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    1. Free bird!

      by , 02-29-2012 at 09:42 PM

      DILD + DEILD

      The dream started during a gym class at my old church gymnasium. We were playing basketball and there were a bunch of games going on concurrently. My team is doing well. I am contributing more than my real life white-ass self would. We are up by 4 and the ball gets thrown out of bounds to some people who are watching another game. Mattie catches it and gives it right back to the other team for a break away. I thought that was bogus, but I had confidence that we would win. There are a few seconds left and we call a time out. I practice lay ups off the backboard during the TO. None of them go in. The play starts back up and I am in the middle. They have some weird zone where there are 2 people vertically in the paint and 3 spread around the outside. I am the only one in the middle so the two people switch off on me. I duck out to the corner so the outside guy has to cover me. I dip right back in and they don't switch back. I get the ball with a lay up chance. Because I missed like 5 during the TO, I pull up for a 3 ft. jumper. It goes in and we are now up 4 and the game is clinched.

      As the game ends, everyone is gathering by the door. I am shaking hands with some people we played with. Iman (guy from my high school class who now plays on the knicks) is there and doing some trick dunks. He runs up to the hoop and jumps completely on top of it! He stands on the rim for a second and comes back down. He does this like 4 more times. I try to text Will to tell him what is going on, but I am struggling with my phone. Will then happens to show up and we head downstairs together. There is a table of cookies for some other people and I snatch a white chocolate one. It is big, fairly soft, and delicious. Will heads back to grab another and I head outside alone.

      I become lucid and look around. To the left there are two towers, and one is a giant yellow water slide. That seems like fun. I fly over to it and land on the ground. There is no water running. I fly to the top and go down anyway. It is really dusty and has like a 20 ft. drop onto the ground. It was still pretty cool. I turn back the way I came and start flying. I have good horizontal momentum so I fly really low to the ground. I am a few feet above the ground and cruising. Eventually I land in the grass on my stomach and it all goes black.

      I focus on the tactile sensation of the grass on my face and I stay in the dream. I regain vision and take off again. To get speed, it feels like I am drawing the world under me more than actually accelerating. I still have trouble turning so I land and walk around a corner. There is a giant field with some frosty mountains in the distance. I want to go to a city. Looking for a way to teleport, I see a small crate door next to me. I go inside and try to imagine hearing city noises outside. I end up in the same place. Things go dark again and I wake up.


      I am back in the field, and I decide I want to go to the frozen tundra ahead. I try teleporting again by spinning. At first I spin like 5 times and try to blur my vision while imagine seeing white. This didn't work. I also tried one quick spin and that failed. Finally, I just take off and fly over there.

      I land in an area with a bunch of boulders randomly laying around. There is another LDer, and he is helping this one bird escape another predatory bird. The predator looks like an osprey. I join in and try to help. Eventually I grab the smaller bird and run inside this stable-like building. The bird at some point becomes one of those flat, native american drums in my hand. It has dangling beads like those toys you spin in your hands to beat a small drum. The building is full of small, enclosed areas that have sliding wooden doors. I run into one and quickly run back out, closing the door behind me. This confuses the osprey for a moment and gives me some time.

      I get on top of the small enclosures and keep running. The other LDer tells me to fly out of here. I respond, "I can't fly inside!" I hop across each enclosure and make it back to the front door. I look to the sky and take off. Now the bird/drum has become a diet coke can . The other LDer tells me I need to let him release his ice power (or something like that). As his says this, I feel an energy come from the can. It is now pulling me in the air and I get tremendous speed before instantly stopping. I hover and turn around, aiming the can back at the building. A giant energy blast goes off and eliminates any danger.

      The dream ends
    2. 23 Oct: Dream within dream, sex with unknown LDer & meeting my guru

      by , 10-31-2010 at 07:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      21:30 GMT Ė sleep

      Japanese stuff again
      Remember anime girls, kimonos and being in some sort of wooden kiosk, asking for directions

      22:30 GMT

      Dream within a dream
      With mom, aunts and uncles at my father-side grandmaís house. Telling mom to hush cause others were asleep. I go to front door and Iím thinking of how I had so many dreams (usually nightmares) about this house and this door (not able to close it when a werewolf or thieves or ghosts were coming, etc). But now that it is just fine, I close it, I lock it and consider Iím putting a stone over this ridiculous fear I had. Then I go to sleep and I have a dream within a dream.
      As I lay down on the dream-bed I think about Nighthawk and how I should invite him to go out some of these days. I visualize ourselves going to the movies, holding his hand. Then I fall asleep in the dream and I dream Iím really at the cinema. He is not there but I recognize many other people in the audience, including his brother. I engage in conversation with some persons nearby and then try to say hello but he is some rows to the front.

      Sex with unknown lucid dreamer
      Then the cinema auditorium transforms into a cliff with carved platforms serving as rows. First I feel vertigo, but then I become lucid and loose fear. I have the feeling other DCs are actually dreamers and I sense that some are even lucid to.
      I cooperate with someone by sending objects through the air by telekinesis. Then I meet this guy who is showing me proudly some trees he created Ė they are beautifully arranged, almost like a forest ikebana. He also feels melancholic because he is aware theyíll only exist as long the dream takes place, but that ephemerality only makes it more beautiful. We vibrate at same wavelength and we connect immediately and I feel crazy attracted to him, so we end up making out and it evolves into hot steamy sex. Noticed that he had captivating eyes and a really deep look.

      2:50 GMT

      Meeting my guru
      On some huge empty building with pink walls and no one around. I am lucid and playing some tricks like swelling the walls or closing them in. When I closed the walls in I saw movement through the tiny slit left between them and I open them again to see what is on the other side. Itís just a tiny rat but then I also see mirrors, lots of mirrors, which werenít there before. I see my face reflected in detail, but then the mirror becomes non-reflective and my image becomes just a blur. I look for another mirror but before facing it I think about what I want to do so I can jump through it right away. I remember I wish to meet my main guru again. When I jump through the mirror I feel the dream fading, but I hold on and then I find myself in a similar building, but this time it is full of people. I go around and ask people if they saw my master. Many donít know but one guys points vaguely ahead. I then find a young Tibetan monk but he doesnít speak a word of English. I keep going to end of the corridor and then turn right to another corridor. Then I find a room with 3 people sleeping on mattresses on the floor (futon-like). I hear some muttered words in German between 2 people there and then realise the 3rd person is my guru. He raises his head, looking sleepy and surprised. ďHere again?Ē Ė he asks. I see his face and it is clearly him at the beginning but sometimes it flickers and becomes a bit different, so Iím not totally sure itís him or mind projection. He looks groggy so I say I didnít mean to disturb but really wanted to see him. I tell him Iíve been a very bad disciple but will do my best to compensate. Dream starts fading again, but I hold it.
      He lays down and I just lay down by his side, saying I will not bother him with questions for now, but just being there close to him, being able to touch his robes, is already good enough.
      Later when the sun has risen weíre outside with the two other persons that were also sleeping on the room (2 german ladies) and they are the three working with plants. My teacher is discoursing a lot of information about different species of plants they are tendering after and I just listen and watch. Then the dream fades.

      7:00 GMT Ė wake up