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    1. Pillow mage, LD in a blink, Party at Sunken Bay, Working with VHE

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:18 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a hot Spring day. I was a tall, muscular man with dark hair. I was walking down a hill into a meadow. I knew I was close to a huge settlement, I just had to go through a small forest. There was a dirt path leading to sawmill, and then to castle. I decided to follow it. On the way I saw a small waterfall and a bog. The view was quite beautiful.

      The path led me to some kind of fortifications made of wooden shelves and beds. There were many rows of them standing in front of a tall wall. Suddenly my younger sister jumped from behind the barrier of beds. She was wearing full plate armor, and was weilding a claymore. She couldn't recognise me, so we fought for a moment. I had an enchanted battle hammer that drained strenght of my enemies. My sister won with me however, and only then she could recognise me.

      We talked for a moment I explained her how the enchantment on my hammer worked. Then we decided to follow a path towards mountain tops. I said "Now I'll become a Pillow Mage!". Suddenly an ash storm started, though we managed to climb up the mountain. It was Mountain Olymp, and the ash storm was effect of gods magic.

      There were two gods sitting in their thrones. When we approached them, they made us their generals and sent into barracks, so we could prepare for battle.

      Second dream

      With my family we were waiting at a gate to our front yard. After a while a Soviet tank appeared, and Soviet General went out of it. I thought that I should do RC as this might be a dream. I wanted to do a nose RC, but my hand was getting more and more heavy. When I confirmed that this is a dream, everything went black.

      Third dream

      It was in a lagoon called Sunken Bay. We had a huge party in the water. We were surrounded by dense jungle vegetation, and there were many fishes and octopi swimming there. I was catching fishes with my hands, and showing each of them to my family. There were two octopi sleeping. The had skull shaped bodies and looked dangerous. The party have ended when they woke up .

      Fourth dream

      I was working with VHE, a Half-Life level editor. I built some structures, mountains and placed a sniper in one spot, then I ran the level.
    2. The Weird Fish

      by , 08-07-2015 at 07:40 PM
      I think there were a lot of things on this dream, but I remember just one scene:
      I was inside a small, square-shaped cyan room, and one wall was replaces by a giant fish tank. There was a giant pipe incrusted in a corner and some fish laying in the floor.
      How did you find your way to this forum?-drm.png
      It was creepy, but the thing has turned creepier when the blue one flew into me (I'm sure there wasn't water) and tried to kiss me. I slapped the fish, but he returned and I slapped it again.
      That blue fish was quite strange. It looks like a regal tang-colored angel fish.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-sh.jpgHow did you find your way to this forum?-sh-2.jpg
      Well, what do you think it means?
    3. Nov 28. Dream Journal: Under the sea

      by , 11-28-2013 at 07:05 PM
      Didn't get the best night's sleep -- partially out of my own fault, partially because of things on my mind and so on, so forth. C'est la vie.

      Dream one tells me I'm, yet again, back in the Fallout world; but I'm woefully out of place as a fantasy-setting fighter type. I "knew" that I was able to enter V.A.T.S. and take my time targeting enemies, though I never really did. I wander around the ruins of a radioactive city a little bit. I know my RAD level is raising, so I'm trying to find a "safe" zone -- only all the doors I come across are inaccessible because they don't have a waypoint set. The dream fades and I wake up.

      I fall asleep again, but then I'm immediately jolted awake by my alarm. Stupid me set it up on the wrong day, so there's that little episode.

      Next, I'm in the deep ocean. Not the magical one you see in cartoons, but the pitch black reality of the abyss -- I knew this day would come, but dammit, it still took me by surprise. I'm swimming in the trenches without any special equipment, and I'm intensely worried that some parasitic creature would drill into my brain, or I'd look at my arm and there's suddenly a cigar shark eating a hole. My "vision" resembles a flashlight sequence in a video game, and part of me knows that as long as that "light" is on, the fishes will stay out of my protective sphere. My visibility is also quite clear despite being underwater, in the dark, and not wearing any goggles; plus my eye sight isn't the best as is.

      I eventually come across a humongous pit -- maybe something like a kilometer wide and God knows how deep? It's an uneasy feeling, but I know that I must go down there. So I swim over to try to peer down, but a current emitting from the pit keeps pushing me back, so it was really difficult. The dream fades and I wake up again at whatever hour this was.

      I fall asleep again (note that it takes me a long time to fall asleep everytime I wake up), and now I'm in spectator mode. I see my parents and my brother. I'm agitated due to real life things, and I start walking over. It takes forever to get to them, and I wake up before I could because my normal alarm goes off.

    4. Gummy Fishes, Cupcakes and Samurais

      by , 08-31-2011 at 08:35 AM
      Date: 30/08/11
      Time: Some time around 3:30am
      Memory Clarity: 2/10

      So I was in an area where I used to hang out at school, with some friends. We were in the process of cleaning small, living gummy fishes, putting them in bags and then doing something else with them. I then left the area after doing this for an unspecified amount of time, and walked to another area of the school, where a small table was there with cupcakes on top. There were some people milling about, so I took the cupcakes and handed them around. Someone had left a katana (samurai sword) on the table, and it was at this point that I realised that I was, in fact, a samurai, with my own sword. There was a person there asking everyone if the sword was theirs, so I volunteered to safeguard it for the moment, and put it in my belt opposite my own sword. However, an acquaintance from school then came and offered to do the same. It all worked out though, because there was another sword there, so we had one each.

      That was all, nothing of great importance.