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    1. [19-09-2016]

      by , 09-19-2016 at 10:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was on a street with my father and sister. We wanted to cross the road, there were some students from younger classes wearing military uniform. On our eyes one of them - a fat and dark haired, punched an old lady in stomach and gave her purse to another old lady, laughing mockingly. I came closer to him and bravely shouted "I'm a higher officer, do you think that it was funny?!" He replied "Yeah, and he's a colonel!" pointing at another dude - tall with brown hair. I pointed at my father and said "He's a general!" My younger sister made a funny face, which father made too. It was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing.

      Second dream

      With mother and older sister we were driving through some canyons where stonework was placed. We had problem with driving out of there, as there was a chasm on the road. We drove on a rock ramp and drove through the small chasm, but there was another one - much bigger. Workers from stonework ran to help us and built a bridge. With sister we left the car to help them. Somehow we ended up in a nearby forest, where ground was made of soft and bouncy material. We jumped on it as on a trampoline, flying high above ground. Then we went back to car.
    2. Stoned Sex, Ice Cream Shop Horror

      by , 09-12-2015 at 02:46 PM
      Dream 1

      I was at a party. I was getting drunk and stoned with some people I just met. We were talking and laughing the entire time. Eventually, I started talking to one of the girls a lot. She was white and had blonde hair and blue eyes. We hit it off, and I eventually ended up in her bed, fucking her. It was in the missionary position, and the nighttime.

      Dream 2

      I was working for an ice cream store in my hometown. There was a white, slightly plump girl there, who was apparently the boss. She was walking in and out of the store and telling a bunch of people what to do. For some reason, there were some workers outside, building something, it looked like. The boss was very mean, and kept telling everyone to hurry up. I also found out she was literally a monster in disguise as a human, and she started eating some of the workers. She just formed her giant monster mouth, and put it fully over them, and closed it, and ate them.

      Eventually, after I had enough, I found a manhole that I wasn't supposed to go down, and went down it. I found an underground factory with many more workers working in unsafe conditions. I guessed they were underpaid, too. Soon, the boss came down to check up on the factory, and I hid behind the machinery. She talked to a worker, ate him, and went back up. I found a wrench and started sabotaging the machinery by smashing the wrench onto the machinery and jamming it in a few places. The boss came back down again soon after that, and started wondering what happened to her factory. I then sneaked up behind her and mauled her with my wrench. She died, and the workers were free. End of dream.
    3. Matrix, forklift driving, party and FA

      by , 08-17-2015 at 01:20 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was an agent in the Matrix. I received information that redpills have breaken into the Matrix, and are looking for something on a construction site. With two other agents I quickly took over workers and ran after them. We chased them into a dead-end, and started to fight. I smashed concrete with bare fists, giving some heavy strikes to redpills. Somehow, they managed to push us back, and ran back to construction site. I quickly took over a forklift driver, and drove after them with as much speed as forklift can offer, which is not too much. However, it was enough to kill one of them with fork, but two of them escaped.

      Suddenly Matrix received an error, and I found myself in my house. It was a big party over there, and a total mess. There was a blonde woman close to me. She was wearing a blue dress, and she had glasses. She started the conversation, talking about her recent travels. I mentioned my latest trip, which ended with rights to classify wood resource types and sell them. She was interested in the topic, but she had to go. I wandered the corridor for a while, and then I just woke up in my bed. Next I went to the toilet.
    4. "You don't have to go with her,"

      by , 06-25-2015 at 11:18 PM
      When this particular dream started,my sister and I were on our way to McDonalds. She drove,but stopped the car a block or so from the restaurant and we had to walk the rest of the way. The reason we had to walk was because she needed to make a stop first. We're walking on the sidewalk and we pass this burgundy Chrysler that's sitting there. The guy in the driver's seat has dark hair and a gray jacket on. She says something to him and he hands her two thin cards. One is her driver's license. She flips it over and on the back of the other card is a number. I didn't get a good look at all the numbers,but I believe the last four were 8072.

      We get to McDonalds and she walks up to the counter to order. I'm standing back,waiting my turn. Behind me,some older man with gray hair and glasses,wearing a white short sleeved shirt is talking. He makes some kind of snarky comment about how she's taking too long,like some old woman. I see her at the counter and she is fumbling with her purse,trying to get everything back in it like she usually does. The guy behind me was saying all this to two other guys who were standing next to me. These two men were dressed like he was,but looked older than the first man. More to the point,they appeared to be twins. The only difference being in their personal grooming and appearance. One had short gray hair and gray glasses. The other had long stringy black hair,uncombed and not well cared for by the look of it. This fellow also seemed to be a tad...slow,I guess is a nice way of putting it.

      The guy behind me asks me what I was doing there. I said to him that I had the misfortune of being with her,meaning my sister. I start to walk where she is,but the guy grabs me from behind. Not forcefully,more in a friendly,good natured way. He tells me I don't have to go with her. Then he asks me if I want some doughnuts. I said no thanks. He grabs me again in a weak half-nelson move and pulls my arms back down,pretending to have me power out of the hold.
    5. The Daily Grind

      by , 04-19-2015 at 01:27 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Two work related dreams recalled this morning, both in a good amount of detail. Work seems to be becoming more of a recurring thing in my dreams lately.
      Oddly, in this dream, I wasn't myself, or rather, I was viewing the dream characters in it without them even knowing I was there, almost as if I was a ghost. Not sure what to make of that.
      There were four workers who were doing their jobs in a sort of desert looking area, stacking and breaking boxes. They all looked rather miserable.
      One of the workers, a middle aged black man, decided that enough was enough, and was going to leave the job later that day. The other three workers tried to console him and get him to stay, but their words fell on deaf ears, as this man had a newfound determination, and most importantly, a plan. Throughout this entire thing, I gazed from afar, although my view seemed to be getting hazy.

      Woke up, went back to bed, and BAM.
      Back to being myself, this dream involved me at work, doing a job I don't have IRL. I was backing a truck up into the front of this old lady's driveway, waiting for some of the passerby to move so i didn't run them over. Once the truck was parked, I went to go clean some stuff off her driveway, and she came out during this process and proceeded to give me instructions.
      One of the workers came over and interrupted our conversation, saying "Tanner! Your mom is here to help out!"
      So I excitedly asked the old lady if it was okay if I left, and she didn't seem to mind.
      I quickly crossed the area till I got to the main portion of it, and sure enough, there was my mother walking around looking for me. I caught up to her and we talked about a lot as we headed towards the job site.
      The actual job here was a bit odd though. When we got there, my dad was waiting there for us as well, so we split up, with me and my dad handling one zone and mom handling the other zone. These zones had snake like creatures poking up from the ground that we had to kill. Dad and I killed it no problem, but mom was in the next zone screaming like she'd just seen a bug and was flipping out on it, based on the noise.

      And that's everything. I'm very impressed with the latest boost in recall, and it has me wondering what exactly I've done differently (if anything) to raise it.

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    6. Begone Chairman Mao!

      by , 10-01-2014 at 09:28 AM
      I brazenly walk into a power station - DS (well Ed's version of a power station...all large dark spaces - DS) A women at the entrance looks suspiciously at me but I brazenly carry it off and I'm gone like the grey old shadow that I am in my dreams.

      I flit from area to area through a maze of pipes (which, if I had only become lucid, probably didn't even connect to each other) I dodge workers (DS)... even the 2 who are conducting some sort of obscure data-gathering exercise within inches of me.

      I lay perfectly still in the gloom as one works literally alongside me, apparently unaware of my existence like you get in corny TV adventure progs...early Dr Who episodes were notoriously bad at that (the actors must have had tunnel-vision.) I enjoyed this dream.

      So...I instruct my brain that any workplace or fellow-workers are dreams signs "because I'm old and I simply don't work anymore...it's ridiculous"...and how does my brain interpret that? It sends me into such places covertly I'm undercover so it's alright to be there.

      It may just be my foxy old grey matter but I clearly have to choose my words carefully because, like Oscar Pistorius's defence council it latches onto any loophole in my instructions...anything to avoid triggering the magic words "its a dream" Of course it might just be that I'm currently as aware as a lump of granite.

      I'm already cautious about the sheer volume of night-time instructions...keep it simple...now keep it unambiguous...boy do I need some little sweeteners. I was researching Ayahuasca (which is apparently an "MAO inhibitor" what wouldn't the Americans have given for that at the height of the Cold War?) Don't think I'll bother with that...the last things I need are inhibitions.


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    7. 7/1/14 - circle harness thing

      by , 07-01-2014 at 11:07 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment:I'm not in this dream but I'm viewing it, there are two huge circle things stood up parallel each other. I man is harnessed to the first one and wearing a swim suit. He is at the bottom of the circle talking to a worker who helps and harnesses the people or something. On the other circle a woman is harnessed to the top cornerish bit and standing on this diving board looking thing near the circle. She is wearing a swim suit too. The man starts to giggle and his giggle sounded super weird and it made the woman laugh her ass off and she fell off and went down the circle like a roller coaster and kept going around the circle apologizing to the worker and saying it was because the guy made her laugh, then she makes it back to the high platform after like 5 whole rotations. Then the man giggles again and she falls off again and flies in the circle even faster.
    8. 1/26/14 - phone book

      by , 01-26-2014 at 06:51 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking about in a walmart. I realize that the store seems to be getting ready to close, even though it's bright daylight outside. I get to close to the register line and it sucks me in, I panic because I have nothing to buy, all I can grab is a phone book from the free phone book rack that is right by the register line. It's my turn up at the register and I drop the phone book onto the belt, and the worker give me a weird look and then rings the book up, I expected it to be free, but he says that it'll cost three cents. I think thank goodness I have a five dollar bill in my pocket. I get it out and hand it to him. At first he takes it then gives it back. I thought he was gonna be nice and just let me keep my whole five, but then he grabs it back from me and puts it in his register and starts grabbing change out. I don't mind that either, and I didn't care if he was going to gyp me, I just wanted to get out of there but he is taking a long time. He tells me to put out my hand and drops one by one a dime, another dime, a nickel, a quarter, then just drops the rest. Him and his friend lady co-worker begin telling me that walmart now only pays them a quarter per hour. And I said that's a fallacy. But then he bagged my phone book and I went for the exit and mumble then why do you work here? And the worker the stands at the door heard me and gave me a glare, and I just hurried outside and then took my phone book around the parking lot.
    9. 1/25/14 - grandparents long errand

      by , 01-25-2014 at 08:12 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm with my grandma and grandpa and my sister. We are at this shopping center, It looks so strangely lighted, like orange light. We go into this walmart type store, and I walk back and forth at the end of all the registers, then my grandma comes so we exit, and we walk to a ATM store, like a whole outlet for people to use ATMs, it's across the street from another ATM store, and the ATM store we are going into is where the ATM store moved too, it used to be in the empty ATM store next door. I see my grandpa fiddling with his wallet, then we go in and it turns into a gift store and buffet place. I see my moms cousin in line getting food, I hug her and tell her I love her, then me and grandma go to the gift section. We hear my grandpa say come one, so we get on the green s10 pickup truck he is driving, it's smaller than usual, we are all hanging out and it goes super slow and makes no noise, he says the freeway will be to long, so he'll go this short cut, but it is for shuttle train ride tracks, and worker men are walking about it. He drive into it and we barely make the ceiling clearance, the roof of the car scrapes it, and we continue through, I worry a train will come or a worker will go after us, but we keep driving though, and we get into this building and he drives though it, it looks like a casino.
    10. 1/22/14 - movie theater

      by , 01-22-2014 at 07:56 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my sister go into this movie theater, there is no one here except two workers. One at the food stand, and one and the beverage area. We are handed a ticket by the girl at the beverages, and then the two workers silently run out of the theater. We think nothing of it, until we realize we are here alone, and we grab all the hotdogs and popcorn and boxes of candy and then I run to the beverages and fill a cup with root beer so I can go back to the snack section and put ice cream so I have a root beer float, and essentially we were like no face.
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    11. 30th July 2013 Noise, video game dream and anime dream, then more noise

      by , 07-30-2013 at 02:11 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap. Go figure there were actually some repair works outside that i could hear only barely, and that managed to influence dreams to such extent...

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was woken up by loud noise of machinery outside then i tried to fall back to sleep and there was some different weird noise.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      There was video game about war between two factions, which then turned to be some mission from AM: Air Attack, namely based on second mission but with alot of ground placed high explosives everywhere.

      Dream 3:

      I was some character in anime and there was a story about some spiritual realm, there were two anime kids and i was helping them and we were on the bridge near huge waterfall. One of us accidentally dropped bottle with some liquid, and as it broke it summoned some weird creatures that we had to fight. We all had some special powers though, one of us could summon weapons.
      Then we went to the city and there was some academy place where we practiced those powers, but also we were trying to figure out something. Later i discovered some dimension that was under the academy, which consisted of stairs and platforms floating in the air and was really foggy. There was some entity that was saying something about end of the world, and then it activated something and disappeared. On the way back alot of people from academy came and were blaming me for activating the of the world trigger and then we had to fight more weird creatures from earlier.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was at home and there were alot of some repair works outside, noise and workers that were trying to 'fix' everything. They even came into my room somehow.
    12. A lot of time left (from 8th December 2010 to 9th December 2010)

      by , 10-18-2011 at 08:56 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I left work, but i didn´t do the passage of my shift´s service to F. I went back t the workplace to give F some info ,it was already night, and when i arrived to the workplace, the installation seemed inside a paper factory,with unframed windows, metal handrails and cement passages. Through the window I could see the setting from one side to the other and decided to enter. Inside it seemed even more like a paper factory. There were dozens and dozens of workers in a meeting near an hydraulic jack, an orange jack.

      They were in a meeting, and there were two people talking while the others listened.

      There was a responsible official who spoke that near him was an employee that consumed pot, and would therefore be expelled. I was walking around the worker´s mob, just looking... none of them seemed to account for my presence there, except one, who was hanging upside down, with red hair,a helmet in the head, and when I passed him, he smiled so evil, showing all his teeth, and without making a single sound.

      Suddenly i was in a roof top, it was already day time. This roof had skylights, which were very large windows, with old wood frames, slightly Victorian. It was light brown wood.

      Through the skylight i saw a room with large shelves with lots and lots of books.

      F was there, sitting at a table with an open book.
      It appeared to be a library.

      F was combed with a risk too close beside the head with grease and had a coat and pants and grey boots.

      It seemed like the way you would dress in the the English industrial revolution of the workers (near the Victorian age).

      When I saw him I thought: " I finally found him and I can give him the info".

      Before i could reach F i saw an old man with white hair, a little bald, with a gray suit (but lighter than F´s clothes), looking like a buttler, who seemed to be the librarian,so i tried to whisper instead of talking normally.

      I knocked at the skylight´s glass and said:

      "Passage of Service".

      He looked at me, smiled and rose from the table. He came to me and I asked him if F was studying for exams in college, he did not respond directly to it.

      He only said: "There is still a lot of time left."

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