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    1. September 23, 2019 Non-Lucid

      by , 09-24-2019 at 04:23 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm at some sort of camp or retreat with a bunch of people my age. Different activities are going on. At some point I'm asleep in this bed and I wake up to everyone sort of dog-piled on me but they're all stacked above me just looking at me and they're really interested in me, someone says something about me that I didn't really like but I felt like the center of attention.

      Later on I learn that everyone there had some sort of role to play, like they were at a dinner mystery and they each had a card to play and things to do, some of them being nefarious and some sexual.

      The dream also shifted to my mom's street at some point but I'm not sure what happened there.
      Tags: camp, dinner, mom, mystery
    2. xxvi.

      by , 08-18-2018 at 02:11 PM
      Non-dream stuff - only a small non-lucid fragment, as I didn't wake early enough to keep track of dreams properly.

      Dream fragment:
      I remember being at a dining table, with my parents and my partner. We were having something typical; peeled boiled potatoes with salmon or pollock. My partner was actually eating some of it, despite not enjoying fish in reality.

      I asked to be passed the olive oil, to pour on my potatoes, and my partner made some comment about the fact that it was my the first time eating this kind of meal, which in the dream I thought it was a really odd comment, since I'd eaten this with my parents many times before.

      Don't really remember much else apart from the fact that the dining room was not like any I know, and was quite large, with the table at the centre. There was a lamp that was on, above the table. The room seemed well lit but I have the impression it would be night outside.

    3. The House by the Waterfront; Furious Panda

      by , 03-07-2018 at 04:09 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      Iím driving in an unfamiliar town, where Iím going to attend an event of some kind. I have the impression it has something to do with Kyabje DŁdíjom Rinpoche? At first, Iím trying to find a parking spot near a junction, but all the spots there seem to belong to the nearby buildings, so I turn the car around and head towards the waterfront, closer to where the event will actually be held. Itís a long, straight street with small, gray paving stones and narrow, wooden houses painted light colors on either side. At one end of it, I can see boats, their masts blocking the view further outóto the harbor itself, presumably.

      I look around for house no. 11, which is where the event will take place, so I can park nearby. The address plates are large and clearly display the numbers, rather like the Prague address plates do. The plates seem to be in the right general order, and so I donít have trouble finding itóbut there do seem to be both odd and even numbers on a single side. Iím not sure whether it was this that clued me into the fact that I was dreaming, but it definitely happened right around then.

      This is a dream: what will I do? Checking out no. 11 still seems like a pretty good idea, but first, I decide to take a look around the area. I walk along the street, towards the harboróbut as I walk, it seems to change from a street to an underground tunnel, and when I reach the end, Iím not by the open sea, but looking into a square room full of water. It seems completely closed off and is made of some yellow-red stone, mossy where it's close to the waterline. The water is packed with boatsónot big ones like I saw before, but little ones, more on the order of rowboats.

      Thereís something a little ominous about this place; itís impossible to imagine what purpose it could possibly be serving. If this were a Zelda game, Iíd fully expect the door to slam behind me and some giant monster to rise up out of the water and attack. I wait. The water seems to be rippling in a rather odd way. After a little while, a couple of larger waves swell up, rolling beneath the layer of boats. But they just die down again, and the water becomes perfectly still. I watch for a little while longer, but it looks as if thatís all thatís going to happen, and so I head back towards the houseónow, an entrance partway along the tunnel. I open the door and step in.

      An Asian woman greets me: it seems Iíve been expected, although there doesnít seem to be any kind of a gathering here as I thought. The woman also seems to be expecting me to have a female friend along. I consider telling her that Iím here alone, but actually, thereís no reason I canít invite someone else. I tell the woman Iíll send them a text message and they should be here shortly.

      I pull my iPhone out of my pocket. But somehow, all the people I can think to invite are male. An idea occurs to me: I start spelling out A-N-I-M-A using the numbers which correspond to those letters. The phone is a bit shifty, as such devices often are in dreams, but not enough to impede me. But partway through, I remember that Iím not supposed to have an anima, being female and all. So I make it end U-S instead and send the Ďcodedí message off. Well, I guess Iíll see what happens. I put the phone back in my pocket and we sit down at the table in the next room to eat.

      The table is a large one, but there are only three places setóhers, mine and the empty one. We have some kind of fish dish, which tastes good. Not much in the way of conversation is happening, and so Iím mostly focusing on remaining aware, making sure I donít forget this is a dream. Itís an interesting feeling, being here in this place, which feels so real and yet so unreal. I could get up and do something else, but I want to see where this is going.

      But at some point, I wake upódue to some environmental noise, possibly. But itís only a short time before I fall asleep again, and find myself back in the house, in an upstairs bedroom this time.

      Through a window, I see branch falls onto the roof of a neighboring buildingóa large, blocky structure. The roof looks like itís in bad shape, with large chunks of tile missingóthis place must have got hit by the storm too, I figure.

      Iím eating a cup of yogurt there. Itís chalky and bland. Probably low-fat. Why am I eating this awful stuff? This is a dream, I donít have to eat it. I place the cup on a dresser or some similar piece of furniture. Downstairs, I hear the door of the house opening, voices in conversationósomebody has arrived. Maybe itís the person I invited in the earlier part of the dream. Iíll go down and check. But right now Iím wearing a nightgown, so I ought to put something else on first.

      I step over to the full-length mirror, which is standing near the door, and look at my reflection. Iím wearing a plain nightgown, like a short dress with spaghetti straps. Oddly, I donít seem to look quite like myselfómy face is different, though not completely different, and my eyes seem to be the usual color. I step back. Itís been a while since Iíve done thisóand actually, Iíve never done exactly what Iím about to try, but it doesnít seem like it should be too hard. Iíll create myself something more appropriate to wear. I extend my hands, palms upward, feeling energy gathering.

      But it doesnít feel rightóthereís some kind of a resistance there. As I notice that, I also see something standing behind me in the mirroróa furious-looking panda bear approaching me. I turn around, looking into the roomóbut it's empty. There's nothing there. I look back at the mirror: furious panda. Well, this is a little creepy. But because itís a panda, being furious just makes it look ridiculous rather than menacing. I step backwards into the room with one hand behind me, feeling for the spot where the panda ought to be based on its reflectionóbut I wake up before I can get to it.

    4. Dinner with colleagues during childhood

      by , 01-07-2018 at 08:00 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      In this dream, I'm my early childhood self, and might be set during my childhood as well, but there were some moments where it seamlessly transitioned to my adult self today and then back.

      The dream starts off during childhood. I'm at my grandmother (dad's mom). I'm upstairs playing with legos. I make a very complex construction, a sort of house, but then I run out of lego blocks since it's so large and I get bored. I go downstairs and talk to my grandmother. She says "why don't you play outside? the weather is nice", and I go outside.

      I run around the neighborhood. The neighborhood has a sidewalk and a few bushes and grass patches, but as a child, I perceived it as being much larger and complex than it actually is, and that's the way I perceived it in the dream. Instead of just a linear sidewalk, it's a sort of square maze filled with sidewalks, bushes and grass, and with no street in sight. The weather is warm and it's all around a very serene experience.

      At some point during that, the dream seems to suddenly transition to the adult era, and I get a phone call on my android. It's an invitation from my colleagues to go dine somewhere in the evening at the expense of the company, and I agree to join. During dusk in the maze, I look for the exit to go to the restaurant. By the time the sun is down, I'm in the city and I find my colleagues sitting at a terrace table, waving at me to catch my attention. I join the table, and opposite of me sits my old colleague, who I worked closely together with, but left the company years ago.

      While we were waiting for the food, two colleagues were having an argument about something. At some point I get sick of it and I logically analyze their arguments bit by bit, trying to find the core essence of their disagreement. I point out a contradiction. One of them says, in a comically formal yet non-sarcastic tone, "thank you. I'm glad we were able to resolve that."

      The waiter comes to our table and asks us individually what sauce we want with our steak. I had pepper sauce in mind, but my colleague sitting opposite of me says "I'll take the azurť sauce". I never heard of that before. The waiter was now awaiting my response, and in a snap decision, I also went for the "azurť sauce". A bit later we were served our meal. On the plate was a steak lying in a pool of this mysterious azurť sauce. It didn't look very delicious. It was thick and looked like something brown with small pieces of carrot in it, whatever it was. Anyway, visually it was quite reminding of fecal matter. I smelled it, and it smelled very bad, like vinegar. I wasn't gonna like this, but I picked that sauce, so it'd be awkward to pretend that I don't want it now. Fortunately, there was only a thin layer of it on the steak, the bulk of it was beside it. I took the steak with my fork and moved it out of the sauce. This left a hole into the sauce because it was so thick. I ate the steak, trying to stomach the little bit of sauce that was on top of it. When we were done eating, I felt a little nauseated. I said to the colleague "well, that sauce was certainly interesting... what is it made of?". He laughed, and he said "well, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'll just say this: ever since you took that steak off of it, it's been trying to slowly crawl off your plate!". I looked at the sauce again and saw 2 fisheyes in it with 2 small tentacles between them. I lifted this sauce up with my fork and saw that underneath, there was the foot of a seaslug! Then obviously I felt even more nauseated. (I'm on antibiotics for my illness right now, and that's actually giving me a bit of nausea in real life, that probably explains that part of the dream)

      Anyway, after that highly unpleasant experience, we were drinking. I was drinking vodka. The location of the terrace seems to have changed a bit at this point, and we were now sitting by an alleyway. I was telling my colleagues about the warzone in Ukraine. I pointed out to them that actually, we sitting right near the border of Ukraine right now, and if you look carefully into the alleyway, you'll see some broken floor tiles, and that's because of all the bombing going on.

      I drink some more vodka and get a little drunk. Because I'm drunk, I accidentally push the bottle off the table as I tried to grab it. The bottle fell and shattered, and I saw a cop coming for me out of the alleyway. I said "oh shit" and ran away into the streets of the city. On the street was a random low brick pedestal. I stood on the pedestal and I pretended to be a street light. The cop was deceived, was guarding around for a little while, and then left. I got off the pedestal and thought "haha, what a dumbass!".

      I continued further down the city and I reached the pedestrian bridge. The world seems to have transitioned back to childhood mode at this point. When I was a child, I loved that pedestrian bridge, because much like the neighborhood sidewalk, it seemed much more mazelike to me than it really is. So again, I'm strolling around on a bridge-themed maze hanging over the Schelde river, trying to find the way to the other side.

      When I reached the other side, I was near my old school, and I saw a bulky guy there. He looked like a bully, but he was strangely friendly as I talked to him. I had a double feeling about him, though. At some point, he sighed "well, time to go back into my bunny suit, I guess... one more hint: try to get inside!" I didn't know what he meant by any of that. He walked away into a small garage. The gate closed, and opened again shortly after. Out came a monster, and he was like the bully, but he was a large evil cyborg rabbit. He bottom half was a mechanical contraption, like a robot or tank. But top half and the head was a very bulky bunny's. A boss theme from Metal Gear Solid 2 started to play. He went toward a place that contained 4 tablet pc's on pedestals. He took out a flamethrower and started to melt them down. I realized that I needed to protect these tablet pc's, so I took out an AK47 and shot him, but he was invulnerable. The tablets all broke and I saw a game over screen.

      I was frustrated and looked up a walkthrough on the internet. The walkthrough says that he's actually a puzzle boss and there's a secret way to beat him. Before he gets into the gate, you can throw your cap at him and he will be mind controlled. So that's what he meant with that hint! He was trying to help me in stopping him from destroying the tablets by proxy. So I tried that, threw my cap, garage gate closed and opened again. This time, I was in the bunny's first person view which had a terminator-like hud. I was now controlling his mind. However, I wasn't sure what to do to kill him. I couldn't use the flamethrower on myself. I looked around in a bunch of closets and found my mom's perfume closet. I saw a bottle of perfume in there, and I thought "if he drinks this, he's probably going to get very ill and die". I had him drink the perfume, became a bit nauseated again, but I realized that that wasn't enough to kill him. So I grabbed another bottle of vodka and chugged it down all at once. Then he became very drunk, and fell off into the depths. I beat the boss battle, and that's where the dream ended.
    5. dinner with the family-fragment

      by , 08-12-2017 at 01:43 PM
      I am at my house and I wake and have a false awakening, but I go to the next scene right away. my family and I are at the dinner table. Now this food looked great, let me start with desert It was three mini Ice cream and there is strawberry short cake from another day that mother made. Then we have dinner it was I am not extremely sure but I think it was stir-fry. But this is horrible I didn't get to eat I just woke up.

      (and I don't know If I woke up early or if my wake up time is getting better but It is 7:41 right now and yesterday I woke up at 9:29)could just be schedule getting better)
      Tags: dinner, fragment
    6. Another Rainbow (DWILD)

      by , 12-24-2016 at 08:09 PM
      Ritual: WTB 2am, woke up after a couple hours and strapped on the Motivaider, timed for 30m intervals. I woke up again after what I thought must be at least an hour and hadn't felt any vibrations. I decided that my awareness was not sufficient tonight to continue, removed the device, and went back to sleep. But apparently this process created an anchor for the idea of lucidity, because in my next sleep interval I became aware of lying in that intermediate state between sleeping and waking and went through the motions of getting up into a WILD. However, in retrospect it is clear that I was already dreaming at the start of this experience, so it was not a genuine WILD but a dreamed WILD (hence DWILD). It was 5:45am when I woke from the dream.

      DWILD, "Another rainbow": I am lying on the flat surface of a wooden table as though it were a bed in a large, strange room with a distant, domed ceiling. I feel groggily half-asleep, but notice the distinctive sensations in my body that make me wonder if I'm close to the dream state. I start playing with it as I would when inducing a WILD, attempting to roll and rotate my body while avoiding real physical movement. When I find myself face down and succeed in getting up on my hands and knees, I'm sure that I'm sufficiently integrated with my dream body to get off the table and explore the dreamóand given that in retrospect I know was dreaming all along, it is apparent that the sense of difficulty that I experience as I carefully maneuver myself into a standing position, similar to what I experience in real WILDs, must be wholly a mental fabrication.

      My awareness is still low and initially lacking in agency, so I go along with the dream narrative for a while. The space in which I find myself is strange and hard to describe. There's a kind of reflective dome above me that rotates and shifts to reflect different parts of an upper floor or balcony. The dome moves until it is showing a distorted reflection of what looks like an early twentieth-century radio, one of the elegant ones in a large wooden cabinet. I am aware that seated up by the radio there is an older man who owns this place, and I am his guest. After this is a scene in which someone tells my brother that if he wants to get along with this man then he should take up shortwave radio as a hobby.

      Then a bunch of us are seated at a long table for a dinner party. [Source: Order of the Phoenix was on TV last night, and it has a number of scenes with people seated at long tables.] Plates are served and they all contain huge sandwiches. The older man that I saw in the balcony earlier is picking disinterestedly at his sandwich and asks where the other food is, the stuff that had been simmering in the crockpot. My brother, who had put together the food, says that it will be coming up as the next course. I'm seated directly across from the older man, who I think of as our "host," and can tell from his expression he doesn't want to eat the sandwich. I decide to be helpful and comment loudly: "That's a huge sandwich! I couldn't eat all that even for one meal." Although this is true, my intention in speaking was to save face for the other man by legitimizing the option of leaving the sandwich uneaten while waiting for the next course.

      After the sandwich course, we take a break from the meal and everyone who was at the table, about a dozen people in all, are standing in another room. The host is there, and a bunch of vague random people I don't recognize, as well as DC versions of my brother, mom, and dad. For some reason, maybe because of the lull in the narrative, I finally remember my intended task, the leprechaun TOTY, as well as how I had planned to accomplish it. My chief difficulty in previous attempts had been that once I managed to create the necessary rainbow, I got thwarted in my attempts to seek the end of it. As I had earlier been pondering this difficulty, a straightforward solution, perfectly obvious in retrospect, finally occurred to me: why not create the rainbow such that it ends right in front of where I'm standing?

      "Okay everyone, we're going to play a game, kind of like a party game." I smile at the host and add, "It'll give you time to digest before the next course." I reach out and pat his belly, an oddly familiar gesture given that the DC did not scan as anyone I know in WL. [Possible source: yesterday I was doing research related to Budai, the so-called "Laughing Buddha," and rubbing his belly is a recognized ritual gesture. But the DC did not in any other respect remind me of Budai.] I complete my announcement by telling the group: "We're going to make a rainbow!"

      The room we are in is walled entirely with glass on two sides, like a skyscraper, and I recognize that this clear view of the sky will be helpful for the task. I'm slightly more concerned about the fact that we're three or four storeys up, which means that if the rainbow ends here and I start digging through the floor, I won't actually be digging in solid ground. I remind myself that it is silly to maintain these kind waking life assumptions in the dream state. It can be solid ground if it wants to be, or maybe I can find the leprechaun in the room below us. Dream is nothing but malleable, so I really don't need to be this finicky.

      I continue with my instructions to the group: "What we need to do is hold hands and create the end of the rainbow right here." I gesture to indicate the patch of floor in middle of our circle of people. "Then we'll go through, fight the leprechaun, and take his gold." I look around to gauge the response and decide the DCs need a little more incentive. "We can split the money," I add, and am pleased to see that this perks up their interest.

      We join hands around a large circle. I feel that my shirt cuffs are too long and and getting in the way, so I have to break off and fold them up in order to get proper skin contact with the people around me. Once again I wonder if I'm being too finicky. Probably. Even the hand-holding seems like overkill, but I thought it might help us join our focus on the same goal.

      My assumption had been that the assistance of the DCs would help my own confidence and focus on the task. This idea was probably based on my last rainbow-making dream, when I really did feel like I benefited from the help volunteered by the little girl. But this group of DCs is not helping at all. Like typical adults in a social setting, they are only marginally interested in my unusual party game. While I'm trying to concentrate on making a rainbow, the others are getting distracted and starting to chit-chat among themselves. This is distracting me in turn.

      "Quiet!" I rebuke them sharply. "No talking, please. I need you to concentrate. Focus your intention." I figure they could use a reminder of the goal of our task: "We're going to create a rainbow"

      Periodically I've been glancing out the windows to see if a rainbow is visible in the sky yet. This time I notice that the weather has changed. The sky is grey and a steady rain is now pouring down. Rain, well, that's halfway to a rainbow, isn't it? I let myself be encouraged that the environment is showing some response.

      I continue attempting to focus, and the DCs continue to stand around without helping much. They're quieter after my reprimand but still distracted, and I have the impression that they don't seem to know how to focus their intentions properly. This is exasperating. What good are dream characters who don't even know how to interact with a dream? My mom starts speaking and I almost raise my hand to swat at her, irritated by yet another interruption, until I realize that what she's saying might actually be helpful. She is commenting on the light, how it needs to filter through the water particles a certain way to create a rainbow.

      I had never intended to create a rainbow with meteorological accuracy, but hey, since it's already raining outside, we might as well give it a shot. If we can just get the right sort of light, it might encourage our expectations in a way that will make this easier. You know how when it rains and then you see the light break through the clouds, and you wonder if you will see a rainbow? That's the expeirence I was now trying to recreate. I look out the window and sure enough, in one direction bright sunlight is now alternating with the dark clouds. Very well, the rainbow can come from that direction.

      Once again I concentrate, reminding myself that rainbows consist of light broken into the spectrum of colors. I think I almost see them in front of me, faint and translucent, but I can't tell if I'm only imagining them until the DCs all break out into "oohs" and "ahs," and saying things like "amazing!" I smile triumphantly, amused that everyone is acting so impressed after their earlier disengagement.

      (While it seems odd to make the above distinction between something that "happens" in a dream and something I'm "only imagining," given the many times I have attempted to complete some task by imagining the outcome and it has not tangibly manifested in the dream, some such distinction seems warranted, if much less clear and stark than the difference between imagining and experiencing in waking life.)

      It is a bit odd to try to look at a rainbow head on, from immediate proximity, but I do see a faint shimmering band extending from the lit quarter of the clouds to the floor right in front of my feet. I remind everyone that creating the rainbow was only the first step. "Now we have to dig through the floor." I start scrabbling at the smooth wooden boards, trying to imagine that the floor is soft and that my hands can scoop it up like clay. I feel everyone watching (no one else is trying to help) and their expressions are dubious. If merely creating a rainbow surprised them, imagine the skepticism they must feel watching me try to break through solid floor with my hands! I wonder if I can better align the expectations of the onlookers if I use some sort of tool to dig with, but I can't think of what might be handy.

      This time it is my dad who speaks up with some advice: "The location of the floor isn't localized on the floor." I don't understand what he's trying to tell me, and I don't have long to think about it because I feel myself waking. I lose the dream and lay still for a few minutes, feeling to see if I can DEILD, but no, my body is fully awake now.

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    7. 8/10/16 - A Mother's Control

      by , 08-14-2016 at 09:47 PM
      I'm sitting in a booth at a restaurant. Sitting next to me is my girlfriend, and across from us is her mother and brother. The mother won't stop talking about how her daughter needs to find a man and how we shouldn't be together. The brother isn't saying anything, but he keeps nodding and agreeing with the mother. The more I hear, the angrier I get and finally I start yelling at them. I tell them that they have no right to keep us apart and they better stop trying to control my girlfriend. While I'm yelling, they have the nerve to try and talk over me.
    8. Dean Winchester and Vampire family Christmas Dinner

      by , 05-22-2016 at 06:16 AM
      I meant to write this in here earlier but had no time but anyway this dream felt like it lasted around 2-3 hours honestly when I was dreaming it but it was good.

      It starts off the night before, my nephew calls me and asks to come over and have soup and stay the night and the next morning my nephew, my sister, my mother, myself and Dean come over to my nieces house (which was a previous residence in real life) for Christmas dinner and we got to meet her new boyfriend who turned out to be a vampire and dean doesn't kill him right here i'll explain later, So we all sit down and for about an hour to an hour and a half we all eat and chat and open presents early. Well vampire at this point is trying to knock everyone out and he knocks me out last but I go in to third person to watch what occurs next (as my in dream body was knocked out) Dean and the vampire get into a huge fight and in the middle of it Dean says "The only reason I didn't kill you earlier is because (my sister or mother because I didn't know he was a vampire) told him not to." They ruin the kitchen and dining room and then Dean drags the vampire outside and smashes his face on the metal railing and throws him over the side, goes to his car and pulls out a machete and comes and kills the vampire. The dream ends with us all waking up to the big mess, a dead vampire, and a long explanation. Because (my dream self) was not aware my nieces boyfriend was a vampire.
    9. December 14th 2015 Non-Lucid Fragments and SP

      by , 12-15-2015 at 03:36 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm wandering around my neighborhood at my school at night. My dad is coming to visit and suddenly I'm in his car. We pretty much teleport to this building that has a cliff on the left side, an open hallway looking straight and wall to the right. We walk through and inside is an elaborate store full of food and toys. I ask him how he knows this place, and he tells me that when he was 10 years old his family used to take him to this store. I look right as we walk into a main area to see two women dressed in chef attire grilling a lot of meat. I look forward to see my family and friends sitting at a booth. Then, I realized this was a surprise dinner for me and it makes me feel happy. I walk over and sit down on the left side of the booth. My mom and grandma are to the left of me. I look forwards and a guy from my freshman dorm named Toben and a girl named Carly are across from me. I look right and see Dana's friend Kristen. She walks to the left and Dana appears. She walks over and sits on my lap as I put my arms around her. I asked her where she was or something like that and she responds. I don't really remember what was said.

      Sleep Paralysis: I found myself in sleep paralysis face down. Above me was a teacher shouting at me to get up, but I couldn't move from the ground. It's really hard to breathe. I start breathing out of my mouth but nothing comes in or out. Next, I try breathing irregularly to wake myself but it's not working. I've now been in this for 30 seconds and I'm getting really frustrated. I'm screaming and trying to roll myself out of paralysis. Finally, I manage to roll over and wake myself up.

      Fragment: I'm walking into the gate of the pool I work at. There's a huge event going on and there's a lot of water going everywhere. Parents and kids are standing around the pool but it's different than IRL. My feeling is that I'm too old to be here, that time has passed and now there's a whole new group of people working the pool. I look around at the lifeguards and recognize none of them. At some point I think I'm in the pool doing something but I can't remember. Somehow I end up in Star Wars Battlefront walking in a large expanse, like a red earth with mountains surrounding me. A ship flies over me and I start to switch guns to take it down. I find the gun I'm trying to use but my friend ended up waking me up.
    10. Trolled by Dalai Lama

      by , 03-03-2015 at 03:03 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I'm eating a nice meal with my spiritual guide and a couple other people at our table. We're content, and enjoying what is before us when suddenly we look over and see the Dalai Lama at the very next table with some of the high ranking Tibetan leadership around him. The Dalai Lama makes a scary face at me, and then they take our picture with me looking all scared. I'm a little embarrassed, and regain my composure. But they didn't want a nice picture. The Dalai Lama laughs and turns back to his table. For some reason, I don't think he likes me. My spiritual guide looks at me and I know that it doesn't matter if anyone likes me or not, no matter who they are.
    11. Pandora's Box? It is classified. Have this Sorin's Box.

      by , 01-26-2015 at 11:44 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Pandora's Box? It is classified. Have this Sorin's Box. (WBTB + DILD)


      Dream happened after WBTB (+2) Successful (+0)
      Full Dream (+1)

      I was having dinner with my wife at a large table. The restaurant looked very dark and it was cold. Appaently, we were eating nothing and waiting for food, but time passed quicky and sudenly, we already ate and were about to leave. We had two tables in front of us and soon random people started to sit around us, claiming they were our family. Soon, we had a huge party going on and I felt tired and not looking forward to do "family" dinner, especially because I just ate.

      I realized that everything did not make a lot of sense, so I realized I was dreaming. I was going to skip on my reality check, but a point is a point, so I looked at my hand to RC (+1) and I had nine fingers in one single hand. People started to talk to me, but I just walked away and decided to take a small flight (+4) to make my dream stable (+1) which I successfully did.

      I planned to score a few more points, so I saw a Dream Character and decied to have a short chat with him
      (+2) he said a lot of nonsense and that he needed money. I decided to basic summon cash from my pocket with success (+4) and I pulled out a couple quarters and handed them to him.

      I started to flying away above a large street with a lot of street lamps until I saw a very old store. It was odd and mysterius and I recalled the ToTY for Pandora's box:

      When I entered the store, I asked the owner if he could allow me to see the Pandora's box. He told me it was classified and I was not allowed to. I saw other employees walking around some long aisles behind the register. I was sure Pandora's box was in there and I could fight for it.
      (Dream quality fades rapidly here, and so my lucidity) The owner says, "We can give you a Sorin's Box over there." I figured if it would be valid, but then I figured it wouldn't as it is not Pandora's box. I saw a few huge dogs that were guarding the door and I felt they could be a thread, as I was forgetting I was dreaming.

      From here, while I was examining Sorin's box, I woke up.
    12. Perfect Party House!

      by , 09-01-2014 at 03:07 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 26, 2014

      I was with my parents at a fancy restaurant, and we were eating the appetizer course. But there was a very long wait until the main course, and so I left the restaurant for a bit to walk around the town. The restaurant was underground, sort of. I think it may have been in one of the malls I've dreamt about before. I went down a few streets and came up to a fairly steep hill lined with houses. I was walking along a street that ran along the hill, and saw one of my cohortmates. She was looking to buy one of the houses on that street, and offered to show it to me. I readily agreed!

      She took me to a curious house. It was maybe five floors tall, but fairly small ground-area-wise. Each floor had maybe two total small rooms?

      As she was taking me through the house (I think we were on the 3rd or 4th floor) I thought, Wow, this house would be PERFECT for parties...! There was a room with a sign on the door: "Drunk Room." I opened the door and the whole room was covered in beds and mattresses. Like every inch of floor space had a bad on it. The window was barred shut so nobody could accidentally fall out, and there were no sharp objects or anything in the room, and a trash can for puking by each bed.

      My friend told me there was an elevator to the roof from the top floor bathroom, and I was so excited to try using it. I got to the top floor bathroom, which was really large but also so damn compact in a way. Now that I think about it, the whole top floor of the building reminds me a lot of the suite Zukin lived in while we were in Germany... The bathroom had the same layout as that bathroom, but flipped, sorta. Anyways, the shower converted into an elevator, and I pushed a button, and it took me up. I stood on the roof, looking out over the city, when I heard my little brother calling my name from the road. He said it was time for the main course at dinner. I looked down at my phone, and realized I had missed two calls from my mom.
    13. 8/24/14 Busy, Windy Underground Highway - Taking Action DILD

      by , 08-25-2014 at 03:32 AM
      *The earliest part of the dream I remember, I think that I am either #lookingFor whoever I'm with or I have #lostMyWay. I come across a group of people including 1 guy with long curly hair and he seems to be coming after me #chasing for some reason and my first response is to just take off #flying. Ah, I'm definitely dreaming! I think what if he flies after me and sure enough the dream complies. I turn around and he is flying up behind me and I throw a right cross in a downward motion and slam him to the ground never to be heard from again. I fly a bit and then I turn to the left and find myself in some kind of busy underground #highway. This is very cool, there are so many things going on in here! There are big rig trucks and double-decker buses and so many DC's that I am just fascinated. Some of the DC's look at me amazed that there is someone flying above them and others don't seem to notice or care or look at me nonchalantly. I fly over one of the
      double decker buses and there are people on the top open air part of the bus and I'm looking at all the people and half way looking for some sexy women but this is quite a bit of fun just flying over so I continue. A lot of the people look like tourists. Oh and it is very #windy I remember as I'm flying amazed at all the wind that my dreaming mind is creating! I am mostly flying Superman style but also hovering, floating and some swim like moves to make slight changes to the left and right when hovering over the double decker bus checking it out. I also seem to be blown around by the wind a bit. By the way, I later surmise that all of this wind was likely brought about due to being at quite a windy place yesterday IWL. Anyway as I am being pushed around by the wind a little bit I think that I should check behind me every once in a while to make sure that I'm not about to get hit by a by one of the big rig trucks. On the last of these occasions I look behind
      me and the whole underground highway is quickly emptying out! Some of the vehicles exiting straight ahead some of them exiting to different exits on the right and left of this huge underground room. I decide to follow one of the vehicles that went through an exit on the right but I am the last one out and the door is closed but I smash through. The next room is like a huge long sound stage and I continue to fly towards the end of it and as I approach, the walls part a little bit as I go into another similar but differently colored sound stage. I continued through several more of these and they seemed a bit ominous but I don't seem to be scared at all knowing that this is just my dream and I can handle whatever comes up. Then I start getting directions from the dream in the form of arrows suggesting that I should go over to the right instead of the main opening straight ahead to the middle. There's a couple of openings that angle off to the right with
      flapping doors and the dream suggests that I take a hard right and take one of these exits but I instead take the one between that one and the one that's straight ahead basically up and to the right a little bit. As I enter into the next room it looks much larger than the already huge rooms I was in before and I think even though there doesn't seem to be a lot going on in this room perhaps I should land and examine things more closely. As I'm thinking this I
      fade back to bed. I lay still for a while recalling details of the dream and the other dreams before it not feeling like rolling over and writing it down at this point.

      Other dreams included being at a #waterPark that seems familiar, perhaps even familiar from another dream. I don't remember becoming lucid though. Another dream to do with the Los Angeles Dodgers moving and becoming the Dodge City #Dodgers #baseball. I also had a meaningful one involving my #highSchoolBestFriend meeting up with him for #dinner and as I look around the table I only see his kids. In the dream he has three sons but not so in waking life. Upon recollection, his wife seems to be substituted for my cousins wife, the boisterous blonde though there are some similarities between them. As I am wondering aloud where he is, he makes a grand entrance grabbing three huge oversized shots of liquor and bringing them to the table I give him a huge hug and he, my wife and a third person take the shots. I decide not to because I am driving but later noticed that I am finishing this bottle of some kind of #alcohol and I wonder how I could be so mindless. I
      think that this dream was created by subconsciously uncovering some high school memories while (in waking life) looking at my wife's cousin's son's sports trophies yesterday. #dayResidue It involved the same sport that me and my best friend enjoyed together and of tournaments we participated in together just like the ones that some of these trophies are for. I don't remember specifically thinking of those memories yesterday but I strongly feel that they were somehow uncovered subconsciously and brought up during the dream. It has been quite a while since I have dreamed about my old best friend who I haven't seen in person for decades. I also had a fairly strong #emotional dream involving sitting across from #GirlFriday at #dinner and the eye contact we made while she was talking about moving a good ways off to a different city. It involved me with a sad feeling and sad look on my face and her looking at me for my reaction as if she wanted to know how I
      truly felt about her.
    14. Honoring My Grandfather, Weird Marriage, Kohl's Crushes, and Work Vandalism

      by , 08-15-2014 at 03:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom and some other lady at a department store. The lady was looking for something specific. I split up from them and looked at other things on my own. We met back up at some point, and the lady kept going down aisles. I wanted to leave.

      Then, we were at I think my grandparents' place having a dinner in my dead grandfather's honor. There was an empty seat next to me, and then the seat where my grandma was sitting. I thought I saw my grandpa sit down next to me; it was like a hallucination, but then I remembered that he's dead and the hallucination disappeared.

      The dinner was more like a celebration of his life rather than one of mourning.

      There was more to this one, but I can't recall right now.


      I was married to Dallas, but Ashley lived with us as well. I had told her she could be our wife too. I "remembered" doing so. We were in our apartment.

      I was speaking with Ashley, and she was telling me I needed to give Dallas a bj. I didn't want to, but she seemed very firm about it. It didn't matter; I still didn't want to. She then said I needed to sleep in the room with Dallas at night, and she didn't want me to watch Netflix anymore before bedtime. I thought about myself watching Netflix in a separate room from them at night in bed. I told her I could turn it down, but she didn't care. She then said she was going to take it away, and I said no. I was adamant about watching my Netflix. I feel like she was speaking on Dallas's behalf about all of this.

      I then thought about something that I guess I hadn't considered when I had asked Ashley to be with us: We all had to have sex. But...we hadn't. I hadn't had sex with just Ashley, and Dallas hadn't had sex with her either. I thought about how this could complicate the relationship. I also thought Ashley probably really wanted to have sex with me. I had never had sex with a woman before.


      I had to go to work at Kohl's. I was working my last few days there, finishing out my two week's notice. I walked in, and it looked like I was walking into the back of my job now more than it looked like Kohl's. There were many people back there, though I do not think anyone from Kohl's was actually there. I seem to remember an old friend, Alex being there. A few people saw me, but I remembered that I left something important at home, and I needed to go and get it. I turned around and went back.

      Then, at home, Ashley told me that she called and told them that I had drank way too much the night before so I couldn't come in on time. Um...ok. I guess she thought she was somehow covering for me.

      I then was driving back to Kohl's, wondering why they were even letting me work since I hadn't shown up for some of my shifts that week. Oh well. As I was driving, I would drive through these areas where the road would get all unpredictable and spooky-looking and the sky was pitch black. I'd look down at my hands, and they would flicker in and out of being a skeleton. At this point, I wouldn't have control over where I was going; the road was skinny and one-way with no room to turn around, and no turns whatsoever. I "knew" about these areas (more "remembering"), and was afraid I'd eventually come to the point where I would be a skeleton for a long period of time instead of just the flickers. I got to a point where I just felt like it would happen for sure, and I started to flicker a lot, but then, I went out of the black area, and I was fine.

      I then was in traffic in a small downtown-like area. The sky seemed to be grey as if it was an overcast winter morning. I drove by this small car that had a small trailer hitched on the back of it. It didn't have any walls, just a frame, and I could see that it was carrying a space suit and something else. It looked as if it was about to tip over, and it did. I stopped immediately to help. So did many others. I went and picked some things up off the ground for the guy who was driving. I hoped the space suit wasn't damaged too much; it was valuable cargo.

      As I was going back to my car, everyone who helped the man was being congratulated, and being given a reward. I got one as well. It was a bunch of little sticker-type things. I was happy to be getting recognized for helping. I headed back to my car, which was right next to where the accident took place.

      I then was at Kohl's again. I wondered if anyone thought it was suspicious that I had left, Ashley said I was hungover, and I came back just fine. Oh well. I then saw David, and he gave me a hug. He then grabbed my butt as he was hugging me. I liked it. I guess he could do that now that I was leaving Kohl's. I guess he had a crush on me or something. I said something to him, but I can't remember what.

      After that, I saw Shane. Shane did have a crush on me. He sent me these cartoon movies/comics he had made that remind me now of Tomodachi Life graphics, of him and I being together and having fun. One of them was of him proposing to me. But I was married to Dallas, so that couldn't happen. He did other things for me as well on a computer. He was really in love with me.


      I was at my current job taking my lunch break. I was eating in some weird corner of the store that doesn't exist IWL with a coworker from Kohl's named Cheryl. We were eating and talking. I watched her talking, and noticed she had a grey mustache. I thought about it for a minute, but I didn't think it was weird. She then burped very quietly. I commented on it jokingly, saying
      "You can do better than that!"
      She then replied saying something about the burp, about how she couldn't do better than that. I came back with
      "I've heard you do better than that!" I "remembered" her burping a little louder in the break room at Kohl's. She laughed. I was glad she laughed; I wasn't sure whether or not she'd find that funny.

      Then, her break was over, and I still had some time left on mine. I decided I needed to grocery shop. I went and got a basket, and went to the produce section. I saw these weird, small oval-shaped tomato-like fruits that had zippers on them. I had wanted to try them before. I started to look through them, trying to find one that was fresh. They were very picked over, but I did finally find one, a small, round one. I put it in my basket. I thought about how I needed to get bananas for Dallas and, well, lots of other things. Too many to fit in the basket. I needed a cart instead. I wanted to put my basket down somewhere so I could grab a cart, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to do that. I put it down on a white counter by the door, and nervously pondered on whether or not I should grab a cart real fast or not. I felt weird and drowsy at this point also. I then decided to ask if it would be ok for me to put my basket down while I grabbed a cart. There were three cashiers working, all with their backs to me. I said
      "Hey! Excuse me! ...Cashiers!"
      Nothing. They either didn't hear me, or were ignoring me. Whatever. I went out and grabbed a cart. I then went and had to do something else real fast, but I can't remember what. The cart was gone when I got back, however. Ugh. I knew that would happen.

      I then went outside. It was daytime and sunny out. I was underneath the overhang. I started to draw with these marker pens on part of the wall. I drew 3 or 4 cartoony faces with just eyes and a nose, no mouth, with an arm. Hard to explain what they looked like. I remember a boy and a girl being the first two that I drew, but I can't remember the gender of the others. I drew them all in a line together, and underneath it, I wrote, in cursive,
      "Sarah is dead "
      Sarah is my brother's fiance' IWL. Wow. (IWL I don't want her to die!). I had mixed feelings about what I wrote.
      To the right of the faces, I wrote something else. Underneath that something else, I started to write out one of my dreams. I then realized I needed to go back from lunch, but I needed to clean this up first so I wouldn't get in trouble. I spit on a paper towel and started trying to clean it up. It was kind of coming off. I was cleaning off these neon yellow and orange smiley faces. They would fade a bit, but weren't going away completely. I then started to rub them a certain way, and they disappeared. I did that to all of it to clean it up. It looked good as new. One of my coworkers, TJ, then came up and said he'd clean up my mess for me, but then, he saw that I already had.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Dinner with a homeless man

      by , 08-06-2014 at 04:44 PM
      4/5 august
      Normally i don't Eat dinner with my family, i take it up to my room and eat it while watching youtube videos.
      I was sitting at a dinner table in a huge room with my family and a homeless man who was sitting at the other side of the table to me
      My mum put out the food on the table
      When we finished eating our food my mum said "Its time for salad"
      I don't eat salad and there would be no reason to eat salad after the meal
      The homeless man was shocked that we could eat so much, as he had never eaten so much in his life
      I felt very sorry for the homeless man
      I woke up
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