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    1. 10 Jan: Barbarians invade my kingdom

      by , 01-10-2019 at 09:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a magical realm, where I am part of the nobility of a kingdom and I am also like Wonder Woman. We are invaded by hords of barbarians. When they strike, I am outside the fortress city with the peasants that care for the lands. Some of my warrior friends manage their way back, but I am shut down outside. I get some Japanese swords to fight, but the invaders are just too many. I realize I can't survive a fight with them all, so I opt out to dwell in the underground maze of artisans shops and their homes because there is a way to access the fortress through some underground tunnels that connect with this place.
    2. 22-03-18 Elevator Escape, Escort Mission

      by , 03-23-2018 at 07:16 AM
      I was leaving a scene with two others. We got into a small, industrial elevator. I pressed the button (in a hurry, a guy with swords was chasing us I think) but nothing happened. I found a kind of power switch, and set the power from '1' to '2'. The elevator started moving when I tried the button again. I went like "ooooh, yeah!" and high fived the guy next to me.

      Once down to the parking lot, I started collecting guns. Everything was third-person video game style. I picked up a ton of guns, but the people I was supposed to escort had already left without me.

      I went after them, and discovered their pursuers had crashed their car. It was upside down. I thrust my sword through the window, killing everyone inside with one stab. My sword was badly damaged, but whatever. I walked toward the car of my allies, who were swooning over my awesomeness. I was wearing a suit at this point.
    3. 18-03-21 Saving Girl From Storm, Jules Winnfield

      by , 03-23-2018 at 03:11 AM
      There was a dream in which I was trying to save some chick from what I think was a storm. I was flat on the ground (high winds), clawing closer to her using some kind of stick (like how rock climbers use a climbing axe), which was previously a sword. Either way, I got her out. That event was somehow prophesied. Anyhow, a guy I knew in school (Stig) was standing by some electrical wiring, and he said my actions somehow rerouted power and revealed a location we had to visit next. The villains' base at the bottom of the Mariana trench. This was a cliffhanger for the 'sequel' (my dreams now play out like TV episodes).

      In another scene, I entered a room together with Jules Winnfield. I found my Glock 19 on the ground, and I immediately noticed it was still warm. Like it'd been used recently. I told Jules this was likely a trap (someone was trying to set us up and pin a murder on me, I guess), and I swore to him it wasn't me. We found some guy, I think wounded but still alive. I thought to myself we had to question him before killing him off.
    4. Giant Monsters

      by , 08-25-2017 at 06:02 PM (Journals From The Void)
      I am one of four or five people on a series of islands inhabited by monsters. I vaguely remember a small monster destroying my plane as I flew over the islands. I look out into the distance and see two monsters fighting each other, in the ocean surrounding the island. One is a grayish black monster with four black crystals jutting out in the four diagonals on its back. It seemed to be made entirely of rock, and was somewhat rounded in shape. The monster it was fighting was an all white monster seemingly made primarily of bones, with its arm bones transitioning into spear-like structures as opposed to hands. It was lanky in figure, giving me the impression that it was fast. I estimated them to be around 5-7 stories tall, with the white monster slightly taller than the gray monster. The oldest survivor suggested we cross to the nearest island to find a way to escape the monsters.

      We arrive at a small, sandy peninsula at the edge of the island. There are smaller versions of the monsters from earlier there, fighting each other still. Instead of 5-7 stories tall, these were only five times as large as me in the dream. The rock monster notices me. It charges at me in the middle of the fight, nearly killing me with a single attack. It goes back after the white bone monster, attacking, dodging an attack, and charging back after me. I somehow dodged, climbed onto the top left crystal on its back, and, drawing the sword I apparently had, I stab the rock monster. I don't remember how, but it was defeated by a single attack. Luckily, the bone monster was also gone.

      The group had already crossed the small divide between the islands. Now it was my turn. I knew that the water was dangerous, because the monsters had a tendency to show up more in the water. As I entered the water, suspenseful music began to play. I reached the shallow part of the other side of the divide before I woke up.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      The dream was really cool, but not very meaningful. It was really exciting though, and there was a good, large amount of dream content there.

      Updated 08-25-2017 at 06:11 PM by 91255

      non-lucid , memorable
    5. 17-02-08 Brussels Nuked, Monster Chase, More Nightmares, Driving

      by , 02-09-2017 at 07:01 AM
      I was in a large high-rise with several others. Among them my former friends (Fenn & Barra). There was a large window overlooking the city, which was definitely Brussels. The atmosphere was tense. Something was happening, something "global". I said "they" would never go as far as nuking a certain military target (some 20 miles from the city). But then, a nuclear explosion occurred right in the center of the city. In that split second, I came to the horrible realization how wrong I was. The explosion was blinding and the fireball spread quickly, and I knew we were fucked. In that moment, I realized I was going to die. There was not enough time to think about it, not even enough time to get properly scared (only the onset of fear with a little bit of denial). I felt the intense heat from the blast almost scorching my face, and everything got really bright as the fireball arrived. But suddenly, it was gone. No fireball, no other people, nothing. I was still terrified, ran the other direction and jumped out of the window on the other side of the building (a smaller window). Not sure if it broke, or if I phased through it. I effortlessly flew away, and got out of there. After a while, I was flying over a wide road that no longer looked like Brussels. The weather was a lot sunnier than before, also. I made another stylish landing, and remembered what I'd seen. I had obviously been thrown back in time, somehow. I thought to myself that I should probably do something about it, and stop it from happening. After all, I had knowledge of the events, and I had this cool set of powers which kind of made me responsible. I think I suddenly 'knew' about all my other abilities, ones I had used in previous dreams but not in this one yet.

      Nightmare time. I recall being in a building (just on floor, ground level) full of poorly-lit (and confusing) corridors with doors that all looked the same. Some kind of monster was loose. I could never get a proper look at it, but it was the stuff of nightmares. It didn't really have a shape of its own. It can best be compared with "The Thing", as it could also body-snatch victims. In one scene, it got very close as it attacked me and another person (or several). At this point, it was more or less an amorphous mass of grey "matter", but definitely biological (a bit like the Molded from Resident Evil 7). It made a leap for me, but I ducked away and it missed. It undoubtedly killed the other guy as I ran away through the corridors - terrified of course. I went through doors without knowing where they'd lead me. They all looked the same. I closed doors behind me, and locked them. It could bust through doors without a problem. I entered a bathroom, and for a moment I thought I'd run into a dead end. It would catch me for sure. But then I noticed a door I hadn't seen before... on the opposite side of the entrance. It lead to another wing of the building. I kept running, and came to the docks (!!). There was a person in the last room before I got outside (I think). I also found a box full of things I could use as weapon. Including a rusty Katana in a plain wooden sheath. I shrugged at the shitty quality of the blade, and took it anyway. I ran across the docks, an reached a ship. It looked like an old fishing boat. I managed to convince the crew and owner that we needed to leave right away. As they prepared to cast off, I kept an eye on the building. I *knew* the beast wasn't going to give up, and it was after me.

      This nightmare took place on an island, I think. There was some kind of "infection" spreading. Not a simple disease, but something monstrous. I knew this dream was "the sequel" to the previous one. The whole atmosphere was terrifying. In the end, we'd made it to an airport, and had boarded a plane to escape. I looked out of the window as we were taxiing. The tarmac was covered in a kind of fleshy "red weed", which was taking over the whole island. But only we (me and the others from the group) could see it... no one else. It was playing mind tricks on us... In another scene, someone had died. One of my companions, an alien (humanoid, but not quite human), was angry at me because I hadn't paid my proper respects at his funeral. I was too shocked at the time, because his body was full of (and overgrown with) the horrific red weed. It was a repulsive sight. In the end, we had to do something to end the infection. It happened in a relatively small basement, and involved a bizarre puzzle on the wall involving foods (linking food to a certain category, also some math)...

      I was driving car through city at night. But something just felt "wrong". Like, something evil was in the air. A general sense of dread that also filled the previous dream. Suddenly, my car didn't want to accelerate properly anymore, and it took effort on my part just to make it move. I pulled over. At some point I pull a cover off my car (like a sail people put over their cars to protect them from the winter cold). I drove off again, and noticed I'd forgotten to turn my lights on again. At a junction, I looked to my right and recognized a former classmate (Tim Botte) on the sidewalk. I think I was distracted and didn't realize the light had gone green. I made a right turn at the light (depite not being in the right section for that maneuver). What a boring ending!
    6. 17-01-31 Attacked By Brainwashed Girl, Letter From Texas

      by , 02-05-2017 at 06:53 PM
      There was a crazy (sick) girl who attacked me with a knife (in an underground lab?). I used my sword, which kind of functioned as a lightsaber (it lights up a second after drawing it). I hacked her in the neck, but there was barely any blood, and she didn't even flinch. She didn't stop coming at me, and appeared not to feel pain. I injured my hand slightly, because she attacked with a knife. The dream ended mid-battle. I know there was a guy behind the whole thing, he had done something to her, drugged her or something. Another woman had lured me down there and trapped me with the sick girl (hoping she would attack me).

      Somebody handed me a letter, written by an aunt (?) in Texas. It contained euros and a written note. I speculated it was intended for different person with my name, I decided to find him.

      Third dream I forgot.
    7. Spell's Summer Comp Night 4: Bamboo Pool

      by , 08-02-2016 at 01:13 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was at nondescript beach resort. I was there for some kind of convention for Skyrim there. I remember making a daedric sword out of styrofoam and delivering it to the convention (don't remember where the convention was taking place, but it was this huge building and seeing the inside it looked like a school science fair, except everything was Skyrim themed, obviously.) I was going back to my room when I recognized the dream sign of being at the beach.

      I went inside of one of the rooms and saw it was much bigger on the inside. There was a hot tub and a swimming pool. There was this rock formation in the swimming pool made out of brown rocks that had water flowing down into the pool from it. The walls of the room were all bamboo and wood. I think the bamboo was alive because there were branches with leaves on them that became the ceiling. Also the only light in the room seemed to be coming from the bottom of the pool.

      I knelt down by the side of the pool and felt the tiles for some stabilization. I then noticed that I could see my reflection in the water. I somehow got the idea to bring Manei into the dream using my reflection. I tried to focus on changing my reflection into her, and it worked. The reflection solidified and she came up from under the water. She looked a little funny as she retained a few of my dream-selfs facial features, but it was her all right.

      I remember the two of us stayed in the pool for awhile and we were talking for awhile (twas about something personal that I was meditating on yesterday, for offline DJ only...) I remember she was talking to me about the seven sins and desires, but I remember thinking to myself that I wasn't going to bother "taking that back with me" when I woke up.

      We tried to make a whirlpool in the hot tub by walking in circles and it worked. We tried going the other way and felt the current push us for a bit, but it stopped. There was some significance to the circular motion of the current we had created.

      I remember at some point I was asking her if she could touch the bottom of the pool, because I couldn't. I told her that usually she's taller than me and she said she could stand with her head completely out of the water. I remember looking underwater thinking of the dream goal to go underwater and look. (Forgetting that I was supposed to do it in a lake or ocean.) The pool was really boring, it just had a sloped bottom consistent with the surface. It got really deep in one end, I think there was a diving board.

      I tried to think of dream goals I had set for the competition. I remembered one of them was to build a sand castle. I could go back outside and do that very easily, but for whatever reason I didn't do it. I then thought of the water-bending goal. I tried various hand motions but it didn't seem to affect the water at all. I tried more of a mental focus just moving the water with my mind instead of hand motions. I think I might have stopped all the waves on the surface of the pool, but I didn't ever think that I had really succeeded.

      I remember asking her for help. She said she would show me waterbending and proceeded to splash me in the face the normal old fashioned way.

      "That's not waterbending."

      She proceeded to spit a mouthful of water at me.

      "That's not waterbending either." (Come on, this was one of the first things you ever taught me.)

      I began thinking that the dream might be too grounded, too much like reality, and I'm going to need to introduce a fantastical element before I can unlock fantastical powers. I backtracked on my own thought and figured that Manei is a fantastical element, not real in waking life, and she's been right here for like ten minutes. Why isn't it working...?

      A chubby guy with a big beard came in and said that I had won first place in the skyrim science fair whatever for my styrofoam Daedric sword.
      He asked if I really made it in 15 minutes. I had only been dreaming for about that long at this point, and through some error of logic I said yes. He said that the Daedric sword was a level 1 sword and the easiest to get in the game but I corrected him saying you can't get one until about level 40. I started talking with the guy about Skyrim but realized I was losing lucidity, so I stopped talking to the guy and he went away.

      I think I falsely remembered a dream goal to ask a dream character to tell me a joke and wanted to hurry up and do it before the dream ended. I asked Manei to tell a joke.

      "What planet is the butt of every joke?" She asked it with a big smile like she thought it was gonna be a really good one.

      "Uranus." (I made that joke up when I was like ten.)

      "I can't think of any more good jokes, my tummy keeps grumbling. I'm so hungry, I could eat a birthday cake as big as you! The next dream is Bartholomew, i'll eat it there!"

      I false awakened in the basement of my house. I saw a painting of a giant butterfly on the wall. I closed my eyes and opened them again and the butterfly was real and the painting was blank. It started flying toward me.

      I thought to myself "It's just a false awakening, don't be tricked by it." I was about to stabilize and keep a good thing going but I lost the dream.
      and woke up. It was 5:00am. I waited about half an hour for reentry but decided it better to just get out of bed.

      RC/Stabilize: 1pt*1=1
      DILD 10pt*1=10
      Advanced summoning(dg) 15pt*1=15
      DC Interact 2pt*1=2
      Ask for advice 5pt*1=5

      Night Total: 33
    8. [20-07-2016]

      by , 07-20-2016 at 10:43 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was solving a mysterious and unusual case. It was really dark, whole the town was seemingly overnight. I knocked to door of some house and after a while an asian woman in early twenties opened and let me in. We were sitting in a dark room, the only light that came inside was from a street lamp. We talked for a while about that strange case. I told her that every clue led me to her house. After I gathered all information I could, I left her alone and went to the streets.

      Then I found myself in some old storage and industrial buildings. I felt that I was in grave danger, being chased by someone or something. I escaped, running through dark corridoors, rooms, alleys and then through sewers I got to subway station and escaped. Later I found myself in that buildings again, but this time I knew exactly where to escape.

      Next night after solving the whole case I went to a chinese noodle stand and talked with chinese man. I told him that I'm leaving the city in search of a crystal katana sword. The man was surprised that I knew ultimate secret and asked who told me about it. After a while of consideration I said "MoonMan". Then he gave me a beautiful white flower that had blue glow inside it. I quietly said the name of that asian girl I met when solving the case, said that I might stay for some time and went to her. I gave her the flower and said "I know that this flower can't surpass your beauty, but take it." Then I said that I'm staying in the city and asked if she'd go on a date with me. She was silent, after a while she said that she has troubles speaking. I said that she should call me and say whether she want's to meet with me or not, then I went away.

      I found myself in some old barracks, it was really dark. There was a really huge, open cistern down to the bottom of earth, full of muck. There was a platform with crystal sword, glowing with blue light. I decided to not risk it and leave the room. I opened door and saw that chinese noodle seller. He was really scared. I couldn't move - something was holding my arm. I turned back and saw a huge, white skinned humanoid with circular maw full of teeth in the middle of it's head, with two small eyes above it. The monster lacked left hand. I tried to free myself and scare it with roaring, but when it didn't worked I just punched it in the maw.

      Everything became dark. I saw a text saying "The monster disappeared. No one knows how it was able to get through 890 345 600* metres of solid rock."

      *The number can be inaccurate, but it's close I think.
    9. 16-07-09 Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

      by , 07-13-2016 at 06:14 PM
      This dream took place in some kind of large wooden shack. It was quite dark. *REDACTED* Sylar, another character from "Heroes", was raping her (Claire). This was an event I was "tasked" to prevent. He was doing this to her, but to my confusion, Claire seemed to be enjoying it. To my shame, I was turned on by the sight. *REDACTED* I traveled back in time. I closed my eyes and envisioned the shack in the past. I started "seeing" and hearing input from the past, while my senses from the present went dull and eventually disappeared. I was back in the shack, but before Claire and her female friend (?) arrived. I think I managed to convince them to leave. At some point in the dream, I remember thinking (or whispering "save the cheerleader, save the world", the show's catchphrase.

      I somehow got into a fight with Sylar. I could freeze time, just as I was about to throw in a punch. I realized that if I unfroze time for too long, he would no doubt destroy me using one of his many powers. But if I kept it frozen, I could never defeat him, or escape. I decided to freeze and unfreeze time every second or so, so my fist approached his face bit my bit, but he was unable to use focus and use a power in the short timespan between "freezes". I hit him right in the face, and he was defeated. My allies came in, several men of whatever faction I was with. They congratulated me for my deeds, and apparently saving the world. I wasn't interested in the world, though - I was madly in love with Claire, and I wanted her to love me back. At this point, my behavior mirrored that of a character of a book I'm reading - Raoul from "The Phantom of the Opera". In true 19th century style, it was as if I expected her to have some kind of obligation to love me because I saved her. I spoke to Claire, who was also in the shack all of the sudden, standing by wooden workbench. She no longer looked like herself. I told her the truth, that I loved her and that's why I "saved" her. She just kind of nodded "uh huh", and that was it. I was heartbroken. I was mad, and I think I drew my sword in anger (it was a katana). One of the guys in the room was Asian in origin, so I noticed.

      In the next scene, I was sitting in a chair, in an opulent Victorian palace. It was a celebration of my "heroics", because I had saved Claire and saved the world from evil while doing it. I was still in a foul mood. I cared more about conquering her heart than the world's safety. I stood up, and said "forgive me, friends". I took my swords (they were two golden ornamental swords, in a very unusual shape), and held them up while preparing to travel back in time. The idea I had in mind was vile, and beyond selfish. I would go back, but arrive just too late - when Sylar was already having his way with her. I would then save her, and in doing so she would see how much I loved her. I was prepared to allow her to get hurt and abused, just so she would love me. I was sitting again, still "casting the spell". I noticed Claire standing on my left with a few other people. I lowered my arms so she would not see me "cast". Much to my frustration, I failed to travel back in time. My ability simply refused to work. Begrudgingly, I accepted this outcome. As I started to wake up, I somehow felt like this story would have a happy ending still, and "knew" she would come to me and we'd somehow end up together after all.
    10. The Birth and Rebirth of a Phoenix (DILD)

      by , 02-16-2016 at 07:43 PM
      Ritual: Yesterday was full of work and stress, conditions that I have previously correlated to vivid dreaming. I worked until going to bed at 2am. Woke at 5am to feed the cat, then again at 6am after a dream that culminated in an experience of intense frustration, vivid enough that I spent around 45 minutes writing it down—an unintended but useful WBTB. Since today will also be very busy I did not do any other lucid practices, however, I had primed myself a little by reading the list of TOTYs last night. Apart from those conditions, the following dream was spontaneous, and I woke from it at around 8:45am.

      DILD: I am at my mother's house, but it is unlike any WL house. I am in a long room with high ceilings, very spacious and sparsely furnished, with no modern accoutrements. Maybe it is the medieval look of the interior that reminds me of the TOTYs, and I become lucid. Which would be a good one to do? Fairy would be easier to do outdoors. I could turn into a dragon but then I'd have to destroy everything and I don't want to wreck my mother's house. Phoenix? That would be a good one. I try to remember the details. I can't just summon it directly, I have to burn something, right? I look around the room for something suitable.

      On the far end of the room is a table under a shuttered window. The table is covered with a white cloth, and spread across it is an assortment of jewels and precious stones. These look ideal. I select a faceted gem and place it in my left palm. It is small, only about six millimeters across, transparent with cobalt blue striations, like a combination of diamond and sapphire. It is faceted into what I think of as a classic gem shape. [According to online sources, this is simply called a "round" cut.] I walk slowly across the room back toward the couch where my mom is sitting, concentrating on the stone and willing it to catch fire. The stone feels inert in my hand, and I feel that I have chosen the wrong one. From the coloring, this stone is clearly attuned with ice, not fire. I should go back and pick a different one.

      I return to the table and find a small stone of matte earthy red color. This is more a mineral than a gem, and it is shaped like a narrow lozenge, almost a centimeter long, pointed at the ends, and only a few millimeters wide in the middle. I begin to will it into flame, but immediately have second thoughts. The stone is so skinny and small, it would probably make a scrawny phoenix. I go back to the table to look for a better one.

      I decide to find a gem that could pass for a phoenix egg, examine the options more carefully, and finally come across a good-sized stone around three centimeters across. It is also matte and reddish, but a generous oval in shape, and the top is composed of randomly assorted rounded protrusions, like bubbles. The bottom has been leveled off and already set into a metal frame. I decide that this one is ideal, put it in my left palm, and begin to invoke fire in earnest. Around this time my mom tries to talk to me about doing some household chore but I hush her: "Not now, I'm busy."

      The stone resists at first, but I do not let myself doubt my ability to do this. I've summoned fire in my palm before. This time I'm just transmuting it from a substrate. I will a flame to emerge from the stone and soon it does—but I notice that in the process, the stone has transformed into a candle. The candle is larger than the stone, filling my hand. It is a 6cm tall cylinder and is conveniently fitted in a round container. Between the candle and the sides of the container is what looks like a filling of crumpled dry grass.

      The flame is burning on the wick in the ordinary way, and I will it to expand and consume the whole candle, turning it into the phoenix I am trying to create. For a moment it burns quietly, but then the whole object transforms again. Briefly I seem to be holding a bundle of smoldering dried grass, around a foot in diameter, until the whole thing explodes and violently flies apart, patches landing in various places around the room. Failure? I'd better check the remains.

      I wander around to a couple of the smoking remnants, but see nothing notable. I remember that I need to keep my expectations high, so as I walk toward a third, larger patch, I anticipate finding a baby phoenix. Sure enough, when I prod at the charred dried grass, underneath I discover a tiny, long-necked, bird-like creature! The phoenix has hatched! But it is it skinny and completely limp. What can I do to help? As a creature of fire, I reason, it must need heat. It is probably freezing to death.

      I gently pick up the baby bird, which drapes across my hands with no sign of life, and take it to the fireplace. Luckily there is already a good fire burning. There is a kind of metal chain screen separating the fire from a metal grate on the hearth. Sprawled on the grate, soaking up the heat, is a long iguana-like lizard that I had previously noticed on the table when I was selecting jewels. I figure it must be a salamander, with the same need for warmth as my new phoenix. Should I place the phoenix in the fire directly, or on the grate? Since my hypothesis about the wisdom of putting the phoenix in the fire is as yet untested, I decide to lay it on the grate in case I need to remove it quickly.

      The experiment goes well. As soon as I lay the baby phoenix next to the fire, its body begins to perk up and fill out. It grows until it resembles a toucan in shape and size, though red in color and with a sleeker bill. Success! But was there more to the task? I can't remember if we were also supposed to fight something, and figure I'd better do that as well as long as I can maintain dreamstate. "Let's go fight something!" I say to the newborn phoenix, and it hops up on my shoulder.

      I head past the table with the jewels and open the window in the end wall. The window is a square aperture about three feet on a side, fastened with a single wooden shutter. The shutter is hinged on one side, flush with the wall when closed, and opens inward to the left. This truly resembles a medieval house in that there is no glass in the window, so it is easy to climb up and out. I pause on the sill and bid the phoenix to fly on ahead. Meanwhile, I hang up the long metal hook that I used to open the shutter so that I can grab it when I come in later, then use another device that resembles a hook attached to a wire loop to suspend myself from the sill and ease the drop to the ground, which is far enough below that it requires some precaution. I have the feeling that I have done this many times before.

      Once on the ground, I look around for someone or something to fight. I am on a grassy lawn that extends between a number of different buildings. The buildings themselves don't leave a distinct architectural impression—I wish I had taken a closer look. Instead I was scanning the ground between them, but all I see are ordinary people walking about, none of whom seem like suitable opponents. I don't want to be an unprovoked aggressor.

      The dream begins to fade. I worry that the abrupt transition to a different space might have unbalanced it, and I immediately take steps to stabilize, falling on my knees and examining the details of the grass while running my hands over it for texture. For a moment the grass turns grey and although I see all the usual plants among it, like clover, everything looks unusually small. But then a voice hails me from above and the dreamstate resumes its integrity: "Do you want to fight?" I promptly agree.

      I am facing a man who is accompanied by a creature resembling a muscular, short-haired white dog. The man has a sword, and immediately begins to strike at me. Although I am unarmed, I find that I am able to parry his blows with my hands without too much discomfort. I suspect that I could turn the fight to my advantage if I want, but the whole point of this exercise was to fight in tandem with the phoenix. Where is that bird? "Phoenix? Phoenix!" I call anxiously.

      The blade keeps falling, and I keep catching it and pushing it aside, but luckily the dog is hanging back for now. Suddenly to my relief the phoenix swoops in, aiming a stream of fire at the dog. More gouts of flame follow, consuming the man and dog, but they do not go down easily. I watch the phoenix, who has now taken human form, take a blade right through his stomach, angling up toward his chest. It is an unmistakably lethal blow, and I run over to him as he falls. I feel guilty for having put him in this predicament—but recall that for a phoenix, there should be a way to fix this.

      Looking around frantically, I am pleased to discover a fireplace in my immediate vicinity. Nevermind the unlikelihood of finding a fireplace outdoors; it is just what I need so I don't question it. I drag the phoenix, currently in the form of a slim Asian boy, over to the hearth and dump him directly onto the flames. I expect the fire to heal him; instead he begins screaming as his skin burns and chars. It is horrifying, but I hold him down as he struggles—he was dying already, this is the only thing that might help. Maybe this is how it is supposed to work. A phoenix has to die to be reborn, right? The human body blackens and burns away. Sure enough, in its place I find a little baby bird, looking much like it did initially but yellow instead of red this time. I wonder if its pale color means it needs to eat. The bird pecks at some morsel of food near the fire and I try to tempt it with something better. "Here, eat a hot one." I pluck an olive-sized piece from a row of snacks baking in the fireplace (I don't feel the heat, just as I didn't feel pain from the sword earlier) and offer it directly. The little bird compliantly swallows the morsel, growing in size and turning red again.

      I feel that I have completed the task to satisfaction, so even before I wake up I begin reviewing the details, making sure I commit them to memory. There is a moment when I am back in the same house as the beginning of the dream and ask someone to remind me the name of the guy I fought. "Ziggy Starduster and the Hoarfrost," comes the reply. I note that they definitely said "Starduster," not "Stardust." Since I only hear rather than see the names, I briefly wonder if the dog's name is spelled "Whorefrost" or "Hoarfrost," but decide that the latter is more appropriate on a number of levels.

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    11. Neb the Lion Heart NOT

      by , 01-04-2016 at 07:58 PM
      D1 - It is very dark I am on an icy lake, I can just make out the shoreline, it is very eerie. A large lion's head appears, just the head no body. It is spirit like leaving a vapour trail behind it. Its coming for me and very big, I leg it, skidding on the ice. I just manage to get away.

      D2 - I am a knight with red armour, weird kind of red, rusted red? My sword is normal silver steel. I am in a encampment after a battle. A baron is on trial. I vote against them, then standing in the dark tent, notice everyone is gone, except him looking non to pleased, again I leg it.

      D3 - I am in a new house, it had a whole lot of glass inside. One part is hexgonal with sliding parts. i see some people coming to visit. So I go to hide but, I have over looked the fact that their is no where to hide due to all the glass.

      D1 - Afraid of becoming a leo persona, don't like being in the centre of attention
      D2 - Being fiery red Aires won't magic away my fears
      D3 - glass, I can't hide from myself

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    12. Dreamvania: Symphony of Sleep

      by , 09-26-2015 at 01:18 PM (Here be dragons)
      No snake involved in last night dream, have an adventure instead.

      I am in a east-european village, all stone and narrow muddy paths, with an overcast sky and chilling atmosphere. There isn't many people in the street, save for a black carriage without horses and a older gentleman with sweeping white hair. I walk to him and he hands me a curved sword. I tie it to my waist and go on to the center of the village; I need to go throught it to reach a castle looming on a hill. I put the sword to good use as a group of bandits attacked me with a knife that looks like it's made from a rasor blade monted on a oyster knife's handle. I know that this thing is made to slit throat and I dispatch them. I then go to the inn, it's pretty packed but I can't put my weapon away; I feel a painful pressure everytime I try.
      I head out and finaly reach the castle. A pack of giant wolves is waiting for me, some of them with brlood red fur. I slay the ones who attack me, before one of the survivor take me on his back to enter the castle. What's left of the pack is following us, I notice that they're all brown, and somme of them have ribbon around their necks. I get off my wolf companion and walck up some stairs with an white wolf playfully nipping at my heels*. I become aware that someone is narrating what I'm doing, but I don't pay close attention to it.
      The celling is lower and lower, I have to go to a big door that open in a high-celing room that seem to cover all the back of the castle. I swich on the light and see an enormous cat I think is mine** an go to the over side of the room, which is full all light thanks to gigantic windows. I can see the slab grey sea, an manucured lawn and a blue pool.
      I subdue the light so my wolfs can come with me and find a deckchair to lounge on. My family join me, and I use mind power to lock the door going into the dark room for their safety. My grand mother start complaining about it and the windows start slamming open because of a strong wind. I try to keep them closed with my mind, but I can't until I make microscopic holes in the glass panel, "so the salt can go through" as my grand-mother say.

      The dream flicker and I'm buying clothes with my sister before waking up.

      *an habit of my sister's dog, who does have white fur.
      **which is funny, because the mighty kitty is mighty in his mind but not much in his size.
    13. Drawing a Sword/Ozymandias (DILD)

      by , 09-07-2015 at 11:41 PM
      Ritual: I went to bed at midnight and found myself quite awake at 5am, so I got up and worked for an hour. On going back to bed, I realized that although I had not intended a WBTB, the conditions were good for LDing. I had to get up at 8, so I didn't want to spend the time on a formal WILD attempt, but I thought about what task I should do if I got lucid. All I could remember of this month's TOTMs were "fart" and "draw," so picked the latter. I decided I would draw a dinosaur, since I never got around to riding one last month.

      DILD: I think I was outside my workplace—something I rarely dream of—when I reached down to pick up something off the ground. As I straightened, I realized with clear certainty that I was dreaming. I wasn't sure what had triggered the awareness, so thought it over, but there didn't seem to be any specific anomalies that I had noticed, and I hadn't RC'd either. On this occasion I just felt very naturally aware of the dream state.

      I had originally planned to draw a dinosaur and bring it to life for the TOTM, but now I decided to start with something easier. I had been at my HEMA class yesterday, so I decided to draw a sword, then manifest it and do some practice. My initial strategy was to simply draw the sword in my left palm, so that I could manifest it directly in my hand (I am right-handed, so I was using my right hand to draw with). However, the lines changed as soon as I had set them down, turning into a cartoon-like character. I figured fine, I can work with that, it doesn't matter what I manifest... but my intention to transform the drawing into a real being fizzled. Nothing happened except that the drawing changed into a different character, and then faded.

      Changing strategy, as I found myself walking next to a building I drew a sword right on the wall. It was a poor drawing, chunky and ill-proportioned, but I figured I could fix it in post-production. I put my hand over where the hilt was drawn, intending to grab the sword as it manifested. Nothing happened. I wondered if it would help to reach into the wall, in case the sword was inside it. I pressed my right hand against the wall, which consisted of a reddish, textured stucco. It resisted at first, but I kept pressing, and eventually it yielded like a crumbly semi-moist clay, and my hand went right through. I closed my hand over an object and pulled it out. Unfortunately it was not the sword I was trying to create, but a comic book.

      It occurred to me that I was always trying to make the dream state conform to my will, and I should pay more attention to the things that it offered me unexpectedly, so I took a moment to flip through the comic book as I walked on past the building. The hero of the comic was a young boy, but nothing caught my interest, so I tossed it on the ground. Lucidity got a little weak, and I found myself grilling a piece of chicken for my husband's dinner. The image of the piece of meat on the grill was, in retrospect, an obvious bit of day residue from a Facebook post I had seen last night.

      While getting the dinner ready I found myself indoors, where I made a third try at drawing the sword, inscribing an outline on the wall again. Since there was a DC in the room with me, I thought I would be clever and asked him to grab the sword off the wall and give it to me. I figured it would still count for the TOTM as long as the drawing transformed into a three-dimensional object by any means. But he couldn't do it either!

      Later I got fed up and just manifested a sword directly into my hand so that I could actually get some practice in. For some reason I found it easy to create a sword in my hand out of nothing, even though I had been unable to do it from the drawings! I went through a few rounds of the "flow" movements I had learned in my HEMA class, but found myself wondering why I was wasting precious dream time practicing something that I could work on just as well in waking life, so I flew off to further explore the dream.

      Only then did I notice the beauty of my surroundings. Some dream environments are drab, but this was one of those landscapes that is gorgeous beyond anything you've seen in waking life. Pink-tinged clouds of beautiful hue and texture filled the sky. All around me was water, interspersed with strips of inhabited land, like a strange city straddling the sea. The water was full of beautiful sailing ships of many varieties.

      I felt a bit lonely in all this splendor and wished I had a friend to hang out with. Something inspired me to seek "Ozymandias," though the name has little relevance for me (outside being vaguely aquainted with its literary source) and has never come up in a dream before, nor can I trace it to DR. I loudly called "Ozymandias!" but no one appeared. Then I had an intuition that one of the boats was his, a small craft with a complex array of small square black and red sails.

      I flew over and landed on the boat, which was not much bigger than a rowboat despite its magnificent sails. There was a tall vertical form in the prow that I had assumed was Ozymandias, only to discover that it was made of wood and evidently served as the steering apparatus. The boat was empty, even though it was not anchored but sailing freely in the harbor. Something caught my eye and I knelt down to find some single earrings and a few tiny beads in the bottom of the boat, as though a woman had been here. Though I retained a degree of lucidity, I found myself being drawn into a dream narrative. I lingered in the boat until it drifted vertically down a tall waterfall, although the movement was gentle and not frightening.

      I wanted to figure out why Ozymandias had apparently disappeared from his boat, so I transported myself to an office where I could speak to a harbor official. I told him about the empty boat and the evidence that a woman had been on board.

      "The only other person allowed in his boat is Delphine," the clerk informed me. Something made me suspect Delphine was a courtesan, so I asked about the local brothels, and the clerk described two locations.

      As I went in search of the brothel I became confused.... now I began to wonder if I was Delphine, that is, if that was the character I was playing in the dream. But if so, why hadn't the clerk recognized me, since he had appeared to be familiar with her? Could it be because I don't currently resemble her, and instead look like my waking self?

      Without resolving these doubts, I went to the brothel and asked if they knew what had become of Ozymandias. "We don't give information about our clients," the madam informed me politely.

      "He might be dead!" I insisted, explaining my discovery of the empty boat. That persuaded them to give me a piece of paper listing the dates that he had visited. That was as far as I was able to pursue the mystery before I woke up.

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    14. Sword and Blood

      by , 05-25-2015 at 11:25 AM
      Morning of May 25, 2015. Monday.

      I am not sure of the location or even the immediate setting, though I am living with my wife yet seem to be about twenty years younger. There is a slight essence of Stadcor Street in Brisbane, but it also seems like an apartment building with a hallway (though not reminiscent of the King Street boarding house this time) and it may be on the first floor.

      I eventually notice an intruder sitting on my left (about six feet away), though do not strongly associate him as such at first (as he may instead be a friendly visitor I had somehow forgotten about). My first intent is to wake up my wife by calling out her name. I am seated and she is sleeping on a bed (or possibly a couch in which the back drops down to make a single bed) to my right. Once again, I call out someone’s name and they do not respond (recently recurring in-dream situation). Zsuzsanna continues to sleep peacefully after I say her name loudly about four or five times. Thus, I decide that instead of getting her up and us leaving the room until I work out the intruder’s intent, I will get up and make him leave by physical force.

      Eventually I realize that I am holding a sword, so I put it up against his neck to make him leave the room. I continue to hold it up as he moves back and into the hall, close to the door to the apartment or room where he apparently lives. I still tap his neck a few times, drawing a bit of blood as he backs up against his door. I decide to let him go into his apartment and so I turn to go back to where my wife and I are seemingly living. However, I notice more and more blood flowing out from my right arm and going everywhere, including making a puddle on the floor (and my wife is still sleeping). This is quite possibly one of the most vivid bleeding dreams I have ever had as I am fully aware of my body and presence - and the perspective is “perfect” as well (with no typical distortions of any kind). I enter a very well-defined state of clarity and awareness as I continue to stand while looking down at all the blood. On the one hand, I know I am bleeding in a possibly fatal manner, trying to work out how it even happened as the other male did not have a sword. The cut is over my upper right arm (about the entire length of my upper arm) and blood is flowing everywhere. I slowly wake, though with the tentative confidence that I will somehow survive.

      The meaning behind this dream, I would normally just attribute to being a metaphor for the waking process (and the “death” of the transient dream self upon entering the waking process). However, it also implements a remote viewing connection, which is relative to the same event that my wife remote viewed in a different way. In her case, she remote viewed a dream scene where a child was talking on a toy telephone. Today, in the mail (without the slightest idea it would occur), we received several childhood photos of me from one of my older sisters for the first time ever (I am still of the belief that remote viewing requires at least two active minds - in this case the other mind being that of my sister’s - who sent the photos). In one of them, I am holding a toy telephone, validating my wife’s very consistent remote viewing perception over the years (after all, she accurately remote viewed my childhood long before we met). Another photo is from around the time I had my near-fatal accident and NDE in 1962 where I lost a lot of blood as a toddler and miraculously did not go into shock and soon self-trained my left hand to work again over time (and “rewired” my brain by force of will at a very young age - thus my enhanced dream memory and understanding among other things) even though it was “certain” (by the doctors’ claim) that my wrist and hand would be paralyzed for life. As such, some memories from age one and a half resurfaced, but only those related to the park visits. Basically, this dream was a form of remote viewing a very old memory linked to a precognitive association of an approaching visual event and layering it in a character composite with my adult self (even though the location of the bleed-out differed in this dream, as dreams often change orientations in one way or another).

      I also feel that there may be some meaning here regarding the calling of the name in terms of reversal while in the dream state. This situation accurately implies that my wife is awake in reality (verified) so thus is “asleep” in my own dream (and this is not the first time I have been aware in a non-lucid dream in this precise way though it depends on the type and level of the dream). This is probably similar to how the “shadow person” in a dream (especially a vivid lucid dream) is actually the waking conscious mind rather than what inexperienced people claim in it being something “darker” or potentially threatening to the real conscious self. When in a dream, it is the transient dream self that faces annihilation (in the process of waking), not the conscious self, so it is rather absurd to make the claim that a shadow in a dream is somehow “lower” than the dream self or unconscious state.

      As already noted, I made a note of how I felt it was me “reliving” my childhood trauma of nearly having my left hand cut off (even though in my dream it was my upper right arm). One of the photographs my sister sent recently (and there was no way of knowing she would send photographs) shows me during the time period I was recovering from this event which occurred July 4, 1962 and while my hand and wrist is still wrapped. In fact, I had been imagining seeing this exact same photograph recently and very unlikely - received it the day after in real life. (even though I have only heard from her a few times in the last twenty years and rarely while growing up).

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    15. [18-04-2015]

      by , 04-18-2015 at 10:44 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Bloodbath and sword of shrooms

      I was playing Blood in Bloodbath mode. The map I was playing on belonged to a od or expansion, as it wasn't part of an original game. It was dark, with apocalypse setting. It was placed in cliffs. The sky was red. There were many power ups scattered around, that were never in the game.

      Suddenly another player joins me. He had a nickname "bone2boons". We started to fight. He wanted to shoot me down with a sawed-off, but I was quicker and shot him first. I ran for another weapon. I jumped down the cliff into some kind of plateau.

      There were many weapons and power-ups there. I picked up spray can. He ran towards me. I prepared lighter, and sent him a wave of flames, which incinerated him quickly. Then he ran back towards me, and picked up one of the new power-ups: vampire suit.

      I tried to shoot him down, but I missed all the time. When the power-up respawned, I picked it up and transformed into vampire. I flewn up, and we fought in the air. We both used shotguns. I killed him another time. The punctation was weird, as after three kills I had 110 points.

      Suddenly he disappeared, but was still present on the server. I looked for him in the cliffs, plateau and a new chamber with skeletons I discovered. He started to use chat:

      b2b (bone2boons): The skull and skeletons.

      Suddenly I found a new way up to the mountains. When following it, I saw a huge cavern. Then a huge, terrifying skull jumped out of it with it's undead army. It killed me before I could do anything. I respawned on the plateau, and ran back to the skull.

      When it spotted me, it started to chase me. I jumped down the cliff, and survived using vampire suit which then lost it's power. The skull killed me again. I ran back to the cavern. Bone2boons started to write again:

      b2b: the cavern.

      b2b: take the sword, the heritance of shrooms.

      I entered it, and took a sword made out of mushrooms. The cavern changed to my kitchen. I saw somehting lying up on the wardrobe. I climbed up the furniture, and found evidences of kidnapping. Suddenly I heard a voice:

      - Wow! You're getting good at this!

      And then a text appeared in the middle of my vision. The letters said "Desert". I realised that I'm inside some kind of TV show.
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