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    1. 16-11-12 Scissors Kill, Electrocuting *REDACTED*, Strange Hotel Rooms

      by , 11-15-2016 at 04:54 AM
      I was Googling REDACTED with my mind (a controllable hypnagogic hallucination), to find out who REDACTED's significant other is. I only found the (useless) Dutch version of Wikipedia, which didn't have what I wanted to know.

      In another scene, I'm in the middle of a fight between two rival groups of super-powered mutants. One group of mutants even had tails (!!). At some point, I forced a guy to the ground, and stabbed him in the face and forehead a pair of scissors. It went through his skull. I was furious, and kept stabbing him again and again, and again... even after he was obviously dead.

      I'm with REDACTED in an outdoors area, like a park. There's a long (white?), wooden gazebo, which is where I was standing. I faced REDACTED (who was on the grass), picked up two ends of electrical wire, and brought the two ends together. I was electrocuted, the electricity traveled through the ground (was it wet?) and also electrocuted REDACTED. He was knocked to the ground. I approached him. Suddenly (still on the ground), he pulled his gun on me. I was glad, because this was a sign his memory was returning (he had forgotten everything, who he was, and that he had a gun). The camera moved elsewhere, and the sound of gunshots sounded throughout the park. I knew he was just popping off a few shots in the air, not at me.

      I'm in some kind of hotel room, or rather "hotel apartment", because it had several small rooms linked by a corridor. I was watching REDACTED on TV, and immediately noticed how gorgeous she looked. Like I do in real life, I REDACTED it. I didn't watch much, I had to turn off the device I was watching it on, because it had to recharge. There was another electrical device already recharging (my PS Vita?). Bored, I tried to think of something to do to pass the time. I went to the "TV room". Something else in that room was making a lot of noise (a radio?), and combined with the TV it drove me nuts. So I turned it off.
    2. Ghost Whisperer?

      by , 06-07-2012 at 05:51 PM
      The last dream I had this morning (6/7/12) was about me meeting a man in a house that I was roaming in. I walked into a room, and saw someone. He was probably in his twenties.
      I was sensing that he had passed on. He said that he had been electrocuted. As soon as he said that, I said "Yes, that explains why my entire body is feeling tingly."
      Apparently I was a ghost whisperer. I could see him, and sense his experience.
      I asked him his name. I told him that if he wanted, I could relay any messages. He told me his name, but I didn't understand what he said at first, so I asked him again.
      Although I wasn't lucid, I wanted to know his name so when I woke up, I could find out if he really existed.
      I asked him a few times, and I think he was getting irritated with me.
      I think he told me his name was Aaron something, but not sure.
      When I woke up, I googled 'Electrocution'. Hoping to find a news story about someone being electrocuted. What I got was a story about a NHL prospect. He was 23 years old, and was reported to have died by electrocution a day ago. His first name was Bryan. (Aaron/Bryan sounds alike)
      I saw a picture of him, and he did resemble the man in my dream.
      I don't know if it was him, but it was interesting.
    3. Late for work, and electrocuting ghosts

      by , 07-29-2010 at 10:41 AM (Purple Trees and Zombies: Trippy Dreams of an Artist/Writer)
      I recall little of the beginning, but it might have been the night (or morning) before work. Melanie (co-worker from Subway) was in bed with me, but we weren't playing around like that. It was more "slumber party", than sexual. I remember setting the alarm, angry at Melanie for some reason.

      Cut to the car; we are driving down the road, my lap desk is on the roof of the car, or in front - not sure. But I'm concerned for my belongings, so I bring it inside. I take out my laptop and pen tablet; Melanie is watching and in the back seat. Not sure who's driving, lol.

      I want to go to a store before work, I look at a clock in my mother's kitchen to gage the time (should have known then I was dreaming, being "suddenly" in my mother's kitchen) and determine I have 15 minutes to get to this store. However, my dad has to get money from the bank. He drives us into the parking lot; it's empty, but he tries the door anyway. The bank is closed. We leave, and I mention something that he should have known the bank was closed since no one was parked outside. He makes some flippant comment back, but I can't remember what it was.

      Back to the house and Melanie is unconcerned with getting to work on time. I'm getting pissed at her, not for being late for work, but I really want to get to this store (have no clue what store it was, but I really wanted to go). Mom gives me marshmallows for some reason, says I should eat. I put one in my mouth, but then take it out and set it on the counter. Melanie it doing something with laundry, or is in the laundry room doing something, not sure what because -

      Outside, we are getting ready to leave. These people show up, a few college-type guys, and a lady with short, blond curly hair. She is carrying munchies and a large butcher knife. This gives me pause, but Melanie assures me she's cool. The woman affirms this with a grin and shakes the chips in her hand. We all pile into the car, and I'm annoyed I'm smushed against the door. The door itself becomes only a frame, a yellow steel frame I have to lock or it'll open while we're moving. I don't want to fall out.

      Now I'm outside a house, it's fancy, maybe a mansion. There is a gondola on the roof, lit up and with windows. Everyone that was in the car is inside, frightened by all the water on the floor, running from the sinks. No one can shut them off. I know there is something nasty inside the house, waiting to hurt people.

      To confirm this, my awareness goes to the gondola, where Melanie is there with two children. I can't remember the details of the children, just a boy and girl. The girl is blond and wearing a dress, I think. Melanie has been taken over by...something. It makes her jump in a graceful arc from the gondola ledge into a window. For some reason, I remember her hair rippling in the wind. That really stands out in my dream.

      I'm back inside, and I try to get off the floor (where the water is) by holding onto a sink and holding my legs up. Why I'm doing this...I have no clue. But I know whatever is in Melanie, it's going to electrocute people. A moment later, I relax. I'm immune to electroshock. Silly me.

      I go downstairs and confront Melanie, who then changes into an old man in a tan suit. He smiles before trying to kill me, and I smile as the attempt fails. The others aren't watching, too busy running around panicking. He frowns and becomes angry. The shock itself is uncomfortable; I can feel it shooting up my legs. He leaves and I follow, taunting him that he's angry I won't die (yes, let's taunt the mean electrocuting monster :/ ). He falls into an ornate chair as if exasperated, changing appearance again into a blond heavy-set woman who rolls her eyes at me.

      I wake.

      Themes seem to be blond hair, water (as usual), food (I am on a heavy lifestyle change, lost 35 pounds so far), and perhaps money? Work seemed to be the farthest thing on my mind during the dream.

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