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    1. villain in arena, produce guests, cutting off fingers

      by , 03-02-2019 at 06:21 PM
      2 mar, (3) dreams

      Fighting area, combatting a whole series of people. At one point I am the guy on a platform covering the area in poison, I guess I’m villain. “I’ve built and immunity to this” as he sprays it all over the citizens. I look like Thranduil with a long beige robe and hair.

      I’m setting up a platter for guests or customers as I’m at produce and buying 2 cheap cartons of strawberries, cutting into some foreign looking melons, buying discount bags of assorted fruits(blueberries, starfruit, etc, in red mesh bag). I wash my hands and the new Filipino colleague is behind me to help I think? Apparently I’m in a house or MY houses bathroom now and he’s looking through the pantry saying “you guys got a lot of ingredients” and I say yeah.

      Trying to reattach area on finger
      Go to black market surgeon
      Put my finger in bag on his desk
      He comes back and tells me he needs More
      I cut off other finger and drag my friend down a series of above ground tunnels and see the doctor again, he looks like a old dentist working on someone in a seat
      I slap the bag of fingers on his desk while I bleed
      Apparently it was needed for someone’s facial reconstruction
      I can see the face, it’s a male with dark complexion and deep green eyes. It fixed his eye and cheekbone l don’t know how. He was a handsome looking man.
      I felt like I was in Palestine, rushing to help someone by donating fingers.
    2. 29 Jan: Underground lab, prostitution ring and my dog turns into a man

      by , 01-29-2019 at 09:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My attic turns into an underground lab where a large team of crazy people are doing experiments with different gases. I have a little room in there, don't know why, but I leave when I start to see that their gas containers are not containing the gases and many different ones are escaping. A few are affecting the scientists and technicians minds, they laugh and make even more mistakes. I get as far away as possible, but there is a huge underground explosion that affects the entire city nearby. The gas spreads though the subway tunnels and the hole city implodes. The floor underneath me also sinks, but I am fine.

      I am hostage and being exploited for prostitution, but an elite ring of prostitution. We are drugged with a blue liquid and mentally enslaved. There's a new virgin girl of only 16 years old being sold for a million. I get a nice girl as a client, we talk a lot, she tells me all she knows about the whole scheme and how she is trying to rescue us, buy she paid for me and has to keep the cover, so we have some kisses and cuddles. Meanwhile, a black girl has some kind of small explosives and tries to kill her client. She is punished in front of me and maybe killed when they take her away.

      My dog Hachi is lose and fighting a wolf on the neighbor's land. A couple of men get in the scene before I do, he runs away and the wolf disappears. I look for him, the men tell me he is hurt. I find him kind of lost in the nearest town, I call his name and he sees me but keeps wandering around for a while. Then he becomes a man, a pretty sexy guy with long hair, a bit scruffy. He finally lets me approach him. I see he has blood in his arms and a couple of horrible bites. I tell him he has to go to the hospital or some clinic and we look for it. I hold him tight, very protective of this big man and feeling very attracted to him, but he is my dog and very innocently he calls me mom and I feel awkward.
    3. September 2014 | Tornadoes, Gas, Food

      by , 07-29-2017 at 01:11 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was in this place where there was a Melee tournament at 5pm every day. Later, I was on this island where tornadoes were daily. You would never go a single day without seeing storms. I ran to my house somehow, looking for batteries for my camera. Then, a wedge tornado hit and passed. A minute later, another wedge formed and that was the end.

      There was this game I could play where I would find a wolf outside Kakariko and he’d be like, “You want to hunt with us?” If you said yes, then you end up in this tunnel where you carry a power line to the end.

      -I switched universes to one where tornadoes were really common, Hillary Clinton worked behind a food counter, and we had tons of stored food. Each time we ran low, we would drive the van to the facility and take a load. When I entered another facility, there was a cylindrical, soacious elevator that took me down to a cafeteria with lame food. There were things that looked kind of like rolls, but with pink and green substances inside with the appearance of ice cream.

      9/24/14 (L)
      Conditions: Sunny
      This massive dream started with me running down a path in the forest from some red gas. I yelled at the person driving a horse-drawn wagon, so she slowed down until I jumped in. Then, I tried to get onto the free horse on the left. [mini-skip][The gas is gone.][…] I was inside the living room, where I spun around and looked in all directions. Outside, it was raining and cool. A little farther on, I realized that I had not totally increased the vividness, so that’s what I tried to so. The shapeshifting included extra arms. There was also a black wedge tornado.
      Tags: food, gas, tornado
    4. [20-10-2016: School outbreak, driving fragment]

      by , 10-20-2016 at 01:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      School outbreak

      I was in school, it was nearing midnight. There were toxic gases filling the air, with group of classmates we were wearing some protective suits with closed air circulation. We were armed with many different weapons. There was a zombie outbreak due to some bombs shot on the school building. We were wandering around the school in darkness, the place was mostly empty. We entered one classroom and looked through window - there was a last stand of people in a building on the other side of zombie infested street. I told everyone that we have some bottles with air left, but they won't be enough to last a few hours in school, and that we should move on to streets as there's no gas there. Everyone hesitated, as we've seen zombies violently killing survivors on the streets.

      WBTB attempt. Failed.


      I was driving my car, heading towards school. I was going to drive through a railway crossing. It was a cold but sunny morning.
    5. Tomodachi

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:47 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This morning's recollections come to you in two flavors: Creepy and sweet.
      I was in a haunted house of some sort. It looked kind of like my old house a few years back, with certain rooms being pretty much picture-perfect recreations. Most of this dream is a blurry haze to me, but what I do recall is going into the bathroom. All seemed to be normal in there, but the light switch wasn't working. I shrugged and started to head out of the bathroom, but heard a sort of sinister laugh behind me. I turned, and the entire bathtub was filled with this huge pile of towels. The pile was so huge that they were spilling out onto the floor. While this may sound really random and silly (and it is), my dream self was deeply unnerved and bothered by it. I slowly stepped towards the towels, but as I did, I heard a small hissing noise around me, as if the room was filling with some sort of gas. Before I knew it, I passed out and all went dark. The spooks are real. Piles of towels. Everybody's worst nightmare, really.
      Now for sweet.
      I was in a large school building that was eerily similar to my elementary school, but 5x larger and it housed college kids instead of being an elementary school. It was here that I met two Japanese friends. Sadly, I can't recall their names (it's pretty hard for me to remember DC names for some reason), but there was one boy and one girl. The boy, strangely, looked similar to Watari from Your Lie in April if you've ever seen that anime. Meanwhile, the girl didn't really look like anyone in particular. She had long, jet black hair, and a fiery air about her. Both of them hit it off with me right away, and a lot of the dream was spent hanging out with them in various parts of the school, just talking or doing random, fun things. Later on in the dream, when we were sitting by the big wall beside the stairs, I began to grow sour, as I realized I would have to go home soon. I explained it to them, and they both acted very understanding, trying to console me and saying that I'll see them again. When it came time for me to go, I headed out into the parking lot, found a bus (which had a lot of my old high school classmates on it), and rode homewards, the environments and dream scenes all looking exactly like real life, but with an ever present gray sky and a lot less busses. Glumly, I put my head against the window in my seat on the bus and thought about when I'd see those two again. I'll throw a new lucid goal on the list for future reference: Either summon or find these two DCs again. They were very pleasant people, and I was able to converse in some Japanese with them as well, since I have a basic grasp of the language. It would be fun hanging out with them while lucid.
    6. 05.14.2016 Some guy I don't know

      by , 05-17-2016 at 05:21 PM
      Super busy work week. Everybody and their mother wanted some kind of deliverable this week, so I did my best to oblige.
      Sneezing a lot and I have been fighting a cold for the past three days. Cold meds all day but I can feel it coming.

      DR 1
      I was driving a truck for work trip....
      I'm in the car with a cute guy, someone I don't know or recognize. (His personality reminds me vaguely of someone I work with now- the cockiness, only.) We were not dating but we worked together at a different company, and he was flirting a lot.We had a third passenger, an older guy, who was just laughing at us. We were driving down a long highway, there were cornfields on one side. There was green grass, and it was a sunny day. The cute guy told me to stop at a gas station up ahead, and he made some kind of joke about buying a few things the company could pay for. I parked the car at one of the pumps and he got out. The old guy made a joke about us and I just laughed. I opened the car to get out, and as I was stepping out, I woke up.
      Tags: corn, field, gas, guy, road
    7. 3/19/15 "Spheres of Gas" + "Jidori Chicken" (NLDs)

      by , 03-20-2015 at 07:28 PM
      NLD, "Spheres of Gas": A journalist or scientist was reporting from near the top of one of the world's tallest mountains. He or she was filming the thousands of frosty white spheres, each one a few inches across, that spread in clusters over the rocks, and explaining about how these were a type of gas (carbon dioxide?) that was naturally sequestered here in solid form. The purpose was to expose some misinformation that was being spread about climate change. I think the prospects were dire, because changing conditions would cause the release of the gasses.

      He was well above the frostline, so high that he was barely within a breathable atmosphere, yet he could look down and see the beautiful warm waters of the tropics directly below. When he was done with his report he simply jumped off the sheer mountainside and floated gently down to the sea, landing precisely in center of a spiral of white sand in the brilliant blue water. All this time my perspective fluctuated between observing him/her and being him/her (perhaps that is why the gender feels ambiguous?)

      NLD, "Jidori Chicken": I'm at a grocery store looking for something to cook for lunch. I remember that I like venison sausage and ask about it. They don't seem to have any but give me a sample of cheese spread. I think I could fry up some chicken if it is fresh enough, and I find a small cut-up chicken with a label proclaiming it is only nine hours old. "Jidori chicken!" I think approvingly, having long wanted to try one of these ultra-fresh birds, but I wonder if the label is accurate given that it must have spent at least some time sitting on the shelf. How often do they update the label or clean out the old ones? I decide that it must be at least daily and put the chicken in my basket.
    8. Teachers leave them kids alone

      by , 03-08-2015 at 06:19 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      A school dream where a lot of students are upset, because new students are taking over some of the old ones duties without any say.

      The old ones decide to leave.

      The setting is my old school. I sneak off with my phone and call Ella, but she’s in trouble.

      We’re in some game-type dungeon and I’m trying to help her escape, but there’s a bear. We manage to circuit around it. There was a bit more but it’s fuzzy.

      We’re back at school and trying to escape. We come up to a big garage-type door. Suddenly, I smell gas! We have to get out. I find some tool and bash on the door, but it only comes loose a bit. I see where the gas leak is coming from – the building is going to explode!

      We make it through a crack in the door to outside where some other students are standing around. We run away, and I look back and yell, “Get back, get back, there’s going to be an explosion!” After a moment they respond in realization and start moving.

      …But nothing happens, leaving me confused.


      The students who are leaving are transferring to another school. A guy with a girl is talking about his plans, and I wonder if they’re not worried about splitting up if he’s the only one leaving.

      A taller African American boy wearing glasses who comes across as smart is going on to the teacher at the checkout about how relieved he is to be getting away. I’m watching off to the side, maybe omnisciently.

      There’s an African American man behind him who interrupts. I feel that’s a bit rude even if the boy was rambling. He tells the checkout woman that he just wanted to drop off some charity thing before he was done for the day. I change my mind about him.

      Just before he leaves, he turns and says to the boy something like, “And if you were really happy to be leaving, you wouldn’t keep going on and on about this place.”


      We’re sitting down at tables and eating. I glance to my left to my friend. She’s looking at me as well so I start to smile. The other people look up at me too, and then suddenly everyone is roaring laughing at me. My smile quickly falls off my face and I cover it. I must have something on my face??

      I jump up from my spot and start leaving, trying to think of how to cover my face up with this jacket thing I have and still see, whilst thinking resentful thoughts like, ‘If you’d told me what was so funny you could laugh with me and not at me, but you didn’t!’.
    9. Somehow we got on the subject of Unicorn Ponies...

      by , 12-19-2014 at 07:34 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am a floating awareness, following a young buy as he runs from a man and woman. They are chasing him through the exterior stairways on a large ship. As he runs from them, he turns a corner and gets the attention of an officer on the ship who hides him underneath his coat. Quite well hidden actually. His pursuers catch up to the officer, who directs them on their way up the stairs.

      I float up to the top, and see through the man's eyes as he looks through thermal imaging goggles at the officer, and sees the boy underneath the coat. They yell out, and begin to run down to get him. The officer quickly puts the boy down and tells him to run.

      Now I am in physical form again and there has been a large conflict started between an apparent good force against an apparent evil force. They are using telekinetic weapons, superhuman strength, and guns to kill one another. I don't feel nearly powerful enough to do anything but die in this fight, so I run for my life as I hear some people approaching, and bullets ricochet off a nearby wall.

      The ship is now an old Victorian house as I sprint down the hallways and down to the main entrance. Seeing an older woman standing there, I tell her it's not safe - that there are people chasing me and they will probably ask her questions under duress if they find her. I turn to run out the front door, but see many thousands of police officers with guns out front, all standing in a massive array facing the door.

      I open the door, and drop my sweater I'm holding onto the ground and immediately put my hands up. They seem uninterested in me, as if they know I'm not a threat to anyone. So I pick up my sweater and walk through their formation to the back, where I look for a spot to sit down and get my bearings. There is not much room with so many police, but I manage to find a small spot up against the fence behind a hill.

      As I sit down, my sweater turns into a giant inflatable boat / mattress with 3x 20 ft long air chambers. Other people lean up against it and rummage through my supplies. The closest one to me hold up several boxes of cereal and asks me where my things are. I only have a single box of life cereal and I show it to him.

      Behind us is a large hill, and we watch as large Mac trucks drive up and down it, going off jumps, doing flips and 360s. A jeep is with them, and they crash into each other, sending the jeep flying through the air, doing stunts, and landing back on its wheels - neither of the vehicles are damaged at all. I think it's really strange how that can be, and am suddenly driving the jeep!

      I am low on gas, so I pull up next to the Mac truck and get out. I have a few spare gas tanks, and think that other guy is probably low on gas too, his bigger truck surely uses more gas than my jeep does. So I begin fueling his truck instead of mine. Then I consider that it might take diesel instead of gas, so I stop. Walking back to my jeep, it is now parked further away, at a gas station pump. Some friends walk with me through the crowd of tall gas station attendants - all dancing and looking very intimidating, but acting harmless. There are 4 of us, so I get into the back of the jeep.

      The back of the jeep transforms completely and I am floating above a field. My friend Rob has created a type of emblem for himself out of 4 cubes, and I am told to create my own emblem. It is described to me how the system works, and how by changing the adjacent cubes, others change to match it on the edges. It already makes sense to me, but through their explanations of how to use the system, and what to watch out for, I am confused and end up making a lame little unicorn pony.

      Everyone watching me do this starts laughing. No one is even sure how I made a unicorn pony, but that aside, it's the lamest thing they've ever heard of. A little frustrated, I poke at it, making random finger gestures, and manage to add armor to it, and laser cannons, rocket launchers, and a disposable tail like a lizard. I continue to poke at it, and the armor gets upgraded each time until it is quite a badass unicorn pony. A pony even Satan himself would think twice before messing with him. That silenced the critics!

      The pony stands there, covered in thick spiky armor - charred black, and with no gaps between it. Most parts of the armor are actually on fire, and give the pony a frightening aura of flames and smoke. Protruding from each of the shoulders are some sort of laser cannon that looks like its from 3000 years in the future. The unicorn horn has been modified into a serrated spike of death, coated in metal and adorned with extra spikes. On its back is some sort of rocket launcher or mortar with a laser guidance system.
    10. Great dreams, but the DJ conundrum continues

      by , 11-13-2014 at 02:20 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      Very first thing I would like to mention is that these dreams happened the morning of the 12th of November.

      So I fixed my alarm. It now works.
      Also made sure to have some food before bed, which helped quite a bit.

      Had quite a few dreams as a result.
      CRT Gas dream
      Lucid: no
      Recall score: 7 (doesn't appear like it from THIS dj but it was)

      So I'm in my house, and OTG is playing on a black and white TV screen sitting on a table.
      I'm trying to fix another TV, but a DC comes up to me and says that the CRTs are filled with a deadly gas! Don't break it!

      Later on, I look on another TV screen showing a hallway in the building I'm in, and you can see dust in the air! This hallway was filled with the gas!

      That's all I can remember now.
      Getting TVs
      Lucid: no
      Fragmented: no
      Recall: 8
      TGMG: no
      I'm at a school, outside. There's a bunch of woods surrounding us, and it was dark out. Not entirely dark, but as if it was storming really bad or there was gonna be a tornado or something.

      The school was similar to the primary school I used to go to.
      Very brown, with brick walls. Glass windows for each room.
      I go inside, and I'm in the hallway.

      Hallway has tiled floors, and white walls. Lots of displays on them as well. I go right, and walk for quite a ways. Eventually the hallway walls turn into brownish red bricks as I get closed to the end. I then get to the library. I don't remember the library except going inside and looking out the window. I see the smudges on the glass, and a parking lot with loads of buses outside.
      I get a TV on a cart and walk out with it. I eventually get to one room, and I look through the window. I see someone else looking out the window. They're naked though. I quickly turn away.

      Later on I'm flying over the school, and I can see everything as if the roof was ripped off.
      wake up soon after.

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    11. Nightmares

      by , 05-21-2014 at 09:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a swarm of large wasps. One landed on my shoulder and I woke up before it could sting me.

      Some story about a man who had been doing Xenon gas because apparently it was like some kind of drug (even though Xenon is supposed to be inert and have no affect on humans) and it caused some kind of reaction in his body that caused his face and body to swell up. Now when I say swell up, I mean like 3x size. I'm going to spare you the graphic description of what this guy actually looked like and just say that I woke up after this one too.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    12. Day 10 - Weekend stress

      by , 05-10-2014 at 04:19 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * Not much time to think about it...

      ...I see a 3D animation of a cross-section of the body of a bull, and what happens with it during bullfighting...
      ...some aluminum cans and bottles are set on a little mound, ready for shooting...

      .../I'm in my grandparents house and realize the gas valve was not closed in the kitchen. I hold my breathing to getn in and close it. I hope nobody turns a light on. It looks like it was open the whole night. I open the windows to clean the air...

      .../Multimillionaire people in the news that controlled what happened to be said on the other side of the hemisphere...

      .../I'm with the musician who composes folk songs and we worked together for the carnivals on the year 2011. There's a kid who cannot play some piece of music. Now they are working on a new project. I bring my acoustic guitar that is broken. I want to participate too. I hear the melody and start to figuring out how does it goes on the guitar. I get to play the melody. It's interesting but the kid doesn't want to play it because of he thinks it will mark him for life. I know there's something wrong in his statement although I don't realize what is it, then I try to explain that it's a matter of the carnivals and of course he will remember that as a good experience. It would be worse to remember that he lost that opportunity! The song is a sort of tribute to a guy who exceptionally played the quena. I see and hear him playing that "r" sound in a quena. I remember a fake artist who refused to collaborate in a project and lost his opportunity because of his vanity, then I use his example to explain the kid that he shouldn't be afraid of participating in the project/...

      * I woke up with the melody in my head and write it down...

      ...a beggar's bed on the stairs of the house...

      .../I'm in my school bathrooms. The kids have made a nasty mess up around. I let the water flow to clean some of it/...

      .../My glasses are broken and I give them to somebody who wants to explain something in front of a class. I see there's dirt on one of the lenses. I pick them back to clean it. We talk about something and she says: Does it still work?

      * Alarm clock goes off

      ...Let's go walking, let them go...

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    13. The walk

      by , 08-12-2013 at 06:42 PM
      Date: 11 Aug

      Pre bed: 100mg B6

      Total sleep time: 6 1/2 hrs?

      Natural wakes: many, got up on 5 to pee, drink water, take notes. Also lots of micro-awakenings where it took me some time to fall asleep. Noises from neighbors and early morning arrangements of others woke me up too.

      Dream quality and recall: Very vivid dreams, some stability issues. Recall was challenging, forgot two lds, but then I recalled them, pffuuu. One suspicious also.

      Early dream (+2 hrs after bed): I had the impression there might have been something lucid here, but sleep was so deep, I have no idea, it was quite vivid though.

      Dream: some kind of tower, bf, something forbidden? (why didn't I write a whole sentence?)

      Dream: this was a crazy dream, not very pleasant but interesting. The part I remember involved me getting to a window, where some kind of deadly poisonous gas is working. I am unprepared (compared to others) to deal with this gas and do some maneuvers to avoid it, while it's coming straight at me. I think I am trying to open the window as well. I notice that small wounds begin to appear on my hands from the gas. For once, they almost look ok, not too bad, but I am naturally worried about them. At the same time, I am fascinated that I feel no pain despite my exposure to the gas. (That was pretty close!)

      DILD1: I go out in some kind of yard and want to sit on the stone wall. There are two teenagers there that plan to make out, so I move not to interrupt them and go sit on another fence. Soon they go back to the entrance and I hear an electricity shock. I think that a bad guy has done something to them and is now coming in the yard, so I look for a place to hide. I evaluate a few hideouts but decide I will be discovered so better leave now. The main idea is to get as far away as possible, while still able to observe the guy.

      As I make my way through yard after yard, I get this familiar feeling. I have been running like this in a lot of my dreams. Semi-lucid, I continue on my way, climbing fences, going far enough. Then I finally reach a block, which I start to climb as if it is a tree. No matter where I step or reach there is always something to hold on to, like a balcony, the window etc. I finally reach the top of the building, which is like 5-6 floors and sit there to contemplate. It is not very easy to keep balance as I am holding on to some unstable part of the building. At this point, I also reach a much better clarity of mind. I look around and see all kinds of junk around me. I either become worried about stability and the dream becomes unstable or the other way around. I wait and things improve somewhat and I get the weird idea that I will turn this building top into the top of Angel Falls then jump, but I feel the need to have something stable below me to start with. It's a bit like I am sitting on a wobbly chair on top of pile of crap right now.

      I look to my left and see that a beautiful river is flowing through the nearby part of neighborhood. There is also a small waterfall in the middle of it, too small, but inspiring enough. I want to go down there, I have no idea how and where I but get and reach to this branch and once again use the tree branch swinging method of moving. I swing forward and land exactly where I wanted to - down where the river is. I start thinking about turning this into Angel Falls. The river starts to change and at some point I find myself right in the middle of it, observing how the now dark water flows down a slope. There are dark rocks as well, and the current is way too fast, so I feel kind of uncomfortable being in the water. Somehow though I am dry and not moving with the current? This is not quite like what it is supposed to be and I concentrate on the landscape to cut off the water and make it flow into an abyss just ahead of me. Despite my efforts the river changes just a bit. I get it, it is just not working right now and I also become tired so give up. The thought quickly flashes that I might try to turn the end of the river flow into a beach, but now lack the mood for that. I begin reviewing other tasks I have memorized but the the dream ends just as I go through them.

      I am now in my bed and a bit pissed off that the dream didn't just continue into another scene, and I have so much awareness of my body. I nevertheless remain still, nervously waiting until something like a proper DEILD happens.

      DILD2: The beginning of this is very vague. I think I just appeared somewhere and held on to this DC for stabilization. The next thing I know, the dream is much more stable and I am walking down the street with the male DC to my left, holding his hand in a friendly way (I think this is the stabilization residual). I am quite happy and for some reason conclude this is Xanous. I can't remember much of this part of the dream, just that we walk down the street of a European looking town, talking about something. OB is also involved either in my thoughts or mentioned in the conversation.

      We are facing a closed metal gate plus fence and the male DC turns to the left to go the part where there is no fence at all. I then tell him, why don't we just phase through the fence, this is a dream after all. So, we go back and walk straight through the fence. I easily pass as if there is nothing there at all, but the DC has a bit of difficulty going through, he emerges but it looks like it has caused him some discomfort. I feel guilty for making him do this and begin apologizing. He doesn't look much like Xanous at this point - brown hair and wider face, but it's him in my mind. He seems quite independent for a DC, but that may be just me. We then continue our walk through the city.

      At some point, I feel the dream is beginning to destabilize, but I don't want to share it with Xanous as not to mess his stability or something like that. I just walk further forward, rubbing my hands and hop walking for a while. The dream stabilizes and I am really happy about it. He is to my left again, this time with copper hair and tall. I start talking and notice how clear my voice sounds. But even as I talk, I almost immediately forget everything I say. The only thing I remember is "do you think this will work out" and point at me and him? Then I feel embarrassed this might be understood the wrong way and add "I mean this shared dreaming thing". I finally remember that I was supposed to do a gesture and share the passcode but before I could do anything the dream ends.

      Micro-ld: I am back in a town of my past, in the place I used to live. Bf is also there. The thought that I am not supposed to be there anymore crosses my mind, but I come up with the explanation that I am now just visiting the town? I look around in the room and conclude that everything looks like it is real life and not like in dreams where there are all kinds of objects that don't really belong to this room, even though it really doesn't. I see that the windows are very dirty and this makes me think that the neighbors have been throwing drinks from McDonalds at the windows. Soon I see the neighbors throwing drinks. I want to threaten them with the police, but fear revenge, so decide just to call the cops to get them. I also complain to bf about it.

      It looks like we are leaving the place next day (Sunday) and I need to take some stuff. I can't remember much detail here, but I look around the place, and there are neatly arranged flowers in the yards nearby, which look similar to dreams about the place I had and not real life.

      Then I am in the city center, maybe doing last min shopping, I have no idea. On one of the familiar streets, I look inside a strangely shaped car and see a guy with semi-finished and a purple? demonic face. He gives me an evil look and I become lucid and begin to sway the car back and forth, my intention is to lift it and move it, which I do. I make it turn over and leave it like that for a moment, thinking about some more mischief. In the meantime it changes color and shape. I have the strong desire to try to lift the car as high as possible and then send it flying in the air like a balloon. I concentrate on it and lift it quite high but there is some resistance, I send thoughts that all of the people on the street are also doing this task which makes it easier. I am holding the car in the air for quite a while, until it becomes harder, but I still keep my gaze on it. It has become a round large piece of smashed black metal that is dissolving /dematerializing in the air. Witnessing the dissolution of the object is very interesting, it happens gradually and the object loses its physical properties, becoming more of an energy and I also see aura-like glow around the edges - green and red. The dream ends.

      I wake up, think briefly about the ld and then fall asleep which makes me forget it. Noises, distractions and final sleep attempts.

      Micro-ld: I can't remember the beginning of the dream/let. There is a very interesting sun clock in the sand of some sort of a pot in the park. I am playing with the sand, thinking about lucidity and stabilization? Then I continue walking down the lane when a DC guy looks me with some sort of irritation and I become lucid. I realize that I am finally in the dream as if just entered a dreamlet and feel very floating/unstable. For some reason, I keep repeating my DSs as a mantra and also grab the guy's T-shirt and move along with him, but he wants to move on his own so he is staring at me annoyed. I let him go and see my mom ahead of me, carrying flashlight which is on and the light looks more like the ray of sun shining on all the dust in the park. Very cool effect. The dream falls apart and I wake up.

      Comments: I am happy on this occasion there wasn't too much B6 related agression with the exception of a few bad looks from DCs which helped me achieve lucidity.

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    14. 2013, July 30 (Tuesday); Out of car battery energy and gas

      by , 07-30-2013 at 03:17 PM
      > I was CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (I think) and I had a ScanGauge II or other meter in the car I drove and I saw that the battery was low so I left the car on to charge the battery, Then the car was out of gas and I got out and talked to someone about it.

      > I was outside the house my paternal grandmother lives in and I was trying to be a bit sneaky while cutting the grass around it with a reel mower which is not gas or electric powered. I looked into a window and saw light bulbs on.

      > I'm not sure if this is a dream or not but if so, It would've been on subject of my Dad's van getting lower fuel economy around Pittsburgh like it has as of late with poor gas in it.

      I had other dreams today but I'm not posting them here.

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    15. Tagline for a Metier; A Colorful Death

      by , 01-30-2013 at 10:27 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Tagline for a Metier

      I was standing at medium sized red pick-up truck. It sat up high with a lift kit, it had roll bars, and the engine was in the bed. I read on some part of the engine where the owner had affixed some kind of sticker or embossed right on the engine block this tagline: "Unfortunately, nothing NO2 occurs before a gas line."

      I had a hard time reading it, but when I did, it was in plain English.

      A Colorful Death

      Some guy was seemingly just going about a typical day, but something happened. I don't really remember the circumstances. What I do remember is that it was like the Nightmare on Elm Street III in 3D. The guy was dreaming, he died in his dream, and so he died in real life.

      He died in his dream, which may have been more symbolic--that is, it may have simply been that he died in his dream story, but as I watched him in his own dream, I never saw him die.

      After I watched him in his dream sequence, my view turned to his actual bed. It was pristine white and didn't have any covers. There may have been a top white sheet pushed towards the foot of the bed. Then a head appeared and rolled just a bit. His dream death equated to a decapitation in real life, but without a body.

      The white bed was like a canvas, and a rainbow of color appeared on the bed. It was a rather striking contrast to the head.
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