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    1. [24-04-2016]

      by , 04-24-2016 at 09:20 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First fragment

      I turned on my laptop and started working - I was making textures and models, then used them to make maps for a Half-Life mod that I was creating.

      Second fragment

      I was writing a forum RTD game set in S.T.A.L.K.E.R games universe. A first reply was about another game like that, only a few days older and quite worse.
    2. Pillow mage, LD in a blink, Party at Sunken Bay, Working with VHE

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:18 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a hot Spring day. I was a tall, muscular man with dark hair. I was walking down a hill into a meadow. I knew I was close to a huge settlement, I just had to go through a small forest. There was a dirt path leading to sawmill, and then to castle. I decided to follow it. On the way I saw a small waterfall and a bog. The view was quite beautiful.

      The path led me to some kind of fortifications made of wooden shelves and beds. There were many rows of them standing in front of a tall wall. Suddenly my younger sister jumped from behind the barrier of beds. She was wearing full plate armor, and was weilding a claymore. She couldn't recognise me, so we fought for a moment. I had an enchanted battle hammer that drained strenght of my enemies. My sister won with me however, and only then she could recognise me.

      We talked for a moment I explained her how the enchantment on my hammer worked. Then we decided to follow a path towards mountain tops. I said "Now I'll become a Pillow Mage!". Suddenly an ash storm started, though we managed to climb up the mountain. It was Mountain Olymp, and the ash storm was effect of gods magic.

      There were two gods sitting in their thrones. When we approached them, they made us their generals and sent into barracks, so we could prepare for battle.

      Second dream

      With my family we were waiting at a gate to our front yard. After a while a Soviet tank appeared, and Soviet General went out of it. I thought that I should do RC as this might be a dream. I wanted to do a nose RC, but my hand was getting more and more heavy. When I confirmed that this is a dream, everything went black.

      Third dream

      It was in a lagoon called Sunken Bay. We had a huge party in the water. We were surrounded by dense jungle vegetation, and there were many fishes and octopi swimming there. I was catching fishes with my hands, and showing each of them to my family. There were two octopi sleeping. The had skull shaped bodies and looked dangerous. The party have ended when they woke up .

      Fourth dream

      I was working with VHE, a Half-Life level editor. I built some structures, mountains and placed a sniper in one spot, then I ran the level.
    3. Recall problems

      by , 06-28-2015 at 10:04 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Recall problems this night. I remember only bodies lying on a coach in a weird sotrage room, getting teleported to Xen borderworld from Half-Life.
    4. Short fragment

      by , 03-31-2015 at 02:04 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was playing half-life with someone. We had a 1v1 duel on a lan server. I claimed a base in a crushed airplane, while the other guy took the nearby bunker as his hideout. We were trying to kill eachother, and he succeeded a few times. Then it changed. I was a bank robber, and he was an agent of special forces. He hidden in the airplane, making an ambush. I shot him a few times with shotgun, to no effect.
    5. Some non lucids

      by , 03-11-2015 at 10:31 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in school, watching academy on the occasion of something that I can't recall. I went through the corridor, and entered a classroom. It was english lesson. The teacher, a high, bald man in glasses was wearing grey suit. When the lesson ended he asked me Have you drank denaturant? I said No... not yet. The lesson ended, I saw my friend on the corridor, and asked when she has a bus back home. I offered to take her by car if she'll be late for the bus, but she said that it's unlikely. Suddenly my older sister appeared, and we drove to home.

      Second dream - fragment

      I was at the doctors room. I was sitting on a bench, wearing only underwear. My clothes were laying nearby. The doctor was sitting on a chair. Blonde, old female wearing labcoat. She told me to cut my nails, as its needed for a health examination. Suddenly a nurse appeared in the room, and told the doctor that I don't need any health examinations. I took my clothes, and went away.

      Third dream - fragment

      I was in home. I was using my laptop to model something, and make a map for Half-Life.
    6. Punishment for crime that I haven't committed, precognition?

      by , 03-09-2015 at 05:03 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was cold, December night. I was walking back to home, and saw two hooded shapes. They were stealing from a local shop. I came closer, then the alarm started, and police arrived. They took me to the jail for a year, before even the judgement came.

      The next year I was in home, working on my laptop. It was midnight. I was making a level for Half-Life, texturing and compiling it. Suddenly a woman arrived. Tall, slim, brunette. She was my lawyer. She wanted to talk with me, so I went from my room to the living room. I sat on the couch, while she took a seat on the armchair in front of me. I felt really tired. My lawyer told me that the police never had anything to prove my guilt, and that I can make a trial against them.

      Precognitive dream recalled?

      *Today when I was on a lesson, I had a strange feeling. I made an RC and looked around, watching the rooms layout, everyone present, and what was going on. Somehow, I have realised that I saw this all before. Everything matched with the dream I had over a few months ago!*
    7. Non-lucid school + Lucid [DEILD] Failed ToTM

      by , 02-04-2015 at 09:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was during three days. The first day I was ill, and had to stay in home. During that day I was lying in my bed. Second day I was feeling better, and started to work on a mod for Half-Life. My younger sister told me that I'm going to school next day. The third day I was in school. I had to clean a classroom with other chosen students. When I started to do this other students criticised me. Then a teacher came and told me that I clean the wrong classroom. We went to the right one, and started cleaning.

      Failed ToTM

      When the dream about cleaning ended I DEILD'ed to this dream. I found myself in an industrial area. Suddenly I became lucid. I try to recall the ToTM page, and see it. I saw that they were changed, but I wasn't sure. I did what I've seen. Basic task I - super high jump. So I jumped, and looked at the second task. Basic task II - teleport somewhere. I did it, and found myself in the Age of Empires III colony. I look at advanced task I - make something disappear. So I pointed at some buildings and they disappeared. I looked at the advanced task II - make a fire tornado. I saw a DC running twards me. I make a gesture as if I was to hug him and say Inferno! Sky turns red, and everything gets an orange glow. Fire tornado was quickly coming to me.When it touched me and that DC I woke up. I was mad, because I realised that those weren't the tasks for February, but my mind made them up!
    8. The old hag

      by , 01-31-2015 at 10:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in the cloudy afternoon. It was cold. I was in school. I was going from the entrance. Scenery changed to dark, moonless and starless night. I couldn't see anything, but luckily I had a flashlight with me. Weapons from Half-Life appeared, and other people were running and taking them. I decided to arm myself, and deathmatch started. When I've got some weapons people disappeared, and I went to the boiler room. It was dark, I couldn't see anything and my flashlight gave faint light, so I could see only blurred shapes in front of me. Suddenly I saw something moving up on some kind of platform. I jumped up there, and faced an old hag. She tried to kill me, but somehow I started flying. I attacked her from the air with the weapons I've found before. She resisted most of my attacks, and I landed because I couldn't fly anymore. I landed near the platform, and she tried to attack me from the top of it. A DC came to watch the show. He was staying near me. I somehow took a battle axe from my pocket, and striked the hag, killing her. Her body have fallen of the platform, and landed on the floor near me. It started changing, and now I saw a body of young woman lying on the floor. I took the axe, and hacked her head open. I couldn't see te brain and told a DC Something's not right. Where's the brain? I looked again and found it, filling only half of her skull. I told Why is the brain filling only half of her head? The DC told me It's fine, don't worry about it. I replied But shouldn't it fill all the space available for brain? Shouldn't it fill all of her skull? DC told me I told you, it's fine.
    9. Playing night

      by , 01-12-2015 at 06:39 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was sitting on the couch in my kitchen. My mother was sitting there too. I turned on Half-Life on my old laptop, and my mother turned it on, on her phone. It was weird phone, it was extremely thin, and easily bended. We were moving through the deformed, dark labs. From time to time teleports lighted the darkness a bit. Luckily they weren't leaving enemies. The place get more and more deformed. I turned the laptop off, and found myself outside. I was watching the night sky. Black, devoid of stars. Suddenly I realised that I look at a gigantic black vortex that surrounded earth.
    10. 6th July 2013 Lots of video game dreams and interesting XCOM game

      by , 07-06-2013 at 10:47 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Pretty fragmented recall, but that's alot of recall anyways, haha.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some FPS game that i really liked, coop with SilentEternity, at some point we were is some semi-destroyed building fighting some big insectoid thing. Then game suddenly glitched out and turned into something like half-life. One of weapons then gave ability to literally punch the enemy using a headcrab.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was watching an let's play of game that looked like KKND2, player was talking about some mission, telling that it's hard and failing horribly. Then i decided to try same mission and it was pretty easy, i was talking with SilentEternity and we just came to conclusion that that player was just really bad at it. Map was pretty open and i apparently could control units of different colors, red and purple, there were superadvanced mechanics as an bonus unit and i was placing alot of turrets. Enemies were trying to attack the base but failed and then i proceed to attack their huge base and won.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing Left 4 Dead, unlike IWL, it was solo game, i was progressing through some dark city and at some point i was in some small building, there was alot of broken glass and wood and there were melee weapons and each time i aimed at one, character was doing funny animation like thumbs up. I notice game having weird ambient sounds, which sounded like something from old Resident Evil games.

      Dream 4(fragment):

      I was playing some FPS game with SilentEternity and at one point we were searching for something in a dark maze of some kind. There was something about robots.

      Dream 5:

      I was watching some old XCOM let's play, the player took out alien base and then was doing fairly well on one crash site, then it turned out to be multiplayer and second player took control of the alien side and there was last one sectoid left, which killed off whole XCOM squad, then game glitched out almost completely with sectoid walking off in the glitchy distance.
      I went to chat about it with SilentEternity and was suggesting some different XCOM game, then we were talking about TTS and he mentioned some new XCOM game. We decided to try it.
      The XCOM base in it looked weird, like some kind of huge 3D underground rocket control center, then something broke and one of constructions collapsed. Then there was a mission in forest, i was controlling XCOM squad and had to clear the place of aliens, they were various and there was some aspect of bases, some of my troops could build barriers and turrets and aliens had some structures too. Eventually i won that battle and we decided to switch the sides.
      On alien side there was alot of stuff and then we were doing similar mission. I had wide variety of units including some kind of bulky flying drones and an alien black dragon-looking thing that was very powerful and had ability to increase amount of time units for a turn and ability to get over barricades. I rushed XCOM craft location with all units i got so his forces had to retreat, victory.
      Then there was some cutscene in space and it was giving some numbers about something, related to mass or gravity or something like that, SilentEternity says that numbers are totally wrong because they are simply too small for anything like that.
    11. 3rd May 2013 Half-life like game, Drug testing lab

      by , 05-03-2013 at 11:36 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Nap #1(fragments):

      (very fragmented recall)At one point of dream i was browsing dreamviews. And at another point of dream i saw a dragon.

      Nap #2(fragments):

      I was making an let's play of some game that looked like half-life, but the levels and story were different and it was happening in some kind of ruins. Then later i was watching videos of someone playing around with game's engine or something like that.
      Later i was in some area that looked like something from game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and there was lab which i went to visit. There were some people talking about some extreme kinds of drugs and were testing them on subjects. One was named "A--ex"(can't recall the name fully) and on low dosage it was causing rage and hallucinations of blood-colored flame in subjects, but on high dosage it was turning the subjects berserk permanently and their skin was getting covered and then replaced with those blood-colored flames. Another one (i can't recall name)was made from 'hippie hair' ( ) and was causing complete loss of thoughts in subjects.
    12. Shapeshifting Into Optimus Prime & An F22 Raptor. EPIC DREAM. (LONG)

      by , 08-07-2011 at 04:51 AM
      Shapeshifting Into Optimus Prime & An F22 Raptor. (DILD)


      I slept inside a sleeping bag on top of a (deflated) air matress in the back of a truck, with a tarp over the top to keep rain out. Not comfortable at all, for those who know how truckbeds are grooved. Also was sharing the space with my dad, so there wasn't much room at all. This was incredibly painful every time I woke up at night as the mattress had leaked air and I felt the hard bed, but couldn't move or else wake him up. It was about 45 degrees overnight and very humid.

      Maybe this is why I was so aware and everything was so vivid.

      I was on a walkway made of cobblestone, with an outdoor walkway covering over it. To the right was a huge grass field as far as the eye could see -- covered in dew, bright green, and all the same size -- the legnth of mowed grass, but came to a point instead of obvious flat cuts. To the left were some two and three-story tall buildings, laid out like a school (jagged, blocky) but the building in the middle was a blue-grooved-alluminum-made warehouse three stories high with four windows at the top. There was a thick fog which made it nice and cool, very humid, and low visibility.

      I was wearing black jeans and a turqoise plaid outer longsleeve shirt with a gray t-shirt under it. I had charcoal/white/turqoise Nike 6.0 shoes.

      I unbuttoned my shirt and started running, holding the shirt by the buttons and spreading it out, as if flashing somebody. I ran faster and faster until finally I jumped and the wind caught the flaps of my jacket. I immediately gained altitude quickly and was about 70 feet up before I turned around and kept flying.

      Dream skips

      Now I was lucid. There was no sudden realization or feeling of excitement. It was like most of my lucids... it just happens. I was back at the same walkway with a friend I'll refer to as "Summer."

      While I was lucid, I was unaware that the characters were not real people. One of the many different 'layers' of lucidity.

      General Weaver and Tom & Hal Mason from Falling Skies were there on this walkway. They were discussing the alien base a few miles ahead.

      We walked down this walkway and into the blue warehouse. On our way Weaver said "be careful, there's aliens out there." We went to the top floor and there was a locker room. Another person, whom I'll refer to as "Danielle" was there.

      To every Danielle I know, you're all blonde, but this is not you. Lol.

      She is about 115 pounds, 5'9 or 5'10, and has long blonde hair. She popped out from inside a locker behind some jackets, totally nude.

      I looked to the right and Summer was totally nude as well. And so was I.

      We knew it was a total maze to get to the third floor so we weren't too worried. We locked the door just in case, to give us enough time to put clothes on or hide.

      I opened up the Garry's Mod Spawn Menu in my HUD (err... immediate vision) and spawned two elongated blast doors.

      I pulled out my physgun and placed the doors across the windows to block the view and froze them in place.

      EDIT: removed

      Spoiler for Bigger Lulz' and more vulgar descriptions.. you've been warned.:

      In about twenty seconds this all happens and we go at it once again instantly.
      After about twenty more seconds the same happens, except Ozzy Osbourne eats the head off this bat instead of it exploding.

      Well, that was interesting.

      Dream skips

      I am in clothing again, still the same clothes. I fly down into the walkway and see a girl and her mother. I answered some sort of question the girl asked and the mother seemed happy I did.

      "Mommy he can fly!" she said.

      "Yeah that's nice honey. Come on now."

      I started running toward the other end of the walkway. She looked, just to itch that curiousity of disbelief to see if I could actually do it. I started running fast and faster pulling my outer shirt open again. I jumped and WHOOSH. Wind caught my shirt and I flew up and forward. I turned around and the mother was incredibly impressed and smiling. I had a little trouble controlling it as it was directed by wind (only for schemata purposes) and for a couple seconds I was randomly moving due to random wind. I quickly fixed this issue.

      I flew back down and landed upside on a walkway covering support pole just before she turned a corner. Just like Spider-Man does when he goes to kiss Mary-Jane.

      She freaked out.
      "No don't worry ma'am I won't!"
      "GET AWAY!"

      I climbed down and started running once more to takeoff... and started flying again. I flew up about 100 feet this time. It was incredibly humid and I flew at speeds of around 90mph. It was a perefect 65 degrees or so with humidity and wind when I flew as I was wearing two shirts and pants and shoes.

      I hovered upright then went up a bit and looked out into the field. "WOW, IT'S SO VIVID!" I thought. "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. WHAT A WONDERFUL DREAM."
      *caps lock necessary

      With all the intense excitement I never woke up. The dream never even faded, and I never even thought about it happening. The clarity just got better and better. I could see the dew on the grass from 100 feet up and all the blades with intense color without my glasses. The fog was still heavy but it made for great environment. I flew around, enjoying myself for a bit.

      Not the same environment, but that's literally how I was flying -- although I had my shirt flipped out in my hands when I moved forward at great speeds. With hovering I just let it sit on me normally.

      Dream skips

      I am just off the end of my "runway" looking toward it. I shapeshift into Optimus Prime (that's right, bitches!)

      You have absolutely NO idea how weird/epic it is when your body creates a nervous system for this 20-foot-tall (in the dream) mechanical transformers body made of metals and electricity and gears.

      A radio signal came in through my new mech body.
      "zchzchchzchzcchhhh.... Optimus... the evil boss is planning to attack."

      "Autobots... Transform!" I said. I even had the Optimus voice.

      I didn't turn into a semi-truck, and the autobots didn't necessarily fit either. I hovered up into the air then transformed into an F22 raptor, as did all my little autobots.

      We flew over at incredibly fast speeds forward -- as if I took off from my "runway" and never turned. It was foggy, and we flew above it. I originally had a cockpit view, but I got rid of the cockpit and had just the HUD -- elevation, wingspan, reticle, etc.

      Not the same environment, but like this.

      We reached a huge asian looking base on a floating island and a ton of aircraft came out. The next ten minutes was epic dogfights with my new mechanical F22 Raptor nervous system (movement and senses.)

      I'm really liking this shapeshifting thing. And flying. And not even for animal forms... but mechanical.

      Musical Entry to come on this dream soon... It's dubstep, in Optimus Prime form!

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    13. Invading The Alien Structure

      by , 08-04-2011 at 06:38 AM
      Invading The Alien Structure (Non-lucid)


      I was in the same hallway from my previous dream -- except this time I knew it was inside the skitter structure. (These are the big buildings over cities from Falling Skies.)

      I turned around the corner and was with Hal & Tom Mason. (Drew Roy and Noah Wyle)

      We all had G36C guns with iron sights. We ran down an empty hallway only to hear a skitter.

      It was shot in the head once and killed. Around the corner was a garry's mod general prop -- triangular prism this time. Some knights on horses came running down the hallway and Hal curled into a ball to fit inside this prop -- as it was no-collided (visible but passable, like jumping inside a pool of paint.)

      They left and he continued forward -- as did I. THey came back and I jumped into this prop. They were on white horses and reared them directly over the prop. However, they never came crashing down on me, and instead turned and ran off. I got out and saw no sign of them.

      Dream fades.
    14. rp_downtown yellow warehouse

      by , 08-03-2011 at 06:13 AM
      rp_downtown yellow warehouse (Non-lucid)


      Yet another dream about rp_downtown from Garry's Mod.

      I was inside the yellow warehouse. I built a 2nd story out of general props and ahd shelves and covers which opened by a keypad. The storage room inside was mirrored on the other side as well, and there was a trap door next to the one on the side it shouldn't be.

      Metro police came and were searching for printers. "You don't have a warrant," and they left.

      People tried to raid through the back entrance and I was shooting them up with an m3 shotgun.

      I jumped over the super admin's head and shot him. He died. Another person came and killed me.
    15. Bundle of Fragments

      by , 08-03-2011 at 06:07 AM
      Bundle of Fragments (Non-lucid)


      I was engaged in an m3 shotgun fight with somebody. I killed them and another person came up. I jumped over them and shot them in the head.


      Jordan Mencel decided to take off from his regular music and was singing a concert. He sounded absolutely terrible. He was autotuned, but it was like... 15 cents flat every time. It sounded very raspy.


      Metro Police from HL2 came into my house to search for money printers.
      "You can't prove that. You need a warrant. They looked pretty intimidating, but I wasn't giving in one bit.
      "You need a warrant. You can't prove I have anything."


      cut mp3. Those two words say it all really. Nothing to explain here. Cutting mp3s in FL Studio 9 or 10.


      I was in my old theatre teacher's class. We were in the auditorium doing something for a play.

      No clue what she failed/should have passed.. All I know is what I was thinking.
      A girl failed and was crying hysterically. She couldn't understand it either. (neither could I, she should have passed with flying colors). The teacher said "appreciate your the talents you have and quit crying over this."


      Another girl from this same class was playing a rock concert. She was playing guitar. She wore a short pink dress, it was mega hot. Haha.


      I was in a minecraft world (though it wasn't cubed or 16x16 texture. It was like real life.

      "I need some dirt blocks to finish this." I said.
      The skidder looked at me, made a few futuristic noises, and said "over there." He was holding a minecraft block (or rather, sphere) of the globe.

      I went over and grabbed this ball of dirt and carried it and continued building my dirt wall.

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