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    1. Spellbee2’s Summer Competition Day 8 - darn repeating dreams

      by , 08-08-2016 at 06:21 PM
      D1 - I am in Victorian London, and it is very grim, most of the dream is in darkness or lamplight.
      I have been assigned some kind of mission or am trying to infiltrate a gang. They are smuggling something and I have to pass myself off as one of the gang. I have to contact someone called major major secretly (my daughter is currently reading catch-22, lol)
      We are hold up under an archway and then a passageway that leads underground, eventually I come up in the front of a shop where there are two white folders holding secret documents in the front of the shop window, which is old fashioned bottle glass.
      The dream then repeats itself. each time I try to complete the mission but either the folders are not there as it is the wrong time for them to appear and I loiter to long and am arrested by the constabulary or I am found out by the gang.

      D2 - I am in a student area, we are sitting at tables practising playing instruments and singing. A tourist arrives and starts bugging me, he has a microphone that opens like a Russian doll into smaller ones.
      I leave to go horse riding but there is someone annoying there so I use some kind of whip to lasso them off their horse.
      Tags: repeat, secret, white
    2. Secret werewolf files

      by , 03-06-2015 at 01:23 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      -Forgotten fragment that I didn’t write down because it didn’t make enough concrete sense too. Really annoying when that happens.

      -We’re at a woman’s house, standing in a room. I’m to her right. For some reason I know her secret - she’s a werewolf. She sneaks a look at me and mouths something, something that’s part of her secret. I think she’s telling me where something is, some keys or something. I wonder if it’s near a full moon, if it’s affecting her.

      I’m in another room with the woman and another person and we’re looking through some kind of history or genealogy book. In the front, it has really thin pages width-wise and are made of different material, and normal length and paper after that. We’re flipping through it and are excited to see a couple of familiar names, but we turn to one that means something to the third person in the room. Romano Romaine.

      There was another name before that that I recognized but I forgot it.


      I’m playing with a small toy house with a little girl. We end up taking it apart and I have to figure out how to put it back together by myself because she falls asleep. I’m bad at this stuff so I’m worried I’ll get in trouble.


      I’m in a room looking over at Spice on some kind of balcony room, he’s on the other side of a clear door and I talk to him.


      In yet another room, mom gets on the woman’s computer. The woman is standing in the room too but she’s not moving or look at us in particular.

      Mom shows me a zip drive and asks me a question with her eyes. I know she’s asking whether or not to download something from the woman’s computer (her secret). I gave a real decisive answer by shaking my head both yes and no (lolol).

      She puts the zip drive into the computer and a folder opens up full of other folders (about four rows). One is labeled ‘Sarah’. I guess that if the woman gets suspicious, mom can easily show that she’s just looking through her own stuff.
    3. 1/30/14 - secret twin

      by , 01-31-2014 at 07:32 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment: I'm standing in a lit up room, it's bright white. There's this blonde girl in my personal space urging me to tell her about my secret. She tells me that she knows I have a twin sister. I just stare at her confused and she gets more and more aggravated with me and grabs my arms and pushes me out of her way into a wall, and she walks out a door and slams it shut.
    4. The Facility

      by , 11-19-2013 at 10:42 PM (HunterX's Dream Journal)
      (Had a brief nap this afternoon to make up for lost sleep and had this dream. It was remarkably well-formed compared to my usual napping dreams.)

      The dream begins with a short fragment involving a room similar to my current university accommodation, which is connected to some form of multi-level arena in a black environment. It is possible the whole thing is a video game of some sort. This quickly ends and shifts to the dream proper.

      I am visiting some form of day-care/community centre that I have apparently been attending regularly ever since I was a young child as part of my extra-curricular activities. Unlike all of the previous times I have visited, I am promptly called aside and informed that there was a hidden agenda to the centre the whole time.

      It turns out that all of the activities in the centre have in fact been a form of training, and the centre is a facility at which they train secret agents and arm them with technology that can produce almost paranormal effects and abilities. As we tour the underground areas of the facility I am told that all of the uninformed subjects are periodically given tests in which they are exposed to shocking or otherwise psychological scenarios to measure their reaction, after which they are given an amnesiac which wipes their memory of the incident. Taking all of this remarkably calmly, I state the logical conclusion that I have also undergone these tests and don't remember them. I am then shown a tape of who I assume to be a very young version of myself being shown a video of some sort (though I wasn't able to identify the content of the video). In the tape I appeared disturbed by what I was watching, but was able to make it through the whole thing. I inquire as to why the amnesiac is used, to which the researcher explains that the psychological evaluation is based on the assumption that the subject is experiencing the scenario for the first time, not knowing the content nor the existence of the test itself in advance, to allow for comparing changes as the subject ages. I then proceed to perform what I assume to be some form of agility test in which I carry a tray of items down the hallway we just walked through without dropping them.

      The dream shifts and I am sitting with several people who I assume are other subjects who have been informed of the situation next to a large blast door similar to the ones in the corridor I was walking through in the last scene (it may be the same location, but I am not certain). The other subjects are laughing at a form they discovered - it appears to be some form of alias sheet in which an agent can design a new identity for upcoming missions, but it has been filled out with a rather childish description of some kind of monkey-themed superhero, possibly by one of the younger subjects. I point out to the other subjects that despite the author not being present he may be in another 'instance' of the same room (for this scene it is as if we are in an online game in which only some of the users are present in any particular instance - I think I also catch a glimpse of a list of online users partway through), and briefly contemplate to myself whether or not the author in the other instance would be able to observe the sheet of paper floating around as the other subjects hold it.

      The dream shifts again and I encounter another subject who has been turned into a child as a prank by way of a body-altering edible substance the facility has developed. They are visibly put off by this, but to my knowledge the effect can be reversed. After a short scene shift I enter a gym in which another subject promptly explains to me that the child had been an arrogant jock and he wanted to get back at him somehow. He also explains that he used the substance on himself to give himself a more athletic body as some form of poetic justice. He makes a comment to me as he leaves (which I am no longer able to remember) and I respond in the affirmative, before promptly eating some of the substance myself that I had been carrying around (it taking the form of a pinch of sugar-tasting grains that I had been carrying on a spoon) for an unclear reason - it is possible I had been intending to use it on him but changed my mind, or that I ate it to hide it, but neither is certain. I change, but I wake up before I am able to accurately observe what I look like.

      Partway through the dream I had a dream fragment in which I was walking through an airport or train station of some kind while on a family trip, though I am unable to place it chronologically within the dream.

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    5. 15th Nov 2013 More video game mix

      by , 11-16-2013 at 02:44 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some forest place and was going somewhere.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some game with caps lock'd name for which to work developer had to connect using phone and players had to connect using IRC. Then in game i was exploring some lava lake with semi-ruined roads built above it. I was searching for some items and then used wall around level to reach some secret area.

      Dream 3:

      I was playing some video game that was a mix of games. It was also coop and we have entered a complex of various buildings, we have started exploring it and found some secret weapons, there was also an area going through which was turning game into a shmup and we had to fight off waves of enemies.
      Then back at complex we have found some very dark areas with some kind of aura, we used some lighting sources to find way and collect some books, then after done with that i've opened wireframe 3D map of the complex and noticed spiral knights-like elevators in a few places. One of them was leading to a 'Secret Mortal Kombat Area' and was locked.
      We continued to the eastern part of the complex and suddenly game turned to be like serious sam 3, we were in a place surrounded by ruins and with a house in the middle. Lots of enemies started appearing and there were score multiplier items that could be also destroyed by enemies. Soon house exploded and massive cyberdemon-like enemy appeared which we ha to fight as well. We defeated it and a helicopter arrived, which was the end of the mission. I was still curious about elevator secret place and continued exploring. I 've found an underwater passage which lead to some kind of shipyard where i had to dodge huge moving blocks.
    6. 26 Sep: Blackmailed

      by , 09-26-2013 at 09:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false-awakening

      I'm a college student of a small town, who has a secret business my parents don't know of, and which made me secretely rich. Because they'd disapprove the source of my earnings, I keep a hobby of nightly UFO watching with "friends" on the plateau looking over the town. Some day I meet a guy that looks and talks just like Samuel L. Jackson. He his charming at first and I feel taken away by his seductive moves, but at some point he starts making indecent proposals and I push him away. He doesn't take a no and starts being pushy and threathening me. We fight on the street and eventually there are some witnesses who make him stop attacking me. He is ready to run away but first he threathens to destroy me. He shouts he will reveal my UFO watching "activity" and I say I'm not embarassed by people knowing that I do that. He smirks and say "Oh, but I have pictures of what you really do on that UFO-watching time!"
      OMG! Nobody can know!
      Then I remember I am rich and can hire a chinese assassin to take him out of the picture
      . (why chinese...?)

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    7. The most vivid dream I have ever experienced.

      by , 06-23-2013 at 08:51 PM
      So In my dream, I’m sitting in a room with a doctor. The doctor kind of looked like the character who played the father in Fallout 3, and the room was like an interrogation room; white walls, a metal table with metal chairs, and a big one way glass window. I was really there to be psychologically evaluated (Coincidentally I talked about being psychologically evaluated with my parents in real life a few days prior to the dream.) While in this room the doctor told me that we were almost done with testing, and that I had one more left to do (I don’t remember the previous tests.) I told the doctor that I was ready. The doctor then bent downward to grab something; I was presented with a glass of water. “Tell me, is this glass of water half empty of half full?” The doctor asked.

      I leaned down to get a closer look at the glass of water to see if it really was half empty or half full, but it was completely in half. The glass the water was in was straight and didn’t have slanted sides like most cups do. I contemplated with myself to decide whether or not it is half empty of half full. I look up back at the doctor and think about what the doctor might be thinking. Then I thought to myself “Why is this glass of water even here? Why do they even give this test anyways? If I pick half full I’m an optimist, if I pick half empty I’m a pessimist. Why the fuck should this matter anyway?” During this I kept a straight face in front of the doctor so that I could keep him guessing.

      “I bet you want me to pick half empty don’t you, because I look like I’m pessimistic. But if I choose half full you’ll think I’m doing it to prove you wrong. You know what, Fuck this glass of water!” After thinking to myself I made my decision. “You know what; can I drink this glass of water?” I asked the doctor “By all means go ahead.” The doctor replied. I smiled, picked up the glass of water, and prepared to drink. But before I could feel the first cold drop on my lips I stopped midway. I thought about drinking this glass of water and what it might mean for the results of the test. “What would it yield?” I thought. I put the glass of water back down, I leaned back on my seat, took a deep breath, looked at the glass of water, then back at the doctor.

      I looked the doctor square in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry for what I’m going to do.” I took my left hand, raised it in the air and swiped the glass off of the table. It hit the wall and shattered into pieces leaving a watery mess on said wall and floor. I looked at the doctor’s face and saw that he kept a mostly straight face, but I felt the shock the doctor felt. “Screw that glass of water, I choose neither half empty nor half full.” I told him “Very well Edward, I’ll evaluate your results and be back with you shortly.” The doctor said (Edward is my real name), and then he got up and walked out of the room. I leaned forward on the table, rested, and held my hands in front of me and thought about what I’ve done. “What is this doctor thinking now?” I said.

      After a few minutes of waiting I heard footsteps in front of the door. I was excited about what the results might be, but before the door opened I heard a radio like sound, kind of a like a walkie-talkie. As the door opened the doctor entered the room, but he wasn’t alone. Along with him were two armed security guards, and they didn’t look friendly. I slumped back on my chair and held my head down looking up at the doctor and these guards, analyzing them. The doctor told me that I have become a great hazard and I am not permitted to leave, and that I had to be taken away to a facility. Those guards were my escorts.

      Inside it felt like I was heating up, like I was burning inside. Gradually whatever the doctor was saying to me started to fade away, to a point where all I could hear were my breathes and heartbeat. My breathing started to get faster as the doctor was talking, he then motioned to the guards to take me. As they were approaching me my heart raced, my breathing quickened, and all I heard were a ringing, my heart, and my breaths. Then out of nowhere a loud whisper came upon me, “BREAK!” My brain clicked and I then felt a rush. I immediately sprang up; the guard on my right grabbed my shoulder. I grabbed his left wrist with my right hand, swooped under him, punched his side with my left hand, grabbed his wrist with my left, and pushed his left elbow forward, breaking it. The other guard, tried to charge at me, pulling out his gun. I back kicked him with my left leg. He staggered backwards and hit the wall behind him. He raised the gun in hand ready to shoot me. Simultaneously I picked up the metal table in front of him. The guard shot the gun at me, the bullet hit the table. I kicked the table as hard as I could and knocked out the second guard.

      My eyes were wide open; my head was pulsating, and took a deep breath. I looked at the doctor with a 1000 yard stare, and slowly approached. He smiled reached in his pocket and pulled out a device with a red button on it. He pushed the button, which turn on the alarm to the building. “The secrets you want you can’t have, you’ll have to take them!” The doctor yelled, and then bolted out of the room. I chased after him until I was outside of the room. It was large hallway with many doors, and I was at the center. The doctor ran down the left side of the hallway and turned the corner. I was about to chase him, that was until right after he turned a large group of security guards appeared and headed right towards me. The sound of everything started to fade away again until I heard my breath and heartbeat again. I approached them as they were approaching me, then I awakened.

      The fact that I was able to get all this detail from a dream has gotten me all flabbergasted. But this dream really hit me and I tried to remember as much of it as possible, and wrote down whatever I could as soon as I woke up. Please I need to know what this means!
    8. 8th June 2013 Weird game, Radio voice, MiniLD

      by , 06-08-2013 at 12:24 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      I was watching playthrough of some video game that was third person game and the main character was weird white robot thing with three antennas on the top of the head. There was one level that was in white city, there were a few buildings and it was full of secrets, but player decided to skip them. Then i was looking up those secrets and was playing the game, one of secrets was on the top of the highest building, and only way there was through some difficult platforming. . At the top there was an entrance into brown area with Doom-like textures and some items. While getting back down game transformed.... into a lego of all things and i broke antennas on character's head, i was confused. Weird radio like voice started playing somewhere and...
      I wake up
      there's still this weird voice, so i must be dreaming, i am about to rub hands but i wake up.
    9. 14th May 2013 Dimensional collapse, Doom level

      by , 05-14-2013 at 10:26 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I recall there was something going on with different dimensions and i had to deal with some stuff. Then i was back in the forest park place from waking world and there was some music that was annoying me, i was tired and i was going home. On the way there was some talk about dog food.
      Then i was back in some different dimension and there was weird city with badly drawn objects and homestuck trolls, then the dimension starts collapsing on itself but i manage to jump into some portal.
      Then i was in the Doom-like game, the level was huge and was located in some kind of pyramid-like structure. I was lacking ammo and i had to deal with "White Knight" enemies(from one of my IWL mods for doom, look like white colored hell knights) and Mancubuses near one of the doorways, but it was not much of a problem. Soon in the next area i found a plasma gun, which was apparently 3D model. I was surprised and was looking at it from various angles. Then i was using a map to find way through the level, i have reached some tek-textured passage and there were a bunch of cacodemons and pain elementals. I noticed that lost souls summoned by pain elementals had some weird 'puff' effects and cacodemons had completely different fireball projectile sprite.
      I got to the next level and i looked at the objective list, which was saying something about two ways to kill the boss and that to get a secret i should not fall into the lava. Can't recall much through the level, but at the end i was greeted by some crazy homeless dude, he was shouting and running around.
    10. October 21st, 2011

      by , 10-26-2011 at 01:19 AM
      DE= dream-established.
      IDR=I don't remember

      I don't remember much of the dreams, because I tried the WBTB method again. I should start writing down key points in dreams. It will keep me up a little longer, get the dreams on paper, and will put lucid dreaming on my mind. No lucid dreams, because I kept being woken up.

      The dreams on this page are all related, but IDR the order.

      There was a lot happening in the dreams last night. Unfortunately, I didn't write a lot of it down. First, there was this room, that had a walkway made of dirt. The walkway was very thick, and had two paths (left and right) plus the path to exit the room. Below the walkway was pitch black, as if there was no floor. In this room were mom, Neil Patrick Harris I think, some others, and me. There were also a bunch of these cardboard cutouts of totem poles. The one I was near was red and black.

      I think before that part, there was this dream where me and Neil Patrick Harris (it may have been Dr. House, or someone completely different, but with that vibe) were talking about something, and they mentioned that they were attracted to mom. We were in the old house in the living room, sitting next to where the piano would be, but I don't remember seeing a piano. Also there was something really glassy about the living room table.

      There as also this part where me, and a bunch of people (Anthony may have been there) were getting ready to board a plane. Except there was no plane (it was DE) and everything we were bringing with us was picked up by this moving guy, and taken to the "plane". He would pick up a box or whatever, and then walk towards this hallway, and make a right, and there was this big, unorganised room with boxes and stuff strewn about. There was also a path to the left of the hallway, but I don't know what was there. One of the things he had to move was this very fragile glass trinket of mine. It was a yellow pinata with a red stripe and a green head, and googly eyes. The texture looked pretty jagged. I wrapped it in something (may have been plastic wrap, but whatever it was, it wouldn't be reliable in real life) to protect it. When the guy came to take it to the "plane", He just picked it up, and threw it into the room with the boxes. I got mad, and everyone else was like "What the heck? He can't do that! That's a fragile antique!"

      This next part was the most interesting part of the dream, and a pretty interesting dream overall. I may have had this dream before, or at least I dreamt that I had done this for years, and it was a big secret of mine. I had this buried treasure. I guess it was gold, or maybe it wasn't. I think it was actually just a small, worthless trinket with sentimental value. Either way, the big secret was that I had this trinket locked away and hidden since I was little, and only I knew how to get to it.

      Oh Yea! This dream is similar to a dream I had a long time ago! I think it was a dream related to the secret basement door. But in that dream, I remember using the attic, and the air ducts to get to a secret room, and then more place after that.

      Back to my dream from last night.

      To get to this treasure, you had to go to this one secret room, which wasn't established how to get there. The room had a very well-lit view of outside, as if the entire opposite wall was missing, but it somehow wasn't, although you could see the trees and mountains outside. In that room, there was this giant statue. The statue was very long, and it was three-pronged. It looked like it was made of cement, and the legs were cylindrical. One leg would be all the way down one side of the room, and it would come towards the center of the room while curving down, up, and then back down. The other two legs were the same, but a lot shorter, and closer together, so that they statue was more "Y" shaped. It was pretty flat and close to the ground, and the legs were about as thick as a human torso. The whole thing was made of unsmoothed cement and at each end of the legs, there were a orange-red orbs which glowed. The orbs were encased in black, metal, flowery, gothic style finish, stemming from the bottom of the orb, as if the metal were fingers, and the tip of the leg was the palm.

      The only leg of the statue with any defining characteristics was the one closest to the entrance of the room. This leg was bent up towards the ceiling, and there was a hidden trap door at its base. The secret to the statue was that you had to crawl under the trap door, which had a bunch of dirt and spider webs, and you had crawl under the statue to the point of each orb and grab a key shard. Each key shard was red, and when they were all gathered, they made a ball. After you had the key, you had to go to the wall that was "missing" and you had to climb down, so that you are on the ground, and you are still able to step up into the room. There was another hidden trap door there.

      In this dream, I was older than when I initially set all of this up, so I barely fit through the trap doors, and the small passage ways. But you had to crawl into this new trap door, and there was a path that led all way to an opposite room. So you would be crawling under the statue room, and you would arrive at a place that would be on the opposite side of whatever building this took place, but this place seemingly only consisted of the status room, and a factory-like room (which wasn't explored at all, only DE). The new room you arrived at is only accessible if you get the key and crawl under the room. For example, you wouldn't be able to even know this new room existed if you didn't do all of this, as if it magically appeared, but you couldn't see it from outside. (I think I was showing someone all of this but IDR.) In this new room, you would emerge at the base of another identical statue, but everything was mirrored. This is where my memory gets a little fuzzy. I THINK you needed to put back the keys in the right order, giving consideration that the statue in this room was mirrored.

      The next thing I know, I'm in a different dimension (and everyone is Adventure Time characters, but I don't think that's important. Also I was Finn) and we're in this big, giant room, which, now that I think about it, could be the factory- room that was in the dream earlier. The whole room had a greenish tint and I had to find my future self.

      The reason behind finding my future self, I cannot remember. I really wish I could remember the rest of this dream, because it was pretty cool. I remember that before I went through the whole process of getting to my treasure, I may have already had the treasure, and I was explaining all of this to someone, and I showed them all of it. The treasure may have also been the pinata.

      I also remember that there was this long, epic journey (may have been DE) that I went on with my future self, or to get to my future self, and that at the end, I sadly waved goodbye to my future self as he was picked up by the shoulders by these mechanical hands, and taken away on this type of assembly line. It wasn't an assembly line, but that's the best description.
    11. Anvil Robot

      by , 09-15-2011 at 11:35 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      He is after me and after a woman (i could see who she was).

      Doctor Doom was also there, without the cape, only with the armor.

      The internal walls of this scenario were like the walls of a church i know.

      To escape from the Anvil monster i started to climb those walls. As i was climbing higher and higher, the anvil monster began to break the wall, in order for me to fall.

      I ripped off a metal beam that was sustaining half of the wall and i threw the metal beam it onto the robot...he tried to grab the beam, but it was too heavy and the robot fell below the beam.

      After some fighting, me and the woman managed to escape by eluding the robot into going in a different direction than us.

      We open a huge door made of wood, and with ornamental spears. The doors had locks everywhere.
      Doctor Doom was after us...the anvil robot came back, but this time it was after doctor doom, and he had to run from the robot, using a secret passage inside the church.


      Comments: This dream is part of an amount of dateless dreams between my 18 and my 22 years old
    12. A Secret

      by , 09-09-2011 at 01:11 AM
      I was in a room which looked like a big warehouse. It was extremely bland. The walls were a light grey, as was the floor. From what I remember, the ceiling was very high. It was very well lit - almost too bright for such a room. With me in this room were my parents and my partner. There were others but I can't tell who they were. My partner and I were sat on the bare floor whereas everyone else was stood up around the space of the room - some in groups and others alone. My parents were stood together.

      My partner and I were smoking. I figured after all this time, my parents have already begun to realise that I smoked so I went ahead and carried on smoking my cigarette.

      in real life, my partner and I have been smoking a lot recently and I don't really want my parents to find this out
    13. Hey I'm back!

      by , 07-11-2011 at 04:35 AM
      Ok so I have been gone forever but I had two dreams recently that I wanna remember.

      This one was lucid almost the whole time, but it was a short one. (about a week ago)

      I am sitting somewhere inside a building. I think it is the youth room in my church. It is dark. A guy a like, let's call him "C", is sitting next to me. He is six years older than me so in real life I would never be able to do this. ... Anyway, I know i am dreaming for some reason so I just lean over and kiss him, but there was no feeling. It was like I didn't have nerves. (dangit) Then I woke up.

      Dream 2 ( two nights ago)
      This one was totally non lucid, but was totally clear and I remember almost all the details. It felt real.

      Again I am at church, inside the lobby area. It is very dark, near black, inside. I am all alone, or so I think. From behind me, arms encircle my waist, and I hear a familiar voice next to my right ear, "I know how you feel about me, Jessica," it is C, my secret crush, "I can tell by the way you look at me, and the way you blush when I talk to you. Remember the time I spoke into your ear to tell you to play louder? I saw you blushing. I can tell that you like me. I like you, too." At that point, he turns me around and leans as if he is about to kiss me (note that he is almost a foot taller than me) but we are interupted when our Youth Pastor calls for us. Next thing i know, I am in my family's van. The door is open, and I am on the right side. C is standing there, again about to kiss me, again interupted.
      Next, I am in my house during the day time. My mom looks at me as if she knows that C and I secretly like each other. I am texting him. He says he wants to hang out some time. I say that we can meet after church, because he is the church's drummer and i am the bassist, we stay after church longer to help put stuff away or to practice. That night happens to be Youth Night, so our friend, Scotty, wants us to practice. I get there a few minutes early, and so does C. At that point, though, the dream blurrs and I wake up moments later.

      You know, I have been having so many dreams about "C" lately. I wish these would come true. My dad was talking to my mom about something last night about "C", something funny he did or something, and I asked who they were talking about. My dad said "C____." and i said "you mean the one from church" And my dad said "Yes, your C____." How in the heck does my dad know I like C?!? Or does he really know? Eh whatever.

      Here is one I had when I stayed at a hotel with a graveyard next to it.

      I though I had woken up. There was what appeared to be a ghost next to me. I woke up for real and was totally freaked out.
    14. Weird friendly (?) nightmare

      by , 04-04-2011 at 03:26 PM
      Ah.... It's nice to have a vivid dream again after long period of the block. Where do I start....
      I went to bed a little late last night, around 12:30. Assuring myself that I will have a dream, I went to bed and fell asleep. In the dream, I was in a car. Specifically my dad's car (which is not around anymore; should've notice that). He was dropping me off at my friend's house for a concert. So I went in, but my friend wasn't there, in fact, it seemed like a warp to another room like a dentist office. So I talked to the receptionist (oddly enough, I was talking to the chair ==") and took out my laptop while I wait (for nothing). My friend came out and led me in. Inside, there was my SAT teacher. He said this is not a dentist's office, but a secret society research centre. He gave me a tour around the building and at the end, he led me to a small room. Everything like the void room from "Matrix" was white in there except a green dentist's chair. He told me to sit down. As I sat, the research people showed up and pulled out a big green cylinder and inserted the content into a clear bag with a strange, clear liquid in it. My SAT teacher then pulled out a stubby, small (around half an inch long and one sixth inch thick) injecting needle and said: "Do you want to join the society?" I foolishly said yes. Then he said: "It is required to make you weak while we inject you with the serum." Then he took the stubby needle and pressed it on my wrist. The blood continuously squirted out of my wrist. He looked at the monitor and said: "60%" then pushed even harder. And again about the two inches up my right arm. I did not feel a thing nor feared a thing (weird). I soon saw the words in 8-bit style saying "Press to convince yourself." I didn't know what that meant but I pressed by moving my arms slightly forward. Then I woke up. I could not realize it was a dream until I got out of it. I checked my hands and there were five with fingerprints and all. I shook myself out of my bed looked at my wrist. It was fine.
    15. 30 Dec: Man in black attack again

      by , 01-11-2011 at 06:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)



      I’m at home with my new BF/fiancée, who I don’t recognize. I hear a kitten meowing and I look for him. Instead of a kitten, I find a dead bird drowned on something with water. I try to revive him with no success so I put him down on a shelf.

      I decide to organize the bookshelf which is full of diaries and albums. Zilla is with me and steals one of my most recent diaries and runs away to go read it. I try to get it back. She opens on a random page and finds an episode in which I confess (it even has pictures) of having had a crush for some teacher back in 2000.

      Somewhere on a road, buses are passing by and I should get into one, but have no idea which one would take me home. I make a sign to stop a random bus. One stops but not for me, only because one of its passengers was questioning the driver about the directions they were heading to and they are discussing it. I keep walking.


      Walking along train tracks with friends and mothers of friends. We see an airplane free falling and coming to hit the ground exactly where we are. I run and escape, but they don’t. I then pass by a stand selling second hand clothes. I want to buy something because later I might have to wait for my mother standing outside in the cold and my clothes are really not warm enough. But I only have coins in my pockets and no wallet. I also realise I have no docs or keys to go back home. I keep going. Someone tells me I’m being escorted by ghosts and I find it is the ghosts of my friends. I decide to go meet their families to let them know. The first family I visit I encounter Carlos (a guy who had a crush for me in school) and I am happy to know that he is now an actor and performs for the benefit of several causes. But while the rest of the family accepts the news peacefully, he is the one over dramatizing.


      Temples and farming tips
      On a Japanese temple in the middle of a lake. I become lucid when I hear birds singing and I can distinguish clearly the songs of each one individually. The sound of the water, the roughness of the rock and the colours of the wood, are all intense and detailed. I look around and I see this is a complex of temples. I float through the air in half-lotus position until I reach the main temple where I want to meditate. I offer prostrations to the Buddha with dozens of other persons from several distinct Buddhist schools. Then I’m invited to join a group meditation on a room to my right side, which I accept. The room is inclined, making it extremely uncomfortable to sit on the floor, but I manage to get a pillow to make it better. We are then interrupted by some lady who warns everybody that the last bus to go back to hotel is about to leave in 15 mins. I lose lucidity for a while and I think I’m with them, so when they leave I follow them. But along the way I recover lucidity and ignore them. I cross a bridge and find an agricultural field. I’m surprised to recognize the farmer who is growing maize there - it's Lucas. He is demonstrating a new irrigation system he created. Because I’m about to become a farmer to, I show interest in his technique. I prepare to memorize the design and materials when he turns it on and I get all wet.
      Later on I ask him some questions and write them down on a notebook.


      Family secrets and man in black attack again
      With dad and rest of the family at my late granny’s home. Dad is about to leave to go somewhere but I go after him ‘cause I forgot to ask him something. My cousin Cris comes with a yogurt maker she wants him to take in the car. He agrees to take it later, but hands it over to me for now.
      Then back inside the house, I went to store the machine on some storage room and found a secret entrance to a whole secret section of the house nobody ever told me about. Not just a room, but a long corridor full of rooms. My cousin knew about it and I ask why she didn’t tell me. She says our parents found out after our granny died, but out of respect for her, they decided not to ever go there. I found that stupid. My dad finds out about my interest and offers to grant me access to an office which is right at the entrance under his supervision. He tells me he himself used to go there secretly with permission from my grandma and none of his brothers knew.
      But I’m not satisfied with the offer. I later ask my friend Zilla to come help me explore the whole thing. We sneak in through the secret passage. I find a room with a closet full of nice dresses and I immediately pick a dark blue one I think it’s awesome. I believe my grandma would want me to use them instead of having them rotting. I then find another room where apparently she used to rest. By the side of a bed, I find a notebook with some cryptic annotations that look religious or of some kind of cult. I think I found something important. I then hear footsteps. I tell ZIlla to close the door and duck behind the bed. She locked the door and someone tries to open it. I’m getting nervous. Then from a wall of this room, a secret passage opens and two people in dark suits come out of it. I laugh nervously and ask in a playful manner who they are and how they knew about that passage. They don’t respond and simply grab me. The one that grabs me is a strong black lady and she sticks a needle in my arm. Zilla is trying to open the door to run away, but she can’t. I fight back and take the needle off my arm and stick it on my aggressor. She laughs at me, saying it’s useless, ‘cause the drug was a very effective tiny portion and is all on my blood right now. I suck my arm, trying to get it out and delay the effects, but to no point. I black out. Then I wake up.