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    1. Matrix, forklift driving, party and FA

      by , 08-17-2015 at 01:20 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was an agent in the Matrix. I received information that redpills have breaken into the Matrix, and are looking for something on a construction site. With two other agents I quickly took over workers and ran after them. We chased them into a dead-end, and started to fight. I smashed concrete with bare fists, giving some heavy strikes to redpills. Somehow, they managed to push us back, and ran back to construction site. I quickly took over a forklift driver, and drove after them with as much speed as forklift can offer, which is not too much. However, it was enough to kill one of them with fork, but two of them escaped.

      Suddenly Matrix received an error, and I found myself in my house. It was a big party over there, and a total mess. There was a blonde woman close to me. She was wearing a blue dress, and she had glasses. She started the conversation, talking about her recent travels. I mentioned my latest trip, which ended with rights to classify wood resource types and sell them. She was interested in the topic, but she had to go. I wandered the corridor for a while, and then I just woke up in my bed. Next I went to the toilet.
    2. Industrial Work Station / Stretching a Bolt

      by , 01-10-2012 at 02:52 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: January 10, 2012 Ė 7:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I am working at an industrial workstation in a large warehouse. There are pallet racks along the walls and each work station has some industrial shelving for storing supplies. I am working with another guy on some wireless electronics. One of the devices has an FM transmitter, but I find that I donít have a radio at my work station to test it with. I walk over a couple of work stations to see if I can borrow a radio from one of the other guys.

      Two workstations away, there are 3 guys cutting some large PVC pipe into short sections. I ask if I can borrow their radio, and one of the guys reaches to the shelf and hands me a small radio. As I am walking back to my work station a large forklift drives by, carrying a load of pickle jars. I step out of the way so he can turn the corner, then return to my work station. The other guy messes around with the radio for a bit, but it doesnít seem to be working.

      I leave my work station once again and go back to where the guys were cutting the pipe. Once I arrive, I find that they are trying to bolt a divider wall between two work stations, but the bolts are too short to reach through the metal and into the concrete anchor in the floor. I pick up a bolt and hold it beside the bracket to see that it is just a little short. I grab the bolt by the head in one hand. And grab the tip of the threaded end in the other hand. I pull at the bolt for a bit, trying to make it longer, but it refuses to increase in length.

      (Note: I think that I may have achieved a low level of lucidity at the point where I attempted to stretch the bolt. I watched the bolt intently, waiting for the metal to stretch, but it never did. If I would have seen the smallest amount of change in the bolt, it is likely that I would have become fully lucid.)
    3. Locked at london bridge, buying ice cream and teddy bear story at the back garden of tesco

      by , 02-19-2011 at 08:43 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am captured somewhere. Its near London Bridge. It is a complex of various alleys and tunnels. I think I work there in a restaurant. There are people securing the place. I can see some manager chatting with the guard. I run along a wall and I climb over various balconies and jump over roofs. Then I jump down, where is another really nice restaurant with pillars everywhere. I can see sun shining through (source of light in my dream??). I want to buy an ice cream. I can see they do scooped or spined ice cream. But the scooped is portioned by scratching it off. They have blueberry one and a little bit of vanilla one. At least I think its vanilla ice cream, it looks like it but its strangely yellow. There is also chocolate one and I think to myself that they donít have any ice cream that I would like. Then some customer asks the shop assistant something about different ice creams. The shop assistant says that they do have other ones, and points with his finger on the board with types and prices. There is one that looks like a ice hockey touch. Then I am going back, but its a long way. It goes through Tesco, particularly through the cosmetics section. I walk through and it goes to some big garden. It reminds me of Cambridge and the gardens they have there around the universities. Itís surrounded by high wall with a gate. Through the gate is coming V3S van. It goes slowly towards me, trying to fit through the hate and it almost hits a statue that is there. So I walk further and through the gate. There I see a huge care (I think its Caterpillar) and itís manoeuvring very strangely around. Its starts turning around until he has one wagon in the front and the other at the back. Then I realise that he wants to pull both of them at once. I come to a place where are to forklifts in which one of them is sleeping worker. I try to sneak through. I am looking for something, I think itís a box. Then one of the workers takes the box on the forklifts arms and then the whole forklift is lifted up by another excavator. Then I turn around and a kind of teddy bear animal comes to me ( I have seen it before in my dream). So I pick it up and ask the guy in the excavator how he can explain that a teddy bear can come to me like this. I tell him that I donít believe in ghosts and some mumbo jumbo stuff. But he doesnít know how to explain that. Then I return to the London bridge place.
      **I am at work and we have lasagne for lunch. Itís flying of the counter, selling really well. Then Lione comes and we joke around and flirt. I am surprised because she never buys lunch. So we just chat about dancing and what we are up to during the weekend. Its seems pretty obvious that something is hanging in the air. Then she pays for the lunch and leaves. But she forgets the lasagne there, so she comes back in a few seconds.