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    1. Loooong dream

      by , 07-31-2013 at 06:02 PM
      So, this one is very long, and very fuzzy in my memory. So bear with me.

      There's some dude with a glow stick on my front porch. My mom and me were in the kitchen. For some reason there were cupboards outside on the porch. The guy was looking through them. Eventually the guy left and we stood up.
      *Memory blindness*

      My dad came in from work, and said "They're after me, for tax evasion". It sounds kind of nonsensical, but in the dream it was clear as day. We started running upstairs. Since this was a dream I was running slowly and my talking came out as whispers. I don't get why I don't do a reality check then! Agh!

      Anyways, we ran upstairs and locked ourselfs in our rooms. For whatever reason I had my little cousin Heidi with me.
      *Memory blindness*
      Something about burning telescopes
      *Memory blindness*
      Reading Heidi a kiddie book
      *Memory blindness*
      The next morning after all that, we got on a plane and headed for where ever. Suddenly the rest of my family was back (was this a new dream?).

      I apparently was flying the plane, and I said "This is your Casey speaking (Casey's my name) thank you for flying who-cares airlines". It actually looked like a flight simulator, as I was in 3rd person.

      Would that be classified as an OBE?

      *Memory blindness*
      We wound up in a bar or something, drinking beer out of straws. I wasn't drinking, and a good thing too, I'm under aged.

      I guess I forgot the rest. I'm really sorry for not remembering much. If I had any sense at all I would delete this, and say I couldn't remember it, but, meh.

      Note: I had a half a pill of melatonin that night, so maybe that effected this?
    2. 14th March 2012

      by , 04-13-2012 at 01:09 AM
      Dream 1

      I am at a house and we are looking around it. Suddenly we realise there is a build-up of gas in there. I grab a tape recorder which has proof on it that the man who lives there is cheating. The house has now changed into a dolls house and I am playing with it, I take out the lady that I don't like ((she is now a Barbie doll)). I now go to take out a man but a smaller me is in the house and it shouts "no, that's the wrong one" so I put him back. There is now a big explosion in the house, it's all normal size again now and I'm standing by the side of the house. I slowly go inside and check the house, it's dark with a little light like candle light but without the candles. Everything is everywhere and I say to a bloke "help me or I'll go flying, I can't see and there's stuff everywhere". There are animals inside, lots of birds too..loads of them actually. I see a big brown owl and I say "you need to free these, you can't keep them locked up. I walk through, I'm all dusty and dirty, the people I am with are now Barbie dolls again lol but life sized ones. I open a gate and check on the animals and there is straw everywhere.

      Dream 2

      I am trying on brahs for a man..I think he has made them, other people are watching. We are in a big PE gym. I look at the brahs and they have gel in them but it's not right and I can't get it right.
    3. Dream Joke (1)

      by , 07-10-2011 at 04:17 PM
      There was this big man sized chicked that was making a mess in the house with a wooden brush and my brother left over dinner.

      My Dad comes and says: "What a Basted!"