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    1. Fragmented Lucids, Fish & Peas, and a Flying Car Ride

      by , 08-31-2015 at 02:21 PM
      Night #12:

      My recall has been awful this last week; I don’t remember becoming lucid for any of these lucid fragments, so I’ll only count them as one DILD.

      I was in some strange room and I remembered that I wanted to transform into a dragon. I got down on all fours and felt wings grow from my back and I felt a tail grow from my bum. I imagined myself being green and scaly until I was a pretty little dragon. I took off flying.

      I was running down a street at night and I started to run super-fast, until my legs left the ground and I started to float. I remember seeing streetlamps lighting up my path. I summoned Zeus’ lightning bolt in my hands and threw it off into the distance.

      I was in a dark room made of wood and I was trying to summon fire in my hands. I snapped my fingers and a small flame appeared on my thumb. I made it grow and then started throwing fireballs and unleashing a steady stream of flames all around me.

      I was hanging out with an alien that was wearing tacky early 90’s clothing. I remember that he had green skin and that he was holding an iPhone. I started to control his actions with my mind.

      Night #13:

      DILD #1:
      I was at a supermarket with Dreamer, just looking around. I became lucid when a fish bit my arm, but I made sure that it didn’t hurt at all. I then summoned peas for some reason.

      DILD #2:
      This one was later in the night. I was fishing with my mom on a tropical beach. There were fish that were hanging out right near the shore and I basically just stuck my hook into the water for half a second and pulled out a huge fish. I tried to think about what I was supposed to do next, and I figured that I was supposed to cook it and eat it. I felt awful just thinking about that.

      I stared at the fish flopping around on the ground with a hook in its stomach.
      I became lucid and made the fish vanish in a puff of smoke. I then summoned peas, beans, carrots, and some other vegetables in my hands for making vegetable soup instead.

      Really weird how similar the dreams were with the fish and the peas.

      Night #14:

      I did SSILD then chanted a mantra about remembering dreams before falling asleep, I think it helped a lot with my recall.

      WILD #1:
      I had been trying to WILD for ages and I finally started to drift off the sleep. Dreamer had gotten up a few minutes earlier and was coming back into the room. The sound woke me up enough to hold onto my awareness while my body fell back asleep almost immediately. I could hear Dreamer asking me a question about dreams.

      I did an epiglottis block RC, then a nose plug. I talked to the Dreamer DC for a minute, telling her how naughty she was for trying to trick me into thinking I was still awake. I slowly got out of bed then wandered down the hall towards the front door. I phased through the door but then it opened of its own accord after I had moved through it. I felt like I couldn’t see, as though I was wearing blindfolds. I imagined that I actually was wearing blindfolds and I reached to my face to try to take them off, wouldn’t work. Everything was very dark but I could tell it was sunny outside. I closed my eyes and teleported, hoping that would fix it.

      I ended up in a garage with workout equipment. The floor was made of cement and it was very cold on my bare feet. I walked over to an exercise machine and suddenly my vision got locked into place. I began flying and flailing my body around, but my vision wouldn’t change. I tried to relax because I knew that panicking wouldn’t help. I summoned a staff in my hands, but both the staff and my hands were transparent. I waved the staff around, it looked like it was made out of air or water.

      The scene that I was stuck looking at slowly changed into being my bedside table and I could feel my eyes open. I closed them but I could feel my waking life body already.

      WILD #2:
      I had been trying to fall back asleep for about 10-20 minutes, when I heard Dreamer’s voice again. She was talking about the conversation we had before (in my other WILD). I was onto her tricks this time and I said to her, “You’re not going to fool me, I know that you’re not really Dreamer, speak again sweet angel!”
      She started talking more. I did an epiglottis block, then a nose plug RC. I got up and out of bed then ran out the back door this time. It was night time and I could see the moon in the sky. I tried to take off flying but I only got up a little way in the air before I started floating back down. I tried jumping up to make myself fly, wouldn’t work. I went back inside where I saw my dad about to use the toilet. Dreamer was there too, sitting in the kitchen. I woke up.

      WILD #3:
      The dream started in the bedroom, and I did some RCs to make sure I was in the dream. I got out of bed again and walked into the kitchen. I saw my dad in the toilet, butt naked while peeing. I poked his cheek (not the one on his face ). Then walked back into the kitchen where I saw Dreamer. I waved my hand in her face and said, “You’re coming to the bedroom with me, right Dreamer?”

      She turned around and started walking towards the bedroom. I followed her. I altered my body slightly and then hung out with Dreamer for awhile before waking up.

      WILD #4:
      I did a nose plug, then got up and walked through the wall but I kind of got stuck on it and had to wriggle my body through. It was sunny outside. I tried to think of any tasks that I wanted to do, but I woke up.

      I was hanging out with Dreamer outside my parents’ house. It was a cold day and there was snow everywhere. She turned into my sister and insisted that she be allowed to drive this car. I became lucid and got into the passenger seat, then teleported to the driver seat, swapping with my sister. There were a couple other dream characters that were hanging out in the back. There was also no roof on this car!

      I started driving and then immediately took off flying in the car. The windshield was covered in snow, so I turned on the windshield wipers and they worked! The snow was promptly removed and I could see. I started to fly super-fast across the landscape, but telephone poles/wires appeared all over the place. I tried to navigate through them but they were everywhere. Eventually one got caught on my neck, but I made sure that my body couldn’t be hurt. I then phased through it and it went right through me and the rest of the car. I started focusing on making them disappear until there were only one or two, but I couldn’t get rid of them all completely, so I decided to just land the car. It was sunny outside now. An old man came up to us and started asking us questions about how we were able to fly a car. I woke up.
    2. A Beach, a Party, and Princess Peach

      by , 08-24-2015 at 12:17 PM
      Night #5:

      I remember having three other lucid dreams that night but every time I would wake up, I wouldn’t be able to remember a thing about them. It was quite frustrating! Maybe it was because I kept waking up coughing and being a sicky.

      I had a short moment of being lucid while driving some girls around in a van. I lost control of the car and ran into a brick wall, but I realized that it was only a dream and I could change everything back. So I rewound time until the car was fixed and we were going around that stretch again, and I didn’t crash the car that time. Then I lost lucidity while talking to the girls and got absorbed into the dream again.

      Night #6:

      DILD #1:
      I don’t remember most of the details of this dream, only a small fragment of it. I remember being with some cocky real estate guy and transforming a house into a giant birthday cake but that’s about it.

      DILD #2:
      The same thing happened with the poor recall. I actually woke up from this dream super excited about just having had a lucid dream, then I looked over to tell Dreamer about it but as I opened my mouth to tell her, I had forgotten all about it.

      I just remember becoming aware while meditating in the dream and I turned my body green and this vivid green, glowing aura appeared all around me.

      Night #7:

      My sickness turned into a sinus infection. So I’ve been having awful headaches and almost all foods smell strongly of rancid vinegar to me, but I think I’m starting to get better now, so hopefully my recall will start to improve!

      DILD #1:
      I became lucid while asking a receptionist guy about some mean DC girls that were bullying other girls. He said that they were ‘student leaders’ and they worked for the school. Suddenly I was in a prison filled with prisoners that happened to be old friends of mine from high school. I started flying around their heads by humping the air – Each time I would thrust I would get a little bit higher.
      I told them that if I kept doing this I would eventually build up enough power to be able to teleport out of prison and escape. I teleported to a shopping center. One of my old best friends was there and he was chugging a gallon jug of chocolate milk. He said that it gave him the energy he needed to teleport places. I drank some of it and walked through the automatic doors of the store. Then a commercial for the drink started playing that talked about how this drink would give you reversible weight gain, so that you could use all your energy in a flash. There was some kid going down a waterslide into a giant pool of chocolate milk.
      I lost lucidity and appeared at my parents’ house when the commercial ended. My mom was going through my childhood room while eating a bag of old potato chips and saying something about Rum Ham. There were Australian $2 coins on the floor and I had a feeling the cops were coming to get me.

      DILD #2:
      I don’t remember this one very well either. I just remember being lucid and having Dreamer sing for me, it was beeeauuuuuutiful!

      WILD #1:
      There were all kinds of noises going on outside (see ~Dreamer~’s latest DJ). Some lady was yelling at her dogs for barking and it would only make them bark even louder, maybe they thought she was barking with them or something.
      But I was feeling really peaceful and content despite all the chaos around me. I sat with the wonderful feeling and waited for a dream to start.

      I started outside of a lovely beach house. I thought to myself, “Yes! I’ve always wanted to go to a beach house”, then started to wander up the front steps.
      I made the front door open with telekinesis and took a peek inside. There were huge windows on all of the walls which let soft morning light come in from all sides to illuminate the parquet floor. A woman was sitting in a chair at a small table, sipping coffee and reading a newspaper. She had short, light brown hair, green eyes, and an olive complexion. I went over, kissed her, and gave her right boob a little squeeze. She looked up at me with a very kind face and smiled at me. I tried to change her face into something else but it didn’t work very well. Only her nose got a bit thinner and her skin color became more vibrant. There was another woman that was standing across the room, fiddling with some papers on a table. She said something about celebrating my graduation. I ignored her and saw a bowl of fruit on a table. I looked intensely at it and made 2 apples, 2 oranges, and a banana fly up into the air. Then I casually strolled towards the backdoor so that I could go outside. I stood on the read wooden deck and leaned against a rail while I stared out at the ocean and tried to remember what I wanted to do.

      I remembered that playing with the elements was a fun one to do. I turned around and saw my university diploma hanging on the wall. I raised my finger and tried to make flames erupt from my hand, but nothing happened. I touched the diploma and it wilted everywhere that I touched, as though my hand was fiery hot. Still not satisfied, I turned my hand over and saw that I was holding a grill lighter. I pulled the trigger on it and a nice flame came out. I used the flame as a source of my fire power and made a stream of fire burst forth from it. The flame danced in the air in whatever pattern I told it to. I drew shapes and words with it all over the place by tracing with my finger exactly what I wanted it to do, it was pretty fun! I turned my hand over and the lighter disappeared.
      I turned around to see what was going on inside and I noticed that a giant Santa Claus looking fellow had joined the ladies. I tried to make time slow down for all of them by imagining a ticking clock sound getting slower and slower. It wouldn’t work, so instead I imagined pushing a fast forward button, and they started zooming around the house. I changed it to slow just for fun before returning time to normal. I walked back into the house which had transformed into having an enormous ballroom with greenhouse style skylights, fancy dinner guests, and a band that was playing soft jazz music. The party was to celebrate my graduation I guess. I was suddenly wearing a suit and I think that I had a glass of wine in my hand, and I’m pretty sure I tried some as well. I saw these beautiful women walking in. They were wearing very expensive looking dresses. I turned to the lady bartender and asked her when the strippers were going to arrive, using her to summon some strippers. She turned around to get right on it. While I was looking at the bar, I remembered a dream that Dreamer had recently told me about, where she dove into a brick wall. I decided that I liked that idea and that I was going to dive straight into this bar. I jumped towards it head first and smashed my face into bar’s hard surface. I was not be deterred though! I slowly pushed my way into the bar and then moved through it until I was on the other side. Everything was dark at that point though. I could feel the room around me but I was like a ghost in that world now, unable to interact with or be seen by anyone. I moved around the bartender lady to try to get her attention, then gave up and teleported.

      I opened my eyes and saw that I was now in front of a giant video game museum (it was like I was in an RPG, the museum wasn’t dedicated to video games). I was with someone too, and I’m pretty sure it was Dreamer, it felt like her energy anyways. I remembered that I wanted to open Pandora’s Box, so I turned around expecting to see someone there that would give me the box.
      There was this magnificent park with a huge open space in the middle where a giant Princess Peach was sitting. She was about twice the size of a large house and she was surrounded by bright green trees. She had a large chest in her hands that was Pandora’s Box!

      I ran up to her with Dreamer and a huge grin spread across my face. I jumped up super high to try to get to the box but it wasn’t enough, so I took a second jump mid-air (by stepping on the air). Then I did a couple front flips and landed in Princess Peach’s hands. I opened Pandora’s Box and there was another chest inside that was covered in gold and various colored gems. An RPG like cut-scene happened with beautiful animated graphics, but I skipped it because I wanted to open that second chest! I appeared outside a shop in an animated Japanese town. I had light brown hair, a white shirt, and black shorts. I didn’t like my appearance so I changed into Cloud from FF7, then got ready for an awesome RPG adventure!
      I woke up. I stayed still and tried to imagine opening the chest because I was so damn curious and there was a golden key inside of it that was called ‘The Key of the Abyss’. Aw well, fun dream! It was really cool seeing such an enormous Princess Peach.
    3. Pillow Fight of Destiny!

      by , 08-21-2015 at 10:26 AM
      DILD #1:

      I was having some argument with an old man in my class and he started to try to beat me up. I ignored his punches, feeling like he couldn’t harm me, then calmly walked to the lecturer to dibby dob on this naughty fella. The guy kept kicking and punching me in the back of my head as I casually strolled to the lecturer, but it didn’t hurt at all, and I refused to hurt him back. I told the lecturer, this extra muscular, bleach blonde guy in his 40’s. He said to the guy that was still punching me, “Aw, don’t worry about it, I won’t kick you out of the class!”
      The angry DC smiled and said, “REEEALLY?”, and then proceeded to skip off into the distance merrily.

      I started to realize it was a dream but I didn’t remember that I was in a competition, so I just messed around with the DC’s for awhile.
      I stuck my foot into a fish bowl and pretended that gravity was like it is in water. I was taking huge leaps all around and slowly floating back to the ground. My classmates’ jaws dropped to the floor.
      I said to them, “You think that’s cool, well watch this!”
      I then started to fly/float in the air. I grabbed another classmate by the hand and lifted him into the air as though he was light as a feather, then I made him float right beside me.
      I think I got distracted by some school stress themes at this point and lost lucidity. I remember looking at one of my old friends’ grades from undergrad and being very jealous and impressed at the same time.

      DILD #2:

      I was at a park with Dreamer and some of her family. It was a bright sunny day and I was standing on a dirt path, talking with her Dad. Dreamer had gone into a wooden building alone to talk with a relative. I think that the intended discussion had a very sad undertone. I suddenly noticed that her Dad had turned into her Uncle. I was confused and I said to him, “I’m sorry, are you Dreamer’s dad or her uncle?”
      He silently stared at me.
      I spoke again, “I really do apologize if this seems strange, I have trouble telling the difference between being in dreams and being awake sometimes.”
      He continued to silently stare.

      I did a nose plug reality check and air went through, but I still wasn’t convinced that this was a dream. I made a rock fly into my hand. I watched it levitate there for a good 10 seconds, admiring its details and the contrast between the beautiful, soft lighting and the deep shadows. I dropped the rock and flew up to the second floor of the wooden building that Dreamer was in. I broke through the wall by gently brushing my hand against it. Heavy, wooden logs fell all over Dreamer, but I made her invincible so that she couldn’t be harmed. I smiled at her as we locked eyes. I noticed that her green eyes were even more vivid, outlined by teary redness. She had been crying. I gave her a hug and then picked her up. I carried her in my arms while we took off flying to find a concert hall. I saw a couple dream characters that looked similar to Percy and Sensei, so I pointed at each of them and gave them a flick of my finger to let them know that they would do. They both started flying with us. I looked back and there were several clones walking where Percy and Sensei had been. I felt like the dream was in a strange loop back there, like in old cartoons where the background scene will keep repeating itself.

      I saw a concert hall up ahead that looked kind of like the Sydney Opera House, but I felt unsure about the duration of this dream. So instead of going to see a concert first, I said to everybody, “Hold up, we’re going to take of some unfinished business first.”

      We all landed in a grassy field outside of the concert and then huddled in a circle. I summoned a pillow for each person, but they were tiny, SUPER tiny. They actually looked like pincushions. I thought that would be fine. I made mine and Dreamer’s get a little bit bigger and let Sensei and Percy keep the pincushion pillows.
      My pillow ended up being like a couch cushion and Dreamer ended up wielding a giant memory foam pillow.
      The battle began! But it was much less exciting than I anticipated. We all looked like a bunch of 12 year old nerds gently beating each other over the head with pillows. Dolphin appeared, he was a skinny Nigerian guy. He started fervently bashing Sensei with his pillow, yet he was being very gentle at the same time. I said to him, “Hey man, you’re hitting the wrong person.”
      He immediately started to hit Dreamer instead.
      I noticed that Percy was standing off in the distance, watching us battle it out. Typical Percy, playing the tactician and letting us weaken each other so that he could come in at the end and be the victor! I think that I actually noticed him standing to the side because some random DC lady was hitting him with a purse. I held my pillow at eye level and made lightning come out of it, but only a very faint, transparent bolt came out. Percy was unfazed, so I made him catch on fire instead. He stood there with a smug, cocky look on his face that said, “Doesn’t even hurt, I don’t care if I’m on fire, doesn’t even hurt!”

      I then said to everybody else that we needed to work together to take out Percy. We all joined forces and started charging at him, pillows billowing in the wind. I woke up.

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    4. Crocodile Wrestling and my Kitty Cat Friend

      by , 08-18-2015 at 11:38 AM
      WILD #1:

      I had been lying in bed, trying to WILD for the last 3 hours. I finally started to get tired and I felt my whole body vibrating. I had almost lost consciousness and gone into a non-lucid dream when H-Dog moved in the bed slightly, waking me up just enough to do an easy WILD transition.
      I felt my dream hands moving and did an epiglottis block to make sure I was dreaming, and then I got out of bed. I was at my parents’ house, in my dad’s office. I walked out to the backyard, onto their patio. It was winter time and the trees were all barren, strange since it is actually beginning of Autumn there at the moment and the leaves are probably plentiful, orange, and golden.

      I remembered what I wanted to do, tasks of the month. The first one that came to my head was to eat a moon rock. I raised my hands to the sky and made the moon come closer to the earth, it wasn’t happening very quickly though. Instead, I decided to make a single rock come to earth from the moon. It shot towards me at super speed and landed on the ground. I picked up what looked like a miniature model of the moon, or maybe what the moon would look like if it had been shrunk down to the size of a basketball. I took a bite out of it and tasted cold, watery ice. I looked at the moon rock and it had some Autumn leaves poking out of the space where I had just bitten into it. I remembered that I wanted to try to combine the fishing task with the ride a dino task so I flew over to a river and held out my hands, pretending that there was a fishing rod in them. A rod with line attached to it appeared and I imagined a dark shadow coming up from out of the river. I saw the dark shadow, but instead of a dinosaur, dozens of crocodiles appeared. Coincidentally, I think those are supposed to technically be dinosaurs. I caught one but I wanted to catch the dark dinosaur that was going to appear so I made it vanish. Another crocodile took the first one's place and a couple others started to rush at me. I started to wrestle the one that I caught and jumped on top of him. I was scared he was going to bite me so I let him bite my arm to be sure that I couldn’t be hurt. Then I tied the string around his snout and tamed him.

      Woke up to a F.A. where B-Dog was sniffing around my head. Dreamer was awake, but I quickly wrote down some notes about the previous dream in my phone then told her about it. We got out of bed and we were in my Dad’s office. She was showing me something gross that Jenkees left on a table, I think it was his jockstrap that he supposedly wore to play golf. I thought that was a weird thing to wear golfing, but I suppose I would be wishing I had one on if a golf ball came flying at my balls. We went downstairs and into the backyard where we were talking about going to the doctor and dreams. Dreamer said something to me that I didn’t have to go see a G.P., because I could just wait a couple years and she could become a naturopath so that she could treat me. Her face suddenly changed and she looked a bit older. I still thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

      DILD #1:

      I woke up and was trying to fall back asleep again. I stayed there for awhile, just watching the darkness while waiting to enter a dream. I eventually had the thought that I might be dreaming still, so I did an epiglottis block reality check, air went through. I did a nose plug RC just to be sure, same thing. I got out of bed, still in my Dad’s office, and then started to walk down the stairs. Dream ended.

      DILD #2:

      I was trying really hard to fall asleep again, but I didn’t feel like it was going to happen. I remembered that the last time I had this I was actually already asleep, so I did an epiglottis block, still asleep! I got out of bed, still in my Dad’s office. I walked downstairs and out the front door then started to fly. I remembered that I wanted to do my three step task, I didn't realize that I had already done some of them in a previous dream.
      I made 5 or 6 giant neighborhood bushes fly into the air and then revolve around each other in a circle. I then tried the next step, unsummoning, on another bush. First I tried to make it simply disappear, didn’t work, then I tried making it get absorbed into the ground to become one with the earth again, didn’t work. Then I tried to make it get thinner and thinner until it disappeared, that started to work but it just got really thin and never fully disappeared. I finally tried to yell, “POOF!” at it and make it disappear, still didn’t work so I gave up on that for now. Next time I’ll do better!
      I decided to fly to town and look for something to do. I started flying extremely fast and everything was zooming by me, but I wasn’t content with that. So I made time speed up as well so that the people and the scenery were moving quickly and I was moving at RIDICULOUS SPEED. I have no idea why the town was so far away when it is normally just a 3 minute drive.
      I eventually got to town and landed on black pavement. I was surrounded by brick buildings but that’s pretty much all about the scenery that I can remember. I looked into one building and there were people in there with a cat. I thought to myself, “How great, I’ll turn the cat into that giant cat and do the task of the year!”
      I made the cat get larger and larger until it was significantly bigger than me, then I made its’ coat turn golden-orange. It came over to me, licked me, and then started bumping its head against my face. Very cute!

      I remembered that I still had to take it to a beauty contest, so I made a door appear in the solid brick wall and opened it with my mind powers. I walked through with the giant kitty and we were at a cat beauty contest. There were a couple dozen other pretty kitties sitting patiently, but I knew that mine was the best by far. I walked up to the registration and the clerk was calling out, “Number 25, Vera? Vera?”
      Some chubby, blonde lady started to stand up and say something but I made her stop and sit down. I then quickly said, “Yep, that’s me!”
      The clerk handed me some tag to put on my giant kitty friend.
      Now I was just waiting for them to announce that I was the winner, and I felt like they had implied that I was the winner at about this point. I asked the main announcer guy to officially announce that I had won, but instead he said into a microphone, “Okay now, before we announce the winner, a couple questions from the audience please”.
      I started to wake up, the picture of the dream faded to darkness. I stayed still and waited for the dream to continue. I made the announcer guy keep talking until the dream started again. I successfully got back to the beauty contest and the announcer was rambling on. I asked the announcer politely, "Excuse me, who won?"
      He ignored me and two audience members asked some weird, random questions that I can’t remember. The announcer guy was answering them while I was taking sips out of about 6 different soda cans, but they were all mostly empty. I was trying to juggle the cans and make them stand on top of each other, but I was super clumsy and they kept falling all over the place. The audience laughed at my antics. At this point the announcer was still jabbering on and I had gotten a bit sick of waiting for him, so I rudely interrupted him, “Excuse me mister, who won? Who Won? WHO Won?? WHO THE FUCK WON?!”
      He just stared at me with a bewildered look on his face and blank eyes, then announced in a dull, monotonous voice, “There will be one more question we will ask, because we care about the quality of our contestants.”

      I woke up, tried to DEILD, couldn’t fall back asleep. I was kicking myself at that point for not summoning a black hole and sucking that announcer guy up into it.
    5. A Beautiful Beach, Building a Mansion, and Fairy Land

      by , 08-14-2015 at 03:17 PM

      The dream started in a giant, outdoor pagoda. Dreamer and I were lying down in a bed that was right in the center of it. I felt really excited that I had gotten into the dream successfully. A scary looking guy walked up to us with a knife, so I smiled at him and told him that he could be our protector in this dream. I also asked him if he would please hire some chefs for me because I was hungry. He turned around then walked out of the pagoda. I looked to my right and there was now a giant section of the pagoda that had a professional kitchen, fully staffed with professional cooks. I wanted to tell them to kindly make vegan food only, but I noticed that I couldn’t move or talk very easily. I felt my waking life body start to mouth the word “vegan” when I tried to talk to them, but Dreamer assured me that I made no noises while I was asleep. I remembered Sageous’ advice from earlier that day – I didn’t need to worry about these lethargic feelings because they would soon pass as my body fell into a deeper sleep. I waited patiently while mentally giving the chefs directions. I could see them busily cooking several fancy dishes with a vividly coloured assortment of vegetables and fruits being cut up. I was excited to eat something delicious.

      I turned around to sit at a table with Dreamer while we waited for our meal. She was wearing an extravagant looking green dress and some very expensive looking jewelry. One of the cooks brought us each a dish of some strange food. I think that it tasted rather bland, but I can’t remember exactly.
      I decided that I wanted to build this pagoda into a beautiful house. The colours in this dream were extremely bright and beautiful at this point; there was golden, vaulted roof, sunlight was coming in through all of the sides, and we were surrounded by lush, green gardens. I asked the cook that brought us the food to hire some architects and designers for me, so that we could have walls, various floors, and beautiful decorations. An army of invisible workers quickly transformed our giant pagoda into a beautiful mansion, it looked kind of like a time lapse video.
      Dreamer disappeared and my lucidity started to gradually wane a bit at this point. I asked a DC to hire some servants and maids for me. A beautiful maid DC with brown hair, green eyes, and an olive complexion appeared and started talking to me.
      Spoiler for Sex:

      There was another part of the dream where I was wandering around thinking about metal that had the properties of rubber, I thought it sounded interesting and decided I would ask my material engineer friend about it when I woke up.
      The next part I can remember, I was taking an elevator down into a basement with an entirely white interior – there were bright, white walls, floors, and even furniture.
      Spoiler for Sex:

      Another gap in memory, I was going to a high school with Dreamer, but I was rich and too lazy to actually attend myself so I sent someone to take my place. They were equipped with a camera, two-way audio, and they would repeat anything I said. I suddenly realized that this was a dream again and thought to myself, “What the hell am I doing”. I took over the school proxy guy’s body and looked deep into Dreamer’s eyes and told her how much I love her. I was feeling very nice, enjoying the feeling of the connection that we shared. I then had a FA in our room.
      I was talking to Dreamer when I noticed that there was no roof or walls and that we were in a grassy field. I realized it was a dream but did a nose plug RC just for fun, then I grabbed Dreamer in my arms and we took off flying. We were high up in the sky and there were floating trains everywhere going past us. I looked ahead and saw this futuristic city that was floating on the ocean. I thought about going there but then I noticed a small building that was flying in the sky on a piece of levitating land. We landed there and went inside. It was an arcade/movie theatre/restaurant that was quite busy to boot! I really wanted to eat some pizza so I walked to the front of an enormous line and asked the cash register lady for two large pizzas with extra pepperoni. She pulled them out of an oven and showed me two pieces of cheese that had huge hairs in them, then told me that her boss put them there. I called him over then told him that he was quite naughty for putting his hairs in my pizza.

      The dream was suddenly interrupted by this out of place dream character that was supposed to be an angel. She had very fair features, soft, pale skin, bright, blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. She said to me that they didn’t really understand me (the DCs), because they didn’t actually know English. She started talking about this other language that was supposed to be the language of communicating with the higher self and other realms of existence. I kept talking with the dream angel while we casually strolled through an enormous garden. I have no idea what we talked about, but I do remember that she was at least 30 feet tall. I thought it was neat to see such a huge DC since I haven’t really seen giants that much in my dreams. I had another FA but never realized it was a dream.


      I was having a very nice non-lucid dream with a lot of beautiful scenery that is beyond my abilities to adequately describe, sadly. I really wish that I could take pictures of my dreams or draw them better.

      I was on a beach, alone, searching through the sand for lobsters/crabs. I found a dead one’s enormous limb, but no real lobsters/crabs. I walked around this giant wall and found an inlet into a manmade bay. There were 100 foot sandstone walls on all sides and rocks below. Some DCs were playing a deadly game where they would try to free climb up the walls before these gigantic, tsunami sized waves crushed them. The waves were coming from all 4 sides as well, it was very strange, but the game was a lot of fun! I climbed with them using incredible athleticism that I most certainly do not possess IWL. It felt really nice to be so agile and strong. Everybody got to the top before the enormous waves came in and we were all hanging out on a small, mossy stone cliff. A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes was there and she said that she had romantic feelings for me. I strangely felt a connection with her too. I was starting to tell her that I was in love with someone else when I woke up into a FA. I told Dreamer about the dream and the girl and she got quite jealous, very unlike her. I thought it was funny that she was so jealous though. I did a WILD in the FA and took Dreamer with me, back to the previous dream.

      We started back on the beach. I showed her the cool free climbing death game, and she struggled a bit to get up to the top with me. I noticed that the waves were going to crush her so I jumped down, grabbed her, and then flew up high. My flying skills failed me though and we started to crash back down to the ground. We landed on the beach, but there were no waves at all.

      I decided that I might as well try the fishing task, so I reached my hand into the sand and pulled out a fishing pole with a feather and a fishing bubble attached to it. I threw the line into the water with the intention that I wouldn’t catch or harm any fish. I felt a tug almost immediately and started to reel in, and there was a mackerel on the line. I pulled it up to shore, feeling quite awful about it, but I decided that I was going to try to get something positive out of it. I held the mackerel up to my face and asked it to tell me a secret. I saw the hook coming out of its chest and I struggled to get it out while the mackerel was talking to me. He didn’t seem to feel any pain and his name was Norigawa. He said to me, “Inner tail not good, powder is yum.”

      I thought that was a bit strange. He suddenly had huge, long, spiny fins. I tried to gently put him back in the water now that the hook was out, but I pulled the skin off his fins, revealing bones, and his chest had a gaping hole in it. I felt awful that I had damaged my fish friend so badly. Dreamer scooped some of the skin from his fins out of the water and stared at it in her hands.

      I wasn’t happy with how that fishing experience went so I decided that I was going to do it again! It was getting dark now, the sun had almost completely set and we were surrounded by palm trees. I said to myself that this time I would catch something profound. I started to throw my line out when a long, snake-like dragon started slithering towards me from the ocean, trying to be caught. It scared me a little bit so I said to it, “No, I don’t want to catch you!”

      It kept slithering towards me and I felt like it was going to become hostile if I kept being afraid of it, so I banished it to another realm that was halfway between here and somewhere else. I could still see it but it looked ethereal now. Dreamer said to me, “Aren’t you worried that it will escape?”

      The dragon transformed into a skeleton with Nordic armor and started to charge itself up with various rpg skills. I told her as I threw the line out to the ocean, “No, it can’t escape, unless something sets it free”.

      Suddenly there was a bright, fiery, orange glow beneath the surface of the water that was rushing towards my hook. I thought to myself, “Damnit…”
      This huge creature made of fire grabbed my line then jumped out of the water, its name was Diablos. It set the dragon-skeleton free and they both started to attack us. I summoned mirror images of them so that they would be evenly matched automatically, then summoned mirror images of Dreamer and I to use our own dream powers against them. I then made glass walls appear all around the dragon and Diablo, and vaporized them with a powerful, fiery explosion. Woke up.


      I don’t remember most of this series of lucid dreams, just small fragments.

      In one I was at a vegan bakery and I tried their pavlova, their cake, and this custard pie thing. Only the custard pie tasted delicious and I told the DC that made it that. She said to me, “I would hope so, that recipe is what built this place.”

      Another part, I was wandering through a restaurant, eating food off various DC’s plates, yum. I came to one old lady that was cutting up a huge steak. I thought to myself, “Hmm, that might be interesting.”
      Spoiler for Sex:

      Another part, I was wandering through a house when I saw Harley Quinn and the Joker. Harley Quinn said that she liked me but that she was never going to monogamous to any person, then asked if I would be jealous. I said no. She asked me again, “So if I was having sex with a guy in front of you right now, you wouldn’t even flinch?”

      I said no again.
      Spoiler for Sex:

      Another dream, I was non-lucid while standing on a frozen lake with Dreamer. There were characters from sesame street surrounding us. They were summoning random objects like old shoes and pans to throw at each other, but they would always miss. Splashes of various colours would appear where the objects hit the surface of the lake – green, red, purple, yellow, orange, blue. It was quite pretty to see. I’m pretty sure that the trees around us were sparkling too, I felt like I was in some weird fairy world. I became lucid from that and took Dreamer for a fly on a bicycle, it felt very E.T. and it was a ton of fun. I really loved flying through the air on that bike with her, exploring the magical landscape. I wish that I could remember more of what happened.
    6. Rocket-Powered Flight

      by , 07-22-2015 at 05:10 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: Rocket-Powered Flight

      I’m standing at the corner where two long, endless hallways meet in an elbow bend. I’m trying to demonstrate to an audience how to rearchitect it, so I “select” part of the hallway as if this were all taking place inside of a 3D computer graphics program like Blender or 3DS Max. It lights up bright green. I want to shorten it, so I “select all” and the entire length of one hallway now glows bright green as far as I can see.

      I take a moment to appreciate this power, and as I consider what I’m doing,
      I realize that I’m dreaming! The dream starts to fade on me, but I’m determined not to lose it. I vigorously rub my hands together and start belting out a song: “I’m not going to lose this dreeeeeam!” I sing a few more lines about lucidity, and in one line declare (with no real supporting evidence) that Dreamer is also here.

      Suddenly I emerge outside in a brightly-colored world that has the look and color scheme of a classic video game from the Nintendo 8-bit era. I’m on a large, green plane that I think is supposed to be an abstract representation of grass. Nearby there’s a small pond filled with realistic-looking water, and a fair number of brightly-colored but mostly realistic DCs wander nearby.

      There’s an old-fashioned looking stereo nearby that seems to be producing the game world’s music, which is a pleasant, catchy chiptune soundtrack. On the side of the stereo in black letters, I see “????? Sound System”. (Can’t remember the name!) I think about how I’ll definitely want to remember this name when I wake up.

      I feel pressure in my stomach and absentmindedly push out a big fart. Rather than a brief event, though, the gas continues in a loud, embarrassing, seemingly unstoppable stream. I figure that since this is a dream, it may just go on forever (which it seems to be doing.) I get a sour look from one DC, a man with a dark mustache, who glares at me and walks away.

      I suddenly recall that I received a lucid dare to engage in fart-powered flight (seriously!), so I decide that now is pretty much the perfect time to try. I think of myself being propelled upward and I blast easily up into the air! It’s some of the most effortless flying I’ve ever done. I wonder whether I should just fly like this all the time.

      I soar happily back and forth through the sky, my “rocket propulsion” continuing all the while. Suddenly, Dreamer streaks quickly past me, flying in the same gas-powered manner that I am! I see and hear her “hee-hee-hee!”ing as she shoots by and I start laughing too, enjoying the hilarity and immaturity of this dream.

      I fly up to a large tree, easily a couple of hundred feet tall. I shoot quickly to the top and land on one of the branches, seeing a sloping wooden hallway that leads into the interior of the tree. I walk into it, curious about what this tree is and where it leads. I hear a snatch of conversation, PercyLucid saying something about wanting to trade lucid dares with me and some other people “for a few hours” so he can do some of ours. Very shortly after this,
      the dream ends.
    7. I Have Super Powers!!! and the Pube Machines

      by , 07-05-2015 at 09:13 AM
      DILD #1:

      I had an earlier dream where I was flying around with Dreamer at night. She was carrying me in her arms, but she was having difficulty flying because I was so heavy. I tried telling myself that I was as light as a feather, didn't work very well.

      DILD #2:

      I had another dream where I was waiting for a plane to take me to perth, but I was in the United states for some reason. I didn't know when the plane was supposed to leave and then I realized I didn't have to leave for another 3 days.

      I slowly realized it was a dream and wandered around the airport for awhile. I watched workers furiously trying to clean airplanes and get the luggage on board. I also stole some food from vending machines and ate it while I calmly explored.

      After awhile I decided that I wanted to do some tasks. I tried to remember some but got very nervous and worried about waking up. I woke up almost immediately, remembered some tasks, then waited to deild. I was shaken awake in the dream (back at the airport) by this chubby African girl. She was quite pretty and she had a really thick accent. I thanked her and wondered if she was one of those traditional dream guides that people keep talking about. I had her follow me around because I figured that she might be helpful.

      I began walking around the halls looking for a painting; I said to myself, "There will be a painting behind me!"

      There was, but then I heard the African girl say in her thick accent, "There's no painting there."

      The painting immediately disappeared. I walked around a corner while saying to myself, "There is a painting around that corner!"

      There was, and I made it fly into my hands with telekinesis. I was staring at it when the girl pulled at my arm. I looked back at her and she had a friend with her now. I looked back at the painting and it was now a map of Europe. I was getting a bit frustrated with this naughty DC that kept messing with me. I looked away and back at the painting again and it looked like a black and white illustration of an assembled jigsaw puzzle. I figured that was good enough so I threw it on the ground and made it grow and stretch until it was big enough for me to dive into. I guess that I should also mention that this entire time the annoying girl dc was pulling at my shirt incessantly. She was QuiTe annoying! But I tried to just ignore her.

      The painting was on the ground and I was ready to dive in! I got in the standard diving stance and then dove in head first, right into a hard, solid floor. I slowly got absorbed into painting as I rested there. The world was black, I figured that I must have been in the black part of the painting so I walked until it got white. I could see more black lines off in the distance. Not the most exciting experience, but I thought it made sense. I jumped out of the painting and decided that I was now in a hospital instead of an airport. The two African girls are still there following me around. I saw this blonde lady receptionist that reminded me of one of the girls from Dr. Who. I beckoned her to follow me too as I walked outside.

      It was dark and wet, and there was snow gently falling all around. I saw an old friend standing out on the curb. I figured he would be a helpful dc. I asked him if he had the mysterious seeds I needed (while also reaching in my pocket to find some just in case he didn't have any). He pulled a handful of assorted seeds from out of his pocket. They looked like an array of various nuts - cashews, almonds, macademias, and pistachios. I chose the only one I didn't recognize and threw it in the dirt. I stood there, staring at the ground with my motley crew of acquired dream characters. We eagerly waited for it to grow.
      Got too excited and woke up.

      DILD #3:

      I was at my parents' house in Colorado. My mom was cooking a vegan feast with green chili and beans. She was telling me that I should do some things for my dad so that he would be more likely to help me out if I needed it. I got really upset and said that it wasn't right that I had to do things like that as an exchange in order to have his love and support. I think I threw a tortilla in my rage. My dad came downstairs and started talking about facts and figures, keeping everything rational and away from emotions, where it was safe. I noticed that I could draw lines on the wall with my mind and I thought for a few seconds that maybe I just had super powers. Then I realized that I was dreaming and I walked outside and started to fly. I was having trouble flying but I was still enjoying it. I woke up after a few minutes of flying around the neighborhood.

      DILD #4:

      I was watching an 80s movie with Dreamer that had Brendan Fraser with long hair in it. It was about a group of hackers that were rebelling against these humanoid machines that had kidnapped another genius hacker for her brilliant programming skills. The hacker group had somehow managed to make it so that the machines couldn't see them, all except for one special machine that had the sense of smell, he could still smell them when they were near him. Brendan Fraser was running down the street from these special machines that had been built specifically to entice him. They had huge lower bodies that were covered in knotted pubes, it was supposed to attract him because that is what he was supposedly into, but it just looked ridiculous. He eluded them behind a wall when one of the machines saw me watching from a distance and she spat flames at me. I said to her, "Are you serious?" then shot flames back at her. It singed her slightly then I suddenly felt very poweful. I made all of the machine women in the area erupt in flames that were so hot that they turned to ashes.

      I then walked over to a spot on the parking lot pavement and dropped a seed in the earth. A clone of myself separated from my body and walked off but the body that I was watching the dream from stayed to watch the plant grow. A long, vine-like plant grew straight up from the ground until it was about 5 feet tall. It then sprouted these bright red flower buds at the very top. I walked away to look for something inanimate to talk to and I decided that a car would be a good choice. I said to the nearest car, "HEY, how's it goin'?"

      The car suddenly had eyes and a mouth but it appeared to be sleeping. I tried again, "Hello, are you awake?"

      I noticed that I had a text message from some stranger that wanted to help me saying, "Hi, can I help you?"

      I responded, "Who are you?"

      Then a green-haired bully came from out of nowhere and started attacking me. I threw him to the ground to subdue him then the dream ended. I tried to stay still to wait for another dream to begin.
      I had a false awakening with my old friend from a previous dream and I was telling him about the lucid dream I just had and I was showing him the weird text message that interrupted me. Haha, woops.
    8. Destructive Dream & A Pretty City

      by , 04-28-2015 at 10:38 AM
      I took 3 mg of melatonin before bed, then had a ~1 hour WBTB after 4 hours of sleep. Dreamer had told me at some point before these dreams that she had just had two lucid dreams, so I was determined to have some of my own!

      I don't remember how I became lucid, I remember standing next to dream characters from a story line that I had been participating in and I was trying to remember tasks. I thought of the bonus task, manipulate 4 elements or something. I looked off into the distance at these hills and made them stretch and grow to colossal sized mountains. I then imagined that they were volcanic and I made them explode with fiery boulders that I made fall down all around me and they set this forest on fire. I walked past the forest as it burned. Molten lava was still raining from the sky but I wasn't worried about getting hurt by it.

      I walked out of an orangish-yellow haze and into a city. I started flying at this point. I saw a large skyscraper and made wind blow up against it so hard that it fell over. I didn't watch any of the destruction that ensued from that, I just kept flying. I then noticed a large pond beneath me and I raised my hands so that my palms were facing it and all of the water drained from it almost immediately. I made a bit of the water fly around in the air for fun.

      I then went to hang out with dream characters in a new storyline, I don't remember what it was about though. In the next part that I can remember, I was noticing the dream was ending and thinking to myself, "Shit, I should have done something more interesting because I'm totally going to forget what I just did", and I did.

      The dream ended and I waited for another one to begin. I started to see what looked like my room and I opened my eyes and looked around. I was excited because the dream started next to Dreamer. I smiled at her and she said to me, "Your eyes were open for a while, it was weird."
      I was convinced that I had actually woken up at that point and I told her about my dream and she gave me a huge smile, that made me happy. I rolled over to fall back asleep.

      In the next dream, I had been playing out a loop. It started as me being an actor in some kind of film or play, then I had to go to a high school with a friend. I remember one of the classes was an exercise/weight lifting class. I also remember that there were spider webs when I would end the day and move back to the start of the dream location so that it could begin again. At the end of each cycle there were more spider webs. At the end of what I would guess was the third cycle, there were too many spider webs and I couldn't move past this tiny passage that I needed to go through to get back to the start of the loop.
      Being trapped/surrounded by spider webs is a dream sign of mine, and that made me realize it was a dream. I lit the spider webs on fire by touching them with my finger, then blew on them to make the flames get huge. I could feel the heat from the fire, it felt extremely realistic. When the spider webs were all gone, I jumped through the opening and ended up in what looked like an ancient temple. There was no roof overhead, just a magnificent sky that was filled with stars. I flew up into the sky and noticed a galaxy off in the distance. It was next to this truly beautiful looking town that was composed of bright, vivid, brilliant colours. I thought that the sight of the galaxy and the town was so gorgeous that I started to cry in the dream. I wished that I could bring the sight with me out of the dream, I wished that I could paint it.

      I flew towards the town and the dream started to get really weird, I don't remember what happened though. I woke up soon after that anyways.
    9. Naked Burrito

      by , 04-22-2015 at 02:14 PM
      In the earliest part I can remember, I was lucid and walking across a bridge with Dreamer. I remembered the two dares that I wanted to try, so I started by asking her what she wanted me to do. As I waited for her response I hurriedly tore my clothes off so that I could get naked before she finished answering. While I was working on taking my socks off, hopping beside her, she told me that she wanted me to go to the store (probably incubated from her usual waking life request ). At that point I was completely naked and she didn't seem to even notice.

      I took off flying at super speed to get into town, I was really excited because I was able to fly so quickly over mountains and such. I got to a small town, slowly flew down to it, and then landed on pavement. I was in the middle of a marketplace, there were asian restaurants all around me and this gas station right in front of me. I walked into the gas station and there was nobody there, so I just looked around at their merchandise. They had this huge wall that was lined with deeeeeelicious green chili burritos that were all hot and steamy. I grabbed one and completely devoured it. The store owners came out from the back and looked at me, a naked stranger that was eating one of their burritos like a feral animal, and they acted like they didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I guess I would probably do the same thing if I saw such a scene. They creeped me out so I left the store with my newly found burrito treasure and continued to munch on it while I wandered the streets, still stark naked. I think that I went into a restaurant after that but I don't really remember this part very much.

      In the next part that I can remember, I was flying back to Dreamer to tell her that I had completed her task. I remember finding her but I don't remember what happened, the next part that I can remember after that was flying to Neverland because I couldn't think of anything else to do.

      When I got to Neverland, it was made of blocks like in minecraft. I got involved in some story line and played along as a super hero that was playing both sides in some kind of robbery that had gone wrong. I didn't want anybody to get hurt so I was trying to get the criminals out of there safely. I don't remember that part very well, I just remember that it was fun being able to abuse my powers and show dream characters just how cool I am.

      I'm a little bit worried about how awful my recall is lately, I think I'm going to start writing more of my lucid dreams in my DJ. Maybe if I'm lucky, Dreamer will teach me some of her tricks to have ridiculously awesome recall like she has.
    10. Fart Cream

      by , 04-12-2015 at 01:42 PM
      Lucid #1:

      In the earliest part that I can remember, I was walking through a golden field of grass. It was the early morning, the sun was rising and there was a little bit of mist all around. I was searching for a light painted forest to do Jenkees' lucid dare. Some annoying DC kept following me around so I shoved his face into the ground and put him in the handcuff position, then assigned another DC as a security guard to make sure that he stayed there. The security guard DC immediately had a mall cop uniform and nodded at me. I walked down a dirt path and I came to a small group of trees. I tried to illuminate the various plant life with a multicoloured glow. It wasn't working very well and there were only maybe 8 trees so I decided to try that dare another time.

      I noticed that Dreamer was next to me, I was super excited that it was so easy to find her. I grabbed her hand and we started flying together over this beautiful countryside. I looked down while we flew and admired the vivid green fields. I saw a river that was running through a meadow and into a deeply wooded forest, I considered trying the dare again but decided to try some easier ones.

      We eventually came to a small French town with cobblestone roads and traditional French architecture.

      Need asistance from other Dream guides-2013-06-03-rochefortenterrebretagne.jpg

      I saw a group of chairs that were outside a cafe and I used telekinesis to do one easy dare. I made a chair fly into the air with my mind powers and then I made it fly off into the distance at super speed. I then did some sexy stuff with Dreamer before the dream ended.

      Lucid #2:

      I was watching some story play out from a 3rd person perspective. This guy was going to a restaurant with his girlfriend, his mom, and his mom's boyfriend. The guy broke up with his girlfriend, his mom broke up with her boyfriend, and then the mom and the son left the scene. The mom's now ex-boyfriend pulled out a huge bag of cocaine and then started to do a line off some lady's table. The son's now ex-girlfriend asked for some, then pulled out an even bigger bag of cocaine and filled up the guy's smaller bag instead of taking any. It looked very thick and crystalline, like wet clumps of sugar.
      I appeared and had a body suddenly. I took the bag and rolled it into a huge, slushy clump of snow. I took it outside and held the clump of snow in my left hand while I took chunks of it and made snowballs with my right hand. I threw the snowballs at random DCs that passed by me. They thought I was a dick at first, but then everybody in the street started having a massive, impromptu snowball fight. Old ladies were building fortresses behind cars, bus drivers were leaping over bushes while throwing snowballs and screaming like rambo, and little kids were banding together to plot a massive snowball assault on the adults. I was still throwing snowballs at people at this point. I stole one guy's huge snowball that looked like it was about the size of someone's head and I threw it at another guy. The snow fell off and it turned into a soccer ball. Both guys seemed a little bothered by my tactics but then we all joked about it and went to sit down and eat some food at an outdoor picnic table. I looked at my plate and there were 4 grilled ham & cheese sandwiches. I thought to myself, "Mmmm can't eat those, they're definitely not vegan."
      Then I said to myself, "WAIT, this is a dream, I can eat anything here and it doesn't even matter!"

      I joked around with the people at the table for quite some time as I ate all four sandwiches. I was really enjoying being able to be calm in a group of male friends and I also liked not having to worry about the dream ending anytime soon. Right about when I was done eating the sandwiches, I heard a truck outside IWL and woke up a little. I stayed calm and waited to DEILD.

      The dream started again in a small, completely empty house. There was no furniture or anything, just white walls and white carpet. I walked outside and began flying. Almost immediately I noticed that there was a huge party going on below me. I got excited and wanted to go check it out. It looked like I had stumbled onto a party filled with various supernatural creatures; there were werewolves, vampires, and zombies all hanging out there. They were snacking on brains, blood, and other various foods that were laid out on picnic tables. I got a little bit uncomfortable because they started to eye me like I was going to be their next course. I stayed calm then flew up to what looked like a giant wooden patio that was surrounding a massive tree house. This tree was seriously huge, like world tree size. The patio was a restaurant that was next to an outdoor bar/club. I saw a table filled with guys that were eating different pizzas. I walked over and they offered me some. I gladly accepted and began greedily stuffing my mouth by taking a bite out of each slice. One of the DCs looked a bit sad so I told him with my mouth completely full, "Aww I'm sorry man, I left most of it for you."

      Strangely, my mouth felt kind of dry, so I looked around for a drink but I couldn't find any. I stuffed my face with some fries instead. Then I looked over to the bar/club and there were multicoloured lights flashing with a decent sized crowd of people grinding up against each other in what resembled a fully clothed orgy.
      I decided to try some tasks so I flew down to a nice, quiet, and empty house then reached inside my pocket. I pulled out a black disc, stretched it out with my hands, then threw it on the floor. I jumped in with the intent of travelling to an advanced civilization and felt like I was falling through a void. I'm usually scared of falling in dreams but this sensation was actually quite pleasant. I landed and opened my eyes. I was in the same room as before and I thought to myself, "Well shit, that didn't work very well."

      Then I looked outside the window and noticed that everything had changed. I floated through the window and saw that all of the buildings looked aged and run-down. There was overgrown vegetation everywhere and many of the houses had trees growing out of their rooves, with massive roots completely encompassing some of them.

      Need asistance from other Dream guides-nature-reclaiming-abandoned-places-5.jpg

      There was nobody around. After exploring for a bit, I noticed a building that had lit candles inside. I smashed through a giant window to get in, I didn't feel like trying to phase through it. I looked around and felt like I was in an inventor's workshop. There were schematics and half-completed contraptions strewn about all over the place. I picked up one tool that looked like a magnifying glass, except that it had tiny, golden gears inside as well as strange and intricate symbols. It looked like it had some kind of complex, electrical circuit built into the glass. I then picked up what looked like a paper weight. I inspected it closely and saw fine, golden etches in it that resembled a fibonacci spiral. I had no idea what any of this stuff did so I wandered around the house to look for the inventor, but I only found his wife. She wore these tight, pink pants and looked like she was from the 90's. She also seemed to be quite sassy and rude. I said to her, "Hello, I am from another time and I would like to see some cool technology please."
      She responded in a thick, Brooklyn accent, "Okay, but that'll cost you ten dollars."
      I pulled 30 Australian dollars out of my pocket and handed it to her. She looked surprised for a split second before bursting into laughter. She said to me, "You still use this paper shit? Hahahahahaha."

      I quickly reached into my pockets and pulled everything out. I had 60 AUD and my phone, which I then handed to her. She laughed even harder then said, "Fine, fine, I'll show you something."

      She took out this green coloured cream and put it on my face. She said, "Get ready for it to burn, it will completely protect you from the sun and from heat."

      Some of it got into my mouth, it had a goolike texture and it tasted kind of like avocado mixed with sugar and some kind of seeds. I looked at her shelves and pointed to one bottle of stuff then asked her, "What does that do?"

      She responded, "Oh, that will give you the BIGGEST farts of your life."

      Woke up.

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    11. DG Summer Home. ★★★★☆

      by , 02-10-2015 at 11:39 PM (Zödra)
      I am in a snowed over city standing near a road... hmmm... I am dreaming. my goal is... dreamer! I look around for a flash of purple against the white. She is standing in a crowd. I run over and say the line I had rehearsed.
      "Dreamer, take me to the upper league and to where time moves slower."
      "No, the competition is over, I do have something to show you though."
      "Take me there." She grabs my hand and we start running through the city. at first at normal speeds, but then we start moving faster than possible and people are looking at us funny. I want to laugh at the DCs, but I am too busy being pulled by dreamer. We are reaching the outskirts of the city and it seems to end abruptly and there is a huge lake and a big house near it. It reminds me of a lake house that we rented back when my Grandpa was still alive. This didn't seem to be the same though, since it wasn't in a wooded area.

      "What is this place?"
      "A place for the Dreamviews Dream Guides to come for relaxation and an awesome place to hang out!" She says. I notice now that she is in a bikini. I morph my clothes into board shorts and I look down at the water and see dreamy, percy, and NyxCC flying above the water and dipping into it. Dreamy keeps going higher and higher and then just falling into the water and then flying out. Dreamer tackles him during one of his falls and they disappear into the water. I scan in the house and feel ThreeCat meditating in there. I do a bigger scan and notice that there is someone moving towards us quickly from the sky. I look up and see canis waving. What an awesome dream... Don't know if this is shared dreaming, but one can hope.
      I fly into the water and create a huge water vortex and shoot it at canis as he is flying in. It shoots him higher into the air and then he rushes back in at me. Percy runs inside and tells ThreeCat that we are all there, and we all stay outside for what seemed like hours, on, in, and around the water. I realize that canis had been missing for a while and I scan for him inside. He seems to have been doing some lucid cooking and he beckoned me to get everyone inside. I grab everyone with scan and teleport them inside. We all sit down and eat at the table. I don't remember much of what we ate or talked about. I don't know if I had lucidity the whole time, but the feelings were there, I was a little sad the whole time thinking that they might all be fake, but I knew that it didn't matter and I should just enjoy the time I had. I woke up a little after dinner as we were all sitting on the roof watching the sunset.

      I am in a snowy city at night... wait a minute, I look to my left and realize that my brother in law is driving, but I know this city... I am dreaming! I take control of his body through scan and force him to drive like a maniac on the ice (very easy to drive awesome on ice when you decide when it is gonna slide and when it is not). I jump out of the top of the car as we get close to the house and there is a huge spaceship next to the lakehouse. It seems like only Percy is there. I wander where the others are, but then I realize that time has passed since I came there and that the one day that we had was at least a day ago and we all had gone back to our normal dream lives. Percy is standing on the roof and challenging the leader of the ship. An old man that comes out that reminds me of Hades:

      I suddenly realize where this lake house is at. I do scan to check it out and we are at Dreamer's Reach, the whole city and lake are on top of the island. I land next to Percy and say "It is up to us to stop him, really shouldn't be that hard."
      He looks down at us laughs and puts his hands together like he is doing Grimoire Law

      I scan teleport next to him and summon a sword at the same time, with one swipe chopping his arm off before I even fully am teleported there. I look across Hades arm and see Percy has chopped of the other arm. He puts a hand on his back and is getting ready to teleport him somewhere else, but I stop him.
      I create a barrier in Hades heart that will stop it from working if he ever gets near Dreamer's Reach again. I then let him know about this and Percy teleports him and the spaceship away. I don't know if he did this and then came back or if he just did it by touching it. It was quite impressive. I flew down to the house and we talked a bit about how awesome it will be when there are more dreamers there all the time. He mentioned, though, that the lake house should be reserved for DGs and I thought that that seemed pretty cool.

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    12. Smushed

      by , 02-07-2015 at 02:30 PM
      DILD #1

      I don't remember this one that well, it happened very early on in the night. I just remember being lucid and having a sex dream with Dreamer. I remember stretching her limbs to ridiculous lengths like she was Mister Incredible.

      DILD #2

      I repeated this dream a few times. It started with me eating roast beef, thinking it was vegan. I realized it wasn't and was a little grossed out by what I had just eaten.
      I became lucid from that and went on a journey with Dreamer in some strange shopping mall. I actually repeated the dream a couple times. When I didn't like how it went, I would restart it from the roast beef decision.

      In one of the restarts we were exploring some staircases when I saw an abomination.

      He threw his hook at me but I ran at super speed and dodged all of his attacks while jumping super high as well. I restarted that one when a few more abominations appeared.

      In another one we were exploring the same staircases when I summoned Percylucid. He started talking about some dream stuff, I don't remember anything that he said though. I think we kind of went on exploring without him and eventually got to some place that looked like an insane asylum. There were straight jackets and those Hannibal Lecter style masks everywhere. I could hear doctors and nurses rushing in to restrain us. I decided to try a teleportation technique that I had read in Percylucid's DJ. I closed my eyes, visually imagined and felt where I wanted to be, then jumped in the air. It worked, sort of. I got out of there but I ended up in the bedroom again with Dreamer. I forgot that I was dreaming and I don't remember what happened after that.

      DILD #3

      I was having a stress dream where I was in a shuttle bus with a bunch of old people. It was taking us all to the airport. I took the wheel at some point then dissociated from my body and realized that I was actually sitting down next to another version of me that was driving.
      I became lucid from that and told myself to make us fly into the air super fast and do crazy flying moves like spins and dives and rolls. He pulled it off effortlessly. He then crashed the car into the ground, but I wasn't injured at all despite the brutality of it. I asked Dreamy #2 to summon a microwave that was big enough for me to get into, one instantly appeared in front of me. I opened it with my mind and tried to climb into it, but it was just a little bit too small for me to fit inside of. I remembered what Dreamer did and I made the microwave start to suck me in while my body simultaneously shrunk. I eventually fit into it but with my limbs all tightly compacted in a very uncomfortable cube. The dream started to end so I quickly turned the microwave on and the last thing I saw was a 3rd person image of my legs and arms and face all smushed up against the side of the microwave window.

      DILD #4

      I became lucid in a shopping mall/amusement park. There were little food stands and small rides everywhere. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do, so I just relaxed while calmly walking through the dream and admiring the beauty of the world around me. These two old, blind women walked up to me, I think they were attached to each other. They told me that they could teleport me to any place that I wanted! I really liked the idea of that, so I asked them to send me to D.R.

      They said sure then started summoning portals while running around. Right as I would run up to them, the portals would disappear. The two blind women thought this was hilarious and they kept summoning portals for me to run into them making them disappear right as I got to them. After trying that about 4-5 times, I gave up and decided to just try to get there by myself. I closed my eyes and jumped in the air. I ended up in a void then woke up shortly after.

      DILD #5

      I became lucid while in a fight with some guy. I became lucid from it because his punches weren't really hurting. I then took him to the ground and used my super dream wrestling skills and thought to myself that I wish I was that good at wrestling outside of dreams.

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    13. No Worries!

      by , 02-05-2015 at 05:54 AM
      Tuesday Night:


      I became lucid while I was in some kind of prison. I showed these two enormous, mythical creatures with hidden, dark faces and giant hats some cool powers. I made them both levitate in the air for a few seconds.

      They looked like that but huuuuge.
      They thought I was pretty cool for being so powerful. I then saw one of my old friends that had been part of the dream before I became lucid. His body was distorted because he had been mutilated. I promised him that I could make him clones of his body to put his consciousness into, as many as he wanted! I followed the line of inmates into another room while I continued to talk to my old friend, his face slowly looked less mutilated the longer we talked. Woke up.

      Wednesday Night:

      Before this night, I practiced being lucid in a dream while I was awake. I noticed that I constantly had thoughts that the dream was going to end soon, I let myself relax and I reprogrammed my expectations. I began to believe that I could actually stay in a dream for a long time and that it didn't have to end, because I had been in the waking lucid dream for so long. I knew that I could relax and enjoy my dreams without any pressure to hurry. I felt much more confident when I went to sleep, all thanks to Dreamer's wonderful advice and wisdom

      DILD #1

      I was talking with Keannu Reeves and a couple other movie people when they all suddenly started talking about lucidity. They started individually saying to me that I was lucid. Then they all said it in unison, "You are lucid!"

      I repeated back at them in agreement, "You're right, I am lucid!!"
      They repeated it again, "You are lucid!!!"
      I repeated back at them, "I'm lucid!!!!"
      I got really excited and woke up into a false awakening.

      DILD #2

      I was in my parents' room with Dreamer, I was telling her about the dream that I just had. While I was recounting the details to her, she said something that Keannu Reeves had said, but I didn't tell her that part yet. I cocked my head to the side and squinted my eyes at her while saying, "How did you...wait a minute..."
      I did a noseplug RC and realized it was a dream.
      I grabbed her hand and she went limp. I picked her up with one hand, then proceeded to fly up into the ceiling. I went straight through the roof while I imagined that D.R. island would be on the other side. The first attempt failed and I fell back down to the ground. The second time I got through the roof and there was another roof above that roof to get through, I fell back down. I started to get a little bit frustrated but I tried again and got through all the roofs only to discover that this room was in a giant void. At that point I was super frustrated and I woke up. Upon waking, I realized that I had woken up because I was getting all worked up about my dream control not working. So I made sure that next time I would remember Dreamer's advice, "Don't worry about one thing not working because you can always try something else!"

      DILD #3

      I was visiting my parents with Dreamer. My dad had said something about how much he missed me and that he was going to make green chili. He wanted to know if I was going to have any and I basically said that I would if it didn't have any pork in it. I remember looking at my arms and seeing tattoos all over them, I thought that was very strange.

      I don't remember how I became lucid.

      In my earliest memories of the lucid part of the dream I phased through several walls just to make sure that I could. I was super calm in this dream and not worried at all about waking up, it was really nice.
      I wanted to get outside so I tried to run through a window head first. I bounced off and fell on my bum. I tried to calmly walk through it, didn't work. I remembered that I didn't need to worry because I could always try something else. I imagined that there was a handle at the bottom of the window that I could use to open it. I reached towards the bottom of the window and slowly opened it, then crawled through it to get outside. It was a very windy day but I was really happy that I didn't have to wake up and I felt peaceful. I calmly walked through the dream and decided it might be good to farm some points for Sensei's competition while I ventured towards D.R. island. I imagined that gravity was pulling me towards the sky rather than the ground. I flipped upside down then started to float down towards the sky. I changed gravity back to normal before it got too strong. I saw several red bicycles in trees and on roofs around me. I made them fly through the air towards me and sent them shooting off with the wind. While they were flying away, I slowed down time and the colour of the world changed to have a blueish tint. The colours went back to normal when time sped up again. I then made a couple fire balls appear in my hands. I noted how incredibly realistic and beautiful they were before I threw them off into the distance. They exploded when they made contact with stuff.

      I should also mention that while I was doing all of this shameless point farming, the world around me was slowly transforming into a lush, green forest. Trees were sprouting up and this incredibly vivid green grass began to appear everywhere.

      After I did the fireball thing I tried to fly upwards into the sky at RIDICULOUS speed, didn't work so well. I kind of floated upwards really slowly then floated back to the ground. I remembered the super tasks that I could do for a few more points. I used my super strength to fling a really heavy table that was bolted to the ground way far into the sky, then I moved super quickly so that I left a trail of my image behind me as I was moving.

      At this point I looked around and saw that I was at D.R. and I was really excited.

      I did a little dance and then thought about summoning Dreamer and The Chocolate Cake Man. But first, I noticed this strange thing in the dream. There was a dark line across the ground and past that line it was night time and the trees were different. I went across the line to see what it was all about but when I turned around, there was a giant curtain. I opened the curtain and the beautiful D.R. landscape was gone, I had accidentally teleported to some dark, night time land. I closed the curtain then reopened it to try to teleport back to D.R. but instead I got to some minecraft looking land. But it was bright there so I figured that was better than this dark place.

      The curtains closed behind me and disappeared. I tried to summon The Chocolate Cake Man and Dreamer right in front of me by making them come through portals. The air started to get all wavy as though a portal was forming, but it didn't work. I reached behind my back and waited for Dreamer to take my hand, didn't work. I called out to the dream, "Where arrre you Dreamer?"
      She didn't appear. I asked for The Chocolate Cake Man to come to me instead. He appeared instantly, along with several other random DCs. He had blue pants, a green shirt, and a black cloth over his face. He also looked like he was made out of legos. I asked him if he was The Chocolate Cake man. He nodded. The dream started to end. I asked him, "Why are you so special?"
      He responded by saying something about absolute and unconditional love when it was needed but I forgot exactly what he said upon waking.


      I had finally gotten into a dream after trying to WILD for about an hour. It started in a car with my mom, she was driving me to her house. I got really excited and said to myself, "I will not lose lucidity, I will not lose lucidity, I will not lose lucidity!"
      By the time we got to the house, I had forgotten I was in a dream.
      I wandered around the house and noticed there was green chili cooking in the kitchen. I went into the bathroom and saw my ukulele sitting in the sink with water pouring on it. I picked it up and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a huge vein on my forehead and I thought that was pretty neat, I like forehead veins for some reason. I started to walk outside with my wet ukulele when I woke up.
    14. A lot of short lucids

      by , 02-02-2015 at 08:46 AM
      Saturday Night:

      I became lucid at the end of a nightmare and tried to change what happened by restarting the dream, but I woke up instead.

      Sunday Night:

      DILD #1

      I was in a fancy restaurant with Dreamer. We were lying down on a secret upper platform that was covered in a silky, pink blanket and plush pillows.
      Spoiler for Slightly Sexy Scene:
      She said to me, "We have the best seat in the house."
      I nodded my head in agreement, then she clumsily fell off the side of our platform and onto a table where a nice elderly couple were eating their dinner. I looked down and saw two Dreamers.
      I looked back and forth between them with my mouth agape in shock and excitement. I then did a noseplug RC and air went through. I grabbed the hand of the real Dreamer and we took off flying. I woke up, DEILD'd back in.
      I was still flying with her except we were outside of an epic sized shopping mall. She remarked to me that my dreams were quite short compared to hers. I sadly agreed that they had been very short lately. We landed and I used my super leg muscles to jump super long distances, all over the top of the cementlike shopping centre structure. I was like a human grasshopper.
      Woke up into a false awakening.

      DILD #2

      I had been talking with dreamer for a while about, I don't know what.
      But eventually I remembered that I needed to do an RC after waking up to make sure it was real. I did a nose plug RC and air went through again. I then took her hand and we went flying again and I moved some stuff around with my mind powers for fun before waking up.


      I had been trying to WILD for what felt like ages when I finally got into a dream, I did a closed mouth RC to make sure and air went through. I got really excited then woke up immediately.

      DILD #3

      I had become lucid while talking to Joffrey, he was telling me that he was a master at dream control and I challenged him to show me something. He refused though and then I woke up pretty quickly.

      DILD #4

      I was talking to an old friend from high school when I realized that I was in a dream again. Dreamer was with me. I took her hand and we went flying towards these ancient ruins of an industrial city. Woke up before we got there.

      DILD #5

      I was in another dream with Joffrey. He was the same character except we were in another room that was brightly lit with warm light pouring through a few windows. I remember how pretty it was to see the light illuminating the red wood floor. I was watching some show with Joffrey when I decided that I wanted to change the channel. I tried to change it with telekinesis but it wouldn't work, I became frustrated and realized that I was being ridiculous and I should do some cool dream control stuff for fun and to farm points. I looked at these playing cards that were scattered across the floor and made them all fly up into the air. I made the cards fly in a circular pattern above me before making them fly off in all different directions. I then looked at B-Dog, who was lying on a bed, and tried to make time slow down for him. Wasn't working. I then tried to make time speed up. B-Dog began to lick himself and move very quickly. I returned time to the normal speed and I could hear the ticking of a clock slowing down while I was doing it.

      I then walked over to Joffrey, turned off the TV from his keyboard by pressing the space bar, and then told him to stab me with a pen because I was invincible!! He did it and I laughed at him. I then told him to give me some of the chocolate and raspberries that he was eating. He refused. I tried to make him with mind control, but it didn't work. I got frustrated and then grabbed the chocolate and raspberries and shoved them in my mouth, YUMMMMm. His drone/slave DC walked in and started talking to him. I could feel the dream starting to end so I made fireballs appear in my hands and I juggled them in the air then threw them at the walls.

      Note: Before this night I had tried something different from my usual mantra. Instead of trying to feel as though I was in a dream while repeating words, I instead repeated the phrase, "I am dreaming" about 30 times while trying very hard to remember it. I felt like I was trying to memorize something, I was trying really hard not to forget. I also combined that with Dreamer's awesome daytime method for having super long lucid dreams, but I didn't do it right.

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    15. Annoying Lab Member, Some Naughty Giants, and a Troublesome Lawnmower

      by , 01-31-2015 at 02:54 PM
      Night 5: A couple NL Dreams & WBTB

      Night 6: DILD
      I became lucid after an old lab group member tried to kick me. I caught his foot and lifted him up in the air by his ankles, then his torso turned into a pair of legs. So his body was composed of 4 legs that were whimsically dangling about. I thought that was strange, so I did a RC and realized I was dreaming. I dropped the legs and then excitedly ran to the door to get outside. I started to float upwards and tried to phase through the wall, but it was solid as fuck. I tried 4 times before I woke up.

      Night 7: WILD/DEILD:

      ~Dreamer~ whispered in my ear when I woke up that I should try to DEILD and I thought that was a great idea! The dream started with me talking to a giant that was about 30-50 feet tall. He said that he wanted to crush me but I was trying to convince him that we could be friends. He didn't want any of my friendship and he summoned a flaming boulder at his feet which he then proceeded to hurl at me. I ran away to try and avoid conflict. He threw several flaming boulders at me, they exploded into piles of ember and lava upon hitting the ground. I deftly dodged them while running away.

      I thought about running into a house to hide, but then I realized that I was powerful enough in dreams that I could totally kick this guy's ass. I noticed another giant that was standing outside of the house I was going to run into. I summoned a flaming boulder at his feet, lifted it into the air then made it explode into several smaller boulders. I then made all of the smaller boulders fly in the air and smash into his face simultaneously. I then turned around and saw the other giant still chasing at me. I lifted a flaming boulder that he was about to throw at me up into the air and made all of the fire get sucked out of it, then I made it form a fiery fist. I made the flame fist fly around in the air and then punch the giant square in the face. He recoiled a little bit.

      I tried to think about what else I wanted to do in the dream and I remembered that I love to eat stuff in dreams. I summoned a watermelon in the giant's hands which he then threw at me. It smashed on the ground into perfect slices. I got down on my hands and knees and started to eat the yummy red deliciousness with my face hole.

      I noticed that the dream was starting to end so I made time slow down until it was completely frozen. I imagined that I was pausing the dream scene so that I could return to it later to mess around with those naughty giants a little bit more.
      Woke up.


      I had been trying to WILD for awhile when I realized that I might just be dreaming of trying to WILD. I did a reality check and air went through my closed mouth.
      Still not entirely sure that I was really dreaming, I carefully got out of bed. Dreamer was clinging to my body really tightly and so I had trouble moving. She kind of fell out of bed with me, onto the ground. I decided that I would carry her with me while I go on adventures! I heard this strange lawnmower sound outside and tried to stay in the dream but I woke up.


      After trying to WILD again for a while, I felt my dream hands and legs start to move separately from my waking life hands and legs. I moved them around while focusing on them to bring myself more into the dream. I did an epiglottis block RC just to be sure and then I got out of bed when I no longer felt my waking life body. I then started to bring Dreamer's DC with me on a lucid adventure, when I heard that damn lawnmower sound outside again. Woke up once more

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