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    1. Pillow mage, LD in a blink, Party at Sunken Bay, Working with VHE

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:18 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a hot Spring day. I was a tall, muscular man with dark hair. I was walking down a hill into a meadow. I knew I was close to a huge settlement, I just had to go through a small forest. There was a dirt path leading to sawmill, and then to castle. I decided to follow it. On the way I saw a small waterfall and a bog. The view was quite beautiful.

      The path led me to some kind of fortifications made of wooden shelves and beds. There were many rows of them standing in front of a tall wall. Suddenly my younger sister jumped from behind the barrier of beds. She was wearing full plate armor, and was weilding a claymore. She couldn't recognise me, so we fought for a moment. I had an enchanted battle hammer that drained strenght of my enemies. My sister won with me however, and only then she could recognise me.

      We talked for a moment I explained her how the enchantment on my hammer worked. Then we decided to follow a path towards mountain tops. I said "Now I'll become a Pillow Mage!". Suddenly an ash storm started, though we managed to climb up the mountain. It was Mountain Olymp, and the ash storm was effect of gods magic.

      There were two gods sitting in their thrones. When we approached them, they made us their generals and sent into barracks, so we could prepare for battle.

      Second dream

      With my family we were waiting at a gate to our front yard. After a while a Soviet tank appeared, and Soviet General went out of it. I thought that I should do RC as this might be a dream. I wanted to do a nose RC, but my hand was getting more and more heavy. When I confirmed that this is a dream, everything went black.

      Third dream

      It was in a lagoon called Sunken Bay. We had a huge party in the water. We were surrounded by dense jungle vegetation, and there were many fishes and octopi swimming there. I was catching fishes with my hands, and showing each of them to my family. There were two octopi sleeping. The had skull shaped bodies and looked dangerous. The party have ended when they woke up .

      Fourth dream

      I was working with VHE, a Half-Life level editor. I built some structures, mountains and placed a sniper in one spot, then I ran the level.
    2. Sing Dirty Nina

      by , 08-12-2011 at 02:27 AM
      I enter a lucid dream and I'm flying through darkness. I am determined to have an enjoyable experience so as I fly around I begin trying verbal commands like, "sun come up" or "daylight now". But none of them work, so I starting singing. I make up a cute little song and add in phrases involving sunrises and with feeling I sing, "let the sun come up". I'm basically just using verbal phrases in song form. My subconscious likes it. Perhaps he is grateful for my creative attempt, and the fact that I am asking, instead of forcing. Forcing never works with the sub.

      Now I'm flying in bright daylight over an icy ocean of arctic blue glacial waters. I change the song and start singing about warm Caribbean waters, and suddenly the glacier breaks apart and the sea froths and foams and dark debris flies everywhere. This was a scene from some horrible flood. But it was only a changeover. After a few seconds pass, the water is turquoise like the Caribbean and there are beaches formed from the glacial ice. It is so beautiful and amazing just flying through this scene and watching these transitions occur as I sing. My subconscious seems ready to give me anything I ask for. I sing for a beautiful lagoon, and immediately I watch as the sandstone is carved from a cliffside, the debris shooting straight into the air and into nonexistence. The water surges up and over the cliff, and when it recedes there is a beautiful lagoon with waterfalls flowing into it. Plants, trees, and flowers spring up around it. I just float in the air, and watch this amazing site, ready to plunge into the warm waters. But my alarm wakes me up. Snooze.

      I re-enter a lucid dream, but it's different. I'm in some sort of mall, but this mall has the most beautiful interior decorating I've ever seen. Each store has displays set up that are so intricately beautiful. They use color and light to make the customer's eye dance around the store. I had barely a moment to state in awe at this scene, when...again alarm goes off...snooze.

      I wanted so badly to get back to that store in the mall to take a mental picture of the gorgeous display, but instead I'm in a different place. Or a different time. It's a mall...but there's only western stuff...and it looks like the old west. I'm dressed up as a cowboy, my hair is hidden and tucked up under my hat. The people tending the store in this mall don't look too pleased to see me so I say, "I'll see you boys later," then I make a bull sound, and go charging off toward a wooden wall, head first. Apparently I don't make a very good bull, because I just hit the wall hard and fall to the ground.

      My head is aching but I'm alright, I'm more bothered that my boots got all dusty, so I wipe 'em off a bit. Two large men walk over to me, I see they're carrying rifles. The light is behind them so their faces are in shadow but I can see one has long greasy hair and the other is bald. "Howdy," I say, "I'm Dirty Nina." and I take off my hat and let my hair fall down. "You boys are mighty good looking," I say, trying to hide the sarcasm. The bald man walks closer and leans toward me. I can see that he has bandages over his eyes and he's looking really angry..."Well that's just fine little missy, but we got a debt to settle." He smiles, and I see a nasty toothless grin. The dust begins to settle and I need a plan, I see the spurs on my boots glinting out of the corner of my eye...but just then...my alarm goes off. And I have to get up or I'll be late for work.

      Very frustrating, this dream was going to be mighty awesome.
    3. Long Drop 12/16/10

      by , 07-11-2011 at 02:24 AM
      12:00 AM

      I was mountain biking along. Past a golf course in and headed down a dirt road(recurring location) and came out above a lagoon(also a recurring location though it takes different forms outside the west side of my childhood hometown.)

      I was standing under some trees on some healthy green grass and off to my right was a tall waterfall that fed the lagoon about 100 feet below. I was trying to retrieve a time capsule(recurring?) Anyway I knew it was buried next to the cliff but I was bound to get it. The ground started to give way and as I started to slip I dug my left arm into a hole and stopped. So there I was stuck with my arm stuck in a hole and trying not to slip. I could see that my fall wouldn't end well on the boulders below...
    4. 3/20/2011

      by , 03-20-2011 at 06:56 PM (Book of Dreams)
      Bike Ride
      I'm riding my bike from home to Target, but I somehow get mixed up and take a wrong turn. I end up at a business complex. I ride my bike on the uphill sidewalk past the buildings when someone rides past me. "Hey, do you need help?" He asks. I look up and see it's a kid from my Bible class. "No, thanks." I reply, awkwardly.

      We continue to ride when we approach some cliffs that overlook Lake Michigan. There is a lagoon that drops off the cliffs, forming a waterfall. It's very beautiful, but the fact I've been a bit clumsy on this bike ride makes me really nervous I'll fall off. A naked girl approaches us from the lagoon and starts talking to the kid from Bible class. The dream tells me that there is a movie being shot here, and the residents of the village have been complaining about the nude women in the film.

      I look down the cliff and picture myself falling off. It doesn't look too fun. I drop the bike and walk into the lagoon, where my aunt and four cousins are playing. I consider leaving before they see me, but I don't. There is a lapse in time, and I am in the kitchen of some non-existant relative's house. My grandma is here, and a few things happen which I have forgotten, and then I wake up.

      Theatre Awards
      I am at school, and during my lunch hour I'm helping set up for the theatre awards. Theatre troupes from schools all over the county are coming to VHHS for the awards. The officers have decided on a theme for the banquet, but it has not been unveiled. I am setting up blue folding chairs when Brian unrolls a large banner. "This year," he says, "the theme of the banquet is death!" Everyone seems to be pleased with this, but I find it strange. Brandon looks over at me and says, "What are you doing here??" everyone looks at me, expecting an answer. I don't know why no one wants me there, so I leave angrily. I enter fifth period and learn that they took my name off the excused list. Maybe I really wasn't supposed to go to the banquet. I'm so confused, and still pissed off.