over in their direction, at least they're ok. So it should be as simple as returning them home. I get over to Ratchet and Clank and tell them I can still get them back home. Clank is wanting to know how they got here in the first place. I tell him someone has been doing that a lot, though I'm not sure what his goal is… still got to find that out… or just take the idiot out… I focus on opening a portal to Ratchet and Clank's home world. A portal opens and I look through into a futuristic looking city. It looks like the right place. Ratchet and Clank finally go through the portal just before everything fades and I wake up.
    7. 10/30/13 Down With the Sickness

      by , 10-31-2013 at 08:47 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Down With the Sickness
      I am somewhere strange. I am still rather drowsy as if I am just waking up from some kind of a drug induced sleep. I also realize I am standing upright, which is odd considering I feel like I am waking up from a deep sleep. As I become more aware I realize I have my hands up above me. I look up and see they are chained. I am chained to a wall. I also have chains on my feet. I focus on forming Witchblade to cut through the chains but nothing happens. I try to use the Harry Potter spell alohamora on the lock on the chains but that doesn't work, either. Something is wrong with my powers. I am sure this has to be a dream, but nothing is working. I look around the room and I see there are numerous Templars watching me closely, perhaps warily as if they aren't sure if I will have my powers or not.
      Personality Test-1311548648-191.jpg
      One of them seems to be the leader and he acts more confident than the others. He said I will now realize all my dream powers are neutralized. I am not so sure of that. The Templar says now I have no choice but to hear him out without attacking them. I pull on the chains a bit. I feel increased strength in my body, and it feels like the chains are about to give way. I am sure it is the Mercer Virus inside my dream body… it is still active. The Templars either can't or didn't neutralize that. But I am wondering what this Templar has to say, so I stop pulling and make it look like I was unable to get free. I tell the Templar that if he wanted to talk all he had to do was ask. He says he tried that last time, but Nomad and I attacked them on sight. That was not going to happen again. I tell him to go ahead and say what he's going to say. He says there is an enemy coming that threatens both Templars and Assassins. A force from another world, more powerful than anything the Templars have witnessed before. He says only if the Assassins and Templars cooperate do we have a chance of surviving the upcoming disaster. So I ask him what he is proposing. He says they need the devices back that we have stolen from them. I ask if he means the devices they'd intended to use to influence the dreams of people on Earth… he says yes, but they won't be directed at Earth… they would be directed at the approaching invaders. Perhaps to use the controls to make some of the enemy's minions turn on him. He says the Templars have developed a weapon that works well on the type of enemy that is coming, and they will share that weapon with the Assassins… consider it an exchange. I ask how I'm supposed to know if he's telling the truth. He says this is far too important to lie about. I ask him if it is really so important that he would risk his life to come here. He says he is not risking anything, but yes, it is important enough that he would die to ensure it is prevented. He says he needs to have the devices in his hands before he can let me go, so tell him where they are. I tell him I would have to go get them, there's no way my allies are going to turn the devices over to a bunch of Templars. I add that it's not like he could keep me from leaving if I want to. He laughs and says all of my powers are neutralized, so I'm not going anywhere. I tell him he has forgotten one thing… I am infected with the Mercer Virus. I pull on the chains again and they snap as if they are made of cardboard. The head Templar takes a couple steps backwards as I transform my right arm into a blade.
      Personality Test-2189741-alexmercerblade.jpg
      I tell them all to stay back if they don't want to be sliced in two. Only one of them has to die here to prove their cause. I move towards the head Templar and he orders the others to kill me. They all move in around me, but I am too fast. I grab the head Templar with my right hand and consume him before the others can get there. I get the information I wanted from him. The other Templars are already attacking. I slice through the first two Templars coming in, feel my blade, you lying bitches! My blade cuts right through their shields and armor and swords. It is a very bloody scene as I cut down all of my attackers. I then turn my attention to the memories I got from the head Templar. There is an evil entity that was going to be coming, but it was the Templars that were bringing it. A demon. They wanted to get the devices back and then set the demon to fight the Assassins for them. What a bunch of assholes! Of course now that their plans have been revealed there is no real reason to continue with summoning the demon. I wonder if they will still do so out of spite… and will the demon really cooperate with them. Maybe the demon will destroy the Templars for us! Or at least keep them occupied for quite some time. I form my bloody blade back into my arm and walk across the room which has been painted red with Templar blood. It seems that I probably should find the blood and the strewn bodies to be disgusting… but it doesn't bother me at all. I laugh at the foolishness of the Templars as I wake up.
    8. 09/26/13 Fusing a Broken Heart

      by , 09-28-2013 at 07:25 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Fusing a Broken Heart
      I wake up in my bed, though I know right away it isn't my real bed. It is my bed in the dreamscape world inside my inner world. I am lying there pissed off, filled with anger, filled with hurt. I don't want to get up; I don't want to deal with the world right now. I finally sit up when it feels like someone is watching me. I'm not alone. I look around the room and I see Alex Mercer from Prototype is in the room with me. I wonder what he is doing there… I get out of bed and go closer to him. I am currently so filled with anger and hate that I'm not sure what I intend to do… I want to hug someone… I want to punch someone in the face. Um… not sure doing either of those things to Alex Mercer is a good idea… but then I'm not thinking much clearly at all. When I get close enough to Alex I guess I have decided I'd rather hug someone than punch them in the face, so I find myself hugging Alex Mercer. I am so upset that I am crying, I feel there is no one I can trust, no one I can count on. I find Alex is hugging me back now… holding me close… too close? I tingle all over… I feel a bit better. I go to pull away but I find I can't… because Alex isn't hugging me after all… he's consuming me! I try to pull away again, but then decide I don't really care. So I just sit there and let it happen. Everything fades to a comforting blackness.

      But the dream continues. I am still there. Inside Alex? Fused with Alex? We are one. I actually find that a bit disappointing… but I realize I feel better than I did before. Not so alone. Still rather pissed off, but pissed off at someone specific. Pissed off at Templars. I hear Alex talking to me telepathically; he asks how I am feeling right now. I say I am feeling some better, but why did he do that? At least ask first… he says he had been hoping to help me feel better. Ok, now that makes absolutely no sense… so the next time I want someone to feel better I should go eat them?! He says I can be mad if I want to, but as long as it worked… but I'm not feeling mad at Alex. I am pissed, but it is at the Templars. I want to kill Templars. It feels like the Templars have taken away everything that matters in my life… There is a flat screen television in the room with Alex / me. We are still as one. The screen shows what looks like a lab of some kind. There are scientists all over the place, and cages. Cages with people, cages with other animals… test subjects. The scientists… all Gentek assholes. I have no doubt of that. So now I am pissed off at Gentek.

      Alex / I go through the television into the lab on the other side, no doubt appearing out of nowhere as far as the scientists can see. One of them asks who the fuck I am… no doubt he sees only Alex… and Alex is the last thing he ever sees. Alex's / my arm forms into a blade that splits the shocked scientist in two. Of course the other scientists see that and freak out, running for the doors in a blind panic. I want to let the animals out of their cages. The people, too. Those stupid scientists should be in the cages instead. But the scientists are all gone now. So Alex / I start releasing the people and animals locked in cages. I'm not sure where everyone will go, or how to get out of there. Some of the people and animals are injured in various ways. I focus on healing their injuries. I wonder if there are injuries there that I can't heal. The doors to the lab burst open and now a bunch of Templar soldiers come in with guns blazing.

      They clearly don't care who they hit, they start firing before they even get a visual lock on where Alex / I am. The people freed from the cages are running for the exits, some of them stopping to help animals and other people on the way. A few of them get shot. I see a specific kitty is running towards the exit and takes a bullet in the head… I see a cute little face explode and I am instantly unbelievably pissed off. Arm forms back into a blade and now Templar soldiers are the targets. They are aiming more accurately at me now, but I don't really seem to notice the bullets. Slight irritants. That's about all it is. My memory of the fight is a bit of a blur… cutting through body armor like it was made of tissue paper… a lot of blood, and Templar soldiers dying. I see the remaining Templar soldiers have decided to run for it after all, and I don't feel any urge to chase after them. I would rather tend to the injured people and animals in the lab. I gather the animals together to bring them back to my inner world, I know Angelina will be glad to take care of them. Alex / I am doing that when everything fades to black. Alex says not to worry about it, he will make sure the animals are safe. So I wake up.
    9. 05/09/13 - Dream With Me

      by , 05-10-2013 at 07:49 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am lying on a blanket in the middle of a field of green grass. I lie there for a few minutes, looking up at the blue sky as clouds drift by. It is very relaxing. I am lying there relaxing when I feel something wrapping around my right wrist, it feels like a snake. I hesitate just a little too much before sitting up. A snake thing wraps around my other wrist. I look around and see I am not alone there, I am surrounded by Templars. The places where the snakes… more like tendrils… are holding my wrists are burning. There's some kind of dark energy pulsing through the tendrils. The tendrils are extending from two of the Templars, right out of their right hands. One Templar says there's nothing I can do to stop it now, they own me. I form hidden blades on each arm and twist around to cut the tendrils. There are many more tendrils heading my direction from all the other Templars. I form Witchblade into a sword instead of hidden blades and cut through the tendrils as they try to grab hold of me. There are just too many of them, they're all coming too fast. I won't be able to hold them off for long. I get another idea. I put the sword away and let the tendrils wrap around my body. I focus on the song spell Whiplash by Metallica, sending the energy back along the tendrils to their source. The backlash of energy knocks each of the Templars back on their asses. They are recovering quickly and sending the tendrils out again. I start to set off an Immortal Fire spell, but I don't get all the way through setting it up before I am grabbed by the tendrils again. I use Phantom Lord by Metallica to create a wall of fire around myself, the tendrils burn off.

      During the time the wall of fire is protecting me I am able to complete the Immortal Fire spell. A blast of energy extends out from me, destroying my own wall of fire and all the Templars standing around the outside of it. When the energy clears I am alone in the field. My first goal is the usual healing. Since I wasn't able to find Nomad and Winter on the moon earlier I decide to try the healing glen first. I open a portal and go through to find out my choice was correct. Nomad and the crystal golem are standing near a levitating Winter. I go over to them and focus on the healing spell Voices, directing healing energy through Winter. Golden energy is permeating the entire area, flowing through everyone there. It feels very relaxing. I hadn't realized it but I had been quite angry at the Templars for intruding on my earlier peaceful dream. I realize how angry I had been as I am calming down now. I am so relaxed I feel I might fall asleep. As the spells are coming to a close I really do fall asleep and wake up in bed.  

      Dark Tower: Ambush!
      I am in a comfortable looking house with three other people. I don't remember the name of the one, but the other two are Roland and Eddie. The third man is staring at me with his jaw open. He says he never actually saw a walk-in walk in before, now he's seen everything. I tell him there's one more to join us. I think about getting MoSh into the dream. I have had an idea for improving the chances of shared dreaming so I decide to test it out with someone I know I can make a connection with. I focus on the song Dream On by Aerosmith, but I change the lyrics from "Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away," to "Dream with me, dream of the years. Dream of the laughter, dream of the tears. Dream with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away." I focus on the alternate lyrics while keeping in mind who I want to make contact with. After a brief pause MoSh appears in front of me, looking a bit disoriented. Roland says we really need to get moving now, before Balazaar's goons come after us. Eddie seems to want to talk to the other man some more. Roland tells him to talk as we go. He asks who can drive. Eddie, then me, then the other man, and finally MoSh all say we can drive. It appears Roland is the odd one out there. So we go outside to where there is a car and a truck parked. I am hoping I didn't lie, I am not familiar with driving a stick shift… I need not have worried, it is an automatic. MoSh, Eddie, and the other guy all get in the truck, which I find a bit odd… there is more room in the car… I decide not to worry about seating arrangements. I drive the car, following after the truck, Roland is in the seat beside me. Roland is silent for a while, then he finally asks where exactly it is that MoSh and I come from… is it from Eddie's world? I don't have to figure out an answer for that, however, as the truck in front of us blows a tire and skids off into the ditch. I slam on the brakes just in time to keep from hitting the row of spikes on the road. We are under attack! I wonder how they had time to set up an ambush. Roland is out of the car in an instant with his gun drawn, he takes out two of the goons before they can react and take cover behind a couple vehicles hidden alongside the road. I get out of the vehicle quickly, but not fast enough. We are in a shootout. But do I have a gun? I don't see a gun anywhere, I am dressed in my Assassin robes, I have two hidden blades… didn't anyone tell me not to bring a hidden blade to a gun fight? Shooting is going on around me while I look for my gun. I want to help out somehow… so I sneak off to the side and into the trees. Maybe if I can just get behind them… Someone shoots at me, but he misses and leaves himself open to be shot, I think he gets shot by MoSh. So MoSh got a gun and all I got was hidden blades? I focus on summoning a gun but nothing happens. Shit. The shooting continues. I circle through the trees, and I spot a pair of goons approaching with the same idea I had. I climb up into a tree before they see me. Then as they are passing below me I jump out of the tree and do a double assassinate on the two goons before they can circle around behind Roland and the others.

      I think that might be why I couldn't summon a gun… if I had, I wouldn't have been sneaking around and found these two! I go to continue circling around behind the other goons when there is an explosion. Someone must have ignited a gas tank. I see smoke rising from the trees ahead, but then the dream fades out and I wake partially… I doze back into the dream, not lucid now, and time has passed. I am with Eddie, Roland, and MoSh and we are in a nice looking house talking to Stephen King, which I think is pretty awesome. I wish I had one of his books to get signed. MoSh is looking around the room. Roland is saying something about Stephen King creating us. I tell Roland that I don't think Stephen King created anyone, but he can see into other worlds that most people deny the existence of. Influence events? That seems likely, let it be written, let it be done. But create real living people? Only a god can do that. But I really want to know how he can see the other worlds, because I want so badly to see the other worlds while I am awake, to have final proof that they exist… Then I ask Stephen King if he could write me a door… a door from my own house into my inner world, or a door to any world where magic works, really. Because if I just had my powers I could go anywhere. A short story would surely do. Make the door appear in June 2013, please. In the home of Raven Knight. And not locked, or write in a key with it. Stephen King looks at me strangely, and then I wake up.

      Dream With Me
      I am in my own room lying in bed. I sit up and stroke a furry animal by my side. The animal pikas at me. Pikas? I feel another animal beside me, and this one vees when I pet it. "Pika!" "Vee!" A pikachu and an eevee. I get out of bed and do a reality check, which is something I am trying to get in the habit of doing every time I wake up in bed. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe. I'm dreaming! My first thought is to just go outside and fly somewhere, I always like flying dreams. I think for a few minutes, then I remember I had a goal of trying to share a dream with a couple people. I decide to try my new song spell to reach someone I haven't dreamed with before, or at least not much. My first goal will be to share a dream with FH. I remember he wanted to get to the moon so I will do it from there. I open a portal. Nothing happens. I wonder why it's not working. I look at my closet door for a bit and then open it. My closet door leads to the moon. I go through the door to a place at the base of the tower. The door vanishes behind me. I focus on the song Dream On by Aerosmith, but I change the lyrics from "Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away," to "Dream with me, dream of the years. Dream of the laughter, dream of the tears. Dream with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away." Now I just have to focus on who I want to make contact with. I realize I have absolutely no idea what image to focus on. I focus on the idea of bringing FH to the moon as I focus on the altered lyrics. At first nothing seems to be happening. Then someone starts to take shape. It's like a malfunctioning transporter on Star Trek.

      The image forms a bit, then disappears a bit, then forms again. I try to get a good look at the image but I am failing. A man, I'm bad with ages but my guess is in his 30's, dark hair, his hair is short, might be slightly receding… he is average build and height… the image is so non-descript, this could describe countless men out there. I wonder if that's what FH really looks like or if that's just how I picture him… I think the image is going to come into focus but instead it disappears. I drop an Italian curse word… Cazzo. I was also going to try to share an Assassin's Creed dream with SJ. Key note being Assassin's Creed. I focus on the alternate lyrics again, and this time I have a clear image to focus on. Pretty, long dark hair… Maybe I can pull SJ into a dream and shift this dream to an Assassin's Creed setting at the same time. So now I focus on the song, and on both of us being in an Assassin's Creed world. The scene around me does shift. I do teleport. I find myself in a place that looks like one of the cities from Assassin's Creed, the original game. I think it is Jerusalem. I am standing between two buildings, out of sight of the main walkways and streets. Perfect, I think SJ would like to meet Altaïr. As I am focused on the image of SJ someone starts to form in front of me. Then I start questioning myself… what if we get attacked by a hoard of Templars? If we get surrounded and attacked, would that make it a nightmare for her? No… I don't think so. Give her a sword and she could play virtual reality Assassin's Creed like I have done in previous dreams where I wasn't lucid. So I keep focusing on SJ. She is materializing, it is working! Someone rudely shoves me out of the way, I lose focus, and SJ disappears. I look and see Altaïr has pushed me out of the way. I step back out in front of some guards that are chasing Altaïr, and they run right into me, we all fall down in a pile. The guards quickly get up, several of them are cursing at me, and they continue in the direction Altaïr went… but I figure he is probably long gone. I am thinking about trying Dream On one more time when I wake.
    10. 04/21/13 Treasure on the Mountain

      by , 04-25-2013 at 01:44 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Treasure on the Mountain
      I am in a green field lying on a blanket, staring up at the clear blue sky. Someone is standing over me with a sword, and it looks like he is going to run it right through me when he gets struck by lightning. I hear, "Pii… kaa… chuuu!" as the lightning bolt goes off, the attacker collapses to the ground smoking slightly. I sit up and see there are more enemies around me, and a pikachu sitting right beside me. An angry pikachu. He uses his thunder attack on more of the people standing around me, I recognize them as Templars… I use Battery and add my lightning to Pikachu's storm.

      Templars are taken out in a massive lightning storm. The field of green grass is now clear, though there are some burned spots on the grass where Templars got struck by lightning. I remember that the plan was to get to the moon and do some healing. I open a portal to get to the moon, then I go through into the area around the balancing pools. Nomad is already there, as is Winter. Winter is floating in the water as if asleep, she is a mermaid just floating in the middle of the pool about a foot under the surface of the water. I get in the water and feel its relaxing warmth, I focus healing energy into Winter and through Nomad's foot as well. Nomad has said the injuries on his foot are just about gone, which I am glad of. I focus more healing energy on Winter. I drift in the water for a few more minutes, or it might have been longer, I can't be sure. Nomad gets out of the water and I follow him to the moon tower. Inside the control room there is a display showing the deck of the Black Pearl, I know what ship it is because I can see Captain Jack Sparrow on it. A portal opens near the display and Nomad goes through it, I follow him. On the other side Jack doesn't seem surprised when Nomad and I just appear from nowhere. I notice we are sailing rather close to a sheer cliff on an island. The rock face climbs into the sky, it looks virtually impossible to scale. I see a ledge far up the cliff, almost to the top. I know that is where we are going. Jack says we have arrived just when needed as usual, so how do we go about getting to the treasure cave? I activate my tiara and form raven wings, flying up into the air briefly and then landing. Nomad transforms into a winged black feline, a lot like a large winged panther.

      Jack says something about how having a pair of wings sure would be useful… I use Of Wolf and Man to transform Jack to a winged form, his wings turn out to look like the wings of a giant sparrow. He flaps them a couple times and easily takes flight. All of the crew are watching the three of us with their eyes wide, no one says anything about wanting a pair of wings of their own, however. I pick up a golden monkey statue before taking to the sky and flying up to the cave entrance. Nomad and Jack follow me. Inside the cave there is a pedestal near the far end of the cave. There is a spot on the pedestal that is the right size for the golden monkey. I set the monkey on the pedestal, it fits into an indentation like a key. It sinks down farther into the indentation and then a door slides open in the back of the cave, a door that had been completely invisible before. We go through the door and down a long passage before coming to a huge chamber. The chamber is illuminated through a hole in the roof of the cavern through which I can see blue sky. The room looks even brighter than it would otherwise look because there are piles of gold coins scattered through the room, huge piles, it definitely looks like a dragon nest. And in the middle of the room there is a large golden egg nestled in a particularly large pile of gold.

      Nomad has gone over to the egg and is looking at it closely. I comment that without its mother's flame to warm it the egg won't hatch. Jack asks what I know about dragons, I tell him I have seen a dragon egg hatch one time before, and this one looks like that egg off of Harry Potter. Nomad transforms into a humanoid winged black panther and takes the egg carefully in hand. I look around and see Jack Sparrow collecting some gold in a large sack. He looks and sees me watching, he says his crew won't work for nothing… There is so much gold there that the small amount Jack collects isn't even noticeable. Nomad suggests taking more, the egg probably needs to be in gold when it hatches. I collect a bag full of gold before we leave the cave and fly back down. The door to the treasure chamber closes when we remove the monkey statue. We all fly back down to the ship where the crew is still waiting in the Black Pearl. Jack tosses his bag of gold over amongst them, telling them that is their cut to divide amongst them, they look in the bag and seem very happy with that. Someone asks what about the other bag, and what is with the egg? Jack says he's going to be a father… then indicates a chest, which I pour my bag of gold into. Nomad sets the egg in the chest carefully. I tell Jack it's going to need some fire to hatch… fire like its mother would provide if its mother had still been there. We build a nest out of hay, grasses, and some wood, and then I use a small fireball to set it on fire. The fire caresses the surface of the egg. Jack tells his crew to gather what they can find that will burn, that fire can't be allowed to go out. They start bringing various items over. I wonder if the egg can still hatch, how long has it been without its mother? I am still wondering this when I wake.
    11. 04/16/13 Goblin Rescue

      by , 04-17-2013 at 12:49 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Field of Dreams
      I am lying on a blanket in a green field, I have just entered a WILD. The field is a very nice place, and a gentle breeze is blowing across the grass. I see I am alone in the field. I try to get up but there seems to be something holding me down. I can't move. I wonder if I am experiencing sleep paralysis. That seems odd, I haven't had a problem with that in the past. I try again to get up, but when I find I can't move, I decide to let myself relax and enjoy the feel of the soft grass beneath me and the gentle breeze blowing over me.

      But I feel like I'm not alone… so I don't want to stay still. I look around and I don't see anyone. But I feel them there. I lie back in the grass and try to feel who might be around me. I sense hostile intent. I don't like the idea of being in sleep paralysis and surrounded by enemies. So I focus on the song Dark Power of Abyss and try to do an Immortal Fire. The spell goes off, though it isn't as powerful as it usually is since I can't move. What it does do is break my sleep paralysis so I can get up. I look around and I don't see anyone, there is no sign that there was anyone there at all. I focus on opening a portal to the moon, I remember plans to continue healing. A portal opens and I go through to the balancing pools. When I get there I see that Nomad is already there, as is Winter. I go over to Winter and focus healing energy through her, hoping to keep her fibromyalgia under control. I direct healing energy to Nomad's foot to get rid of the remnants of the sores he has there. After that is done I sink into the balancing pools. It is very relaxing. I sink into the warm water and fall asleep in the dream. 

      The Goblin King
      I am with a group of other people at the entrance to a castle. I recognize the people I am with. Nomad, Spike, Bakura, Altaïr are all there. What I notice is that while I recognize them all, everyone looks like a Templar. I look like a Templar. I wonder why we are all dressed as Templars. Templars are a dream sign, so I do a reality check and become fully lucid. There is a group of Templars going into the castle, and we go into the castle with that group. No one notices us there and the gates close behind us. Nomad says we have to find out where the Goblin King is being held. I look around for some sign that might tell me where he might be. I see one door that has a couple Templar guards on each side of it. I wonder if that might be where we need to go. It doesn't look like they're even letting Templars through the door. I get over closer to them and notice they are watching me closely. I focus on reading them telepathically. The door does indeed lead to a dungeon, and that is where the Goblin King is locked up. They are under orders to keep everyone out except for a select few Templars. It also appears that the guards are under orders to kill the prisoner if there is any sign of a rescue attempt. I move on before anyone becomes too suspicious. I tell the others I know where the Goblin King is being held. I am thinking one of us will have to disguise ourselves as a specific Templar when I see someone approaching the door. I pull invisibility cloaks from my pockets and pass them around, we slip through the door behind the Templar guard that they allow through. On the way down to the dungeon Altaïr takes out the single Templar, who has a key to the lower areas. The dungeon is empty except for the Goblin King and a couple more Templars guarding his cell.

      Nomad takes out one of the guards and Spike takes out the other. Inside the cell we find there is a goblin chained to the far wall, he looks very cranky. After letting him know who we are we try to unlock the chains, but the key doesn't fit. I use the Harry Potter unlock spell alohamora to open the locks and free the prisoner. He is clearly not in the mood to make a stealthy exit… he charges out of the room like he thinks he can take on every Templar in the place by himself. We follow him out of the dungeon and get to the main level of the castle just as he is bursting through the door into the main courtyard. Nomad fires off a flare, no doubt indicating it is ok to make a move now. I hear a commotion from outside the castle, it sounds like there is an army attacking the castle. The Goblin King is under attack, though no one is attacking the rest of us since we still look like Templars. I use Battery and call down lightning to strike Templars as they attack the Goblin King. No one seems to know exactly where the lightning is coming from. They notice when it appears several Templars are helping the Goblin King, however. Something is smashing at the main gate of the castle. Nomad gets over near the gate and pulls the lever that opens it, allowing a swarm of goblins into the castle. Now everything is chaos. I make sure to switch back to my usual Assassin robes, I don't want to be a target for the goblins. I use the song Damage, Inc. to call fireballs to hit Templars. The fight doesn't take long before the entire place is overrun by goblins. I see a portal in the back of the castle with the last few Templars retreating through it. The portal closes just before the goblins reach it. I am thinking that must be the last of them, and it is here I wake.
    12. 04/12/13 Storm at Masyaf

      by , 04-13-2013 at 02:02 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Tornado of Flames
      I am in my own room, sitting on my bed, looking around. I am surrounded by Templars, which immediately pisses me off. I just used an Immortal Fire before going to bed and they're already back? I focus on using Dark Power of the Abyss by Rhapsody again, to drop another Immortal Fire and get rid of all of the Templars in the area. As the wave of flames from the Immortal Fire expands outwards from me I see it starts rotating as if it was caught in a tornado.

      The flames are actually pulling the Templars into a vortex portal. I wonder where the vortex portal might lead, and I look through. I see through the portal to what looks like deep space on the other side with a small planet of solid ice, maybe it's Pluto. I figure as long as it's not the Dark Realm they can go there for a while. The last of the Templars are pulled through the portal and then the portal closes behind them. Nomad opens another portal that leads to the moon, and we go through it. I remember that Nomad's girlfriend Winter needs some healing for her fibromyalgia, and there are a couple sores left to heal on Nomad, so I figure we can do some healing first. We go to the balancing pools and slip into the water. The warm water feels very relaxing. I see Winter is already floating in the water, seeming to be asleep. I go over to her and focus healing energy through her. I send the energy through Winter's whole body before moving over to Nomad and focusing healing energy on his foot, on the couple remaining sores, most of which are gone completely and only two small ones remain. While I am focusing the healing energy I feel healing energy going through me, it is so relaxing. I think I am going to fall asleep right there. I am floating in the warm water and almost asleep when someone gets my attention. Washu is there, she says maybe the nanites in my head on the physical plane can be put to use to help us instead of the Templars.

      At first I have no idea what she is talking about, I give her a blank look. She says come on, Janet also wants a look. Winter stays in the balancing pools, floating serenely in the water. Nomad and I follow Washu to the sick bay area of the moon tower. It looks like a Star Trek sick bay. Nomad and I each lie down in a bed, scans are being done. The computer responds that there are nanites in both of us, though the ones in Nomad appear to be disabled. Apparently mine are doing just fine… unfortunately… Washu says she thinks they can hack in to the nanites and take control of them, or of course disabling them is an option. I tell her maybe reprogram them… if I could use them to get a clearer contact to the Borg Collective then maybe I could boost my recall of everything from things I have learned to my own dreams. Washu agrees with that, Janet types something on a computer. I feel drowsy and I fall asleep on the bed, I notice I can hear voices in the distant part of my mind, voices like those in the Borg Collective. It is just on the periphery of my awareness, however, and I slip off to sleep.

      Secret Invasion
      I am with Nomad and some other people in the tower on the moon looking at a computer display. The display shows the area just outside of a town, it looks like Masyaf from the Assassin's Creed games. In one dark corner there are Templars disguising themselves as Assassins. The Templars don't even look like normal Templars, they look demonic in nature, and they are heading into Masyaf unquestioned along with a group of Assassins who had been out scouting the area for intruders. I think that was an epic fail on the scouting mission… So we go to the tower teleporters and teleport to a spot right near where the Templars are disguising themselves. They are Templars disguised as Assassins.

      We change our appearance so we are now Assassins disguised as Templars disguised as Assassins. We go into the town around Masyaf in these disguises, unquestioned. It seems really obvious to me that there are people who do not belong here, but the guards at the gate seem oblivious. Inside the town it seems people are splitting up a bit, though I am not sure where they are going. I follow a couple of Templars up towards the castle. One of the Templars is sneaking up behind an Assassin guard, but I sneak up on him first. The Templar is dead before he can make his move, I kill him by pumping light energy into him through my hidden blade. I look around in time to see Altaïr eliminate the other Templar I had been following. I look around, not sure how to spot the Templars hidden among the Assassins and civilians. Then I remember the tiara I got from Koomo in a previous dream… it gives me Eagle Vision like the characters in Assassin's Creed have. So I activate that and look over a ledge at people down below. Most of them don't glow at all, those are civilians. Several glow blue, indicating they are allies, they are Assassins. I spot a red one, a mixture of red and gold actually. An enemy and a target. A Templar. The Templar is right below me, so I do an air assassinate on him, dropping right down on top of him. Two of the Assassins see me do this, and their impression is that one Assassin just killed another… I pull the hood off of the dead Templar to reveal his true nature so they will see why I have done that. I tell them that I saw this Templar and others sneaking into Masyaf, be on the lookout, there are more intruders around… all of them demons. I wonder if normal weapons will do any good on the demons… I leave the spot and scan for more enemies. I spot two more Templars heading for the castle entrance. When I get close enough I realize I have been spotted, and they attack me. I form Witchblade into a sword and defend myself. A couple Assassins in the area don't seem sure of what to do when they see what they think is three Assassins fighting each other. I manage to hit them both with light energy and take them out, revealing their true nature at the same time. The other Assassins in the area seem surprised to see the intruders. I wonder how far the Templars would have gotten without being seen… Spike, also dressed as an Assassin, arrives from my left. He says the enemies have all been accounted for, but there is a large force approaching Masyaf. Everyone is gathering at the front to repel it. I head in that direction, but I wake up before I have a chance to make it.

      Time of the Storm
      I am with a large group of people, a large group of Assassins outside of the walls of the city of Masyaf. I see a dark cloud approaching, my first thought is that I am in a Dark Tower dream and the Wolves of the Calla are approaching. I look around and confirm I am surrounded by Assassins rather than gunslingers. The approaching cloud is a group of enemies, but it is not the Wolves of the Calla, these enemies are Templars. One Templar arrives ahead of the others, approaching as if he had nothing to fear from the group of Assassins waiting to meet him. He laughs at the group, in fact. He says he will give us all one chance. Hand over the artifact key and maybe he can convince those following him to leave us alive. Someone in the group of Assassins says if the Templars turn and leave now then maybe some of them will make it out alive. The Templar laughs and says he had hoped we would do it the hard way, this is going to be fun. The Templar makes a motion to unseen forces behind him and they all seem to appear out of nowhere. The bracelet I got from Koomo transforms into a pair of giant raven wings, lifting me up above the fight below. I use Battery to call down lightning from the clouds, lightning made of light energy to strike down the demon Templars.

      All around me I see the fighting has begun, Nomad has transformed into some kind of giant feline and is tearing through Templars like they aren't even there. Most of the people there are fighting with swords, I am being fired at with arrows that are glowing with a black light, charged with dark energy. I dodge most of the arrows, though a couple actually put holes through my black wings. I land in the middle of the fight and form Witchblade into a sword. I can't really see much of what is going on right now, from the middle of the fight. I occasionally spot a familiar face… Nomad… Spike… Altaïr… I use the song Divide by Disturbed to create multiple instances of me. The fight continues for a short time longer until we have emerged victorious. The demon Templars are all either destroyed or forced to retreat to their home dimension. I focus my efforts on healing injured Assassins now, there are a few people around who have been injured but not killed. I wonder how many of the Assassins got killed in the fight, wishing I could somehow have saved them all, but the only way to do that would have been to keep them out of the fight entirely, which they wouldn't have agreed to. I have just finished healing a female Assassin, one of the few women I have seen on the battle field, when I wake.
    13. 04/06/13 The Towers and the Templars

      by , 04-07-2013 at 12:55 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Tower in the Sky
      I use my hypnotic program to enter into a WILD… I am in a green field of grass lying on a blanket relaxing. I open my eyes and look up at the blue sky. There are weird energy pulses obscuring my view of the sky. I sit up and look around only to see I am surrounded by Templars. I give out a tired groan, getting really sick of entering my dreams only to find Templars lately. I tell one of the Templars closest to me that I am going to count to 10 and then drop an immortal fire just in case he and his friends want to bug out. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… I get interrupted by the Templar saying they will stop bothering me if I return the orb I took. I ignore that. 6… 7… 8… 9… I notice a couple of the Templars disappear, but most of them do not. The energy waves coming off of them actually seem to get stronger. 10. I use the immortal fire spell, sending a wall of fire out from my position, incinerating the Templars in its path. It wasn't one of my stronger ones, but it has done the job. I open a portal to the moon to meet up with Nomad. On the other side of the portal we are near the healing springs. I notice that Winter is relaxing in the water. She looks like she is asleep. Nomad is there with her, holding her. I feel briefly lonely until I feel someone put his arms around me. That makes me feel a lot better. I look and see I am being hugged by Altaïr. I tell Nomad that there is something I have to get out of the Silver Tower before anything happens, as I am not sure what will happen if it gets damaged. Or at least I think there is… He is looking at me strangely. We go into the tower on the moon, to the main control center. There is a display on the screen of a space station. That is where I need to go. I think I really have no idea where to look… but then I see it. On a part of the station that looks like a radar dish there is a glowing orb. I think the orb looks a lot like one I took from the Templars in an earlier dream… except this orb is green where the other one was blue.

      I need to get that. I focus on teleporting outside and near the glowing orb. The teleportation works, and I find I am floating in space with no difficulty breathing. The orb is sealed in there pretty tight. I change my hidden blade to a plasma form and use it to cut through a couple pieces of the casing that holds the orb in place. I wonder if their systems will warn them of the intrusion. No matter. I have the orb. I take the orb from its place and teleport back to the tower on the moon. I show the others what I felt I had to go get. What is it? I don't really know. A piece of Eden like in the Assassin's Creed games? A piece of the wizard's rainbow from the Dark Tower books? Neither? Both? It just seemed important that I get it. Everything fades around me as I wake.

      Star Wars
      I am in bed and I am on fire! I wake suddenly to see I am surrounded by blue flames, but I quickly realize they do not burn me. Something is burning off of me. Parasites? Are there more Templars around? I see Nomad is in the room with me. I ask if he has seen any Templars around. He says they were hiding but he took them out. I find myself feeling pissed off at the Templars. Nomad opens a portal to the moon. On the other side complete chaos has broken out. There is a space station in the sky over the moon tower, and there is fighting going on all around it. Nomad looks around and says the Templars seem really pissed off about something… He summons a huge animal that he gets on… it looks primarily feline, like a saber tooth tiger, but it has huge golden wings. Nomad flies on the animal into the sky and joins the fight. The fight is everywhere. People are fighting on the ground, people are fighting in the air on winged mounts… He is dual wielding swords, big ones, and cutting through enemies as he goes into the sky. Chaos reigns. I see waves of Templars, goblins, orcs, and Assassins. Some of them are fighting on the ground, others in the sky. I form wings, the wings of a giant raven, and fly into the sky to join the fight. I am an Assassin with raven wings.

      I am instantly attacked by Templars. Some of them just attack, others of them say I will pay for my interference, he says we will all pay. He attacks me, I shoot him with my crossbow and continue fighting by calling down a bolt of lightning on several Templars coming in behind the one who had been threatening me. The Templars seem determined to destroy everything in their path. I use the song Battery to strike down more Templars. Chaos continues, then the area is filled with a blinding flash of flames. The flames incinerate everything in their path, or at least that's how it seems at first. When the flames clear out I see it really only burned Templars, everyone else has been left untouched. I wonder where the flames came from, I look down at the moon surface and see it has also been mostly untouched. The flames could have burned all the trees and plants in their path but the ground is still lush and green. I fly back to the surface of the moon, looking for Nomad or anyone else I know. Before I can find anyone I wake.

      The Wolves of the Calla
      I am in a dark place, though it looks like dawn is approaching quickly. There are other people there with me, lots of them. Most of the people there are children. And most of the children are twins. I look around and see some familiar faces. Roland is the first I spot. From the Dark Tower books. So I do a quick RC by pinching my nose and I find I am dreaming. I see MoSh in the area, as well as Jake, Susanna, Eddie, and a few other women I don't recognize. All the kids head up a path leading into the desert. I look off to the east. That is where they will be coming from. I know instinctively that the wolves will be coming soon. It is now light enough to see the cloud of dust created by their strange gray horses. Roland says they have come too early… we won't have time to hide the children. He whistles to call the children back, and they immediately double back even though they haven't gone very far. Roland says he hopes the trail left by the four is enough to draw the wolves in. MoSh is with the others down in the trench, but there isn't any room for all of us, so Nomad and I are in the corn across the way, watching for the wolves to come. The first of them arrive just barely after the last child has lied flat in the corn field, it looks like they barely missed seeing them. But some of them must have seen, as a group of them are turning towards the corn fields where the children are hidden. I shoot one in the back with a crossbow using electrically charged bolts. The thing sparks and smokes and falls over. It wasn't as quiet as I had hoped… the others turn and see Nomad and I am hidden in the corn. Nomad transforms into a large feline form with huge claws that rip through the wolves' metallic bodies as easily as he tears through their robes. I form Witchblade into a sword and cut the metallic legs from a robot horse, knocking its rider to the ground. Gunfire is roaring now, and more of the enemies are falling. They seem a bit confused as to where the attacks are coming from. One of them throws a glowing ball at me but I cut it in half before it reaches me.

      A sneetch… those things explode when they impact. I see MoSh shoot the head off of one of the enemies as it is about to cut off a woman's head. The woman is safe and ducks back down into the trench only to come back shortly later and throw a couple of the razor sharp plates they are using for weapons. If that was the woman I think it was, then saving her also kept Jake's friend Benny from panicking and coming out of the trench to make himself a target for sneetches. I jump into the air, partially flying, and knock two of the enemies off of their mechanical horses, cutting them in half at the same time. The fight really doesn't take that long. It is loud and quick, I see Roland take out one of the last enemies and the horse that enemy rode in on. Everything has mostly quieted down before I wake.
    14. 04/05/13 Nightmare Retribution

      by , 04-05-2013 at 08:08 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Field of Nightmares
      I fall asleep listening to a hypnotic recording intended to help me achieve a lucid dream… and successfully WILD. I am lying on a blanket in the middle of a green grassy field that the hypnosis program has described. The field is filled with green grass and is very peaceful. At least that's what I am expecting to see when I open my eyes. But instead there are several people right near me and the rest of the field is filled with demonic looking creatures. The people right next to me are Templars, I can feel hostile energy radiating off of them. It looks like the one in front is about to say something, I really am not in the mood to hear it. He says all of the pain can be over if I just return what is theirs. No more attacks, they will leave me alone. I don't believe him. I use the song spell Battery by Metallica to call lightning from the sky to strike him where he stands. The Templars around me are all struck by lightning and disappear. A portal opens in the sky as all the demonic creatures move in to attack me. I hear Nomad yell a couple of loud expletives as he engages the demons in battle. I form Witchblade into a sword and cut down an enemy that tries to jump on me, as it tries to tear me open with talons. The fight around me escalates. There are more people there. When I fell asleep I felt so alone, but it is clear I am not alone at all. I see Spike, Q, Sephiroth, Vegeta, Bakura, Link, Altaïr, and I see there are numerous others but I don't get a clear enough look at them to identify them. A large explosion comes from Vegeta's direction, I look over and see he is powering up… and just his energy aura has incinerated numerous enemies around him. I use Damage, Inc. to call forth fireballs to hit the enemies. As the fighting dies down I see the field of grass is covered with disgusting stuff. Even though we won the battle the place has been destroyed. Nomad is playing a didgeridoo and cleaning up some of the crap. I use the song Full Moonlight to collect more of the crap and neutralize it. The field is beginning to look peaceful again. I tell Nomad we can go heal Winter, he has told me her fibromyalgia is bothering her again. He says he knows I need healing first, we could both use healing after the constant attacks from Templars. We go through a portal to the balancing pools on the moon. I focus healing energy through Nomad, aiming to heal the last of his sores. I slip into the warm water of the pools and it is very relaxing. I sink to the bottom of the pool and fall asleep in the dream as I wake up.

      I enter into a WILD in my room and I am surrounded by Templars yet again. I wonder where they keep coming from. How are there always so many Templars? The hostile energy is coming off of them in waves, they are all glaring at me, but it looks more comical than threatening. The energy coming off of them is not comical. I remember I had a goal for dreams… to WILD, then teleport, then manipulate the elements. And I can get payback on some Templars at the same time! I focus on one of the Templars, using psychic energy to read into his thoughts. Not getting much right now. I use the spell song Master of Puppets to clear the signal. He's thinking about punching the guy to his right in the face for some thoughtless remark he made earlier. But not now, later, he is thinking they need to focus on the enemy right now. Since I have a view of his thoughts I ask him where their base of operations is. He tells me to fuck myself, but the image goes through his mind even though he doesn't speak of it. It is located somewhere in the deserts of Nevada, mostly underground. I have a clear view of it. I focus on teleporting all of us… both the Templars and me… back to that location. At first nothing happens. I think it is because of the attacks. I use Whiplash to send their attacks back at them. During the brief time the attacks cease the teleportation works. We are now in a rather plain looking room with computers all around, the Templars look a bit surprised to be here. I tell them I didn't want them to miss out on what comes next. I drop an immortal fire right there in the small room, sending an explosion of flames out from my location, incinerating everything in its path. I hear that one of the Templars has a chance to get out, "Oh, shit…" before the flames surround him. The flames die away and the place is now in ruins. I feel considerably better than I did when I first fell asleep surrounded by pounding attacks. Much better. I am looking around at the ruins as I wake.
    15. 03/31/13 Night of Healing

      by , 04-01-2013 at 03:35 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Night of Healing
      I am in my room, I am surrounded by Templars. I don't want to deal with Templars right now. I have healing to do. I get out of bed, trying to ignore the energy attacks coming off of them. I open a portal to the moon. I go through the portal to find the healing springs. Nomad is already there. He is making out with Winter. I find it a bit awkward to interrupt. I don't wait for long before they notice me there. I tell them I am there to heal. We all go into the healing springs. The water is warm and comforting. I focus healing energy through both of them. Energy flowing through Nomad's foot and all through Winter's body. After the healing is done for now Winter seems to be in a deep sleep. I ask Nomad about his friend. He says yes, his friend. Needs help with depression. I tell Nomad I'll be glad to do what I can. I tell him he'll have to open the portal to get us there. Nomad opens a portal, and we both go through it. On the other side we are in a very barren place. There is one person in the place, all by himself, surrounded by a cloud of darkness. I see one of his eyes is obstructed by scar tissue. I think maybe that needs healing, too. I focus on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. Positive energy forms and flows around Nomad's friend, sweeping some of the shadow away. I focus healing energy on the eye. Nomad is also playing music. The area is filled with healing energy. Soon the song is over, but the healing energy remains. There are forms around the borders of the healing energy field. I approach them. Are they figments of a nightmare? No... they're Templars... What are they doing here? They're attacking me with those energy pulses. I hear voices talking all around me, I can't make out what they are saying. It gets louder and louder, drowning out all other sounds. I think Nomad is trying to talk to me. The attacks are getting stronger, but I am about to wake up. The scene fades to black and I wake up. I have the phrase, "May the father of understanding guide us," repeating over and over in my mind. I am waking slowly as that phrase repeats in my mind. This is a phrase said when someone is initiated into the Templars... why am I thinking it now? Someone is trying to turn me into a Templar? I am thinking that it will not work when I notice the sound has changed some. I now hear my cat meowing loudly. "May the father of understanding MEOW!" I am awakened by my cat meowing to get out of my room.
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