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    1. 18-09-09 College

      by , 09-10-2018 at 12:53 AM
      I was in a corridor of what appeared to be an office building, making out with a REDACTED sex doll. The doll was very advanced and had a weak form of AI. More of a robot than a doll. I quickly hid her under a table because I knew the people who worked in the office would return.

      In another scene, I was with a bunch of college students. I was doing front flips (I could never do that in real life). Not far away, a band of college cheerleaders were practicing. At some point, I asked one of the guys where to find 'building F'. I had to be there for class, I guess. I went outside and saw that it was night. I started flying. My powers weren't fully developed yet, but enough for me to show off by flying low over people's heads (sigh). I glided down a hill and found a large bear cage. Well, more like 'bear habitat'. Like in a big zoo. I flew above it, and landed on a tree inside the habitat. Only then did I notice the bear. My powers weren't strong enough yet and I didn't trust my ability to fly up out of there. I felt a little stuck.
    2. The Past is No More

      by , 05-02-2018 at 01:40 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      It is grey with much cloudy weather, I go outside and begin to run to no where. I then see a bear with a yellow shirt and yellow shoes. I then decide to run the opposite direction of it as I knew it would try to eat me. I became lucid at this point and look back to notice it has a ridiculous run about it. I don't understand how a bear could run like that but I made it in to this van and took cover for a few moments.

      Before making my way to the old house I use to live in. I closed the door and recalled that in previous dreams like this, the door would never close all the way even when I would shut it. I look back and could see the door was still open. I slammed it in and gave a huge relief. I then woke myself.
      Tags: bear, running
    3. Bear Escapades

      by , 04-22-2018 at 10:22 AM
      Morning of April 22, 2018. Sunday.

      I am on the porch of the Loomis Street house in late morning. There is conversation relating to my oldest son. Zsuzsanna is present. I find a narrow cardboard box that is just large enough to hold a human forearm. Inside are two bones, both from human arms, but also deformed, with at least one or two miniature arm bones growing out of the first. This puzzles me, but I realize it is from when our son was being given human remains, as he is a doctor (not in real life) and this relates to his medical training and writing of essays. Apparently, a slow-witted woman had donated her sonís body to medical science after he died.

      I go into the house (still the Loomis Street house). Looking out beyond the doorway of what should be the north bedroom is an outdoor setting instead. Our son is sitting near a corner of the house. Two unfamliar young people, male and female, walk about near one other unfamiliar person. Loud heavy metal music is playing. Our son begins to talk to me, but it is not him (though my dream self does not consider this). It is actually Johnny, a close friend from school days, who had said he wanted to be a doctor when he left school.

      Eventually, my dream self becomes distracted and RAS mediation more fully kicks in. RAS is rendered as a brown bear that tries to come in from the front door to the porch (thus implying the typical doorway waking symbolism established when I was a toddler over fifty years ago). I am not scared (as I am likely subliminally aware of being asleep as with the majority of my dreams that are not viably lucid). Still, I do not want the brown bear getting into the house. I manage to close the door and keep it closed. (I have no focus on the doorway erroneously open to the outside from the north wall of the dining room.)

      From here, I go to the back of the house, where another large brown bear sees me and runs away, just managing to squeeze through the back door, to close it behind him.

      Faux lucidity is implied due to the odd RAS mediation dynamics, though it is usually not related to liminal dream control as it seems to be here. The part with the arm bones was from lying on my arm to where it had become numb.

      Tags: bear
    4. Splendid Competition Night 14, or something like that...

      by , 01-29-2017 at 08:20 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      ...and the coolest story idea ever! I only remembered one dream from last night, and sadly it wasn't lucid, but it was still really awesome.

      My family and I were going to the Haunted Islands (which is a placeholder name for a foreboding archipelago in my imaginational world that will be used in one of my novels at some point).

      But they were significantly different than how I designed them in my conscious, waking life. For one thing, they were more of a theme park or tourist attraction. In fact, as we were going to visit, we weren't sure if the place was really dangerous or if it was just a fun attraction. We went in the evening, when the sun had already set, so it was already pretty creepy.

      There were two large mountains that embodied the spirits of the island. The narrative temporarily faded, and instead I was looking at a coloring book with the mountains outlined on it. I started coloring them in with a gray marker. Then, they became real again. One had the head of a snake, with glowing eyes which switched from yellow to blue every few minutes or so. The other was another monster, more mammalian: I can't remember precisely what it was, but I think it was either a bear or a wolf or something. The snake-mountain was really cool. It was almost seductive in the way that it spoke, inviting us to the island. However, it also creeped me out, even though I absolutely love snakes in the waking world. I think I just got a really bad feeling, and so did my parents. Like we shouldn't be there.

      The snake gave us one last warning: We had a short increment of time in which we could still leave. The gates to the haunted world were closing, but we had like a minute to rush out.

      My sister was really excited by the prospect of exploring this haunted world. My brother usually goes along with her IRL, and he did so in the dream. However, my parents decided to leave. At the very last second, I decided to as well. A silver analog clock read 10:25 PM, and I had a lot of homework to do even in the dream. We rushed out the gates and just got out before they shut. Barely. Narrowest escape in a dream ever. xD

      And then I remember vaguely something about Scooby-Doo.

      This is oddly symbolic of what's going on in the waking world. Suffice it to say that my sister was doing some rather unhealthy things...think drugs and sex as a high schooler. And my brother isn't doing anything crazy., but he is losing his faith and is really struggling emotionally.

      I'm using this dream as a creative idea. Either for a novel or a theme park ride idea, or -- better yet -- both! I'd like to be an Imagineer one day, but I don't think this idea would work particularly well for Disney.

      Oh, and I also had two more dreams, but I couldn't remember them. I know I had them, but I had zero recollection of the content upon waking.
    5. Skyscraper, Old Friends, Bear Chained to Tree

      by , 07-10-2016 at 06:00 PM
      I was finishing up a day of work in a very tall skyscraper. It was getting late and there was a storm, I could see lightening flashing in the dark night sky out of the giant windows of the large room I was working in. The building was swaying. I was rushing to complete my work and get out of the building, but also interacting with old friends who were around. I think I got to the bottom of the building and stayed inside. It was sunny and daytime there, although we were inside there were still giant windows that you could see out of. Many friendly interactions that I have forgotten the details of with two old friends.

      Bear chained to a tree and someone was chaining a dog (my dog?) next to it. I wondered why they would do that, it seemed very dangerous.

      I suppose the part about the storm at the top symbolizes anxiety around getting work done, or finding more work. Making my way to to 'bottom' seems almost like regression. These were 'old' friends, and I went down instead of up. Maybe my past feels safer to me, and I miss that safety? The bear chained to a fence seems really symbolic. The bear was no threat being chained to a fence, it was 'under control' but not completely gone. Putting something vulnerable that I care about like a dog near it is dangerous. Am I doing something that is putting myself or loved ones at risk unnecessarily?
    6. Bear, Boats and Other Stuff.

      by , 07-01-2016 at 06:24 PM
      I worked in cafe but it was a different building than in waking life, a nice big space. It was evening or late at night and we were getting ready to close. I was attempting to make vegan cookies and trying to find some vegan chocolate I could add. I remember seeing a Christmas tree that was in an adjacent room, and I unplugged, or plugged the lights in, I canít remember. A lingering customer was remarking about how slow I drove my car, and I had an image of my [dream] car, with the entire front smashed, like a memory of a crash. I told him I drove slow because I had once crashed my car, and I showed him a fading bruise on my right inner bicep.
      Outside, me and co-worker (old friend?) were going to our cars when we noticed two suspicious men on the roof of the cafe. We ducked down and tried to hide behind some structure. I think the men could see me, and I decided instead of remaining in hiding that we needed to distract them. I made an urgent look to a customer that was also outside- some man- and he seemed to get it and we both loudly talked about something and started to go back into the cafe.

      Fragment: Editing some trailer or excerpt of a movie. Lots of problem solving dreams last night of this kind. Designing, editing, creating. Left me feeling tired when I initially woke up.

      Wrote down notes on dreams, read a little and went back to sleep. More dreams below.

      I was in my front room with my husband. We were sitting on the couch and a giant black bear was excitedly trotting back and forth between the couch and the front door, like my dog does when she wants to go out. In fact, the bear completely had my dogís essence. I jokingly asked my husband, ĎWant to let her out?í I got up and walked on the couch to reach for the front door, realizing that the bear could attack me at any moment. I opened the door and watched the bear run out and run down the street. I briefly wondered if I should warn the neighbors that a bear was running around.

      I was making a movie with some people- maybe I was related to the director? We were hanging out on an urban street sidewalk, in an area that looked like an east coast city. An old male actor was standing next to me, and a slightly chubby man (my relative?). After a few minutes of discussing the movie or something else, we went inside a door behind us and it was this old manís apartment. The carpet was old and stained and there were various rugs around. He mentioned something about liking my dog, or enjoying having her there, and he had a large dog that came in and tried to get near my dog but she seemed defensive. In the kitchen on the counter there were 3 bubbling pots- one was a tea kettle I think, the other perhaps coffee? And the third was apparently and experiment I had going on in a giant mixing bowl. It looked like bread dough in water with cayenne pepper, and I added something like apple cider vinegar. I have the idea that it was fermenting, not boiling.

      I felt like an outsider. My mom and my brother were there. They each got a text from my aunt asking if they were going to the annual family boat reunion. I never attended this (dream event) but I was slightly hurt that I didnít get this text as well. I was playing on my iPad/iPhone, editing movies or watching clips of a movie I was working on.

      I was catching rides on large cruise-like boats by walking into the center of a bridge and stepping out as the boat passed under. I was able to step directly onto the boat without jumping using this method. Soon though a boat came and I wasnít able to get on, but I notice a crowd of people, including an attractive woman around my age, were able to get on that boat in a way I couldnít access. Then another series of boats show up, these are smaller, and several groups of teenage girls are on the bridge with me. They are dressed like they are on a sports team, mostly red and white colors, and they jump into the water next to the boats, or jump directly on the boats themselves. I contemplate doing this and then decide those boats arenít for me and I think itís too dangerous to jump anyway. An old school friend is near me and she agrees. I decided to wait for the next boat.

      A lot of this seems mundane. Bears are a common theme for my dreams, they used to be nightmares, now they just show up randomly. Im not sure why this one seemed like my dog, if that means anything to me. I think bears mostly symbolized anxiety for me in the past, or my fatherÖnow they seem to symbolize something that I am slightly afraid of, but think I can get around.
      Boats and water are reoccurring a lot lately. These definitely seem symbolic, perhaps of subconscious emotions, or finding ways to navigate those emotions.
      I live far away from my family, and have for a long time. I love them but I donít want to live where they are, and itís hard for me to travel to see them very frequently. I suppose I do feel left out, and although I talk to several of them frequently, I worry if I will regret this one day. Or if they think that I donít care about them as much as I do. I am very introverted and could go days without talking to any human and be fine. I often realize that I have gone a while without reaching out, and wonder if Iím more oblivious than others when it comes to maintaining relationships.

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    7. #245 - 'insert dream title'

      by , 05-25-2016 at 10:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm travelling outside with a friend, there's sabretooth tiger cubs in the distance, 1 big snow white one. They're up a bit on the hill. It's turning into winter, a snow storm is coming from the mountains. They're getting closer now, they were playing together but they fought a bit with snow white sabre. We try moving in the opposite direction and come near a line of trees. There's a huge bear here, damn. I can sense a sabretooth tiger coming up behind me so I sprint at the bear, barrel roll as the tiger pounces and cause the bear and tiger to fight. Badass?? Absolutely.
      I arrive in place where my daughter is staying(?) or a shelter by a mountain. There's a room, I remember my friend Mat staying here and I had seen him on a video recording where he was splayed out on the couch super tired. I think I let him stay at the place since he was travelling. I can't remember when it happened but I'm a little gingerbread sized plastic man who has lost his memory as well, like some kind of evil curse. It's a really deep and sad story (in the dream plot) which I'm also watching. There's a loading bar that shows it's a movie which is halfway through, about 25 minutes. My daughter doesn't know where her uncle is (which is me, since we apparently lied and said I was her uncle and not her dad) and now she believes she doesn't have a dad.. It's because I'm away working and can't be with her to watch her grow up, so she doesn't really know what a is. I can't remember that I'm her dad though (because of the curse) and everything is sad. I remember thinking that I really wanted to watch until the end of the movie, because it's just such a beautiful story. I know how it ends, the father (me) manages to break the curse and turn back to normal, my daughter is super happy to finally have her uncle back, but I decide to tell her the truth that I'm her dad. It makes her so happy to have a dad, and we're both so happy to be together finally.
      I don't get to see the story unfold though, because I start becoming more aware. I'm lucid in a way, the dream visuals fade but I don't wake up. Then I'm back in the room with my mom, not really remembering the previous plot as I'm doing other stuff. At some point she leaves and I see my friend in these tight jeans, nice . I'm horny so I hook up with her. I try taking off her pants but there's dream lag, and my imagination is 'broken', like it can't remember how to materialize certain features and is in a state of buffering. I understood something at this point about dream lag too, that stability is linked to the rate at which we expand the dream world around us. In an unstable dream we can't load too much or it will crash, but the more stable the dream the greater the load it can handle. This sounds pretty obvious, but it wasn't something I'd ever truly practiced. I'm always moving in my lucids, never just stopping. Usually this is because if I stop then I lose lucidity >_<...

      Also, I've had a lot of intensely vivid dreams lately, probably because I've just started working.
    8. #207 - Escape

      by , 03-08-2016 at 09:48 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Only remembered a small part of the last dream I had, and it wasn't very vivid. This might be because I ended up vomiting my guts out violently for no reason before going to bed last night.

      Me and some others are in a wooden rampart + wall building, we're running away from guards. One of the people I'm running with is a bear I'm pretty sure... As we're running we grab makeshift weapons like sticks, I remember hurling them back as I see the guards round the corner. There are some moments where it's like "No, go on without me" and then we grab them and pull them onwards. No man left behind .
      Apparently the people in this world have devices similar to walky talkies or phones which they can contact each other with. Though they don't have screens. As we're running we loot a whole bunch of them and spread the word that there's a revolution coming.
    9. #175 - Classical music / Rigid cooking / Escape / Epic

      by , 12-08-2015 at 12:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Sleep cycle 1 - Classical music (02:02)
      -A classical music performance, I haven't heard one for years (supposedly) and now in this large hall I could. The song part of the dream I don't recall as it was 'fastforwarded' through by the dream. I'm in the corridor afterwards talking with some people about it, did I play? I feel like I had some involvement somehow. Then I think I remember leaving in a car (as a passenger) on the motorway. I was still thinking heavily about the music event though.

      Dream experience: 2 (quite early in the night)
      Dream awareness: 0

      This dream probably occurred after I started watching a new anime about classical music >_<

      Sleep cycle 2 - Rigid cooking (04:38)
      This dream was influenced by the classical anime and a romcom anime I had been watching.

      -I had taught a couple girls how to cook and they had a very free-style attitude to cooking. My own style was rigid, by-the-book (or recipe) and I struggled to make a dish that was truly my own inspiration (not true IRL I think). We're in an after school cooking club and the teacher has told us to cook something, but I have to cook it for the 2 girls. I'm supposed to be really good at cooking but I have a weird mix of emotions, like I'm actually bad at it?.. The room is lit by the dying light of the setting sun, geeze someone turn the light on :/. As I'm cooking the teacher says there isn't the usual 'flare' in cooking that she sees when watching the 2 girls cook.. 'tsk' I know, I'm going by-the-book. I give the food a taste, why isn't the ginger flavour strong enough? The girls make it better, I know they would just add more ginger but my rigid style compels me not to. In the end I think I manage to break the barrier and go more free-style, adding flavours as I see them necessary.

      Dream experience: 3 (meh, it wasn't that good or vivid)
      Dream awareness: 0 (I wasn't particularly aware in any sense)

      Dream fragment - there's a coast with the ocean, something about a house?

      -I'm by a fence on the grass, there's a couple people on the other side who I'm talking to. In front of me is also a cute old cat, it looks so gentle. We get interrupted by an evil person who is standing like 20-30m away on a nearby road. I can't remember too clearly why we knew he was evil. He ended up sending his ginger cat to attack our cat, I intervene though and end up killing the ginger cat. I think I also accidentally hurt our cat... I look at that cute old cat and it's quite vivid. He's a fluffy tabby cat with a funny looking face. He's slumped down with his head bend back slightly too far.. Poor thing, I think I may have uppercut him or something. He looks at me with kind eyes and a nice smile, seeming to forgive me and thank me for trying to protect him. I feel guilty about killing the other cat though, I need to get rid of the body anyways... I run up the road in search for a bin to dispose of it into. O_O.

      Dream experience: 4 (emotional about cats apparently)
      Dream awareness: 1 (rising awareness from the cat I hurt)

      Sleep cycle 3 - Escape (06:00)
      -Earlier in this story it seems like I was trying to help someone escape and had made several preparations to help. I made a potion with the help of a witch, which would turn the consumer into a bat so they could fly away. The place we're at is like a TV set for producing a show, and I think one of the directors plays a prank on someone. The prank is that he shoots a spear at someone which impales them, I'm not sure how it was meant to be funny because the person died via being impaled by that spear -_-. They director starts acting to reduce the impact this has on everyone, I follow in spectator mode as he walks down a hallway and into a room and tells the ?? family that they should delete their contract with the show to protect their reputation.
      Now I'm in a breakfast dining hall, there's a bunch of food on plates and some people milling around. They're hungry and have just woken up and the room is only getting more and more crowded. I can see the person I'm trying to free, I think it's a girl (or a guy with long hair). I think I might be Linley Baruch (the main character from the book I'm reading) and I can hear people whispering about the person I'm trying to free. Apparently it's her fault.. We have to escape now or the police will take her away before we get the chance to escape, so we have to improvise. I give the potion to him (she is now a he for some reason) and he starts to ascend, floating into the air. There's mist around him and he begins to fade while emitting a beautiful kind of glow. Everyone looks up and sees him floating, and they think he has been chosen by god or some bs, which helps as an excuse to cover our escape. I am spectating now, I see Linley (who I was) crouch down out of sight into a meditative position in order to chant the words to a flying spell (he seems to be level 7 or 8 as a magus about now). The camera is panning upwards following the ascent of the glowing guy who is fading more and more. I kind of feel like I'm watching anime. Linley finishes his spell and shoots up, flying back into the LOS and floating next to the glowing guy who slowly finishes his transformation by turning into a small bat which is almost invisible because he's nearly completely see-through. I know that the audience won't be able to see him but I can. I'm closer now, maybe I'm Linley again? We start our escape, there's 2 routes we can take, one which is a long route through the tunnels (to the left) but we go to the right which leads straight to the exit. Wow, that was easy. If we had taken the left route it would have taken us 5 minutes to reach the same exit, that would have been dumb. We fly outside and shoot off to the North and I see Linley and the bat disappear into the distance. Another group of about 4 follows after, flying in the same direction. It was their friends, one of them I remember was a badass looking cat warrior dude. A second group flies out a moment later with several in the party (also friends apparently). 3 of them look kind of cartoonish like something from a manga, 1 is a cat, another is a smaller cat, and 1 is a ghost. They all fly off into the same direction as Linley.

      Dream experience: 4 (pretty cool)
      Dream awareness: 1 (changing perspectives was a pain and didn't help awareness)

      Sleep cycle 4 - Epic (07:46)
      -I remember now that earlier I was a wanted man, and that me and some friends had washed up on foreign shores on a sunny day. There was more to this dream but I can only remember from a certain point. Me and some friends (I don't recognize them) had just ran out of the bushes into a township (modern but somehow quite old looking) and we were talking. Previously we had been keeping it down in front of a house because we thought there was a saint level beast under it (saint is a high level of power in the book I'm reading). Luckily it was only a bear that jumped out so I'm a little relieved, I think it chased us a little but the commotion caused too much noise and an actual saint level beast popped up from the bushes of a nearby house. "Oh shit!" was everyone's reaction, even the bear. The bear was the first to die since it was a loudest, having its head decapitated immediately. Me and my friends were sprinting away, I jump into a side room area which is pretty small and me and a woman tuck away in the corner. She comes onto me a bit "uhh no thanks" (she's old and pretty overweight..) and I tell her that now is really not the time. We peek out the window and see everyone running around. I think the woman I was with is now a massive muscly dude and I see the bear sprinting towards us. It must have seen the big guy and wants to fight him first. The saint creature (it kind of looks like a bear with a more horrific, rounder furry head without bear ears) jumps into the room and dives over the muscly guy which really confuses me. Why not kill him? Oh... He's after ME. I dive out of the room and into the street, this isn't good. The saint beast (once an animal reaches saint level they can talk) says to me that I have the white dragon blood in me and is trying to kill me to learn about it. Argh god damn it.. we jump around and everything is in slowmo, he hasn't killed me yet though? Is he not saint level? I wonder about this, it can talk but it doesn't have the power of someone who should be saint level it seems. I somehow get the attention of my friends (about 3 of them) and one of them is Matt. I remember earlier we had gone into one of his minecraft tunnels to escape, and we see the entrance not far away. The problem is that we've already used it and can't use it again. We run there anyway, Matt has a secret surprise it seems. The saint level beast isn't even in sight, how the hell did we lose it? It should be close though. Matt pulls a lever, the ground drops beneath us suddenly. Whoa. Good ol' Matt, this is awesome. we plummet down to the depth onto separate rail paths. I can't properly describe what happened next, but it was genius. I was shooting forward so fast on this rail line, then I shot up on a jump and leapt onto a dingy boat that was propelled across the ground. There were draugr around (from Skyrim) but the boat shot past, "HAH!" they can't get me, it's so exciting. There's all these crazy innovative tricks that Matt has put into the track, the last carriage transition is when my boat stops at the edge and I had to jump off a cliff. At the bottom was another dingy boat in some water but it was quite small and there were lots of draugr in the water. I jump off and when I land on the small dingy it propels forward, it's not big enough and my feet are hanging over the edge. The draugr all start charging at me and I try kicking in the water to speed my self up. Hands start wrapping around my legs, they've reached me and are pulling at me.. I kick a couple of them off and use my hands to pull the last few off of me. I jump on to a wooden beam that stands out of the water, maybe this is what I'm supposed to do? Like an obstacle course, I jumped from one wooden beam to the next avoiding all the zombies. Ahead of me were people, this was the entrance into a movie? I leap onto the edge that a few people are gathered on. My friend Lajja sees me but she's soaking wet, I don't ask why because I feel like it has something to do with the draugr water behind me. She leads me out and down a hallway, she has incredibly short shorts on for some reason, I purposely pretend not to notice as I know I'm in another predicament (I get the feeling that I may be discovered by the lawful pursuers). "You have no idea what kind of crazy adventure I've just had!" I say excitedly, I'm still mindblown by that ride. Down this hallway is a huge line of people but the hall it self is quite narrow (only space for two people side by side). We walk down the hall for a bit but something catches my eye on the bookshelf which is also apparently in the hallway. It's like it's now also a library, so many books! I see 2 specific books which detail an adventure about a group that wash up on a foreign shore.. Is that, me? I get the feeling the book details my adventure, but it only just happened? I think that it's a magic book. Lajja sees I'm not following her and comes back to get me before we continue on.

      Dream experience: 10 (I can't imagine any other dream that I've had which is better than this one, maybe some on par so it's 10/10)
      Dream awareness: 2 (not quite lucid but glad I'm it wasn't)

      Everything I dreamt about literally combined so much from my day yesterday, it's pretty awesome.
    10. 10/9/15: First Lucid in Years! (Action/Fragment)

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:50 PM
      - By studying my most common dream signs (bears and thunderstorms), I was able to have a DILD, even if it was only for a few seconds.
      - I was able to fall asleep after this segment, but I returned non-lucid. Such a shame.

      [Plot 1 begins]:
      I'm in a forest, not unlike the picture below.

      To my right was a large building; a concrete apartment building, but it was some rich family's mansion for some reason. I was alone in the forest, moving parallel to the house, going over little knolls and hills and taking cover. I had in my hands an M14-like rifle in my hands, similar to the one pictured below.

      I took cover behind a little hill, and peeked over with my rifle. Suddenly, I felt an eerie sense of fear, and out of the edge of the forest 150 yards in front of me stumbles a huge grizzly bear. [ENTER LUCIDITY] I immediately recognized the fear and the bear as one of my dream signs, and suddenly became lucid. However, I could feel myself losing grasp on the dream in less than a second. I tried spinning, but I got tunnel vision and lost control.

      [Wake up; fall back asleep]:
      For once, I managed to land back in the same dream, but now the bears were trolls, so I didn't really recognize them and I lost my lucidity. The dream continued, but I've forgotten it now.

      [End plot 1]

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    11. Raptor vs Raptor

      by , 07-14-2015 at 11:11 PM
      First dream: I'm out dressed up as a grizzly bear out in my backyard chasing after a male attempting to tackle him with my weight. He runs and screams until we run out in to the front yard where I nearly got a grasp of him but he slips away and we both end up in the backyard again. Unfortunately, this time he gets help from another grizzly bear who happens to play the role of a mother. While watching these two pair up, I'm up on top of the roof of the garage deciding whether or not to brawl with this heavy beast.

      As it's climbing up the roof, I start to lose interest in this conflict and run away from the mother bear. I climb up as fast as I could to the next higher level of roofing and right as soon as the mother bear reaches the roof, I charge towards the edge of the roof and start flying off in to the depths of the dark narrow street I live on. I flew faster and faster, enough to get me out of the zone of danger. I was afraid. Not only afraid of the mother bear but the darkness accumulating the whole street I flew in to.

      As I flew with great ferocity in to the dark, narrow street, I noticed a light at the end of the street. A home. This home was the end of the street - a source of open peace. Once I reached the end of this street, I would escape from the evils lying within it. Instead, I got the opposite of that. After flying for a while, I noticed an eerie looking abandoned home standing right next to the street. Bad experiences came of it whenever I visited it in previous dreams. I decided to go ahead and look what's inside it anyways in hopes that something different would happen.

      I walked in to the dark residence and slowly crept up inside the the interior of the building. What I heard was a few people engaging in a quiet conversation in the middle room of the home. It was a discreet conversation, so whatever they were talking about wasn't supposed to be heard by outsiders. I walked past the small the room and the first thing I noticed was its large size and open spaces. I was scared up to the point when I saw how dark it was in the areas surrounding it. I slowly walked out of the home unnoticed.

      Second Dream: There was a school somewhere inside a huge open field of grass. I was walking alongside my classmates figuring out where our next destination would be. On our way, I saw several crowds of people walking from class to class(unusual for me) and many of them were waiting outside entrances of unique classrooms. For example, one of the classrooms presented a small zoo where the students could learn about the species living in them. I look in to this one for a while because I thought it was curious. After a while, it was finally time to go back to finding our unknown point of interest. I followed both of my friends through the halls of the crowded school in to the school on to the entrance of the school office and confronted the principal for help. This is where we discovered a secret fear underlying the school's boundaries. What was it? I'm not sure. The principal stood and gave us a motionless stare and knew something was out to get us if we didn't leave the campus on time.

      All three of us quickly jumped down on to the stairs of the school to what was a large scene of green mountains surrounding the entire school. My friends and I transformed ourselves in to creatures. Dinosaurs. Raptors, I think. We all moved ran through the open plains at great speeds. We still had the minds of a human which meant that we knew a lot more than the Raptor's do. However, there were other raptors as well.

      We eventually ran in to what seemed to be nearing the edge of a really tall cliff. The leader, one of my friends, told us to get down on the ground and turn on our night vision. Both of my friends rested down in to the grass but I had a little trouble doing so. There were upcoming enemy raptors walking ahead of us. I tried to lay down but I couldn't. It wasn't until one of the enemy raptors came up near us when I finally had the power to bury myself in to the ground. But that was when I accidentally moved my body and alerted the raptor walking right past me. It roared. Me and my other two friends quickly got up from the ground and ran off to the edge of the cliff. I ran right behind the leader and my other friend besides me. The raptor behind us roared out and was about ready to eat us. Our leader jumped off of the cliff, over what seemed to be a river, in to the small village right next to it. He made it safety to the ground. When I jumped, however, I fell off and was hurled down in to the flowing river. The friend besides me followed.
    12. Adventures in the Mountains

      by , 10-19-2014 at 05:09 PM
      I'm in the wilderness, with a bunch of my friends. We're surrounded by beautiful mountains.
      We're walking with a guide, finding black bears. I have seen 4 before we come to a bear in a small cage. The cage is decorated for Halloween, and is set back from the trail. Behind that is tall grass.
      "Who do we have here?" the guide asks to nobody in particular, getting closer to the bear. My friends follow him but I stay on the trail, which is on a ridge.
      The long grass moves. Something is coming! An opossum scurries out of the grass and up a tree.
      "Guys! Run away! Something's coming!"
      I start running away frantically. I look back; my friends haven't moved. A massive black bear jumps out from the grass, and gives a loud, mighty roar.
      My friends scramble up the hill to join me in my mad dash. The bear chases us. We burst out of the forest and arrive at a mansion. Out of breath, I look back at the forest. The bear doesn't come into view. I get an overwhelming sense of safety.
      Then, I wake up.

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    13. 8/10/2014

      by , 09-10-2014 at 03:50 AM
      I was on a plane traveling to a different country. When we landed, everyone waited around for someone to pick us up but we realized that we had missed our train, so we went into a subway that looked like a sewer system. My group grabbed wooden sticks to use as weapons and I had my pistol. As we moved through the subway, one of the team members found a small boat in the middle of the sewer so we got on it. We sailed through the water and started seeing figures that looked like zombies. Since we weren't making noise, they didn't attack us as we passed them. Suddenly, something happened that made me have to use my pistol, which made the zombies attack us. A bear appeared behind us and started charging towards the group. I shot at the beat several times but I knew that I wouldn't hurt it with a 9mm bullet. The bear threw me into the water and that scene repeated twice.
      After the third time, I was able to kill the bear by putting my gun in his mouth, causing his teeth to break. The team kept moving forward while fighting the zombies. We regrouped after killing a large dog. Some girl said I had an ugly cheek and I said "Oh well" The view then changed to a beautiful green valley and it looked like I was flying through it.
    14. 7-13-14 Sounds like a sick stomach

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:37 PM
      I dreamed that this girl I like and her family and I were antique shopping in a quaint little town. I had gone into a shop before the others. It was a music shop, and I was randomly strumming the strings of a bass, which was horrendously out of tune.

      Suddenly, this girl walked into the shop and stood really close to my side. I strummed the strings, and they made a really weird noise. She asked what I thought it sounded like, and I said, "Like a sick stomach". She was about to hug and kiss me when the rest of her family came in.

      Then I dreamed I had a lion costume. You know, like a cheap, stupid-looking Halloween thing. It looked totally weird, but a man who was an expert in lion costumes said I had the "right physique" for it.

      Then my grandpa told me a strangely menacing story about the apostle Paul voyaging to America, travelling to the midwest and preaching to a farm full of animals, in particular a turtle. When I asked if the story was true, he merely winked and said, "I guess we'll see".

      I dreamed I had to ward off an angry red-eyed bear from my house in Minecraft. It was terrifying!

      A young woman was alone in a wilderness valley at night during a full moon. She was cursed. Blood to soak up the stems and into the petals of these strange lily-white flowers that were growing in the valley. Suddenly, the young woman was surrounded by ravenous hyenas. Then a silent movie actor appeared out of nowhere and saved her.
    15. Mini-lds 17, 20 Sept

      by , 10-02-2013 at 06:12 PM
      Note: summary

      Date: 17 Sept

      Short ld: I go in the building where grandma lives, get in the elevator but it looks wider than usual. It turns into some sort of transportation cart and I move through the neighborhood. At some point I press the button for the floor and get out. There is a bear. I recognize this as a DS and become lucid. I take a turn and continue walking in this room full of DCs. There is also a half-lion half-man similar to the one from previous dreams walking around. I notice there is a green aura-like blur around him and another DC. I try tk on some cups but it doesn't work. Then I remember AF and decide to do it here and now but the dream fades and I wake up.

      Date: 20 Sept

      Short ld frag: I am in a house and now in a small room, wearing only a towel and next to this sports guy. I know this is a dream, but am not focused. I stare at the guy and wait for more clarity. Instead, the guy starts humping me with his clothes on. He makes these moves, it looks kind of weird and funny, especially his face. In the meantime, I am thinking about phasing, but the door just opens so I sneak out.

      I go down the stairs. Being semi-naked I decide I want to turn this into a show where everybody would be dancing naked. It's a dream after all, I remind myself. I try to organize the scene and gather the DCs but the dream fades and I wake up.
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