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    1. xliv.

      by , 10-03-2018 at 09:49 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up at about 9:00, remembering one long(ish) non-lucid dream. Some details lost.

      I remember being in a variation of my current home. I was in the kitchen. I remember a big man, he was a friend of ours; I think he was of some african ethnicity but he wasn't that dark - he had short hair and brown eyes and big hands; his girlfriend, who was of similar ethnicity was there too? She had long curly hair and brown eyes also. I think the kitchen lights may have been on, but it was day outside, maybe clear but very early.

      I remember they were talking and then it turned into an argument and I joined his girlfriend's side of the argument for some reason. Then I asked him to leave, and I realised I was a bit angry, so I immediately calmed myself down, touched him in the arm, as he was upset too, and I said "I'm sorry about that." - then everyone was a bit calmer and for some reason he had this bag full of chestnuts covered in sugar that had been deep-fried. They looked delicious but I commented that they looked nice, but unfortunately my mouth didn't agree because of all the sugar.

      I tried to make light of the situation somehow but either way, I then went through the main hall; the front door was open and as I walked out, the scenery was different from what it should be; our side of the street was still a row of terraced houses but the opposite side was just forest/green, and the road was wider (2 lane instead of single lane) and the pavement was much wider. My partner was parked up to the right in the car. To the left was some sort of factory (maybe tire factory, there is one where I live, but not that close).

      The factory was not open, as all its (visitor?) parking spaces outside were empty. I thought it had closed for the day, though the dream-time seemed like morning, my assumption was end of day time in the dream. Opposite to the factory parking spaces was a wide bit where a bus/coach could stop. Then the road did a curve as it went on.

      My partner was on the phone and had sunglasses on in the car. Opposite me, the other side of the road was some Korean man, he smiled a lot I think. Some children were playing too, I remember a little girl for some reason. I remember my mood outside was a driven one, I was looking for parking for the man inside the house, and I concluded there was none apart from the factory's spaces, so I walked back in and was going to tell him, but I had some doubts it was "ok" to use those spaces, but I think I could hear my partner's voice saying it was fine, because everyone had left. (another hint that the dream time was end of day, really)

      Transition of some kind or missing detail...

      I remember being with a group of people, my dad was one of the people but I don't remember who else, I think just dream characters. Of note was a man older than my dad. We were in a mall (this could have been a more obvious dream-sign on its own, plus the presence of my dad) and then we went up some concrete stairs and we were in an overhang tunnel, that went over some street or something. It wasn't very long but had angular corners. I walked next to my dad and as we were crossing, he pulled some sort of lever and the tunnel bridge started to rotate its middle section; I looked behind to see if the other DCs were able to get on.

      We walked to the other end and there was a stairwell down. Then I remember being outside of there and it was like some sort of campus... I looked around (I can't remember my motivations or intents) and ended up going down some more stairs into a dark place, a subway. The tracks were at the same level as the platform, i.e. there was no stone/concrete lip over the tracks. There were quite a few people at this tiny platform that was no bigger than a small room. The tunnels were equally dark, maybe brighter somehow. I think I had stepped on someone that was sitting down at some point, though I don't remember apologising, for some reason. I couldn't see them, still.

      Then I went down more stairs, to a similar sort of platform, also dark and small with several people waiting. I realised I was in the wrong place "that's the yellow line... I want the blue line" I thought, after seeing a yellow line along the tracks. I went up a level again and concluded that platform wasn't right either. I had the impression that each track was for the same line but went opposite directions.

      I got out to the surface again, this campus place, but everything looked... fake, almost plastic-like. I walked along the pavements between the grassy bits and there were people around. I reached a point that had one of those blocks you can hit from Super Mario. The dream started to look a bit Minecraft-y, with voids in certain spots on the ground, sky visible. I fell down by accident into a small void pit but fortunately there were some stone blocks there. I climbed up the opposite side and continued walking.

      Dream details are starting to go really fuzzy now, remaining memories of particular note only being one of a sword or something and of walking into a different place.

      • When I was thinking why I didn't want the chestnuts the reason was a valid waking-life reason, as I currently have some mouth ulcers that I really shouldn't "feed".
      • It is peculiar that chestnuts appeared, especially prepared in such an unusual way. I haven't had chestnuts in quite a while, but I haven't been thinking about them. It may be an automatic craving, as this is about the right time of the year, when we used to have chestnuts at my childhood home.
      • The Korean man was a waking-life remnant because a friend of ours was discussing the North Korean leader in passing conversation last night.
      • The subway, tracks, etc all were very obvious dream-signs that I missed as always. As I was thinking about that part when I was writing it, I was realising that when I've seen trains recently (mostly in games) I've never remembered to do a RC.
    2. May 19, 2011

      by , 05-20-2011 at 11:28 AM
      This dream has three "segments." The first part is very fragmented, and I don't recall very much of it. The middle and end are the most detailed. I suppose that's not surprising, considering the nature of dream recall. Last night's dream also had a strong impression of the colour "dark chestnut," so I will underline it here and keep track of it. Oh, I won't include pictures every time. Just enough for flavour.

      Sleep. Many of my dreams take place in places I know, like school or my "old" house. This particular dream has both. All I can remember from the beginning is that I was sitting at my desk in my English or Sociology class, I'm not sure which (it is even more difficult to tell because they happen to take place in the same classroom right after one another, and I sit in the same desk for each one).

      Then I'm... somewhere. A field or park, maybe? The colouring is bright and very strange. I know that I am either in or watching a Yu-gi-oh tournament with the animated characters. Sometime during this section, I reflect on how the television show was repetitive and how the same people always made it to the final rounds of the tournament, particularly Yugi and/or his friends. Some other things happen to me, but I cannot explain them in words because they are mere flashes. I have an impression of a war or conflict.

      Flash. I am in the room of my early childhood (birth-grade five), at my old desk. The desk is metal with a dark chestnut wood top, and I run my hand over its smooth surface. For some reason, I am clutching a blanket in my hand and am shaking Yu-gi-oh cards out from it.

      Without any reason, I am at the bus stop I get off at after school, which is a few houses away from my "old" house. There is a pokemon battle after school, and I am the trainer controlling the Kangaskhan, which is standing in the middle of the intersection. Opposite me, on the sidewalk, is a Sandshrew, although there is no trainer in sight. I have Kangaskhan use a move, but it isn't very effective. Then, Sandshrew uses double kick, sending Kangaskhan reeling - the fighting-type move is super effective against my normal-type pokemon. In retaliation, Kangaskhan uses dig (which I don't think it can actually learn) and becomes Monty Mole from Mario Strikers: Charged. However, Sandshrew has become either a Spheal or a Jigglypuff and tries to puff away. I get in a few hits before it's gone over a fence and into someone's backyard by the park. Wake.

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