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    1. Wednesday, December 18

      by , 12-20-2019 at 07:40 AM
      I am outside somewhere in what looks like a marsh. The water brilliantly reflects the sky, making it hard to tell how deep it is. It’s also hard to tell what/where the land is, as the plants are lush and thick. I am walking through this, giving in to the inevitability of my feet sinking into the water at some point. I still try to avoid it as much as I can, and at one point I am jumping higher, farther, and slower than is humanly possible. This marshland is really peaceful and beautiful. Now, I’ve ended up on the edge of a forest, traveling inward. It’s gotten darker quicker than I expected, and I feel a brief pang of fear as I don’t have a light or a sense of direction.

      I’m in an unfamiliar college building and walk into Mike Holmes’ class (different than his real class), finding it full when I thought it would be over. I see my empty seat at the high desks and take it. Now, I am presenting a model - a plain, rectangular, multi-floor shopping mall. I don't think I've ever actually seen this model until now, and I'm only talking about its simplicity as if it is its biggest asset. He seems to like it.
    2. Friday, October 25

      by , 11-02-2019 at 08:41 PM
      I am at an Oktoberfest out in the woods. It seems like a cool setting and nice weather, and I think the family is here. I think we’re showing up a little late, only because this large tent is already fairly full of people. Everyone is holding a stein or glass full of foamy, light beer. I think there is a ticket system to get the beer, and I get in line to get mine. I end up with a smaller glass that has a handle on it (it looks like a pint glass with a handle) and is filled with light beer. I’m not sure why it isn’t just a stein, and I also thought there’d be a dark beer (I think I’m thinking of a dunkel), but I take a sip and it is decent. I notice an older man with a white beard who is pouring refills before glasses are even empty. I’m now outside (it seems dark out), at a circular table with the family. Dad already has a stein going, but he mentions leaving. I think we say bye, and he says that he isn’t driving. I don’t know who would drive him. I get a refill from the ol man when I’ve only got a few sips missing, saying ‘prost’. Now, (I’m not sure if this is before or after?) I am floating above this scenery. It is a beautiful alpine forest nestled among jagged, rocky mountains that seems very remote. I am maybe 1,000 feet high, slowly drifting forward. I am awestruck, peaceful, and euphoric. I will myself to float higher and I do. I do a slow back flip and unwillingly drift back down, landing on the ground.

      I am in what seems like a small office in a college campus with the AAD 180 teacher Hillary Clark. I think I am taking a final. From her and my comments, it seems like I’ve got it all wrong. I think there is a question about a god-like musician, one of the options for answers being Estas Tonne. This one I know, as I really like him. I start playing some of his music on my phone. I ask her if she likes him, and she says no because it’s too slow. I mention that it can be but does get intense too.

      Something about riding bikes somewhere with Makayla. She doesn’t want to because it’s ‘too far’, but I’m trying to show her on a map that it’s just past somewhere we’ve already ridden to. I think this sways her opinion.

      I am on an asphalt path that meanders through the trees near a lake. I am on a decline right before an incline. The trees are orange and red, intense, but also somehow subdued in the cool air. There’s a gap in them, allowing a view beyond. It is so beautiful that I sit down to admire and enjoy it. I think there are people coming, but I don’t really care.
    3. Dream Journal Entry #6: Pancakes at the Movies, and a Greek Myth!

      by , 06-06-2018 at 08:23 PM
      Fragment: I was at the movies in Toronto with my parents (again in Toronto with my parents?) watching the new Star Wars movie. My mom was hungry and so I convinced my dad to come get food. We lined up at a breakfast place, waited till we were at the cashier, and ordered pancakes.

      We found ourselves in the theatre watching the movie. There were three characters: two unrecognizable actors and Leonardo DiCaprio with a rigid expression, commenting on the apparent state of danger in the current scene.

      I'm no longer at the movies, but rather following a woman. I notice she is flying toward a large sailing ship in the middle of a gigantic whirlpool. All the sailors scurry in fear of being sunk and yet as the woman perches herself onto the railing of the ship, all the men stop and watch her. I'm observing, floating from behind, as her legs change into a snake's tail (like a mermaid, but a snake).

      Total Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 2
      Action = 2
      Form = 6
      Context = 2

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/6 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!
    4. 18-03-19 Tsunami in City, Floating With Girl

      by , 03-19-2018 at 10:15 PM
      I was in a city, and a tidal wave was moving through the streets, washing away cars and people. People were desperately trying to get into buildings (skyscrapers) to escape before the wave got there. I moved through the crowd and got to the front door of one of the skyscrapers. I rang the doorbell. Some people told me not to bother. The door opened, though, and I moved through. Two people followed me inside. I lived in that building. On the 9th floor? I briefly wondered if letting these people inside was a good idea. It was every man for himself out there. We took the elevator up, to my apartment.

      I vaguely remember floating (not sure if it was in water or on air) with a girl holding on to me. We were both weightless. We were going somewhere. I remember having feelings for the girl, and loving having her so close to me. I felt happy.
    5. 17-10-16 Floating on Ball, Controlled Hallucination of Compass

      by , 10-16-2017 at 05:23 PM
      I dreamt I was going through a city, floating on top of some kind of ball (like one of those large balls you use for working out. I just lay on top of the ball, which hovered despite being filled with air. I even thought it would work better if it was helium. Anyway... I practiced maneuvering and turning, and thought it was good practice for my flying dreams, where I often have trouble turning... Ironic! After a while I arrived at my destination (a train station?). I got off the ball, and noticed the "event" was just starting. There was a countdown which ended just as a walked in, and I thought to myself "right on time".

      I was awake, but decided to close my eyes a bit more as I was still really tired. In the darkness behind my eyelids, I saw a line. I focused on it, and more lines appeared, and formed a shape. It looked like a watch, or no - a compass. Four lines, arrows - one in every direction. Detail increased, and now I saw it was beautifully adorned with all manner of embellishments. Then I saw what looked like text... but it was outside of the compass. I now saw the compass was a drawing written on the right page of an old book. I could read the text - it was in Dutch, but I can't remember what it said. I was distracted by something in real life, and briefly opened my eyes. I lost the vision right there and then, and was unable to continue when I closed my eyes again.
    6. #277 - Chill but tense lucid

      by , 09-10-2017 at 01:51 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I decided to try the dreamleaf product and see if that affected my ability to lucid dream - suffice to say last night was at least a success.

      I took the blue pill before I went to bed, then 4 hours later I woke up and took the red pill. It took a while for me to fall asleep on account of having checked my phone for a minute. I dreamed that I was floating through the sky while beneath me small clouds passed by. I could see a snow covered mountain where I spotted a bearded man climbing. I floated further and eventually the land beneath me was obscured by denser grey clouds. I realized I was dreaming around this point, I could just tell it was a dream. I felt that the dream wasn't very strong, not surprising since I haven't practiced lucid dreaming in a long time.

      I was still floating through the sky and decided to let myself go with it, the dream seemed too delicate to mess around with so I wanted to try edge the dream-path towards something gradually.
      I got about 30 seconds of lucidity before waking up without much happening. As an added note the atmosphere of the dream seemed a bit sinister which is also why I didn't want to mess with it
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Doing a Favor

      by , 09-08-2017 at 01:40 PM (My Dream World)
      The dream begins, once again, in my grandmother's apartment. Seems like its been a common theme in the past few dreams. I remember being in my grandfather's room and he's having trouble with the computer. Later in the dream (there are a few gaps in my memory of this dream) he is in my brother's room, using his computer. I observe him and he is furiously downloading different things (as he does in waking life, however it was exaggerated in the dream) and installing many dubious programs, with pop-ups showing up all over the place. I'm really annoyed while seeing this.

      The dream skips some more and I'm in the bathroom. I can hear my stepmother outside talking about how her cellphone stopped working and I shout asking something about how can they have so many problems with technology. After I get out of the bathroom,
      I get lucid.

      I begin flying towards the living room and my aunt is sitting on the couch. She asks me to get a cellphone battery that's in the other room. I decide to go fetch it because I think "Complete a DC's task" is one of the tasks in Spellbee's competition. I fly over to the room where my father is lying on a hammock while watching TV. While floating all over the room looking for the battery, I wonder what my father thinks about me flying around. I find the battery and go back to the living room.

      I give my aunt the battery and she thanks me. I think she explains to me what she was gonna use it for, but I cannot remember what she said. I fly towards the balcony and have a moment of heightened lucidity. I have practically waking-level lucidity and memory, and I stop to remind myself of my goals,
      however I think the dream ended shortly after or I lost lucidity because my memory of the dream stops there.
      Tags: floating, flying
    8. weak lucidity, i need to try other methods

      by , 02-25-2017 at 10:31 PM
      non-lucid: i did my reality check (nose pinch) and it worked, but i didn't really understand what it meant. so i tried again, worked again. i didn't believe it.

      semi-lucid: this went on for a few more tries until i understood i was lucid. i think it was sitting in my car in a left turn lane. i looked at my hands and they looked so real. i felt cars zooming past me on both sides and didn't want to manipulate too much because i was worried i would lose the dream. then i thought, "okay if this is really a dream, just float a little bit to prove it." i couldn't do it.

      i've been able to in previous dreams. this dream faded very quickly. i need to start trying spinning methods or something else besides the hand method because i lose lucidity quickly often and i always have weak lucid dreams.

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    9. No Snow for Sledding (WILD)

      by , 02-05-2017 at 06:00 PM
      Ritual: WTB around 2am. Drank a lot of wine last night, so woke up many times to rehydrate. Just before dawn I felt the slightly anxious insomnia that often helps me get lucid, so I decided to confirm my intention with a little piracetam. For years I've been trying to come up with a good dream mantra/affirmation but never found one that stuck. Since I got lucid in a recent dream from seing the word "awaken" I decided to start with that. I wanted it to be longer and have good rhythm, so I tried "Awaken into (seeing) dream," where the word in parenthesis could be varied with any other two-syllable verb with the emphasis on the first syllable: seeing, hearing, feeling, being, dreaming, etc. I liked the versatility and hoped the variations would help keep my mind active. It seems this mantra was actually successful because it was still going through my mind well after the dream had started, although, curiously, the words had changed (see below).

      WILD, "No Snow for Sledding": The transition was very smooth, and I think the mantra actually served as a good anchor this time. At one point I was inspired to see if I could move my dream limbs, and felt that familiar ambiguity about whether it was dream movement or real movement. I was 65% sure it was dream, so I kept at it until I gently 'flumpfed' in a loose heap right off the bottom of the bed, and then I knew for certain. This dream version of my bedroom was remarkably accurate to WL.

      I was crawling at first, and from that low perspective had a good view of my two cats. They looked a little different—shorter hair I think—but I could still tell them apart. Dream logic made me wonder if I could somehow better communicate with my anxious cat in a dream. I crawled over to her and put my hands on her head, reaching toward her with gentle thoughts and telling her that she didn't need to be so anxious. It didn't work: she bit my hand! After that she went into the hallway where I was surprised to see our older cat chase her, an inversion of their usual relationship. I moved toward them and noticed a third animal, a remarkably lifelike grey squirrel—even more vividly rendered than the two cats. [Source: I had recently remarked to my husband how odd it was that I had never seen any squirrels near our house here, but he said that he had. Then just two days ago I glimpsed a grey squirrel outside.]

      I thought I had better remove the squirrel from the house, so I picked it up by the scruff of the neck—it was so realistic I thought I had better handle it carefully lest I get bitten again. I peered down to it, wondering if it might have anything to say (this being a dream and all), but no, it just twitched its nose like a regular squirrel. So I opened the window on my side of the bed, the place where in WL I toss out the miscellaneous bugs that stray into the house, and tossed it out.

      Around this point I noticed that my mantra was still going through my head, though slightly changed from what it had been as I fell asleep. It had taken the form: "Awaken, dreamer, I am dream." It occurred to me that once I was already lucid, the word "awaken" was no longer useful, and in fact might be detrimental. I thought about how the meaning of the word depended on its context: from non-lucid sleep one can "awaken" into lucidity, but from a state of lucidity, to "awaken" is to wake up. With the precarious thought of waking I felt the dream begin to destabilized, and hastily altered the mantra to: "Dream on, dreamer, I am dream." I managed to restabilize, and with the natural musicality of dream found myself adding a bit of melody to the words.

      After this my thoughts turned to more practical ends. Wasn't there a task I wanted to do? Right, the sled ride. I thought over the details. I would need to sled down from the top of a snowy mountain and then through a crack in the earth into... who knows? Finding out would be the fun part. It was snowy outside, like it is in WL, so I thought that would make a good start. I just needed to go outside and find a sled and a mountain.

      I opened the window again to fly out, but now there was a pane of what felt like transparent plastic covering the opening. I was annoyed because even in WL this is one of the few windows in the house that has no screen, so there should not be anything barring my passing. I decided to shatter the barrier with my mind, concentrated, and... nothing happened. Disappointed that I could not resolve this more stylishly, I manually peeled aside the flexible plastic panel and slipped out onto the lower roof. (This part was not quite accurate to WL: although there is a sloping side of another roof to the left, there is no level area just below the window where one could stand.)

      I willed myself to fly, but nothing happened initially. I kept focusing until I began to float up and across the yard. There were a lot of random pavilions scattered below, and I reminded myself to be observant so I would remember the details later. I flew over to the roof of a small outbuilding—the environment no longer bore any resemblance to WL—where I found two sleds. One was child-sized, the other larger, and I noticed approvingly that they were the old fashioned kind on runners, much easier to control than round saucer sleds.

      I picked up the larger sled and looked it over. The details were wonderfully vivid: it had a painted metal superstructure consisting of thin round bars painted white, and flat wide bars painted green. These encircled a small rectangular seat of heavily aged and distressed wood. I noticed an odd detail in the very center of the sled, a transparent glass sphere about four inches in diameter, half full of water. I peered closer, wondering if it was some sort of gyroscope, and saw words printed on the sphere: "FAST WATER." I decided that this was a device for boosting speed, and that I would name my new sled "Fastwater." I felt very pleased with it.

      Sled in hand, next I needed a mountain. I resumed floating through the air and scanning for suitable topography. I soon found myself approaching a steep hillock, but since it was at most a couple dozen feet high, I didn't think it qualified as a "mountain." After that was a second, taller hillock, but I rejected that one too on the same grounds. Then in the distance I saw a much taller hill with a massive castle on top of it. I had the impression that it was a German castle called "Schwanzstein," though even in the dream I recalled the meaning of schwanz (which, in common with many Americans, I learned long ago from the Mel Brooks film Space Balls). That seemed like a peculiar yet somehow familiar name for a castle, and I wondered why it came to mind. [Source: German castles have come up in conversation twice in the last few days, both the one at Wernigerode and another whose name I couldn't remember. I just asked my husband and he reminded me it was "Neuschwanstein." So there you have it. Sorry Freudians, you can go back home now.]

      I figured that the type of hill on which one was likely to find a German castle could qualify as a small mountain, and decided that this would be a good spot to sled down from. I floated closer, noting a number of stiff and oddly sepia-hued guards standing around the courtyards, as though peopling an old postcard. I noticed a perfect straight chute for sledding that ran down from the top of the mountain, so that's where I landed. Everything was in place... except... there was no snow anymore. Could I just sled down anyway, I wondered? No, I distinctly recalled that the task specified a snowy mountain. I peered around, hoping I could at least spot a few patches of snow and call it even. But the grass was as brown as the guards—there was a hint of sepia about the whole place, like a movie scene shot through a filter—and no snow was visible anywhere.

      I sat down with my sled, willing it to snow. I concentrated my expectations, imagining how the first tiny flakes would move erratically through the air. Once again the distinction between imagination and experience—which seems so improbable in the dream state—was reconfirmed, because even though I could clearly see the type of snow I envisioned in my mind's eye, the dream air remained stubbornly free of flakes. This TOTM has a lot of moving parts, I thought. It's as hard as a TOTY! A moment later I woke up and was amused to recognize my error; in waking life I would not have misremembered the category of the task, since the TOTYs are linked by a common theme.

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      lucid , task of the year
    10. Random non-lucids

      by , 12-05-2016 at 09:35 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I have to do several tasks. In one my comrades stop halfway through and I have to do it myself. I had float (how did I not become lucid!!!!) through a garden singing like a bird.


      With 3 friends, we all do plays, and one all together. The 'together' was like 'Inception'.
      I cannot believe I did not become lucid!

      Two rectangular blocks are placed side by side with a space in the middle. They shine out colours and they mix.
    11. Take Me Somewhere Interesting

      by , 11-02-2016 at 03:04 PM (My Dream World)
      I was in some kind of bookstore and was looking at some manga. The manga I was looking at was kinda... erotic, for some reason, but I was really enjoying it. I put it next to some other manga and begin browsing and looking at different stuff when I realise I can't find the other one anymore and was desperate because I really wanted that one. I asked some guys next to me for help until I eventually became lucid. What did I do then, you ask? Well... I kept looking for the darn thing. I tried using voice commands (something like "The book I want is gonna float towards me" stuff like that) but nothing worked. I asked the guys what their favorite ones were, in hopes I find something better than the other one. They started talking about manga they liked and gave them to me, but they weren't what I was looking for at all.

      Eventually I realized I was wasting time and decided to focus. I realize I was in some kind of shopping mall. For some reason, I couldn't fly. I remembered reading something about stabilizing and how it makes dream control better, so I stabilized the dream by doing RCs and told myself I was sleeping and creating this dream and could do anything. It didn't do much, as I couldn't fire laserbeams from my fingertips (which was something I wanted to do... I guess) nor could I fly for some reason. I decided that didn't matter as I didn't need to fly for my goal, which was finding a mirror, asking my dream to take me somewhere interesting and enter it. Whenever I want to enter a mirror, there is always one nearby. I looked around and there was a huge one in a nearby section of the mall that looked like a shoe store.

      I got close to the mirror, rubbed my hands, and was already phasing my hands through it when I remembered I had to say the command.

      "Dream, take me somewhere interesting, please."

      With that, I fully entered the mirror and found myself in some kind of rooftop in a urban area. To my left there was a huge window to big, empty factory/storage of some kind. Looking around, I could see the rooftops of different houses and I think some buildings in the distance. I couldn't see the streets from where I was. This place wasn't what I was expecting at all, so I turned around and asked my dream, again, to take me somewhere interesting, but I specified that I didn't want just some generic city area. I floated up to a window with a dark tint (apparently, that's where I came from) and noticed I could kinda see through it. In this area there was also some kind of loud, constant noise in the background, like a really loud air conditioner. I phased through the window and ended up in a similar area. It was like I was in a room of an destroyed, abandoned or unfinished building. No roof or walls, save for the one the window was in. I didn't really look around the area since I was kinda annoyed and wanted to try entering a mirror one more time. However, the dream started fading and I was trying to think how I could bring it back. I think I tried to stabilize somehow
      but woke up and tried to stay still for DEILD, but I was sleeping for so long already (almost 10 hours) that I was too awake and didn't feel like staying there trying to deild, so I jut got up.
    12. Time Machines! And a lady from the future. And romance.

      by , 07-11-2016 at 03:28 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I watched Back to the Future for the first time on Tuesday! It was a really good movie. That night, I had a dream that was somewhat related to it. And once more, it was lucid! My LDs have been too few and far between lately. My new reality check (whether or not I can fly) has been paying off!

      There was a lady from the future! Her ship flew into the futuristic-looking room that I was standing in. Her time machine looked different from anything that was in the movie. I remember it had some orange-red parts to it, which looked a lot like lava. She came out of the time machine wearing a cool (black?) suit, and she had lava markings on said suit as well. Another lady was there with us. I went to ask the lady from the future where she was from. I can't remember what her response was, though.

      Then, eventually another lady appeared, so there were 3, and we were then joined by my tulpa and best friend, Tess, with me in this futuristic room. We were having a nice conversation; I don't remember what it was about. I think the combination of time travel and Tess being completely imposed onto the external environment clued me in that I needed to do a reality check (Tess isn't fully imposed yet in waking reality).

      My reality check is trying to rise up into the air and fly. Checking my watch isn't as effective as it used to be, because I never seem to notice my watch in my dreams. So I tried this new RC, and it worked splendidly! Of course, it took a few weeks of trying it before it started to work its way into my subconscious and truly take effect. But the results were worth it.

      I realized that I was dreaming because I could fly! The first thing I decided to do was ask the other dream characters if they thought that this was a dream. Tess already knew it was a dream, as she usually dreams with me and is generally cognizant and lucid if I am.

      I put my arm around the first lady and asked what she thought. She said something like "Well, I think this is real!" Then I felt bad for putting my arm around her and put it around Tess instead. I really wanted this to be real, because it was so cool - it would mean that Tess was completely visible to everyone, and time machines are REAL! - but I knew it wasn't. Despite that fact, I agreed with her: "Heck yes, this is real!" But I didn't lose lucidity.

      This other, older lady, who looked like my grandma's friend Janice, waved her hand dismissively and said "Oh, of course this is a dream! We are all dreaming right now! "You " - and then she pointed at me - "know we're dreaming!" She said it in a playful, teasing tone, so I believe I just laughed and agreed with her.

      At this point, I forgot about the time machine for some reason. I thought about going to a tropical island with Tess, but then I realized that I could actually make out with her for real! Aaand that's kind of what happens when you are 22 and have never had a girlfriend, not through any choice of your own. -_- But we did, and it felt so REAL! Then she pressed her body against mine, and I could feel every detail - her lips, her soft warm hug, and umm...every other part of her body from top to bottom that was against me. :p I won't go further than that in case any kids happen to be reading this. xD But yeah. Every single detail; every single sense was so real that I really feel, even now, that in some way, that was real. It wasn't just a psychological effect of a lonely, imaginative mind. It was something that really, truly happened, and I will always stick to my belief of this.

      But then my body was too excited and I woke up lol...dang it!!

      Another dream I had was during a short, spontaneous nap I decided to take today. I felt sleep paralysis, so I was very close to being awake. It actually feels really cool once you get used to it. Lots of romance, flying, and random things that made sense within the context of the dream, but wouldn't have within waking reality. . I only exerted a moderate amount of control; mostly what I did with Tess while she was with me.

      I have recorded a few other dreams for the past few weeks, but due to lack of time I'm just posting the lucid ones for now. This trend shouldn't continue, though. More to come in the future!

    13. Wind Propulsion (DILD)

      by , 05-07-2015 at 07:02 AM
      Ritual: WTB 12am, WBTB 4–5:30am (working), woke 6:15am with dream.

      I dreamed I was working in a museum and I had assembled a collection of objects to show people. I had left a bunch of things lying outdoors on a forest path and wanted to bring them in, so I grabbed an armful of tall leather boots (there were least six pairs in different styles) and walked back to the museum. By the time I reached my destination I was only carrying one pair, and thought I must have dropped the others along the way. I wasn't sure where to store the boots I had brought back, but I looked around and decided to lock them up in a tall armoire of Japanese design. I opened up the doors and there was another set of doors behind the first, and another set behind that, three in all before I reached the interior.

      I decided to take my car to go back and get the rest of the stuff since I had left a lot of things lying on the path and I wasn't doing a good job of bringing them back by hand. I have a third-person impression of watching my car wind its way through a narrow gorge: at times I was afraid the rocks were too close together for the car to fit, but I found it easy to lift the car off the ground and twist it as needed to avoid the rocky outcroppings. After getting safely through the narrow rocks I felt very pleased with my success, and decided that I should spend more time driving like this, using the wind as propulsion. This jogged my memory: wind! Wasn't that one of this month's TOTMs? At that moment I became lucid and decided to attempt the task.

      I raised my arms and called out in a loud voice, "Wind!" I remembered that the task required not using any active power to fly, but letting the wind pick me up and carry me wherever it might be going. So after summoning the wind, I waited passively but invited it to lift my body in the air. The air picked me right up like I was as weightless as a feather, and I relaxed into it. It was wonderfully pleasant and enjoyable to be buoyed up in this way. Curiously I looked around me, wondering where we might be going. I have the impression of thick flocks of birds darkening in the air in what seemed like abstract geometric patterns.

      I recalled that the bonus task also involved mastering the elements, and wondered if I could use this same wind to knock things down on the land below without getting buffeted too much while I was floating in it. I peered down at the trees, which appeared to be somewhere between 50 to 100 feet below me (I'm terrible at estimating vertical distances). They were in full green leaf and showed no sign of being blown about excessively by the wind at its current strength. I thought it would be a shame to knock down such beautiful trees, and before I could convince myself otherwise, I felt the air around me destabilizing and woke up.
    14. Surprise OBE

      by , 01-30-2015 at 06:12 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #406 - OBE - 5:52AM

      I do a quick WBTB at 3:00AM to have some coffee prepared with 1tbs of ground in a small french press.

      I wake from some dream about ice turning into chopped nuts in the blender. I move a bit but catch myself and lay still focusing on body relaxation. After an unknown amount of time, I feel really wide awake and wonder if it's close to the alarm going off. I sit up to check my alarm. I see that I have set it for 6:10am and it's 5:53am. I decide I may as well get up and do my morning meditation, but as soon as I get up something crazy happens. I simultaneously hear a loud ripping, gasping sound that I think comes from my wife and recognize that familiar OBE/dream body feeling. The sound startles me and I realize I must have just had a false awakening. This sends me back into my body, but I quickly recover. I get up, but can only float around the room. Then, I stop a second. Feel normal and think that I may have woke up, but when I move I realize I'm still floating someplace to the right of my bed. I decide I may as well enjoy the sensation of weightlessness and begin to kick off walls and objects in my room.

      After some seconds of this, I think maybe I can teleport if I focus on a place to be. The first thing that comes to mind is a field of flowers. I start singing, "I want to be in a field of flowers... a field of flowers... a field of flowers. I want to be in a field of flooooweerrs." Suddenly, I an standing up right in the room. I'm disappointed I didn't teleport but at least I have some solid footing. I see a light is on someplace in the house and quickly discover that it's the kitchen. I stand there looking around but everything is blurry. I try to focus my vision but end up opening one of my physical eyes and waking up.

      Oddly enough I finished typing this on my device at 6:10
    15. Portal jumping

      by , 01-16-2015 at 11:30 PM
      I walk through a portal that takes me up to this stone island floating in the air. Mostly it's this pillar of rough stone but the top, where I'm standing, is level. I walk around the tree in the center and through a second portal - this one takes me back down to the surface, just a few feet away from where I started. Superficially, it doesn't really seem like I'm doing anything aside from walking around - but the act of someone passing through the portals in sequence is leaving a mark, setting something up. I think of stitching a thread through fabric.

      To get to the next portal I have to swim across a river. As I'm swimming, I think briefly about growing gills and just walking across the bottom, it might have been more pleasant. I decide to stick with what I've got.

      The next portal takes me to an almost identical stone island, except this time there are five portals up here. I step through the first one, and it takes me only a few feet away, in front of the next portal. I'm exasperated by this setup, but I go with it, passing through each portal in sequence. But before I step through the last portal that should take me back to the surface, I step to the edge of the rock and look down, curious about where I am exactly.

      Far below, I can see a mountain range. There are two rows cut into the side of the mountain, one on top of the other, with closely-spaced openings for doorways carved into the side of the rock. There are rooms inside - I walked along those paths on my way here. I remember looking up and seeing these two floating islands, and wondering how to get up there. But something occurs to me - I look around for the other floating island, the one I was on just before, and confirm it. Yes - it's still floating upside-down, with the flat surface and the tree on the bottom instead of the top, like an Escher sketch. When I was standing over there, I must have also been standing upside down, at least relative to here. I feel dizzy.

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