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    1. Music Theme

      by , 01-23-2017 at 05:55 AM
      I remember a couple fragments of music themed dreams.

      First I was standing with a group of people playing guitars. I was playing some kind of digital guitar stick. We were all playing together. My guitar stick could sound like an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

      Later, I was talking with the female lead singer of an amateur rock band. They played an outside gig in a city and virtually no one attended. I tried to give her encouragement and suggestions. I also helped her and her band load equipment into their vehicle.

      Later, I believe I was riding in that same vehicle, a van. There was a commode sitting in the middle and I used it because I had to poop. But then I was embarrassed because I stunk up the van and I apologized.
    2. Spell's Comp Night 1: Emotional Detatchment

      by , 07-30-2016 at 02:27 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Frag: Something to do with shopping at Kroger with my mom. There was a stegosaurus in the parking lot eating people's groceries and cars and a thunderstorm was coming.

      Frag: I thought of dream music. Neptune the Mystic from Holst’s planets suite was all I got. I feel like I kept hearing it through dreams.

      Frag: I was watching One Punch Man season two. In it, he encountered this character from another dimension called "One Kick Woman" who was more powerful than Saitama. When asked what her power came from she said that she did TWO hundred push ups, TWO hundred sit ups, TWO hundred squats and a 20km run each day. She had a green and black costume.

      Man, I should draw that.

      Dream, since two frags from it: Something to do with being stranded a tropical island. I was with a few other people and we were all naked. I think we were on a reality TV show. Someone said something about making coconut cups for our genitals along with coconut bras for the females, but I didn't want to do it because I thought it would look ridiculous. I said that everyone was naked under their clothes and we should put survival essentials before modesty.


      At the end of the dream, The show's crew packed up but I wanted to stay on the island alone. The crew said that the island would be underwater soon because of global warming. I said that I didn't care.

      Spoiler for im gonna spoiler this one just in case, its weird and gross:

      I'm fairly certain I woke up laughing from that dream and went pee myself. I suppose that counts as a WBTB since I went back to bed with the intention of LDing. My chronology is all messed up, I don't remember what order these dreams came in at all. Just that this took place at around 4:00am.


      I was watching a movie about Godzilla. (Supposedly a followup to the Godzilla 2014 movie. In the movie, Godzilla was walking around the city. Pearl from Steven Universe was there trying to stop Godzilla but she was giant and glowing orange. She had some help from these little crystalline beetles that also glowed orange, I think she summoned them. When the tried to fight Godzilla he did something to turn parts of them green, then Godzilla left.

      Then I appeared in the dream and was able to turn the parts of their bodies that had been turned back to orange mostly, with still a few green spots. They all went and got onto a UFO to go back to their home planet, and said that they weren’t attacking earth and felt it would be better to just leave in peace before any more destruction happened on either side. I think Samurai Jack appeared in the movie toward the end and helped me to split up the fighting forces and broker peace. But people thought that it was a plot point that came out of nowhere.

      I remember my uncle saying. “That was a good movie, they didn’t waste time with anything and got right to the action…”


      I remember I was in a mining camp at night. The setting was otherworldy. Stripey blue rocks with black metallic bismuth-like crystals in them and a dark gray sky. The metallic crystals was what we were mining.

      We are sitting around the fire. Me and a few friends were using these things called murmur men. They were basically like zombie men that we could use as free labor to dig up minerals. They didn’t need to eat or sleep and acted like robots always taking orders. (You could just order one to walk off a cliff and it would oblige.) And when they were ‘killed’ by something they could just regenerate by having a skeleton come up from underground and reforming their flesh onto it.

      I remember I said that I liked to give the murmur men meals and sleep, even though they could be worked 24 hours a day without food or sleep it made me feel better and it made the murmur men more productive when they did work because it made them happier. My friends got mad at me for letting them do this because they said they were nothing more than tools to be used for our mining. I remember thinking that when I had the chance, I was going to try and set all of the murmur men free.

      Someone said something about building a second windmill for our camp. We already had one windmill powering our camp. I remember seeing the timber frame and metal rotor, and in intricate detail, seeing the gearbox we had assembled to turn the generator that provided our area with power. 2D from Gorillaz appeared and started singing the Gorillaz song ‘Feel good Inc’ and our windmill changed to the one from the flying windmill island. Golden sunlight started shining through the clouds onto the windmill.


      I FA’d. I was with family members. We were all sleeping together in this big log cabin themed suite. It had separate rooms for each of us. I remember looking out the door and seeing this creepy mime girl with black and white makeup looking at me from the counter. (I think ‘Mime Girl’ was what I was calling her internally.) I remember she had all white eyes that glowed.

      She posessed one of my cousins into going after us and trying to attack. Family members all started waking up at the sound of screams and they were panicking because they didn’t want to fight my cousin since he was a family member. I know he killed at least one person before I even woke up. Everyone went into the central kitchen area of the cabin where we saw he had a steak knife and different people lunged in and pulled away trying to take it from him.

      My aunt was getting extremely emotional because she didn’t know what she could do. She tried talking to him about loving his family but it didn’t work and my cousin stabbed my aunt in the arm. She backed away and then fainted into the arms of my father who started looking around for something to bandage it with. The wound didn't seem to be bleeding, it was just like a red cut mark on her arm.

      I remember being in what was supposed to be this intense family situation, I was just thinking like "I don't care, can we get this over with and go back to sleep." I think it was actually a low level of lucidity acting on me. I figured I'd just get in there and show everyone how it was done. I went in after my possessed knife-wielding cousin. I remember I moved in on him and tried to disarm the knife but he was too fast and he stabbed me in the chest. There was a moment of intensity here, but I snapped back into my apathetic layer-zero lucidity attitude as I fell to the floor. My wound shared the same characteristic to my aunts'. No blood came out, it was just like a short red line on my body.

      My reaction was something along the lines of “Oh darn… I’ve been stabbed by my cousin who was possessed by a demonic mime. For some reason I just don't care. ” I remember looking at the mime girl while things went to black and saying. “Maybe we should have been fighting HER instead of my cousin.”

      Then my youngest cousin went in. When the posessed cousin tried to stab him he caught the knife blade between his hands, ninja kicked him back without hurting him too much and threw the knife at the mime girl, banishing her.

      I was fully dead now and watching third person as a spirit. My youngest cousin said turned to me and said thanks for giving him the strength to be a little ninja. I was lucid enough to know that this was somehow in reference to me calling the kids in my taekwondo class yesterday 'Little Ninjas' when they did a good job on their kicks. (My cousin isn't in my Taekwondo class though)

      This apathy has been a focus of mine lately, during the meditations I've been doing. I put a lot of thought into these sorts of dreams, that often seems like they're designed specifically to create emotional scenes, but I'm usually very apathetic towards them. It feels like theres this very low level of lucidity that's worked its way into these dreams.

      Dream: 1*5=5
      Frag: .5*3=1.5
      WBTB: 2*1=2
    3. long dream about stores, poo and external organ

      by , 04-12-2016 at 04:57 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in a huge store and I'm working,doing something up high. I'm on a very tall ladder that is in the middle of a crowded isle. I think I was fixing a light or something because it looked like I was reaching up behind on, trying to do whatever. The lights were florescent ones and the one I was at seemed fine. I had been up there for a long time and lost track of where I actually was. I take a step and nearly fell off of the vaulting ladder. I grabbed on to one of the steps and quickly got down. I was talking with some people about about it and was overwhelmed at how close to dying I was. I told them that I'am never going up there for any reason again.

      Sometime had pass and I'm just roaming around in the store. I see a room and I think my brother was there watching tv.

      I leave there and I realized how long I have been in here and is wondering if my mom is in here looking for me. I look outside in the parking lot and it is full of cars, some moving and most parked. It'd be impossible to spot my moms little black Cobolt. Plus I was at the front or the stores and don't know which way she may have came.

      Dream 2

      I'm in a dark dinning room the looks like the old 894 Raymond one but it was cramped up and hard to move around in. it was like a strange box, I seen the table, a computer and a dressing and that it was daytime outside. In front of me was a disgusting sight. A big toilet full of toilet paper and poo that had a white bucket on top of the stuff turned sideways and partially buried in the wet paper. What the hell happened here? I lifted the bucket up and pulled it out and under it was nasty brown poopy water and stink. I had no gloves on and was careful not to get any one me. The toilet now looked like a sink drain and in the drain part was toilet paper and smelly poop water. I realized that my brother had done this and he was actually here in the room with me, looking at his mess. I yelled at him and ordered for him to clean this up. I sat the nasty bucket down next to him and he turns and quickly runs out and over to a computer that was in another room.

      This room is much brighter and he was doing one of his recordings and shushing me so that I don't mess up his tape. He sat in a plastic outdoor chair and next to the computer was a TV, sitting on the mantel. He really has something going on here.

      Dream 3

      I don't know too much details about this dream but all I know is that something has happened and I ended up birthing out some kind of football sized pink organ thing. It had a hole in one side where you can stick your finger into if you wanted to and was wet and slippery. I walked around with this thing for a bit and was playing with it. It made strange sounds and realized that it was still alive and needed to be put back into my body. So I put it back the way it came and felt it inside my uterus and then it moved to the rare end. I don't want it there and I push. I feel it come and it popped out again and realized that I put it in the wrong place and it needed to go in the backside. I returned it there, felt it go up and move back into the right position and then suddenly I awoke with a very strong arousal feeling for a good 4 or 5 seconds.
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    4. 06/30/2015 - the car/bathroom

      by , 07-02-2015 at 12:47 AM
      06/30/2015 - THE PACK FIGHT

      I don’t remember a whole lot about this particular dream. I know that there were two werewolf packs, I was a member of one of them, and these two packs were going to fight, for… whatever reason.

      They gathered in this apartment complex and they were facing each other. Before the fight started they decided to do a little warm up, as rival werewolf packs do, and started chasing each other around.

      The other pack had this one particular werewolf who was super fast, and his legs moved like Roadrunner’s. The fight never really start, because I woke up. Funny thing was, I was watching “Teen Wolf” last night and I told myself I was going to have a werewolf dream.

      06/30/2015 - THE TWI’LEK COLONY

      There was a Twi’lek colony near the beach. There was this area of the beach they couldn’t enter because it was sacred. Since I’m an asshole, apparently, I did enter the area. Of course, I got stuck in like quicksand or whatever and I needed help getting out of there.

      Election Time! Who Would You Vote For?-vasco.jpg

      Some of the Twi’leks didn’t want to help me. They talked it over for a second. Some did want to help me. The elders helped me getting out. I think I dreamed about that because of the sound of this app I’m using to help me lucid dream, I picked an ‘ocean sounds’ thing last night.

      06/30/2015 - THE CAR/BATHROOM

      Okay, this one involves poop. So if that grosses you out, get out now.


      So the dream starts with me shitting myself in this car that had a toilet. However, the car, which of course was crowded, didn’t have toilet paper. So I had to put my pants back on without wiping myself.

      I get out of the car and I’m in front of my friends’ building, but I was actually going home. LUCIANA, a colleague of mine, was with me. We went to my mother’s apartment, in the dream I had moved out recently. We were in my sister’s room and I made sure to point out that THAT wasn’t my room. Mine was a VERY manly.

      I also remember thinking that I didn’t want Luciana to get the impression that I was hitting on her, so I was trying to be super respectful.

      Then I find out there are more people in the apartment. My Godfather, my mom’s ex boyfriend from 15 years ago, some of my cousins. They were all sleeping in my mom’s bedroom, though my mother wasn’t there.

      I talked to them for a while and then I woke up.
    5. My Husband Poops on the Floor Before a Wedding, and Navigating a Dog Poop-Covered Lawn

      by , 09-22-2014 at 03:05 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was thinking about Dallas and I's wedding. It had been on a stage. Except for I hadn't married Dallas, I had married my dad? Ew, I know. I was thinking about having to share a bed with him and was so weirded out and uncomfortable. I was then thinking about Dallas and how I was married to him and it made me feel better. I don't know, it didn't make a lot of sense.

      Then, I was in what looked like a bedroom. There were things on the carpeted floor. We were getting ready for my brother's wedding, which I kept thinking was not that weekend, but another weekend, but I guess they had pushed it forward. There was a full-length mirror to my left. Dallas came up to me. He was naked. He gave me a hug. It was a really sweet hug! Then, I heard a plop noise. Uh oh.
      "Did you just poop???" I asked Dallas.
      "Yup," he said.
      Oh my god. My husband just shit on the floor. Could he not hold it or something?
      I then looked over in the closet to my right, which resembled our IWL closet, and saw my friend Caitlin in there, wearing an all white, all covering suit.

      About the announcement.-silver-white-morph-body-suit-full-body-tights-lycra-spandex-zentai-suit-2b8d78.image.351x550.jpg

      Over the suit, she was wearing clothing. This is what they were doing for my brother's wedding...many people were going to wear these white full body suits with clothing over them. She was trying to be sneaky. She was doing all these smooth, interpretive dance-like movements. I then thought about how she had probably just seen Dallas poop on the floor. I imagined she had a good laugh about that. She then came out of the closet and sat down at a long table that was in the room apparently. This is where the other guests of the wedding would sit as well. A few other people in white body suits came and sat down. I looked over to where Dallas had pooped. He had cleaned it up, but I saw a slight stain on the floor. So embarrassing.


      I was at some guy's house, which was actually the house that my best friend lived in when we were growing up. Many guys lived there, apparently. It was a house that the college kids came to to party at. The guy had spiky blonde hair, kind of resembling Titus from FFX. I had made friends with a guy that lived over there on League of Legends. I wanted to be friends with this guy too. I was lounging on a couch in the bonus room with my shoes off. In front of me on a different couch, another guy was playing a game on a console. I mentioned something to the Titus guy about how I had been in the house before because my best friend's family lived there. I was noticing how familiar, yet different it looked now. Different furniture in a different arrangement, a bit dirtier, etc. But it was definitely the bonus room I remembered.

      I was kind of having feelings for the guy, but I didn't think he was interested in me back. I had a feeling I needed to leave. I got up and started walking. I asked the guy how many people lived in the house. His response was
      "It's hard keeping up a brothel."
      Ok...awkward. I didn't think he meant an actually brothel though.
      I started going down the stairs with the guy when I realized I had forgotten my shoes. I said so, and he went up to get them for me. As I was waiting for the shoes, some girls came to the door for a party that was going to happen later. I was then given my shoes. I put them on and started to leave, but realized I had also forgotten my purse. The guy wasn't around anymore, but the girls were. I said I had forgotten my purse, and went to get it. Fortunately, it was only a short walk away in a hallway. I picked it up and was finally ready to go.

      I left through the front door and went onto the lawn. There was some dog poop on the lawn. I was trying to avoid stepping in it. I kept coming across more and more of it. I then saw that there were these big piles of it in what appeared to be rings around the lawn. I couldn't avoid it anymore and accidentally stepped in the poop. Yuck. What were they doing with these? Trying to fertilize the lawn? How could anyone get to the house with this crap all over the place? Weird. I finally got through the piles of shit. I was by the ditch that separates that house from my house (this is true IWL; she lived behind me growing up), though the ditch was in a different place, and it spanned vertically instead of horizontally. I was walking through the long, drying grass and rocks embedded in the ground, now trying to avoid these moving blue blobs that were actually tiny individual bugs acting as a single entity. They looked like blue mold or moss sliding across the rocks. I then came across some clear stones with blue flecks in them. Very pretty! I thought about reading down to grab one, but wasn't sure if there were more blue blob bugs hidden anywhere close. I kept walking and seeing more of the pretty stones. I thought that they probably weren't natural, but man made.

      Then, I came across these broken Victoria's Secret earring displays. Is this where the stones came from, broken glass? There were two or three of them, each a different color, though I can't recall the colors. I saw lots of stud earrings in one of the more intact ones. They looked like little kid stud earrings, some being bumble bees, for example. I wondered why they were all in the ditch. Had someone tried to steal them and abandoned them here? I wanted to take the stud earrings, but I also didn't want to mess up any evidence had it actually been a theft. I picked up the display of stud earrings. There was then a woman there with me. She told me that she had seen a dead body impaled on something while she was in the back of the store, and she was so shocked she tried to kill herself by swallowing a bunch of the stud earrings. As she was saying this, I saw her head and neck against a black background with emphasis on her neck. There was a red line on her neck showing how she was affected. Hard to explain that part. She then said she immediately changed her mind and made herself puke them up. Wouldn't that make things worse, though, I wondered, because it would cut her esophagus up as the earrings were coming back up?
    6. Spiders and Webs, Softball with My Old Supervisor, and Weird Tomodachi Life Scene

      by , 09-02-2014 at 01:01 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was looking into my room at the house I grew up in. It was full of spider webs. There were also 4 huge spiders in the webs, one closer to the doorway and three off to the left. There was no way I was going in there. There was then a guy standing next to me. He said what he would do if he felt a spider crawling on him, (when he said that he crawled his fingers on my shoulder), he would just let it crawl until it started to make a web, then he'd take it off, letting the string of web carry the spider somewhere else. I pictured myself freaking out if there was a spider on me, like I've done before. Yeah, no spiders are gonna crawl on me for that long if I can help it.

      There was more to this dream, something about a wedding ceremony. I think it was Dallas and I's wedding, even though we were already married. It was like something to make it more "official", even though we were already legally married. There were many people. I thought about my name changing. I feel like we were outside in the daytime.


      I was with my old supervisor, Laura. We were wandering around to different places. We were playing softball in one of the places. She was telling me about how in high school everyone thought she was dumb, and she didn't really have many friends. I then thought about this. I wondered about her boyfriend in high school. I pictured her in high school walking on a softball field. I said something to her about how I used to play softball, but she said she knew I didn't play for school, because she was on the school softball team and I wasn't. No, I didn't play for school, that was correct, but I don't think I said anything back to her after that.

      Then, we were somewhere else, in some building. My nephew, Gary, came up to us and asked if we'd take him to the bathroom. I asked someone who was there with him if that was ok, and they said yes. We then went to take him in the bathroom. I asked him if he had to pee or poop, and he said poop. The "bathroom" was just a wooden room with a wooden seat with a hole cut out, There was no drain or water or anything; the waste would just go onto the floor. I started to tell him maybe he shouldn't go there, but it was too late. He was pooping. I saw it on the floor. Another kid had done it close to us too, a little to the back left of us, so I guess it would be fine.

      Then, it was like I was playing Nintendo Nightmare, only with much better graphics due to a setting on there that I or someone else had turned on. It was like I was playing it in an arcade. I was in the Legend of Zelda world the whole time I was playing. I gathered some rupees and killed some enemies.


      It was like I was playing Tomodachi Life. It was like viewing one of the islander's drams. There was a pickle and a banana standing on a grey concrete brick surface beside a lava pit. I said to them
      "Pickle, you're a dork! That's why you and banana get to have lunch."
      I guess "get to have lunch" meant "jump in the lava". It could have gone more than one way. They could have jumped over the lava pit or into it, but it was randomized which one would occur.

      My alarm then went off and woke me up.

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    7. 2nd LUCID in one night, but gross!

      by , 04-10-2014 at 10:22 AM
      I cannot believe it: a second lucid in one night! However this one was embarrassing and gross. My awareness and control were low.

      I was in a hotel room with coworkers, and one of my coworkers was lounging on a bed with me - yikes. My boss was saying how he now gets 2 weeks off because of Obama, and while it does not apply to us contractors yet, but the rule may change, and we may even get all of December off.

      Suddenly I realized I had made number two in my pants earlier without realizing it. And then I farted vehemently. Then farted a second time. Thoroughly embarrassed, I appologized to my coworker without looking at him. I thought "This can't be happening!" And that's when I realized that thankfully this is a dream.

      However my awareness was so low that I still thought I had to dispose of my number two in a bathroom somewhere before doing anything else in this dream. I had wrapped it in a napkin. Luckily it was small and dry.

      I thought, since this is a dream, I just need to walk into any door and expect there to be a bathroom on the other side. I picked a swinging door that was like a closet door sort of. It swung inward to reveal another door. And then another. An endless set of doors. I was a few doors in when I realized it was just door after door, so I turned around but even in the other direction it was just door after door. Luckily, I remembered that it is a dream, so I went into fast forward speed and quickly went through all the doors to escape this place.

      I was in a resort of sort, still looking for the bathroom to dispose of my awkward package. The next door was labeled Gasthoff in German for a hotel with restaurant. I did not want to go into the restaurant for some reason (low awareness). I overheard someone say that there used to be more people in this resort but they disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

      I decided to get out of here, and finally decided to fly. I was flying over the pool, when I realized I still was holding my package, and since this was a dream and no consequences and I really should not be carrying this around in a lucid dream, I just let it go. I listened for it and heard the sploosh as it went into the pool. It was a much bigger sploosh than a small package like this should cause. I was embarrassed again. The pool made me want to swim, so I swam in the air above the pool, but then thought that even though I had thrown it into the pool this was the air above the pool and thus still contaminated by association.

      I woke up soon after, and realized that this was barely a lucid given how low my awareness was that I could not even make it pleasant and stuck to the gross theme.

      The main redeeming factor of this lucid was the fast forward speed to escape the endless doors płace.

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    8. 8/31/13 Fragments of Traveling

      by , 08-31-2013 at 04:17 PM (Illuminating the Dream Realm)
      1. Traveling with my cousins (to dragoncon?) We stopped at a hotel with wierd phones everywhere. My aunt called and asked which one of us pooped on her couch, and we said it must have been the dog. o-e

      2. My family was beginning a journey, and we stopped at same aunt's house for supplies. I wanted to take their rootbeer, but they wouldn't let me.
    9. Don't Experiment With Poop, Son - Lab not Special Enough

      by , 04-18-2013 at 11:35 AM

      My son wanted to do experiment with poop. I vetoed him, saying that poop is too dirty and can only be studied by scientists in special labs. He reminded me that we are in a lab. I said that this lab is not special enough. He had some poop in sink with either red flossers or red bubble making toys. I ran water to make it go down the drain.
    10. (Nap)-A Very, Very Messed Up Dream-

      by , 03-24-2013 at 02:54 AM (Of Distant Lands and Homely Fiction)
      This was by far one of the worst dreams I've had in a long time, if not my whole life.

      Part I: Playdate

      So it started off very normal, for the most part. Okay, that's a lie.

      I was with my father, my brother and this family of two African Americans; one a mid-aged man and who I assume was his very young son. So we're at what I assume was an arcade/restaurant place, though not much eating was going on to be frank. My father seemed very fond of the African American family, and I thought they were alright. I was very young in this dream, no older than 10 years-old. We were all taking turns at playing this jet-ski racing arcade game with the black child, and we were having fun. Every time I stopped playing though, I would go to the bathroom.

      Whenever I went into the bathroom, I turned into this humanoid wolf person, like a werewolf except not nearly as gruesome looking, but every time I went to the bathroom, I engaged in some different form of sexual intercourse, ranging from just standard vaginal to blowjobs by two different women at the same time. When it wasn't my turn to play with the kid, I'd sit down on this padded red couch with my brother, who was playing with his kindle a lot. This happened three or four times I think, though I somehow transitioned between this and the next part.

      Part II: Grandpa

      This is the most tame part of the dream, really.

      Recently, I went on vacation to Marina Del Rey with my mother, brother and grandfather, which is what I believe effected this dream.

      Much like in the dream, my brother, my grandpa and I spent most of our time eating and talking, though my mother was nowhere to be found, and we most certainly weren't in Marina Del Rey. It was a high class restaurant, the whole room was red. Fancy red walls, silk tablecloths and wall hangings, and red chairs to sit on. We all sat down at one of the middle tables in the back, talking idly to a point where I don't remember what we were really talking about. Soon though, it was time for us to depart, and I had a bad feeling that I'd never see my grandfather again, though I didn't hesitate to even say goodbye to him.

      He sent me and my brother a limo to ride us home, though we waited in the parking lot first. He pointed out that we were in the exact location of where a commercial he shot was at--in front of a diner with a Ross' in the background and a bank next to that, the sky filled with stars.

      We eventually got into the limo, and we began driving down a street I've never seen before, one with this large apartment complex that was stacked up neatly like blocks, though each one of these apartments was shaped like an individual square and had a large glass window in the front that showed off the whole room, and it consisted of people getting dressed in front of these windows. No one was nude, but half-dressed in some clothing, then some underwear as well. I assumed they were either going to bed or getting ready for work.

      Our destination would be our father's house.

      Part III: A Father's Abuse and One Odd Wish

      We got to my father's house, and my brother came with me, which was odd because my brother would never agree to go to my dad's house after invading his privacy and ruining his social life for years to come once back in high school. We were now about 17 or 18. Things were going fine so far--my brother was playing a game on the PS3 and I was sitting there playing with a Kindle. My dad wanted to check out my Kindle by looking through the images, and I didn't want him seeing some of the more... intimate images I had stored on my device, so I kept turning back the pages as he moved forwards. He was getting mad, and he asked me to stop. I replied with "I have some personal things on there." he said "Then you should show me them." which made no sense to me. I replied with "Things that I don't want you to see." which brought a huge snarl onto his face. He was furious, and got up and yelled at me "What could be so personal that I can't see?" I replied with "You have your privacy and I respect that, so please respect my privacy!" which only made him more mad. He screamed out "GOD DAMMIT!" loudly, turned around, then turned back to me and hit me right in the face.

      This made me fall on the floor, dazed at how my father just socked me in the face. He began kicking me violently, his bare feet digging into my stomach with each blow, and I just took it. My brother just kept playing video games, while I slowly and crudely got up. I tried to hit him, though I was so weak and out of energy that he easily dodged it, and pushed me back to the ground. He looked at me and started saying "Really? Really, huh?" and then began bashing my skull into the ground, over and over again. While he did, I couldn't stop thinking "I'm definitely running away to mom's." and then, I bit his foot, dug my fangs deep into them, and I did this over and over again. Eventually, he kicked me off and bashed me in the head again and again.

      He said he was going to leave for a bit, and he left me with my brother alone. I couldn't even get up anymore. So exhausted and hurt. I looked at my brother, still playing games, and said "Did you see that? He nearly killed me..." with him replying "Hey, I don't want to say I told you so, but..." and stopped there. I then devised a plan to kill my father, and without any sort of show on how I did it, I murdered my father, and retrieved a... "full diaper" from him. I met this anime-looking girl who wanted the diaper. In my mind, she was a friend, so I gave her the diaper.

      What she did next, was something I could have never expected. She opened up the diaper and ate the fecal matter inside of it, or rather, let it sit in her mouth for a bit, then spit it out like water, spraying it everywhere. I wasn't so disgusted in the dream, but I was horrified when I woke up. When she spit it out, she said I had something like one wish, and with my dad dead, I wished that we could go far away, and so we zoomed off in a motorcycle into the Californian sunset.

      Later, it zoomed back to the diner, a tall, tan man walking out and two men standing there, looking at him and asking "Is there a Julian Romano here?" he replied with "Oh, yeah. She's in the third room." and then it showed a picture of an old Asian woman, now rich because of the two men. Then I woke up in a bout of daze and shock.


      This is by far one of the weirdest, most macabre dreams I've had.
      When my father was beating me up, I sometimes felt the pain of his hits.
      The name Julian Romano doesn't sound familiar at all to me.


      Perhaps, I really do hate my father and love my grandfather. Honestly though, I can't interpret this dream for the life of me.
    11. Cola, 3 Dogs, Naked Snake in Swamp Water, Vibrations, Tezuka vs Seigaku, Tacos

      by , 11-10-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      So I'm getting used to asking my tulpa to help me recall my dreams, and I purposefully distracted myself, and did this for her to make her a part of myself, like an extra limb as few would call host and tulpa interaction in tulpa.info.

      Going pretty well, maybe it could be me being used to recalling all of these dreams, but I admit I DO have my moments where things get insanely hard to categorize into separate dreams. Placing faith on my tulpa, and knowing these dreams are what I actually had, this has potential to really augment my recall.

      To me, having a tulpa is more than her being my best friend, it's taking advantage of deviating a part of your mind that you know will be loyal to you, and giving it balanced traits where they can develop on their own, and then having them access your mind, because they are a part of your mind, and give you the information you need, it's absolutely brilliant. Of course, I'm not going to treat her like a tool of course, that would be a bad thing. It's more of a "You Scratch my Back, I scratch yours" type of bonding, but much more than that, but not to the point where it's beyond being best friends. I mean come on, why would I want to fuck myself?

      It has SO much potential, it's like....working memory to the max. And I know working memory is not researched as much, but yeah, anyway, going to keep up with my tulpaforging for her today.

      On to the dreams...
      No That's HIS Cola (Non-lucid)


      This probably was the first dream before the second one below.

      I'm in my apartment, and my father invites some random people. There's an Asian guy, and the rest, I can't recall at all. I remember some Cola in tall glasses with straws on top of a glass table in the middle. I take one, and the Asian guy tells me that it's Rodwell's.

      Since I already have it in my mouth, it felt awkward, but I guess I but it back and too another one. It made no sense if all the Coke Colas were the same anyway....

      Three Dogs as Pets (Non-lucid)


      My father comes into my apartment with 3 dogs, and I ask him if someone is going to dog-sit any of these. I get little scared, because it doesn't seem he can control them by their leash well.

      There's a Siberian Husky, a Black Chihuahua with a brown belly, and another Black dog that looks similar to the dog McGinnis in Batmany Beyond had (sorry, I'm horrible at indentifying dogs).

      The Siberian Husky is the first one to bark at me, I thought it wanted to bite me, but it didn't show its teeth at me.

      My father lets go of the leash for the Husky, while the other dogs remain quiet. I back away slowly, and quickly realize the Husky wants to play with me, although he/she is doing it bit too much.

      The Husky starts trying to jump on me, but I'm able to keep my position up, and then he/she jumps high enough where they landed near the stretchy part thing that's near the sides of my neck and on top of my shoulders. I started to feel an awkward muscle twitch from that, and had to stay in position and just recollect myself. It wasn't anything painful at all, it was just awkward as hell.

      The dog eventually calms down and literally rests on its stomach with all four of its paws spread out and close to each other like pairs. I motioned my hand towards the dog, and it seemed to have picked up my gesture quick, and I started to pet it.

      After the cute petting and all, the most obvious problem in managing a dog, especially three, was taking care of the shit. There's already shit on the carpet from all three dogs. There's small shit, medium shit, and big shit. Obviously the Chihuahua had the smaller one, but with dreams, I don't know.....

      My dad starts using a spray that apparently dries up the shit fairly quickly. It didn't make any sense at all, it's like he was spraying a Febreeze a dog shit. The shit is a milky light brown, why am I describing how it looks...........

      I can't remember what happens next, and I don't want to know what happens next
      Naked Snake in Swamp Water (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm controlling Naked Snake from MGS3, and he's walking in green and murky swamp water. There seems to be some kind of challenge I have to make him take, it involves jumping onto small cliffs, hanging on a wire, and all sorts of things.

      I think I had to do the simulation several times to get it down, but I can't really recall more than that.
      Vibrations (Note)


      All I remember was feeling strong vibrations at some point, wasn't fully conscious of it, but at least I remembered it.
      Tezuka vs Seigaku Team (Non-lucid)


      Tezuka from Prince of tennis is playing against a few members from the Seigaku Team, the very same team he was captain in. The setting is late afternoon, or early sunset, so the overall atmosphere has a orange-red color.

      I recall watching and/or controlling Tezuka who was facing Takashi Kawamura, and Kawamura did some weird move that was similar to Inui's Waterfall Serve. It was basically a Waterfall version of the Hadōkyū that Kawamura uses as a default special.

      This move looks like it's going to be a challenge for Tezuka, but Tezuka ends up doing something completely crazy. Imagine a water-based cannon going at 100+ mph at you, and you immediately stop it without it fucking up your arm.

      That's what Tezuka did, he did a Zero Shiki Drop Shot, it completely nullified Kawamura's charged shot at him, and once the ball hits the surface, it rolls back to the net and doesn't bounce at all.

      Then Tezuka is playing against Momoshiro, and Momo does a move that's crazier than Kawamura. He summons a huge black meteor that condenses to a tennis-ball sized sphere, and split it into 8 pieces. Tezuka has to return all 8 pieces, which he manages to do for maybe 7 out of the 8.

      While he's trying to get the 8th piece, it's already too late, the pieces reform together, and they're 2 feet away from his right leg, and it seems that Momoshiro got the the point. However, it seems the ball went out, it BARELY touches the singles line, and out of nowhere, Ryoma Echizen suddenly is in The Pinnacle of Perfection.

      He isn't wearing his cap, and he has green aura around him, he comes in at the last moment, and since the ball was going to be out anyway, he turns Momoshiro's insane and fantasized shot back at him with crazy power with a right-handed forehand. Tezuka immediately looks back and is shocked.

      Ryoma is probably stating something, but I can't remember what he said exactly.
      Tacos (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl that makes tacos, like you know the kid's machines where you can make slushies or cookies and all that? It was basically something like that she was using, except it was for tacos.

      And it seemed these tacos were kick-ass, since everyone is lining up for it, and she has A LOT of them to give out. I take two, since she's giving everyone two, and I guess I eat them.

      Then the dream shifts where there's this random lady that I swear looks like Paula Dean (probably because of this post I made in the Chill Conversation thread)

      Yeah, I know, the video is random, don't know why I was watching that video on a Friday night, probably because I was watching random Korra videos with random music. The Similar Videos section on Youtube.....leads to weird stuff....and things happen.

      She's hiding under an exposed bottom cabinet on the right of an entertainment center. She literally has herself curled up into a ball, and I'm wondering what the hell she's doing there.

    12. Weird Fragments

      by , 07-29-2012 at 02:32 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      All I remember from last night is a few weird dream fragments. I'll try to keep them in order, though I can't really remember what order they were in.

      1. I tried to poop on my bed for some reason (wtf?), but I couldn't. Then, I found a bag of fruit in my closet.

      2. I was at this weird water park place with a talking seal. Crossing the path was this "road", a channel of water that was a few inches deep. Going across THAT was a track that looked sort of like a part of a waterslide but flat. The water on this was less than an inch deep, so it was used for crossing the "road". The seal wanted to cross the "road" by going across this track-thing in his boat (which I thought was kind of silly, seeing as I could WALK across this "road" without even using the crossing-track-thing). He then expected me to pay for his boat, since he'd rented it. The rental cost was 25 cents. I reached into my pocket and found two pennies, but I was determined to get the other 23 cents he needed.

      3. I was on some kind of field trip, I think. I was in the back of a group with a friend. She was texting someone, and the two of us were talking about the guy she was texting. The teacher guy (or whoever was in charge of the group) told us to stop talking about him (he said the guy's name, but I can't remember what it was). We continued to talk about the guy she was texting anyway, but we started whispering so the teacher wouldn't hear us. He told us off again, but, this time, he told us to stop talking about Clinton. We burst out laughing because we weren't.
    13. The Walking Dead, Another Poop Dream *LUCID*

      by , 07-21-2012 at 06:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      The Walking Dead

      We were over ran by zombies and trying to find a safe place. A lot of people died. We make it to a church. We are inside it and there is a man and woman there. I am up on a stage and there were doors. I hear and see a zombie moaning and turning a doorknob. Open it to kill it but two cups fall out. One was blue and one was turquoise. I treat the cups like they are full of zombie viruses.

      I notice some tomatoes pilled high in the corner. I go back to the people and I see Laurie and Hershel from The Walking Dead. I assume now that I am Rick. I sort of hint to Laurie about the tomatoes and how we made "Something" from them to create explosives. She gets it and lets me know we will use them later.

      I am now on a 4-Wheeler in my state trooper uniform and hat. I worry that I will attract all the zombies back to our place but I am looking for something. The landscape looks like Texas in the summer. Dry open pasture land. I see a old run down sign that looks like something from a Fallout game. It says something about a resort.

      Then I get a flash of memory about how I went there and knocked on the door wanting in so bad. But the people inside where cruel and evil. I barely escaped alive.

      But no that's not what I want. I see a trashed out mobile home. The metal frame looks good. I want it. Then I see it hauled off by something.

      Now I am standing in an open parking lot. I see three of those mobile home frames outfitted to be solid bug sort of caged looking. They are stacked and hanging from one another independently from a crane. We have attached bits of broken rope and rags of all colors so that it is easy to climb up them and be high up and away from any zombies. I climb up and wonder why it is so easy and why I don't get tired. Then I see a severed thumb with a silver ring hanging from a rope. I am shocked at first. I pause to examine it and then quickly forget about it.

      Now we are all in a comfortable living quarter inside one of the mobile homes. It is fully furnished and complete with everything we need. We are entertaining the kids with some sort of projector video game.

      I wake up.

      Another Poop Dream
      I am at my parents and we are getting ready to go to General Convention (a church thing). I am pissed off and don't want to go. I am sitting in a recliner and my wife is next me saying something. I am annoyed because I am trying to read the Bible but she is talking. I get hateful and tell her to leave if she wants to. That I won't beg. As I am saying this I see a bookmark that says "Preach it, Thomas". I think this must be my grandfathers who is now dead.

      I go up stairs to the bathroom. I am still grumbling how I don't want to go. I need to poop so I sit on the toilet. Then I find myself suddenly on the floor in front of the open door. I start to go but I see my mom may a face like what are you doing and then she waves me away like go ahead. I stand up and think no I should be on the toilet.

      Then I remember that I dream this a lot and I say, "Am I dreaming? Am I dreaming?" I say the words but I don't really ask the question. It is just like something I was supposed to say and had no meaning.

      I sit down on the toilet and hear the poop plop in the water.

      Alarm clock wakes me up.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Abducted, Abducted Continued

      by , 07-19-2012 at 10:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Aids: 1/8 tea peppermint oil WBTB
      Methods: MILD - non lucid dream re-entry
      Morning Supplements: 2 super B complex at lunch
      Sleep Quality: Good

      Abducted 4:44am
      The first part is vague. I am in a public bathroom and two men in tan trench coats corner me. One looks like a supervisor from work and the other look like another guy at work.

      The next thing I remember is I am in a type of concentration camp. The world is gray and lifeless. The sky is dark and over cast. The vegetation is dead and dying. I am with a group of people. Their clothes are worn and tattered and colorless. (black and or gray) I look and see an bird like a hawk or eagle carrying a vividly bright red ribbon. It drops it down by an old and worn out wooden outhouse.

      I am told that this is all we are allowed to wipe with this red ribbon. It seems that it is an intentional insult that the only bright and colorful thing in the world is to be used to wipe with. I pick it up and wonder how this is supposed to work out. It looks awfully thin.

      #Why am I obsessed with poop and bathrooms?

      I hear a noise and see myself a several yards away. I am making a crazy face at myself and sounding like I am crazy or mentaly ill. I hear the noise from another direction and again it is a version of me going crazy. Then again from another direction. I look away and know that I must be hallucinating. I look away. For some reason I think that we are suffering form radiation poisoning.

      I see something like a magical opening into a bright and colorful world. It looks like the inside of a Wal-Mart. A way out is there before us and no one takes it? I say "screw it" and run as fast as I can toward the opening. I wonder why no one is following me. Then I remember that for some reason we people leave they cannot survive. They are too used to the radiation and die without it. I tell myself, "I don't care if I die, one way or another I am getting the hell out of here!"

      I run through Wal-Mart and outside into an open field. I don't feel any ill effects. In fact I feel great. I think maybe I was not there long enough and it is different for me. I look back and see the two men are almost upon me. I notice I have my cell phone still. They only let me have because it was useless where I was but now I can use it.

      As I am running I try to send a text to my wife. I can get it to work and I can't see while running. Then I think to call her. I look in my contacts and they are all her contact and all look identical with her picture. I just pick the first one and hope it works. I think I will tell her to call the police and get me a lawyer because I want to prosecute these people and help the others. All the time I am doing this I am running around the two men and dodging their grasp. As I put the phone to my ear I wake up.

      #I use MILD and fall into non lucid dream.
      #The next part is very vague

      Abducted Continued 5:30AM
      I am now sitting at a bar with a drink with some people I know. Its like I was telling the story about how I was captured and got away. I tell them how I hope those men never find me. And the authorities never found out anything useful. The alarm clock wakes me up.
    15. The World of Furries, The Problem With Water and The Horror-Fest

      by , 07-01-2012 at 11:46 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      This is a weird, kinda gross dream, not only because it involves furry sex, but me puking near the end from the sight of monkey poop. Anyways, here we go.

      The World of Furries

      I portrayed this sort of world as a video game of sorts, though it seemed real for the most part. Nonetheless, I wasn't human. Not at all. I was some sort of lizard... bird thing, and there was this island that we went to, and it was somewhat small, though it could fit around 30 people I'd like to think. I took a small boat to this island, and when I got there, other's were partying, and they were animals to. In fact, I don't think there was a single human in the crowd. Eventually though, I met up with this fox chick and somehow in very quick events, we swooned each other to the point of her giving me oral sex, which was incredibly awkward now that I've come to think of it. I kept coming back to this island, wanting more sex from her, and I got it, though it was always her just giving oral sex, and my supposed penis looked quite human considering, and she always stayed clothed no matter what. Though, as much as I wanted to keep coming back to this island, there was water. I have an immense fear of the ocean, and of course, that leads to bad things.

      The Problem With Water

      I was going to the island again, except I was scared out of my wits only now for some reason, because I was in the middle of the ocean. I fell off the boat for some reason or another, and I was underwater, and boy was I scared, horrified even. I began to get used to it after a while though, seeing as though I could breathe underwater for some reason, though that would all change when I suddenly stumbled upon two large and round sea monsters that began heading my way. I swam fast up to the surface, and what do you know, I was at the island again! Suddenly though, I was in real life, my dad's apartment. This was all on a computer, and though I don't remember what I was doing, I was trying my hardest to hide this computer from the rest of them, and they were all starting to get suspicious, I could tell. I went to my mom's house, which is how the next part starts.

      The Horror-Fest

      My dad came to my mom's house with me and my brother, which would be completely unlikely in real life, though my mom's house on the inside was actually a large station for trains or subways, but I continued on anyways. There was a large auditorium where a bunch of square like bath-bed mixes stood. They would hold no more than one person, and even then they would have to maneuver themselves to sleep because they were so small. I took my place, which was at the far left corner of the room (yeah, thanks mom) and I was suddenly nude and in a bath, lathering myself with a lot of damn soap. There was a young woman in front of my bath though, and she was beautiful. She had long, feathery black hair and a natural, mystic looking face with tan skin. I was in love with her, though I strangely didn't try to get a peek at her goods, despite her nudity. I went on cleaning, until I decided to get out, which I then had clothes on. I went to the bathroom, which was exactly how the bathroom at my mom's house looks like. I took a dump, though I was constipated. I simply couldn't poop. There was a TV in the bathroom, it was playing some sort of animal channel about monkeys. I tried to simply take the poop out manually with toilet paper, and it got all over my hands. I looked at the TV and thought my hands were covered in monkey poop, which is when I looked down at the trash can next to my toilet and vomited an orange, solid mushy substance. I washed my hands and left, even though I was still constipated. I went back into the tub room and just wait. Soon enough, I was back in the station room again, and from there my dad was chatting with a few other people, talking about how there's going to be a lot of screaming and scaring tonight. One of the men made a joke about another person in the room. My dad did this screeching laugh that scared the hell out of me, and my brother suddenly was next to me, only saying "Looks like he's the screamer..." he said. That was the last i remember of it.
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