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    1. Friday 16th November 2012

      by , 11-29-2012 at 01:03 AM
      Last Nights Scary False Awakening

      I'm in my bed in my bedroom and my hubby is asleep next to me. It's night time so it's dark now. Suddenly something I can't see picks me up off the bed and then throws me back down onto the bed with a thud. I'm now shitting myself and it grabs me again, twists me around, lifts me up and throws me back onto the bed.
      The fact that this was a dream didn't even enter my head because I let the fear get the better of me. ((No matter if your a natural like myself, this type of FA can still freak you out!)).
      I now grab my hubby and shout "WAKE UP!" And I shake him hard. He now wakes up and I hold onto him tightly from fear. I now wake up in real life!
      false awakening
    2. Sunday 11th November 2012

      by , 11-29-2012 at 12:55 AM
      Last Nights False Awakenings

      False Awakening No.1

      I wake up in bed and my hubby is leaning over me. He is screaming at me and trying to attack me, I then wake up, but into a second false awakening:...

      False Awakening No.2

      I'm sitting in bed awake, my hubby now wakes up. My hubby gets up out of bed and lunges at me with his arms stretched out towards me. He is shouting something at me in an angry voice but I can't remember what. He now grabs me around the throat and I struggle with him on the bed as I try to get him off me.
      We now fall off my side of the bed and hit the floor with a thud! I manage to shove my hubby under the bed, and as I do I scrape his back across the wooden floor panels that are under there. My hubby squeals and moans and I manage to use the bed to wedge him off me and get away from him. I now quickly run to the floor at the end of my bed. My hubby now gets himself from under the bed and is now sitting on the floor with his legs crossed.
      I can now hear the radio playing in the background. The man on the radio is interviewing a woman about dreams and she says "when your floor cracks in a dream, it will crack in real life. This is so the Bible will fall through it and they have then succeeded to leave you without your Bible" lol. The man says "really?, and that's when they can get to you easier, and that's why they do it?".
      I now see my hubby again and he's still sitting in the legs crossed position. He starts banging his fists on the floor, and starts kind of like gliding towards me. He now reaches me, so I grab his shoulders and scream "K WAKE UP...K WAKE UP!" But he's still in a weird dream like state and still trying to attack me, so I grab his head and push it to the floor which slows him down a little.
      I now run into my Daughters room and hide behind her door. My hubby turns to go the other way, but then he turns back towards where I am hiding. He glides, legs still crossed, along the landing and towards me. He's shouting obscenities at me, he's really scary!.
      I'm really scared and I also now realise that my bedroom floor is beginning to crack. I hear the woman on the radio again and she says "if it starts to crack then it means that your house will fall down within the next hour!" I now shit myself more but then I wake up for real.
      false awakening
    3. Sunday 21st October 2012

      by , 11-27-2012 at 12:30 AM
      Last Nights False Awakenings And Lucid Dream

      I wake up in bed and feel vibrations and that strange feeling that I'm about to go into a lucid dream. I think to myself "float up" and with this I feel myself float up and land on the floor at the end of my bed. I can't see, but I can feel something stuck to me, I've never had this before. I feel my face etc. and there's something stuck on me. I pull hard at whatever it is and manage to prise it off and with this I can now see. I decide to get out of my room by flying out of my window. I go over to the window and go to fly out but my hubby now wakes up. He says "what you doing?" I say "I'm dreaming" and he settles and goes back to sleep.
      I go back over to the window and feel for glass, just to make sure I'm dreaming. I feel a small boy with me but I can't see him. Well I can't feel any glass because there isn't any and I now know that I'm definitely dreaming, although I was already pretty sure I was. (( I didn't want to jump through my window and plunge to my death if I wasn't dreaming lol)). I lean out of the window and come back in. I decide to double check that my flying is working before I zoom myself out of my window. I fly from my window to my landing and I know I'm now ok to fly. I point my hands forward, do a jump and fly out of my bedroom window!
      I'm now flying outside in the sky, it's quite foggy so I can't see much. I now call out loud "Nan F" but nothing, so again I call out "Nan F". I now hear my Nan calling me ((or who I was hoping was her)) she yells "I'm here baby" I call her again as I try to find her and again she calls back. I carry on flying, trying to get to her. Suddenly I stop flying and feel hair in my hands, it's a long plait. I now say "is that you Nan?" She rises up to face me and hugs me tight. I say "I've missed you so much" my Nan now says "you need to go back" we hug again and she says "I love you". I now wake up and feel my pillar uncomfortably behind my neck. I get up out of bed to go to the toilet and I hear a noise, it's a rattling noise, like an old knackered motor. It starts then stops again, then starts and stops again. I look at the space next to the side of my bed and there is some kind of machine there with a long handle, I perceive this as a lawn mower lol. I look at the handle and it's vibrating violently as the motor makes it shake. I now panic and see my hubby in bed so I shout to him "K look!" He wakes up and says "what?" I say "a law mower and its turned on" my hubby says "what the fuck!, did you do that?" I say "no!" sharply and my hubby now turns it off.
      I now hear my mobile phone ringing and my hubby says "what the fucks going on?" I think to myself "it must be because there are a lot of spirits around me and there making everything go haywire!" Lol
      I look down at the floor at the end of my bed and see a happy naked baby boy sitting in a baby seat, he has a blanket over him and his arms out. I make my way to the toilet because I need a wee. I get onto the landing and my sight is now blurry. I get by the stairs and my bathroom isn't there, it's gone!. I'm now really confused and look at the stairs again and I manage to force my eyes to see properly.
      Again I look to where my bathroom should be and it's now there. I go into the bathroom still desperate for a wee and see a blue shower curtain around the toilet. I grab it and try to pull it from around the toilet but it feels like there is a force stopping me from being able to pull it away. I think to myself "maybe I'm dreaming again, I know I'll touch the mirror to see if my finger goes through it, and if it does then ill know that I'm dreaming!" So, I touch the mirror and it feels solid and normal, my fingers don't go through! At this point I'm really confused. I'm now not sure if I'm awake or dreaming. My hubby now shouts something to me and I hear him go downstairs. I now manage to pull the blue shower curtain from around the toilet a bit and I sit on the loo and have a wee. Wee now splashes all up the shower curtain and I can't understand why and think "what the hells going on, I must be dreaming" with this I wake up for real.
    4. Sunday 15th September 2012

      by , 11-26-2012 at 12:48 AM
      last nights lucid dream

      As I lay down to go to sleep, I decide that instead of going to sleep with my hands lying on-top of my stomach, I would lie them flat on the bed next to my sides. I lay there for about 10 mins, doing the usual count down from 100 to 0 and repeating it. After about 10 mins I feel a calm, beautiful wave flow through me from my head to my toes, like a lead blanket being placed gently over me. There was a slight weighty feeling but nothing too heavy. My head also felt light and a little fuzzy. My lucid dream now follows:
      I'm lying in bed and feel myself lift out of my body and I float by my bed for a short while. I look around my room and its totally different. I now look at my bed and see my hubby lying there fast asleep. I want to see myself, so I gently move the duvet off my sleeping body and I can see myself. I know at this point that I am dreaming, because my sleeping self was wearing a pair of pyjamas that I didn't even own
      I now know that I'm lucid dreaming. I don't have much control even though I am aware, which does sometimes happen and can be very annoying, so I just have to go along with the plot.
      I now float over to my hubby who is still asleep in bed. I lean close to him and whisper in his ear "K,K". My voice echoes , this tends to happen sometimes in my lucids for some reason. My hubby now stirs a little, so again I say "K" and he now wakes up. He seems to look right through me so I say to him "K can you see me?" My voice still has that annoying echo to it!
      My hubby says "I can see you!" and he seems quite amazed by this . He looks at me again and says "you look different, look at yourself in the mirror" I get a feeling that I'm just a ball of light or something. I think about looking at my reflection but I say "no, I don't want to" I think it would have scared me. Lol. I now feel myself get sucked back into my real body and then wake up for real.
    5. Friday 29th June 2012

      by , 06-30-2012 at 01:06 AM
      Last Nights Dreams

      Dream 1

      My girls are in their room, it's a little different to what it is in RL but in my dream I didn't notice this.
      They have two T.V's on their walls. One of the T.V's is hanging normally but the other is hanging sideways. I go into their room to turn off the T.V's, I look for the remote and find one, I look at it and say "that's not the right one!" I now find another remote that is exactually the same as the first one I found. I examine this remote and shake my head while saying "ohhh, these ARE the right ones!"
      I now tread on a small toy that is on the floor, it looks like a small plastic horses head it felt funny when I trod on it so I keep my foot on it for a minute as I am slightly amused by this, it feels like its nibbling at my foot and I find this quite weird.
      I now go back to bed, as I'm lying in bed I hear my daughter P shout "tell her Mom to stop talking about voodoo!" . P is now in my room so I go back into the girls room with her. I see my Daughter L sitting on the bed next to my daughter S. my daughter P now says "and she's been smoking in here aswell!" I say to L "you better not have been, now get out and into your own bed!" I worry incase L has given S some of her fag.
      I now pick up a Macdonalds strawberry milkshake, I take it into my room and put it on my bedside table and climb back into bed.
      With my hand I feel the dip in my side of the mattress ((which I really have )) I lean over to my hubby's side of the bed and feel the side of the mattress there and I feel bare foam. I now push my fingers slightly into the dip on my side and pull out a small piece of foam, I now think "shit, my hubby's going to kill me!" ((for wrecking the mattress)).
      I now think about having my milkshake when suddenly my duvet is over me and something evil is trying to pull it off me .
      I now realise that I'm dreaming and I'm fully lucid. I can see this things shadow through the duvet and it now says "get out of this fucking duvet, I'm going to get you!" I shit myself. This thing has never spoke before. I can't say if it's a mans voice or a woman's voice, but I can say its nasty!
      I'm trying to fight this thing off me and push it away, it's pushing itself at my stomache really hard, this thing is really strong, it's really trying to get to me!!
      It's now biting me on my stomache through the duvet and it hurts like a bitch!!. I think to myself "it's my dream..I'll blow it away". I blow it hard and for a second it stops ((but literally only for a second)). It comes back at me hard now, it's trying to rip through the duvet to get at me. It now says "you can't stop me, I will get you!!" it's pushing hard against me again.
      I can see its shadow better now and I can see the shadows of 3 like tentacle things or legs or something like that coming out either side of this thing. I'm now thinking "what the fucks happening, this isn't just a dream, this thing is fucking real!!!"
      I can't explain it but I know this wasn't just SP or just a dream, it sounds crazy I know, but this thing is sometimes in my dreams, I can always feel its presence when it's about, it's a bad, bad feeling..but this is the first time it's ever spoke to me. I'm sure as crazy as it sounds that this is some evil fucking entity or something!!!
      I'm still trying to fight this thing off but I can't, it's far too strong compared to me. I decide to scream really loud to wake my real self up out of it.
      My god this thing was really pissed with me this time. I feel totally invaded by this thing!!!!!

      Dream 2

      I'm dreaming about something to do with mice. In the last bit of my dream a girl comes into my house with either two mice or two hamsters. She now drops them on the floor to let them go because my Mom says "you can't have them!". My Mom now gets a shoe and starts smacking things and swearing as she tries to get them.
    6. Wednesday 27th June 2012

      by , 06-28-2012 at 08:45 PM
      Last Nights Dreams

      Dream 1

      I'm in my bedroom and I'm sitting on my floor. My hubby now comes up with his cousin B from Newcastle, my hubby's cousins ex D is also with them. I try to stand up from the floor now but I wobble everywhere, I feel drunk and fall back down onto the floor.
      I'm now holding a duvet in my hands. Kevs cousin B now sits down on the floor beside me and suddenly the bedroom lights up ((must have been my REM Dreamer)). My hubby now gets a camp bed and sets it up on the floor next to me, I think to myself "I wonder which one of them is stopping over tonight".
      I now look into the big mirror on my wardrobe which is infront of me, I'm still sitting on the floor, well more kneeling, my reflection is normal and I start fluffing my hair up, I now think "I'd better say hello" ((I hadn't said hello to them when I first saw them)) I now wake up in real life saying "alright B"

      Dream 2

      Holly Willaby is in thi dream. I am in a T.V studio and they are doing a piece about stretching fabric. I have a large piece of material which I oblong in shape, there are cane sticks sewn into the hem of each smaller end. I am putting clothes into this contraption and I'm rolling them to stretch and de-crease them.
      Me and my sister are now taking photos ((must have been my REM Dreamer again)) we have loads of photos which we have taken and we also have some of Hollies photos which are personal to her. These photos are on some sort of conveyor belt. Holly says "ohh look, there's me, ohh and that's mine too....hang on a minute!" I shit myself for a second incase she goes mad at us for using her personal photos but she now says "ohhh yeah...I remember these!" she is ok with it and looks through them with excitement.
      Holly is now talking about the material contraption again, I'm giving a demonstration as she explains more about it and how it works. I now get a large turquoise top to put into the contraption so I can stretch it, the top is way too big but with a bit of a struggle I manage to shove it all inside. I have to tie the top of this shirt around coat hangers which have now mysteriously appeared on each cane ((didnt notice they shouldnt have been there when dreaming)).
      Holly is telling everyone how good this thing is and I'm thinking "yeah right...it's shit!!"

      Dream 3

      I am in a room and there are other people in this room with me. Everything keeps going red ((the light around the room I mean)) and I can't understand why, one minute it's normal light then the next it's all red. I now realise that it's the red lights flashing from my REM Dreamer and I say "I'm dreaming" but then wake up for real ((doh!!))
    7. Tuesday 15th May 2012

      by , 05-15-2012 at 09:47 PM
      False Awakening

      I'm in bed and I'm talking to my hubby about something. I decide I need the loo so I get up and walk to the landing. I flick the light switch on but the light doesn't come on. ((should have realised now but I don't...doh!!)), I try again but still nothing. I look up to the light and the shade is bigger and purple with big tassels hanging from it, although I realise it's different to how it should be, I don't read nothing into it ((bummer again!!)). I now think "ohh yeah, the bulb went earlier" ((what? Lol)). I now go into the bathroom and pull the light-switch but nothing. I'm now feeling a little scared and confused, I don't like being in he dark and I'm searching for a switch that works, I now wake up and face-palm myself for missing my usual dream sign....doh!!!!

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      false awakening
    8. Thursday 10th May 2012

      by , 05-12-2012 at 06:59 PM
      Last Nights Dreams
      Dream 1 ((A few false awakenings))

      I had only been asleep for half an hour.
      I'm lying in bed and cuddling up to my hubby then I nod off ((this is all a dream)) when I wake up my hubby is running his fingers through my hair. I think to myself "blimey, I didn't like that dream I just had". I try to cuddle back up to my hubby but then I feel something pull my hair really hard, I now realise I'm under the duvet so I get the duvet off my head and I see my hubby, he's sitting up slightly and tickling my legs so I think "ohh shit, the bad things about, that must have been what pulled my hair!". I now hear my hubby say "Lucy..what you doing?" I think "who the fuck is Lucy!" I now panick and think "ohh god, I'm stuck in a bad SP here" ((a false awakening never came to mind at the time..doh!! Lol)) I now start shouting my hubby but it comes out funny like my lips are fat and I can't speak properly, I continue shouting my hubby and I'm trying to hold his hand because I'm scared but he says "fuck off ya daft twat" in a joking way, I say "what?!" in a worried voice, he says "your hands are wobbly" I worry about this and say "what do you mean?" my hubby laughs and says "I just had a dream that I was in Mario World and I tried to hit your hands with something and they were wobbly" I'm now feeling confused and then I feel very different. I look at my hubby and he's fast asleep, I think "that was a dream!, blimey I didn't realise" then I wake up again and wake up for real this time. I'm lying still in bed and get a massive vibration in my head and my head throbs, after a few seconds I get another but not as strong, then another which is weaker still, then I get up and write this.

      Dream 2

      My daughter P is doing something with a curtain and a car, she comes in and has her pyjamas on. I say something to her and she says "suppose so" in a very sarcastic manner, I say "don't talk to me like that!" and she says "do I look fuckin bothered!" I now grab her and say "go to your room now....get up them stairs!" I push her and she face slams into the door frame then she storms upstairs. I follow her up and she is in her sisters room, her sister is saying to her "I don't blame mom...you can't treat her like that!" I go into L's room and say to P.."get out now!!" and I drag her to her bed and hurt her finger in the process. I lean over her and check her finger and the tip of it is all red and I feel quite guilty but I still say "serves you bloody right!"
      ((what an awfull dream...urghhhh!!!))

      Dream 3

      I'm with Ricky and Bianca from Eastenders, they are both pissed and I help them home. Ricky falls at the door and is just slumped on the floor. I try to pick him up but touch some sick on his coat and drop him again . Ricky now gets up himself and I carry Bianca inside. There are blankets on the settee and a pillow, I puff the pillow up and lie her down on the sofa and then try and pull the sheet under her straighter. Everyone there is taking fizzies ((strong co-codamol)) I wait till everyone is gone and then I pinch one off the unit, I put it in my water but then realise its a toffee! I look for another one but they are all gone. ((dream skip))
      I'm up the table with other people and someone mentions about the fizzies and a bloke who is up the table with us says "well nice to meet you, I'm Detective Inspector so & so", he tells us how the fizzies make your belly swell up and are not good. He says I need testing on the machine at work before I go on Duty again. I have a bad knee and he says "it's because of the tablets" I say "no, no..I had fluid on my hip when I was 10 so it's probably that again" he says "the police insurance will pay for a new knee for me and I say "try then" he then says "An NHS one will only last 5 years" . Some young lads now come and look at my knee and they start hitting it etc. . It's very swollen and after about 5 minutes of them hitting it I say "hey your not Doctors..sod off!!" they laugh then go.
    9. 4th May 2012

      by , 05-07-2012 at 02:38 AM
      Last Nights Dreams
      Dream 1

      I am with these kind of Tribal people, I'm not really sure how to explain them. Anyway.....I am holding some kind of long stick and I bang on these 2 big spikes ball things with it, these ball things sit on top of a gate or something next to him, someone now says "no, do it harder but not too hard, just hard enough so it makes a noise" so I do and it makes a quiet thud. ((dream skip))
      Myself and other people are in a small boat, it's dark and we are in water. Someone does something they shouldn't have done and because of that a big, massive boat begins to rise slowly out of the water. This big boat has a very bad feel to it, like it's evil or something, I can't see a lot just a big black boat and the water pouring from it as it rises. A woman shouts "quick move" and our boat starts to speed. As we are speeding a horrible monster like thing appears at the far end of our boat, it's green and very ugly and scarey. The monster thing slowly makes its way to our end of the boat. A woman who is next to the monster shouts "help me, please hold me" so I grab hold of her arm. As we speed across the water the monster thing gets closer. Our boat has to reach the end or the monster will eat whoever he stops next to. I think "if he stops next to me I'll shove the woman I'm holding to him" we manage to make it to the end and the monster goes away and the big scarey ship goes back under the water. ((dream skip))
      I'm again sitting with Tribal people. I go over to one of them and tap him on the shoulder and say "Is it better for me to sit here and be closer so Zakia (( an old school friend)) can take over my body" the Tribal man now pushes me against his big wooden brush thing that he is holding. I sit here wondering what it will be like when she enters my body and I wonder if I should be asleep first and will I feel it hurt or anything when she does. After a few minutes the Trible man shoves my head onto his lap and begins to thrust his penis into my face , I'm trying to stop it from touching my mouth and I'm shaking my head to say NO!! He tries hard to get it into my mouth and doesn't give up trying, then I wake up!

      Dream 2

      I now have a very short dream
      I'm looking on my hubby's phone and see a video of the dream I had about the big boat. The video begins to play and I can't stop it, I'm watching it all now but on video instead of being in the actual dream. I'm trying so hard to stop it because it's scaring me again. It eventually pauses on it's own and then I wake up.
    10. 3rd May 2012

      by , 05-07-2012 at 02:12 AM
      Last Nights Dreams
      Dream 1

      I am trying to get people to invest in something. I think it's just a big scam really and I just wanted people's money

      Dream 2

      I'm in Albert square in Eastenders and I'm stopping in a flat there with my girls. I go to a big sports hall and see a lot of the cast standing on the stage. Suddenly I see the ceiling above them crack and a load of dusty sut falls ontop of them all. They all run towards me and I quickly run out and go and check the flat above. When I enter the flat I see it's on fire. I see an Asian man in the flat and I go over to help him, I manage to drag him from the flames and out of the flat. Everyone in the street is panicking and Janine comes over to me. I am now standing at a market stall, it's owner is the Asian man that I saved. No one is looking after his stall so I decide to grab loads of sweets and pop etc for my girls, I'm holding it all in my arms and nearly drop it all. In a panick I shout "are there any bags?" I see some now and fill 2 bags up with my stuff, I decide to dispose of 1 of the bottles of pop because it's too heavy. Someone now says "carefully.....those blokes over there are watching you!" I look to my left and there are 3 men in the distance, they are all dressed in what looks like white space suits I think "they won't get me" and due to this thought they never did get me lol. I'm feeling really guilty now for stealing. I walk over to Bianca and cry my eyes out to her, I'm saying "I'm so sorry" etc. I can hardly speak because my emotions are way over the top as usual. I now get chased by some Asian lads who's stall it was so I drop the bags and run for my life. Suddenly I bump into the Asian man that I saved from the fire, he drags me into the flat that is on fire and tries to kill me so I grab something and smash his brains in!!
      ((this is what happens when you watch Eastenders and Saw 2 on the same night lol))

      Dream 3

      Myself and my husband are standing by some big trees, my hair is a mess and I have no make-up on. I see my friend Paul and shout him over to speak to him. Paul comes over and then I remember I look a right mess and feel really embarrassed for him to see me like this. Paul says "ohh, your hubby's here" we chat a little and then it ends.
    11. 2nd May 2012

      by , 05-07-2012 at 01:52 AM
      Last Nights Dreams
      Dream 1

      I have convinced my hubby that we have to take Simba ((my dog)) to the vets, it took a while to convince him but he eventually agreed. We are waiting about at home to take him and Kev says "ok you can call them now" I think "what!.....what have we been waiting about for!" I say to my hubby "I thought we were waiting about to take him" I shake my head and say "right I'll ring now then" ((I don't remember calling them))
      We are now at the vets but I'm a little confused because we're at the expensive vets and not at our usual vets, then I think "ahhhh, maybe it's because he's insured now". We are waiting outside the big black metal gates to go in A nurse eventually comes and let's us in. As we walk in I hear the nurse say "all the spoilt dogs have pressure leads" My hubby obviously isn't happy about this because she says it in a funny way. Anyway....the nurse now puts Simba into a cage ready to see the vet. I go over and say "do you need his lead?" she says "yes" then she says "what's wrong with him?" but she says this in another language or something but I understand her I say to her "he can't put pressure on his back leg" and she says "ok". My hubby hears me tell her this and he isn't happy. I walk back over to my hubby and he says "what the fuck did you tell her for, that's it now they will milk us for all we've got!" I quickly look for a door out because I'm quite embarrassed as I know the nurse would have heard him, I march angrily out the door and say "come on!!!" and my hubby follows me out. I now shout at my hubby and say "what the fuck did you want me to say?...she asked me on the phone what was wrong with him and I forgot to tell her, they need to know!!" Kev says "you don't need to tell them!" I say "ohh yeah let's just let them guess shall we, if I brought him in with an ear infection I wouldn't just say guess what's wrong with him would I you fuckin idiot, of course I've got to tell them what's wrong you fuckin knob!!!!!" My hubby sighs angrily and I walk back to the door which is now closed ((I'm feeling quite good now for standing up to my hubby)) . I knock on the big black metal door and while we are waiting I say to my hubby "you will have to go in with Simba, he doesn't like strangers and he will be really scared if we're not with him" my hubby says "yeah I suppose" the door now opens but no one has opened it it's now quite dull and I'm finding it hard to see, I struggle to find my way back to Simba in his cage, it's still really dull but I eventually manage. I can just about make out that Simba as gone, I say to my hubby "ohhh shit they've took him without us, quick let's get to him". We quickly march through to a room, my sight is now back. There is like a boxing ring in this room and Simba and some other dogs are all walking around it and playing about. The Vet is standing next to the ring and the nurse is beside him, I look and think "what the fuck is this?!!" my hubby now says to the vet "what did that nurse mean when she said all the spoilt dogs have pressure leads?" the vet doesn't answer then I wake up in SP and within a few seconds the vibrations disappear as they wasn't very strong.

      Dream 2

      I'm in my kitchen and I get the golden balls cereal out of the cupboard to do my daughter some breakfast. I start to pour her cereal into the bowl and other cereals come out aswell, I think "that's odd...how come it's not just golden balls"

      Dream 3

      I'm near waking up but I'm having flashes of the Titanic, flashes of all the rooms and how amazing it looked, it's a bit like a projector showing me all about it.
    12. 6th April 2012

      by , 04-13-2012 at 01:59 AM
      I am in my back garden with my hubby, a dog who is ours and a young girl. It's night time and there are alien robot things out the front and we can see them through the gully and hear the noise from them. We are all really scared and trying to hide in the garden from them. We cower down by the coal bunker, my hubby points and says "how do we get over there?" I look and say "that's our garden" and I'm a little confused as to why he didn't realise that. We hear a loud noise above us and we cower down more as we hide from whatever it is. I look up and see bright lights and suddenly a UFO flys over us, I'm so afraid and panick incase we have been seen. I hear the robots out the front, they are getting louder and are coming for us because they know where we are. I'm now in a blind panick and wake up, my heart is pounding and I'm so scared that I can't go straight back to sleep lol.
    13. I Have To Die...16th feb 2012

      by , 02-16-2012 at 09:58 PM
      There are 2 of me in this dream. The one me who was me was the one who has to die ((sorry if this is confusing)) lol..and the other me existed but I never got to see that me in my dream!
      I'm on my last day of being alive, I go to town with my Dad and I buy some strawberry laces ((the sweets)). We now go into a shop and I see some flower transfers on the wall, they are for sale, they are so pretty and glittery, I am attracted to the pale blue one and run my finger across it as I admire it. My Dad now notices a floral handbag, I say "that's really nice" he says "yes...you can try it on for your mom then. I put it over my shoulder and think "why would I need to try a bag on for her??!" and I think this is a bit weird.
      I am now in the town and I'm on my own. I now see my Uncle M and he comes over to me, he is in a wheelchair and wearing a black ribbed hat. I speak to him and tell him what's going to happen to me, he is crying and hugs me and says "it'll all be over soon". I really don't want to die, I'm so scared and can't really understand why I have to.
      I now meet my hubby and he takes me to a place where my coffin is. The mattress inside is made out of black leather. I now have to say my last goodbye to my hubby and then I get in my coffin and lie down on the mattress. It all cracks under me like it's rotten and it's all wet, dirty and horrible.
      I now lie down and shut my eyes waiting for myself to die, I'm scared shitless because I don't want to and I want to live my life not the other me, but I have no choice. I know there are other dead people in coffins around me and I'm thinking about this as I lie here.
      I suddenly hear my Pigeon gasp, I jump up out of my coffin and go and check on her and she is gasping for air. I notice she's not in her bowl now ((eh!!!??)) But she has tried to get out and is caught between the table and the lid of the bowl. I take the lid off the top of her and shout to my eldest ((who has suddenly appeared from nowhere lol)) "she needs water, quick!!" my eldest just stands there and does nothing and then a bowl of water appears in my hand, I give my Pigeon a drink and she is now better.
      The Pigeon now begins to talk to me and she copies what we say. It's not time for my Pigeon to die yet, she has to wait untill I die. ((dream skip)).
      Myself and my Hubby are at a cemetery, we are looking at a grave that has been newly dug and I realise it's for me . I say to a woman who is with us "no..wait!!!, we want to be buried together" she says "you can't now but maybe when your both dead we can put you together" I reluctantly say "ok then". I am so jealouse that my Hubby can stay alive but I have to die. I begin to wonder what it will feel like when I'm dead but the other me is still alive and I'm very, very confused.
      ((The feeling I had in this dream was bloody awfull, I can't explain it but it wasn't nice atall !!!!))
    14. 5th January 2012

      by , 02-10-2012 at 03:39 AM
      I am in a house with my Hubby, it's our house but it's a bit different only the dining room is the same. I go into the dining room and push all the chairs back under the table and tidy up. I walk into the kitchen to get a cloth to wipe the table, I walk back to the dining room and when I reach the doorway I nearly have a heart attack because the table has been pushed up against the unit and the chairs from that side have been placed into the Center of the room. I can now feel the bad ghost that always haunts my dreams and I scream "ohhh my god, it's here again!!!!!" I think to myself "this is like the film poltergeist" I shout my hubby to come and have a look and he does. I now run upstairs and feel the ghost thing next to me...it's the most god-awfull feeling in the world!!! It now suddenly goes all dark. I look about the dark room and see candles placed about in there, I pick one up to help me see but now it's changed into a crappy little torch, the light from it is very dull. I make my way back to the dining room...I'm scared because I can feel the really nasty presence so I quickly walk past the dining room so it can't get me. My eldest daughter L comes over and says "weird" I say "why" she says "it went dark as soon as you felt the ghost again". I am now standing at the bottom of the stairs, I'm talking to J, my husbands sister, she has short hair and looks very different, we are waiting for someone to come and get rid of the ghost. There is a glass door to my left and someone suddenly bangs on it. I can see a mans figure through the glass, J shouts "hang on" then he bangs the glass harder but this time he's banging on it with his hammer, I now think "SHIT!!" then J shouts to him "fuckin hang on I said!!!" then he comes in and it's Russell Howard, I then wake up.
    15. 17th December 2011

      by , 02-10-2012 at 03:18 AM
      I am in a house, it's a tatty old house, it's quite big but it's old and not decorated inside, it's also quite dull and dingy. I am with a bloke, it might be my hubby but I'm not 100 percent sure but I do know he's my partner in my dream....Yes it's my hubby, I just remembered anyway....we have to sell our house and me and my hubby are getting everything we can to take with us, well we're looking anyway but we haven't really got anything lol. I suddenly remember about the blood on the carpets upstairs, I'm not sure what the blood is from but I think it may be from us murdering someone! We are both rushing and I say to my hubby "hurry up, they will be here soon!" I run upstairs and look at the manky brown carpet on the landing and I can't see the blood. I kneel down and pull the carpet up to see if the blood has soaked through to the floor boards but it hasn't. I go downstairs and see blood dripping from the ceiling, I now panick because I know if the people moving in see it we will get caught, I'm petrified! My hubby shouts "quick..there coming" he comes to get me and I'm crying, he says "what's up?" I say "I'm really emotional..I love this house so much and I don't want to leave it" then I wake up.
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