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    1. Halloooo!

      by , 06-14-2016 at 03:46 PM
      Wellp, I'm back. Again. Yeah, I feel really bad that I've been gone for so long! I've finally decided to try to get back into LDing. It's funny, because, the other night, I was looking at HowToLucid because I just randomly wanted to get back into the subject. The next day, one of my really good friends asked me if I'd hears of Lucid dreaming and then we talked about it for the rest of the day ^^

      Aaaaannnyways, I actually recorded my dream!
      Here it is!

      My dad and I went to a school. For some reason we felt like attacking random people, and I ended up doing it. With a.... marker...? Yeah, I thought that was strange, too. But, anyways, I 'attacked' about a dozen people with an Expo Dry Erase marker. I remember attacking an older girl who I recognize from WL, and have always wanted to befriend. I felt really sorry. I also remember that, in that dream, I explored town and traveled on a public bus. Later, the dream shifted into an almost post-apocalyptic setting. I remember having to hide from my math teacher so I could steal resources/weapons from her. I collected quite a few weapons, and I stored them in a Resident Evil 4 style inventory, where I 'tetrised' things around (although I only remember storing a random sniper rifle). Then I think I woke up and attempted a WILD, but drifted into a nonlucid dream. In this dream, I remember running a shop. Well, it wasn't much of a shop, but I was in one of those barber shop-type buildings. A whole bunch of kids from my school (more specifically, boys) came in and out of the building but literally all they did was sit down. I remember recognizing a guy I share all my classes with IWL. The only thing I really did was wipe off the doorknob, but for some reason it had the same feeling as my previous dreams.
    2. Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me (DILD)


      Iím in a narrow hallway, and Iím encountering a dream character that resembles Krauser from Resident Evil 4. Thereís several feelings of helplessness, and the overall setting of the dream gave an impression that things wonít turn out well for me. The environment seems to be some kind of aftermath of an explosion.

      Based on the color of the ground, and the bland formatting of the building Iím in, there seemed to have been a laboratory here. Thereís bits of metal and other scraps scattered all around the area, and random combustions of fire as well.

      Whatís weird about this environment is that it was fairly wide, but the space in which I can traverse was fairly limited; almost to the point where I felt it was intentionally done so I would only focus on the Krauser DC thatís slowly coming after me.

      Thereís a bit of discrepancies in validating whether or not Iím in a dream body version of me, or some alteration between Leon. What made me convinced it was the former presumptions is that I had full reign on how I moved in the dream itself while also being able to spectate myself from a behind the back third person perspective.

      And seeking any means of escape was pretty much futile since I had to deal with him first. I knew something bad was going to happen based from personal experiences, but I still tried to defend myself from him. Naturally, I used whatever weapon I had on me at the time, which happened to be a regular pistol.

      My plan was to go along with the logic of defeating this guy in the game, which would be shooting him in the legs in hopes that he would have one knee to the ground to expose his chest for me to shoot him before he gets back up from the relapse. For some reason, zooming in on the pistols iron sights shifted to a view as if I was using a sniper rifle.

      The aiming aid consisted of a very thin white cross with some short perpendicular lines on each end; at least two for each side that seemed to have been formatted for me to get straight into focus, and maybe avoid using peripheral vision within that line of sight. The subtle smoke that wraps around the atmosphere makes things a bit blurry.

      Almost suitable for the sake of giving off the dream-esque effect where the contours of things arenít as rigid and defined. I shift my awareness from the sights back to a first person view.

      Krauser doesnít seem to look like the actual one, and has a few modifications for his visage, but with how Iím too engulfed with instincts to survive, I canít render him out in detail except for the organic like arm blade he has.

      I shoot his legs a few times, but it doesnít seem to be working at all, but I still keep shooting. Then I get a sensation around my neck and head that my weapon is about to run out of ammo. Somehow, Iím redirected to an inventory screen, and I see that Iím fairly limited in options of which weapons to utilize to assess this seemingly futile endeavor.

      I wanted to take out a grenade to see if I could cause substantial damage to him, and proceeded to do so, only to find that it doesnít really seem to scathe him. I go back to the inventory screen, and I feel thereís more options for me to use, but I felt that while Iím doing that, heíll only get closer and closer.

      Kind of like playing Five Nights at Freddyís, and you look into the camera too much, and Freddy, or one of them comes up to you and kills you the moment you take your eyes away from the camera. I keep shooting with my pistol, and I eventually run out of bullets.

      Just as I was preparing to reload, heís already close to me, grinning as he knows that any other attempts to attack him would be useless, and he uses the mutant organic arm blade of his to stab me in the chest. As heís about to do this, Iím visualizing myself in the front from a third person perspective, and I watch as my mouth opens from the pressure, along with the air around me creating some kind of gushing sound effect.

      I eventually shrivel up in my last movements and die, and blood is coming out of my mouth while the chest seems to be filled with a darker color of blood.

      Funny thing is that I was imagining a few months back of how I would fight this guy again should he ever randomly show up; thinking I would find a way to win, but ironically, expectations of what will happen in a dream doesnít always turn out to be the case, especially if one invested in a bit of time imagining themselves accomplishing whatever goals they had in mind.

    3. 19th Oct 2013 Fragments

      by , 10-20-2013 at 01:43 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      There was something about dragons.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was watching someone play a game that looked like resident evil 4, but it had different story, places and weapons. Player was going through some grey facility place with lots of rooms with lockers and i was trying to point player into direction where secret weapon was hidden.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was a story about characters traveling through some mysterious lands and they were visiting a house made of plants, there were some pumpkin people and a railway outside.
    4. Ada killing Dopplegangers and Me Dancing To Kill?

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Ada killing Dopplegangers and Me Dancing To Kill? (Non-lucid)


      Last night I did about 90 minutes of training myself to let unconscious thoughts come in faster without giving much conscious judgment in them, and even though it's my first attempt, it's helping me SO MUCH with dream recall lately. It's actually fun doing those sessions as well because of how my unconscious mind can gather all of these random events and make something out of them.

      The reason why I'm doing that kind of exercise is so that when I wake up to attempt to recall my dreams, I gain more confidence that I will be able to synch in with those unconscious thoughts we get when recalling our dreams, where we don't question what's going on, and all we're doing is just letting those thoughts come out.

      I put this dream off for about 2 days, and can still remember a decent portion of it as well.

      So I'm walking through a school hall, and noticed how a bit blurry the environment is, with small patches of refined detail here and thread, almost as if something bad is going to happen. And as I'm shifting left and right in this perception in the dream, I noticed that the crowd in the hallway is getting a little bit bigger than it should be.

      I'm on the left side, and people are coming through me in the opposite direction that I'm facing. I noticed there's this fairly large entity that looks very abnormal compared to the rest of dream characters here.

      He's like the picture from above, except most of his body is white with a small hint of pink within it, and his face seems to look human as well, and seems to have a dark blonde hair-style similar to Albert Wesker's. The environment surrounding us consists of turquoise and shades of blue.

      The tile floors below us consist mostly of white and blue blocks, and there's a bit of a worn-out look on the floor, most likely because of the dust and dirt from the constant flow of people coming in and out of the school building.

      To the left of me, about 3 feet in front of me, is a random classroom door, and the mutant creature is standing perpendicular to me as I'm parallel to the wall to the left of me. He slowly turns his head and looks down at me, and for a few seconds, I was in fear of what he'll do to me, but he just ends up smiling at me and turning back to look at the classroom door.

      Eventually, the door opens, and we both go into an environment a lot brighter compared to the previous area. It has this milky and glowing aura type of atmosphere with specs of circular lights floating about. There's streams of curvy vanilla lines flowing through, and it feels kind of weird being in an environment that would induce positive feelings due to its nature.

      So, I noticed that my perspective is changing, and I'm not aware of my dream body as much, and it feels like I'm watching a randomly generated video clip of Ada talking with one of her dopplegangers. Not Carla from RE6, but just an exact copy of her, only that this doppleganger is a little bit more muscular and has a bit more meat to her.

      Ada is wearing the costume she had from RE2, like the picture below:

      Seems Ada is irritated with this doppleganger, and I can't recall the exact conversation they had. All I know is that Ada eventually took a silver tableware knife and stabs the doppleganger in her ear. The doppleganger is still alive, and is slowly walking down some stairs, and I noticed the dream scene shifts completely from being bright to being a little darker.

      The stairs are dark green with a few streaks of yellow, and the handrail is black and has a very thin metal frame as well. It seems she's going through the type of stair format where it looks like it's forming squares if you were to look down below from a high elevation, like spiraling down into what seems like a bottomless pit.

      The doppleganger is using her right arm to hold onto her left elbow, as if she's injured from other areas of her body. I can't remember what happens next, but there's a dream shift where I'm back to the bright area I mentioned before.

      For some reason, I have to dance with some random dream character that looks kind of like Mr. Bean, except he has light brown hair and has a softer visage. I have to pretend I'm dancing to some music with this guy so that Ada can kill him.

      I don't know why, I just went with the flow and tried to do my best to give the signal to Ada without the dream character trying to turn back and possibly find out about her plan to eliminate him. I gave Ada some eye gestures for quite some time, and I'm wondering if this dream character is just either really passive about body language, or he's just doesn't have enough sentience and sapience to know what we're up to.

      I can't recall what's going to happen next after that. It just ends up being me trying to give her signs to kill him off while I look like an idiot trying to dance where there's nobody around but me and two people.

    5. HUNK vs. The Village, I'm an Incubus Attempting to Hypnotize Women

      by , 06-25-2013 at 05:22 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      HUNK vs. The Village (Non-lucid)


      Another Resident Evil 4 type of dream where I'm playing the Mercenaries section, and that's because I've been playing a lot of Resident Evil Games lately. The character I'm controlling is HUNK, and he has the default costume setting with the major color being black. His goggles though didn't seem to have the red hue though, it was mostly faded out. It could be that the colors for them were shifting from black to red. And it would've been difficult to notice something like that in the dream to hopefully become lucid because of the situation he's in.

      The moment HUNK (yes the name is naturally expressed in caps) steps into the village, there's already Las Plagas infected villagers that are coming after him, maybe 5-10 in frequent moderation throughout this dream. Of course, I had a sub-machine gun just like in the actual mini-game you play with him, and I also remember his neck-breaking ability that's essentially a one-hit kill.

      The village was a pretty decent replication of the one in the actual RE4 game, with the mini-bell tower from the far left corner, the two houses that are about 30-80 feet apart from each other left and right, the mini-shed/barn at the beginning of the village to the left, almost everything is where they're supposed to be.

      I wanted to use the neck-breaker to my advantage even though I most likely had unlimited ammo in the dream seeing as I wasn't so worried with how much was left. So I aimed for the enemies' head so that they would flinch, put their hands on the inflicted area that distracts them before I attempt the neck breaker move. It seems it worked pretty well for the first few Las Plagas victims, but then dream logic starts coming in to make things worse for me.

      As I shoot the enemies in the head, as I'm trying to press the command to prompt the Neck-breaker move, it doesn't work as effectively as I thought it would. I think the Las Plagas hosts even brushed off HUNK by literally just grabbing his wrists before he could kill them. So in the mean time, I decided to just spam the unlimited ammo sub-machine gun, even though at THIS time of the dream, I now get worried about the ammo capacity. As the anxiety continues to augment, I started to notice more things, like this dream actually being timed.

      Instead of the timer appearing on the top left-hand corner, it shows up on the opposite, and I noticed, at least when I quickly glanced at it, the timer was at 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Of course, with how time is interpreted in dreams, that could've been 2 pigtails and 30 Oldspice deodorant overlords from the 23-43 delta section of the Nova Universe for all I know. But I didn't bother with looking for ( ' ) or ('') near the numbers to see if it was in minutes or seconds, too much anxiety built up. I quickly made HUNK run through the village to collect some Hourglasses to extend the time like in the real game.

      It was quite a challenge even finding any that should be in certain location, and then I saw a green hourglass, but I'm not so sure that I used it yet. I probably presumed at the time of the dream that it was going to give me a bonus, and I didn't want to use that until I was sure I could do a really, really, really long combo with the neck-breaker one hit move.

      HUNK is moving considerably fast in this village, and the villagers themselves don't even become a problem to me anymore seeing as I was focused on extending as much time as possible (even though I could've just use willpower to create implied experiences of there being extended time). As I stroll around the village, I sensed someone completely different from the villagers, and it ends up being Krauser with a completely developed Las Plagas like arm-blade. Despite of my previous dreams with him basically just trying to instill fear into me only to probably get my attention and discuss something to me, I still didn't want to take the risk.

      The reason being is that I was so driven up with putting up my defenses and focusing more on reflexes to survive the onslaught of Las Plagas victims around me that Krauser was no exception to this. He doesn't run as fast as he SHOULD though...

      I started to go into spectator mode and gazed over the village to get a good estimate of how close Krauser is from me. It seems the villagers themselves don't see him as an enemy, and it seems he's personally using them as shields should we get into close encounters. I decided that in order for me to destroy as many Las Plagas hosts all in one spot, and hopefully Krauser as well, I would have to bait them into a location where it's tight-spaced. The first location that comes to my mind it to seek out the barn/mini-shed that would be located at the beginning of the village on the left. It had a ladder, which was the perfect tool for me to go on higher grounds and shoot enemies trying to climb up to me.

      However, even with that, I was a bit forgetful of the fact that Krauser just might be able to jump up if he suddenly has his near-superhuman speed back again. It didn't seem Krauser showed up as much, and I end up just shooting the villagers,
      but after that, my recall of this stops there.


      I'm an Incubus Attempting to Hypnotize Women (Non-lucid)


      The dreaming environment's setting is night-time, however, with how the dream scene alternating between day and night, it's hard to make out where I really started in this dream. I did know that I was an Incubus with purple skin and a vanilla or tan-brown robe wrapped around my waist and hanged all the way down to my ankles. I don't know my overall ambition in this dream, but it seems I'm just after a set of women, any that I can kind.

      I heard some giggling and decided to fly around a bit and found there were able 6 or so females talking to each other. I wanted to use hypnosis, the type that isn't really what hypnosis stands for in waking life, the classical stage one where people think a person is really manipulating someone, but they're not. It was weird how I was going to manipulate their minds, an on-screen white HUD shows up in the middle and shows a list of who I want to start manipulating. Of course, I spammed for all 6 or so females, and about 4 out of the 6 managed to fall unconscious.

      Problem is, those other 2 ended up being a challenge for me, and I think pretty quickly they prevented me from getting the other women. So I had no other option than to run and fly away.

      Oh and they giggled at me for running away as well, guess I'm not getting pussy with being scared.

      Lol, so much for dream sex.

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    6. Ada and Double Suicide and Ada's and Eva's Polarity [WILD]

      by , 04-16-2013 at 10:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Ada and Double Suicide and Ada's and Eva's Polarity (WILD)


      After using self-hypnosis to get into the lucid dreaming state within 5-10 minutes, along with 5 minute dream-like states that occurred maybe 4 times or so at most (20 minutes of instant lucid dreaming), I know I'm getting better at inducing WILDs just from sitting down on a chair and going through a preset command script I used in an e-book that I practiced for maybe 2-3 months.

      My hands and feet were becoming paralyzed, my body felt relaxed, the imagination was wild, and now for the dream.

      I'm in an area similar to the image above me, except the environment was 10-20 times larger, and the colors were more dull and gray as well. I didn't mind this since this was my first time inducing a WILD through self-hypnosis, so the environment itself would be redefined later on through my DEILD attempts that worked successfully.

      The sky above me were mixed with turquoise and dark gray, and the clouds absorbed the color of it was well. There's a moon there too, but I didn't pay attention to it much, and there were some points in the dream where it just felt like the lighting came out of nowhere. The right of me are the same borders in the image above, except they extended to the chest rather than the waist or mid-thigh region.

      They were more metallic than a brick-composition, I noticed that the dark pit was gargantuan, and yet I wasn't as bothered by it than I should have been. Everything felt in control, to some extent, I decided that I would meet the Ada dream character that showed up occasionally in my dream journals. I decided instead of passively acknowledging her, I would just make a dream where I would ask her the point of her existence.

      So after absorbing the environment for maybe 1-2 minutes overall, I decided to look forward, and I see someone in a red dress with black hair that's chained to a huge cylindrical column. I had two thoughts at the time.

      1. I wanted to have sex with her for some odd reason. Someone completely in a submissive state that had no chance of escape and looked with concern on what I would do. It's like she was putting up a facial expression of "Try Me."

      2. I wanted to break the chains off of her and talk to her

      I decided to go with the second option since it's kind of pointless having sex in the first place if my intention was to talk to someone. I walk forward, maybe 20-30 feet away from her, then I bend my elbows upwards, but kept them at the same length as the higher regions of my arm, and started to declare passively,

      "Isn't it funny that you would be chained like this when you're the one that saves others?"

      I get closer to her, and she doesn't really put much effort in responding or even trying to have any kind of ambition to argue with me. I decided to work on the left side (my left side) of the part where she's chained. I don't know what I did, but I broke the chains off with my bare hands.

      I step back and let her get used to moving, since I'm sure she was locked up like that for months now, considering after the last scare she gave me, I wondered if she was chained because my subconscious decided to make her a threat from that experience. I didn't think about it too much, and then she started to wrap her arms around me and then she slowly glides me down to the floor.

      It's still difficult to recall how it felt, since most of this self-hypnotic induced lucid dream was visuals combined with short pressing sensations in my mind. Her image started to alter between long hair with a different face and short hair with the preset image I had of her from Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6.

      After this awkward hug from her, she gets up and decides to rest her elbows on the metal handrail, and she has her feet surprisingly close to the edge from almost falling off the dark pit. I started feeling that she wanted to go inside the darkness, but I eventually stopped speculating on it and realized she's just waiting for me to ask her something.

      It takes a while for me to formulate something to talk about, since I'm still trying to solidify the dream state, and it's kind of hard for me to recall exactly what I stated since I decided to put off the recall for about 30 minutes after the self-hypnosis session was over.

      I didn't really greet her at all, I mostly just started asking questions to her about a few random things. I decided I should get a little closer to her, but not too close. I don't know why I was afraid to be near her, she didn't really have any kind of negative vibe, I guess that I felt things were a little too easy for me.

      So I decided to go near the handrail as well and sat down to place my legs between one of the balusters. I wrapped my right arm around this same baluster, and I braced my face against its cold metallic structure. Most of the sensations were obviously done through pure thought and will, and I continued to hold on tightly to the baluster. I looked down into the darkness, and almost felt like dipping inside the pit as well.

      It seemed to me that she was just waiting for me to ask if we would want to jump into the darkness together. Since my recall of what was being said is mediocre, I'll still try to do my best. I continued looking into the darkness, passively acknowledging her with my left peripheral vision, and asked her,

      "How can I get you to talk to me more?"

      She responds, "Just do more of this and you'll be fine."

      I reply,

      "Doesn't it feel weird that getting into the dream state is so easy now, when I had such a difficult time inducing for months?"

      She states back to my response,

      "Well, that's because you had a predisposition that your subconscious was a trickster. It was due to that video you saw of a person explaining how dreams worked, and how the subconscious presumably worked. You saw that using that mindset to make it look as if you're being tested or challeneged motivated you because there was a thrill that would be apparent if you rised to that challenge or test."

      I reply,

      "But now I know that doesn't have to be the case. It's useless trying to think everything is a challenge when I can just start acknowleding how easy it is when I just set my expectations to be in this dream state."

      She replies (or maybe I continued from what I said, I can't remember too well),

      "But you know that based on what you learned about your mind, or anyone's mind, it doesn't have to be that way. It's only that way because the subconscious simply does what you desire, even if its a conditioned response you're not aware of. When you start thinking things will be easier, and you keep practicing that it will be that way, there is no conflict. There is no fight or challenge, and you realize you will finally get what you want."

      She eventually stops talking for a bit and continues to look at the environment in front of her. I'm not sure if she was just staring at nothing and wanted to fixate at a random point so she could collect her thoughts, or just was enjoying the view of the dull environment. I started to feel slightly cold, but it wasn't too concerning, and then she comes back and asks, as if she knew what I was going to ask to her,

      "Are you not grateful for what your mind is giving you?"

      I reply,

      "Yes, but it's not enough..."

      She declares,

      "You never really had to do much in your life other than to just work hard and be lucky. But now working hard isn't enough for you because you still need to be able to retain the memory of what you learned more right?"

      "Exactly," I replied.

      The silence comes back again, and there were a few more things that I probably talked to her about that I don't really want to post here. After a while, I start to realize that after I told her she could trascend that retention of information to reality and have complete access to the confines of my mind, I noticed she was slowly picking up my thoughts while we're both in the dream state.

      This felt awkward, having an experience that implied that there was some kind of dichotomy, even though it was all from the same source, except that it was delegated through another projection, which was her. So we started to use less of our mouths and more of of a implied telepathic communication with each other. Eventually, how we discussed with each other didn't matter, there was a mix of actual movement of the dreaming body lips and pure thought.

      I noticed my waking life hands here completely "frozen" or they felt like there wasn't any kind of effort being put into them, but that didn't really distract me with the stabilization since I just had to redirect my focus back to the environment. My waking life eyes were completely shut, and it would be physically impossible for me to open them unless I made the command and desire to do so.

      So that cleared up my problem with having my eyes open from time to time before in my lucid dreams, thanks to self-hypnosis, it's just a few command cues and into the dream land I go!

      I come back to the environment and Ada, and then she asks me,

      "Do you want to jump inside the darkness?"

      I was still afraid of what was going to happen, and I decided to say nothing and she what she would say next. I realized the environment we were in was completely different from the image above, and was now like this:

      "Save me," as she quickly jumps over the handrail and dives into the darkness.

      My dream body starts moving on its own, and I held onto the very bottom of the metal baluster from the handrail to place my feet firmly on the side of the edge before it was cut off from the darkness to push myself at a faster rate in hopes to catch.

      I started to feel the wind blowing my face, and I quickly see her making a content descent towards the darkness, waiting for me to hold her and be with her to wherever the dark void takes us. I twist my body to the left since she was on the left side, and realized she only said save me to lure me into touching her body.

      I wrapped my whole body around her, and at first I felt this was going to be a double suicide since we both probably didn't know what would happen after mindlessly jumping off the edge into the darkenss. In a way, I felt she knew was doing, but because I doubt she had her own intentions, especially since this was all incubated, I had fears that would would die and I would just wake up.

      Our bodies started to rotate, which only made the descent faster and more intense, and as the darkenss and the random dark energy rushes through us, we finally hit rock bottom.

      But we were perfectly fine, it felt as if there was no gravity in this state, and our bodies immeidately flipped in their normal positions rather than the diving head first position from before. We floated around a bit, and Ada is now wearing her default Resident Evil 6 outfit.

      The environment was shifting a lot, between the two background images I showed above, and it felt kind of pointless going through the dive if we were going to be in alternating places. Whatever the reason, I decided not to question it and asked her on her existence in my dreams.

      "I'm not really suppose to have a defined set of characteristics, but I am the opposite of Eva."

      I started to ask her why, and she states,

      "Because you created expectations for her to be a higher aspect of yourself, so if you tried to find her, you would have a difficult time even communicating with that kind of projection from your mind because most of the time, you're not able to sustain a positive attitude for a very long time. And since you have to reach a higher state, it would be difficult for her to come down to your level."

      So I asked,

      "So if you're the opposite of her, I'm guessing you're easier to communicate...but doesn't that make you feel "degraded"?"

      She responds,

      "No, it's nothing like that, it may seem like it's like that at first glance, but it goes even deeper than that. You don't have that kind of black and white mindset, you're in the middle, and we both exist to just be representations of your personas. But that doesn't mean I'm evil or that she's good, it's just done to delegate certain abilities so that there isn't a conflict."

      "Conflict?" "With what?"

      "With yourself."

      I felt that trying to be smart would get me nowhere, and I decided that it's best that I should prepare to leave and go back to the waking state again. I told Ada to take care, and slowly went back to the dream entrance, but then I stopped mid-way and realize I wasn't really being too friendly with her. Instead of apologizing, I asked her if it's alright if I left her here.

      "We really don't mind because we'll be with you anyway."

      I told her farewell, and slowly
      rise back from the dream state, and it took maybe 3-5 minutes just to get my hand back into bending right.

      I never knew self-hypnosis would be so effective if you kept working at it. All those long hours that I thought I wasted has finally coming to an end, and all I have to do is, just like what this fortune cookie said:

      "Affirm, visualize it, believe it, and it will actualize itself."

      That's what self-hypnosis is really all about, and the moment you realize it, there's nothing to stop you other than yourself.

      I'll probably go through a 2-3 hour self-hypnosis session since that one was maybe 1 hour to 90 minutes. I'll plan things I want to do, and just do my best to keep them in mind and have them in reality in the dreams.

      It's getting to the point where it's not overactive imagination, but rather just being able to get into the suggestive state that so many people have trouble doing because they just don't remember...it's all in your mind. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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    7. Two Executioners After Me, Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation

      by , 01-10-2013 at 02:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Two Executioners After Me (DILD)


      It's a Resident Evil 4 and 5 themed dream, and I believe I'm walking along with someone who's my partner. I ask them to be cautious of the Las Plagas enemies and any other random enemies; I even tell them that killing one enemy a certain way would be easier in the long run.

      I believe it was the Las Plagas enemy in the game that wears a red robe, and he wasn't wearing the mask in the pic below:

      I realized I'm all alone now, and I'm walking inside of a dark hallway with white floors and gray walls. It seems there was something in this hallway I was going to get, but I don't have really good recall of it.

      The dream shifts where I decide to turn around and get out, and there's two Executioners in front of me that have mid-ranged weapons connected by chains.

      The environment outside looks like a derived section of the Village section in Resident Evil 4, and the skies are dark brown with thunder randomly appearing. There are dark brown trees with no leaves whatsoever, and the surface is mixed with autumn leaves and a dirt trail in the middle.

      I try to see what they're going to do, and it seems they're going to take turns in trying to kill me, so it's basically a 1 vs 1 encounter.

      I don't know why the other one in the left is here, but I focus my attention on the one to the right because he flings things large metal start spiked object at me, and I'm deflecting it with something I can't recall too well.

      I hear the metal clanks, and I can feel the aggressive force this executioner is exerting when using the chained weapon at me. I bounce back, and I'm honestly having a hard time, and since he has two of these weapons, I have to keep myself aware even after I deflect one weapon.

      It took him maybe 2-3 seconds to chain the attacks together before taking a 4 second break to prepare for another chain, and there were two moments where I almost got injured.

      I keep deflecting the attacks, literally on my toes having to spatially expand my awareness. I don't know what I do next, but I get used to his attacks and I presume that I would make a final kill somehow before I have to deal with the one on the left.


      Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation (DILD)


      I only remember being at an elevator, pressing the up or down button on the glossed dark brown panel.

      The elevator dings, and random men in black suits start aiming their guns at me from both elevator doors.

      I duck for cover somehow and kill them off, and I can't really feel myself being injured or anything like that. I try to press the button several times after dealing with this onslaught, and it just keeps going and going maybe 2-3 times....
      I can't remember anything after that.
    8. Avoiding Saddler and Escaping To the Ocean, Bacteriophages Infecting The House, White Tiger Chase...

      by , 01-07-2013 at 11:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Avoiding Saddler and Escaping To the Ocean (Non-lucid)


      First of all, this was quite a scary dream because I was trapped in a room for a while, and it took some creativity and a lucky distraction to get away from Saddler, the main villain in Resident Evil 4.

      There are maybe 2-3 resets in this dream, and there were other dreams mixed into them I believe. The first thing I can remember is simply being inside of a tool shed made of gray bricks and a decent rooftop.

      I go inside, thinking Saddler wouldn't find me there, but I left the door open, and he slowly prepares himself to come in. He takes a peek to see if I'm there, and I'm pretty sure he knows I'm there. For this part of the dream before the reset, it was because I was afraid of what he would do to me that made me shift into another dream.

      Before the dream goes into a reset at that same event, I'm in a first person player dream where I'm holding a gun and I'm running around randomly. I'm listening to someone showing another person how to prepare their gun.

      He screams out,

      "Lift your Arm!"



      The person practicing this was doing the same procedure stated to him, and I was confused on what he meant by "Hold," so I looked at the person and saw they cocked their gun and I did the same.

      I noticed when I was doing this, I get a more detailed version of the gun, and I see #1 and #2 near the holding base of the gun. I decided to press number 2 since 1 was already pressed.

      I hold my arm up, cocked the gun, but I didn't want to shoot. I just repeated the process until I realized I had a different gun. Now I'm shifted back to that same dream I mentioned of me trying to escape Saddler.

      This time, the dream shift skips whatever I did to get out of the dead-end situation I set myself up for with Saddler. The area around me was an island and the borders for this section of the island had light gray bricks that pretty vivid for something that would just be a filler in a dream like this.

      The surface I'm standing on is a trailing path of pure brown dirt with green grass left and right. There's randomly generated trees spaced out maybe 10 feet from each other, but if I remember correctly, there were maybe 2-5 trees overall on this section of the island. The sky above is blue and has little clouds, and it feels likes a tropical environment.

      It feels kind of awkward to have this nice little paradise of an island with evil lurking within in. So I aimed my weapon that's now a grappling gun to the roof of castle-like structure 20 feet away from me.

      I think I'm going to miss, but the grapple just extends a bit further probably to ensure that I get a hold on to something at least. So I shifted my gun downwards a bit and now the grapple is in place. I thought I had to manually climb up, but apparently the grappling gun does an automatic pull for me...sweet!

      So I immediately take a right and head for the sandy beach and find that the water stretching god knows how long. The water is a turquoise type of color that's a bit more on the green side, like pastel green, except a little darker and a bit more yellow to give it a limey kind of color.

      There's a submarine with its top exposed, and I realize I'm riding a balloon like mini submarine. Things are going fairly well for me, and my worries of the balloon like structure popping from sharp objects is eliminated, which allows me to speed up to follow the older man who I believe helped me escape from Saddler.

      I wanted to go into the submarine since the old man was apparently going for it, but he moved forward instead, and I clearly shifted my vehicle to the right. I'm keeping a pretty steady pace, maybe 30 feet away from him, but now I'm shifted to the right, and I think I plan to go on my own into a even DEEPER ocean that's right UNDER this one.

      That's all I remember for that one.


      Bacteriophages Infecting The House (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, and basically, there are brown bacteriophages that are about as small as my pinky, maybe smaller than that, infecting this random house I'm in.

      I'm trying my best to avoid them because someone told me that they can cause your memory to degree. They weren't really affecting me, or at least I didn't feel as if they were after me, but I started to get paranoid because they grew by the number at random places in the house.


      Running Away from White Tiger With Black Stripes (Non-lucid)


      There's this female that I'm close to in this very cold area completely saturated with snow.

      There's not much I can remember from this, but I do remember saying something to her, and then I was trying to run away from her.

      She transforms into a white tiger with black stripes, and while I'm trying my best to get the hell away from her, I think I'm saying some cruel things at her along with someone else running away from her.

      The other person does most of the insulting, and I realized that these insults I'm giving to her are petty and just completely disrespectful. I'm pretty sure she was someone good to talk with, but I don't know that triggered this negativity.

      She comes at me fast in her tiger mode, and I'm now in this weird position where I'm controlling my dream body to run away from her, but I also have vision to see what's behind me.

      She's just coming at me with all her might, and I'm barely able to keep up a faster pace than her.

      I noticed the glacier and icy areas I'm passively acknowledging as I'm going maybe 60 mph or even 70 mph, possibly in an animal transformation of my own, are starting to crack.

      But we're going so fast, it doesn't even matter.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Then there's this other dream I had where my father reads my text messages and what's on my computer, and I don't want him to know I have a girlfriend. He seems to be a bit passive, but I still quickly take back my phone and laptop away from him.

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    9. Penis Cutter, Princess Zelda Collects Dragons, Las Plagas Victims Won't Die

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The PENIS CUTTER (Non-lucid)


      Heh, yesterday, I had three blowjobs in a dream, and now this? OH YEAH. *sarcasm*

      My dream recall, I'm getting my tulpa to help me recall them whenever I come back home and have time to recall them, considering the time I woke up and went to class was 1-2 hours, and still managed to remember this without writing notes is going pretty well. Tulpaforging, not really so strong at the moment, but I'm trying.

      So I'm outside near your typical gas station store, or mini-market area. The atmosphere is gray overall, guess it must be a cold day, or most likely to rain. There's this machine that I'm trying to avoid that apparently cuts the head of your penis off.

      It has a mix of colors:

      -Red Eyes

      And its composition, especially for the torso and legs, was fairly basic. It's mostly a rectangular base for the torso, with a few curved ends here and there, and the legs were skinny but extremely durable. It had choppers as well, obviously, so it can cut men's penis heads off.

      I'm informed on a screen that shows up like a HUD where I have to mentally synch in the letters that show up, or else the machine/robot cuts my penis off. And what made it more challenging is that I have to at least be 2-5 feet to the machine that's coming at me.

      Like WTF.

      I had my penis head cut off at least two times, and thank goodness I didn't feel any pain, and the machine can cut the head off REALLY fast. I remember the first time the dream reset where I'm in the same environment with the mini-mart, I was inside the store, and running through the small aisles, trying to make random things fall to slow down the machine.

      You know how in a chase where the one being chased pulls down random shit, like a pole or fruits on a fruit stand to distract the chaser? Yeah.

      Other than that, the dream was mostly revolved on me trying to avoid the robot until I was ready to synch with the random letters surrounded by a cyan aura.
      Princess Zelda collects Dragons? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm in the same environment as I was in the previous dream with the penis cutter, except this time, there's not machine to worry about. I have the assumption that if I go inside the mini-mart, something bad will happen, so I decided to not go in of course.

      There's a dream shift where I'm with my father, and he wants to get some rice from one of those to-go areas you see in gas stations (like getting breakfast tacos or something like that). My father asks the man if he can get a specific rice in a specific way, and the employee has a hard time explaining things to him.

      I end up coming into the conversation and stating that the rice will be just fine, and that it won't try since it'll have water in it even when it's microwaved. I believe that's the answer the employee was going to state, but couldn't find the words.

      The dream shifts again, and I'm back outside the mini-mart. There's this really sexy female. She has dragon armor, similar to this, but more revealing of her skin, and more sluttier:

      It was also a mix of this, at least close enough to it, except it was black, and had some red marks near the shoulder areas:

      She doesn't seem like she's trying to kill me or anything, she's probably treating me as if I'm another dream character. I could've interacted with her, since she is the most enticing DC in the dream after all. She summons a huge brown dragon, and it comes to her right by her side. It's completely tamed, it moves its head next to her right hand that she has extended for the dragon to touch.

      The dragon is at peace, majestic, I could see its scales, this was an awesome dragon, and I was amazed at how much this lady could control the dragon. Then the dream shifts to where I see this same lady near Princess Zelda.

      They're both standing near a castle top (like the picture below labeled in red):

      The brown dragon is flying above them in a circle, and Princess Zelda (the Twilight Princess version) extends her arms for it to come near her. Zelda then turns to the same lady in the slutty dragon armor, who is probably her dragon tamer assistant or something, and tells her to collect more dragons for her.

      She complies, and I guess she goes off to find more dragons to tame.
      Las Plagas Victims just can't DIE (Non-lucid)


      I'm playing as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. I'm trying to shoot all the Las Plagas Victims before they kill him, and I feel as if I'm interchanging in being in Leon's body, and mentally controlling him in spectator mode.

      I'm inside of a house, like the type of house made mostly of wood and bricks, like a 1800s type of house. There's a border extending from a wall in the middle of the area, meaning the enemies have to go horizontally from where I'm at before they can get to me.

      I'm using basic guns, thinking that they'll be adequate enough to take care of this invasion, but when I shoot their heads off, they are STILL alive. In fact, for some, A white ghost comes out that's still stuck on their body. It's popping out, but not all the way.

      Then I thought that I should mentally scroll over to the inventory system, like in Resident Evil 4, and get out the Chicago Typewriter, which has infinite ammo in the actual game, and had the same benefit here in the dream.

      I go crazy, I hold on to the trigger, and never released it. These things just won't BLOODY DIE. They're still moving. And the dream shifts where Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw guy) is preparing to come at me, but is waiting for me to come at a reasonable distance to chop my head off or something.

      The environment is completely dark, and the only source of lighting for me to distinguish who's there are the occasional flashes of thunder that leaves a brief moment of visualizations. There's also a few fire sources here and there, but they aren't enough to deal with these Las Plagas victims coming at me.

    10. Yellow Paper Quiz, Lunch, Athletics, Ada Wong: Assignment Ada Stage Replica

      by , 08-12-2012 at 07:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Yellow Paper Quiz, Lunch, Athletics (Non-lucid)


      I remember being inside of a classroom, and it's way to small for it to be considered something related to university, and it had too much of a childish environment to it. The walls are light sky blue or maybe white, and it's mostly because this serves as the heavy coating to make the wise and long bricks feel smooth, VERY smooth.

      I'm sitting in the left section of class, and 5-10 feet (give or take) away from me is the exit to the classroom. This room itself reminded me of a middle school I used go to (Thornton Middle School), but some of the people that I saw looked old enough to be in High School though.

      The situation that I was in at the moment felt like we were going to be quizzed on something, because I heard some kind of authoritative voice somewhere in the background, and I didn't really pay attention to trying to find the source of that voice. The table that each student is sitting out consists of a glossy gray ceramic top, a very think top, with think metal rods (I'd assume it would be black) as the leg support for the top.

      If you stretched your hand out all the way on the desk you're sitting on, you would be able to feel the slight dip near the edge (but not completely on) of the desk. It was thin. but long enough to spread horizontally on the desk. These yellow pieces of paper were handed out, and they looked like the type of paper that would be served as writing down a To-Do List.

      The were thin black lines going across this paper, and it paper itself was maybe 2-4 wide and 5-6 inches long I guess. I remember seeing a few dream characters, but only through quickly glancing at them. One noticeable dream character that keeps popping in my head as I say this is a girl named Sarah. Sarah was just like the waking life counterpart that I remembered from High School as a Junior who was on the tennis team I was in as well (Note to self, it was the older Sarah).

      In the dream, she was wearing a yellow top of some sort, maybe a sweater, or maybe a light and soft material (cotton, something like that) jacket over a simple shirt. She has her left hand over her mouth, and is using her left elbow to rest on the desk. Her hair is black, tied up from the back, and she looks at me quickly.

      I could see her slightly bigger eye pupils form for a few seconds when looking at me. It's now time for the quiz, and there's two questions
      (it wasn't until later I realized it was 3).

      They were simple questions, but the first one is something I can't remember unfortunately. The second question involved knowing an answer by paying attention to the words put on the paper. So in a way, the question wanted another way to say those words as an answer. I can't really recall how I felt during this quiz, but if it's done through a small slip of yellow paper, with no proper heading format or anything like that, I'd assume this was a quiz that wouldn't be graded.

      After I answered both of the questions, and I can't remember what I put down exactly, but I had a hunch that I should check the back of the paper to make sure there wasn't a question of any kind. Turns out I was right, but I can't remember what the question was exactly. I do know that it had the fewest words compared to the other two questions in front.

      I can't remember what happens next in the class, and something tells me that I did actually see who the teacher was in the classroom. This person looked a lot like the waking life counterpart who used to be a P.E. coach at Thornton middle school. He was a tall young male, had a facial stubble (5 o' clock shadow beard), and wore a simple blue polo shirt that had a slight glow to it, along with basic Khaki long dress pants.

      Judging by the face that is stained in my mind while typing this, it looks like he's listening to a student's question, and seems to already know what to answer to them. He has his teeth showing a little bit as well.

      Anyway, after the quiz was done, I have a dream shift where I feel it's lunch time. I had to get out of the school building I was at, and wanted to go somewhere else to get something to eat. While I'm walking, I believe I hear that song from Code Lyoko that would always start when there's something passive to watch, and this was most apparent when looking at scenes from the Kadic Academy the main characters would go to.

      Anyway, I'm walking along a random path, and the atmosphere feels sort of misty, just a bit. It felt like it had rained previously, judging by how the the skies were slightly darker. The sky was still mostly blue, but a hint of gray was starting to come in. I believe I'm walking on a fairly new tarred layered ground, and I think I see a fancy black metal fence going quite a ways from where I was heading too, but didn't really pay much attention to see if it would change.

      I felt hungry, and imagined how it would feel holding a Styrofoam lunch tray with food in it, and I as I'm walking, I mentally imagined myself eating whatever it is by popping it into my mouth as if I was eating a small bite-sized snack bag. I also was able to see myself in third person as well!

      I had my hair cut, but not completely to where I was bald or anything. It was close to the amount of hair I have on me now, but not by a lot. I believe I'm wearing a gray shirt, a shirt that slightly conforms to my torso structure. I'm also wearing faded out black skinny jeans, and I looked really weird in them.

      My thighs were a little fat, and the rest down was skinny, and my whole lower region wasn't completely disproportionate or anything like that, it just felt weird seeing myself wear tight pants. I think I'm wearing black sneakers, with a big white Nike check symbol showing up on the tongue of the shoe.

      Not really the type of shoe I normally wear because I don't really care much on what I wear as long as I can wear it with almost anything.

      It feels I'm skipping a little bit along the way as I'm looking at myself in third person view.

      Dream shifts again, and now I'm in a locker room. It has lighting the emits a dark yellow color, but it doesn't stop the impression that the locker room looks very dark in a few parts. There was some kid that looked like the Freshmen who was on the tennis team I was part of as a Senior in High School.

      I didn't pay much attention to him because I hated him.

      Spoiler for Here's the reason why:

      Now that you know why I didn't give a damn about that demon spawn, let's move on.

      I realize that I'm wearing a completely different outfit than what I wore while getting something to eat for lunch. It was a light blue jeans, the country-styled one that was a little bigger for me. I felt something wet underneath my crotch and rear regions.

      I assumed it was sweat, since it was something I was conscious of a lot after a certain event where someone told me I was wet in a certain region (between the upper sections of my thighs and under the crotch region).

      I also noticed I was wearing a black outfit, probably a sweater, that was also too big for me. I use this to my advantage, and quickly pull the bottom ends of the sweater to cover up that wet region on the pants. I look around to see if anyone was looking, but it seems the little cover up went through just fine.

      I walk around a bit in the locker room, looking at the several white sinks spread out in a row for several sections, maybe 2-4 small rows with 3-4 sinks each. I turn a few on, and most of the switches looked weird.

      I just let the water flow for a while before turning it off.

      Flower for Me? (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a store, or maybe a school library, can't really tell. I opened a transparent door to get out, and saw that people were going to move stuff inside the area I'm trying to leave. For some odd reason, I turn around to look at the lady that I probably talked to before heading out, and she already knew what I wanted to saw, and nodded.

      And the reason that wasn't verbally stated was to help these people move the objects in. They didn't feel heavy at all, and while I'm dropping one near the area, the same lady comes in to slide a flower on top of the side of my head. I didn't know why she gave me the flower, but I couldn't reject her small gift of appreciation for helping out.

      Ada Wong: Assignment Ada Stage Replica (DILD)


      I see someone walking slowly on some flat rock surface. I could tell it's a female because of the dark gray/black boots they're wearing. I start to see more than just the legs, going up to the rear, and finally the back of the person, and then their head and torso regions.

      I realized this is Ada Wong, and she's in her outfit from "Assignment Ada" in Resident Evil 4. She's still walking casually, and I also noticed that the dream environment she's in is almost exactly like the stage where you play in "Assignment Ada." I see her health bar, just like how it shows up in the video game, with the name "Ada" and everything like that.

      Except, usually, there's a semi-circular bar that represents how much health you have, and when it's filled up with a green color, you're in full health. Problem is, there is no green bar filled up, and there isn't even any red color to show that she would be in danger of dying at all!

      It's completely blank, and she's still walking for some reason. I also feel as if something is constantly draining her energy, and I see that she dies, or at least it seemed that way because she made that "Oooooooooh......." sound if she died in the actual game.

      The dream resets where she's walking at the first area of the Island Military type stage again, still walking slowly, and this time, she starts making weird sounds, as if she's struggling.

      Like "O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oooooooooh"
      (Maybe I should show a Youtube Link because I'm horrible at making sounds here lol).
      Spoiler for 18+ Blood:

      I felt as if I was telling her that each time in those few dream resets that there was something behind her. I'm still seeing things in spectator mode, and I find myself rotating the perspective angle to see what's behind Ada. There's nothing at all following her, no Plagas soldiers trying to shoot her with arrows, spiked clubs, electrical batons, nothing at all!

      So what is it that's "killing" her?

      It didn't take long for the dream to shift to where she's a little it ahead of where she died. After I watch her move for a while,
      I realized this is the very same part in Assignment Ada where she would have to fend off quite a few Plagas soldiers. I'm now seeing Ada completely in third person.

      In fact, the angle I'm seeing her is a little bit more zoomed out than usual. I didn't notice it at first, but I'm mentally taking control of some of her actions. It wasn't much, just minor actions like coordinating her to the left or right. The environment itself is somewhat like the Island Stage.

      There's the little cartel boxes that are next to the window that she could jump into the small fort/building with the ladder in it

      Then the camera angle changes to where I see Ada's left side, just from the bottom of her torso region all the way up to her face. Then I felt something moving above her, so the camera angle pans over to the top, and there goes J.J with his Gatling Gun.

      If you don't know who J.J is, that's the nickname of the Plagas victim who is a big and fat man. Imagine that, and him wearing a Red Beret, along with some orange-red glowing eyes, and a bunch of machine gun ammo formed as an X around his shoulders and chest.

      J.J doesn't notice Ada there, because he himself is in progress of going down the path from all the way up. I take advantage of this and scrolled the camera angle so that Ada would take proper aim with the Sniper Rifle she's now holding in her hands. She quickly zooms in to where I see the interface to move around the aim sights, zoom in and out, etc.

      J.J realizes he's going to be shot, so he tries to quickly lift up his Gatling Gun
      , but Ada already took a dead accurate head shot on him. I knew that J.J can take quite a few Sniper Bullets before he permanently stays on the floor dead, but when he already makes the dying sigh, I thought he was dead.

      Maybe it could just be an auditory flaw with synching the enemy's dying voice or something like that, or maybe it could just be a trick he's playing with Ada. Usually, J.J shakes his head a bit to recover from the Sniper Bullet shot, which he does, and I wanted to get Ada to prepare to shoot his head again when he lifts his head up.

      However, he quickly gets his gun up, and I quickly make Ada dash to the wall of the fort/building I mentioned above with the ladder inside. I see the machine gun bullet paths piercing the the top section of the mini-fort/building, all of the dust and residue coming up sporadically.

      I think after J.J takes a break from shooting to see if she's still there, I quickly get Ada to shoot J.J in the head this time. I'm not sure if he's already dead at this point, but I assume he is since he's not shooting back at all. I'm not back to seeing Ada from a slightly zoomed out perspective again, and I watch her move forward on her own without trying to think anything.

      Then I tried to mentally control her actions by thinking "Left" "Right" a few times, which didn't work, but when I start imagine how she would look like moving left and right, it starts working. She's now complying with most of my mental commands.

      What's funny is that during this, I could swear I had my waking life eyes opened slightly to where I could see my right arm on top of something. I tried my best to not think about waking life, and went back to focusing on controlling Ada's movements mentally.

      I do some weird commands for this woman. I told her that she would go under the Island that she's at, and she literally goes under and through it like it was invisible or something. Then the Island starts to disappear, and the environment starts manifesting generic objects until there's completely nothing but a slightly faded white void that Ada is running into.

      I command her to do a roll on the floor where she would have to put her head on the ground first and then bring the rest of her body with it.

      I make her continue to do this to where I want her constantly doing it without me telling her all the time. Then I say she will move into a different scene. The faded bright color void she's rolling quickly through starts to change gradually. However, as this is happening, I fee the dream is fading out a little bit, and I think I open my waking life eyes.

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    11. A Good End, Alyzarin's Suggestion, Flower Drawing, Sesame Street GPA

      by , 07-09-2012 at 05:34 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      A Good End (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm with Leon inside of a lab room, a fairly dirty one, kind of like the few in Resident Evil 4 on Chapter 5.

      I believe both me and him are facing Krauser, and facing him in a close room with his Arm Blade Plagas was kind of scary. I don't know how I or even Leon did it, but we killed him. I think we killed someone else, but I'm not too sure on that.

      I think how we killed Krauser was that I used a Steel Titan from Runescape to punch behind his back while I tried to fend Krauser off. After a few hits and dodges, Krauser finally lands on the ground and says something before he dies, but I can't remember what.

      I think he felt betrayed and asked "Why?" or something like that.

      I figured that if someone is out to kill me, like REALLY kill me, and not just use fear to make me lucid, they should probably die...don't want to make every nightmare a happy care bear ending now.

      I doubt having my head chopped off from Krauser's armblade would give me extra time to speculate on why he's showing up in my dreams.....ANYWAY........

      As we're heading out, I'm pretty sure the person I'm with has to be Leon in someway. The reason being is as we're examining Krauser's body, and another that I still can't remember, Leon says.....well he doesn't say anything, but a text shows up on the bottom of what he's saying:

      "A good end to a good game."

      I relax a little bit, seeing as things are going to be alright from now own. I didn't hear any intense music going on, which is how the game was actually set up to know you're in for some Plagas enemy killing.

      So if you didn't hear any sounds, you're pretty much safe, for the time being. But sometimes using that alone can ruin you if there's a random enemy by the corner and RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR.

      I decided to not use my Wii Remote controller, and I put it somewhere in the lab. I don't do a reality check of why I'm using that controller inside of a game in the first place.

      I'm heading out in front, and Leon I believe is following me to a dark hallway. There's a little light, but we both walk slowly just to make sure something like Regenerator wouldn't pop in and say "Hi" with its extendable arms and give me a warm hug......

      Spoiler for Like this....WARNING YOUTUBE VIDEO IS GRAPHIC:

      Everything is going fine, and we take a left to see some crates are blocking the left side of the new narrow hallway. I head towards them and try to jump over them, and then I get a weird feeling that I need my Wii Remote controller again.

      I jump over the crates again, and asked Leon if he can get it back for me. I wait for him, and then I move back to where he's going, but just the path, not the room.

      I see some random guy who I thought was a Plagas enemy, but it ended up being some dirty looking man carrying some stuff. I block his way, but he seems to not really care because he pretty much looks like he has no brain at all, being lifeless and all.

      I move out of the way to let the poor guy pass, and then I turn around to the section of the hallway with the crates blocking most of the path again, and I see enemies charging after me.

      Good thing those crates were there, because the enemies are complete idiots and don't realize they can just climb over the crates....hey....works for me. They still shocked me because I didn't expect to hear excessive breathing from them that obviously shows they want to do an overkill on me.

      I think Leon finally comes back, and we probably killed all of the enemies inside the area.
      Alyzarin's Suggestion (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm walking with Alyzarin, or maybe inside of a car while me or her are driving. She suggests to me in a form of a question,

      "Why don't you consider them as your dream guide?"

      You know, by her saying "them," I'm not even sure if she means it as a he, she, heshe, shehe, or several dream guides lol.

      I didn't know who she was talking about, so I guess this was probably me forgetting important snippets of the whole dream.

      But what I do know is that when she asked me the question, I looked down and didn't want to respond to her. Whoever it is we're talking about, they must've been someone I wouldn't prefer as a dream guide.

      That's all I remember.

      Sigh......this is what I get for sleeping around 3AM, and waking up 10 AM with no WBTBs.....only recalling one part when I need to know the rest.

      And I can't do a WBTB, because I don't want to wake anyone up during my stay in Canada with my alarm.

      Ugh....maybe I'll just put an earphone and let the alarm play through that, but if I do that....I might roll over and the earphone might fall off....

      Or I can do the water drinking technique to hopefully wake myself up after or during the onset of a REM period....but nah, guess I'll just let things go naturally, especially since I have to look up for some stuff related to college.

      Damn, guess my luck is running out in life....
      Flower Drawing (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a small girl, and she uses markers as her means of drawing. She's pretty decent with the markers, and I'm amazed at how she can make a flower look somewhat realistic just by using kid markers alone.

      She also using the scotch tape with those metal pointy things to tear it off with ease. I asked her why she's using that kind of tape, and it seems she's using it as a layer with her drawings.

      Once she tapes it, she uses the metal point cutter thing (I do not know Tape jargon, pardon me) in order to make the ends look like they're part of the drawing instead of an obvious straight edge on a paper.

      I finally realize what she's doing, and said, "Oooooooooooooooooooh! You use it for------" blah blah.

      Then I tried helping her with the tape, and I do fairly okay, until she tells me that if I do that, "he'll" get out.

      Wait what?

      For some odd reason, I had a feeling that she meant Krauser from Resident Evil 4. I quickly followed what she was doing to make sure nothing bad would happen.

      Sesame Street GPA (Non-lucid)


      I can't believe this dream....LOL

      I'm looking at a screen in front of me that displays the GPA of several people, most of which are the characters from Sesame Street. Timmy from the Fairly OddParents show has his GPA up as well.

      I think the GPA was based on a scale of 10, and Elmo had a GPA of around 0.5-0.7 I believe. Those other dudes from Sesame street, the ones that actually wear freaking clothes had the GPA of Elmo's as well.

      Timmy Turner had a GPA of 6 at first, then it was a 4 on the next column and then a 6, and finally a 4 again....that's weird, why does it show his progress specifically while the rest are horrible?

      I guess this is why they ended up doing Sesame Street.....LOL. Elmo knows where you live and loves you because he has no future...LMAO...okay okay...

      I finally scroll down a bit and see the Cookie Monster's GPA.

      It's a 9.7...



      Out of all characters, him????????????? That should've been a reality check. I'm not even sure of my own intelligence anymore....how does......that's just....wTF...

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    12. Suda51 and...survival horror?

      by , 06-10-2012 at 09:15 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Remembered two dreams from last night. The first was relatively short.
      Suda51 came over to our house for dinner. Needless to say, I was excited as hell to meet him. We greeted each other, and then he pulled some mashed potatoes out of the fridge. "Tabemasuka?" he asked. I was confused at first, but rembering that I knew Japanese, I replied, "Hai! Tabemasu."
      okay, so the next one is a lot more crazy compared to the last one. And I remember more.
      My grandma's house, on the outside, looked like this huge, foggy, dark mansion. We were headed there to spend the night; that is me, my friend/rival Seth, and two 10 year old kids who I don't know IRL. We spent the night there, and the next day, loaded up our Gamecube controllers. They were our guns.
      We headed down to the basement of my grandma's house
      which strikes me as funny now, because last night, I was sleeping in one of the guest rooms IN that very basement as I was having this dream... The basement looked pretty normal, just like I remembered it, albeit a bit darker. One of the kids flipped the lights on and we all headed over to a darker corner near the end of the basement. Seth and I stood back as the two kids slammed open the storage room door and went in, Gamecube Controller Guns at the ready.
      "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I heard a shout come from the hallway. TWO shouts. The two boys. I feared the worst.
      "What is it??" I called out. "Is it a necromorph??"
      apparently my mind was fixated on Dead Space at this moment Without an answer, the kids came stumbling out. I held up my Gamecube gun at the storage room door, preparing for whatever despicable creature might pop out.
      A few moments passed...and then............... two guys popped out of the storage room, looking exhausted. I held my gun down and stared in disbelief. "That's all you were screaming aboout? Oh, c'mon!" I walked over to the TV, and the kids followed. They hopped down, and started playing Resident Evil 4 on the gamecube. I stared at them.
      "Guys, we're supposed to be hunting."
      A hand clasped my shoulder and a voice said, "Don't worry about it, they'll be fine." I turned around to see a man I didn't know. He was dressed in a stylish jacket, had pale skin, slicked back brown hair, and wore sunglasses. He held his hand out. "Mind if I play?"
      For some reason, I didn't question it. I handed him my Gamecube Controller/Gun, and he stared at the TV as he played RE4.

      And that's all I remember. Pretty weird dream.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. High School Cafeteria, Using Two Penises on Ashley Graham, Shootout

      by , 05-30-2012 at 04:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      High School Cafeteria (Non-lucid)


      Things start out with me being inside of a classroom. I'm pretty sure it was a Spanish class I was taking, and it was almost time to leave as well.

      I'm being passive by listening to the people talk and not taking part of anything. They mostly were talking with the teacher, and the teacher was declaring on what she will do in the class and such.

      I leave the classroom when everyone else leaves, and my vision is saturated and diluted. I can barely see anything, just faded out outlines of whoever it is in front of me. I had a feeling who it was even with the horrible vision.

      Then my vision starts to synch back, and it's John again that I knew from a High School tennis team. For some reason, I was talking to him like I was drunk, but I don't remember drinking in this dream, and I have never taken alcohol in waking life as well.

      So much for reality checking..

      I ignore John, and continue heading to the cafeteria, and the school itself was familiar, and it's obviously one of the ones I attended before. I think I find another person that looks familiar as well, and decided to sit next to them.

      Then more people came, and I see that two people that were going to sit next to each other, I waited until one person asked if I could switch seats with him. I said "Sure," because I assumed they were good friends.

      I don't know why, but I just did because I know that the waking life ones know each other pretty well, since they live in the same neighborhood.

      Then as more people come in, more people wanted to switch seats, not with me though, just with other people I think.

      I look around the cafeteria, just what's left and right of me, but not the back of me. There's one guy with a serious and dull face.
      Using Two Penises on Ashley Graham? (Non-lucid)


      I honestly don't know anymore.....but something felt like I did......anyway.

      This dream was kind of weird, it was going good for the first few moments, then I'm confused as hell later on. It feels like I'm playing Resident Evil 4, with the over the shoulder shooting.

      Except, I feel like I'm actually IN the game. What I mean is that the mechanics that define the game was incorporated into this random dream environment I was in that probably wasn't even close to the environments in the game.

      It felt like I was in a very nice mansion with red carpet all over. It had your classic brown doors with golden door knobs, fancy chandelier lights. I was on the top floor, and saw the bottom floor when I was about 4-7 feet away, so the pathways on the top floor were kind of closed in a little.

      This meant that since this is a shooting match with random dream characters, there would be a lot of close quarters combat, and weapons ideal for short range would be a smart thing to use.

      I move around, shooting a few things, hell, I can't remember what or who I'm shooting at.

      Then things get a little hectic, and I see Krauser from Resident Evil 4 as well. He's close to me, getting ready to attack. Then the body that I'm playing as, I see it in a third person view. I'm wearing a fancy black suit and pants, and I believe I was wearing shades along with a purple shirt underneath the suit.

      As for the face, I can't really recall it too well, it could've been me or just someone random. But yeah, the reason why I think it was me is because when I'm kicking Krauser like I'm freaking Van Damme, I can feel the sensations of lifting my legs back and forth.

      Then another dream shift and.......it's hard to remember what I did exactly.

      Edit: It's best I didn't post that little section there >.>

      If you can find out why I added two pens, well, you'll get yourself a tasty cookie.

      Spoiler for 18+ Material:


      I can't remember anything related to that, so I'll just assume there's a dream shift.

      I think I'm facing Krauser....AGAIN....and we're in room that's closed in as well, even less space than our last encounter.

      I'll tell you one thing, you do NOT want to be in a small room with that guy, that's giving yourself a hard time just to stay alive with the things he could do, especially if he used his Enhanced Arm Blade from the Plagas within him.

      Shoot out (Non-lucid)


      Seems to be another crazy dream where people are out to kill other teams.

      I only remember getting on top of some fairly large vehicle, the size of a van, and it was white too. I think I was taking cover the whole time, since it's war zone now to me.

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    14. Lecture Room Urinal, With Alyssa, Drown him, Grenading like a Boss, Ada Wong and Wesker....

      by , 05-18-2012 at 10:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lecture room Urinal (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a lecture class that looks almost the same as the ones near the BLOC area at A&M. There were probably two urinals at the entrance of the lecture. I take the one on my right (your right since you're looking at the screen right now), and while I'm getting ready to do my business, someone near the room tells me to close the area I'm in.

      I jump a little bit from them telling me to do this, but I do it, but it feels awkward closing myself inside the urinal, and I still do a reality check because urinals in a classroom is obviously not weird to me???

      Then when I'm done, I get out of the room (there aren't any sinks for me to wash my hands), and there are these group of women, three probably, and I think one or two of them are fat.

      For some reason, I'm bothered by this, but I didn't pay attention to them, in fact, I barely remember their faces because I had my back facing them the whole time. I think they were trying to talk to me, or luring me to get their attention.

      I start power-walking to make things less obvious that I'm trying to run away from them.

      I think some point in this dream, I met my mother and father, but I forget what I was meeting them for.
      With Alyssa (Non-lucid)


      No, not Alyzarin, a different Alyssa that I met in waking life.

      I'm in a theater, and I'm sitting near Alyssa, but not close to her, I think I'm sitting one row below her. The screen we're watching is just flashing white most of the time, and then I decided to come up to her row and sit close to her.

      That's all I remember.
      Drown him (Non-lucid)


      I'm with at least 2-3 people on my side, and we're trying to kill this entity that looks pretty scary, I can't remember exactly how he looked but he was after us. The environment was weird, it was like being in some kind of weird looking military base, with places you can jump off to get to lower levels.

      The guy was on a higher floor and was getting ready to jump down to come after that. Then I see his feet zoomed in, and cement or some kind of substance is being formed and hardened quickly to prevent him from moving.

      It seemed our main objective was to trap him just like that, create a stone wall so the only thing he could do was jump from a lower level, and then flood him within the small rectangular space.

      I forget how things turn out, but I remembered water coming out pretty fast to hopefully drown the guy.
      Grenading Like a Boss (Non-lucid)


      That area around 1:09 that Leon goes into is what the dream environment was like, only it was a little bit wider than that.

      I'm in an enclosed space, and someone that looks like Krauser from Resident evil 4 is trying to escape, or just being a retard by going around in circles. The area looked similar to the Lava room in Resident Evil 4 where there's some wrecking ball in the middle that you have to activate a few times to get to the blocked exit.

      The control room I'm in is closed, and he's trying to get out, but I'm tossing grenades at him like crazy, and he's not even trying to attack me. I throw a few grenades before he makes another cycle into the room, and then another timed grenade he he gets out.

      Ada Wong and Wesker (Non-lucid)


      The first part of this dream was a bit weird and random, but the second part made a little more sense, and seeing two dream characters that I've seen before in my dreams makes me wonder if they're.....nah, I have to become lucid before I assume that.

      Anyway, I believe I'm wielding some bows and arrows that look a lot like Krauser's from Resident Evil 4. The bow itself was pretty interesting, it had a compact structure. What I mean by that is that when you see it for the first time, it would look small, but when you grab it, you could extend it by grabbing the sides, and it would get bigger.

      Name:  8TykA.jpg
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      I hold it around a few times, and I think I shoot a few random arrows, they went pretty fast, and it was kind of cool holding a different weapon for once than a handgun or a small machine gun. I can't remember doing much other than screwing around a bit with the mechanics of the weapon, then the dream shifts.

      I believe I'm in a NASCAR racing arena that had a mix of Track and Field to it? It was weird, but anyway, I think I was riding vehicle, and I went to a pit-stop so someone could refuel something inside of it, it all felt like was being guided or something, or as if I was watching these things happen.

      There's a random DC in a dark blue wind jacket telling someone over some transmitting device near his ear to use the parachute if they crashed their vehicle. But when they used their parachute, it looked more like a glider.

      I think at one point, I'm using a glider as well.

      The dream shifts to where Ada Wong and Albert Wesker are talking to each other. In the mean time, I see a box in the middle open, and I take a look at it. It's seems to be another bow and arrow just like the one I had in the previous dream shift.

      I take it out, and start shooting with it a few times while Wesker and Ada are talking about some kind of new armor.

      It has vibrations that initiate whenever there's some kind of rapid frequency, meaning you can dodge something like an attack from the ground or things like knives, etc. being thrown at you.

      There were more details on the armor, but I can't remember them all, it was lightweight, making it ideal since it wouldn't affect speed and all that, pretty much an awesome armor to have.

      I can't remember much after that.

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    15. Katy Perry, Resident Evil 4 Garradors, Huey Gun fight, Heart Stuff, Physics Test, Panels

      by , 05-11-2012 at 10:09 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Katy Perry is Large (Non-lucid)


      It's day time in the dream, and it is really bright here as well. I'm sitting down between a skinny girl to my right, and a person that looks like Katy Perry, only fatter. I decided to go for the fatter girl first.....(looooool Link, damn it...).

      I think I went for her first because I thought she'd be easier than the skinny girl, but still man....*facepalm*. She had her legs up and rested on top of the bench and tilted to the side, which meant she had to angle herself towards facing right to my left side.

      I think I say "Hi" to her or something, but I can't remember what she said back to me. She wore some glasses, a pink shirt, and dark blue jeans along with some dark brown lace-less shoes.
      Resident Evil 4 Garradors (Non-lucid)


      That video pretty much sums up how difficult Twin Garradors can be...

      I'm playing Resident Evil 4, and I'm playing as Leon. I'm starting out in the area where you have to face several Garradors in the castle.

      I was actually not all that scared of having guys with long claws whose only objective is to hear my footsteps and hopefully impale my head to the wall as they're charging like there's no freaking tomorrow.

      I skip through the first area with ease, and I'm not even fighting the monsters, just walking slowly so they can't hear any big footsteps. I open the door to get to the second area where there's supposed to be 4 Garradors I believe, but again, I breeze through this area without having to fight them.

      There was one moment where I heard them scream (and when they scream, you better move somewhere pretty bloody quick, or else you're pretty much going to die, or be severely injured; having 4 of them in one room, if all of them heard you, you have little chance to move and dodge, because you might get impaled by the other ones).

      I opened the door without having to kill them, and I see that Leon's body basically exploded. I wondered what I did wrong, but apparently, when Leon came outside from exiting the two rooms with the Garradors, there was another body that looked like his, and the exploded remains started to collect and reform themselves on the new vessel that looked like him.

      I believe Saddler was there as well, and he's wondering what the hell is going on with this transformation. Apparently, a dead Leon plus the new vessel of him combining together means he's invincible. Leon is in white robes and is holding a long spear.

      I aim Leon to start stabbing Saddler, and Saddler can't do anything because he admits Leon is invincible now. So Leon stabs Saddler repeatedly until he's dead.

      The dream shifts back to me now, and I think the point of experiencing all that stuff was to have sex in a different way with someone???? I'm not exactly sure what dodging Garradors and stabbing some freaking looking guy is going to do with sex.....maybe augment my sadomasochistic tendencies a bit, but I doubt I'm going to see an A+ in my overall being.

      Me vs. Huey (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much about this dream, but I'm challenging Huey from The Boondocks in a gun showdown of death. I'm wielding a shotgun, and I'm trying to get to some cover, probably because I know I need to reload really quick before seeing him again.

      I go open a door quickly, hide, and grab the same shotgun I was holding in my hand a few moments ago. I quickly pumped it, saw Huey, and try to take a shot at him. I'm only seeing his face and him wearing a gray shirt and blue or black pants.

      Eventually, we're finally at a stalemate, I tell him that if he stops shooting, I'll stop shooting at him. We're still a bit jumpy, but he complies and disappears.
      Heart stuff (Non-lucid)


      I don't remember much from this dream either, I saw some clip of Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho trying to kill someone, but I'm trying to stop him but ripping out some kind of body part. It's really hard to pull it out.

      I see a sheet with heart valves, something like that, and a person has three openings instead of two. After a while, the person has to split from one opening to go to the other.

      The dream shifts to where I'm on my knees on a floor, and with some random people. We're looking at some sheets with various electronics, then I get bored and decide to go somewhere.

      I think I get outside of the apartment I'm in, and it's not mine, and I see some old lady riding a yellow vehicle. There's some really cute females inside it, maybe two or three of them. I watch them for a while, and the old lady is trying to back up a little bit, and is taking a while to do so.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Now that I think about it, all that heart stuff, and seeing Toguro made sense I think? Because I remember he pretended to kill Kuwabara in Yu Yu Hakusho by barely touching his vital organs.
      Physics Test with Steve Jobs(Non-lucid)


      I'm in a classroom, Steve Jobs passed out the Physics test, and is giving us a few final words before we start. He goes on and on for a while, and while we're taking the exam, he asks us,

      "Pretty easy, huh?"

      Most of the people in the classroom agree. He's wearing a black turtle neck or shirt, and long dress pants with black shoes.

      That's all I remember.
      Sit on the panel (Non-lucid)


      I was in a small room with a few females, one was noticeable, Let's call her Liz.

      There were these panels where you had to step of sit on the floor before the countdown timer of 15-16 seconds was over. Just trying to sit on the panels was difficult in its own way, because you had to duck under a table to sit down with other people in a really tight space.

      When I tried to get the upper hand by finding the panel closest to me, Liz tells me,

      "Hey! You can't do that!"

      Ugh.....so I get up and try to go to another one, but I can't remember what I did to resolve it.
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