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    1. 14 Aug: Bad guys at the docks and murder in a nuclear lab

      by , 08-14-2019 at 10:09 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A big fat dragon is walking downtown and smashing houses like Godzilla but more by accident. Me and Zilla are trying to avoid it but he seems to go wherever we go. We end up at some derelict buildings by the docks and we bump into a dozen dudes, who are doing shady businesses, and they surround us, menacing. I say we have no idea who they are and what they are doing, but they couldn't care less. So I fly and pick a stick that is lying around and I hit them with it. Zilla runs away. We reach an area with more people around and they let us go.

      Staying at some foreign country with colleagues from worldwide. We are working on a lab and sharing amenities. I have a nice room for myself, but have to share bathroom with another lady, but still it is very comfortable.
      At the lab some days I work with two guys. One whom I know and another one who is a stranger and has been harassing me. I know what he is capable of, because he is a sexual offender and I am creeped out whenever I need to be alone with him.
      Well, he works with radioactive material and he has to go inside a chamber where materials are deposited. One day, I am by chance at a place from where I can see that my colleague locks him up in that chamber, which cannot be opened from the inside. I am shocked but I do not help the creepy guy. I think we are actually better without him. He only needs to stay locked for some minutes before the radiation reaches deadly levels.
      I stay put and do nothing. Meanwhile a group of visiting researchers, who had been out for a city tour, are coming back to the lab and I go meet them and stall them while I know my colleague is re-opening the door of the chamber, to cover up his action. This way people will think the dude fainted there and got too much radiation by accident. I just wander what he is going to do regarding the security tapes. If they just disappear people will know it wasn't an accident. Anyway, I cannot be implicated.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. October 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-01-2018 at 06:39 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm with my class in school but we're traveling. My teacher is very innocent, I'm not sure who she is possibly my fourth grade teacher. I'm walking in my elementary school now and there's a bunch of the teachers from back when I went there walking around. I can hear people talking about how they used to be bad or good. A teacher I used to have specifically for math walked out of her classroom and I thought "ms. so-and-so's fourth grade math was the best." I did enjoy it IRL. We're in the classroom now but it's really strange. Everything else is the same except the floor is gone and in it's place is this giant open expanse of outer space. Hanging between the walls are these rickety wood bridges. On the far side of mine is a large piece of the bridge missing and a few of us are squeezing onto the remaining panels of wood. I accidentally drop my phone into the galaxy. I'm not really freaking out I'm just laughing and a little embarrassed. There's a stereo there with a screen in the class that I somehow am hooking my music up to. I start shuffling through songs and hearing different ones until I hear one I think everyone will like. I turn around and ask "does anyone like Tame Impala?" and people started nodding and one person was freaking out. I played "Past Life" for a little bit speaking along with the speaking part of the song. I started shuffling through again and played songs I didn't think people would like but no one was really saying anything. The dream faded away.

      I'm in another country, possibly Italy. Kolby is there with Eva and I believe JP. We're in a hotel and it's early morning. They are woken up and talking about going to drink somewhere. I'm still technically asleep. The dream opens up into a video game world in another country. Tyler R. comes up to me and hands me a christmas present which I open to find a few different video games. One of them is a racing video game featuring these cute little characters. It reminded me of that Sonic the Hedgehog racing game. Anyways we're in the middle of a race track and the game starts to play so I'm now racing around the track. There are little blue mushrooms similar to Mario Kart mushrooms that boost you along. One part of the course goes under water a little bit and you have to find a bubble to bring you back up to the surface. Another part has giant brick walls like a maze you have to get through. I randomly meet this guy along the track and he invites me to join his party of 10 or so people playing the game. Randomly Arttu shows up and we're racing to the finish. At the last moment I get 3 blue mushrooms and speed to the finish. He its me with an item but I barely pass over the finish line to win. Another track starts to load up and I'm thinking there's no way I do as well in this one since I've never played it.
    3. November 12th 2015

      by , 11-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Dream Fragment: Nightmare about how I was in this church thing which had no roof and no windows. In a previous dream I was there and there were children there who were acting as different wizards and warriors or something. But in this nightmare, I could see myself and I was evil.

      Another dream I'm in this house and my friend Moo is about to get married to his ex-girlfriend Katie. We're upstairs preparing for the wedding by getting dressed and talking about things. In my mind I keep thinking that this is a terrible idea to get married because IRL they are broken up. There's also some little kid upstairs with us running around. My mom tells me that there's a whole bunch of people down there and we need to come down soon to get the wedding started. I keep looking at my watch and 15 minutes keeps going by quickly. The wedding was supposed to start at 3:30 but now it's 3:45. I realize I'm not even wearing the right clothing, but a belt around my waist. I start to change upstairs in my room. Someone says that half the people have left because they were so impatient. We go downstairs to a room with 3 couches and a balcony along the upper part of the walls with no people there. There is a woman with short hair facing the opposite direction that is supposedly the person wedding my friends and 3 people sitting on the couch facing us. I walk right to see a huge open house. In another open room to the right is Katie surrounded by a group of girls trying to calm her down. My mom is really upset at this point, but I just keep saying its not a big deal at all. I say something out loud about how its everything is fine and suddenly I'm hit in the head by a ball of some sort that my mom threw at my face. She starts to storm off as I'm chasing her trying to tell her to let me explain. She gets in an elevator around the corner and the doors close.

      Dream Fragment: I'm telling my mom about studying abroad this past summer with this girl that I knew, but I can't think of the name of the place. Then, I remember it is China, but my view goes to this very open and tropical place with mountains surrounding besides the sea making it a bay thing, but my view is only really of a green field.

      Dream Fragment: I'm in California. I believe I'm in some sort of airport where I get hold of this motorcycle thing, instead there's no handle bars, just this peg thing on it like a saddle for a horse thing I push down to go forwards. I'm zooming through small hallways that are connecting rooms in the airport. I bring it to this lobby where I get off it and stand on this statue thing trying to get in contact with my dad because I have no money or no one in California with me. A small kid gets on the motorcycle which now looks like it's on display while a dad watches him. I walk up and say that it is my bike. A woman dressed as a flight attendant comes up and she verifies that I've actually bought it when I tell her that uncertainly. Then, I hop on it and go out of the open room into the city which has gray skyscrapers and moving cars. My dad is there suddenly and he tells me we're going to some professional game with his friends and that I can come.

      Another dream, The view goes over to this sort of disconnected island piece that's raised up above the land and sea. Inside there is a family of two kids and I was possibly the parent or something, there was also some other kid with me. The two kids go fall off of the cliff into the water so the other kid and I go rock by rock down until we get into the water. We start to look for the kids in the water. I remember thinking that I had already had this dream before but I didn't go looking for the kids. But I knew this was a nightmare of some sort. We see one kid come out of the water, and she walks up onto a rock with us. Then I see the other kid swimming, but he's grabbed by something very suddenly in the water that pulls him down. We start to run up the rock path when one of the kids says that there's a mud monster coming. I turn around and there's an arm sticking out of the water holding a brick. It starts to gradually emerge from the water and walk towards us. It looks like a mud monster from scooby doo. We start to run all the way up the rock path to higher level ground. We get to higher ground so I turn around and now the mud monster is half mud monster, half pennywise the clown from IT. He starts screaming and running at the kids. Now, I'm not even involved in the dream. I watch as the monster is now all Pennywise the clown with a sledgehammer. I thought I was now in a movie where they couldn't get the original actor, so they used a step in who was just as scary. He starts crushing at the structure that the kids are on. It looked kinda like an aqueduct.
    4. Perfumes in the Mall

      by , 02-03-2015 at 12:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a mall with mom. I was trying out the perfumes. I put one on on my wrist and tried to smell it but can't. I asked mom to smell it and tell me what she thinks. It was too strong. I asked the guy in the perfume area to let me try another one. I put it on the back of my hand and tried to smell it again: nothing. I let mom smell it, and she said it's "okay" but nothing special. Those were original perfumes, too. I told her for some reason, I can't smell them. Must be my cold. We left the area without buying anything.

      We passed by a table that lets people sign up for colleges abroad. I forgot which colleges, but I thought of signing up. I thought that mom might not allow me to study abroad.


      - I very rarely dream about perfumes.
      - I tried focusing on my breathing as I fell asleep, hoping it will help me transition to lucid dreaming.
      - This dream happened as I was waking up already. I woke up a few times in the evening and failed to write my dreams.
    5. Technical Difficulties

      , 09-03-2014 at 11:12 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      (I have false memories of having moved to an English speaking country recently...)
      I'm returning to my apartment, carrying some groceries.
      As I exit the elevator I stall for a few seconds.
      I have completely forgotten where on this floor my apartment is...
      So I just go to the first door and test if my key fits.
      It does, and I decide not to worry about why I would have forgotten where my apartment is.

      The apartment is quite roomy, and very modern. The entrance leads directly into a large room,
      which is sort of divided into 3 areas. One for tv viewing, which has a U-shaped couch,
      one for sleeping, and finally one with a computer desk for work.
      I find it a bit odd that the bed is in the same room with the tv and desk.

      But my attention quickly shifts towards the people that are in my apartment.
      There's a guy with white hair watching TV and a woman who is using my pc.
      I feel like I know these people. It doesn't seem too surprising that they're here, but I'm not really sure who they are.
      The woman approaches me and gives me a hand with the groceries.

      I notice that she has purple eyes. It all makes sense now: This must be ~ Dreamer ~!
      She is very curious about what I bought for dinner, and begins to unpack the groceries immediately.

      "Ooh, shiny!"

      She is cheerful and full of energy.

      "When do you want to have dinner?"
      "Hmm... I don't know. I'm not really hungry yet. Canis?"

      Oh. The guy watching TV is CanisLucidus. Makes sense I suppose.

      "I'm starving!"

      They banter on about when to have dinner. Meanwhile I try to figure out what time it is.
      This proves to be rather difficult. I'm unable to read the time off the task bar on the computer. The digits keep changing.

      "Hmm... how do I put this? ..."
      "Hyu, where is your kitchen?"

      "Well, it's right over..."

      ... There's only one door in this room, and it leads back outside.
      So, this is all there is in the apartment? I don't have a kitchen? Not even a bathroom???
      How on earth did I manage that?

      "Don't tell me you forgot to get a kitchen..."
      "... I might have?"
      "And a bathroom?"
      "See, this is what happens when you're on the PC all day long!"

      I don't know what to reply. This really is a rather colossal fuck up.

      "Okay... don't worry about it. I'll sort this out."
      "I'll go get you a kitchen and a bathroom."

      What??? How? ...
      I suppose, since this is a modern apartment, it must be modular in some way, and you can annex additional rooms to it?
      I try to talk ~ Dreamer ~ out of it, because I feel that since this is my apartment, and I messed up, this is something that I need to fix on my own.

      "Nonsense, I'm going right now. I'll be back in an hour or so."

      She leaves the room before I manage to come up with a reply.
      To be honest, I'm kind of relieved that she is helping me out.
      I have no idea where to get additional rooms for my apartment...
      I definitely have to make it up to her somehow.
      I end up talking with CanisLucidus about game engines and the Oculus Rift for a bit.
      (Through unfortunately I remember nothing specific)

      I feel like my overall awareness has been improving over the past few days, and it has had a positive effect on lucidity.
      But this dream for some reason, even though it was absolutely cluttered with dream signs,
      I managed to remain completely oblivious to the fact that I was dreaming.
    6. The Wizard and the Pigs

      by , 08-04-2012 at 02:25 PM
      5-ish a.m. had to pee

      Sat in an outside restaurant with three people I know (don't know who). I felt that it was somewhere abroad. We tried to order but didn't get any food for a long time. We switched tables, and we had ordered with another name than the name we used when we complained, which led to mix-ups. At our new table the ground sloped heavily, and together with the waiters we tried to fix it by putting things under the legs of the table. We soon gave up though, and switches tables again.
      Later we were in a tower, where we were held prisoners by an unseen wizard. I tried too flee and the wizard soon appeared to chase me down. I ran faster than him though, but as soon as i looked away from him, he shapeshifted into different fastrunning creatures. Among other things he became a dog. He couldn't bite me though I somehow learned, and by feigning some i managed to run down a couple of stairs. He finally caught me though.
      I remember trading movies with someone. VHS, but I vaguely remember finding something interesting.

      after peeing and jotting down some dream notes, i tried to WILD, but felt uncomfortable. After about half an hour i moved from the bed to the couch. More comfy, but i had a hard time concentrating on WILDing, after I while I gave up and just tried to fall asleep.

      9:08 a.m. on the sofa

      Johanna and I was visiting a pig farm or something like that. The farmer showed us how to herd them into cages, feed them, and electronically elevate the cage up to the slaughter room. The floor on the cages had large holes so that the pigs had a hard time just keeping balance to keep them from jumping out of the roofless cage.

      Johanna - Om jag var en gris skulle jag hoppat ur buren, skulle inte du?
      Jag - Jag har ingen aning om hur jag skulle tänka om jag var en gris.
    7. Storm at the Cabin

      by , 04-26-2012 at 07:56 AM
      Tonight I woke up because my wife moved and talked in her sleep. It was only two in the morning. Didn't wake up at four.

      I'm at a cabin somewhere abroad. It's next to a large lake. I have the feeling we live there now. Someone asks what the weather is like around there and I say it rains a lot. It's raining heavily and there are large waves at the lake, a real storm. I don't feel a wind, though. Two people, relatives of mine, get out of the water. "That was close," one of them says. They go to a sauna and I go heat it up. They get there first and apparently know how to heat it.
      Tags: abroad, cabin, sauna, storm
    8. I eat all my vegetables

      by , 01-26-2011 at 09:05 PM (Fernanvic´s dream journal)

      Long dream, bad recall (Non-lucid)


      I'm abroad. I go to a building, then to a store and then to another store. Then I go back to the building to take a written test. After I finish Nr warns me not to complain about the test while I grab some ice-cream. Then I'm in a flat where two girls like pot. Their mother rang the bell and I had to go down to meet her.


      Time to eat some veggies (Non-lucid)


      I was a customer in a fast food joint and because the staff thought I was very nice I was the favourite customer. I also had some fighting thing organized where other customers could challenge me to a fight and I would defeat them. I did some stuff and upgraded the security to the maximum level available.

      After a while some angry customer came in. He was an unshaven blonde man and he challenged me to a fight. I think I defeated him and he decided to run away. I was offered a table and the place soon morphed into a fancy restaurant.

      I was eating there with some other people. Clockwise from my seat: A girl from the fast food staff, a girl from this restaurant (directly across me), my friend J and my friend Jv. We all had vegetables and I had some ham set aside for later. Someone next to me also had some delicious looking oranges in their food. I tried my food and it wasn't half bad.

      After having some fun talking the owner of the restaurant came to our table and accused us of damaging the wall. I was seated facing the damaged part and I saw that the white wall was cracked. The owner said that this restaurant was really important because some new railroads were being made and this town was an important place where lots of people would stop by on their way to wherever the train was headed. He then warned up that this was going to cost us a lot of money.

      I asked him if he had any proof (we really hadn't done it) and he said he didn't need any. I got a little annoyed and I told him: "So basically we're going to have to pay just because you say so?"

      I demanded that he call the police so that they could see that our fingerprints were not on the wall and he did it with a white phone on a corner. (Not a cell phone, it was just sort of there for no reason)

      The security from the fast food place came out and since I had upgraded it to maximum level they got there really fast. Once in the restaurant they just took away the owner without searching for clues or understanding the situation. I was somewhat shocked, but I said: "Oh well, as long as it works"

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