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    1. Friday, August 16

      by , 09-09-2019 at 11:14 PM
      I seem to be at work when I answer a call about a girl in white what is following someone into the menís restroom. I go to check it out, going downstairs, I think on an escalator. This place looks like a retail store, but sort of tall, thin, and cluttered. I now see the entrance to the restrooms, with large pieces of dark wood giving a dim but home-y cabin feel. I enter the menís, which is on the right. The bathroom is huge and spacious. There are at least two separate spaces with lines of urinals along the stone? walls, each space with a different kind of urinal. The ones closer to me are stone, while I think the others might be steel. I walk up to a stone one and begin using it. It is long and low, sort of a stone rectangle with a basin. I start peeing on the stone above the basin, wondering how many have done the same before. I think there may be one other guy in here, as I seem to hear or sense motion. I look around, thinking about how this bathroom is at least the size of a large room (like in a public building or something; itís probably the size of a small restaurant). I look around and leave a different way than I came in. I walk up an asphalt path on a slight hill. There are wooden picnic style tables on either side, some with remnants of meals. The whole area is covered by a shade structure, probably some kind of mesh or light tarp, as it is not very thick shade. Passing one table, I notice a tall glass with a handle that is still mostly full of something that is a chocolate milkshake color and consistency. I somehow see a review that they left of it, about how they didnít like it? I think about trying it but donít. I now pass an ice cream stand and think about getting some but donít because itís too expensive.
    2. Thursday, December 27

      by , 01-19-2019 at 10:34 PM
      I am somewhere outside (Hawaii?), walking down the sidewalk along a small two way street. There are storefronts and shops all close together (reminiscent of Virginia City or maybe even Lahaina). I have a kid with me whom I am watching (Adrian?). I think Melissa is with me too. I think weíre looking for ice cream, so Iím not sure why weíve just passed an ice cream shop. We may be looking for another option. This shop has a large open window type front, but the opening is filled with shelves. The wood shelves hold little tiki containers of ice cream. I think there are also other shapes, like coconuts. One of the tikis has a Stealie etched and colored into it. I see a few different types of chocolate with different names. We continue on, and on the other side of the street there is a fairly large and simple stage in the shade. Weíre passing by it, and I start nodding my head to the music. I notice that the rhythm guitar player is playing the smoke on the water riff over this bandís song. Now Sage is here for a second? She says that Deep Purple only knows how to play fast (as if they wouldnít know how to play slow). I jokingly ask her if sheís ever seen a Deep Purple acoustic album, then say no because they couldnít make one or something. Now, Melissa, the boy, and I have reached a stretch of beach that ends in a calm body of water. I have my arm over the kidís shoulders, in a fatherly sort of way. He is bigger than a toddler, probably closer to 5 or 6. I donít think he is Adrian anymore. The kid feels like a family friend or someone close enough to where I can casually put my arm over him. I jokingly say something about Melissa and him getting in the water (like itís going to be really cold). I let them go ahead, and they actually do get in the water. I didnít think they would, but now I have to follow. I step in with my bare feet and find out that itís really not that cold. Iím wearing shorts and a tie dye? tank top. I see a thick, white worm or caterpillar with a ribbed body clinging to some debris right under the surface. I then see another. Theyíre slightly gross. I now submerge myself, and we all swim for a bit. There is a playground structure rising out of the water; we all climb onto it. From up here, I see a cop car parked under some trees a ways off (it is dark out). I think he puts his lights on, but he start coming over here. He watches us, but I think he canít get over here because of the water. I tell Melissa not to talk to the police. I also imagine talking to him and telling him I have the right to remain silent and not answer questions. Now when I look around it seems to be daylight, there is ground (with wood chips) under the structure, and quite a few other kids here, playing. Keeganís mom is now up here, on top of a slide. She is worried about the police being here. Sheís worried about her son (who is now Adrian again - I see him playing with other kids down below) and thinks itís because heís left alone or too alone. I look down at him, and he puts on a face like this is actually true, which irritates me because the exact opposite is true. Iím just about to tell her that Iíve actually been with him all day, but she slides down the slide.

      I am with Dad, Makayla, and Lily at Dadís? house. Iím talking to them about something. I now have Lily lay down: I'm going to give her a guided meditation (for OBE?). I was going to have her lay on her back, but she lays on her side and says itís comfortable enough. I think that itíll still work.

      I am sport climbing with another guy. It must be a multi-pitch, as weíre currently anchored next to each other up here. It also must only be the first pitch, as itís not too high up. The rock is a dark and fairly coarse granite. There is something about the possibility of a hold breaking? I get to thinking about it and think that a whole slab of the face could fall off. Iím sketched out about this, and Iím glad Iím not the first person that had to climb this. I think the other guy wants to fall?
    3. Steaming Ice Cream and Rooster Salt Shaker

      by , 12-10-2018 at 06:38 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,984-05. Reading time (optimized): 1 min. Readability score: 75.

      I enter another of several vivid dreams of this date. In this event, I maintain most of my conscious self identity in association with my marriage and family. The setting is unknown. My mother is present. My dream self does not recall that she had died in October of 2002 or that she had never been to Australia or met Zsuzsanna or our children in real life.

      She had bought two cakes in pans with ice cream covering them. I eat some of the darker cake. Zsuzsanna and our three youngest children are present.

      I then go on to eat some of the other ďcakeĒ and see that it is now mostly white ice cream that seems to be partially melting. I also notice steam rising from it, and become puzzled. I scoop up and eat a lot of it. Something in the back of my mind makes me question this situation.

      I pick up an interesting object from near a corner of the cake pan. It is a beautiful rooster salt shaker in a crowing stance. There was loose salt around it. (I am wondering if this is another dream with gamma-aminobutyric acid autosymbolism or if it represents sweating in the heat.)

      I wake as I gaze at the rooster salt shaker and find it curious that a place that sells food would give one out for each purchase.

      Of course, a rooster is autosymbolism for the preconscious function and transition of waking up from sleep. How obvious can it get?

    4. Lots Of Nonlucids - September 2

      , 09-03-2018 at 12:59 AM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 2 2018

      I went to bed with strong intentions to become lucid, as well as a solid plan for what to do once I became lucid. I was trying the anchoring method I mentioned in another thread, anchoring positive and confident memories with the sensation of touching my thumb and forefinger together. I had a phrase burnt into memory to repeat nonverbally once I became lucid (to replace "Clarity now!"): "Clear sight, clear sound, clear touch. Grounded. Calm, confident. I can stay in this dream as long as I want" (in retrospect this is extremely long, but I think I'll try it out for a few new nights anyway). I also used my standard mantra "I will become lucid in my next dream"/"In every dream tonight" in combination with "In my next dream, I look at my hands and realize that I'm dreaming". In the future I will stick with only "IWBLIMND" since it's more succint and sets a clear intention for the immediate future, rather than a broad concept of "every dream".

      I awoke at 1:18 am in a somewhat strong paralysis with extremely vivid imagery (not dreamlike, more like imagination). There was a man, possibly me, conjuring lightning circularly all around him. The lightning was blue, white, and green. I awoke again at 2:47 am. I remembered several dreams involving my fiance and my dog. In the first, I was at the elementary portion of my high school (it's K-12) and I swerved my car to narrowly miss my dog, who spontaneously started running out at me in the street. I got out of the car and was rubbing his front leg and paw. I noticed that his paw had too many joints and was curled in too much. Somehow this felt connected to a drive through.

      In the next dream, I'm in a living room with a wrap-around bar counter. I think I've been here in a dream before. I'm watching Bob Ross on TV painting thick brushstrokes -- X's, C's, and U's -- over an already finished landscape. My dog jumps off the counter. I'm trying to remember what to do tomorrow, two important things in the morning and night.

      My next set of dreams came after WBTB. In the first, one of my cousins was referred to as "3". There was an interesting story about diving, and D&D. I vividly remember descending in a well, looking up as the light was blocked out by the silhouette of a monster (Demogorgon?), although I didn't feel fear. Next, I was in an arcade or bowling alley, some sort of indoor entertainment place. I left my fiance to go to an adjoining room from the lobby and get ice cream. There was a girl there who was going in the same direction as me, and called me a "creeper" jokingly. She was trying to be funny or cute in the way she was getting her ice cream. I was friendly but not overly so. I got maybe 4 flavors of ice cream, in sort of a flight. In the next dream, I'm an intruder in a man's house. He has a lot of weapons strewn about, some intricate compound and traditional bows, swords, guns, blowdarts, etc. I go through room after room and find the man, he's in his mid 50s or 60s. He threatens me with a long, thin, metal pole, and I think he threatned to castrate me with it. He transports me back to some memory of 1950's New Orleans with a McDonalds, and a small building with an advertisement to "teleport you to the Science Museum". The visuals are faded, blackish, and all the buildings look like plywood.

      In the next dream, I'm at Sonic at night/early morning with my fiance. She's handed me a cup, but I threw it away; there are two crumpled cups beside it. I understand it to be sonic, but it's more like someone's backyard, there aren't any lights or servers or menus, just the standard sonic table and trash can, as well as an overhead cover. A group of foreign men walk by, talking about wanting some cervezas. In the next dream, I'm going over some train tracks covered in water, in a swamp (I've been here before as well). The waves are rounded like tiled hills -- at certain points they are covered in grass, at other times they're just water/waves. I see the sasquatch.

      My old boss is giving me cryptic hints about something, laughing about it. We're in the woods, sort of. Something about eating a spider/the dust that comes out when you crush the spider. Possibly my fiance was warning me not to eat it. I eat the dust, and then eat the crumpled spider husk too.

      Next I had a dream about DreamViews! It was something about inline comments/spoilers; I remember red and purple text. There were other sites too -- DreamBattles and DreamWars (reenactments, maybe I read about this before).

      *Slept for a really long time hoping to get lucid, and kept trying to go back to sleep. After this frustration, I decided to not get bummed out when I don't get lucid. It doesn't help. And there's always tomorrow night
    5. Some Non Lucids - Aug 27

      , 08-27-2018 at 02:26 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 27 2018

      In my first dream I was in a compound of some sort with steel floors, walls, and ceilings. It reminded me of the early Fallout games. There were some doors with alternating red and green lights on them (stop and go, not Christmas). The ones with lights felt like they held danger behind them. There were some NPCs but none got too close and I think I could see grey status bars/informational popups when my vision hovered over them. There some connecting tunnels with walls that were like large fractured thin chitin or shell material. I kept having to go the back way through this facility so I would knock down the barriers, but each time I came back that way, they would regenerate and I'd have to knock them down again.

      The next dream, I was in a bomb testing facility. My fiance, parents, and I (along with some anonymous coworker DCs) were standing atop a huge white metal ball-shaped plant. There was an "exhaust tube" a few feet away and each time the bombs would be detonated, a huge faux mushroom cloud would emerge. But it was as if the mushroom cloud itself was the bomb, rather than their being some actual explosion. I went third-person and showed myself leaning my face very close to the exhaust jet as another one exploded, and said "It's perfectly safe!" My third-person view changed and I was high up looking down on the clouds. They were wisping away sort of like those leaf tornados that spin up on the sidewalk sometimes. These wisps would carry on for a short while on the desert dunes.

      Finally, I was in a large white building reminiscent of the fellowship hall at my childhood church, mixed with the middle school building at my old school. In the back there was a kitchen, going forward a connecting hallway, and through there was a huge white room. To the right there was a large open hallway, and all the rooms had high ceilings.

      I'm sliding around on my socks through the different rooms on the white tile floors. I see one of my neighbors, and some girls from high school. They are all happy that L (fat girl from high school) was made prom queen. I suggest a toast with Nestle Drumstick ice cream cones. I think I toasted to "taking a bite before you toast".
    6. A Shower and Ice Cream

      by , 05-07-2017 at 08:05 AM
      Morning of May 7, 2017. Sunday.

      There is not much going on in this dream other than me having a shower and eating a bowl of ice cream. I am apparently to go out to a public venue with some people, though I do not know who they are. Since water represents the dynamics of sleep (and as such, is my most common dream feature along with fire, and certainly my most common form of induction), it also vivifies my dream state as a result. However, there is no lucidity in this case.

      The layout of the bathroom and the rest of the house is unfamiliar though implied to be where we live. Curiously, I shower while putting my clothes on, which seems to be taking a long time.

      In the last scene, I am eating a bowl of ice cream. It is mostly vanilla and I enjoy its flavor. I find that I have to keep moving the spoon around the inside of the bowl, as I do not want to waste any of it, yet there is always more. I do not want to be late in going out, but there is no end to the ice cream when I move the spoon around to ďfinishĒ the last of it. If my thinking skills were present, I would know that there could not be so much still left each time.

      Tags: ice cream, shower
    7. Trolled by my own brain

      by , 12-02-2016 at 08:15 AM
      Not a lucid dream in the slightest:

      There's a room with a large table. About eight people are sitting around that table, two seats are empty. One is mine.

      Everyone is discussing the lucidity of this dream. They're talking about how they are all successfully lucid.

      They also have LD apps on their phones and everyone ticks 'I am dreaming' to confirm.

      I'm looking for the last person and I find him in the kitchen. He's standing in front of the fridge with his back to me, pigging out on a large bucket of ice cream.

      "Dude, come on. Everyone's waiting for you only." I say. He looks at me with astonishing lack of interest, shrugs his shoulders and says "Whatever."

      I'm trying to explain that without everyone present at the table the dream can't go full lucid.

      He says "Yep, too bad," turns back to the fridge and continues munching on the ice cream.

      I start cursing and go back to the previous room. Everyone looks at me as I enter. "Sorry guys, he's not coming." I say.

      They are visibly disappointed. After a few seconds of silence someone says "Well f**k this. We might as well wake up then."

      And yep, I wake up.
    8. Flimsy waffles

      by , 01-12-2016 at 11:08 PM (My Dream Journal)
      Ok, not the best recall last night.
      It was Christmas and My literacy teacher gave me the third Harry Potter movie. It had three pictures of Daniel Radcliffe on it, one large and in the front, one smaller in the middle, and the smallest in the back. It also went back by age. (Largest was the oldest, smallest was the youngest.) My parents were talking about watching it later, but I realized that they were talking about the first Harry Potter movie, which my brother had gotten. I then went into the kitchen and did something. I unfortunately can't remember what. When I walked back into the living room, everyone's presents were gone except for mine. I was thinking about how I'm always last to bring my stuff to my bedroom.
      It was the morning and I was cooking frozen waffles in the toaster. My brother was wondering why I was cooking them for so long and I told him it was because I don't like having flimsy waffles. (I picked one up and demonstrated how floppy they were.) Once the waffles were done, I suggested eating ice cream, but then remembered that we had eaten it the night before. (I really did eat ice cream last night.)
      My friend was telling me about a boy from Bratayley(really someone named Luke that goes to my school) who walked out of his house and started throwing bombs everywhere. He ran away and no one found him.
    9. Runaway Experiment

      by , 11-07-2015 at 05:23 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      A mix of zombie and scientific experiment.

      I was in a hotel? Condominium?

      I was escaping.

      I was with a guy I tried to court before. For some reason, I treated him to an ice cream (?) but then had to leave. It was inside a mall. I was looking for the way out, or to go to the other side of the mall without going out, but I didn't know how so I went outside.

      I was escaping from something or someone. I was an experiment. For some reason, I returned. I got another friend/experiment who looks like a monster. The other one with me died but I only recall him from memory, not experience.

      Parkour. I was in/near a hotel.
    10. #133 - Daydream lucid / Mall and ice cream

      by , 10-20-2015 at 12:56 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Daydream Lucid
      This was weird for me as I don't think it's happened before. Because it takes so long for me to fall asleep (~2hrs) I tend to let my mind just create random scenarios or sometimes just actively engage in them and play out some story to kill time. Last night I must have woken up around 3ish, I let couldn't be bothered getting up and trying a SSILD. Instead, I just lay there and headed back to sleep . I just remember at some point this 'daydream' become vivid, super realistic, I could feel everything. I realized that I had just somehow slipped into a lucid dream. I was running towards school (the buildings weren't anything I recognize, though it had a similar feel to the running tracks by the gym at my uni). It was some sports day, the sun was out and it was quite nice. I head to the sports area, on my way I kind of test out the feel of the dream. I bend over backwards and stretch a bit, then lean forward and look at the ground and stand back up normally. I can really feel stable this dream is. There's also some kind of reason in my head... Like "you have to follow the dream story because it's important". I can't recall the exact reason why, it was probably intentionally vague. There's actually a running track here. It's red and laned as a circuit with a green field in the middle. I approach a girl who seems to be about my age, she's in charge of organising I think. I'm really suave in this dream, everything that comes out of my mouth is just confident. I'm still lucid but there's just no dream control, I'm completely at he whim of the dream story it seems. I end up playing a soccer game, but I have some kind of 'hidden strength'. I guess my ass handed to me in the first 30 seconds of the game though. I decide to go all-out and show them my true power O_O but I seem to wake up before it happens.

      Dream 2 - Mall and Ice Cream
      I'm not sure if this was another dream or not but it occurred before arriving at the mall. I remember doing a bunch of field trips with a class. I'm mapping the area for a geology field map it seems. I also talk online to some people (facebook maybe?), there's a focus on dating relationships between the people I'm talking to. Some kind of discussion about my friend Daniel and his current girlfriend possibly. Me, my dad, Daniel and maybe some other people were all at my house. The place kind of looked a bit fancy, but resembled a holiday home by the beach if anything. Daniel left because I think he got offended (possibly from the discussion about his gf). He was meant to submit some kind of report to my dad and called him up later, I think I was a little annoyed that he didn't call me but I understood since it was business. I head out now, my dad calls me and asks me about an area on the map I submitted it seems. He's grinding my gears by asking, the geology in the area wasn't properly mapped because we were told not to by the field trip managers. I tell him the exact layout of the geology in the area in a frustrated tone (it honestly feels like I'm zooming in and out of the area or flying around it as I explain it). The area was a bit like an open quarry that had just piled a bunch of dirt into a small mound in the centre. You had to go by a man-made dirt road to get to the top. *end of this scene*
      Now starts the next part that I think was in the same dream cycle. I'm in the mall with my gf although she seems to be a background character who I don't really interact with. I part ways with her and head downstairs to look around by myself. In the middle of the mall is some kind of ice cream event. There's people making super-professional looking desserts. Oh god it looks sooo good! I approach one of the ladies and suddenly I'm a real suave dude again . I tell her that her desserts look incredible, she blushes and thanks me and starts making me a dessert in front of me. So much skill! I spot another professional to the left behind her at another stand. There seem to be a bunch of them competing. The professional I'm looking at is making incredibly intricate works of humanoid things, like santa elves or something. They're chocolate and on a stick but it looks so incredible I start to want it even more. The lady in front of me (I think she's blonde) finishes up the dessert and puts it in front of me on a small glass bowl. Wow . She asks if I would like ice cream with it, "yes please" I respond. She charges me for it so I get out my credit card, I look at the cost and I'm stunned "$20?! Damn that's pretty expensive"..
      "Can you wait a moment while I transfer some moment?" I fumble around in my wallet to put the card back in, I'll have to use my phone and log onto the bank. I look back at the eftpos machine and someone else has put their credit card in and paid. "W--what?" I look to my right and see a girl with a big smile, it's Jasmine. A girl who was friends with my ex gf. I bump my hip against her playfully and say "Hey you shouldn't have done that, you've got to let me pay you back now". She says it's okay, I take my dessert and we head off together and talk. At some point Jasmin my ex gf (they share the same name with different spelling) shows up and is walking with us but she seems to be a background character that I don't interact with. We part ways at some point and I meet with my girlfriend again. We're a few levels lower in the mall now and decide to head up the escalator. On the way up I spot another ex gf (wow so weird), I'm surprised to see her. We became pretty good friends in the end so it was nice to see her. She looks way different though, wearing thick-rimmed hipster glasses and her hair in a ponytail. I talk to her for a bit while my gf goes ahead without me. My ex then makes an excuse to leave which I find pretty amusing for some reason, we part ways and I meet up with my gf again.
    11. Not Your Little Hero. (#234)

      by , 08-03-2015 at 03:13 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was driving to the college that my mom works at, but I got lost on the freeway fairly quickly. As I lost sight of familiar roads, the dream gave way to these weird roads made out of rusted metal with high guard rails on each side. They did weird dreamlike things like go straight up, turn, curl and even move.

      It was like a platformer game, except you played it with your car. I managed to get through and arrive in some kind of city. I was happy because I found that the college that I was trying to get to was actually just a few blocks away from where I parked, so I guess I had wound up getting there after all.


      The next thing I knew, I was in a back alley. Some kids from my neighborhood showed up and they wanted to fight. Manei appeared behind me and started watching. One of them said that he knew Choi Kwan Do and he started kicking me. I went to block but for some reason my usual dream-super-martial-arts weren't working. Manei said she was holding them away from me. (WTH Manei?!)

      No reason to fight. I pulled into third person and I had to do this quickly. I turned away from them. I then changed my face, making my mouth cut wider, like the Joker. I gave myself rows of sharp, yellow teeth and made my eyes glow. My eyes also seemed to be emitting some kind of smoke or energy trail. I didn't consciously add this, but I liked it.

      I made myself turn around and snarled at them. My mouth hung open and a long syrpent-like tongue licked drool and blood off my face. The kids all ran and screamed. I remember one of them peed his pants, and while I was in third person, it zoomed in on his pants as he peed in them. Too funny.

      I changed my face back to normal and went back inside of my body. Manei was gone and Jonathan was leaning agianst a dumpster in the alley smoking a cigarette. He said something to me but I can't recall what it was. I showed him a drawing of the face that I made to scared. Manei re-appeared and Jonathan ran off.


      Manei was really upset with me for some reason. Apparently getting beat up by those kids in the back alley was a dream that she had created. She wanted me to lose so that I could be hurt and she could take care of me when it was over and she could have a cute/romantic moment with me. That's why she took away my fighting abilities.

      I had to explain to her how that was actually really kind of a dick thing to do when you think about it. She realized the error of her ways and started crying and hugging me. I wasn't mad at her though. I realized that I really liked the idea of just morphing myself into a demon/monster and scaring the opposition away whenever there is someone who wants to fight, and if it hadn't been for that happening, I might never had that idea. It would save more time and there wouldn't be so many fights in my dreams.

      We decided we would just go get ice cream. But a little kid pointed to us and said that he recognized us and wanted us to show off our powers. I flew up into the air and she started dancing. (That's a power?) I then thought to stabilize while I was flying and rubbed my hands together and told myself that the dream wouldn't end.

      After that we started walking to the ice cream shop. The dream felt strangely familiar as though I had been in this exact spot before. Maybe it was from another dream. Manei said something about wanting me to wear white instead of blue and black because it would make me look more like the hero. She said something about wanting me to be the little hero of the dreamworld.

      This was actually a theme we kind of explored very early on, but in reverse. I tried to change Manei into something that she did not want to be, and the moral of the dream was that I shouldn't try to control her and make her be something she didn't want to be. Now she was trying to do the same thing to me. I had to remind her of this, and that if we are to recognize each other as equals, we must not try to be controlling over the other.

      I don't remember us actually getting our ice cream though.


      There was a repeat of the flying part, but I was in a garage. Marcus was analyzing my dream powers and he had two little cuffs around my feet to analyze how the fire works. This went on for a minute as I kept stabilizing and reality checking. I asked him if I could stop. He said he had gotten all the data he needed and let me down.
    12. Legendary Pokemon Battle

      by , 03-12-2015 at 04:09 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was looking at Pokemon like creatures. It was inside a building. We were having a battle. There's also one powerful turkey-looking creature. I used an experience multiplier to level it up. There's one that has the ability to use thunder, water and wind elements (saw it in some sort of computer/screen). Legendary type?

      I was riding a jeep going one way. For some reason, I went down and walked back the way I came from. I saw a hole on the street supposedly being fixed but I didn't see anyone fixing it.

      I was walking on the street. It was daytime. I don't know where I was headed, but then I decided to go back. I saw some skaters. One was topless and even had his pants lower than his waist, showing his penis. The other skater pointed it out.

      I was inside a building with some people. Familiar? Not sure what we were doing. An ice cream vendor stopped by. They bought some weird-flavored ice cream. There was one that seems more like iced chili and banana peels. I bought the classic chocolate ice cream, but I also got (for free?) a cream-colored ice cream.



      - Slept at around 10:30 - 11:00 p.m.
      - Woke up sometime in the middle of the night. Wrote keywords of the dream.
      - Woke up around 8-9 a.m. Wrote keywords.
      - Did breathing and entering into sleep with memory of previous dreams

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    13. WILD - Encounter with future self - Faye - Encounter with DV members

      , 07-30-2014 at 12:29 AM (Hyu's Adventures)

      I set myself an alarm to wake me up after ~6 hours of sleep.
      The idea was to attempt a WILD, which is something I haven't done in a long time.
      I figured with a WILD I would remember my goals more easily, and I might be able to tackle the issues I have with Faye.

      I wake up from the alarm. I immediately close my eyes again and try to remember any dreams.
      All I can remember is a few weak fragments. I do not bother writing them down.
      Instead I get up and walk around in my room a little, thinking about my dream goals.
      The most important thing would be to deal with Faye. I feel like this is crucial in order to fix my dreams.
      I've also been dared to tell her how she makes me feel.
      I go back to bed after roughly 5 minutes and attempt to WILD.

      I quickly get some HI, followed by the appearance of random faces.
      Some scenes begin to form, but they seem to fall apart before I can transition.
      I open my eyes a few times by accident. I'm really not used to do this anymore.

      After some time I notice that I can see my room even though my eyes are still closed.
      Oh. I am actually already dreaming. For some reason I decide to just stand up, even though I know that I've lost many lucids by doing this.
      Fortunately this time it works. My body is really heavy though.
      I have a lot of trouble moving, but I eventually manage to stand up.

      I shake myself, a bit like a dog shaking away water from its wet pelt. Except I shake away the weight. It works. Neat!
      I rub my hands together and look around.
      I'm not in my room anymore. It's really dark.
      Upon closer inspection, I appear to be standing on some dark marble floor, in an empty room that is clouded in dark fog.
      Another person appears in front of me. First it's just an outline, but as he comes closer he looks more and more like a normal human being.

      Wait what? He looks exactly like me!
      I take a step back as I'm really creeped out. I am super uncomfortable encountering myself.
      He looks a bit older than myself though... maybe by a few years.

      "Who are you?"
      "I am Hyu"


      "You're not being helpful."
      "Haha, I'm a future version of yourself, of course!"

      So now what? Am I supposed to ask him something?
      I probably should. Even though he's still creeping me out...

      "So... any future advice for me?"
      "Hmm... well... not really."
      "Alright, alright. I can tell you that it is going to work out. Is that helpful?"
      "What is going to work out?"
      "You'll know."
      "Oh for fucks sake, you're pulling the same shit as all of the other DC's"
      "Well. What did you expect? I am a DC."
      "... you do have a point..."

      He starts to walk away from me, but just before he disappears in the fog he addresses me one last time:

      "On second thought... maybe you should get that Unreal 4 license. Mess around with it a little you know?"

      (I have thought so much about starting my own company over the past few days. Was this what he was referring to when he said that everything would work out?
      The comment about getting a UE4 license seems related to this.)

      The black fog suddenly starts to move in. Oh shit, the dream is falling apart.
      I panic and slam my palms against the ground yelling "PORTAL!".
      For some reason this works. I fall through the ground, spin around a little and then crash land somewhere in the city.
      I rub my hands against each other very hard. The dream is still unstable, I need to engage my senses.
      A young girl eating some ice cream catches my attention. I steal her ice cream cone and take a large bite.

      "Hey! That's MY ice cream!"
      "Sorry, I need to stabilize."
      "Oh, okay."

      After the inevitable brain freeze I feel like messing around with dream powers a little.
      I don't do this very often. I try to grasp onto the clouds and squeeze them to make it rain.
      It doesn't work whatsoever. Well, this is disappointing, but I'm not sure what I was expecting.

      Then I notice the presence of a huge stargate. That wasn't here before!
      I want to visit Yuya! I point at it and yell:

      "Teraluna, Riven!"

      The gate dials in and opens a portal. Well, that was easy. Sweet!
      I charge at the portal, wanting to jump through.
      But at the last moment someone grabs on to me, trying to hold me back.
      What the hell? Go away!
      I can't unsummon him??? WTF? This never fails!
      More people run at me, all trying to prevent me from going through the portal.
      Oh my god there is an endless stream of them. Hundreds of people all holding me down.

      I use my dream powers to release a shockwave to get them off me.
      Those who were close to me are thrown a few meters back and they pile up on top of each other.
      Then I spot Faye in the middle of it all, controlling the DC's like puppets.
      Her smile is pure evil.
      She makes a gesture, and the stargate unsummons.

      "You're not going anywhere tonight."

      I am afraid of her, and angry at myself. I want my dreams back. I am sick of this Faye nonsense.
      My katana materializes in my hand, even though I have no desire to summon it.


      Faye summons an exact copy of my katana... how...?
      This is not right. She can't do that. She doesn't have that power.
      Are these her dreams now? Have I lost all control over them?
      My desire to visit Yuya fades. I want this dream to end. I feel completely powerless.

      "Aww, I thought you would put up a fight. That would have been so cute."
      "And oh so idiotic. You don't understand anything."

      I have no reply. I close my eyes. This will end the dream...

      ... I'm in some sort of japanese garden. Probably sight seeing or something? I'm with a few other people. (3 I think)
      Everyone is talking about dreams, so I conclude that they must all be DV members.
      But I don't understand what they're talking about. Some induction techniques involving butterflies? What?
      I feel bad because I can't contribute anything to the discussion.

      Then I notice that one of them has purple hair, so obviously she must be ~ Dreamer ~.
      I'm somewhat proud of having figured that out all on my own!
      I want to do something to impress her. I want to show her something really cool.
      And then I have the most glorious of ideas! I am going to use my dream powers to piss a rainbow!
      (Oh god why . By the way I'm totally blaming KristaNicole for this. XD)

      "Hey Dreamer, check this out!"

      I unzip my pants, point my dick upwards at a 45į angle for maximum efficiency and commence some high pressure pissing.
      The stream of piss is nothing short of impressive, but it doesn't create a rainbow.
      Everyone is giving me this what the hell are you doing look. I don't understand why.
      It makes me sad that no rainbow is appearing.

      The WILD has helped to some extend. My dreams did contain elements from my dream goals, but I failed to act on them.
      It's cool that I saw ~ Dreamer ~, even though I wasn't lucid and I behaved like a complete idiot.
      I'm quite disappointed at how I dealt with Faye.
    14. Robot Dis-Assembly - Another experience with dream music

      by , 06-17-2014 at 12:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in some kind of mall eating chocolate ice cream. It tastes fantastic; the best thing I have ever eaten. I wake up with the taste still in my mouth.

      I am walking down the street in my neighborhood. I take out my phone and put my earbuds in. I look in my iTunes and see a song that I have never heard by 'unknown artist' called 'Robot Dis-Assembly' and begin playing it.
      The song starts out with a grainy audio clip from what sounds like a male newscaster. He says 'It is the place where you would conduct the removal of a robot's batteries followed by final disassembly...' The song then drops into this industrial electronic beat. I don't really know how to describe it other than stupidly catchy beat that you could easily picture a bunch of robots marching to. The song repeats the line 'Robot Dis-Assembly' every 20 seconds or so with a slightly buzzy sounding male voice.
      I wake up.
      This song is a complete ear worm. I still have it stuck in my head, even after having been awake for an hour.

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    15. Dream Log ??? Card games, Cops, Cafeteria

      by , 09-07-2013 at 11:48 PM
      There was so much detail in this dream, I couldn't possible account for each and every one. For one, it would take to long, and two, I'm a poor articulator as seen by how wordy my logs are in general.

      The first thing I could remember were two boys in a dark room. This room resembles a bedroom with a blue tint encompassing the area. The boys are sitting across each other playing a children's card game, not unlike Yu-gi-oh duel monsters. In fact, in my dream one of the kids looked like a younger Yugi Moto without the ridiculous hairstyle. Some events I can no longer recall occurred and then the dream shifted to a school. Surprisingly, the institution is a religious university, but in name only. I'm in one of the dorms with DCs I can make no recollection of, save one-- J. The dorm room isn't too dissimilar from the previous room with the two boys and lo and behold there are some cards. The cards themselves are enclosed in those cheap POS foil packages you'd find at any children's toy store or comic shop selling Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and the like. Me and J. look over some cards-- the package is in poor condition. Now, the dream shifts to outside the campus and...shocker here, the sky is pitch black. Nothing special, there are buildings over there, a poorly designed chapel resembling an throwback to high gothic architecture, and some trees.

      Apparently, I had class at questionable times around 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. I found this schedule to be absurd. Nevertheless, I followed a band of DCs to the "class". The leader of the group appeared to be a teacher and when we arrived to the class we found out what it really was. It was an ice cream parlor. Yet, something was strange about this store. For one, there were flavors that made no sense too me, composed of colors of blue that were unsettling. The ice cream itself was enclosed in a curious contraption, covered in a plastic shelf that had a square opening.

      Next, the dream takes me to a bad cop who actually kills a suspect for no reason. Was it out of jealousy or to frame someone; perhaps me? I could not say, for I have written this journal too late in the day to recall the juicy details.

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