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    1. Charming Man with Evil Female Presence Undertones

      by , 03-16-2014 at 03:17 PM

      6:39 am non-lucid

      Dream Part 2

      I overhear a school's presentation in another class after hearing Japanese coming from the class. I decide to join in and watch and the scene transitions to outside at a Japanese concert with Japanese music. I find my friends and cheer. Then, it goes back to the classroom, in which I'm cheering for the presenter.

      Not sure if this was the same presenter, but one of the presentations is about Conan O'Brien. Student dresses up, looking like Conan, has red hair. After the presentation I bump into him on the way to the parking lot and congratulate him. I'm charmed by him and almost forget that I'm headed to the wrong parking lot, supposed to be going to a satellite parking lot further away.

      The guy is actually some sort of witch that kills its victims when he gets them to go back to his hotel with him. He is male, but has a evil female presence. I realize this. My friend is worried about me, but I tell her not to worry, I broke away and left for my car.

      Somehow we do end up at the hotel. Me, my friend (female), my husband and that guy. I remember my love for my husband to avoid getting charmed by him, but I'm worried for my friend. All of the sudden, we're running from him and we go down to the basement (my mother's) to escape, but it's too late for my friend. She tells us to go, she'll hold him off. Her fingernails dig into the archway of the entrance to the basement stairway. He gets to her and kills her. This is when she comes to the realization of what the presentation really meant. Conan O'Brien was just a cover. The aspect of wanting to see him stood for loss, mourning and missing one's loved ones who have passed away.

      This dream didn't make my heart pound or terrify me, but I still think it's a nightmare because I'm left creeped out, lingering into my waking life.

      Was scared to go to the bathroom alone after I woke up and brought my husband with me. Scarily enough, the mirror to the medicine cabinet was open! I had him close it.

      I also had this feeling towards the end of the dream that my own fingernail was digging into my skin (I don't know if it actually was in real life) and needed to wake up to stop it.
    2. Strange abandoned woods

      by , 03-10-2014 at 01:33 AM

      9:20 am non-lucid

      Part 2

      Something about to be revealed. Dramatic music with string quartet. I keep myself turned around because I don't want to see. First, girl from daycare (who was on the train in that other dream) peers out of the curtain (and someone harmless before her) and we're relieved. But the daycare kid says to us that someone else is there, implying someone tall and scary. Then I wake up.

      Before the revealing, we are expecting something menacing and evil. But I (or my husband? or us combined?) remember the last time we faced it and how the creature wasn't too bad. I'm imagining the creature as よつば. My husband (or me?) says to sit in a bathtub so that we won't wake up (?) when we face her.

      Part 1

      Before this, we're all on vacation. We were forced to leave the nice timeshare (?) to go to a cabin in the woods with a lake. My husband and I were very upset and wish we had asked to stay behind.

      More than just my family was there. At one point, I went to eat lunch when it was the Japanese lunch time. I remember there being very authentic food made by this nice lady (a mentor) and thinking perhaps I shouldn't complain about being here. My husband was there, and other Japanese ladies. One asked why I was at this table and another replied because I'm married to my husband.

      At some point I go off further into the woods, past these signs in various languages except English and Japanese. I find a shallow source of water and drink from it. I don't recall exactly, but throughout this part of the forest there are things abandoned. I wonder if this area has radiation and regret drinking from it. I leave the area and look at the sign. There's English but I don't understand what it says. This was the most interesting part of my dream. I would like to revisit this area in another dream again.

      Transitioning to the evil presence coming, something about going to a shopping complex with my husband.

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    3. One New Message

      by , 02-25-2013 at 05:40 PM
      I bet i'm newer than you!-mqdefault.jpg

      * ADA + WBTB + MILD after 7hrs sleep this night. Was up for about an hour. Ate a banana and drank cup of herbal tea before going back to sleep.

      I'm in a small living room but I don't recognize it. I'm mindlessly walking over to a table with an old answering machine that sits next to a telephone. I start playing the messages on the answering machine. Evil sounding noises start coming form the answering machine and I think to myself 'Evil' and I am suddenly very scared. I wonder how evil could have infected my answering machine. Suddenly I realize this doesn't make sense and I become lucid.

      I test this by looking at my hands and predictably my hand looks distorted. It always seems to be a different distortion and this time the odd thing is that my index and little finger are only about an inch long while my other fingers are the normal length. I am positive I'm in a lucid dream now.

      I make my way out of the room and down some stairs to the front door. I walk outside and looking up a hill is a large windmill. I try to do my lucid task of trying to run very fast. I think about running very fast up the hill. However I seem to be stuck and actually walking very slowly dispute my efforts to run.

      My vision starts fading to black and I wake up.

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    4. 5th January 2012

      by , 02-10-2012 at 03:39 AM
      I am in a house with my Hubby, it's our house but it's a bit different only the dining room is the same. I go into the dining room and push all the chairs back under the table and tidy up. I walk into the kitchen to get a cloth to wipe the table, I walk back to the dining room and when I reach the doorway I nearly have a heart attack because the table has been pushed up against the unit and the chairs from that side have been placed into the Center of the room. I can now feel the bad ghost that always haunts my dreams and I scream "ohhh my god, it's here again!!!!!" I think to myself "this is like the film poltergeist" I shout my hubby to come and have a look and he does. I now run upstairs and feel the ghost thing next to me...it's the most god-awfull feeling in the world!!! It now suddenly goes all dark. I look about the dark room and see candles placed about in there, I pick one up to help me see but now it's changed into a crappy little torch, the light from it is very dull. I make my way back to the dining room...I'm scared because I can feel the really nasty presence so I quickly walk past the dining room so it can't get me. My eldest daughter L comes over and says "weird" I say "why" she says "it went dark as soon as you felt the ghost again". I am now standing at the bottom of the stairs, I'm talking to J, my husbands sister, she has short hair and looks very different, we are waiting for someone to come and get rid of the ghost. There is a glass door to my left and someone suddenly bangs on it. I can see a mans figure through the glass, J shouts "hang on" then he bangs the glass harder but this time he's banging on it with his hammer, I now think "SHIT!!" then J shouts to him "fuckin hang on I said!!!" then he comes in and it's Russell Howard, I then wake up.