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    1. Purple

      , 09-22-2014 at 04:10 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm trying to fix a rather infuriating bug in a game prototype I'm working on.
      Every time I run it through the debugger I get completely different results.
      Even the code seems to change occasionally.

      Eventually I realize that this is a dream sign and I try to increase my awareness.
      A skype window pops up with a message from ~ Dreamer ~.
      It says:

      "I'm waiting..."

      Oooooh. Did we want to meet on the beach tonight? Is ~ Dreamer ~ on the beach waiting for me?
      I decide to go to bed immediately in order to attempt a WILD.
      Surprisingly, I transition almost immediately, and find myself of the beach.

      I remember to take a moment to stabilize the dream by going through all of my senses.

      Wait... did I just attempt to WILD, even though I already knew that I was dreaming???
      Well then... I'm off to a good start.

      Anyways, I do feel that I am more focused now, so I begin my search for ~ Dreamer ~.
      I start thinking about whether it is even possible for another dreamer to come to my beach.
      It is a very private place after all, a place where I always feel safe.
      But I decide that this shouldn't cause any problems.
      After all I'm comfortable with the idea of her being here.

      Unfortunately I can't find her, but I do see that there is another DC by the ocean.
      Perhaps she has seen ~ Dreamer ~? I walk over to her in order to ask her.
      As I get closer I notice that the DC has an interesting hair color.
      It is bleached white with slightly lavender highlights.
      Just as I arrive she jokingly says:

      "You're late!"

      What? Oh! Suddenly it becomes very obvious that she is in fact ~ Dreamer ~, not just a random DC that happens to be on the beach.
      For some reason I assumed that she would have purple hair, so I didn't recognize her earlier.
      I wonder why that is though. Usually I don't have any problems to recognize people in dreams, even if their appearance has changed.
      She turns towards me, and I immediately notice her eyes.

      Wow! Her eyes are so beautiful. I can almost feel the energy radiating from them.
      She has had purple eyes in my dreams before, but they were never quite as vibrant as they are now.


      Oops, I realize that I haven't said anything yet. Instead I'm just staring at her eyes.
      I feel a little awkward and somewhat anxious. I don't know what to say.
      But then I remember reading that ~ Dreamer ~ has overcome such situations by getting naked.
      I do like the general approach, but I'm not quite comfortable enough to just get naked.
      Instead I decide to get reaaally close to her face and look right into her eyes.

      "Have you seen your eyes? They are soooo purple."
      "They are?"

      She looks around for a moment and then uses her dream powers to pull some water out of the ocean,
      and shapes it into a thin water mirror. It is still mostly transparent,
      but the reflection is good enough to clearly see how vibrant her eyes are.

      "Ooooh, I like it!"

      "Hey Hyu. Tell me a trick?"
      "A trick?"
      "Yes! Like, a trick to improve lucidity!"
      "Hmmm. Well, basically just engage all of your senses?"
      "Yes, yes, I know that! Tell me an actual trick!"
      "Oooh, I know! Take off your shoes!"

      After a small pause she frowns a little.

      "Why.... do you want to see my feet?"

      Why did I say it like that?

      "No... it's..."
      "When you're barefoot, you are constantly engaging your sense of touch."
      "You always feel the texture of the ground... like the softness of the sand."
      "Basically it's similar to constantly touching everything you encounter with your hands."
      "Ooooh, I see! Hahaha, that does make more sense than you revealing that you have a foot fetish or something. "
      "Did I make you a little uncomfortable there?"

      "It's fine... I'm just a little nervous."
      "Don't worry, I experience that in my dreams as well."
      "Yes, and then you get naked to..."
      "... no, I mean... I'm not suggesting that you..."

      We both have to laugh about the situation.
      And then suddenly the laughter turns into a ring tone? What?

      Aaand I wake up, because the alarm on my phone went off.
      I'm annoyed because the dream was quite stable, I bet it could have lasted quite a bit longer if the alarm didn't go off.
      But I remember the dream quite vividly, which is nice, and I journal it immediately.
    2. Technical Difficulties

      , 09-03-2014 at 11:12 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      (I have false memories of having moved to an English speaking country recently...)
      I'm returning to my apartment, carrying some groceries.
      As I exit the elevator I stall for a few seconds.
      I have completely forgotten where on this floor my apartment is...
      So I just go to the first door and test if my key fits.
      It does, and I decide not to worry about why I would have forgotten where my apartment is.

      The apartment is quite roomy, and very modern. The entrance leads directly into a large room,
      which is sort of divided into 3 areas. One for tv viewing, which has a U-shaped couch,
      one for sleeping, and finally one with a computer desk for work.
      I find it a bit odd that the bed is in the same room with the tv and desk.

      But my attention quickly shifts towards the people that are in my apartment.
      There's a guy with white hair watching TV and a woman who is using my pc.
      I feel like I know these people. It doesn't seem too surprising that they're here, but I'm not really sure who they are.
      The woman approaches me and gives me a hand with the groceries.

      I notice that she has purple eyes. It all makes sense now: This must be ~ Dreamer ~!
      She is very curious about what I bought for dinner, and begins to unpack the groceries immediately.

      "Ooh, shiny!"

      She is cheerful and full of energy.

      "When do you want to have dinner?"
      "Hmm... I don't know. I'm not really hungry yet. Canis?"

      Oh. The guy watching TV is CanisLucidus. Makes sense I suppose.

      "I'm starving!"

      They banter on about when to have dinner. Meanwhile I try to figure out what time it is.
      This proves to be rather difficult. I'm unable to read the time off the task bar on the computer. The digits keep changing.

      "Hmm... how do I put this? ..."
      "Hyu, where is your kitchen?"

      "Well, it's right over..."

      ... There's only one door in this room, and it leads back outside.
      So, this is all there is in the apartment? I don't have a kitchen? Not even a bathroom???
      How on earth did I manage that?

      "Don't tell me you forgot to get a kitchen..."
      "... I might have?"
      "And a bathroom?"
      "See, this is what happens when you're on the PC all day long!"

      I don't know what to reply. This really is a rather colossal fuck up.

      "Okay... don't worry about it. I'll sort this out."
      "I'll go get you a kitchen and a bathroom."

      What??? How? ...
      I suppose, since this is a modern apartment, it must be modular in some way, and you can annex additional rooms to it?
      I try to talk ~ Dreamer ~ out of it, because I feel that since this is my apartment, and I messed up, this is something that I need to fix on my own.

      "Nonsense, I'm going right now. I'll be back in an hour or so."

      She leaves the room before I manage to come up with a reply.
      To be honest, I'm kind of relieved that she is helping me out.
      I have no idea where to get additional rooms for my apartment...
      I definitely have to make it up to her somehow.
      I end up talking with CanisLucidus about game engines and the Oculus Rift for a bit.
      (Through unfortunately I remember nothing specific)

      I feel like my overall awareness has been improving over the past few days, and it has had a positive effect on lucidity.
      But this dream for some reason, even though it was absolutely cluttered with dream signs,
      I managed to remain completely oblivious to the fact that I was dreaming.
    3. Halloween in the Sky Fortress

      by , 10-17-2012 at 04:13 PM
      This failed "Task of the Month" attempt ended up being a great time. I'm so happy to be getting more flight time after all of the trouble that I had with this initially. I was sure that I was doing to meet a Dreamviews member in this one but it just didn't quite happen!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #23: Halloween in the Sky Fortress

      I'm walking through the mall with my friend T. We encounter a scrawny old man that I recognize (wrongly) as a professor at the university that T and I attended together. The "professor" excitedly describes his latest invention -- a self-propelled wheelchair that is guided and powered by your mind. With that, one of these wheelchairs pops out of an unseen hole in the floor, scoops T up, and starts racing around with him.

      T shouts in protest, insisting that his legs work fine. I decide that this is completely insane
      and I become lucid. I ignore T and the professor, and they lapse into silence. I can see daylight coming in from around a corner so I start moving toward the exit, making my way through a food court that's packed with dream characters. Sprinting toddlers and their harried parents crisscross my path but always move aside in time for me to pass. I'm tempted to check out the food but my desire to get outside is stronger.

      When I reach the automatic glass doors they don't open. For some reason, this doesn't worry me and I press my left hand straight through the glass.
      (I think that I owe this to reading about all of melanieb's phasing yesterday.) I phase the rest of my body through as well, feeling a slight chill as I pass through.

      When I get outside, it's parking lot as far as the eye can see. The day is mild and breezy and all I can think of is what a perfect day it is for flying. I float up nicely but get hung up in the mall's entrance overhang. There are a few moments of grinding where for some reason I have trouble turning my perspective. Fortunately I manage to force myself sideways just far enough that I break free and shoot up into the sky.

      Straight ahead there are hills shrouded in fog. I'm eager to avoid turning so I fly toward the fog, imagining that in these hills is the neighborhood where all of the Dreamviews folks are. (I want to perform the "trick or treat" Task of the Month.) As I near the fog, the wind increases to a howl, pushing upward and against me. Rather than force forward progress, I imagine that I am going the wrong way and that this wind is trying to guide me to the real Dreamviews neighborhood.

      I turn with the wind and it carries me upward the way that a thermal column lifts a condor. This feels amazing! I'm being carried toward some kind of sky fortress. The "sky fortress" is an enormous collection of buildings connected by a tangle of walkways and I know that this must be where the Dreamviews neighborhood is. Dream characters move unafraid along the narrow, unrailed walkways and I see guards armed with rifles patrolling some of the paths and rooftops.

      I arrive at a row of townhouses. Above the front door of each townhouse floats bubble letters that spell out the owner's name. The row stretches as far as I can see in either direction and most of the names are unfamiliar to me. I do see "Xanous" above one of the doors and I fly toward it, imagining that there's a huge DV party going on in there.

      The door has a television screen in front of it that seems to show what's going on inside the house. I'm astonished that the screen displays a prairie dog splashing around in a big bathtub. "Xanous?" I ask. The prairie dog stares at me, a bit shocked. He barks, "Phil doesn't just open the door for anyone who knocks!" I can feel myself growing confused but don't know how to regain my composure. "Are you some kind of bodyguard? Are there Dreamviews people in there?" But the dream is beginning to unravel and soon
      I'm awake.