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    1. Dream Journal Entry #6: Pancakes at the Movies, and a Greek Myth!

      by , 06-06-2018 at 08:23 PM
      Fragment: I was at the movies in Toronto with my parents (again in Toronto with my parents?) watching the new Star Wars movie. My mom was hungry and so I convinced my dad to come get food. We lined up at a breakfast place, waited till we were at the cashier, and ordered pancakes.

      We found ourselves in the theatre watching the movie. There were three characters: two unrecognizable actors and Leonardo DiCaprio with a rigid expression, commenting on the apparent state of danger in the current scene.

      I'm no longer at the movies, but rather following a woman. I notice she is flying toward a large sailing ship in the middle of a gigantic whirlpool. All the sailors scurry in fear of being sunk and yet as the woman perches herself onto the railing of the ship, all the men stop and watch her. I'm observing, floating from behind, as her legs change into a snake's tail (like a mermaid, but a snake).

      Total Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 2
      Action = 2
      Form = 6
      Context = 2

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/6 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!
    2. #73 - Ship Wrecked onto a Paradise (And turtles boning?)/Dinner with old flatmates/Continued

      by , 03-06-2015 at 08:18 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Ship Wrecked onto a Paradise (And turtles boning?)
      I'm on a large sailing vessel, like a galleon or something (the tone is somewhat 18th century). The vessel is in the middle of a huge storm, and the next thing I know I'm waking up on a beautiful beach, tropical trees and crystal clear sea water surround me and the sky is calm. Parts of the ship can be seen floating around or washed up, but I ignore it all, I seem to have a handglider which I use to glide around the place a bit.. I head off along the beach to where a group of natives are relaxing under a low wooden sun shelter next to the bushline. I prostrate myself before them and beg for help, explaining my situation, a jump in time occurs (like a minute ahead) and we're all buddy-buddy. I turn to see a huge tidal wave rising up (should mention there are about 4 of us together), I grab a native and dive to the ground so I don't get swept away, a man behind me also gets down low, but his wife isn't quick enough. Next thing I know we're searching for the wife, I glide through the air a bit, then I continue running in shallow water, sprinting in a panic state to try save her but we can't find her. I see a small turtle float on by a few metres away, it was so realistic. I then turn to see even more turtles, but this time they're HUGE, about 2 metres in height. Also they're boning hard out, I think to myself that it must be mating season, it was quite weird to see a bunch of turtles pounding their meat into a mate. Ruined the aesthetic scenery a bit tbh. I spot in the sky a woman gliding around on her handglider, and remember that 'oh hey, they obviously all use handgliders too'... Next thing I know, I'm gliding around 4 square block rooms connected by large doors so that they can be glided through. My friend Mikayla is here and she has a miniature glider that she throws like a paper plane. There is a large dome made of a kind of net in one of the rooms, I run and jump, gliding through the air and circling the dome without colliding with the net, wall, ceiling or floor, then smoothly land in the room I started, a full circuit. I seem really proud of myself for doing this... I also noticed a family of 3, they were really white trash. One of them I remember as having missing teeth, quite young, but fat and had a shaved head. He wore baggy clothing too... I guess that must be what I consider white trash? O_O never knew.

      Dream 2 - Dinner with my old flat mates
      I couldn't be bothered writing this in my journal diary this morning, and I've lost a lot of detail, but it just felt SO boring >_<.
      I seem to be on a cruise ship, there is a dinner party on these long tables with white sheets set out and beautiful cutlery, plates and fruits in bowls neatly placed. I'm with my ex-flatmates Emma and Sam, but we never really got on well with conversations... We were the first to enter the room and pick 3 chairs out near the end of the table. We seem to start some kind of subtle 'argument'. I don't remember much more than this though.

      Dream 3 - Continued
      Seems to continue on from where dream 2 ended... I don't remember much about this except that we were still on a cruise ship and eating dinner.