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    1. #179 - Trainer / Starry sky / Hiking in the bush

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:01 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 02:12
      Dream fragment - I remember having some images flash through my mind but I couldn't tell what they were properly.. Maybe something about being in the woods, perhaps a pine forest?

      SC2) 04:14
      Dream 1 - Trainer
      I'm in a barren place which is somewhat dark due to the heavily overcast sky. In the distance there is a person who is my trainer or friend and I can zoom in and out of him. I zoom in and adjust my workout routine then zoom back out. I think something happens and I need to adjust it again so I zoom back in and out. I know I'm dreaming as I'm doing all this and I feel like it's an nREM dream.

      Dream experience: 0 (pretty lame)
      Dream awareness: 3 (even lower than the second dream but still lucid)

      SC3) 05:18
      Dream 2 - Starry sky
      I was in a dark and barren place at night again, I think somewhere nearby there was a lone petrol station by a road. It was like I was in the desert or something. I become lucid and realize that there's no way to control this dream so I decided to try and enjoy what was already happening. I look up into the sky and see a beautiful starry sky behind clouds of violet and orange, as if the clouds themselves were ascending to become nebulas in our solar system. I felt my body just start fling around backwards and all over the place while I was looking up, the world was spinning around me. I could feel the wind on my body as this was happening, and I noticed my vision grow dim and the sky seemed to fade away. I then focused on the wind tingling against my body, it was so sharp and vivid that when I focused on it I felt like my body had an immediate sense of excitement shivering all through it. This was the last thing I felt as I woke up straight after.

      Dream experience: 5 (the sensations and sights were really quite powerful but it was still too short and no control)
      Dream awareness: 3 (low level lucidity)

      SC5) 07:35
      Dream 3 - Hiking in the bush
      I remember hiking uphill with some people. The route we were taking was off the trail and we somehow knew roughly where we were supposedly heading. I remember reaching our destination and we went around it and up the side to the top of a hill. On this hill I think we felt like we had no way of getting back home. After we sit around on the hill for a while I announced that I was going to head back and find a way home, my memory is pretty good so I roughly remember the route we took. I didn't expect anyone to come, and surprisingly some people actually stood up and decided to follow me. I felt a little touched by this . I walk down the hill with the others following me and look across to the forests' edge which we had emerged from. I saw the stony area which we had traversed to get here and told everyone that's where we came from. I then saw a pathway, hmm strange? We could probably take this trail back? I look around for a sign to get an idea for where it heads and see one off to my right. I can't really remember what it said though.. One of the girls following was a bit of an airhead, and didn't like that I was leading the way. She said that we should go around the hill and proceeded to prance off in that direction. Oh my god >_< that's the way we took to get on top of the hill you idiot . This annoys me a bit since she seemed to have forgotten that fact :/ I think I wake up after that though.

      Dream experience: 3 (not very vivid or interesting)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not very aware)

      I also had another dream which I recall was really sexual but I can't remember anything about it

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    2. Rundown houses, and a call I may never get 2-26-15

      by , 02-26-2015 at 09:32 PM
      I was in a broken down old house that was set on some support beams above water and mud. Maybe a river bank. I remember that my ex had called me. Specifically, he called me to apologize and he wanted me back. I remember wondering out of the door, over a wooden plank on to an open platform, I could see that I was very high, the sky was cloudy, like it was going to start raining. I jumped to another house straight across from the platform and it looked a lot like the other house only it was way more run down. The floor was weak and every time I took a step it creaked and bowed beneath my weight. I was still on the phone with my ex and I eventually stepped on a weak spot and fell through the floor. I remember a dusty Tv on a dusty dresser in the room where I fell. When I fell I landed in the mud, about chest deep, and not long after that, the dresser and tv fell but barley missed me. I must've went into a deeper sleep, because I can't remember much else.

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    3. Rain of rocks

      by , 07-28-2014 at 09:24 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm out of the city, standing between an open field and a school. The whole sky is densely covered with dark storm clouds. It's dawn. I see there's a lot of people wearing clothes from different religious grounds on the place when we hear a loud roar followed by its echoes. I cannot distinguish if it was a thunder or the eruption of a volcano when I see far in the field a huge rock making its way through the clouds like a meteor although I cannot see any fire nor smoke behind it. On the contrary, it looks like it was thrown by a catapult although it seems to be breaking the speed of sound because of the vapor cloud that can be seen around the rock leaving a white trail across its path which is not regular, as the rock has sort of motion effect that deviates it from its predictable trajectory randomly spinning to any size. It hasn't touch the ground when we see another one, and then another one opening their way through the clouds. Every time closer than the previous one. Producing the same irregular trails across the sky. One of the rocks heavily falls and quick bounces taking some persons with it. The rest of the people panics and run for cover in the yard which is under a second floor of the school. I decide to go with them but I'm starting to think that perhaps it's not a good idea to use this building as shelter. Then I hear a crash sound coming from the roof and almost immediately after, a rock makes its way through the roof above us taking more people with it. I hear screams here and there, people running without direction. It's madness all around. I don't have time to see the gore. I take a look out to the field, where I was standing, the number of raining rocks have significantly increased and it's starting to become dense here too. It's chaos, an Armageddon like feeling starts to spread around the place. I decide it's better to go out somewhere I can see the sky in order to avoid any falling rocks. I go out through the main gates of the school which has turned into my primary school because of the rocks have just started to fall in that side. I get to the street and see a lot of people running out of control. I turn to see the sky enough to realize there's one about to fall right where I am, I have to move fast to avoid it with a jump. It falls to my side taking some persons with it/...

      * Woke up hearing the sound of the wind hardly shaking the leaves of the trees

      * Relative size of the rocks:

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