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    1. Thursday, July 11

      by , 07-24-2019 at 07:17 PM
      I am what I think is LeadDog with Dad (I’ve never been there, but in the dream this fairly nondescript and small outdoor seating is LeadDog). We’re sitting at a small, wire, circular table close to the wall. I think we might be with one other also. A waitress comes over for drink orders. Dad goes ahead, and I feel like I haven’t really had enough time, but I just ask for the IPA. I think we’ve gotten food also, and it comes out before the drinks. When the drinks finally do come, I receive a pint glass only about ¼ full. Dad’s is not much fuller. The beer is sort of a nice looking hazy orange, but I can’t believe how empty the glass is. I am turned off by the poor service and think about leaving a bad review. Now, Dad has left me and wandered off inside. After a while, I look for him. Through the window I see him with some tan guy about his age in a tank top cut off at the shoulders. Their arms are over a stool like they are going to arm wrestle, but they’re both holding a stein of beer. I guess the objective is to see who can hold it longer. They seem to struggle, though they’re only 0.5 liter steins. I go inside and the atmosphere seems a little better.
      Tags: beer, brewery, food
    2. Saturday, April 6

      by , 04-10-2019 at 07:03 AM
      I am at the Alibi brewery with Melissa. It looks mostly different though - the bar area is smaller and seems shorter, with seating at the counter. It faces the chalkboard tap list and wraps around the end at a 90 degree angle, which is where we sit. It is not very crowded, but there is a fair amount of people, probably right before it gets busy. It is dim and laid back. Right away, a blond girl in her early 20s comes over to get our drink orders. Naturally, Melissa wants a water. She then looks to me, but I haven’t had enough time to choose a beer. I know there is one that I want, but I can’t think of the name. I say “uh…” while looking at the list, hoping she’ll help me out a little. Instead, she just says something like “wow, you do hate me/why do you hate me?” It could’ve been a playful joke, but with the way she said it, it came off as serious. She leaves and them comes back later for a food order. Melissa gets chicken strips. I’m still pretty turned off by the girl’s comment, so I don’t think I get anything, and she doesn’t seem to care anyway. Melissa now has her chicken strips, and they have brought me a beer. It’s only about ¼ full. I sip it, and it is the one I was thinking of (it tastes like some German style, maybe a doppelbock?) and tastes good. I just can’t really believe they served it that empty, so I snapchat it to Brittney. The bill is $40, $20 a person I figure. I want to tip her absolutely nothing, and I don’t think it would be unjustified. I consider writing her a note on the receipt as well.
      Tags: beer, brewery, food, tip
    3. Brewery

      by , 09-05-2013 at 05:15 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Sept 5, 2013

      I was with JAG in Bacolod, in the shopping area. I was looking at a tall building. Brewery? A van has it's logo.
    4. Cowboy Longboard

      by , 01-10-2012 at 09:10 AM
      mon January 9th 2012

      Relaxation, breathing, mantras. The following are probably the most out of the ordinary dreams I've had since I started this journal.

      1. Can't remember this one. But I'm positive I remembered it at some point, since I tried to recall both the first and the second dream.

      2. Me, some girl and some boy are getting on our horses to get a Coca-Cola in a saloon on the hill. We're still small children (I'm 18 now and never ridden a big horse either).
      So we arrive at the saloon and the barkeep starts pouring the first Coke for my friend, I really feel like drinking one too. But I realise I didn't bring (enough) money. So they're looking at me, sipping their drinks. I decide to go back and fetch my money. But my friends tell me not to, since there are a couple of evil men on their horses outside, waiting to rob children riding solo through the land. Across the street I see a beer brewery, it has a sign with the name on it. There's a man and a woman. The man says something about getting something fixed, so he can start his brew again. He has the first batch in a glass already: a yellowish, troubly drink with a tiny foam layer on top. I really feel like trying one.

      3. I'm standing on top of a skate ramp with someone else (maybe my brother - it's someone small, that I feel I need to protect so they're standing behind me). The ramp is a mix between a half pipe and curved slide. I believe at some point it even seemed to have that red glossy look. Some person (who seems to be my buddy) is going back and forth on the ramp trying to make speed. Every time he turns in the corners, it makes a squeeky sound. I see we are surrounded by woods, so I tell him to do whatever he wants faster, before some animal shows up. After I mention this, sure enough, a little deer shows up. He is poking his head through the bushes along the side of the ramp. My friend says he will "fix it" and he goes into the woods. He comes back with a bear , the deer gets scared and starts to charge towards me. It's trying to hit me with it's goatlike horns while I try to grab them.

      Really fun dreams actually. The scenery was much stronger than usual and I'm on my way to remembering 2+ dreams! Let's hope it keeps evolving like this.