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    1. In Filmed Flight

      by , 08-26-2018 at 07:46 PM
      Morning of August 26, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 2 min 23 sec. Readability score: 56.

      In my dream, I am in a new variation of the Cubitis house. It seems to be late morning. Zsuzsanna is present. The television is in the west area of the living room (where it never was in real life.)

      I seem to be mentally creating or recording calculus equations onto a VHS tape as I am standing on the other side of the room. The VHS player is on a shelf below our television. As it is recording over previous content, at least one episode of “Sesame Street,” I am still able to see parts of the original content. There are also brief sections of music and random patterns of static and snow.

      Eventually, I see that the “Sesame Street” images are upside-down, yet rendered very realistically as such. I am only vaguely puzzled by this.

      Soon, I have a small video camera, and I go out to the south side yard. I am going to make a movie about flying. I rise in the air, and before I fly higher and faster, I find amusement by seeing my shadow over the front yard, north of where I am hovering. My shadow is distorted, short and somewhat round, but I can discern from it that I am wearing a top cat and a cape or cloak. The movie may also be related to a fictitious detective serial. From here, I effortlessly fly higher and faster over Arcadia until I wake.

      Pertinent information for new readers:

      Since childhood, I have developed and enhanced various processes in the dream state. One of these is attempting to clarify the status of my infra-self by focusing on concepts such as reading or using a computer (before computers were in use in households), yet by association, mathematics sometimes occurs though is rarely viable. It typically enhances threads of liminality (sometimes lucidity) even when I am not lucid (as the infra-self does not otherwise have a viable reading ability or logical reasoning). The muppets, which I associate with control of dreams, are a result of this process. Television is a type of liminal space division (similar to a fence or wall), the contrasting dynamics of infra-self and conscious self.

      A significant factor of the dreaming and waking processes is vestibular system correlation, that is, resolving the illusory nature of the dream self’s body with how the real physical body is oriented (though it also includes the distortion or expansion of space around where one is sleeping). That is what is behind falling, flying, rising, and hovering dreams.

      The first dream of each sleep cycle, for over 50 years, usually involves falling, though is more vivid when I had done more walking that day, while in stark contrast, the last typically involves effortless flying whether or not I am lucid, usually in the final scene. However, I have often deliberately used falling for reinduction or sustaining a dream.

      Zsuzsanna’s presence typically has priority over threads of where we live in reality. (Zsuzsanna has never been to America as my dreams often imply.) I never dream of correct settings, as they are often mixed-up variations of everywhere I have lived. (I have not lived in Cubitis since 1978.)

      The upside-down dynamic mainly stems from Zsuzsanna saying, “if it sounds upside-down, it’s from down under” on her first recording to me. However, this did not result in my infra-self remembering I live in Australia.

      A shadow stems from a subliminal, liminal, or lucid thread of my conscious self looking into the dream state. In apex lucidity, I play with or test my shadow to see if it is “me.”

    2. A Good End, Alyzarin's Suggestion, Flower Drawing, Sesame Street GPA

      by , 07-09-2012 at 05:34 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      A Good End (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm with Leon inside of a lab room, a fairly dirty one, kind of like the few in Resident Evil 4 on Chapter 5.

      I believe both me and him are facing Krauser, and facing him in a close room with his Arm Blade Plagas was kind of scary. I don't know how I or even Leon did it, but we killed him. I think we killed someone else, but I'm not too sure on that.

      I think how we killed Krauser was that I used a Steel Titan from Runescape to punch behind his back while I tried to fend Krauser off. After a few hits and dodges, Krauser finally lands on the ground and says something before he dies, but I can't remember what.

      I think he felt betrayed and asked "Why?" or something like that.

      I figured that if someone is out to kill me, like REALLY kill me, and not just use fear to make me lucid, they should probably die...don't want to make every nightmare a happy care bear ending now.

      I doubt having my head chopped off from Krauser's armblade would give me extra time to speculate on why he's showing up in my dreams.....ANYWAY........

      As we're heading out, I'm pretty sure the person I'm with has to be Leon in someway. The reason being is as we're examining Krauser's body, and another that I still can't remember, Leon says.....well he doesn't say anything, but a text shows up on the bottom of what he's saying:

      "A good end to a good game."

      I relax a little bit, seeing as things are going to be alright from now own. I didn't hear any intense music going on, which is how the game was actually set up to know you're in for some Plagas enemy killing.

      So if you didn't hear any sounds, you're pretty much safe, for the time being. But sometimes using that alone can ruin you if there's a random enemy by the corner and RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR.

      I decided to not use my Wii Remote controller, and I put it somewhere in the lab. I don't do a reality check of why I'm using that controller inside of a game in the first place.

      I'm heading out in front, and Leon I believe is following me to a dark hallway. There's a little light, but we both walk slowly just to make sure something like Regenerator wouldn't pop in and say "Hi" with its extendable arms and give me a warm hug......

      Spoiler for Like this....WARNING YOUTUBE VIDEO IS GRAPHIC:

      Everything is going fine, and we take a left to see some crates are blocking the left side of the new narrow hallway. I head towards them and try to jump over them, and then I get a weird feeling that I need my Wii Remote controller again.

      I jump over the crates again, and asked Leon if he can get it back for me. I wait for him, and then I move back to where he's going, but just the path, not the room.

      I see some random guy who I thought was a Plagas enemy, but it ended up being some dirty looking man carrying some stuff. I block his way, but he seems to not really care because he pretty much looks like he has no brain at all, being lifeless and all.

      I move out of the way to let the poor guy pass, and then I turn around to the section of the hallway with the crates blocking most of the path again, and I see enemies charging after me.

      Good thing those crates were there, because the enemies are complete idiots and don't realize they can just climb over the crates....hey....works for me. They still shocked me because I didn't expect to hear excessive breathing from them that obviously shows they want to do an overkill on me.

      I think Leon finally comes back, and we probably killed all of the enemies inside the area.
      Alyzarin's Suggestion (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm walking with Alyzarin, or maybe inside of a car while me or her are driving. She suggests to me in a form of a question,

      "Why don't you consider them as your dream guide?"

      You know, by her saying "them," I'm not even sure if she means it as a he, she, heshe, shehe, or several dream guides lol.

      I didn't know who she was talking about, so I guess this was probably me forgetting important snippets of the whole dream.

      But what I do know is that when she asked me the question, I looked down and didn't want to respond to her. Whoever it is we're talking about, they must've been someone I wouldn't prefer as a dream guide.

      That's all I remember.

      Sigh......this is what I get for sleeping around 3AM, and waking up 10 AM with no WBTBs.....only recalling one part when I need to know the rest.

      And I can't do a WBTB, because I don't want to wake anyone up during my stay in Canada with my alarm.

      Ugh....maybe I'll just put an earphone and let the alarm play through that, but if I do that....I might roll over and the earphone might fall off....

      Or I can do the water drinking technique to hopefully wake myself up after or during the onset of a REM period....but nah, guess I'll just let things go naturally, especially since I have to look up for some stuff related to college.

      Damn, guess my luck is running out in life....
      Flower Drawing (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a small girl, and she uses markers as her means of drawing. She's pretty decent with the markers, and I'm amazed at how she can make a flower look somewhat realistic just by using kid markers alone.

      She also using the scotch tape with those metal pointy things to tear it off with ease. I asked her why she's using that kind of tape, and it seems she's using it as a layer with her drawings.

      Once she tapes it, she uses the metal point cutter thing (I do not know Tape jargon, pardon me) in order to make the ends look like they're part of the drawing instead of an obvious straight edge on a paper.

      I finally realize what she's doing, and said, "Oooooooooooooooooooh! You use it for------" blah blah.

      Then I tried helping her with the tape, and I do fairly okay, until she tells me that if I do that, "he'll" get out.

      Wait what?

      For some odd reason, I had a feeling that she meant Krauser from Resident Evil 4. I quickly followed what she was doing to make sure nothing bad would happen.

      Sesame Street GPA (Non-lucid)


      I can't believe this dream....LOL

      I'm looking at a screen in front of me that displays the GPA of several people, most of which are the characters from Sesame Street. Timmy from the Fairly OddParents show has his GPA up as well.

      I think the GPA was based on a scale of 10, and Elmo had a GPA of around 0.5-0.7 I believe. Those other dudes from Sesame street, the ones that actually wear freaking clothes had the GPA of Elmo's as well.

      Timmy Turner had a GPA of 6 at first, then it was a 4 on the next column and then a 6, and finally a 4 again....that's weird, why does it show his progress specifically while the rest are horrible?

      I guess this is why they ended up doing Sesame Street.....LOL. Elmo knows where you live and loves you because he has no future...LMAO...okay okay...

      I finally scroll down a bit and see the Cookie Monster's GPA.

      It's a 9.7...



      Out of all characters, him????????????? That should've been a reality check. I'm not even sure of my own intelligence anymore....how does......that's just....wTF...

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    3. Family meeting

      by , 03-21-2012 at 09:27 PM
      This was a very vivid dream, and I remembered a huge part of it, possibly caused by the HILD technique (uses a mantra, only during self-hypnosis)
      This post is very messy, so my apologies, but I'm not gonna straighten it up.

      1: I was playing with Ernie from Sesame Street (!?) in my room. Mom encouraged my younger brother to do the same. (okeey..)
      Afterwards, I apparently decided to take a stroll in my underwear, in the middle of the night. Acutally, I just went a few steps outside a door in my room (wich is pretty none-existant IRL) and started to bleed from my nose. To stop it I cuffed a fist snow into my face. The snow wasn't really cold, it never is in my dream. It had a cotton candy-like feel to it.
      As I lifted my face, about to head back in, I saw a grey car park on the raod beaneath my yard.
      That caused me to run inside, heart in my troat. Although I had little hope that anyone would take me seriously. I quickly slam my door shut and lock it. I dress, then hurries to dad, to tell him about the "robbers".
      He doesn't take me seriously, as the old tale of dreams, that tells you that any thought, any excpectation you have, will inflict the situation.
      What I do then, is run upstairs and spy on the car that waits on place, maybe for me to come out again, but after awhile they lose patience and gets lost.
      As I am spying for cars, I see my neighbour, Erik, having guests; Sander, himself and Trygve steps out of the car. I think something like "Ah, NOW I understand why he is so friendly towards Trygve."
      And in the darkness, I see headlights driving towards my house, down the road. It is the family car, bringing guests from the family and further (?).
      There was a boy there, wich I have never encountered in RL as I can remember, but he has now shown up 3x times, as my "love interest.
      *side track* First time (this was last year, I think) he showed up: A boy with blackish hair asked me on a date. I was hesitating, 'cause I love someone else.
      Second time, I don't remember.
      Third, in this dream. *end of side track*
      We had a singing gruop. Black boy played guitar and we played along with him. We had a really good time, creating a comp song.
      Afterwards, we had a fight and my sister made me preay for him even though. (With pray ''options'' like you have in some chat boxes.)
      I even think he gave me flowers.
      Next I had two friends over. We bought small wedding-ish cakes for each of us, 10dollars total, I had to pay two for mine. I chose not to have any toppings (nugathi, mayonese, creme ). They chose some topping.
      Someone I know was watching us as we went out of the store, but we didn't mind.

      .. I wish Sigurd was here.. with me, a little more. I want to smile with him..